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    dodie13Hello girls!

    I took Minesse but I went yesterday lma gygy to change! Worry too much!

    She then made two orders: one for and one for craztte Harmonet!

    She told me to try and continue with eCell suits me better!

    Cerazette because I think comments made by c still like my old pilluel Minesse jai and saw very few secondary deffets!
    Whether or not I will try Harmonet Cerazette does not suit me?

    Quen do you think??

    I have my new pill recmmencer Wednesday ... while I await your review

    Thank you girls
    alineBen do like that yes, it is weird against your gynecologist
    Why do thee does not make an ordo for Cerazette and make you come back after 3 months to see how things were going and if it would have gone wrong you do then just at that time for your ordo Harmonet ?????
    (Harmonet is not Harmonet)
    mel4The two pills have nothing to do. So it's a little difficult to give advice ... I would say start with Harmonet, which is in the same class as Minesse, ie it is estrogen plus progestin. While Cerazette is a progestogen. Besides, when you'll try it, knows it is likely that once the first 3 months (which as always, likely to be chaotic), until you have more rules.
    In addition, Minesse is certainly taking continues, but in reality you only take 24 tablets workforce. In the case of Cerazette, however, all the tablets are effective.
    taletta13** ** Sig78

    When you say that the pills have nothing to do, is at what level?? I mean what does that exactly mean "estrogen plus progestin" and "progestogen" ?.???

    Thank you very much
    kerrythese pills actually have nothing to do, as you said Sig, they are arranged in two distinct classes: Harmonet is a combined Cerazette a progestin.
    starla440This means that a combination of two hormones: estrogen and progesterone. The other contains only progesterone. It's that simple.
    hannie052But it mean koi that it is estrogen and the other progressive progressive pure??

    some con con me in. I understand
    bereniceHarmonet combines two hormones: estrogen + progesterone combined pill =

    Cerazette is progesterone only (therefore it is continuous) = is like the implant, such as Mirena, like Depo Provera. it is prescribed when a intolerance to oestrogens precisely.
    kerrie83okay thank you for the answer

    It's clearer! I put a little time to understand!

    I take Cerazette (some have already had me on this forum about this) and I have no problem, however I enter my third month and I have already over my rules lol.
    Avnat Harmonet I was and am not very tolerant pill, and both work for me (for now)
    After remains to be seen in your case if a progestin is right for you better, it suits me more personal beacoup I shot less than cockroaches ... (Discontinuation of pilile during menstruation: I am very sensitive to any hormonal changes).
    Here you learn for myself I had both, I had no effect secondaires.Mais aps we are all the same.
    Good luck
    cadyThank you from Consiel
    In any case I find it reassuring to see a person who has not been sick as a dog avbec Cerazette
    I'll start with this one and I would not mind the 3 rd by plate

    In any case thank you all everything els full
    keelan2I just bought Cerazette (I have a little talk with pharmacienen and she advised me Cerazette (javais choose from and crazettte Harmonet).

    She said that by against I had to take Always take at 20h and an oversight qeu 2 h was too

    For cons I just read the instructions eet is written in "if oblivion is> 12 risk ...."

    So who to believe? the package leaflet or the pharmacist!

    Knowing that for linstna tje tjrs took my old pill between 20h and 20h30 ...

    Thank you girls
    abbygail5Cerazette allows 12 hours of delay, as usual pharmacists are incompetent ...
    duana48Meri of the response I feel reassured!
    It's not that I tend to Lublia but hey, it may happen that you can not take it exactly at the hour precise!
    When she told me that I'm shit! lol
    haven30Before it was 3am, but that there are at least 6 to 8 months!
    I take it tjrs at a fixed time, qd is even better, if one day you got ms sake, 12h qd is even handy!
    daffodil98C clear!

    In any case I shoot a shot against the pharmacist geule (ne) s incompetent!

    Could at least keep up !!!!!

    latonyait is also highly possible that the person who answered you was not the pharmacist but the pharmacy technician education level .... not the same! Therefore not necessarily informed and aware of what is happening ....
    huldahokay ... In this case, but olny if ct a pharmacy technician I take that back di jai!
    zelma1I was when I bought my pack of Cerazette, the pharmacist said, you know that with this pill must be a pregnancy test every month! I would do if I do not forget it, I do not see why! I replied yes! because with this pill, you do your rules! I told him politely explained how the pill, and I told him not to worry for me ... (I note for those reading this that the pharmacist said Anneres bigger than him, and this only proves that in matters of contraceptin, pharmacists do not know anything)
    morvenDecidedly lol! c crazy to hear stuff like this!! C beintot us who need them explained how it works lol!

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