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    darcie78Hello jai enffet any questions about the pill daily ge
    diann69Ben ... Lances up! Lol
    cadenceI do not take s has the same time is that c is a problem
    kailee46As long as you do not have exceeded the time limit granted by your pill, no pblm. (3 or 12 hours, it depends on the pills)
    kelceyJ have another question
    during the 7-day stop my freeze lasts only three days is what is normal and can I have sex during stop
    mavis4I take the same pill as you, and I also take a few hours apart, no problem since it allows 12 hours of delay

    in terms of the rules is the same, they are very short, which is normal in any case the rules are on the pill "fictitious", it is only the losses due to the fall of hormones when you stop your plate.

    There is NO risk to have sex during the week of pause, as you take your pill every day without forgetting and never exceeding the 12 hours of delay
    heaven66thank you
    mamieI also have some questions about this pill so I take this post ...

    To those who have had adverse effects (breast tension, weight etc.), from where have they reported?

    Have you noticed any differences in tolerance between the three colors to make? (Nausea only with those that are measured, for example)

    Thank you
    cherry84Bonjout everyone I also have some questions about the daily That way it avoids open 500 posts each time

    1) First of all, I had my menstrual period Sunday, January 6 and they ended Friday, January 11.

    Now, as I was single until he was about a month ago I had never taken the pill and during this period following rules, I started with the daily. I have started on the first day of my period but I kept taking it during my rules (would - I from?) So that my box of 21 tablets will be completed by 14 days and my next menstrual period will be within 21 days (Do - I observe 14 days of arrest? 7 days I miss rules + for 7 days of menstruation? and get my new pack of the end of my next rules?)

    Thank you in advance
    kasandraNot you follow the instructions to the letter, you stop and no more than 7 days!
    Get your period just after the stop, and until the resumption of the plate or even a little after (1 and 2 tablets).
    This month your period may be very thin and almost inexistent since the last back to there is little ^ ^
    Cycles on the pill are artificial ... So forget your previous dates of rules that no longer want to say anything

    I hope that answers your questions.
    epiphany7I made a post on that, I have big problems with allergies in recent months to get worse as and lines .. (I take it for 5 years)

    If not from the beginning, weight gain, breast tenderness and swelling + + for the third line. And also depressed by the end of the plate.

    So I will change to a lighter.
    cyrilla287me it's heavy breasts in the third line of the plate and loss of libido throughout ... But it's been that I have, and it is only a few months as it happens.
    If symptoms persist is that the pill is no longer adequate, so you have to change (which I'll ask my OB at my next appointment)
    georgine4Therefore I have finished my plate, I stop 7 days, as is a box of 21 and I still take my pill, even during my period?? (The doctor told me not to take for them ... and that the break was used for this)
    astrame after my birth day I took MICROVAL
    my last period of December 19, I have u in the middle of plate
    This plate is finished on December 31
    J made a stop for 7 days and then have j pri dayli gen (I know it had to stop the pa do but I knew at that time the pa)
    is what I should have my period at the end of the plate or do I calculate relative to my last cycle?
    I'm confused!
    adelphie75you will have withdrawal bleeding at the end of the plate.

    by cons have you had sex without presos the week off between Ge and MICROVAL and daily in the first week of daily gen?
    candicehello girls

    I also take daily G and I have a small question

    I want to move my period a week and therefore I thought to take two plates in a row without interruption, by cons I read two totally different things

    _ At the end of the first palquette must enchainer starting the second plate upside

    _ At the end of the first plate must enchainer the second pack as usual

    can you tell me?

    thank you bcp
    gweneth090yes but that's the end of your first plate. your period will arrive during the 7 days break

    in fact the very first time you take the pill the first day you start your period and you take your whole pack. then you do uen pause of 7 days that come your bleeding.
    pleasant6answered the other post
    mothank you
    esther787m radinoz you had responded to another post but it seems to me that I had not said I'd make a stop den the 2 pill
    Well, yes and J had a report the day I started my day pack of gen dayli
    I just apel my doctor and she told me the same thing as you!
    So j have a blood test was done Monday
    d in an already did it Monday of this week was negative but the apara I did it too early

    girls listen well it gives good advice!
    christellecourage in the blood
    nenathank you radinoz
    j hopes that it will be negative!
    caltha5I also have a question about the daily gen. I forget a pill, but it was close to 12 hours of oblivion. I immediately took the missed pill (middle pad) and I finished normally. I got my period and I am on my 4th pill of new pack, must - it attenre 7-8 days of the new plate to be further protected if oblivion was over 12?
    tonya65Normally you had to be protected after 7 days your oblivion or until the end of the plate + the break. If the pill has a tolerance of 12h 13h delay will not change many things ...
    But when in doubt, do a test in 23jours after your last report to risk, or 13 if it is by blood test.

    But I do not think that you have a high risk
    breann42thank you for your answer, I did not report a risk within 7 days of oblivion.
    But then, starting my new pack, there's no risk, c ca?
    rebeccanne5 before the oblivion are also at risk, sorry did not have it said.

    Starting your new pack you are well protected again there is no problem
    keisha4Regarding the side effects of Ge Daily: for me it chronicles the blues! I took a year pdt which all the little annoyances seemed insurmountable and ADOPTED jai jai pdt 3 months which felt better to be back in my body and my head. It's been one week that I again I can see the result: stroke depression, fatigue, hyperirritability, ... But at least I know what is due and jai made me an appointment for an IUD (intrauterine device). The end of the synthetic hormones for me!
    Good luck to all in the long search for suitable pill!
    princess09or is the answer maemena?? I'd like to know because it's also the issue that eje me pause.
    ge if the pill daily for me more is what it always protects me?
    I'm on the pill Daily Ge from a small ten years!
    For about 3-4 days, I have very sore breasts and some douelurs in the ovaries!
    I am in my 17th tablet (memory and if I have forgotten any!)
    Why is it pain?
    Have you ever Chill this?
    Thank you in advance!
    stephania750yes it still protects you
    stephanieok thank you for answering my pill suits me most is for her that I ask
    celindait protects you but you have to change to limit the adverse effects
    nella919I give it my gygy another pill he told me to start after my plate, I finished yesterday I wait after my period and I could start
    rethawell read the instructions for your new pill to find out how your change
    Sometimes just taking the first tablet a day or you'll have taken your pill but sometimes do not pause and chain on
    michal17I gygy told me to take it As usual so after my period, the pill is the stediril if anyone knows thank you for advising me
    No one could guide me or give me an opinion?
    Thank you in advance!

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