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    I have just been prescribed the pill Harmonet Wyeth Laboratories.
    What do you think this pill, side effects are mentioned in the instructions are frequent? Finally please give me your opinion on what this pill ...
    (I will not take it I have to do a blood test and to wait for next menstrual period)

    thank you!
    jenifer088Side effects are different for every woman dc just because a girl told me you got this, this and this ac this pill that you get the same thing ..
    This pill heads as the other is very suitable for some and enslave other side effects side effects ..
    kelseyIn agreement with Babtou

    As to what is stated on the record, it's the same for all records of pills (at least on the 3 I took)
    randy27I'd say like two previous ones, the way your body will receive Harmonet, you're completely personal. If you want I can get you by my experience but it is not glorious. But I repeat that it is very personal, and that each case is different. I have not gained weight, by cons I had headaches, breast pain, I felt my ovulation because it is really very low-dose. I now have a cyst on right ovary, which according to my gynecologist has come because of the pill. So the advice I can give you is to try for a few months just to see if it suits you, and then if it will not you change with the advice of your doctor. The search for the right pill may be long.
    Good luck.
    lisbeth70the pill there is no ovulation, because the blocking of pituitary hormones
    janette48I started my Harmonet.
    No glory: bleeding 15 days (ca gonna Only when you stop unless one month)).
    collapse of the libido, very annoying!
    raccourssit rules and fixed hours
    but especially migraines throughout the period red

    Here is my experience
    missie01"Hours and fixed
    spotting "

    what do you mean by "spotting"
    jsuis sorry I lack the vocabulary I think ...
    christyspotting: bleeding may occur outside the rules. They are common at the beginning of use of a new pill.
    airleathe spotting is spotting you can have when you start the pill is a side effect, it can also happen when you chain two plates bi-or tri phasic .. And finally it can trre sign that your pill does not suit you!
    Try pdt 3 months and if the side effects do not fade exchange pill
    africa3ah agree thank you! Finally, if it remains small as bleeding that can still move but if the rules outside the rules ...
    laryn67ca neessite a protected slip anyway!
    lakisha0I took my Harmonet pdt 4 years (before stopping to have a baby) and it suited me perfectly: no weight gain, no headaches. unlike the rules bcp less painful! as others have said you should try the pill each
    carita58hello! I went from C to D cap! cool! g not gained weight, no bleeding, less painful rules, the top! so far!
    jodie10Waooo cool for your breasts
    I saw it I lost weight while ago I spent SQUiSiT D cup to C (not cool) may be that the pill will make them return to their former glory (the flowers ... pfff) but as an 'to do, I know that women have breasts swollen and painful, I'd rather they stay like that they would hurt
    orchid573I'm Harmonet who has never caused any problems, fixed rules short and painless. I am migraine in nature so I do not think it is related and I stopped a few months and my body was replaced immediately and naturally.
    For one small problem see my post ...
    oh yeah I went from A cup to cup ... A
    chrysanta5A question that's 12 days I take the pill Harmonet and I wonder if I'm totally protected because I have spotting and my doctor says I am protected until next month (ie 2nd pad ). It does not really make sense when we say that from the first day of pill, it is protected!
    We can explain properly? Because now I know and I recently had a report without a condom because I took the pill and that it is safe for me ...

    Thank you for quick response
    mellony94hello, I take Harmonet This now 10 years since I board and never had a problem. the rules are regularly and is abundant with little douleur.La I'll stop, I hope that I might have a baby without too much wrong. a +
    carlottaEverything will depend on your body and not your pill or the # of years you took it ...
    sheba1ben good I'm back, it goes well no spotting, finally, the only rules that I had, ms remain scarce long enough, for I have against the swollen breasts, that hurt too ...
    deven3Uh someone can answer that because I started Harmonet ds qq days and it reassures me too ...
    savannaif you start the first day of your period you are protected from the first tablet.
    skylarThis is not what the doctor told the girl because he said it would be protected until the second plate ...

    I'm tired of reading stuff and not, as a result I really know what to think ...
    amalea87Everyone here will tell you that you are protected right away when you start the first day of menstruation. that much is sure, it's the same experience for many of us;
    Moreover, the vast majority of doctors say too, which says otherwise err on the side of caution or ignorance (a belief that graduates in the treats it exists)

    I will not respond if I was not sure of me, think

    Now, if you think that doctors do not ask your question here, what do you want me to say.
    dlila92I am beginning Harmonet Ben and I am not reassured either ...
    tawnywhen you start the pill: it is protected right away if it starts on the first day of menstruation
    it is protected after 7 days if it starts at a different time

    when changing pill: we refer to its manual. generally, for the passage of a oestroprogestative oestroprogestative to another, it made his usual pause and start the new day 8 / can also enchainer platelets without a break (which is written in the records of Minesse, melodious and others)
    phoebeBecause I read too many things not very reassuring ... and there, the more I read that a doctor said that was protected as the second plate ... it worries me that a doctor can say things not true
    lalliewell it needs to be done there are bad doctors are like plumbers or sgaragistes.
    I've heard of me green and not ripe, little by little you'll make your decision.

    the key is to read his instructions.
    and think: we are almost all pill users, we know how it works, and any site they say: ok effectiveness of the first day of menstruation
    amabelA doctor is a man, not a god. He says stupid things and made mistakes like everyone else.

    So, what do you read that reassure you not? I feel that it is irrational things well, I know why
    raymonda94I also read that spotting were common when the pill was not enough and needed dosage change ... but what does that mean "not enough dosage", it does not detract from the effectiveness of birth control at least? I do not understand ...
    keila56yes the spotting c'eest sign that the pill is not enough dosage in general, contraceptive efficacy is the same. it's just that as it is not pleasant to be changed pill.
    and it is not systematic, I have taken 4pilules different and I never had any spotting.
    keziaNot enough dosed "in general"??

    But what does that mean?
    laurenciaOula Oula.
    completely irrational, that's what I said.

    the spotting is normal during the first 3 chips, you will not change a pill for that.

    Then, you tell me how bleeding can make you think your pill ineffective.

    Finally, the most important: the effectiveness of a pill does not vary according to its dosage.
    lydiait means that the woman who takes this pill needs more hormones for not bleeding anarchic.

    I explain: it is as nausea or breast tenderness, what are the side effects. they mean that the dosage does not suit you, there are too many or not enough hormones, so that your body reactions not cool.
    but obviously the pill remains effective.
    it's like any medicine, for example with the doliprane you can have allergic reactions. doliprane is effective when the same, but your body reacts badly to it is made.
    with the pill is the same except that one is obliged to protect and take pourse as there is full, the doctor will t'enchanger to find one that you supported.
    and it will be based on the dosage

    but all the pills regardless of dosage have the same efficiency 99.99%
    kaylyn64How old are you and what do you do in life?
    tony69Well these are clear and precise explanations on a friendly tone

    Tamtam thank you!
    everildit was you who wrote:
    The spotting, yes, it's normal for the first 3 platelets. Unless serious problem, it does not change before 3 months of pill use.

    For assays, Tamtam explained very well the thing, but obviously you did not read.

    What I do in life? your business.
    alis0as I told you he fau chang pill if you cause side effects: breast tenderness, spotting etc.. and this can be improved by changing the dosage.
    example: I had hurt my breasts with my old pill, because it was too dosed so I changed I take a strong and did worse.
    and indeed the persistent spotting is not normal that's why sweating is a side effect that is corrected by changing to a pill, the dose is more suitable
    laurindaYes thank you tamtam!
    tallulamust not blame julie she knows a lot! it's just a little more cash than others, and sometimes it's not so bad
    hey juju?
    virgiethank you tamtam

    no but I realize that I wasted my time with Pilou too bad but good

    you knew it better than I do
    lizetteI prefer not to comment ...
    quillayeah me too
    go bye good night eh Pilou
    georgia274It's beautiful love.
    jamiedoctissimo gang warfare
    annmariethat's for sure is that julie cash and at least it has the merit of being clear even if it does not appeal to some
    india26that's for sure I will not deny

    but the worst is that I did not tell him anything special
    anita597Gunfight at the OK learned, Episode II.
    freddie39Gunfight at the OK learned, Episode II.
    valarieand yet I restrain myself
    one day I'll make a small onion
    hosannah1and of course the good words and good appetite for new adventures tomorrow.
    I should have said so ... gynecology
    and you too julie at least with you it would have been clear. no quibble! because there are those who drown in the soup
    gaby61awesome ... Well, no, you should have your brakes respective gnaw at risk of losing your clients ... you do not have interest in being too steep when you're a doctor, otherwise the patients, they take quick.
    tessa63good night Tamtam
    annoraLOL no I do not take it personally.

    I started reading some of the qq to read posts from julie and I understood. She is lucky to understand everything the first time but unfortunately this is not the case for everyone ... Some people (like me) who must repeat all twice (and that's how! Tamtam that it was excited and I thank her). I noticed that Julie willingly impart information but if unfortunately it rept them she can not help but to sound sarcastic or aggressive or make fun with phrases like "it's good you got including ?!!!". For qqn who do not know admit it's a little confusing
    clementine85I want to be there to see it! it will bleed after julie freaked years of loyal service. his act of violence is inexplqu, even though many say it was aggressive, there is no evidence she had violent behavior.
    today it incurs a penalty of 20 years imprisonment ...

    I can imagine the 13h!
    ginny922Yeah, there's still just a trick is that the basis of a forum, there is the writing. And that nobody can do anything. And when someone can no longer be able to read ...
    serrenathen you are absolutely right
    I will help because I like it but I do not necessarily need patience
    good in any case I hope you will have the information you wanted and you go reassured
    pearlieWhile ...
    one more thing you learn over well in school!
    essawow you're 20 years hard even when there
    agathaBen now I'm a little slow and I love people patients

    and yes I have had the desired information thank you
    allie51julie but never does in the lace.

    allezj'arrete spoof of you and I turn off the computer of doom.
    more ladies
    merlyn111If you want Pilou, there's a post not far from Switzerland ...
    wynterLOL great idea!

    (I'm not laughing pilou it's just that I find it funny, huh?)
    elaynetoujoursmoi always there to put a little oil on the stove and turn up the mayonnaise
    betty34and yet I will for sure, I'm the worst disasters in the kitchen.
    patriciaswear not sure
    astonLesson No. 1 for toujoursmoi: the "edit"
    kris41yes so then I am willing handouts because I am lazy
    sapphire0left of the small icon "reply to this message" you have one that allows you to edit your post to edit or remove the post.
    lesleigh3yes but it only works for my post, right?
    adreanaoh yes!
    ginnyah bah this is magnifico
    josephato quote, however, only in the advanced menu to answer, right?
    aggiNow you've mastered the intricacies perfectly doctissimiesques
    myranda58Shit, then, damn it all at once.
    I will use a glass, because there I turned a corner.
    celesteI know it's funny.
    josie273That's what makes shorter hair like in the movies that nobody has seen?
    jena87oh yes the fact that no one has found it!
    heatheryes that's what it is among other things, to repentance spell
    alyson35But this was not on purpose, nah!
    steph6I very disappointed with this pill I took 6 years it's been over 2 years old baby and I try does not work I have 2 and never had a problem
    jaydaI very disappointed with this pill I took 6 years it's been over 2 years old baby and I try does not work I have 2 and never had a problem

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