All about the device and the intrauterine system (IUD (intrauterine device) / Mirena)

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    nanSo we said we all referrer a nice clean job to replace the one that disappeared in the crash of the day .. Sam

    I like a little bored today, I will run to you, ladies IUDs to complement what you think is missing and I'll ask an admin if we can post it to

    So to begin:
    There are two kinds of IUDs:
    IUDs with copper (eg nova T, the UT 380, the Gynell) copper is above actions has a spermicide. The more important the higher the copper IUD (intrauterine device) will be effective. The Nova T IUD (intrauterine device) is the least effective of the market because it has less copper does not keep more than 3 years beyond it becomes much less fiablele hormonal IUD (intrauterine device), a priori one brand in France: the Mirena, it allows shorten the rules but would be more difficult to put on nulliparous because it is more ... I will stop here on this with no experience of mirena
    for ideas:
    you can insert IUD (intrauterine device) of a woman who has no children / articles [...] rticle = 434on the right to take anti-inflammatory even when you have a copper IUD (intrauterine device) / articles [...] rticle = 590et NOT the IUD (intrauterine device) does not cause an abortion every month mini! id_article = 549
    so it was for the theoretical part, on to the practical

    normally arises an IUD (intrauterine device) during menstruation because the cervix is ​​more open then laying theoretically easier, but it is also posssible to put it outside the rules provided it is satisfied that no pregnancy was in coursthoriquement it is advisable to take stock before the bacterial arises because the risk of infection with the major IUD (intrauterine device) is raced at the time of installation, because it can carry bacteria into the uterus, hence the need to check there is no pathogenic bacteria can prsenteson (but I think I'm the only forum) have a few days pretreatment with eggs as colposeptine that can disinfect before Posel days of installation, you usually a prescription for a painkiller like Spasfon, the viscralgine and you can also have a prescription for cytotec, these are eggs that open the cervix, it can facilitate the installation if like me you have a pass very closed.
    the installation itself
    the doctor and then disinfect the pass if it has not already measure the uterine cavity by slipping in a uterine (it has a great name, but it's just a graduated rod ...), then deposit the IUD (intrauterine device) in the womb with a system that works like a tampon applicator.

    is that it hurts?
    well it depends, some women yes (it can go to vagal) some women no ... That said, for the time it's still useful, frankly it's worth the shot to be a woozy morning!

    in the hours after insertion
    it is possible to make a vagal because the cervix is ​​innervated by the vagus nerve, so it is better not to have foreseen things too energy demand in the hours following

    in the days following the installation, you can:
    to resume saignerd'avoir cramps, do not hesitate to take ibuprofen, it not only relieves pain, but it reduces the contractions so the risk of eviction (which mainly occur at the beginning)
    pain should subside within a few days if it persists, return to your doctor because it may mean that the IUD (intrauterine device) was placed too low in the neck and in this case, the contraceptive efficacy is compromised
    my doctor is very perfectionist advised not to use tampons the first cycle to minimize the risk of infection (because it was "open" the uterus ...) According to you ...

    cycles after installation:
    the first few times can be a bit chaotic in terms of duration and in terms of bleeding, remember that your body must get used to the presence of a "foreign body" so be patient ... my own experience, the first rules were disastrous, I thought I should have it removed so I was in pain, and from the cycle 2, no problem
    well you can have spotting before and after the rules they will be decreasing, count on a cruising speed of 6 months after placement and above all, do not hesitate to take ibuprofen, always to avoid contractions
    that he must watch for:

    normally there is a check after installation, then a visit every 6 months / 1 year to verify that everything is your side, you may from time to time (for example, at the end of the rules) check that your son is still there, they feel by touching the cervix (if you have fingers long enough ...) especially if you feel something hard in place of the son, go to the doctor, is that your IUD (intrauterine device) is being expelled, and is no longer effective, same thing if your boyfriend prides itself on something hard (not the son ...) if your boyfriend feels the son It is always possible to bend towards the wall or cut shorter
    remove the IUD (intrauterine device):

    the doctor removes it by pulling on the son ... if the son is no longer visible (or IUD (intrauterine device) pulled back into the womb) using a small loop called a retrievette, but I have not tested so following the next issue ...
    Here, I put everything that came to my mind, if someone sees something to add ...

    I added your message on the topic announcement: / san-1.htm # down [...]

    Good day
    lydiaPS in response to a recurring question on the forum: whatever the situation, we do not try to remove her IUD (intrauterine device) alone, or with Mr.! Only the doctor can remove the IUD (intrauterine device).
    sienna27Thank you for the post clear and precise.
    I came on this forum because I have my little finger tells me I'm pregnant, so I'm wearing a copper IUD (intrauterine device) (Nova, I'm not sure). I have read that Nova is the least effective, but is there an idea of ​​the percentage?
    I know it must be removed at the earliest, and that the pregnancy has been. Pregnancy began under IUD (intrauterine device) may it continue or is it doomed to failure?

    Thank you in advance.
    huldahThe IUD (intrauterine device) is a risk factor for pregnancy, but sometimes we can leave it where it is: it depends.
    You have to visit soon.
    nanetteIt seems to me that we should remove the IUD (intrauterine device) as soon as possible. Removal of the IUD (intrauterine device) is a risk of miscarriage, but if it is left in place the risk is greater + AMERICAS premature birth.
    wynter90genial this summary! bcp thank you!
    is it possible in your opinion to get an IUD (intrauterine device) is 21?
    deeannNo pb. I'm 21 and an IUD (intrauterine device).
    violaha ok, cool c pk .. and then you have preferred the sterile?
    melioraBecause after trying several hormonal methods (pills, implant), I would not incur any (headaches, migraines, loss of libido). I thought that the IUD (intrauterine device) is because it is effective and without hormones or headaches (no need to think about it every day). I for a month and a half and I am very satisfied even if the beginning was not easy
    shawnaAnd ben well this new post-installation, smart little girl!

    To round a bit, I'll go my own experience:

    Research: After suffering from the denial of family planning 6 of my department, call the gynecological ward of my hospital and FINALLY found a doctor who accepts without complaint for asking a copper IUD (intrauterine device)!
    I am 22 years old at the time, no children and tired of suffering the hormones.
    The doctor I know neither black nor white sent me after a brief discussion by telephone a prescription for a copper IUD (intrauterine device) (phew! UT380 is a funky one of the best!) But left to choose from, it is better than the doctor take the trouble to measure the size of the uterus in order to insert the IUD (intrauterine device) which is! Standard size or size for short uterus especially little ones! After discussion with the pharmacist, I opt for the smaller 'short', being nulliparous, at least, I'm sure (an IUD (intrauterine device) can not be too small but too big, yes). Arrived, after measuring the doctor finds nothing wrong with asking me this one and not a standard.

    Pose: the second day of my period. 2 Spasfon before installation (for reassurance more than anything else, because technically, AC is not used much ...)
    He fumbles, measurement, smear and then laying Company, 5 seconds really unpleasant sensation big toe in the lower abdomen, a feeling never felt at earlier, we would not do every day. But breathing well (style as we see for deliveries) all went well!
    After 2 minutes on the table to collect my thoughts, I kindly put at the door!

    day: 10 power rules all day phew, I was told here, I planned my shot ... A little woozy, at work, fortunately, I'm sitting, so everything is going perfectly ... A Spasfon in me today, to form and soon we forget! m'enfin, just stuck in my chair anyway ...
    In the evening, it starts to tug, lying down. 2 ibuprofen, a movie sucks, and presto! to bed!
    Rules another 3-4 days, but average abundance and presto! is no more about it!

    1 month: Good first report on the first 3 days after installation! Ni-ckeller! good, let's go easy on, but everything is nickel, that side!
    The first months of very heavy vaginal discharge, bleeding tiny but almost continuous ... No special pain, except for ovulation, but nothing special.

    1ST rules: my god! Fortunately, conservative, I did prescribe Antadys ... I thank
    + + + abundance for 2 / 3 days, but anesthetized by antadys. In short, everything is going well!

    everything is going better and better over time, after six months, I find my natural cycles of 28 days (they were originally 32 J). Same rules as natural abundance and pain, being a teenager. So no problem on that side
    Slightly longer for cons ... sometimes eight days counting the small end pertouilles rules ... But I would say 6 days in all. so correct! (Only 3 days of real rules, the rest of simple small losses)

    Problem: 7 months after insertion, a side point to the right that appears. More and more permanent, and louder. To make matters worse, losses outside the rules. In short, an obvious reason to go see. After several visits to the gynecologist who wanted to take away the machine (because it's not for nulliparous m'enfin!) Back to square one after 2 months of research, management service gynecology. After analysis, it appears that the presence of B streptococci would create ca.Antibio egg-and presto! symptoms vanished! (Even if the strepto are still there)

    now almost a year later, despite my problems with unexplained losses that are hopefully of the past, I do not regret my choice certainly not! Despite the return of the ugly buttons that I treat as I can, one week before menstruation ... I saw, without the adverse effects of hormones!

    I talk about months, but unfortunately the conventional wisdom with a hard life, it's hard to make myself understood in my choice without having to justify myself by A + B (doctors, friends, family ...)

    It seems that the copper IUD (intrauterine device) women without children is changing a bit ... Do not hesitate! ca is worth it!
    lethauh ... to satisfy my curiosity, could someone explain what it is that history:
    jonna07Sam has been grilled by office colleagues. So she preferred to remain anonymous and terminated his account. Since it has a new nickname incognito (chuuuut)
    georgette9I did not know of accoooooooord thank you Miss
    olivette68oh yes I too had not understood at the base I thought that there had been a muddle on the forum and not ue it had something personal
    rika68Hello girls, I begin my seventh cycle in IUD (intrauterine device) and I have an issue ch'tite

    I am sick since yesterday (a little cold), I said because I do not know pa iff it has a report

    I had my pain of rules on Thursday and I started having small pertouilles So I think that's it, my period starts. Normally the next day, I rather heavy losses, so I'm forced to use tampons. But now since Thursday, my rules boil down to some brown spotting, as a result I only use protects panties. Yet the pain of rules are there, I even take Spasfon twice at first.
    Question: is it normal to have rules if reduced compared to usual? Is it the fact that I'm sick (I do not know if there is a connection)? Should I be concerned?

    Is what you calculated on your ovulation? You're in luck Thursday, normally?

    I do not know what to say ... me too I sometimes have rules that are slow to come (2 / 3 days) despite the fact that bleeding always begin "right on time" the real rules are sometimes a little late .. .
    But if you still have nothing today, in your place I will do a test tomorrow ... History of ...
    If it is --- then just wait for the next month to see if it falls into place. If not, well you must speak to the gy.
    eugeniaYes it happened pile hair on the right date in relation to my ovulation and I have more real pain of rules ...
    You worry me with the pregnancy test?

    You know when you are sick if the rules can reduce?
    ivyI add also that I am rather stressed out at this time because exam period ...
    amaryllis4I think you should worry less, and your bleeding are not for nothing!
    pamilaThank you for the post!
    merit14Shh ...
    hanny9Just a quick question for an ignorant like me ...
    How does the IUD (intrauterine device)? uterin.htm [...]
    evetteWell my period is finally bright red, I do not know what happened but I am reassured now!
    salenaNo, the test was only to reassure you, as any delay in rules
    dorcia80then if it can be used to expand the topic there is this link that explains ds outline the differences between a copper IUD (intrauterine device) and hormonal .. is the Nova T is taken com example but it can also be applied to other:

    www.cliniquedesfemmes.c erilet.htm [...]

    otherwise, another link that shows that yes you can take anti inflammation even when wearing a copper dii:

    here is my contribution
    lindsey79Except that no gynecologist agrees to ask for emergency contraception.
    earleneindeed, theoretically possible, but then in practice ...
    bluebell48Yes voila. In practice will find a doctor who is free and ok to ask you an IUD (intrauterine device) within 5 days.
    Not to mention that the vast majority on the rules to ask pdt Just be sure that there is no pregnancy.
    belitaWe have just arrived to worry when you do not ask a child ... but patience! ca comes, it will come
    oralee162it's clear! I asked my endocryno what she thought pr me, she said the risk of infections, blocked tubes and infertility .... dc to wait to have a child .....
    blossom43As I enjoyed the long weekend to type a short text, I will still stick things.

    Stop to popular belief!
    IUDs for nulliparous?
    There has long been a principle of precaution recommended not to ask for nulliparous women IUDs. Despite reports of ANAES and WHO, some doctors still refuse to ask for nulliparous IUD (intrauterine device). It may be interesting to go through the family planning (which may suggest or recommend the gyncos ask more "open") or hospitals. Do not hesitate calling the gynecologist to ask him directly or his secretary, it avoids typing a consultation for nothing. This section may look like a path of fighting, but we always end up falling on qqn less cons than others. Some IUDs are even specially designed for small uterus, such as short UT380, UT380 little brother.

    The argument for refusing to insert an IUD (intrauterine device) to a woman without children was that the IUD (intrauterine device) could be responsible for infertility, which is not the case. By cons, it is important to have a "sexual" is perfect when an IUD (intrauterine device), an infection that can quickly escalate into real crap. The term "sexual health", I mean absolutely sure that his partner is "clean" in terms of STI / STD before removing condoms (something that should be, even without an IUD (intrauterine device) for that matter).

    Anti-inflammatory drugs decrease the effectiveness they copper IUD (intrauterine device)?
    It has long been said (and we still hear the way) that the anti-inflammatory drugs decrease the effectiveness of copper IUDs. This idea was based on the theory that the copper IUD (intrauterine device) functioned by causing inflammation of the uterus, acting on that NSAIDs decrease inflammation so effective. Strangely, this theory is purely Franco-French and absolutely not to be found not in the other country. So do not hesitate in case of pain, to be a small cure of ibuprofen (see below).
    Nevertheless, it emits a small reserve for those on a DMARD fairly heavy-based NSAIDs.

    The IUD (intrauterine device) does promote the USG?
    The EP (ectopic pregnancy) is relatively low in women without contraception. The IUD (intrauterine device) prevents fertilization, therefore, the risk of ectopic pregnancy are even lower than for women without contraception. However, it is possible that if a pregnancy develops in the IUD (intrauterine device), it is ectopic. At least delay rules, it is essential to make a pregnancy test.

    The son:
    The gynecologist cut son after installation. In general, it tells you at what length, often 2 cm (mine was marked on the package insert IUDs before me give). It is possible that the son can interfere in your relationship, it is important to note at the visit, in order to cut them. Beware, however, do not cut them too, at the risk of having a "beard effect", as pointed out so well shoup ​​on the other post.

    Everyday life with an IUD (intrauterine device)
    If well tolerated, the IUD (intrauterine device) is completely forgotten. It is effective throughout the cycle, regardless of the number of reports. There is no need to use condoms during supposed ovulation.
    Speaking of ovulation, it may be more pronounced in IUD (intrauterine device) (tightness in the belly, white discharge resembling egg white, minor bleeding). From that day, count 14 days, normally your period will arrive at that time.
    You can practice all sports with an IUD (intrauterine device) (horseback riding, martial arts, rugby, diving, swimming, etc ...). I repeat, an IUD (intrauterine device) should be completely forgotten!

    Treatments of ibuprofen
    To reduce the bleeding (and pain) of the Rules, it is possible to make cures ibuprofen: 2 tablets (2 x 200mg so) 4 times a day during the first days of rules (m'oizelle jeanne is that right ???).

    The cons of IUD (intrauterine device)-indications:
    Being under anticoagulant treatment
    Having a risk sexual behavior (multiple partners, non potges relations, etc ...)

    The disadvantages of copper IUDs:
    We can no longer play with the rules as with the pill
    We find his skin problems if we had prior hormonal contraception
    We find the same cycles that without contraception, irregular and painful they were before.
    It is possible that the return to natural (remember that the pill numbs the body into believing that the woman is pregnant) can cause cysts or fibroids. To quote the author of the preceding, these cysts and fibroids would certainly appeared to stop the pill for testing babies for example
    The very young women (14-15 years) being at the peak of their fertility, the IUD (intrauterine device) is more likely to be less effective.

    Knowing that each case is unique, it still seems necessary to discuss all this with a gynecologist (not too hostile to the IUD (intrauterine device) ...)
    abihailI add my stone has this message ... For those who hesitate or have a little afraid to ask to do because of all the horrors we've heard it, read this document: / NR / rdonlyre IUsurs.pdf [...]

    To print and distribute to doctors terminals
    ami28I guess it can work too ...
    the key is not to exceed 6x200mg/jour (it says in the instructions)

    I'm rather a tablet of ibuprofen 200 every 4 / 6 hours (or about 1 am, 1 noon, 1 end of the afternoon and one evening or at bedtime last one) and this for the first 3-4 day rule (well, I just the first 2 days, which are quite "boring" at home)

    Well your text piti Choupi I laughed with bcp "banging a consult 'for nothing" and other "we ended up falling on tjs qq'1 less than other con"
    sherryyes, they have probably used the same speech when viewing .. one thing to do before such "ignorance" to take his bag and go in search of a practitioner more bcp on page ..
    pollieHere is a link that has just about the IUD (intrauterine device)! A nice summary of the "IPPF Medical Bulletin"
    (Effectiveness, benefits, cons-indications ...) / gyneco _ippf.html [...]
    zinnia14Thank you Jeannette (it reminds me of "jeanetton has its sickle, lariletteuh, lariletteuh ..."), I note, I expect my first period "fitted" in the week, I expected the stock of ibuprofen and antadys of ...
    megan79thin, with a bawdy song unknown to me ... ? (Must be said, chui uneducated on the subject)

    For ibuprofen, it should work 2 by 2, you said, to try.

    I am trying with Efferalgan there. Well, nothing to do with an NSAID, so chui not sure it has an effect on reducing the abundance of rules

    Well anyway, I do not always, only when I have to go on a hike or other ...

    The antadys, in my gy, it has the same effect. He must be content with three per day (no more, ditto, marked on the package insert). Me the last time I thought it was not obvious ... but hey, I can not always be regular in my decision-Medoc
    Yet, logically, it should be as effective.

    Finally, without directly attacking the cure from the first period, it is clear that it is better to have them nearby, in case
    lissa3(Oh, well it's light as a song)
    Just for you:

    worry, I will not throw myself on the box of Medoc from the first bleeding (yes mistress, I have read the instructions for the antadys)
    triathe song
    latisha86Woa, the beautiful post any accorch top

    Tell the girls, now that this post is up: no longer sing the "Rirette" you are incorrigible
    neva50oh yeah it's cool to have put the post up .. com ca smart little disappears if one day (because his colleagues have unmasked .. and it comes back incognito ..) your lights are tjs there!
    clementineSuper nice post on the top!
    If jep they allow me, I'll add my personal experience about the disadvantages (the benefits go without saying, right? It's great, IUD (intrauterine device) placed, alone for five years, more than pills to buy each month, take every day and forgot all week):

    The vaginal discharge: I had more the first few times but that's soon calmed down.
    The spotting: I still (IUD (intrauterine device) placed a year ago) ... Or rather, say that the rules had a big week (eight, nine days, but at first it was fifteen! Uq'au But after five-six days it's more than just spotting), and I feel the not before ovulation when the IUD (intrauterine device): mild stomach pain + some losses "mucous" (yum), sometimes with blood.

    Regarding pain of rules, no difference, I had painful periods before (within reason), it has not changed, I feel against the (light) SPM is intnse each month (it can not be related with the IUD (intrauterine device) since no hormones, but you tell me why my breasts are bigger every month before my period)

    And if not, two problems:
    Infection, which did not happen because the IUD (intrauterine device), but it was essential to good care when we saw that an infection and that carries an IUD (intrauterine device), there is greater risk that the infection back in the tubes and lead to fertility problems! I called a gynecologist, saying "IUD (intrauterine device) + infection", she gave me an emergency appointment and put me on antibiotics, it was over in a few days

    And an episode painful during intercourse, if it is "too deep" and that man touches my neck, it happens to be a little sore for a few hours later. But this time, just after the hug, I found myself doubled over in pain for two hours! Again, go in an emergency, I was afraid that the IUD (intrauterine device) has moved and gynecologist said it was possible. He made me an ultrasound, the IUD (intrauterine device) was perfectly in place, and told me I had an episode of "uterine colic" due to the presence of the IUD (intrauterine device) ... Well, not that much again ...

    Otherwise I saw the gynecologist who agreed to ask me the IUD (intrauterine device) (I am nulliparous) with no problem, as long as I was aware of the "risks" and two gyncos since none made me to comments the fact that I had an IUD (intrauterine device) being nulliparous (besides the last one I saw was an activist for the IUD (intrauterine device) for nulliparous! This one, I keep it!). There's just my general who opened round eyes ...

    And now I am fighting with girlfriends who poisoned the lives and wallets with the pill ...
    emiline78Super nice post on the top!
    If jep they allow me, I'll add my personal experience about the disadvantages (the benefits go without saying, right? It's great, IUD (intrauterine device) placed, alone for five years, more than pills to buy each month, take every day and forgot all week):

    The vaginal discharge: I had more the first few times but that's soon calmed down.
    The spotting: I still (IUD (intrauterine device) placed a year ago) ... Or rather, say that the rules had a big week (eight, nine days, but at first it was fifteen! Uq'au But after five-six days it's more than just spotting), and I feel the not before ovulation when the IUD (intrauterine device): mild stomach pain + some losses "mucous" (yum), sometimes with blood.

    Regarding pain of rules, no difference, I had painful periods before (within reason), it has not changed, I feel against the (light) SPM is intnse each month (it can not be related with the IUD (intrauterine device) since no hormones, but you tell me why my breasts are bigger every month before my period)

    And if not, two problems:
    Infection, which did not happen because the IUD (intrauterine device), but it was essential to good care when we saw that an infection and that carries an IUD (intrauterine device), there is greater risk that the infection back in the tubes and lead to fertility problems! I called a gynecologist, saying "IUD (intrauterine device) + infection", she gave me an emergency appointment and put me on antibiotics, it was over in a few days

    And an episode painful during intercourse, if it is "too deep" and that man touches my neck, it happens to be a little sore for a few hours later. But this time, just after the hug, I found myself doubled over in pain for two hours! Again, go in an emergency, I was afraid that the IUD (intrauterine device) has moved and gynecologist said it was possible. He made me an ultrasound, the IUD (intrauterine device) was perfectly in place, and told me I had an episode of "uterine colic" due to the presence of the IUD (intrauterine device) ... Well, not that much again ...

    Otherwise I saw the gynecologist who agreed to ask me the IUD (intrauterine device) (I am nulliparous) with no problem, as long as I was aware of the "risks" and two gyncos since none made me to comments the fact that I had an IUD (intrauterine device) being nulliparous (besides the last one I saw was an activist for the IUD (intrauterine device) for nulliparous! This one, I keep it!). There's just my general who opened round eyes ...

    And now I am fighting with girlfriends who poisoned the lives and wallets with the pill ...
    annitraJust a quick question.

    I have an IUD (intrauterine device) inserted, I do not have heavy periods, just a little sore the first day (but subsided with NSAIDs).

    However, normally, my rules will fall on the day of running large and I and the rules are not disturbed (already my gyneco told me to avoid the buffer for the first cycle.
    Therefore, should I rather take the antadys (I took my younger qd for painful menstruation) or ibuprofen? or is it the same? This will allow me to hold t he just the abundance of rules?

    Thank you
    kathryn77with respect to the reduction of the flow of rules, I let others speak for g not yet experienced ..

    by cons for tampons, you can quite put them at the first cycle it poses absolutely no problem
    merrittFor antadys I do not know, but as I said previously Ibuprofen is great for me in pain and reduction of flow.
    ormonda048Personally, the antadys calms me more. But it can take less (only 3 / J)
    abundance level of the stream, I do not think it diminished greatly. But pain level, you're alone!

    Ibuprofen can be taken in greater quantity, and ca quiet as well. Yet I have the impression that it decreases over the stream. In serious use, my days max 1 day passes through

    ha yes, same as cosmic: no problem for the buffer for the rules (even the 1st)!
    (I like to hear his "reason" that there, yet)
    melantha3pitirenard so you can take the antadys but you must begin long before the coming what else the effect will not be the most
    chelleThank you to all,

    if I want to contain abundance, it is better to ibuprofen (2 tablets 3 times daily), which will also impact on dysmenorrhea as the antadys which will certainly have an effect on pain but less on the abundance ? ..

    regarding the buffers, I take note. you just take the usual precautions. it suits me well because I always put buffers, so I figured rather poorly with towels on the day of a race that lasts 24 hours ...

    For my small experience of the pose: a UT 380 shorts, the Spasfon, a benign gynecology. Just a sharp pain in 5 seconds (as has already described a doctissimonaute) and then a vagal (but I did often).
    Then, when you have pain as the rules and are calmed with NSAIDs.

    thank you
    cissben just something for the buffers, may be taking the "large flows" as the 1st pr cycles is a little Niagara Falls (me even the "great" did not last more than 2 hours ..)
    kenzieWell, well, rant of the day

    this blow it, I say "go, you're a big girl, you will not make your" mini-cure "of ibuprofen 2-3 days ...

    Yeah, well thank you very much

    Hello sensation of being wring the uterus for the duration of the rules I am on the 5th day, but finished prex rules hurts like the first day

    So over for me! treatment with ibuprofen or systematic antadys now! it's so comfortable!

    zinniawell I'll end up believing that when the bowl g:

    - Too many rules too long
    - Just for large flows 2-3d
    - No big pain

    In short no big deal what
    julietteho bah I'm happy too! earlier this year when I had all my problems there, my period lasted 10 days!

    So there, now that everything is new nickel, 5 days, 1 day fits me abundant means 2 days and the rest pertouilles

    ho is not pain me to bang your head against the wall eh
    but it is permanent and very tiring

    Briefly, I have not that feeling of discomfort when I take the Mdoc at the beginning ...
    stephania9I'm happy because my cycles are super long, so rules less often. (But a bit of stress every month).

    For cons, the pain decreased from cycle to cycle, but during my last period I have been downright uncomfortable contractions were so strong.
    If this continues, I'll end up worrying.
    madison895ben and months, it is very bozarre, but when I was a teenager I was sick as a hcien during my period
    but really eh: one week per month to not sleep I was so wrong ... despite the Medoc on the verge of falling into apples when I was two steps, in short horror creepy, and as soon as I started sexual activity ben ottoman, magical, almost all bad ...

    with the IUD (intrauterine device) is income in the month just after the break and since returning to base level that most of the time I even think to take Medoc so I have little / lot

    Moreover, with the Mooncup sometimes almost forget that I am set ...
    flor814Ben pucepetite is said that the pain of psychosomatic rules are sometimes ... I believe in completely, because at 18 to 19 years I had super bad, I had the same right to diarrhea every time.
    Then the day I left with my parents (I was rather badly), finished! Still a few pains but nothing compares!
    morvenBut euuuuuuh, the post is dsacroch, tropinzuste!
    scarlet1I go back
    jasmyn20hop hop hop! up there, you!
    jillian80I go back too!
    We just ask me a Mirena IUD (intrauterine device).
    Yesterday, I saw myself in the mirror do many abdominal, but is it reasonable? Yes, when I look at my shirt, not when I say, I asked the May 30 or Tuesday.
    So girls what do I do?
    shaniaI do 300 sit ups / day for years (and I have an IUD (intrauterine device)).
    If you have no pain, no nothing craind
    nigeliaIn the days following the installation, I stopped my personal sessions abs, but that's because I was a little wrong. To you to see if you feel capable or not (well maybe not 300 at once because when gyncos even advise against doing too much in the day or days after insertion, it increases the risk expulsion)
    jobethAbdo 300!

    It would not hurt me!
    Will can be a wait peu.Je still bleeding, and I have a feeling of heaviness in the Income Tax Act limits ventre.C painful, sometimes it CARREMENT evil.
    Anyway congratulations for this post, if interresting! And so informative!
    ariella Minas rest thee well, for me the pain the effort lasted for over a week (that is to say, the pain only when I prolonged standing or walking.
    I'm on Diane 35 and I read that this pill was bad pr traffic and carcinogenic, like all the way? anyway I tend to be wary of the pill ...
    My gynecologist I recommend the IUD (intrauterine device), especially since I often have pain in the lower abdomen after intercourse (inexplicable). I said that I'm 22 and I've never been pregnant.
    I have read several discussions on the forum and the IUD (intrauterine device), but I'm really interested
    1 - Always I have not understood what that is (a ring that surrounds the uterus?)
    2 - I felt very bad reading your posts on the installation, rules etc ...
    3 - I took because I bcp diane acne and I do not follow treatment roaccutane (too dangerous) and I can not bear to have again the huge acne cysts and painful
    4 - I'm afraid to go see a gynecologist who will ask me wrong and / or heads will not take precautions (antibiotics before installation etc.)

    What do you think?
    peggieThe IUD (intrauterine device) is a small copper wire wound on a "framework" in plastic and placed in the center of the uterus.

    The installation is done in 2 minutes, even if it is not very pleasant, it's not the big deal is believed that after qd is more coercion pdt 5 years!

    And gynecology is a professional, so it must do its job properly, for any type of operation.
    minty0I confirm, the IUD (intrauterine device) ^ 'is just a small (2 inches?) T plastic, flexible, with copper wrapped around, placed in the uterus.
    The installation is very fast, it's just an unpleasant moment, possibly after some pain, but rest, aspirin, and it's good!
    For acne I do not know what to say, the IUD (intrauterine device) has no effect on acne, so it will take another treatment I think ...
    And if you want to be reassured if the practitioner asks the family planning a gynecologist who has a habit of IUDs in nulliparous ask, you will know you have someone reliable in front of you
    jacquelyn498The IUD (intrauterine device), c is great! At least for me! More preoccupper me the pill! J mirena.Un have a hormonal IUD (intrauterine device).
    Cross me, no affollement!
    marciethank you for your answers!

    I have another question: how having copper in the uterus prevents it from being pregnant?
    bryannacopper is a spermicide, it kills spermatoizoides.
    prissyThere's several things, the main action spermicide, but there is also the simple fact of having a foreign body in the uterus, which, in case a sperm succeed in HSAS prevents the implantation of any egg.
    beth488Good evening,

    I'm glad you support the IUD (intrauterine device) and I have asked myself for the same reason and I had a bad experience because I fell pregnant the first month of an ectopic pregnancy and I was made to urgency of a pregnancy of 6 SA (I had my cycle 1 month). And as I put the least reliable of strielt copper, it would have aps of the case.

    For me, the IUD (intrauterine device) is fineis. Here I tried to take Cerazette when my period arrives. We will not put me as the implantation is desired baby late July 2007 Pars marriage.


    edina2but the plastic is not likely he not pierce a wall of the uterus?
    talisha467no, it's very flexible. the only risk of this type during installation, and is due to the doctor. there is an article about it on the site of Winckler.
    kimberleigh7there is no copper IUD (intrauterine device) "less reliable" than another. only one of them is less than copper, and loses its effectiveness after several years earlier than others.
    krystelleand risk of drilling during sex?
    simply because the IUD (intrauterine device) is in the womb, and that the reports are going into the vagina. at worst your man may feel the IUD (intrauterine device) ls son, in which case the gynecologist can cut or bent, and all will be OK. once in place, the IUD (intrauterine device) is unlikely to move, it can happen, but it is rare. / rubra [...] ubrique = 34

    the risk of perforation: / articles [...] rticle = 646
    wenonaBen ... IUD (intrauterine device) is in your uterus! Not in your vagina!
    madolineWell, he'll have to I'm starting to make an appointment at the gynecologist to change my IUD (intrauterine device) ...
    adrianna93Dja five Amelie?
    sheona0No sun-
    slightly more than 4 months, but I gained weight and I do water retention and as I can not drink enough to eliminate water retention and therefore the weight, I'll move to copper because I do not want to look like a whale
    lauren095first of all thank you for this post .. you can find complete information
    I asked my MIRENA gynco last Friday ... I felt past lol
    vagal not very pleasant ...
    I spent 1h elongated ds room cabinet avt can get up
    otherwise very strong pain hours after the break but it's going
    I'll take the pain Lamaline pr (suppositories and capsules) ca very quickly relieves pain

    ca for now feels tight in some tps tps but gygy m told that I might have pain j 15 dps and pdt rules disordered me at least 3
    and about 8-9 months kil fo pr the cycle and the hormone dosage is stabilized

    I qd mm a little question (I'm at Boult, not much time to look)
    ss contraception, I am irregular (from 3semaines to 3 months)
    ss IUD (intrauterine device), the rules fall "au naturel" (I mean irreguliermt) or when regular co pr c pill?
    thank you

    tt in case I do not regret my gygy and made no difficulty about the fact that I am nulliparous ...

    thank you
    codyfirst of all thank you for this post .. you can find complete information
    I asked my MIRENA gynco last Friday ... I felt past lol
    vagal not very pleasant ...
    I spent 1h elongated ds room cabinet avt can get up
    otherwise very strong pain hours after the break but it's going
    I'll take the pain Lamaline pr (suppositories and capsules) ca very quickly relieves pain

    ca for now feels tight in some tps tps but gygy m told that I might have pain j 15 dps and pdt rules disordered me at least 3
    and about 8-9 months kil fo pr the cycle and the hormone dosage is stabilized

    I qd mm a little question (I'm at Boult, not much time to look)
    ss contraception, I am irregular (from 3semaines to 3 months)
    ss IUD (intrauterine device), the rules fall "au naturel" (I mean irreguliermt) or when regular co pr c pill?
    thank you

    tt in case I do not regret my gygy and made no difficulty about the fact that I am nulliparous ...

    thank you
    julie2g dsl validated q 2 times ... I pb network
    ashley8Since it is a Mirena, you can not be natural. However, it does when you make yourself be a copper, in this case, the rules become irregular (or regular for that matter) as no contraception at all.
    There with Mirena, which is hormonal, it is likely that you have no rules.
    audraRight, I have no rules since late January.
    di9the foot is not it?!
    goldaUnicorn that's for sure!
    Since I can link before, I have no rules since October ...

    Here I will try to move to the copper (reasons given few posts above) so it will be weird
    heaven21yes ... I hope it goes well for you
    joleengood then I'll start ...

    does anyone know a gynecologist in paris poses the IUD (intrauterine device) without evil? I was told to go through the family planning but since I turned the eye when reading your messages on the installation and rules, I cry it would be really nice if I went qqn poses without pain ( as it says on the site of Martin Winckler)
    margo90C IS TRUE?

    Tell me the gynecologist put me in the middle of cycle.Il vraimant be reliable when?
    tammy9The copper IUD (intrauterine device) reliable installation (for hormonal I do not know).

    As for the pain she is as much as the practitioner of the patient.
    In any case regarding the installation it is not the pain itself, rather sth (very) unpleasant.
    Finally here it is, the feeling will always be I think, after the important thing is that it just flies!
    montaThe copper IUD (intrauterine device) reliable installation (for hormonal I do not know).

    As for the pain she is as much as the practitioner of the patient.
    In any case regarding the installation it is not the pain itself, rather sth (very) unpleasant.
    Finally here it is, the feeling will always be I think, after the important thing is that it just flies!
    libbyIn a week because it takes a week to sleep ovulation.
    leesaWhile there, sorry, the pain arises not only depends on the practitioner, it depends on you. And I think it's impossible to be put an object into the uterus without suffer a little at the time.
    Me too I was terrified, imagining this "crushing". But an egg triggers an opening of the cervix several hours before installation, a sedative tablet just before, well you breathe hard, thinking that in a minute it's over, and it's going very well.
    If you really afraid of pain, to do it under general anesthesia, but I do not think it is done like that for comfort.
    lynet0How did you get the egg? The doctor has prescribed to you?
    juniperNot even she gave it to me in hand saying it was to put six to eight hours prior to installation (it was family planning). When bulb is at eleven in the morning, it's funny I felt the opening almost instantly (it was not painful, I said, but I felt that something was happening).
    ciss50It's cool! Because of it I use the pliers to open the cervix, and that's
    laurissa21Argh I'd rather not imagine!
    anstaceHello girls it's me again!
    Well right now I'm pretty stressed out with my exams and I do not know if you remember but a few days ago, I worried that my period of time to put engage in extensive version. Finally I had three days of losses before it becomes normal.
    And since I always bein my period usually it lasts a little over a week since I IUDs and then counting the early loss and abdominal pain, it's been thirteen days .... Well there it declined in abundance, I no longer use that protects but it slips a little more than a loss.
    Is it normal that the length varies much from one cycle to another? Note that I have no pain or abnormal sensation.
    rizpahYes it is normal!
    Sometimes my period lasts about ten days because of a loss, this time around it lasted 4 days!

    It's like sometimes they are super painful and others not at all!
    rhiannaYes me too it can vary widely and sometimes drag on with losses
    shereeOk thank you you reassure me I just got the disadvantage of IUDs these rules! I believe that soon, I will attempt the cure of ibuprofen, but I'm not home then I will wait for an appointment order
    coleen83Kokapi, you can buy without ordo perfectly: it is counter ...
    The disadvantage is that it is not repaid, but it goes not very high anyway.
    The box of Nurofen (ie brand) of 20 tablets, I pay 2.30.
    So in generic ... it should be cheaper

    For you to see
    columbinehello, a little message here. I have an IUD (intrauterine device) copper, and a lot of setbacks with the past, but it seems to go now. only problem ever since qques week (the previous months, were made by ...): spotting after intercourse, and incidentally, just after alement rules, but this is less intrusive ... I think it's normal, right? I see my gynecologist in two weeks anyway, but hey, it's history to reassure me a little tit ...
    janette76I do not know what to say, spotting after menstruation or at ovulation, it is common for me. For cons, I do not report triggered something like that. Wait for other answers
    zoie1Yes, I'm not too worried about the "after rules" or even the approximate time of ovulation ... but otherwise ...
    elfa3That's why I wait an upcoming appointment to the doctor!

    What is the generic ibuprofen?
    tetty204I do not think there is a generic pharma you get spikes and you ask for a box of ibuprofen is not very expensive ...
    salal4Ibuprofen itself is generic for Advil, I think.
    fredda92Hi girls!

    Already, thank you for your testimony, that answers my questions has already bcp ...
    Well let me explain the situation a bit: there are almost a year I stopped the pill because I wanted to be pregnant, but before it does come, my fiance and I are separated. Since I do not want to take the pill because it is binding on the one hand, on the other hand I lost 6 pounds since then and I do not want them back, finally, my skin is better since I'm in Pill ... In short everything is better!

    However, I begin to rinquiter of my sex life because I am fallen in love. So I say to hell what? and talking with my step father (the father-cool), I praised the IUD (intrauterine device) that my mother used elsewhere ...

    Here I am super happy, super motivated, I call for an appointment with my gynecologist, but you can not have one before mid July ... The trouble is that I am going to Canada (where is my darling) late August, and I want to set this before ... do you think it will be able to do at the time? because I got the appointment is the first so it's not that we're going to ask me .. In addition, my stepfather argues that it should be done several weeks before asking me to go in case I would have a reaction (3 weeks I think) ... Oh DECEPTION!

    Do you think it can be done in this time? I leave knowing that the end of August to early December in canada ...
    If not, where to I get a chance to get an appointment faster? (I live in the countryside, the town is 15 km and g not permit ...)? do all the planing family are able to deal with it? (First appointment and installation)

    thank you in advance for having read it, I look forward to your replies
    fairuza6family planning ... indeed, the appointment would probably be faster.
    about the history of three weeks, it's actually the visit, to ensure that the IUD (intrauterine device) has not moved, however, some doctors do make it after six months ...
    mid July, you go a month later, it all depends on when your period fall ... in general, the installation is done on the end of the rules.
    austyn963If you want an RV in Paris in two weeks, let me know by mp. At deadline, it must ask quickly, so you have time to do your follow-up visit a month later before you leave in August.
    shaquilaTry to go to Planned Parenthood for an appointment soon ... Knowing he would be better if this meeting takes place before your next period, so that we can ask you the IUD (intrauterine device) in that time! Usually two appointments are sufficient
    Then the monitoring visit is not absolutely necessary within three weeks or month ... But against, in case you would have a problem it is best that the installation is done as soon as possible before your departure.
    Personally, I zapped the control visit (too expensive) because I felt that everything was fine, and I did it six months later!

    Mirena n'endort no ovulation and is effective in the hours following installation.

    Its effectiveness comes from it thickens the cervical mucus and thinning of the endometrium.

    The pill acts on a third point which is ovulation.
    malvina58Here we really started my period yesterday, I meet you on 13 JULY so by then I think I would have my period eque to early July, the appointment may be suitable for the installation, but not possible as I have not had epremier of maintenance .... if my little sister like that appointment on 3 e sij can sting him, I first appointment, and 13 laying ... but it is not, however, is that I try to negotiate ...
    Is it really have to ask pdt rules? or is it that we can not take something to open the cervix and thus to place the IUD (intrauterine device) n'imorte when? If so, it could be manageable even with a first appointment on 13 if magynco is comprehensive and takes me quickly to the installation type, after 2 weeks max, and I go kan late August, is already a little safer ... what do you think?

    If you believe that the Secretary may already have given me a second appointment to be sure to have instead? It takes a long delay between first appointment and installation?
    mondayso ... can be put outside the rules, but it is often more difficult .. and therefore likely to be painful ...
    to do with your gynecologist ...
    in general, for me anyway, the doctor gave me the order, and told me to call his secretary as soon as I get my period to take an appointment (even if shielded, c ' is not serious, he said ...)... it may depend on doctors ...
    lindy2Mea Culpa then
    I was the doctor asks me out of rules because I had no choice (jer did ask my parents returned home for Easter when I was a few days. Sympa also the doc for accept the same when I put it in these conditions). From the moment we are sure not to be pregnant (when in doubt buy a pregnancy test just in pharmacies) may be raised at any time. For me the gyneco not use eggs or anesthetic and I was not even bad. You just have to be relaxed so that the collar is open.

    If not for an appointment quickly try the services gyneco hospitals too.
    taniaForgive my stupid question, in this case, how the fact of having a fibroid, or myoma residual would be an indication against? It prevents the swelling of the contrary?
    Or I say a HUGE BETIS ??????
    floraI confirm the record and the fact that every month I feel the ovulation:

    MIRENA is placed in the uterine cavity. Its mode of action of IUDs is different so-called "copper". The contraceptive effect of MIRENA is mainly based on the local action of progestin it contains, diffused into the uterine cavity. This progestin is widely used in other contraceptives and allows blocking of ovulation. In MIRENA, it has only a local action to:
    - Thickening of the cervical mucus, preventing sperm from crossing the cervix;
    - Changes of the endometrium limiting its ability to host an egg.

    Taken from the instruction learned.
    tamsyn6and if not, answer page 3 of the documentation:

    [...] pdf? C = & c =

    reassure you it is in french!
    nona5Yes, mirena reliable 99.9 %!!!!!!!!!!!!
    kelanI maaaaaaarre! bleeding out my rules again

    fucking can not be quiet without messing around 5 minutes! And no appointment before August 23

    I began seriously to wonder if I will continue my adventure ...

    must be said, morale is far from looking good for 6 months and that I crap at that level again for 6 months ...

    Tired ...
    azure07Bleeding out rules? It's something special?
    If morale is not great it can play too. I hope everything will work out for you to abandon it because it would damage

    Good luck Jeanne!
    jannineGo Jeannette
    jonquilkokapi not, I think it's rather the opposite ... morale is not great among other things, because I put the *** of unexplained bleeding ...

    possible that this is my very tough B streptococci that remanifestent ... m'enfin that I had two months of calm since the last treatment
    So I do not know if the doctor will want me to continue as ca ...

    thank you ....
    leeann4jeanne my pov is not even glop qd ca ...
    izzie0It's Thurs my poor lollipop!

    Yep, definitely not glop, Enjoy yer IUD (intrauterine device) that work perfectly

    Cure of ibuprofen on the advice of my doc, and see if it's enough
    if it comes back, it will probably turn to analyze the diu

    to me the joys of water retention of the pill!
    inaI do not know what to think of IUDs: a co-worker of my mother had an IUD (intrauterine device) (she had already had a child) and bleeding. we have made (I forget what, finally, it was because of bleeding, but doctors thought it was unrelated to the IUD (intrauterine device), and they confirmed after the operation. I believe that she had an infection but do not ask me, I've learned from this story that interested me!) and during the operation, they found that the IUD (intrauterine device) had perforated the wall of the uterus. she is now sterile. Apparently the IUD (intrauterine device) was ill-posed. but how do we know that a coil is ill-posed? it is by chance they discovered that the IUD (intrauterine device) had perforated the uterus ...
    sherillWell it's not the fault of the IUD (intrauterine device), but the practitioner.

    Impossible to predict, it is a "human error".

    But I doubt whether widespread.
    francesabout the hole: / articles [...] rticle = 646
    cadencebah so it's a good reason to avoid the IUD (intrauterine device): how do we know that a doctor is competent or not? even if we know one person that it went well ... is it a proof that it does not trmpe? and elsewhere before the operation the woman was as the IUD (intrauterine device) was well placed ...
    merletta3I hope you'll have a jms you have surgery for anything so ...

    Seriously, the error is everywhere and in all areas, so has less to remain all his life at the bottom of the bed (and again, the ceiling could collapse, there could be a hurricane, flood, tsunami ... who knows?), we can not escape it.

    But after, everyone sees a twelve o'clock the door is essential.
    aundria93longer poses a physician, the more skillful ... is word of mouth and trust!

    but for the IUD (intrauterine device), it's like the bottles: either you see it half full or half empty ...

    I see the coil half full
    onndrea78Pff, not top Jeannette ...

    I hope it will still be able to work out ...
    nicolabut there are condoms and spermicides if ...
    jenaUse of spermicides presos + 20 years is very convenient indeed!
    marthaI came across the pourcetage few women become sterile because of the IUD (intrauterine device).
    so i need to think about this too before putting a. had I known, I would have put jms
    beulah41rather stop to fuck!
    alison99so what? You've put a knife to her throat to ask you this coil?

    No, I doubt it ... therefore removes the tone IUD (intrauterine device) if you're convinced that you will become sterile ...

    the goal is to be consistent with yourself and have confidence in its method of contraception.

    But this kind of thinking is a useless ...
    It's like everything just to find out BEFORE (Of course, if we wait for complete information we fall all cooked in the arms ....)
    deborah512C It is on!
    Me, it is more bleeding, more pain, I have forgotten that I had an IUD (intrauterine device)! The only thing I watch now, c is my balance!
    Uh girls, you really will see the gygy, one month after the IUD (intrauterine device)?
    The appointment arrives, (but also my darling, and that c was not provided)
    So I'm left with a choice corneillien, loved one or doctor?
    virgeeA month after stack, no it is not essential. You can very well extend your visit, make certain the gyncos oofice two to six months after installation ... I myself had postponed due to lack of money, the gynecologist has understood
    ciss5A month after stack, no it is not essential. You can very well extend your visit, make certain the gyncos oofice two to six months after installation ... I myself had postponed due to lack of money, the gynecologist has understood
    pamelaminas and sun

    Same answer, no matter if you do not make your visit now! I did it after 2 months. And again, emphasizing good because the doctor did not consider it necessary ca ...
    Hopefully, everything is back to normal, so it might well expect
    topsieJeanne: I do not understand your aggression towards those who are questioning their method of contraception?!
    ornaThank you girls, I will annul my appointment!
    terrieHello to all, for this post meric who answered many of my questions.
    I've done is put an IUD (intrauterine device) for 3 weeks and I have my period for about 1 week. Thanks to you I realized that the cycles are irregular at the beginning, I feel reassured.
    The thing a little more disturbing is that I have a stomach ache, but not like when it has its rules. I fear he is in the wrong place. The problem is that I have an appointment for a check in 15 days, and be surprised that I can have an appointment before. you think I should call my gynecologist?
    ashDo not worry, early contractions are normal.

    The only thing that you can guard yourself is expulsion.

    For this try to touch your neck with your fingers if you do not feel like hard plastic sth so good.
    keishaWell I'll use this post to ask my question of new IUD (intrauterine device). I read the pages 2First Time, and have consulted a few sites only.
    It's true, I have my IUD (intrauterine device) last night, but she asked me to touch it to see, and I think they are long, at least I hope my boyfriend do not feel ..
    The only snag I see my boyfriend in a month, the gynecologist wants me to take appointment in 3semaines ... It's going to be boring whether or not files will generate ...
    Can a gynecologist from another region may see me in case the son Genant are .....

    As for tampons, she told me to avoid the first month, but after? Is it'll be good. I can not see myself went to work or being with layers (excuse me expressiion)
    I hope I have your answers, and sorry if the answer has already been given ^ ^
    marylynDo not use a buffer as the son are not cut (it's not a matter of months).

    For monitoring visits and cutting the son I advise you to do in your gynecologist.

    Finally, if your boyfriend is not aware of the history of son, I doubt he feels some work.
    lilly7Hi all,

    I just got to be a UT 380 shorts yesterday and I have some questions.

    1 / My gynecologist cut my son yesterday. I forgot to ask if I could put pads. But from what I said angel_dust, from the time when the son is cut, it's good, is not it ?????

    2 / I asked him how many days should we wait for the 1st reports and the pool, she told me that today I could. Of course, I have my period yet so I'll wait a little, but what surprised me on another post I read is that he had to wait three days for reports and for 2 weeks pool. And you, what do you think??

    3 / If not, after reading the instructions for the UT 380, I am surprised to learn that it is effective only four years, I thought it was 5 years.

    4 / On the record also, they say to check after each rule, the presence of the son for the proper position of the IUD (intrauterine device). My gynecologist did not tell me to check anything. Is it really important and does it really do every month according to the rules ?????

    Thank you

    skylar1 - You can already put buffers, no problem.
    2 - Make a cuddle, go to the pool as long as you you feel good. Do not be too hard the first few days, but if you feel no pain is that it's good. There is no minimum period for the reports or the pool or sports in general.
    3 - I'm surprised too ... Especially since my nova T 380 contains the same amount of copper is good for five years. It seems that even in third world countries we pose to women for ten years ... It must be an extra precaution ...
    4 - You can check for the son if you want to reassure you, that your IUD (intrauterine device) is still there, but it is not necessary, I personally have never done. Finally, I tried but I can not feel my son. My IUD (intrauterine device) is nevertheless perfectly in place
    tanzyThank you very much for your answers sun reassured me.

    That said, I have one last question. My gynecologist told me to make an appointment in four months for verification etc ...
    That sounds great distance, especially when I read on some post that the audit is usually done after a month or two months. What do you think?

    alyssa62I think it depends on gyncos
    Some people make this visit after only one month, others six months ... Four months, that's okay too.
    Meanwhile, if you feel something is wrong (too much pain or prolonged ...) does not hesitate to call your gynecologist to tell him or he will reassure you or it should give you an appointment quickly to check that.
    But mostly, this is a formality the visit control
    jaki22Hmmm, I thought the son were cut off from the pose, then, I was wrong. I'll have to take an appointment in 3semaines for ca ....
    It is true that the son seemed long and close even when .. Finally I feel without forcing ....
    ariadneHello to all!
    After I informed looooonguement the IUD (intrauterine device) being nulliparous (especially by reading) I just give you my little experiment and you ask a small question of new IUD (intrauterine device) who cares just for nothing lol.
    I did ask a TT 380 in a Paris hospital on June 6 No luck I had shifted my pill wrong, so not had my period, as you say I juggled, not long, certainly, but still ...
    In short the next day my ragnagnas landed, slightly heavier than usual but nothing like my rules when I was a teenager, plus it only lasted 4 days, deadly
    The relationship with my boyfriend: bah I dreaded a little like "do I not feel sth?" do it it will not be hindered by the son? "etc ... bah actually it's perfect! And the question of the son did not even arise because on the advice of the gynecologist to me the posed, it is not even aware that it 'has the son lol!
    There for 2.3 days, I lost the mini (not even necessarily "brown" sorry for details but "pink") rather fickle,, type one day yes, one day not, and very slightly but very slightly belly ache I could not even say whether it comes from the uterus or bowel movements a bit lazy
    So I come to you to know if this is "normal", and if it can possibly correspond to an ovulation since it's been 12 days that the machine is there ...
    Thank you!
    kimberleigh297You know you leave qd pill is a bit chaotic.

    But as long as there is no big pain or fever or foul smell (a sign of infection), nothing is disturbing.
    deana113thank you girls, it's really nice to answer all questions that may arise. I love this state of mind.
    Said so angel dust, I just saw your signature, you look really militant. Not get me wrong, it's not an insult, but rather of admiration
    ryanne4Be no bad language it seems to me that the labs have an interest in the women keep their IUDs and less time to do more to change the memory tpossible
    hattieoh, well, the "Third World" is also used for testing ...
    young nulliparous women out there have a long history of intrauterine ... must emerge from the studies by qq Without being either bad language ....
    alia208In Anglo Saxon IUDs are allowed up to 10 years.
    Including the United States health care costs are not reimbursed when people are following the minimum possible.
    No problems at all IUDs worn for up to 7 to 10 years apparently.
    myriam354To you the expert,

    I thought I had read on the forum that the UT380 was valid for 5 years or in the instructions is rated 4 years.
    And I think my gynecologist told me five years also ...
    So suddenly, I do when I retire ...???

    ursella0655 years

    (It is left up to 7-8 or even 10 years in other countries / TT380 for 12 years!)
    bryannayeah, it's clear that condoms and spermicides, the horror hello I'm back in a month, well it can not seem long but I have haaaate again my friend the IUD (intrauterine device) tidy in my little bidou ...

    later, you can always edit movies on the reliability / risks of each method ...

    but good personal I know more women who were pregnant with condoms / the pill and IUD (intrauterine device) in that I know far more women who have complications of the pill from fungi to the repeated pulmonary embolism (for which they account endanger the vital prognosis) than in IUD (intrauterine device)

    the important thing appears to me that everyone makes an informed choice

    That said, spermicides (since I experienced last week) seem to me frankly far from insignificant as well, I remember this crap that contains benzalkonium chloride which therefore has probably an aromatic cyclic type benzema (sorry for those who have not made chemicals) and this type of product has an unfortunate tendency to be carcinogenic (in addition there have been few cases of this kind with old spermicides, obviously when trying to destroy the sperm in general is not very good for the lining either ...) so I think that troubleshooting is good but for the life of every day is a bit of shit bar, uh, forgiveness, sponges (plus it's worth the arm and a leg: 12 euros and 6 sponges, sponge on a one per 24 hours is better to have the temperament of a rabbit)

    All this to say that spermicides:
    ula7nan, is worse and more annoying to remove hyper

    I already told my misadventures on "my personal topic to me," so I will not repeat, but my guy was really more traumatized by sponges and their removal by the breakdown of condom

    is also curious as to "put hands" normally disturbs any, on the contrary, and that against, to go get a towel, he was white and he was afraid of me hurt ...
    britannia7But at times you wonder what is happening to our men

    Especially in normal times it is less gently
    denisa596me about it ... I found myself with my general ...

    a horror!

    it's all my fault rearward inclination ...
    dawnWell I just qqs days ago to finish my second period after IUD (intrauterine device) insertion. Looooongues rules and fairly abundant but definitely not painful. Nothing at all no pain no cramps. Here it was for some reassurance hesitate to ask a sterielt be afraid of the pain of rules (which was mostly ca me back. Well if I had known I'd been asked the earlier)
    fawnI take the last message ladybird to bring my testimony, because the pain of too rules were what worries me the most with a copper IUD (intrauterine device).

    I got my own place (Multiload) almost two months ago, I had extremely hard time laying but not for long, and then I spent a rather unpleasant first month. Rules long, painful ovulation (the first time in my life), losses starting one week before the "real rules" brief questioning. The first rules were, however, as painful as usual, no change in this side, and from time to time contractions, everything is back to normal, phew.

    So I'm happy with my copper IUD (intrauterine device), I spent the other medical prejudices (I am nulliparous), hopefully, adopt the IUD (intrauterine device)!
    kristel79Personal testimony:

    First painful periods, but only to a antadys for the duration of the rules!

    Then for 2 -3 rules, AU-CUNE pain !!!!! rules, however long and heavy +

    But then, after about 4 months, I finally found the perfect natural cycles and rules (as before taking the pill ... and pain (cramps) characteristics of the rules ....

    But with ibuprofen, the first 2-3 days, I "survive" widely

    level of abundance, one day means one day + +, 1 day and 2 days using tiny (just like before what)

    Long live the copper IUD (intrauterine device)! (Provided qu'a hard)
    debi24How do you compare its cycles in copper IUD (intrauterine device) if you do not even know what it was before the pill?
    louiza9ben can not ...
    kyrstenthen if you just stop the pill it may be chaotic at first
    bertha(I'm dying with laughter alone
    toujoursmoi, I know exactly what message you're trying to get across, but your interventions this afternoon are too strong)
    vicky8Oh well nothing specific, in fact, I'm just in a good mood.
    talishaHey girls, as my periods are getting worse as IUD (intrauterine device), abundance and pain level () I prescribe ibuprofen made the last time I went to the doctor

    In fact, it is a generic name Nurofen but it is still marked in the record "Nurofen may decrease the effectiveness of the IUD (intrauterine device)." Okay so I know all that has been said before and everything and I'm pretty convinced right there is no risk but I would be persuaded

    Well I begin the next period to Jeanne Cure
    lorene1Do you prescribe Antadys. It is a drug that fits best bcp severe pain (which rules, among others).
    abbie2Just in passing, Nurofen is not a generic brand but
    The generic you have just written "ibuprofen"
    valMy gynecologist prescribed me the Spasfon for pain during menstruation, and if I mebeverine really bad. I remind you that I copper IUD (intrauterine device) for a few days and I do not know what will be the intensity of pain.

    It's hard enough as Medoc or not?? Because I do not see you talk about the Medoc it.

    By the way, I understand that there was a drug that reduces not only pain but also the abundance of rules. Which is it?
    fedelma55Antadys -> only by prescription.
    lacey7Rha me I realized it was ibuprofen ...

    I could not understand .. Anyway going to have my two boxes that j'coule ...
    I will tell you if it makes me or no effect
    dollieIbuprofen and Nurofen is the same except that one is a brand, not the other
    meliaNo I was talking about the antadys

    I understand the history of Nurofen
    delightBen actually ibuprofen and assimilates it works for some people, the antadys is something else, another molecule ...
    complicates the medicine ...
    dottieFinally I think: It's been three years since I antadys not made, but it seems appropriate that another molecule, since ibuprofen is OTC and not antadys which must surely be harder .. .
    audra83Yes yes anyway if nurofem no effect, I will turn to the antadys .... It bothers me all that
    mintyis the antadys flurbiprofen. You can also use it as a cure for 3 times a day MAX.

    Ibuprofen is used as a cure Maxi 6 times a day.

    The effect on pain is the same for both. The reduction of the rules, I have seen with ibuprofen, but the dose should be taken ...

    the advantage of ibuprofen is that it's counter.

    Do not be tired for so little. It's part of the IUD (intrauterine device) ... We are all warned in advance ... We know what to expect, so you have to accept these few drawbacks
    angelique01Yes the "problem" is that for 4 months I had the rules really well and then from two to three cycle it became boring, so it makes me a shot
    decima5trawl ... I take this opportunity to uper post, but for a little advice ...
    for many months with a copper IUD (intrauterine device), I support the carefree qques inconvenience rules, vague pain and bleeding of variable intensity (without it reaches record either ...) but there Aie Aie Aie! I never had such pain or pill, or the natural or with diu far ... I was folded in four last night, I could not sleep all night, and ibuprofen, even in extraordinary quantity, no consequence ... siagne side is small small, then for such pain ...
    qqun a miracle cure?? because, folded in half at the office or on the trains, it is the way ...
    mirabelMaybe is it due to something unrelated to the IUD (intrauterine device)?
    A small infection, a cyst ... ?
    kayleahMaybe is it due to something unrelated to the IUD (intrauterine device)?
    A small infection, a cyst ... ?
    tracey801not talking about evil ... I hope not. but frankly I tear the skin limit ... Aie Aie Aie ...
    Medoc no miracle?
    cillaantadys, and more ... make a trip to the pharmacy ... I doubt they sell powerful stuff without a prescription but hey, they will be good advice ...

    for your home, the bouilleotte or anything hot on the lower abdomen is radical
    jaiden6Sorry I did not want t'affoler but at this point the pain ...
    kenya9Well, no, you know ... There was the cold that calms me ... basically, last night, c 'tait bowl of strawberries who had spent some time in the fridge ... I laugh, but hey, it's very quiet little ... and as soon as ibuprofen loses its effect, it comes fast lane (basically it's not gone, but it fades ...)...
    tabitha08no answer? person as an idea (a Medoc) engineering, apart from Antalys??
    suzie9You have tried the Spasfon??
    keelyThat's calmed down now your pain?
    Because I have already told one time or another, too IUD (intrauterine device), nulliparous, with pain usually rules but very correct, I had a terrible night of pain, almost at once I ' have been folded in four ... It was not even during menstruation, for that matter. But it was as soon as you are the biggest party, say an hour after the rest of the evening was still painful but at least, and it did not stop me from sleeping ...
    As I thought would be due to a displacement of the IUD (intrauterine device), I went to a gynecological emergency that says first that it was possible that heavy pain are due to a shift, and then he made me an ultrasound to check the IUD (intrauterine device) was perfectly in place, he concluded that I had an episode of "uterine colic" due to the presence of the IUD (intrauterine device) ... That did never reproduces ...
    So I think you better check if it is a moving
    winifredit does not affect me, that thing there ... Or if I take the whole box, can age for it to pass ...
    evelyneI have appointment tomorrow anyway, but I frankly no desire to enter another evening like that, not great at all ...
    quillaYeah ... I have not at hand ... I will test tonight if it continues ...
    melia20And advil & Co ?????
    adela3Courage my dear
    kaylin"Yeah ... I have not at hand ... I will test tonight if it continues ..."
    Sold only by prescription: attention, no overdose, if you flat.
    tanzy23I know by heart, diantalvic, I was fed like this for years, because of my leg and multiple operational ... poses no risk of ...
    pamela849Good ... at home it does not work like that.
    I know the dose that make me "leave the land", I always reserve diantalvic, sometimes it's spring forward my bobo ... but I had not thought of that ... it may not fludifier rules by zasard??
    merlegood, read the full story ... always bad, however bearable, but it tends to be localized on the sides, to the ovaries, a blow to the right, a blow to the left ... What's wrong ... I think that the IUD (intrauterine device) therein is qqchose ...
    cyrilla08one is using the IUD (intrauterine device) with progesterone? that's what I propose my gynecologist, I have 3 children and I want to stop the pill.
    I would like to know what are these disadvantages?
    brittania16it ta lot of information about the mirena in other posts ... do a search tite ...
    cariThe disadvantages of Mirena sopnt the same as the pill, with some nuances because the hormones are different and this rule a few problems. I think this is a pure progestin? May SJE do not know enough to say that things change. Otherwise, all the disadvantages of hormonal contraceptives: risk of side effects (which are resolved in either three months or need to change birth control), plus the mirena as the distribution of hormones is continuous, rules that can be chaotic : some have no rules at all (there are other and delighted that it disrupts the highest point), ^ other rules of very irregular or spotting for weeks ... It also should stabilize with the month.
    But I'm not the best person to talk about the Mirena, it's true that a little research on the forum could help
    brogan2rest of the story: no bleeding at all, yet I should ...
    affton80If me.
    Even incovenients and side effects than the pill.
    Personally, after 6 months, Mirena does not suit me so I'll move to copper.
    Unlike some people (that irritates me the people who say ca), I'm not saying that my birth is zero, it does not suit me, that's all.
    I hope it will suit you.
    jadenSun, progestin-only = yes mirena.
    Grilled flag several times today -> me it's my signature that I grid

    May, you should have your?
    alisia88If you want to stop the pill because you do not want to take hormones, it is not mirena that must be considered, but a copper IUD (intrauterine device), without any side effects possible.
    regenaVoui. I thought the pain of yesterday were a sign of triggering ... ultimately pertouilles one microgram of a millimeter in the night, and that's it ...
    abbyben you tell us tomorrow ... (Oh no thin, are in weekends ...)
    jaynieexactly. the answer will be Monday ... sorry ...
    kristeen7attention to overdose!
    advil = ibuprofen!
    peronelI've had that too, twice, horrible, I thought I would die, I finished half fainting on the floor of the bathroom, covered in sweat not being able to move it to last 2 hours every time I would

    I even sent an email to Winckler for advice because I was scared that it moves my IUD (intrauterine device) (I had the son been more apparent at the time)

    and in fact they are uterine contractions that cause a vagal when the IUD (intrauterine device) supports the neck because of contractions, it will stop taking ibuprofen in the prevention is very impressive but not serious
    issy83Hello girls.
    Here I repost, I did ask my IUD (intrauterine device) there is now a week, I feel the affected files, but today I limpression touching something harder.
    I wonder after how much time we have no more likely to deport the IUD (intrauterine device). knowing that I have no stomach pain, no contractions, nothing at all ... Just 5 minutes after installation.
    Do not have sex right now, I can not even know if the files will generate or not (I agree with my boyfriend in 1 month)
    then, reading different posts I've read that it was necessary to return to the gygy cut files, but she told me that even if I returned in September it was good. I worry about AC is that I went to the gygy before leaving on vacation or is what I expected, (j'achant that or I will make it difficult to see a gynecologist if necessary)
    If you could help me, or have an answer, it would be nice ...
    Thank you in advance
    aileenBen phew, glad to see that I am not alone! I'm going to make a reservation inuprofne in case!

    If not always me that says "with the copper IUD (intrauterine device), no side effects as possible," I would still like to clarify that no one lure that course, the copper IUD (intrauterine device) has no hormonal side effects and reactions to the pill (or Mirena, or implant, etc..), but there are still some side effects that come and are due to the presence of obejt in the uterus, including vaginal discharge larger losses white or brown or blood in ovulation, and the rules more painful to linger more abundant in spotting.
    According to testimony, most of these effects diminish and stabilize in a few months, but for my part I have my IUD (intrauterine device) for thirteen months and I still have losses that I had not before.

    So there are some side effects, but for me it does not bother me because I say it's my body "lives" and it allows me to feel where is my cycle, unlike the pill or c ' was anything ...
    elisabethAn expulsion may take place within 3 months after installation. The majority held the first month.
    But some women expel, or the IUD (intrauterine device) move after several months or even years after installation!
    elouiseFor the visit, there are no rules. It can be done one month after the installation, or 2, 3 months after installation sla. I had intended gy 6 months ... is long, but there is no obligation to do so immediately (unless you feel a problem)

    After it is up to you ... for the time being, anyway, it's too early. (Editing your son on the occasion to assure you that this is not the body you feel the IUD (intrauterine device))
    It may well wait until the holidays! But if it reassures you to make your visit before the holidays ... well makes an appointment.
    Personally, I had made mine 2 months 1 / 2 after installation, I left them spent the holidays in between
    stephenieThank you for your reply,
    Yesterday I felt the touch and feel the son also, but today, I feel nothing, and yet it is always, (well that it was the aprem) now requires that I can be ' stops to fixate, but I think the tt even make an appointment at the gygy. ca shit anyway, it always arrives late (2:30-out) and then 60 euros every time ^ ^

    Thank you for the answer
    raphaela796You live in France?
    YOU can change your gynecologist to have contracted rates with, if ever (And who has the correction does not make you wait that long ...)
    earlene435Hello girls,
    I left a post but do not know if you read it then as I see there are a "special IUD (intrauterine device)" I can come and try to find an answer if you had the same .
    I am asking myself in my mirena returned.
    2 months after I did tolrai yet (it goes over I feel it in my head, I finally hard to accept having a foreign body in the place where future baby could be built and I wonder if this is not what caused me such pain, bleeding ...)
    Finally IUD (intrauterine device) removal on Monday.
    Big bleeding from Tuesday to Thursday and pain still persists to this day + reperti blood this morning.
    I wonder if these are my rules (and so I missed the boat to use the pill) or if it is only due to the removal of the IUD (intrauterine device).
    Far from me to be pregnant because I'm removing the IUD (intrauterine device) can be mid-cycle (if my body to continue to respond normally) and I do hug the eve of the withdrawal.
    Inevitably, it was after I read there was a risk if we did hug in the five days before the withdrawal.
    I'll know for next time even if the idea of ​​an IUD (intrauterine device) remetrre I do not like.
    Can be a copper and when I'm sure they wanted no more children.
    Thank you for your answers.
    This forum is very nice because it always make the support of the property (you feel less alone)
    So actually, if you were psychologically disturbed by this foreign body, it is not surprising that thou hast not not supported. It was noted that the spontaneous IUD (intrauterine device) expulsions are more common in women who were not enthusiastic at the start ... That said, it's also because the hormones of Mirena does not agree and therefore thee, thou hast done well to have it withdrawn.
    The question of "mid-cycle" does not arise: your body could not "continue to act normally" since you were in hormones so no ovulation, no cycle.
    The IUD (intrauterine device) is retait stopping the supply of this hormone and causes bleeding (like when we break for seven days on the pill).
    The report that you had the day before the withdrawal is actually at risk of pregnancy, but with heavy bleeding since I can not believe that it is only withdrawal bleeding, so I think you're not pregnant, but someone else will answer, perhaps more precisely on this point. You can do a test to be absolutely safe three weeks after the report. And think about protecting your relationship now (unless you want another child)
    loissolei thank you for your answer.
    In fact mirena keeps the normal cycles of ovulation. The hormone is there to cause an inflammation of the uterus to prevent implantation and decreasing the secretion of mucus to the rise of zozos.
    That's why I thought I had a risk of pregnancy because my reports are held in (perhaps) J12.
    The longer the pain that still worries me when I have more bleeding.
    In all cases gygy call tomorrow and say if there is a risk I would test for the 9 / 07 (knowing that I feel I should have my period 04/07 where I would be permanently fixed).
    And then we will resume relations with condoms, as during my breastfeeding ..
    I feel that contraception that suits me best (even the pill does not enchant me more too) but not for my husband!
    marielleI bring my contrib here: I'm 45, I got an IUD (intrauterine device) last week after waiting months quelsues smears clean (I had a condyloma)
    I am nulliparous, I stopped the pill because it gave me the tension and incipient renal failure.
    the installation was very painful, I almost vomited on the doctor and ensuiste, dropped in the street 10 'free advice without prescription without!
    I did an hour of discomfort, watering the garden, carrying the can had to be too much for me!
    Then I went to the pharmacy to buy ibuprofen, and the pharmacist refused because I have an IUD (intrauterine device)! I sapsfon flap, and doliprane firecracker (an excellent relaxing utero) d24 hours of great pain and the desire to remove all. the but still it's going, he could have warned me!
    So thank you for your post I liked your advice and counsel. I will check if the finger feels the son and schedule a visit, he did not talk to me a meem!
    tabby45Yes I live in France, my parents pay for the consultations.
    But since I already have concerns coag, and my Gyno knows me well, I do not go elsewhere ...
    Erfff I'll call Monday and see this. But it's really shit,
    I feel sometimes, and sometimes not .......
    ailse01Boudhinette sorry for you, ily really has gyncos who think that it's not worth the trouble to inform us, is pathetic! Rest yourself!
    kourtneyHi girls

    I have pain in the uterus, some of the same kind as those we have in the bladder during cystitis ... Yet my ovulation has occurred only 10 days ago

    Does this happen to you it be pain in the uterus at mid-cycle?

    Well it's still bearable but I'm a little concerned ...
    I back this post.J have the mirena since May 30, and I've always spotting!
    It will last for how long after you?
    lesmy gynae told me it could last six months, you had to be patient ...

    but I refused the mirena!
    bevin67Can I ask you why you refused the Mirena?

    Well as long as it s so arrtte.J wait 6 months
    yannicyou can take ibuprofen to reduce your cure for bleeding (but I have no action in the lab that produces ibuprofen)

    aye if I re an IUD (intrauterine device) (Multiload 375 is always a way)

    and it was much less painful than the last time when I dreaded much more!
    michelyneWe do not necessarily feel like the son every day

    1) According to a report they can just go
    2) depending on the time of the cycle, the cervix is ​​different and therefore the wire feels + or -

    so do not panic, even if this is normal in early to check "every 5 minutes" do not mark up if you do not feel them. Try again a little later, being well relaxed (elongated) or try another day.

    In any case, do not fixate on the son! What is most important is not to feel something hard (which would be the IUD (intrauterine device) is in the process of expulsion), but even their son, they eventually forget
    ben good outcome of the consultation, two options: intolerance or endometriosis diu ... in one case as in the other, it will likely Remove the IUD (intrauterine device) and the natural cycles qques wait to see what happens ...
    appointment in two weeks with a specialist, then battery of tests ...
    roseannebecause of what? Bleeding? pain?
    (At the same time, it TFWP the opportunity 'to have an "accident")

    edit: I know much, but endometriosis, ca not make different rules? (Pain, clots, etc.)
    monday563because of what? Bleeding? pain?
    (At the same time, it TFWP the opportunity 'to have an "accident")

    edit: I know much, but endometriosis, ca not make different rules? (Pain, clots, etc.)
    edwina6because the hormones do me good for nothing, but nothing at all ... have my period and do not bother me.

    edit: nothing
    janebeh me either I know nothing, I know ...
    kenna, You give from you!
    janel6So I when I (apparently ca disappeared with the pill -> at least one advantage, I had very very very painful rules to vomit and stay in bed 8J.
    Now I did more
    vivien6mosieur the gynecologist told me that when we cease endormtriose hormonal contraception ...
    jenelle53Well, I tried copper still ...
    tired of hormones ...
    tracieYour super post
    annemaeshit .... May
    Courage, tell us about!
    olivette728Chou, a visit to RAS control??
    It is always the nice lady??
    I'll see in just one month ...
    parisWell, I'm going to ema story ... Mirena put in May 2005 without problems. Besides, my worries swelling belly before the rules go. Cool. Six months of dream, and the trouble begins. I start to swell, acne appears grossses night sweats ... after a battery of tests to verify that it is not an early menopause (I'm 31!) Or problem tyrrodien I am in treatment for acne. And I can not stand to look at myself in the mirror.

    I love the freedom of the IUD (intrauterine device) (nothing to do, nothing to think about) but now I can not stand. I wanted to point me to a non-hormonal IUD (intrauterine device), but by reading, I feel that this is not a panacea either (skin problems, heavy periods ...).

    There is no hormonal treatments needed to balance against the Mirena? Mind you, if it is to take pills all the living room, both return to the pill ...

    In short, discouraged.
    kortneyBen from the pill I do not see ...
    I have my Mirena for 6 months and like you a lot of side effects I want to move to copper and I will not be making any battery of tests.
    frannieThe copper IUD (intrauterine device) does not cause skin problems (unlike the mirena which are the hormones in it that give the acne). No, with the copper IUD (intrauterine device), there is a normal skin. That is, if we have a natural tendency to acne (pimples before menstruation for example) and although it will be right too. But of course if you do not have buttons, there will be no copper IUD (intrauterine device) in!

    The rules are not more abundant! They are the first months is undeniable. The first 6 months is a bit of mess, once abundant, then a painful blow not ... brief ... It takes time to recover the body on the road after years of hormones!
    And then there's no problem!

    Yes, sometimes the rules are longer. But rarely more abundant. These losses usually end rules that ralongent.

    That's the only drawback (which is not systematic in all women!)
    gaye15Thank you for your answers ... I no longer despair :-)

    I'll ask my doctor to change the coil ... I waited, I endured the tests, I gave a chance to process the dermatologist, but now I'm not convinced at all.

    I think what really disgusted me is that everything is great for months, and then the troubles cascade PAF. It's too injuuuuuuuuuste ;-(
    tibbyI plussoie on M'oiselle Jeanne, all the same, no difference for acne, and effectively rules a little longer! It takes a little patience at first, but after all, the first month of pills are not very easy sometimes, after what I read (not my cellar, I had to take four months in my life in all).
    maralyn71and if you have irregular cycles without pill, found her irregular cycle: it is the nature
    stellayes and no. in my case, take the pill for (too) long to regulate a eprmis concern.
    claudetteBen is going to say I was lucky compared to you because I had all the shit the first 6 months ...

    I hope that the copper would suit me otherwise -> persona??

    Finally I will test the copper and see! Do not put the cart before the horse!
    moira1It remains abstinence ;-)

    Thank you to all, it's good to read that we are not alone.
    paisleyI plussoie nice word! I plussoie So when I say "heavier periods" in fact, yes they are slightly more abundant (barely) but I express myself badly as I thought most "rules longer." And indeed, it means the normal rules and then a few days of spotting ...
    And the copper IUD (intrauterine device) CAN NOT be responsible for skin problems

    To Jeanne: my body I was already well under way since I stopped taking the pill for eight months when I was asked the IUD (intrauterine device), and I still had a "bungling" the first few months, with a stroke of not a sudden pain, or blood with ovulation ... I had many losses and abundant mucus (: lol: sorry) and it has really calmed down.
    tibby35I totally agree with you. (I had to return to the Flem and go on, and details)
    But yes, the very presence of the IUD (intrauterine device) is enough to throw into disorder a few cycles / rules if we are to believe various testimonies

    before taking hormones may tend to increase even more the problem (finding the natural cycle + perturbation due to the presence of the IUD (intrauterine device))
    lettie00I also plussoie ....
    noelleBut they do not care about me ...
    kathleenUh excuse my ignorance but does that mean plussoyer ca?
    fay157It means "add its voice in addition to what was said Jeanne M'oiselle" or "approve and say we think the same thing" ... Finally it all
    adison223I plussoie
    Okay, she again an echo to make sure everything was fine, she took the time to look at my ovaries were fine too (she also saw me just before my ovulation, funny , I just saw a whitish ball!)

    Let me know when you go!
    I new I wanted to know any information about the IUD (intrauterine device) when you have a coil "Mirena" we want to remove it because it has gained weight and we want to return the same day another without hormones.
    Is it possible that the exchange or the gynecologist does it take?

    Thank you very much for responding.
    shevaun3I wondered if just one woman who has never had any children could have an IUD (intrauterine device)!
    Thank you very much!
    By cons if anyone could tell me what a vagal ...
    adolphaI think your gyneco will give you another appointment to ask (because you will have an order).
    But insists she'll pose the same day and it not make you wait for your period.
    Of course
    The vast majority of IUDs forum do not have children.
    'll See this site:
    trecia19When you tickle a little too close to the internal organs, the body can cause a reaction to be wrong, of up to loss of consciousness (vagal) remains light reassures you
    louella872Hello the Nenets, I see it swing here! It's fun! In addition I greatly need your advice as I am considering a second IUD (intrauterine device). I had a NovaT for a year and it was super early but over the months I saw my vaginal discharge increase + + to be really annoying (duty to progge-slip of the time.) Someone ever had that?
    In short I decided to fall back on the damn pill in a few months has ruined my libido.
    I plan to return to the IUD (intrauterine device), but I wonder if another model could very edge of this problem abundant mucus (apparently it was not infectious because my gygy did a test). If you could help me it would be cool because I have great need to find my little wild one !!!!!!!!!!
    Kisses to all and lively women who claim the freedom of their body (we still have a job, girls!)
    bunny97I think Ben has to pass a nova ta another model copper will not change much

    Personal is the opposite with me (as nova t) at the beginning abundant and losses for almost nothing (it's been a year + I have ..)

    That might be different with a mirena but because the hormones do not seem to succeed you better not give it a go ..
    rubina4'Know ... the best is yet to take a chance, even if it remove remerde

    I have no real worries on that side, after we can not all be the same tolerance level and that really disturbs me that I no more than that ...

    as long as you do is put something other than novaT200 because it is the IUD (intrauterine device), which is the least reliable on the market
    berniece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! / san [...] tm # t235875
    githaAmlie171 thank you very much.
    sarannaWell I bring a little more about the IUD (intrauterine device).
    I consulted me yesterday because I felt I felt the body of the IUD (intrauterine device), I was not mistaken. The IUD (intrauterine device) was being expelled. Poses during menstruation. What could have caused the expulsion of the IUD (intrauterine device) are mini contractions that I will not feel ...
    Contractions of the egg.
    Fortunately, I have not had since the IUD (intrauterine device).
    So if anything looks funny, do not hesitate to visit .... This is really something serious.
    And getting pregnant when I test a new means of contraception, was the last straw ....

    Not cool for you ... miss-tigris
    I hope the next will not the trunk!

    You felt, in your uterus or lower?
    peaceHi I happened the same thing as you a few years ago now I expel three before finding the right that suits me
    calanthia87Uh bah not I feel anything, and finally no pain, no standing and sitting, but just touching it, I felt the body of the IUD (intrauterine device) ....
    she gave it to me, and must wait to see if the shape suits me if it will put another ....
    maceyUh bah not I feel anything, and finally no pain, no standing and sitting, but just touching it, I felt the body of the IUD (intrauterine device) ....
    she gave it to me, and must wait to see if the shape suits me if it will put another ....

    skyler5it's crazy!
    Finally, if you do not hurt, that's something
    rileyHi all,

    I'm glad I found your discussion because I have a little concern with my copper IUD (intrauterine device).

    I have an IUD (intrauterine device) for 2 years without any problems.
    But I lost track of it, I found in my panties. And since then more wire out of my collar.

    And so, I am concerned because I wonder how the gynecological will be able to remove me.
    I saw that sometimes you have to have surgery
    mattieIt seems to me (I'm not sure) that in this case the gyneco must remove the IUD (intrauterine device) with forceps special but I do not think it goes up to the surgery.
    bithiathere is only one wire to an IUD (intrauterine device)?
    aislin95I think two files on the IUD (intrauterine device).
    Well I resumed my worries, my Gynco Although the IUD (intrauterine device) put it back in place Friday, ca does not get better today. I feel it. belly ache in the early evening ....
    She told me to call back as soon as possible. Only this week she went proch conference, and it is her replacement ... 60 Euros each time + 100 euros during the installation ... I'm a bit tired of asking for checks to my father, even if it is paid, I do not know what to do. I will not remove it myself, it sucks too ...

    Uh so I do not know if I take appointment with the secretary, and apparently there are forms of IUD (intrauterine device) which is maintained more easily in the uterus .. You know them??
    If you knew how I'm sick of having to spend hours in the waiting room, see a pregnant women with their children next to her (they orii the Emenence) and their snowmen ...... All was looking at me as if I suspect ... Then I wish it be resolved fairly quickly, knowing that I see my boyfriend in 20days (after 2 months and a half abstine ^ ^)
    Bon bah voila, if ever QNn knows something, if she could contact me or leave me a message here.
    Merciii and good night ..

    ps: happy with this game ..
    phemieSnifff, not answer ^ ^
    peg0I am willing to believe you.

    for strtilets quiaccrochent there with a "stud", we talked about on the forum but here, right now, can not remember the name!!

    Good luck.
    zibiahDac Ok, good will have to do that,
    Thank you, if I get an answer I can post here
    lotusMultiload (or Gynell MLCu), the IUD (intrauterine device) with hooks, I think that's what you were looking for the name Choup. Images of: / articles [...] article = 79
    genette1Multiload (or Gynell MLCu), the IUD (intrauterine device) with hooks, I think that's what you were looking for the name Choup. Images of: / articles [...] article = 79
    audrea72Hello girls

    I am using this post hoc "coil" for my question, rather than disturbing

    This is actually what is happening:
    Friday night, I realized that I felt the thread of my IUD (intrauterine device) (copper) in the vagina, and relatively low. I really explored to be sure I was not deceived, but the evidence was there.

    I waited until the following Saturday, hoping to get my gynecologist on the phone to know when it might take me urgently, therefore personally on holiday Monday.

    In short, the secretariat asked me to call back Monday to 14H, as I had to have it so that it can directly receive me between consultations is obviously overbooked.

    Today, Monday morning, I check, and absolutely do not feel this thread

    I wonder if this has already happened to some of you.

    Nevertheless I will call my gynecologist today to 14H as expected, to explain this "phenomenon", but our experiences of patients are still more realistic than the often expressed by our doctors.

    So please, if you have already experienced this with your IUD (intrauterine device). It is true that I had to go on holiday today, and in fact, I delayed my departure. So starting tomorrow, I can no longer see your possible future stories, but I enjoy reading on my return
    hayleighPS Just for the comedy, it's not a stamp that I forgot to remove

    May be that your cervix was particularly low Hence the fact that the son will be too low bcp + ...

    Anyway, you're right to consult Rapidos ... better than the gy ca look more closely ...
    madgeBah I'll take my appointment to remove my IUD (intrauterine device) was expelled because J 2 weeks.
    But seeing the other IUD (intrauterine device), it's been really scared ...
    J'angoisse already ...
    Uh, is that it hurts to lay out an IUD (intrauterine device) cycles??
    krisuh ... later, if your setrilet is "fallen on its own, without any adjustment without even before the rules" it may be that he was not well-posed

    I got this with the first that I had been asked to consult post abortion, a week after installation, such as you, I feel something when no pain, nothing ...
    I see my doctor tells me it's not an expulsion, but an IUD (intrauterine device) placed too low (in the neck)

    and indeed, the girl had asked me super fast and I felt almost nothing, my doctor I have much bush, but it has the time needed to dilate the cervix and place well at the bottom ( hope the new as she asked me will be as effective because I again bidou that takes ... well, I guess it was like 4 years ago but I remember it )
    carreenlittle question that has nothing to see: you knew the price of IUD (intrauterine device) 380 C and if it is reimbursed by the secu.
    kristenMemory around 20 or 30 euros, very well paid.
    baily01all copper IUD (intrauterine device), for the moment are 27 and wheelbarrows.

    They are paid so! if you have a mutual, it costs nothing! Me I was charged 0.37 for my short UT380, a scandal!
    oriana1Girls, you do not know how lucky you are to live in France. I live in Germany and there have also followed (employed in Germany, German secu, so no opportunity to do that in France).
    Contraception, here is reimbursed (and still not all I think) up to 20 years, and then you pay full price.
    So 170 euros the copper IUD (intrauterine device) and the Mirena (!!!) 350. To think that from 20, you MUST have children. It's not as top method incentives, since the number of children per woman in Germany is very low.
    So, voila, I when I read "try, anyway if its not working you ben remove the mirena," I think you have a huge chance. Enjoy it!
    monikaYes, you do well to dot the i's, Marmotton! We tend to forget ...
    loriIn Switzerland, no joy either, more than 200 euros for the IUD (intrauterine device) all inclusive, and yet I zapped visiting post installation ... I says I, vive la France
    gwenda33Ouch ...

    Sometimes, France has a good side ...
    aideenI wear a Mirena IUD (intrauterine device) for 1 year 1 / 2 and since its installation I suffer from migraines and, again, my doctor has detected an apparently worries Benin at my thyroid and I wonder it is not linked to hormones IUD (intrauterine device). Has anyone ever heard of is or what kind of side effects?
    gwennethIUDs are reimbursed yes but not all the pills, the one reason that prompted a change m the method of contraception was the cost for a 10 or 15 per pill packs a year it is very expensive! !
    beulah0My gynecologist just to make me my prescription, so she prescribed the Multiload Cu 375. Form a little peculiar that the Nova-T, I hope that the will not be tempted to block ^ ^
    melicent73We hope for you too!
    Keep us informed of how did the installation!
    thyrzacellars poh ...

    I have this one, my doctor also think that "take" better

    I think it's a good idea to ask you a different form, sometimes some girls have trouble with a template and changing, it's better ...

    the better to test

    it is true that the installation is not funny, but if it works, it was worth trying!
    kaelee6Copper IUD (intrauterine device) recently, I have nipples sore to touch and I never had this symptom before.
    What can it be to you?
    - My first natural rules that announce their landing?
    - Is this a symptom specific to pregnant women? Yet I have an IUD (intrauterine device) ...
    Can you help me?
    Thank you
    mercy46Never had it in copper IUD (intrauterine device), but if the installation is recent and you were not pregnant at the time, do not worry.
    dorotheaPersonal, before menstruation (copper IUD (intrauterine device) as I recall) my breasts swell and the nipples are not painful, but unpleasant to the touch, tell us ...
    So it is likely that this is a sign that your period approaching, if you think it's actually the case
    anastacia39If you were on the pill before, you suffered less pre menstrual syndrome (pain in the breast, stomach tense etc. ..) under dc copper IUD (intrauterine device), as you're not "managed" by the hormones of the pill, it all comes down to natural dc .. the week before the rules you can have, among other painful sensations has the breasts (me c if at least ..)..
    janessajai too swollen breasts and nipples that have doubled in size

    it's weird to go back to natural ... but it hurts a little!
    rosieIt is true that in my last menstrual hormones date back to June 16, it is likely that this is it. It's just that I'm just surprised to have them as quickly since before the hormones, I was totally irregular and can be only four times a year. Yes, that's what I meant, not painful but unpleasant to the touch.
    Anyway thank you for reassurance.
    moraI too am surprised to have had so quickly!
    cest actually fell while on a cell cycle of 28 days, whereas before hormones such ctait .... jles had 4-5 times a year ....
    by cons if it continues like this, it will fall just as a horse pile on my 2 weeks vacation to the sea
    You have them already you too! Well, it's fast. But tell me, is super super painful and abundant where it's going so far? How are thee day?
    gail0Tarah Cuckoo!
    Well I have not the IUD (intrauterine device) but after stopping the hormones I was also very sensitive nipples, and then with the arrival of the rules so good, so do not worry, you should not be pregnant !
    claracest not hurt me at all, just the transit jai kidding! ca what works .... like when not under hormone threw!

    Tuesday jai then had a lil blood spotting very brown, as the end of rule, then EST Wednesday became more plentiful but the protege slip always enough, then put the Mooncup jai Thursday to go to the pool and jai well done! That was in forecasting the evening .... and when I removed lai, lai I found a half full! so I guess its not very abundant at the moment! (For a full day rule, a few ml)
    and that night I lay shed, and the yen was even less blood!

    So abundant very negative but still it's more abundant than the pill, but jmattendais was more abundant than that, but I'm not going pleindre!
    aujourdui jai and put the Mooncup was 10am, I verai aprem this when I lenleverai sil there is bcp or not, but For now all roll!

    So Day 3 of rule
    dorotheawell my time, I hope that your next period take place as well, pain level and abundance!
    codiecest all I want! because in two days I leave work at a summer camp, jai Detre not feel pain twisted away from home and in front of my boss and more
    carey5My period started not long ago and when I felt a little contractions, I took Nurofen.
    It was pretty effective and I have not suffered like the other times. Thank you girls for your advice
    seventh cycle: 40 days
    Should I continue on my on!
    ernestineah yes, I also felt a little as jai jai contraction took spifen (an anti inflammatory which trailed by jai ... read the instructions marked yavais painful periods so I took ... lai).

    jen I took one in contemplation Thursday morning before heading to the pool, maybe that's why jai cest not too bad?
    Finally, no I think not, Mdoc AC does not act any one cycle PDT
    menfin its a stroke of luck
    beain fact when we say more abundant, it is mostly (in my experience and that other boards) long, it not bleed harder, but longer, but it will get sorted in time

    I also wonder if my having had just a month without IUD (intrauterine device)'s going to as far back to normal

    I said that in 15 days since I feel that my ovulation is getting ready
    tabby1another one

    not the first period, but those of later times they fumbled a bit, and I have rules that lasted (early beginning to the end pertouilles small) up to 10 days! with 6 days of spotting at the end but the "real" rules itself, only last 3 days

    must not despair, you just say that it's going to settle

    Now, after one year, five days in all and for all
    aerynnto the beginning of my rule in jai IUD (intrauterine device) had two days of pertouilles and two days of real rules For now! srait cool that it stops bleeding hard tomorrow
    glory69By reading all this, I think that us girls, it still loses a lot of time thinking about it all and take care of it all ...
    Could be calculated (if we still had plenty of time to lose) all this time and say what we would do instead ... All such appointment in the gyncos for aleta mycoses, all time spent in the toilet or bathroom look a "bottom "....
    Well actually, it's just that there are times like that where it fills me ....

    Especially yesterday I had a crash pad, so I still spend time in my laundry ...
    melyssa862Yes, accidents cest really the worst thing! especially when it happens in the beautiful new lingerie that her boyfriend has to offer ....
    or in full swing, and I say, not ca ca not be, and when I go jai big stain on my pentalon!

    ptetre we go half of our lives sleeping, but a quarter ptetre have our rules and ay think not?
    floreI say ... ca deserves to be singled out "phrase mascot forum!"

    It's been that I had not seen a sentence as blatant truth!
    prunella19yeah ben jme am waiting to have made as a debutante

    jviens denlever my Mooncup and bang! all in the fingers! jai of their way with my hands for that ca cool on my pants! fortunately succeeded jai

    ca ca not deserve a medal too?
    kaitlin9nan! ca ca deserves .... :

    who here has not seen this! I have a gun futal, at work (damn sticky thread) fortunately, it was jeans, and fortunately the season helping, I had a sweater rabe that I put around the waist ...

    it is from this episode, more than the Mooncup taf 2 / 3 days + + +
    not nothing else to do than spend one quarter of an hour and a roll of PQ to each drain
    ainsleyyes .... I would say that's the only drawback compared to the Mooncup pads, EST time we must take to bring more and lenlever, clean etc. ....

    Anyway at the same time it is about the IUD (intrauterine device) post so we'll not do a pub

    (Yes ... go to the post dla Mooncup ca change your life)
    chrissy5oops! true, I thought the post Mooncup
    judicest cest my fault javoue .... I who started the topic
    christi7you will be punished, for your temerity
    tresha39niarf the smiley
    rubina* Skull * I once, I still have not messed with 4 / 5 months Mooncup

    Z 'jealous eh!
    berniceI ruined two mattress covers and liners .. thank you qqes rambling .. I will send my letter "I wish you to express my strong dissatisfaction over ..." (Am pro for bitching ..)
    tabathaben jviens Devita the flood! 3 hours in my moon was full! against 6am this morning! cest ca crazy!
    jai felt dair dun blow bubbles out of my vagina, jme am told ALEEEERTE! jai and ran to the bathroom, dropped my pants jai and just at that time the jvois a nice flow of blood to pass me in the nose! fortunately javais put a protected slip!

    how to be sure if it will take 6 hours or 4 hours? seen that day was ca change! alala cest not cool the rules!
    tikva4I started talking about an accident, I did well because I see that I am not alone!

    So yes finally I am not convinced by the Mooncup ... but that it rather is part of another subject.

    However I IUDs (this is the kind of thing that could be put on the T-shirt: I love NYC after ...)
    Why not aileurs, although they released the self adhesive Mooncup!

    What is funny is that sometimes my brain tells me, but by the way, and your contraception, and then I tell myself, ha but it's true, I have an IUD (intrauterine device) good, uh ... it happens not every day either, I'm not crazy ... But it's weird.

    In short good evening to all!
    jeannie72ben months How long have jai dropped my birth control before seen throw in NuvaRing, so jy not think often, and even when I had to think about my computer ctait who remembered him!

    against the idea for the t shirt looks pretty good to me
    teriben months How long have jai dropped my birth control before seen throw in NuvaRing, so jy not think often, and even when I had to think about my computer ctait who remembered him!

    against the idea for the t shirt looks pretty good to me
    kari7over a year and a half after installation, it still makes me that!
    M I address to you and all those who have problems with fungus because according to symptoms (weird white discharge, burning and gersures I do not see but I feel), I have called my gynecologist. I told him that apparently I had a yeast infection, it has not sought to verify if it was that he was and told me that it was nothing. She told me to buy the soap and cream GYALME Mycology, then said "goodbye". So suddenly, pressed as it is, she did not even say what the duration of treatment. There's only been two days (I do it morning and evening) and it will have a little better but on the record, noted no more than 8 days because the cream is an antibiotic.
    If any of you had this kind of treatment, can you tell me what was the duration of your treatment and if it worked??
    I find it weird because it does not tell me to come and see me and does not prescribe egg.
    Thank you.
    celia4if you think I have a yeast infection, consult your general practitioner and he will prescribe eggs
    tracie02Hi Tarah, fungal infections that knows me, unfortunately

    If yours seems to be improving with no cream, good for you.
    Continue to make morning and evening for 6 days.
    GYALME, I do not know, but what I find as much soap for personal hygiene is SAFORELLE. Gyn Hydralin is too aggressive for the mucosa (see pH).
    hilary0I never had a yeast infection nai so I can not Taider! just a vulvitis precisely because of the products used antimycotic javais thinking that having UNNE fungus while jen had not! suddenly it mavait completely angry! bcp but now it's going better! prescribe it mavais Locoid cream to put on the inflamed part and everything is gone in 2 days.

    my problem mnt EST I am angry again because of the Mooncup .... jai issued a stamp ... it hurts too much to the moon ... when java jrecommencerai less pain!
    paise3Locoid is prescribed for problems exema, surprising that it requires ca thee to the problems of flora, curious like. I know the Locoid I is mainly when I have seizures and itching of exam ^ ^
    orlagh5well I bless my Locoid when jai had inflammation, ctait very relieved! but if you read the instructions for the cream, cest cest marked as an anti inflammatory prescribe in cases where "all" the other treatments did not work!

    Finally, any way, my father also has the problem of Locoid for eczema, so its a little for all that not pass
    freidaI noted, ca can help me ^ ^
    darceyMatter of habit. Over the months, as you said, your period will stabilize you raprendras to know them and know what days will be very abundant, and how often you should empty your Mooncup.
    After it was acquired with the same buffer reflexes. We know what day is what flows precisely, how long etc.

    But in the meantime, that's why I often said to wear protectors slip the first time ...
    melanthaIt depends on the women but I it did not hurt.
    lorrainelucky ... (For non-pain, huh ...)
    ivahQuestion ...
    Do you think an IUD (intrauterine device) (Mirena here) can cause the appearance of a cyst
    emelieYes. the doctor the other day told me about this: stopping the hormones may reveal this kind of concern, such as endometriosis cyst.
    lagina651Thank you May, the problem is qye as I am in my hormones cyst would not be affected by mirena ...
    julyloccurence there in there all the same hormones, with the mirena ... So it is not comparable with a copper IUD (intrauterine device) ...

    Otherwise, I do not know if Amelie mirena hormones can cause ca ... ca credit research, indeed!

    What is certain by cons is that the copper IUD (intrauterine device) no longer prevents the formation of cysts, fibroids, endometriosis and all those lovely things that a woman would be likely to develop "au naturel" ...
    This is why we can not say that the copper IUD (intrauterine device) Contraception is perfect. All women have the opportunity to malheureusemetn not able to do without hormones for "sleep" a little while ca
    sheenaThank you girls!
    I ask Ms. gygy on 28 ...
    tettyyes, but the Mirena is not the same hormones as the pill, I think ... Perhaps that from there it has no effect on blocking the cysts ...
    loreneIf so, you can have cysts with hormones (so even if the Mirena is not the same hormones as the pill).

    and therefore, the only way to make them go away is to stop the hormones!
    treasure7puts her pretty dress and ferret Leo grabbed the microphone
    debby046Over time vaaaaa, Avence vaaaa time ...
    latisha4Lo Ferr
    Is what you already happen to have pain when you have suffered a stress? I have a copper IUD (intrauterine device) for a little over two months, and I noticed that if I am very stressed (like car accident, as this morning, or something has to give a time ...), j 'I hurt. Something that could not without the IUD (intrauterine device) ...
    abigayleit is your recent IUD (intrauterine device) .... you are can be a little sensitive towards the uterus spasms?
    cherieYes I'm not surprised really made the contractions, it was just to see if others have noticed the same thing!
    sherah70yes, me, but it's longer than you that I have, so ...
    chantalewe had already spoken with cosmic blue as
    and I even after 4 years (my first IUD (intrauterine device)) sometimes I actually feel a pinching or weight when I was stressed or anxious or angry etc ...
    I think (but that is only a theory) that when active vagal our system (which is often the case within the scope of emotions, that's how we "faints") is drawn also on the uterus is innervated by the vagus nerve so when there is an IUD (intrauterine device) in well it feels more natural than
    no worries
    shulammiteThank you to all for the answers (and has already posted soon) and a small chip in explaining "physiological"!
    ellenor5Haaaaaaaaa I had not seen that you had already spoken ... Bein me too it makes me sometimes .. I thought that I invent this pain ... In fact it is not, well, not literally at least.
    larynhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Then it was you! since a while ago I was looking for in the end, the bottom of my memory with which we had been talking about all that I knew it was a regular but
    faith137yes, as there are more and more sterillettes, you get lost

    we are changing the face of contraception French girls: smiley climbing over a barricade with a large flag in hand, flag on which I can read IUD (intrauterine device)

    I am thinking seriously about making me an IUD (intrauterine device) inserted, because I can not take hormones.

    I read all the links given on this thread (and others) and it is rather reassuring, but the only unknown for me is that I take an aspirin every day. The neurologist told me it could reduce the effectiveness of the IUD (intrauterine device): at the time, I did not too raw, but the article in "Prescribe" given link in the first post says yes The only study on this subject shows a lower efficiency of IUDs in women who take aspirin in the long term, but that this study may not be very rigorous.

    Do you know if there is other information on the subject? Are there any of you other girls in the same situation as me? What did you do you say?
    My other question: with aspirin, of course, the bleeding may be more numerous and the rules even more abundant than normal. Therefore I would like to have the testimony of someone who is in this case to see how it goes.

    Thank you!
    coronaFollowing an accident I had to take aspirin dosage mini every day, about three months after copper IUD (intrauterine device) insertion. No problems or in terms of my gynecologist, or other doctors.
    nadine75Yes, aspirin is not recommended, other anti-inflammatory that's fine, but he, ho hum
    uh all gynecological / general I've seen since my IUD (intrauterine device) I have not recommended especially in the long term.

    Personal, I do not believe and the only time I took 3 or 4 days in a row, I paid for spotting rules + extension!
    cleopatra31well it thins the blood so it's bound to bleed more (even without IUD (intrauterine device) is better not take aspirin in the "zone" rules)
    for the inactivation of the IUD (intrauterine device) I have serious doubts against
    marylou65masettina, I'm in the same situation as you, and aspirin is considered anti-inflammatory that beyond a certain dosage.

    All physicians have validated the use of aspirin for my part, it is necessary that you see in detail with your gynecologist.
    abijahhop, I m'imisce in the conversation ... just about a discussion (yet another, I should say) when we are accused of pushing the girls to be asking copper IUD (intrauterine device), without giving them either all the elements, namely the consequences of problem. He was mentioned one of the many myths that is to say that the IUD (intrauterine device) promotes infection.

    Here is an excerpt from the site of Martin Winckler (yes. .. it still sorry) that gives an explanation (long) but more than clear on this subject!

    "Hello, You state in your article" All women need to know to get an IUD (intrauterine device) inserted "the doctors' claim that the IUD (intrauterine device) can cause infections: c? Is false, it is the sexually transmitted diseases - STDs - that cause infections, and are transmitted by the (s) partner (s) sex (s), not the IUD (intrauterine device). "

    But the doc says the IPPF p.5: "The lower genital infections (cervicitis, vaginitis) are about twice as common among IUD (intrauterine device) users than among women who use hormonal methods." So what?

    Relying on a clarification from you and thanking you in advance,
    kaety45Dear Magali You raise a very interesting problem. You give me the idea to do an article, and I thank you already.

    To simplify: If I tell you that Mercedes drivers are more heart attacks than the Twingo drivers (which is true), you'll get not only as a conclusion that Mercedes stick more than the Twingo infarction, but that users of each are not identical to those of others. And so: Mercedes drivers are older, more often men, more often overweight, more often smokers and drivers Twingo. Which explains why they make more heart attacks. The car is not the cause of their illness, it is an outward sign of lifestyle that explains the disease ..

    In other words, when two populations are different, they may be different for other reasons that reason we put forward. For the IUD (intrauterine device) is the same.

    We must first clarify that the IPPF newsletter is primarily for caregivers in developing countries. This does not mean it does not apply to France, but must be interpreted in this context.

    The majority of pill users live in industrialized countries, because the pill is a contraceptive expensive. The majority of IUD (intrauterine device) users live in developing countries. The incidence of STDs is much greater in Africa, Asia, South America (where we use IUDs) and Europe (or is used primarily the pill).

    In addition, the pill (and the implant, which is hormonal) protects a little bit (not completely) against certain infections (gonorrhea, chlamydia) by preventing microbes from entering the uterus, as it prevents (by thickening the secretions from the cervix) sperm to rise. This explains why in developed countries (and in users of hormonal contraception), uterine infections have gradually decreased with the use of the pill. STDs localized to the vagina and cervix (the entrance) of the uterus are increasing, but the uterine infections, that is related to the passage of a microbe inside of the uterus or the fallopian are rather less numerous.

    Of course, despite this small protective effect, the pill and hormonal methods do not protect against AIDS or Hepatitis. And shall not prevent to be contaminated by an infected partner if you have one risk behavior (multiple partners). This, no contraceptive method protects only outside the condom.

    Thus says the newsletter of the IPPF is that in circumstances where it is usually required to insert IUDs in developing countries, it is done in women who live in high risk populations of STDs (poverty , polygamy or multiple partners, prostitution, promiscuity, etc.).

    These diseases, they must be tested for their care. You notice they do not say that it definitely shows-cons to put IUDs in women. But it takes the monitor, and treat any infection before asking the IUD (intrauterine device), which is true here as well. That's what I'm doing currently, I never ask an IUD (intrauterine device) to a woman with a cervical infection, I asked him after treatment, or if it can not come back (gypsy woman, for example), I prescribes treatment along with the installation, explaining why it is essential to treat, but also as that British practitioners carry on ethnically mixed populations of England ...

    And do not forget one thing: the probability of getting pregnant in the absence of contraception is infinitely greater than the probability of being infected in the absence of condoms.

    In practice, in France, to remember is this:
    - If you have a sexual activity involving exposure to STDs (multiple partners, or partner with itself multiple partners) Use condoms AND an effective method of contraception (IUD (intrauterine device), pill, implant). Because condoms are not sufficient to provide only contraception.

    - If you are not at risk (strictly monogamous sex) contraception enough. That's it. I hope that answers your question, which can clarify something surely difficult for other readers. Thank you for allowing us to move forward. "
    ambrosiaThank you for all your answers, it's really nice.

    In fact, for bleeding, it is not what worries me most: Obviously, I take aspirin for my period and I took in with Cerazette bleeding permanent. Well, it's bleeding a little, but it's not a big deal, I see well with the coil (I have time to react before I empty my blood).

    It is rather the story of inactivation bothers me: difficult to find doctors very familiar (between those who think it's not recommended for nulliparous women like me and those who panic when they see my medical records! ). In fact, this is not the same as the conventional wisdom which suggests that anti-inflammatories are not recommended: 75 to 100, ASPEGIC Nor is anti-inflammatory.

    So if you have heard of other studies done on it ... thank you for keeping me informed!

    If not, anyway, the hormones are really discouraged me, and a baby would be a disaster, it would just be premature, so I think I'll start!
    andriana47"75 or 100, ASPEGIC Nor is anti-inflammatory."
    anthiaI could not help myself ... Logo REQUIRED!
    ariadnecan be transplanted?
    luanneOh look, it's "fun", the story to feel the IUD (intrauterine device) when we are stressed. I was not very well just now and the same, I thought I felt beat down there ... (Although I've never felt anything since I have) I thought it was a hallucination sensitive, but a priori, it looks possible, so ...

    It's crazy
    christen9well it is "kind that takes a little Coua"
    you feel a sort of twinge, without it being provided to contract (well, in my case, my venerable co-strillettes will not necessarily experience the same!)
    qiana61Yes, quite right!
    I even say "shit, it will not show this context, with a lot of dog I had to ask!" Followed by "oh no, I really do not need to find a new jog gygy now "
    annemaeYes ... I would not say that it takes, I'll just say that I literally feel my IUD (intrauterine device). As usual when he was there but I do not feel and that in those moments, my uterus becomes more sensitive and I can feel exactly where the IUD (intrauterine device).

    Nice logo! We must put it on a T shirt now and I reserve a portion of the profits because I raised the idea in the first
    sharyn364coucouu! jsuis income, day off, jrepars tonight!

    cest to a topo rules ....

    ben just six days, from Wednesday to Tuesday, now jremet Mooncup for the bleeding "is just to piss off"
    seen at work and threw jme emptied completely of my blood, no way to buffer + super more than 3 hours, javais not want to retry the moon in a place not well jconnais more ...

    So voila, the first cycle rather "genial"
    no pain, plenty ... a scarce anyway, and 6 days in total, with 4 days + + +

    the good life

    JesperE in ca 3 weeks will be the same!

    tcho girls jsuis the whole day, after jretourne work!
    queen74i want the same version of smiley!

    Smiley attitude Duty
    sharleneFor the logo, please send an mp with personal address and I send ... OR you get it on your own, I do not know if it possible ... It is royalty free
    abijah9Right click on the image and save it * *

    gillian529Gone, the day I hope to contribute.
    I was indeed the nova-T IUD (intrauterine device) which is barred. She has changed through the Gynell. I hope this one will.

    Ps: she told me that during the break, uterine contractions was .....

    Then I found that to remove it, did absolutely no harm from a break .....
    Here is a question that puzzles me: I took the last tablet of my plate today (or Thursday) so chuis supposed to take my pill on Friday. For cons I decided to put an IUD (intrauterine device) next Thursday (javais the idea a long time). I think next Monday and Tuesday, during my break, java sex with my celli homme.Ma question is this: if I do not take back my pill on Friday (since I have my IUD (intrauterine device)) is still not seen risky I've had a report before the 3-4 jrs first pill? relations can be after my IUD (intrauterine device) will be protected but the reports will be risky not before?? how do??
    thank you!
    Here is a question that puzzles me: I took the last tablet of my plate today (or Thursday) so chuis supposed to take my pill on Friday. For cons I decided to put an IUD (intrauterine device) next Thursday (javais the idea a long time). I think next Monday and Tuesday, during my break, java sex with my celli homme.Ma question is this: if I do not take back my pill on Friday (since I have my IUD (intrauterine device)) is still not seen risky I've had a report before the 3-4 jrs first pill? relations can be after my IUD (intrauterine device) will be protected but the reports will be risky not before?? how do??
    thank you!
    bethelAccording to information I've read here, the IUD (intrauterine device) is a very good method of emergency contraception, because its effect spermicide kills sperm that are still alive about 5 days after the report at risk. You would have nothing to fear ...
    In any case I leave the more expert answer you as well!
    And to be totally quiet, you can use condoms when doing so, just in case.
    merla0good evening everyone
    the forums are totally beginner, can I make big blunders in drafting ... I apologize in advance

    jai confirmed my pregnancy yesterday, I'm 22 and it was not desired I planned an abortion. genyco on my highly recommended (I would even say "forced") to take a contaception following the intervention, something that I agree completely because I do not want to repeat the same coner. But I am absolutely against the fact that it affects my hormones, I'm talking about the pill, I lai taken for a year, glad to stop and when jai known my boyfriend "fixed" jai pretended that I m ​​' be interresting: the pill that my result prescite proved to be the more measured (Trinordiol awesome ^ ^) the coup remains in the closet ...

    and here I thought the IUD (intrauterine device), my mother and aunt and do not complain ... being nulliparous (seven weeks of pregnancy I doubt that my uterus expands much ...) jai said genyco ok for contraception but the condition of a copper IUD (intrauterine device) (after reading the forums I would go for a short but good UT380 to the risk of doing too much "TV Shopping" I keep a few men advice of doctors too .... because even when good men do their best to impose on us things (they offered me the implant .... pfff I said
    shaniasorry typing problem, message too long can be
    I will be brief
    I want an IUD (intrauterine device)
    the difficulty is to find a doctor who accepts my choice ... I recommended it to me because annesthesiste jai no children, I must fit into the mold or the new generation ... in short, without comment, I think the doctors and I is not a great love story. ...

    the question is whether I can put it on my abortion, just to kick a stone, at the same time I can wait a bit, just to prepare myself for everything

    Another issue: the price? the question of an eventual reimbursement by the secu, prenont example Ut380 in short, in any case it will be a copper IUD (intrauterine device) that's all.

    thank you for men informed ... and sorry for all the gossip ... den need about jai ...
    felice3It's not you who will decide what we will ask you IUD (intrauterine device). There are doctors for that. There are several copper IUD (intrauterine device) with different shapes, and what is not yours to choose. Sorry the miss.
    Regarding abortion, I do not think the same day or you prescribe the IUD (intrauterine device).
    Finally if I am not mistaken, you're going to do a medical abortion, which will cause spasms and co ..
    your IUD (intrauterine device) faces deportation ....
    Finally I let the other girls answer, they will do better than me ^ ^
    sabrinaIt's simple, to make you an IUD (intrauterine device), being nulliparous, and know when to put it, you must have a good gynecologist, who will not only poses, but also follow-up.
    Where are you looking for a gynecologist placing the IUD (intrauterine device) to nulliparous?
    Look at her, and appeals. / san-1.htm # down [...]
    It depends on the IUD (intrauterine device) in fact. Your pill will protect you until the pose, and if you have a Thursday from an IUD (intrauterine device) copper, whatever, no problem. It has a spermicidal action, so even if your ovulation resumes, the spermatos be rendered inoperative by a copper before reaching the egg. The copper IUD (intrauterine device) is sometimes used as emergency contraception.
    By cons, if it's a hormonal IUD (intrauterine device) (Mirena) I think the you are not protected from the installation. But I will say stupid things, awaiting replies from other forums on the Mirena.
    Welcome to the club!
    annamariaMirena is effective for the installation, but actually opposed to copper can not be used as emergency contraception.
    merla72good, I've seen the last gygy an IUD (intrauterine device) to rest in the hope that it will not move, otherwise I have no other options ...

    So I forgot to ask him if I could go to bathe in the sea and swimming pool? Finally I would like to know after how long??
    kasey20my gyneco told me three days for swimming ... But I've seen all kinds of hard!
    mya94mouai same for me .. dates vary from one site to another .... Well anyway I'm not going to risk went to bathe, he not want this piece of copper bar
    petuniauh, it would be rather to the risk of infections, right?
    Because when it comes to sport, as long as you feel good there's no problem!
    margo0bah the concern is that I already had my 2nd IUD (intrauterine device) in 1 month ...... Uh, not want him to stand, I'm fine with, but the first was being expelled that I do not feel anything ....
    To infection is clear ....
    But I also thought that swimming was not asked to avoid problems of eviction ......
    christina061Girls, I need your lights!
    I have the Mirena IUD (intrauterine device) for May 30 I have more pain in the lower abdomen, great, but I still bleeding!
    Not one day or I 've losses, not to small traces, not real bleeding that m' must be introduced, real towels, and change them at least once, when that is not twice days.
    Until then I thought, that is nothing, it will pass.
    But here it goes not, and I go on holiday on 21! It will be at the hotel! oupssssssssssss!
    S gonna stop the bleeding one day?
    clemency6First, I admire your patience, I had this stage I was already at the time retounee dux gyneco (ok, I was wrong too). It is strange that it bleeds much, if you are having trouble, go back to see your doctor or gyneco. Has left the besieged, to be the opening of the firm and refuse to leave until you will not see anyone.
    cassiah99Why not try to do with the gynecologist, tell him it's urgent, and change it. A copper IUD (intrauterine device)?

    Well, I have another question.
    Is what is always protected if the IUD (intrauterine device) is slightly outside. Let's branch out plastic and copper in the end?
    For the copper IUD (intrauterine device) prevents implantation only, but if it moves? how it happens?
    claretteBen j had read that you had to wait 6 months to get everything in order so .........
    But here ...............

    I think if the IUD (intrauterine device) out, it is more efficient, better worth seeing the doctor as soon as possible.
    gabriella3Lol, I have already changed once in not even 1 month.
    Tired to go there. And I'm completely lost. I leave next Saturday for all the holidays with my darling.
    I'll wait a little longer to see what happens, if not the week will have to return.
    It was my last resort, the IUD (intrauterine device), or else see another gynecologist, but I'm running out of time ....

    Are there any reliable contraception, which man could take??
    peonyIUDs in the process of expulsion is no longer supposed to be 99% effective. So it needs to be tested for delay rule
    abbye1c is indeed the voice of wisdom.
    shawnaI have to piss off a lot with this issue of IUD (intrauterine device). The second is being expelled, I have no right to the pill, and I'm tired of creaking condom, knowing that the PDL m''est prohibited.
    Wow, it's going to be a summer of hell ...
    What is it stupid to have to use condoms with the man you love .. knowing that it's been a while we are together.
    Then I have no solution for today ....

    But I will not stay all my life with preso.
    talisha75No, fuck you No one!
    Uh, just like that, tubal ligation, you might?
    mauldAt 18 years old may not be not ^ ^
    joisseSorry, I had not seen your age!
    I know that c is complicated.
    alexis232Bah, I'll take an appointment in the week, do with it what I can do, and use preso all summer. I see him after that at the end September so good ...
    And if not, change and see if gynecologist may be installation is different .... It drives me to despair!
    irmgard6Courage miss-tigris!

    How a gynecologist Diu poses can also be the cause of his expulsion .. Maybe you should actually find someone else.
    And you do not have the right to micro-dose pills?
    bea497Ban the pill.
    I already made a pulmonary embolism because of the pill.
    Not really want to stay even in the hospital.
    Yes, find another gynecologist, but just before leaving, it promises to be hot. But it has seen. We'll have to still fight to find a gynecologist who asks IUDs to nulliparous!!
    gretelOh, poor you! No bowl
    I hope for you that the way it raises is indeed the problem, and you'll find something that suits you. This strange these expulsions repeatedly, all the same. Very stupidly, I believed that nulliparous women were less likely deportation because the neck is narrower. But perhaps I am wrong track ...
    anise7Well I thought too. Well we'll see this week, I will come and tell you more ... (humm already 260euros in 1 month and a half) ... I will not ask more of IUD (intrauterine device) anyway, because more time. 'll Just find another gynecologist who is willing to try on nulliparous ...
    What is even more curious is that the expulsion must hurt, finally my gynecologist told me that someone is wrong to expel pain, which is not my case ..
    allannah10can be little question already asked: have you taken to limit the Spasfon regular contractions?
    or other Medoc elsewhere.
    wilma09I have not taken anything.
    The gynecologist I just kept waiting 5 minutes after installation to see contractions, while there were, but it seemed to be good for her ....
    I took nothing after she told me nothing, and then well, I did not think ny .....
    jerry8well you can think
    it could help and at least you have done your best!
    phoenixI talk to my doctor to see that I was.
    Hoping that it replaces the one .... and it does rebouge more.
    Moiii Emene who would go camping around the lake, with swimming at night ..... these are things more pleasant without the rubber
    alvaMy doctor does not mention m of mine asked me not plus.Il in the course of a hysteroscopy under GA.
    Enter in the morning, night out, without ordonannce without stopping, nothing.
    candi7there is no need to stop for an IUD (intrauterine device).

    by cons for the AG is not cool.
    rainlittle question about the IUD (intrauterine device)!
    I have appointment tomorrow with my gynecologist, my period just arrived tonight and I would like to remove my IUD (intrauterine device) because pregnancy wishes.
    I can t remove it or should I wait?
    lorieAnother quick question ....
    I did ask a Nova T in May, everything was great until I go home gygy the next day I had an infection it was necessary to remove the IUD (intrauterine device), you know I qd ask another to do, I was told not until 6 months, why?
    aliciaFor Cece94, orii you can do even remove your IUD (intrauterine device) during menstruation. In fact we prefer to ask if you have them. And having your period does not interfere in any way to remove your IUD (intrauterine device) ....

    Finally I think it should work like this for all gynecological ^ ^

    it all depends what is this infection? We must follow the advice of your gynecologist in this case. If it was he who told you not before 6 months, better stick to ... In any event, it was not until the infection is completely forgotten for a rest. Tract infections can cause high salpingitis or infertility if nothing is done ... So it is better to be cautious
    After at time, I do not know what to say except you abide by the advice of your gy
    diana[For Cece94, orii you can do even remove your IUD (intrauterine device) during menstruation. In fact we prefer to ask if you have them. And having your period does not interfere in any way to remove your IUD (intrauterine device) ....

    Finally I think it should work like this for all gynecological ^ ^ [/ quotemsg

    I thank you, and yes I have the APELL taf and he confirmed. I am so happy because its Fe 2 years I expect the fire to my boyfriend
    agas2evening news girls I am always being on this forum on pregnancy and the baby lol

    Here there are two gaccoucher me so g repis the pill I had before (trinordiol) May the iq is that I already arrested Thursday, May g loss and dc ptite pain I'm sick of always having c cursed bleeding me I thought I'd like to have an IUD (intrauterine device) qlqe tailleetc took the information if it is first necessary to make an appointment with gygy before the break or if I just call for an order I connai well because I followed throughout my pregnancy and that you advise me thank you
    benjaminaI think you can call for advice.
    The copper IUD (intrauterine device) (no hormones is not very expensive)
    I do not remember the price but the Nova-T Gynell him (always copper) costs 27euros and some fully refunded. I had no advance fees to do. The IUD (intrauterine device) will not stop the pain or spotting. You'll have to talk with your gynecologist, and only he will be able to inform you ...
    jayla6ok thank you very much I like him tomorrow because vai g fear that the pill does not suit me more thank you very much!
    sparrow98If the pill does not suit you well, then it is clear that you can consider the IUD (intrauterine device). But make sure you do not have any full hormone IUD (intrauterine device) ...^^
    becca605yes I had my gygy vai such an appointment tomorrow to advise me and at the same time to know or c comes bleeding because I'm sick I stop my normal platelet Thursday dc I not understand?
    davida3Bah is waiting for your doctor on the phone, and you will tell us his account ...
    good luck
    gloriaok thank you I'll keep you posted!
    azaleaI return home and the gygy I suffered too much.
    So I arrived with my IUD (intrauterine device) and left with!
    trying to remove it the son who was at the end of the clamp and the IUD (intrauterine device) still has its place. So for about 10 minutes, finally I think its because I seemed too long he tried to get it back and got too bad.
    I go back Wednesday for another attempt. This is the first time its happened to me in 7 years.
    FYI no need to worry about this ^ brand was withdrawn from the market (I do not remember the name) for the son farts.
    colinesertalia so, I suppose, cece. I hope it will go Wednesday. Perhaps he could give you a Medoc to relax?
    Good luck.
    kamrynHello girls

    I am such a green g gygy my bin and it is vacant until the end of me and I share August 29 to 12 dc c
    kileyoops wait for the dc ca me vai next May I talk to my doctor even for qd losses!
    yvonne5oops wait for the dc ca me vai next May I talk to my doctor even for qd losses!
    bettiethank you for your encouragement, but I am positive it will. the only thing that puzzles me is that it gave me cytotec has put me in the vagina before 1 hour. The thing is that this drug is for ulcers. I do not understand too, so if it knows qq'un, fete me know.
    otherwise I'm calm for tomorrow, VRE say I'm not cozy and I ve get rid of.

    wait I do not understand, my gyneco told me you could keep a k nova T for 10 years! she wants to kill me or what?

    wait I do not understand, my gyneco told me you could keep a k nova T for 10 years! she wants to kill me or what?
    guendolen3oh lala la, I know that we must take risks ms the risk of inflammatory disease (is it life?) more infections, said nothing at ca tt c can be .... I'm pretty scarce ms sensitive to inflammation in general, in short, we must choose between potential physical complications or side effects of super pill ... might as well say that a woman be c rather boring.
    A qd male responsibility in the end? I put my favorite vs the condom, even if I do not like that either tro ...
    jilly368Hemi, calm down, your doctor will not tell thee that absolutely you keep your IUD (intrauterine device) 10 years!
    Stop to take you head on a point you did not annex understood, and that does not concern you.
    shelleySome IUD (intrauterine device) can be kept very long time.
    But they are always changing the deadline for precautions. And then it depends on many things, your age, etc. ....
    The one I can be kept 5 years, but left with the aim to remove after 2 years and a half so you know.!
    not have a stress ^ ^
    rebeckaBulk ... the cytotec is to dilate the cervix for a few you did not (too) difficult in case.
    the risk of infections and inflammatory risk with the IUD (intrauterine device) are very low, do not panic or generalized. you can actually keep some for a diu Diziani years, I can not remember the name of the person in question ... I think that speaks Winckler qque part ...
    Hemi, you should browse the site in detail, it really says a lot about the IUD (intrauterine device), possible complications, etc etc ...
    hollis482I also had the cytotec to put into the vagina before the installation and it was effective!

    Yes it is a drug for ulcers, but also during io makes abortion to dilate the cervix (this is explained to me)

    So do not worry, there's no error
    anabelle6Hello, I asked a copper IUD (intrauterine device) ut380 June 2, my rules were adopted on 6 June and from nothing ... (Ormis a small blood loss two weeks ago) I started a pinball machine ... I was previously on the pill for 15 years.
    Say if I have to worry million
    effinot necessarily, but you probably should get tested for safety. in stopping the pill, the body can be turned upside down and the rules soon to come. Now, as it is in the first months after insertion, it's worth checking. did you get a check? if not, perhaps would it be better to make an appointment with your gynecologist to check that the contraption is in place, and see if there is a need to worry in the absence of rules.
    sal074you make me flipper, I have no pregnancy symptoms, from mild pain in ovaries especially in the morning ... I'll make an appointment with my gygy .... I had a hard time having my children, if c ALPR 't the case in IUD (intrauterine device), I would have the balls
    midge7frankly, it is extremely rare, so you have perspective. the first few months in genral are "at risk" (relatively speaking of course) because that is where the IUD (intrauterine device) can move. However, it is really rare, I insist.
    a priori, rather I would think it's just that your body learns to do without hormones. usually stops when a pill, sometimes the rules are long enough to come. it must be that, I think. it seems more plausible and likely. but hey, when in doubt, it seems best to check anyway. but do not panic too much ...
    susanaMay thank you for your answers
    carlie4it is I returned home and always accompanied the gygy lol (my IUD (intrauterine device)).
    he trifoull 25 min without success and it is true I had less trouble with the cytotec.
    I still have one last chance before the block! He ordered a "stem" (well I really know) for biopsies. It reminds me to the next appointment, he normally receives Friday. He gave me a cytotec and I decided to take something to relax.
    Anyway thank you for your answers.
    ursulaGood luck.
    Advance that it is not comfortable to be "crushing" but then ......
    I take off mine tomorrow, it is finally removed casi. I'll see what she will tell me the problem of expulsion ...
    Otherwise have to fight in September to find a gygy posing coil from nulliparous!
    I did mm ask the IUD (intrauterine device) than you May 30 (I am mother of two children with a bb for almost 5 months)
    g had the mm mm worry that you doubt also that the losses almost weekly no frank g so freaked out for a while gt have to buy a pregnancy test (oh no not even if g bb3 hassle to get my two loves)

    and is now 1 week ago ct niagara falls in like that! without notice ct so abundant that gt forced to mega large towels that I bought for my delivery
    and despite it overflowing g ct not understand it lasted a good week! ouuuuuuuff it calmed down! to return 24 hours later

    if you have good news we will inform you

    say if "change places" c automatically expelled? g mega doubts about the reliability of this stuff !!!!!!!!
    emeliaYes vs're right, I guess you do not keep an IUD (intrauterine device) until the deadline, but I did not dream, I saw the gyneco told me that they could keep a nova T up to 10 years. After that is can be a different model because I am in the U.S., I know ...
    tina66yes, the United States, it is likely that both the model Nova T 380

    It is not marketed under that name in France. With us, the equivalent is the UT 380. And France, the Nova T we're talking about is the Nova T 200 (ie it is almost two times less copper! Hence its ineffectiveness in the long term.)

    Regarding all other IUDs to 380mm , they can be kept at least 10 years, yes! (Even 12 years for the TT380 with its three branches copper!)
    But here, in any case, it is removed after 5 years, as a precaution. I think it is retained for long + states, according to Winckler.


    say if "change places" c automatically expelled? g mega doubts about the reliability of this stuff
    No, an IUD (intrauterine device) removed is not necessarily expelled.
    Have doubts about the reliability of the copper IUD (intrauterine device), in itself, it's normal, since it is a passive contraception.
    However, at the beginning, each of us was also a bit Flippee, I think ...
    ca fades over time, when our cycles resume their pace and after a couple of rules ... when you realize that "it's good egg, so good"

    The visit is important psychologically speaking. In my case, it really helped me to pass the course, to sweep all my doubts (as it is on the forums, we read so much crazy things that ended up ca necessarily hairpin and pinball for itself)

    Do not hesitate to contact her gynecologist if one feels the need, if you have a problem with the rules that are slow to come so ... to test if needed, in short, everything you need to relieve themselves and not become obsessed with it all
    lorie5still nothing this morning ... but it hurts to bide, ovaries ... I hope it's a good sign
    enolayou know, karinette at the same time, we are not robots or the Swiss cuckoo clocks. you do not focus on it, will ...
    beatie83Uh, I ask a silly question?
    Well, I'm brown hair with a fairly forte.Le IUD (intrauterine device) Mirena, acts on it,? D In other words, I will have m epilation process more often? Especially on the face.
    Another question, when saignements.Ils s arrest, n. D. ...... D. ............ ....!!!
    It'll be two months on July 30 that it asked me.
    Sorry to ask stupid questions.
    cady5For hair that not surprise me, it bleeds for up to six months to stabilize!

    lisbeth0thank you!
    luellaThank you for the info Moi'zelle jeanne is interresting, I think I'll hire you as gyneco atitree, you know as much as my gyneco suremement theoretically speaking on the IUD (intrauterine device) lol!
    brandeGood evening.
    Here I return home the gynecologist. She removed the Gynell (IUD (intrauterine device) in the second test 1 month ^ ^)
    No solutions for me .. No pill because of coagulation. To ban the morning after pill in risk of recurrent pulmonary embolism.
    She told me I had the neck of the Gapes utrur ..
    Here is something that I do not understand m'enfin.
    Still the preso but have only ca 18 years as it is using contraception bah. Yen ras ass.
    Should I associate with the preso Pharmatex (buffer) but I do not understand their tricks, then it CHERO has long ......
    A contraceptive for men when ???^^
    gennie5I am in agreement! Physicians tell us nothing!
    queenie032yes I am interested in the theory (and it touches me bcp what you say ... I'm here to try to help the most, as it helped me even at the very beginning, here! learned and thank you all former "disappeared" or present)
    In fact, I was "forced" to look into it thoroughly after I met some problems in diu ... As you say, and minas, "the gynecos tell us nothing" ... So it's unfortunate, but we need bcp document itself even to be "armed" before them and not let themselves be bamboozled more
    Haaa this adventure IUD (intrauterine device) ... awareness of what the medical world! not pretty-pretty

    M'enfin It's all thanks to learned, and that spin doctinautes interesting links, especially at the site of Winckler (which is the most comprehensive on the subject! Even if you must know to make sense of things) and finally, I can not say it enough, especially thanks to ANAES report I read, reread and re-read over and down into and across / ANAES / ANAE endocument [...]
    cristina58It remains to try your luck with another gynecologist, and resume the Stations of the Cross
    I think it's worth it to try to make one ask another ...

    I do not know who here has gone through the same failures. And after the 3rd or 4th, ca finally held!
    There are l'espoir
    gabrielaHello, I have been asked a novation (cu 200) yesterday, I know a little tour before on this forum would have been better but hey, it is true that after you have read about 6 months pffft real bleeding or small, if I'm lucky not to deport him within 3 months + pain. I think I captured the essential thing is not it?
    audraHave you also selected the positive aspects? ...
    audreyOulala yes! indeed seen like this ...

    + + + aspects are much more numerous (and especially over the long term as opposed to the inconvenience of which you speak, that are clean in the early months (6 months, the MAX! usually after 2 - 3 months, everything is back to normal)
    emelyYes, super quiet 3 years (not 5) because the pill after 3 little men oversights became very very common
    annetta6Uh, one more silly question please ptite What is the Mooncup? (I started it specifically for the IUD (intrauterine device) or not)
    shaneneis to use a menstrual cup during menstruation, an alternative to tampons and towels.

    in this link you have any explanation and pictures
    tiffaniThank you it looks interresting.
    moreenWow, I would have never believed! What do you think?
    yes it is interresting but it makes a weird twist of the dump cut, I know the pads and tampons are not the cleanest but imagine you empty your cup of blood in public toilets or other argh not top .... I know I'm a little too "convenient" but if we magnifying glass and put it in anywhere, help!
    remmettre and then to have to wash in public sinks or wipe with paper and put it back? uh .... it's probably more hygienic than when we had to rewash the same machine that was used for the rules each month but I think it means, I have a suspicion also when the possibility of leakage (and if it needs to protect a seviette pr lingerie, I see no point for an alternative), because for me sometimes I bleed more than others and I do not know in advance when I bleed most especially the first and second days.
    I would love to try just out of curiosity! But not at home for a day of work!
    chita892Good evening,
    On the Mooncup, I advise you read these post: / san [...] 9956-1.htm / san [...] 3520-1.htm

    Otherwise, do a search on the forum, there are many posts about it!
    toriChoupinette thank you,

    I see that the opinion is shared ... it is true that that is ecolo and the basic principle is good and inventive but unless I live day in the woods or in a world a little pressure " own ", I think I will pass on the idea and I hope there will be no bcp girls who use this, because how do you do to open the bathroom door with bloody hands? at least with a buffer you shoot and you do not put their hands full. great for those who spend after!
    They care about the ecology but no real public health with this idea ..
    clarettajust another question a little silly

    If the IUD (intrauterine device) is not automatically removed if it is a shake up is what we can realize it?? (bleeding + + +, etc. particular pains ...........)

    and you think what makes it able to move? my gynecologist told me when I told her if she had any special RECOMENDATIONS "no! if not avoid douching"
    I know this is no more

    I see her not until September of my questions or just stupid
    krysten2In general, if there is anything "new" compared to usual and lasts over time (bleeding, pain ...), it is good to consult your gynecologist.
    peronelle978Ben the advantage with the Mooncup is that it can contain more than the standard buffer so you change it less often. The day my stream is not too abundant change that I do in the morning and evening. Otherwise I use the disabled toilets with hand wash basin for a change like this is all clean and nickel
    britanniaThank you all for the answers you provide. But I still have a ptite question (a bit stupid but hey I go). The first report after the IUD (intrauterine device) is it painful, bizarre. For if I have some trepidation, my husband I feel like freaking serious. To believe that it will "blow up" his toy. I want to know how it went for you. Thank you
    letty8Personal, smooth, I was afraid to feel pain, so we took our time. in the end, no worries. you just wait, do not rush ... if he and you do not feel it is better to wait a day or two ...
    sharonathe first report took place three days after installation. slowly at first, just to ask "the limits" (not knowing if it was going to hurt etc) and everything was spot on!

    in any case, you alone must decide when you have this first report. When you no longer evil, more gene etc.

    Personally, I have not insisted with my friend, the son of stories that can bite and companie ... and it is not so bad, ca avoids the well to get the beast ptite However, it has absolutely nothing felt
    heidiThe IUD (intrauterine device) is warm in the uterus and not in the vagina. Your husband is therefore unlikely to meet him. At worst, if the son is too long, it can feel them but then just ask a ton / ta gyneco cutting. As for pain, usually after the post-installation pase pain, you feel nothing at all.
    marieA tip, do not say to your husband that there son or he will feel them and it will be like for the majority of men aware of their existence purely psychological

    I 2J report after installation without necessarily go all soft, but not as nags anyway and all went well
    cherieAhet I did not feel any pain or anything, just a great moment of pleasure
    margo0At pain that I can go listen to your advice and pallets of ibuprofen are finally here. Well, just a great pain in the groin I hope it happens. We will wait a little, finally not too much, it must not exaggerate. Thank you for all your answers, and certainly in the near future for others.
    kortneyAt pain that I can go listen to your advice and pallets of ibuprofen are finally here. Well, just a great pain in the groin I hope it happens. We will wait a little, finally not too much, it must not exaggerate. Thank you for all your answers, and certainly in the near future for others.
    fairuzaWith pleasure
    magI still do not rule, so I made a pds is -! egg but more 20days late abec a copper IUD (intrauterine device) ...
    tammaraHello Copinettes thrush, I ask Mr. Mirena mid June, and July 4 rules today we are 24 and still in the red pants, I have had my RV to see if it had not moved n and I said I could saignotter pdt 3 months, but it gave me a medoc has 10 days to pdt (surgestan I think), we'll see
    gwenda8hello my friend
    gygy appointment this morning so that puts me in duphaston to bring the rules
    deliciauh, the duphaston, they are hormones, then you will certainly have rules but they are artificial, you will not be more advanced ... you will see in the article that I put the link duphaston is a hormone / ar = duphaston [...]

    Now that you are sure that you are not pregnant the best thing to do would be to have patience

    is what you had regular periods before taking the pill? because with the copper IUD (intrauterine device) is back to natural, so it was chaotic before, it will be again, although sometimes after a pregnancy that sort of thing is regularized
    shawna05the duphaston will allow me to trigger the rules, and as they arise, I stop the treatment ... I still believe the professional qualities of my gynecologist
    barbie28you believe what you want, the fact remains that your rules will be even artificial rules ...

    as Norman would say, I say this, I say nothing ...
    claricemy GP had given me the same time when I stopped taking the pill and my periods were late in coming. They must think that we are "reassuring" to have a semblance rules ....

    It's clear! This is also why I had thrown the order directly in the trash. I stopped the pill, it was not for me rebourrer of hormones on the other side
    blanchfor those who had followed my little mishap, I'm finally relieved.
    Today I had my appointment with gygy and he managed to remove my strilet.Quel relief! I efcaped the block!
    Anyway thank you to those who responded.
    angela86cool for you!

    it is true that anxiety

    In any case, this model is no longer installed so if you leave it in one day to another, less risk that it happens
    topsieWhat an adventure!
    happy for you

    Karinette, you want to have you and I wish that ca s stops, we can find a compromise 2
    farrah3Hello all!
    I need your advice: here I want to make me withdraw my nova t asked for tests since December bb2 by two months ..... The Question is: is it better to do pdt the rules or not? Some gyncos pdt prefer, others do not care ... So what is it really? And pk? Thanks in advance!
    norbertaWhy prefer gyneco during menstruation?
    Because it is assumed to be less painful ...

    Personal should normally do ask for the rules and I am I'm asking out rules -> when I was not even wait 6 months

    I'm going to remove mirena to put a copper and he is out of question to wait my rules.

    So if you do not fear the withdrawal rules out -> application ca
    leannaYes all the same, I am actually asked out rules and no worries ... + pdt in the rules, jai tummy so it will not fix things!
    Thank you for your answer!
    rosamondYou're welcome

    Good luck for testing!
    feliciaBut jai read things where they said the rules c pdt better because the cervix is ​​open so + easy to remove, and otherwise off-ca rules may irritate the mucous membranes so if there is a pregnancy can result ca lempecher to set ...
    geenaOh yes merciii
    columbine0Yes, the history of the open neck is true (it seems to have heard) ...
    But I am nulliparous (no children then) and had no desire gygy

    For the rest I do not know
    claretteokok .... thank you again amelie!
    penny663the fact ..... what's going on til 16 September?? hihi chui curious!
    trishI confidence
    virgeeOuaou! then congratulations!! a first step towards happiness of GRDS!!
    C is minas, am not on my computer or to the pseudo-changing.
    Question bleeding, nothing! But, if I may, if its not working, if the IUD (intrauterine device) can be used to rien.Comment know?
    Yes, I know I'm stupid.
    brooklyn58ben just .... you will have no rules ... (Pregnant)

    otherwise, if you feel strong pain, bleeding, fever, etc., we must talk to the gy.
    britannia07News from May -> it looks gyneco incompetence after what she said, she leaves in the gutter (tummy etc ...) until they do an MRI August 28!!
    Knowing that the echo they detect something anyway!!
    So she still has her IUD (intrauterine device) (she thought we would take away ...)

    royseThe problem is that the c mirena, it seems that there are more rules. D 'or question.
    demi7ha ok, not quite follow

    so, then the mirena actually more rules, in many cases.
    And the big problem is that when it is not well tolerated, side effects it causes are often similar to symptoms of pregnancy ...

    non is not to say ... I love the mirena

    Joking aside, the Mirena is the method of contraception (with the implant) the most reliable (because of its direct broadcast in the uterus), even if it moves a little, there is reliable!
    So do not worry good, of course, zero risk does not exist ... there are many examples of women who have had Mirena in pregnancy ... m'enfin ca is minimal, I guess, compared to other methods of contraception, hormonal or not.

    After, for cons, if you have symptoms of bizarre (and rules) must be a test (well me is that I do, to reassure me) and if it is negative, we must put that on account of hormones that diffuse

    Not glop for May
    kassidyI have not quite followed your problems with Mirena Minas, you can send me a PM to explain STP?
    I have one.

    I had my weird symptoms as said Jeanne -> pregnant belly, breasts that have a lot of weight etc ... urine and blood tests ---
    doreen22Well I can not stand as the pill, I bleed constantly and I inflated, the doctor put my sterilet.Bien.
    The problem is that c j have bled extensively with douleurs.L, that c is stopped but I feel fatigue.j have a little trouble breathing, (maybe the heat), and I've again harm in the bottom is ventre.En c is a diffuse feeling of heaviness.
    Well, fortunately you are there the filles.Je repeat myself, but the doctors could give more esplications anyway! Plus they're slows when we find even those pesky details!
    dianne5Tip: change of Gynecologic!
    I still read this morning on the website of the Spanish social security system that the IUD (intrauterine device) acts as a spermicide and that under no circumstances it prevents implantation!
    Basically, your gynecologist knows as much as me before coming on doctissimo.
    In my opinion it does not have asked many saw his lack of knowledge and the fact that she wants at any cost to prescribe something else, so if I were you I'm wary to ask ...
    debbiewell I'm back .... still no rules maglr duphaston three days ... I'm sick
    diotI do not know what treatment Apers but what I often read it to stop Duphaston the rules appear, such as the pill actually.
    So apparently you can have bleeding after 3 days of taking much less as you are under treatment.

    From what I understand, is the fall of hormones during shutdown which creates the famous "rules" which are not really. (If any)
    This bleeding occur within 3 days after the last tablet taken finally in general, it can vary, it's like the pill.

    To be confirmed by others!

    (Duphaston you take the second half of the cycle?)
    epona8Here is the site of the social security (Andalusian to be precise)

    www.distritosanitariogr [...] hp? note = 78

    Spanish is good, eh!

    I'll try to find the same info but in French.
    For cons I still read many times tons of crap, for example, the copper IUD (intrauterine device) thickens cervical mucus, or prevents the mobility of the fertilized egg that can not "Nider", or that nulliparous women should not use this method ...
    It's scary, especially since where I read this, they are articles of organizations that are supposed to be specialized in contraception. Brrrrr!
    angie552you know ... the site of family planning as they write in black and white that the IUD (intrauterine device) is not recommended when you have no children ...
    rosemaryHere is another site: / html / sterilet.htm

    Here they are at the end it is better to use another birth control during treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin!
    For help, who to believe? How can we trust? It's depressing, really. Why they do not get their act together??
    jocelinGo, a little for the Road!

    www.cliniquedesfemmes.c erilet.htm [...]
    kerenhappuchThought for the day
    carissa6re-huge! I'm at the beginning, but say so it promises

    have to tell them to come to learned, the two chicks there they have the same testimony, Penard, home, sipping a coffee or something or other
    Why do simple when you can make it complicated

    joking aside: after progress in my reading, your link is really interesting Deutzia
    good, we do not learn anything revolutionary, but they tackle everything from simple, fair and "readable" by all (unlike the report ANAES is a little less accessible)
    michayla101just to make up the post!
    For designers to stay derierre too!
    basemath4so if there is fertilization embryo while it's been like an abortion with the IUD (intrauterine device)!
    cis6or rather ectopic pregnancy? This is most likely, right? (Question to the expert lol)
    lisanne41Not Jesis because most pregnancies in IUD (intrauterine device) are completed without any problems.

    Bicho, yes USG, but not an abortion!

    Go to the site under the heading of Winckler Jesis IUD (intrauterine device).

    Otherwise, I am equipped -> NT380, apparently is the latest model just released copper (I feel like a car)
    Precu it was not done removing mirena and laying copper Spasfon today so no, nothing, not even wrong, as the first time
    In any case it is smaller than the mirena!

    Now we start all over again for the development cycles and all ...
    babFor Jesis (and others if so inclined): [...] Herche IUD (intrauterine device) =
    ascelineThank you for this post, I understood why I had a vagal this morning during the installation of my Myren this morning. I thought it was because of the pain (oh mashed !!!). I still think my gygy had never seen that! It took my husband to pick me up, I have two hours to get out of brouillard.J 've still a little sore tonight, but now I'm afraid he is ill-posed and I could have echo control in a month. What are the risks if improperly installed?
    altairT worry! J I am a self aussi.C is not ashamed! We are not machines!
    evalynKinette, the pain is normal after installation, it's your uterus that rebels because he has a foreign body inside and he must accept it.

    As long as you are not folded in 4's good
    thank you amelia for summary basically my situation.
    So, to repeat the details, I suffer from lower abdominal pain pesky mainly during my period, sometimes a little off, and has been qques months. my regular gynecologist referred me to a colleague "more competent" which gave me an echo ...
    result: small cyst in the ovary, and not much else.
    back at the gynecologist: "bah ah, look, I do not know why it hurts, I know not what can be done ...." (OK, it used to what, the doctor here??) my man is annoyed with me a little, and irritates the girl enough for her so its order book and prescribed an MRI (the appointment 25/08, in the end ... it would not able to predict the order along the echo, right??) vaginal swab and especially not against the pain, eh ... she gives me all in me saying that the wait will definitely be long before an appointment for an MRI (she tells me about three to four months!) So, my voice hoarse all ... "Four more months to suffer !!!???" and the girl did not even answer me, she gets up and opens the door and call the next person ... In summary, in five minutes and shipped not care if I still hurt the next round, I am absolutely, totally, hopelessly OF GOVERNMENT TEEE and next time I go back to the gynecologist to me just at present followed by ...

    my regular gynecologist referred me to a colleague "more competent" which gave me an echo.

    Bein I do not know where he knows this one but it should leave where it is ..

    Fortunately, your man was with you


    my regular gynecologist referred me to a colleague "more competent" which gave me an echo.

    Bein I do not know where he knows this one but it should leave where it is ..

    Fortunately, your man was with you

    erykahmici kokapi. in fact this is compnte gynecology in cases of endo declared, but not visible to all that is "pathological research" ... as at the time, my OB thought I had certainly the endo .... but it is clear, it was frankly not motivated to care ... in addition, she was hanging around an hour before we take! and we ship in five minutes! I had eagerly anticipated this appointment for answers is grated ...
    fairuza603hello all,
    thank you for this information.
    I done put the nova-t in June after two pregnancies and I felt absolutely nothing during the break (excluding rules, my gynecologist do that) and I did not have large douleurs.Lors my first cycle in nova-t, I got my period 7 jous later than during my previous cycle under pills and losses have been against brves.Par this month if I still have a week late and a fungus for 4 days despite the delay from ovules.Pensez sure that this fungus is due to intrauterine or not? Also, I read that the nova-t was the least effective IUDs, are there some people who have become pregnant with the IUD (intrauterine device)?

    thank you to those who answered my questions.

    biz all
    aggieGood evening

    to my knowledge, the fungus can not be due to intrauterine ... It can be due to a lot of factors: heat, swimming pool, sex, clothes too tight, as long as your vagina is a little unbalanced right now.

    For efficiency, it is in terms of duration. It is better to remove it after 3 years rather than five.
    stephanyVoui but they advise and ask anyway ... it depends on the muttons I guess ...

    have to see how long after their site has not been updated
    ursella4Hi, Qq bulk reflections on this post.

    Replacing my gynecologist (on vacation) asked me a copper IUD (intrauterine device) in early July. Qq minutes socket instead of the expected 10 seconds (see what I have read somewhere on doctissimo), Dr. struggled to ask because of my uterus "slightly retroverted." It was a little surprised, no doctor had told me even as an indication, not even during my pregnancy.

    The pain reminded me of the painful contractions of childbirth. Finally, I think because I drove into the epidural.

    Rules prolonged cushy 10 days, and again the rules, not particularly abundant but 12 days in a row ... I was slammed! And returning from an evening, all exhilarated by my love will be seen only on weekends - and determined every 2 to pass the act in ragnagnas accommodates the residual O surprise by removing the buffer, j 'apercois a funny thread, I pull the coil and the following ...

    Back now to Dr. substitute who assures me that it must be due to the use of tampons .... but I said he had voluntarily cut a little long son, the idiot.

    I waited months to make me an RV ask me the damn thing and refuses to return the pills to cause an effect "kills the libido." So I'm super motivated to repeat the experience.

    This time I ask the doctor to cut not too long, especially since my darling is quite well endowed by nature and he felt an unusual rigidity.

    In conclusion: while relaxing before laying well ask the doctor son of a length suitable for personal use of our vagina! (Buffers, cf. Models more or less "long": the tampax is not the same as the Ob, "size" of the partner!). IF the subsistence minimum in a little long, I read on this site should not be afraid to bend the fingers son Ave.

    Otherwise, I almost fell off my chair by discovering the existence of "Mooncup" on this post. I will further the question but maybe someone can answer me rapido: it is not a pharmacy that gear?

    I will further the question but maybe someone can answer me rapido: it is not a pharmacy that gear?

    No, certainly not in Paris, one of the biggest drugstores, a few months ago
    mona85To my knowledge, the Mooncup is that on the internet
    That said, at least with her more anguish to board with the IUD (intrauterine device)
    dredahello everyone!
    I'm new on this side of the forum
    Here I got off my stlilet last Friday (a nova T) because of too much trouble and my hemorrhage gyhco tells me about my IUD (intrauterine device) which prevent bleeding.
    Will someone explain to me the principle?
    Thank you
    noah58it must be the mirena. it is a hormonal IUD (intrauterine device), in some cases, actually, we have more rules.
    kadence51against by the same time it gave me a friction and a biopsy done and analyzed my IUD (intrauterine device).
    and the result is marked inflammatory response in type 2
    Is it serious?
    vickyuh, I have no idea, sorry.
    dinathank you anyway!
    mercedes5will have a look at the site of Winckler, you never know.
    randyOh yes, I first saw the effect of suction I still really afraid that the IUD (intrauterine device), uterus and intestines come out with!
    But technically speaking, in fact, it may not
    kayHi girls! I'm a little blown Mooncup to hear you speak with me because IUD (intrauterine device) gynecology me banned. She says that the blood is trapped and several hours of contact with the son that could cause infection. What say you gygy?? Mine do not know the Mooncup so maybe that's why. I await your answers and evidence (using both and how long do you keep the day it's a bit haemorrhagic?)
    Thank you!

    already have a biological point of view, it is weak, the son as the Mooncup is not particularly material conducive to bacterial growth (unlike cotton swabs)
    Then when you're lying down, blood tends to stay in your uterus (the more so in the absence of buffers, so with a Mooncup or towels) so my dieuuuuu aaaaah, but it remains in contact with the IUD (intrauterine device) (if the son's grave, the IUD (intrauterine device) got to be worse) and yet no one tells us to sleep standing up when we have our rules!

    So that's what I think the rantings of your gynecologist (which is great is that she knew no more, so it requires and forbids you based on his assumptions that are not biologically supported ...)
    zavannahI sought advice from my gynae for moocup / IUD (intrauterine device) and she was not too much because it feared that this would lead to the endo (blood cell flows back to the uterus and everything else ... )

    That said, this is not why I left the Mooncup because I have absolutely ignored his opinion for the reasons that so-called smart little ....
    moll26Ah fear of novelty
    I wish I knew what was said buffer when it started ... Apparently a lot of horrors, as even today the records contain a note saying that it does not lose their virginity to young girls ...
    aggiI especially remember if I told you, shoup, but my sis is internal gynecological med when I asked him his opinion on the subject of the endo had gone into a long diatribe that started with "it bullshit ... " (And she continued with what she had done in progress, but that I have not withheld any ...)
    quianna9Hello girls ...

    eighth cycle in IUD (intrauterine device) just ended 36 days.

    I had a stomach ache announcing my period for a week ... not cool because it came in waves so acute Medoc take effect would not really but it was still painful ...

    My period started yesterday, so I follow the "advice" from my GP to prevent fungal infections: I wear pads but I hate to feel the blood flowing ... Tampons irritate me ... so I retried this morning Mooncup, I put a few minutes ago but I feel that it does not thunder, finally I am still waiting for the flows may well be the remains of front (sorry for details)
    So I'm a bit stuck ...
    I take Nurofen and I not feel that it reduces the bleeding ...

    My periods are really the big problem in IUD (intrauterine device).

    A +
    annettaI redo a good message about the Mooncup

    I think I just found the cause of his non-functioning at home (indicating that it works first time the 2)

    I finally for the first time and managed to touch my cervix (the passage I felt the thread of my IUD (intrauterine device), actually, fishing line works well) and in fact it left! it is not centered so my Mooncup does not my neck so the blood flows between the Mooncup and the walls of my vagina that's why I leaks.

    But I understand why it worked for a while ... My neck would he have changed places?

    In short I tried again to position the moon on the left but it is not at all clear so I'll see if it marhce

    and something else, the vagina is very short at the time of the rules, I am impressed, I have not even have to mess with deep feeling for all ...
    daphne1it is here ...
    jami5yeah, should try to stick the cup in front of the neck ...

    but personal, the case of shoup ​​(and apparently your case) I confirm that when it really works not with the Mooncup, c'edst an internal configuration problem
    kristi38In fact quasimment is impossible because the cervix is ​​not centered but not to direct the moon because the vagina directs itself ....
    rosaline9Hello girls!
    Tite a question: is it possible that the p'reiode between ovulation and the rules is less than 14 days?
    Let me explain: Saturday, July 29th I had pain in ovaries throughout the day and evening.
    The next day I was super sensitive nipples, so I figured it was my ovulation ...
    And today, 11 days after the ragnagnas that land!
    Then he seemed to have read that it is always 14 days after ovulation the rules come in, then that happened? My ovulation took place three days before without my realizing it?
    If you could enlighten me ... (Sorry it's not the theme of the IUD (intrauterine device), but good)
    Thank you!
    aggyeNo Miss, ca only the pure theory
    And it is in case you have a cycle of 28J and more ...
    nicole07Well listen, I like it, from the first day I sore nipples, 10/11 days after my period came, finally very little because I have Mirena.
    Symptoms of ovulation (ovaries tightness) also appear at about the same time as sore nipples, it is clear that ovulation is in question but may be the "mechanism" turns it up a few days before the pain and discomfort?

    For cons I do not think that ovulation may come less than 14 days before menstruation is simply the fact that we do not really feel the days before.
    rebekahOh, phew!
    That's what I thought, but once on another discussion I was told that this is the time before ovulation that varies, not after ... But if you tell me that I was right at the beginning, I feel reassured! But it bothers me to not be set as a hrologe! Fortunately for the moment the two times they have landed in the morning at home!
    kody10Ah ben voila, again in doubt!
    So you too it makes you like that? Maybe that ovulation does not feel at the beginning then?
    On occasion I must ask the gynecologist. If I do not forget!
    darnellIs it not rather the period from the first day of menstruation to ovulation can vary?
    Gender was a cycle of 35 days: first day in 21 of the cycle and then 22 th to 35th (the second cycle is invariable: 14 days).
    ferne7Ovulation apparently lasts five days, it may be that the 11th we begin to feel symptoms?
    So yes I think at first it does not feel, at least 14 but not me it's 10/11 days.
    linette5That's what I think, we do not feel the beginning because I had already posted a comment like the above what I had lost my thicker and the rules had come before or after 14 days, I remember.

    If not good news for the Mooncup, since I discovered the cause of its non-operation (cervical left) arrive at the correct position, so it is totally unbiased and yesterday, make sure it works
    kalla0Well well it reassures me your messages, that I almost wondered if I was not normal! lol
    When the Mooncup is great Kokapi! More leaks!
    I am in a dilemma, let me explain why:
    I take the pill for 6 years, I have 22. I'm with my man for 5 years and a half, and we have no children.
    I would actually ask me a copper IUD (intrauterine device), because the idea of ​​using a contraceptive that does not use hormones I like very much, especially for reasons of libido, and also because I'm quite the head air, and it is some hardship for me to have to think about every day, to take a week to resume ... etc. ..
    That's why I go to the IUD (intrauterine device), but the worry is that I'm afraid not to find regular periods (there I set as ue clock, close to half a day), I am also very difficult to have all months (I remember before the pill, I always had very severe pain) and have very heavy rules (while with the pill I have little stream) ...
    Clearly, I do not know what to choose!
    Is it that you could help me complete my list of pros / cons please?! Because, I really do not know what decision to take ... And if by chance you have further information ... Thank you in advance!
    PS: I use too rambling, and it is!
    evalyn76Hello HubbaHubba,

    it is difficult to help because the advantages / disadvantages you describe is something like this ... Now know that my libido is rising sharply, it is a little better but it's not what I expected, so it it really depends on people and the IUD (intrauterine device) will not change much on that side

    For rules actually on my side cycles vary a lot between 5 and 10 days apart every time .... But you feel your period coming so it's not a problem too. It's even better because of my hand, my cycles last much longer than 28 days of the pill less often rules in the year, etc ...

    Question pain actually is not terrible, even if the pill me before I had a lot bein there I wrong. It takes the first few days and after nothing. I take pills.

    My boyfriend is, in retrospect, there are more disadvantages than advantages: he thinks the next period because they actually last longer and are painful.
    And as I talked to him a libido that would likely go up, it was a little disappointed on that side.

    Me the main advantage I see is freedom, or rather the fact that "to let it go" and not think about it. Do not be afraid to forget ...

    For you to make your choice, knowing that your decision may still be reversible.
    connieThank you very much for your answer Kokapi!
    I still can not tip the balance ... I would really like to try the IUD (intrauterine device) because if it works on me it would be great! But if it does not work, let's say the next few months are not conducive to any medical problem (I envisage nothing catastrophic, but having severe pain every time I have my period such that will disturb me, knowing that I finished my studies this year ... it would not top ...).
    Rhaaaa I know what to do!
    The dilemma!
    maddieyou still always antispamodiques or simple analgesics against pain.
    Or you can try the Mirena if you want little or no rules?
    laverne2Yes, for sure ... We must take ibuprofen right? What is the most recommended Medoc?
    For the mirena, say that my motivation is not to take hormones. With the pill I have not much flow, have a little good to limit it does not bother me, but the fountain to ten days per month that scares me!
    The problem is that I do not try as I might not know you say ...
    Rhalala ... Please keep your arguments, I could never pass the course if I'm not firm believer!
    (Yes I'm hard!)
    caylinWell I stopped myself pilu 2 months ago, and my rules are a little heavier since then, but I do not have a stomach ache at all, whereas with the hormones I had pain .
    I have not yet IUD (intrauterine device), so I can not tell you what would be the result, but from what I've read, this is not the fountain for 10 days, but rather real Rules for 4 or 5 days, and 1 or 2 days before and after, small losses.
    It all depends on women.
    If the pill before you already had important rules is sure it does not decrease, but may be not to increase them!
    When the Mirena, it is progesterone, which does not block ovulation, it is not the same hormones as the pill, maybe it would suit you better?
    kayley4Yes this is, right problem, it depends on the women!
    As for Mirena, I had thought, but ... pfff as to take hormones ... I will look a little more then it still ... Arf and I thought of the implant also ...
    Ahhhhh it's complicated it all!!
    shaeHubba, tell you that if you have natural rules "normal" (regular and natural abundance), while the copper IUD (intrauterine device) is likely to suit you.

    It should not be whether the abundance of rules that you put off because it's not true! rules can be heavy at first. And again, this info is often wrong: the rules are not necessarily more abundant in quantity, but mostly a little longer in days ... This is the story of a few cycles, that's all! then your cycle becomes perfectly natural, and you have the normal rules, believe me! And if they are a little painful to nature, you can fully take ibuprofen to calm AC or Antadys ...

    If your motivation is indeed not to take hormones (which obviously you did not look convinced ...) then the copper IUD (intrauterine device) is the best solution.

    The alternative? Try all other forms of hormonal contraception which you speak: the implant, Mirena (the ring, or other pills etc if not already). This solution is longer ... but it may suit you if you fall on those who do not give too many side effects.

    In conclusion ... tell that to the other part: you must try! all the positive experiences of the world will not help in any way, you must try, you, you stand to find out how a particular method of contraception.

    I remind you also that no method of contraception is 100% positive. There is always a negative side. According to many people, these effects are + or - embarrassing. So in the end, each choice is subjective ...

    I even have a copper IUD (intrauterine device) for over a year. I am delighted and yet there are many small inconveniences (the rules fall ill, sometimes ... sometimes I have pain in the lower abdomen at the beginning ... the rules were long, up to 8-10 days, with a lot of spotting good chiantes end of rules that dragged on a little, but just ended up back to normal, just be patient) but this is nothing compared to the I have suffered negative effects as hormones! So for me, the copper IUD (intrauterine device) contraception has proven to be right for me. It is not perfect, but I find my account!
    lillie19You're quite right. I am fully aware that everything that I could never replace reading what I could live by myself. It's clear, I have to test!
    I'll have to take RV with my gynecologist, I will speak to him at that time, and yet I find myself more head. Good for cons I'm afraid it is part of doctors who refuse to nulliparous IUD (intrauterine device), but hey at worst I will contact the PF.
    Thank you very much anyway!
    biddy966Do not hesitate, if you have any questions, concerns! We all been through it

    Me in the meantime, I'll finish reading the articles (which I did not know all that are really interesting) post on the Mooncup
    melveenMerciii! Do not worry I would not hesitate, this forum is a gold mine!
    I'll wait a bit for my change of contraception, at least until my RV with my gynecologist, and I certainly will come harass you about it then!
    In fact I asked myself full of questions at once, hence my previous posts ...
    And if I can inform you in my turn for cutting ... do not hesitate!
    sally81ho, bah I'm user for a year, indeed ...

    No, it is the passage, washing (cleaning and interior) "bio"

    it's a real gold mine's blog
    geena00Hihi agree!

    It is clear that it is really great blog!

    Me too it for laundry soap nuts and co, and for the rest of the household I use natural products as well, and this is good!
    jancisI remain on the buttocks for the stroke of golf balls!

    decidedly, learned ... you learn something every day!
    kiersten754I did laundry with two washing balls yesterday (less noise than golf balls) and all my natural products, clothes and much nickel is out!

    KG said that with a nut can be about 125 machines!

    And well with all these tricks is that yes, we learn something new every day! Like "ahhh if I had known this before!"
    tamsonI did laundry with two washing balls yesterday (less noise than golf balls) and all my natural products, clothes and much nickel is out!

    KG said that with a nut can be about 125 machines!

    And well with all these tricks is that yes, we learn something new every day! Like "ahhh if I had known this before!"
    caren9Hey ladies, it's called spam, what are you doing here! Well, I will be lenient if you give me the link that feeds your fantasies ...
    corneliaDelirium! I tell you, delirium!


    And the rest of the blog of course!

    Otherwise if you want my opinion on the coil ... I had a very long post yesterday shameless advertising, but my cat walked on it and I lost it. But, basically, a point that you have not touched me and that I find essential to the IUD (intrauterine device) is the aspect of "natural", that is to say, irregular periods, more painful (as in pill, but no more painful than before the pill), I do not care, I know it's my body that lives, and it is not silenced by taking hormones ...
    Also, an IUD (intrauterine device) is a piece of plastic + copper, a box and instructions for five years, while the pill is a lot of manufacturing, packaging and unnecessary records every month .. . It should touch your ecological fiber ...
    glenysOuch it hurts ...
    Say if a natural method, it attracts me a lot ... And it is clear that level waste ... I would feel better!
    Before the pill I had very painful ... good but a little ibuprofen and talk about it more ..
    The anarchic side, ben is good at the beginning ... If it goes is that it does not suit me ...
    Libido ... Is it proven that the pill does this one fall? Or is it more psychological end?
    What bothers me most is that I try, but I finished my studies in the coming months, and I'd be as quiet as possible .... Had I known, I tried it months ago ... qq
    M'enfin it does not matter, the wait will allow me to think it over.

    PS: Rrrrrr the cat!
    marinaTo the side "anarchic" the IUD (intrauterine device) does not affect your cycles! I have always had irregular periods and I have yet, it's normal. Yours may be turned upside down by stopping the pill, but if they are irregular, this will in no way due to the coil ...
    For libido, no, it is not proven that the pill makes it fall. She can bring down ... For my part I had the opposite effect! It all depends on women. If you felt a loss of libido by taking the pill, it is possible that your libido goes back to stopping the pill. If you do not feel any difference, there paas reason for stopping the pill make a difference ...

    Finally I do not believe that the IUD (intrauterine device) can disrupt your studies ... You will have your period just like everybody else, perhaps spotting for a few days after menstruation (a panty liner and it is no more about it!), Some pain (ibuprofne. ..) but nothing a priori more ...
    hilary6stupid question of the day: sun, how do you do if your cycles are irregular? even if you have symptoms of ovulation in order to calculate when your period will fall or it is at pti-nilly?

    I'll also have another point: the pill can also increase libido! Yasmin was in my case ... and then free fall with Nuvaring and there, with the Cu-IUD (intrauterine device) bin is "normal" but it is not as "madness" as the pill, there is cyclical rather ... (+ + + + And during holidays)
    So basically, if you come out of a leaden pill that we desire, the IUD (intrauterine device) (well, stopping hormones) is positive (although the pill is raree, t the only cause of falling libido)
    if you boost your libido pilu ... Ben is always a little disappointing on the one hand (although it does not fall back to neutral, natural!)
    aundriaBeu you know, I always had cycles of anarchy, I never calculated the day I should have my period, this one idea seems strange to me ...
    So I want to say yes, p'tit hit and miss, although I feel I know my ovulation not plan far enough to say "I have my period as day." For cons I have enough symptoms the week before menstruation to know that it will come soon, anyway I always enough to protect me in my bag and then when it starts it's never too abundant, short, Au P'tit Bonheur luck

    halala! the good-women, it's complicated!
    kizzyI back this post.
    It is too early!
    veritySun, you'll laugh but I already know that I have my period at Christmas and not New Year! Also in October, the anniversary of my man and I would not have my period!
    Yes, I am like clockwork, we can say it like that!
    I know that with all the IUD (intrauterine device) takes its natural course, I may have anarchy rules, but as I will be having regular cycles ...
    I wanted to say that I in fact, that with the pill is far from being haphazard!
    How do you do for your RV at the gynecologist for example?
    Where I am afraid that the IUD (intrauterine device) "disturb" my education is really in pain ... I remember being doubled up on my couch so I was in pain, before the pill ... It goes with the seals, it is clear, m'enfin if it could not take my head in the coming months ... And then imagine, if I can not stand the IUD (intrauterine device), if I make a release or anything ... Well I flip not because of that, but it's a possibility, to take a risk after all.
    Have my period it does not bother me, well except when I have "cravings" ... And especially since I cut ...
    For the libido, it is clear that not only influences the pill ... In retrospect, I realize that I was not top this last month, and always when the moral wrong ... M'enfin, I'm happy, I must have the moral at the top right now!
    Breeef it is clear that super complicated ... These girls, I swear!
    Seriously, I'm trying really trying, but not before qq months ...

    And again: the merciii fiiilles!
    evelyneIt makes me laugh the scope of the rules "like clockwork" ... I had it with the pill, so for seven months. Otherwise, I'm so used ... And then it does not bother me to have my period. For Christmas or New Year or any particular party, nothing to do, good protection (mooncupette'm happy for a few weeks) is sufficient; level sexuality, the rules do not prevent all and in respect of gyncos, it didn ' ever happened to have my period for an appointment, but in any case except for a smear rules do not preclude auscultation ...
    georgeanna6Yes it's clear you must have used! All about it finally!
    Level sexuality, I gotta admit it blocks me ... Well, not the desires (it nooo) but really the act ... My man nor does it not attract the masses ...
    Can I ask you more details, even if it's super secret? ... Basically, how are you goin 'What ...?
    Because I, my first reaction is: yuck! (Well, it was also my first reaction when I found the cup .. so good ..)
    You got to kick the bowl with your RV gygy! Finally I say, the smear is annual. And time after time RV requires that I plan not to have my period which (it is the secretary who asked) ...
    tresha765You're gonna put me ill at ease you ...
    And also say that
    roseann21Ahhh agree! Lool nan in fact I actually thought you were reporting "vaginal" during your period! I'm sorry!
    For the former, it's good (heuuu. .. in every sense of the word ...), the second is not my thing!
    As against the second with the Mooncup it must be more convenient is not it?
    mistyPS: they are great to smileys!
    latashaIs not it ^ ^
    Source: Yelims!
    If not for vaginal intercourse is avoided, except when the last days There's almost nothing (of what spotting) (nana but it's true what, five days of rules I do not mind, but refrain for five days of spotting it bothers me!)

    Well, I'll bar because it starts to deviate seriously ... And then I make my presentation in three weeks and fifteen pages thicker, then
    alysThank you for the source!
    Hmmm, the joy of memories .... what do you do such studies?
    Come on, j't'embte promised more after!
    jillMaster of history ...
    "The names in Neuchtel in the 19th century." And here I am on my fourth part, "a new way to choose: fashion," and I know exactly what I mean in it, except that I try to write more and less accurate it is .. .
    So I force myself because it's urgent, I write like this even if it is not very well written, and come back on it later ... I do not work like that, "in pain", I prefer to wait until God sends me a lightning subpart or almost ready-made, what happens to me sometimes but not often enough ...
    So I go back
    lindy561Ooch! I wish you good luck, really!
    Character is what I usually do: I write as it comes, even fragments, for losing my ideas, then I put in the form later ....
    Good bosses are going well, and above all tell you that it's almost over!
    Go to oust, to work!
    amilia3* Sigh *

    * Sigh *

    Blub ...
    spiritwell yesterday bin the first time in a year that darling complains of "pike" at the end of his machine .. dixit: "it seems that there was a hedgehog inside .."

    thank you, I seem to be a municipal forest ..
    della075C is mimi forests!

    Well, promised j stop!

    Meanwhile, my Mirena since 30, bleeding continuously since.
    New rules for 2 jours.Les bleeding is dark with debris s uterus (?)
    J IN'm tired!
    karaugh36ah the thing with Mirena is that some c Russian roulette: you never know in advance how it will happen or how many tps ...
    indigoDo not worry, it's mine it happens from time to time (which proves that he has a bigger than yours kiki, the guy so he is more intelligent).
    When this happens, it changes its position and it is finally settled as I know you, you must not know many positions in this case it is necessary to stop the hug ...

    My apologies, I could not help myself ...
    kateyHello IUDs

    I need to share my early experience with gyncos and the IUD (intrauterine device).

    That I am not entitled to estrogen, I take the micro-pill. As I have just enough of the hormones and we are not sure of the safety of progestogens in my case, I thought it was an opportunity to the IUD (intrauterine device). I'm 33 and I am nulliparous.

    As I moved two years ago, I have a new gynecologist, who seems to understand my pbs (limit too, like "psycho" amateur!). I must say that I am a medical case a bit complicated.

    So here, I talk about it, and miraculously, she finds that it is a very good idea, said that the copper IUD (intrauterine device) is ideal for me, answers my questions. The dream!
    She made the order, and then bang: she prescribes the Nova T 200! I tell her about the amount of copper and the posibility to prescribe me another model without the time to explain more: apparently, she is competent and I seem to bother him with my questions. I quote: "the amount of copper, I, I have nothing to do".

    Thank you Doctor!

    So good, I hesitate: still changing gygy? The call and ask her nicely if she would ask me another IUD (intrauterine device) (my GP wants to prescribe me), despite his initial reaction? I really want to send mail links on the Nova T, but I'm afraid of his reaction.

    Finally, in two weeks I see a specialist contraception at the hospital, it may solve my problems ...
    tristaMe, were you, I would change and gynecology, but that's because I have no particular affection for yours. If you want to keep that one, talk to her, send her links to the Nova T 200, if it should really competent to update.

    You can also do as cosmicblue accept NovaT 200 knowing that it will be truly effective as 3 years (not 5!).

    Or, you rely on the specialist will see you soon
    cheriooh la la, there is the retaliation of which will fall

    sun, so j'te mug ...
    vivian... J'te farts knees!! (Sorry I love this expression of trucks .. I put all the sauces these days ..)
    claudineI'm afraid
    tikvahI know ..
    fortune5Hey, smilies for you is like positions in bed, do you have one?
    madalyn39For a sun
    alexa9We are two cosmic against you, then you blunder or you
    shelena00it's okay girls .. it will give me a lap 4 that peter instead of 2!

    I'll file eating cow mad ..
    Yasmin5You can always run
    alexia85hoh hooooo! I consider the points

    let alone my knees
    peyton38Hello Girls! I got back from vacation, I was able to use the Mooncup all the time so I am relieved but instead it's been 5 days that my period is almost finished but still spotting so it's me .... gooooooooooooooooooooonfle I really do not know when it will stop. This is the second time it makes me
    isabelle352C is the LOVE ... Die ... DIE!

    I have a I want to put a copper IUD (intrauterine device) (I am nulliparous), the gynecologist will ask me why I not support the pill and I "force" to test several pills before placing an IUD (intrauterine device)?

    I had 3 different pills, but two did not suit me because it gave me have to take that mini-dose and one I had (Cerazette) did not suit me either.
    It depends on your gyneco actually ... It is best to say that you would like an IUD (intrauterine device), and wait for the reaction. You do not have to justify your choice, you want to try this method, period. And depending on the reaction, or you take an RV with him / her to pose, you either argument or you change your gynecologist. Is a post with a list of Gyneco Ok to ask IUD (intrauterine device), by city.
    tianaI d agree with you!
    Can you give me the link to post on gyneco, thank you / for [...] w = 0 = 0 & nojs
    ohndria026thank you!
    jessika081hello girls!

    then new to me ...
    So my first cycle happened a wonder, but the 2nd I do not even know if it happened or not! I do not know how to take ca ...
    in fact from the first cycle as IUD (intrauterine device), jai was 2 weeks late (nothing danormal I think for a start), then after those two weeks, jai had loss of blood, but really minimal in small! I do not even know if ctait rules, but in any case ctait not spotting, as yavait a background of blood in my Mooncup!
    It lasted seven days like that, and then it has bones!
    I do not know if ctait my rules, or if I have minquieter something, or simply cest normal, because I know that beginning with the streilet cest too ... regular.

    any way in the RDV gyneco javais tomorrow, I will speak to him but ctait just like that, to say that always threw! and that all is well

    bizes has all
    abagaleC is great!

    yes, talk to your gy ... because normally, the rules in copper IUD (intrauterine device), well ... what is the rules can not be wrong!

    So later, if you are irregular in nature, it complicates things a bit, but what you had, ca not like the rules, anyway ...

    bernieceyeah just throw very irregular in nature, but ... eyeGO tell him I'm leaving soon ...
    ctait can be a big ovulation? with blood ...
    non jpense not anyway, not for a week!
    good to finally talk to him about eyeGO

    louisa73a copper IUD (intrauterine device) does nothing to regulate the rules, and it can also happen that there is some loss of blood
    haventhis is known as the spotting
    edana60I have not read your previous message, but I, too, not my first but my second or third cycle in IUD (intrauterine device), I had the surprise of ovulation with real blood, which I took for my period and yet it was not that since my real rules arrived 2-3 weeks later as planned.
    I do not know how many days it lasted, but several anyway.
    wynterI have not read your previous message, but I, too, not my first but my second or third cycle in IUD (intrauterine device), I had the surprise of ovulation with real blood, which I took for my period and yet it was not that since my real rules arrived 2-3 weeks later as planned.
    I do not know how many days it lasted, but several anyway.
    sunnyah ben sun, so also had a big jai ovulation has jpenserai you

    then gygy has looked at everything, ultrasound etc. .... she found nothing unusual, she made me do a pregnancy test for me "secure" and voila ... I'll call the lab for the results, even if I think not really be pregnant, have had yorai relationship between my 2 cycles .... what netait not! So here ...

    lavenderHello girls!
    I might be a little off topic but good. You who have stopped taking the pill or NuvaRing, have you lost your chest?
    I have lost some weight but I notice especially that I have much less breast after 3 months without hormones!
    And it seems to me that my hair (legs for example) push faster. This is normal? It happens to you too?
    In any case I am disgusted to the chest, which I was not too much but not so complex, it is becoming my concern ...
    floraha yeah, the chest swelled, it's part of the side effects of hormones ....

    after, do not take things the wrong way ... you choose a natural birth to be better in your body ... but have a little less chest you should not spoil the pleasure

    Ft. and after ovulation, breast regrossir and just before menstruation is the apotheosis!

    and then it's not that big breasts are of womanhood! therefore does not make ca in "problem" ... it is not one you just learn to love your body as it is natural (I know what I am because I am flat as a manta ray I lost almost two sizes ... well .. . ... no pill to take Me with two sizes, let us put things in the right order)

    good for the hair on the legs, I know I noticed (well my man) I had the pti fuzz mustache that saw more than before
    When you know that hair growth is also linked to hormonal side ca is not surprising ...
    from there to say it pushes faster .... Chepo
    steffieYes it happens ... taking hormones had effects which do not always realize, chest swells a little, gradually, and when you stop, boom!
    I remember when I stopped taking the pill for several months, my husband saw a picture of me last summer and, pointing at my breasts, "it shows that there, yet you took the pill, at least ! "
    So it happens, but I personally prefer my chest artificially boosted by natural and synthetic hormones ...
    luanne42ben I like my breasts jai who go washcloth now! cest damage I liked them before! sporadic but serious jmen crazy when you see how to get my foot jarrive jprefere ca has now swollen breasts in addition to hormones cest not death ... there is a men touuuut lil bit!
    unityDelicate your man ...

    For my part, I have not lost so many breasts it (compared to the period when it would with the pill, because compared to when it started to crap, yes, there, I have lost) and gams for my hair, well, he always pushing too fast ...
    kell23I must still tell you: I just get a refund my expenses with my OB + mutual IUD (intrauterine device) (3.5 months, it was time)

    So my IUD (intrauterine device) was reimbursed 100% + mutual safety (it's good, that)
    and I had three consultations gyncos ("job interview" as cosmic said, laying and visiting post-installation). If you count the 3 * 1 euro flat fee, it should have cost me 3 euros

    Except that .... they refunded me my first consultation on the basis of 30 when I paid 27 ....

    Finally, the IUD (intrauterine device) consult the 3 + associates get me so reported 1 (sounds like the accounts of GIS,!)

    Nevertheless, it is not beautiful as a means of contraception, right??
    mariselaChoupinounette Congratulations!
    loreenThank you for your answers! Ben good I see I'll have a reason to do so ...
    In September I start looking for a good gynecologist who wants my IUD (intrauterine device)!
    azalea246I missed an episode of Bicho I thought you were "fitted" me!

    We start to be "too" many ... I ended up getting lost
    abagail3No, I am not yet equipped!
    I first stopped the hormones to see how it suited me, before making a decision. And now after almost 3 months, I think that's clear! (Apart from my chest tite lol ah and some buttons ... Grrr)
    jenelleBicho for your research, you can see this post it, it can be a gynecologist aura near you / san [...] 8642-1.htm
    candaceKokapi thank you, but I live in Spain ...
    And my gynecologist told me that she not only advised the copper IUD (intrauterine device), so it would make me c **** to repay a consultation ( 60 anyway) to hear me say no, it does not pose no copper IUD (intrauterine device) nulliparous!
    So I'll go looking for someone else after my vacation ...
    celia10for sure ...

    PS: excellent tablespoon
    ornaYou're right, but without paying a consult ', you can quite call him to assure you that, really, she is opposed to the IUD (intrauterine device) in nulliparous

    (60 euros consult '!)
    chantelleYes we should try that.
    The problem is that it is a kind of "clinical" private and it comes only once a week, and I think we can not speak to the secretary who is there for all physicians the clinic (ophthalmologist, dermatologist, ect) so I do not know if it works ... Even for emergencies (fungal or other infection) there's no way to talk directly to the doctor so ...

    Moreover, since she is young, I admit that I'm afraid it does not recommend because it does not know how to ask, then I would be afraid of a punch if she accepts! I am a little delirious, but you never know! For I know she poses against the Mirena, it's the same as copper for the installation?

    Anyway thank you for my address if the girls!
    melYes I know a little kind of place where you certainly can not talk to the doctor (that limits the God of the place)

    You're right not to want to insist it must have less experince certainnement if she is younger.

    And that's normal, it is there for that (look at your case)
    bobbibah, it depends ... the gy who asked me is fresh out of school, and I'm his only patient nulliparous (never had any other requests for a year ...) and yet he did it a wonder! (Well, not very talkative, during installation, I love someone to explain what you tamper with the low dedant)
    but all that to say a guy fresh out of school may also be less limited than a jaded old who learned 30 years ago that AC was not done.
    For installation, when they have less experience they may have to be more sensitive (at least, that was my case).

    The Mirena is a large copper +, so if it comes to the Mirena, because there is no
    after it is in "ethics". If it is against, it is against ... better not to force (stress, yes but if not, forget: She would cry at the slightest concern scandal-to-coil (this is also what happened to me when I went back to an old gy who refused the installation ).

    contacted directly about the doctor, I know not me! I must pass by the secretary and asked him to check with the doc (at 2 rdv, when he goes to the secretariat) and then it reminds me ... (That's the way it has to passs found this doctor who wants to ask me (gynecology service of a hospital)

    courage!! it is all here!
    I'm tired ...
    I have my IUD (intrauterine device) since late April, so I got my period four times since, ca lasts forever as long (10 days), and it hurts worse (well, less) ... While I appreciate the comfort during the day or I have not my rules, well it starts to do well.
    Are there any girls who give up after a few months and are kidnapped? Or you stubborn?
    I precise that it is in place, I have no infections, and I am nulliparous.
    Thank you for your answers
    debbime that after the fifth or sixth rules I found the rules very normal 5 days

    I says I, persevere!

    how they are normally your period? (I mean, plain?)
    floreBen before (I have never taken the pill) the IUD (intrauterine device), they were painful, but that I had found the solution (ibuprofen), and lasted about 5 days: 2 + + + first day, the next three attenuated very quickly, especially since the discovery of ibuprofen.
    But then the pain is not the most horrible I did not expect an improvement in the ratings this is the term that gets on my nerves (and those of my friend too).
    I hold out yet, I hope every time ca will improve.
    milisent4It's the same for me, except that the duration was extended from the beginning. Here I am to 5 days of many rules and red after 7 days of losses chiantes ....
    sheryl94I always "rules" of ten days, while I have my Bidulos for 15 months ... I said, "real" rules are normal, 5-6 days as before, but I have spotting for several days after ... Sometimes it is almost two weeks of the onset of menstruation at the end of spotting
    It bothers me a little when it is combined with losses to ovulation
    But if I persist because:
    1 - I cycles of 5 to 6 weeks, so finally I'm quiet as long as a girl who bleeds 5 days out of 28.
    2 - Yes of course, to remove my IUD (intrauterine device), and then what do I do? A baby? Because I want to hormones and anyway it's out of my price range in Switzerland, condoms makes me ch ... and when placed at the beginning of the report it burns me after two minutes, when placed at the end of the report as not to all, and then it's not very reliable anyway, Persona, counting days, forced abstinence on certain days, I'm not at all branch ...

    So a few days of spotting unwelcome, it does not mean that the IUD (intrauterine device) for me is the best contraception. So I still
    afrikahjai ben good I did my pregnancy test is negative (blood cest so on ...) and as the gynecologist did not find anything wrong, well am jai had miniregles or jai ovulation had a big .. .. jen know, we'll see what happens!

    delta18good one ... the chickens ptites tite first issue .. finally a lil observation:

    balls, libido is a real yoyo since qqes month = big cravings at certain times of the cyle (I guess to the ovulation) and then then "EEG flat line .. soon to be doctor loses case you lose it .."

    Brief favorite is a bit "surprised" that I spend all is nothing quite frequently

    You also have this kind chamgements ds or it's the fire of tps artifesses you?

    merilynsame conclusion: around ovulation I am a real crazy. In addition, it is often much quieter ... except during the holidays ...

    So I put that on account of fatigue, stress, routine (and again, we do not live together every day, I dare not even imagine)

    Moreover, it is the same for him! (Not about ovulation about the desire variable)
    and then you know, I think it's the same for everyone (in talking to right to left) you got periods (no reason in terms of cycle, but over several months) where is the fire of 'artifesses and others where it is more raplapla ...

    However, with Yasmin, it was the fire artifesse all the time ...
    rosalynnenot home for 2 months ca change ... and it can also warm myself as much as he wants, there is nothing! else .... and once Youhou
    Finally home cest like this, in whom the jenvie cest "fire artifesses of" all the time
    alannisWell, it reassures me good just because they tps I thought it gt really not very motivated but good com is a "gentleman" and sleeps he does not insist on his "crutch" (I know it's not very classy as an expression)

    me too I saw it with Brownie, you're all dc qqes nights a week .. m'enfin fits me very well as operation ..
    (Could not help ... I go out)
    jeraahhh too good sleeve!
    adolphaMe is the same as you, since I stopped the hormones I feel better in general, but it's not what I had imagined (the famous fire artifesse)!
    But I confess that I have seen worse or substantially all (better lubrication), I let myself go more easily when there is still an improvement.

    The worst is just the rules, the Sahel desert, no way to produce a drop of lubrication!

    Well if Yasmin gave me the same effect as you, M'oiselle Jeanne, I would like to try it! What was the inconvenience to you?
    maggieditto! M'enfin must outwit
    agathahopopop! IUD (intrauterine device) forever, you, over there!

    Ben's true that Yasmin was cool .. ft. seen that the contribution is regular, well you do not have the cyclical side now.
    Ok, so the only positive * that I have found (ca, and perfect skin)

    * Finally, let's say it's probably a side effect that is not bad

    negative, it is mainly a hungry wolf (and to say the least ..! was really uncontrollable! and saw that at the time my friend was a morfalou, it did not help) and thus resulting the following problems:
    _ Bcp ​​water retention
    _ 10 pounds total (including retention) all that I lost again, and finally
    _ Triglycerides and cholesterol galore
    _ Inflated across
    _ Digestive problems (bloating, belly of a pregnant woman than 6 months)
    and the end, festival _ cracks in the vestibule
    mintyHello, I arrive just after the battle but I have some things to say about that have not been addressed (at least I think):
    apparently you started taking the pill at 16, you had begun to be addressed when? because the cycles can be irregular the first time and then stabilize, it is possible (at least until you have begun to be settled before 13 years roughly) to get better now
    for pain, it is likely that the first few months with IUDs past, you had much less pain than before the pill, because I had observed this phenomenon with me (and among friends) that the pain of the rules is cups older and I did not know what was due, but the early years of rules (as in menopause) the rules are particularly painful because the hormone production is still being set up (you Remember, acne, oily skin, anyway) so again it is possible that you have now significantly less pain with or without your IUD (intrauterine device) before age 16

    I like all you would say "there is a way to know: try"
    ronnette34aaaah! thank you girls (and more I guess my husband will eventually take a look in this topic)

    I also have the lectrolibidogramme flat the last two weeks between ovulation and the rules, but it's boring boring! and I even feel that it worsens with age

    it's not complicated, it goes back sharply during menstruation, it's good to ovulation with a peak just before and after * * nobody pfioutch

    gyncos for that cause or no cause for the break, mine is talkative enough to natural (like you can not place one, not easy to say why you come) but as it breaks because it is too funny I can see it on purpose to make me talk to divert my attention "and then you went on holiday or so ..." and it's obvious because I'm beginning to know well enough to note the differences
    dakotaThe Ouh yes indeed! Yasmin not cool!
    Not for now I will continue my momentum toward the IUD (intrauterine device).
    P'tite another question: you think that over the months, I have fewer buttons? I am not a calculator either, but I have pimples on the hairline, the nose and chin ... It's my soule!
    It's been three months that my hormones are natural, I have a chance to rectify it better, or is my normal state?
    ellyI forgot the fact to the ladies who complain of a "cast iron with breast ptosis" (it's classier than "I have the breasts in flannel", right?)

    I suggest you work your chest, it will not hurt your neck

    basic method: press the palms against each other in front of your nose, elbows out and palms press hard against each other (you should feel the pectoral contraction) made a series of 20

    After things are more complicated but require some gear (like strips of lead)
    savannahOula, so it is talked about at length in "HS salon blah blah blah" and especially in the forum "acne, skin pb" => basic tips for acne-prone skin

    "Unfortunately," your cycle again becoming natural ca also brings inconvenience to the skin ...
    me, around ovulation buds ca
    it is a purely hormonal acne (inflammatory microcysts) and there's not much to do there, if not take care of their skin (see a dermatologist if ca persists or increases)
    sf reduces with age
    marindayesh that's what I thought ... I hope this will reduce slowly ...
    Certainly when it's not something that is wrong, it's the other!
    barbary0Yep, like doubling ....

    It is clear that from the month immediately after stopping the pill, it's the same thing ....
    addisonWell I do not, na na ... nreuh

    Z 'jealous eh!

    but hey even a teenager I had an average monthly button (and then there was the drama, no limit if I removed the burka, necessarily has a worry when you do not see it ... )
    benjamina813Hello I would like to come to your post, I have to have an IUD (intrauterine device) type novaT200, but after buying it I read articles about IUDs and in he was told that it was the least reliable all, and had been off the market in many countries because of it .. it was even felt compelled to refuse, as there was in France where gygy continued to ask the ....
    I have not been able to reach my doctor, I gave him a mail but did not respond, I have to do land in 15 days and I do not know what to think ... I already have two good kids and I'm 38, so I guess my fertility is not as high a "young girl", it said, to my pregnancies it has always worked quickly and .... Now, I can not imagine getting pregnant in a year or two (see, since my doctor told me that the IUD (intrauterine device) be kept at least 5 years ....)
    thank you to enlighten me a little more, and if some of you had the IUD (intrauterine device) thank you for tell me a little more (I add that I do not voualis hormone that is why I gygy given that there, but did not offer the other ....)
    cindy84response to your post

    (And "up" by the way)
    clarissahello, I wore a copper IUD (intrauterine device) after the birth of my first child .... I did remove qq months after lack of information about the effects very annoying but appears blurred ensuite.bref

    Today, I have a 2nd child in 10 months and that breastfeeding toujours.j 'I intend to make me an IUD (intrauterine device) but this time not of copper.
    my question, since I have not had tjs returned, at what point then I do ask?
    thank you
    jessie7from two months after delivery (plus, but I have not the exact figure after cesarean

    nova for the T200, ask the pharmacist to give you the best of my knowledge NT380 is the same model but with a larger dose of copper, so if your doctor knows how to ask the Nova T 200 he can ask the NT 380 (raises the pharma question to verify, but I'm sure 95% of the info)
    latasha773I got mirena put out rules and it was OK, I did ask the NT 380n also rules out (since I had more with Mirena).

    Otherwise ben 1 month after installation of NT380, my rules ... I'm still waiting Tired of waiting ...
    hortense839Just a small clarification: the equivalent of the Nova T 200 + that copper is the UT380 (available in version 'short' for small uterus)

    The NT380 is the latest model released in France, which itself also contains a core of silver (including the effect "even +" contraceptive remains to be seen ... (see specifications below))

    data sheets of these two IUDs are given regularly learned, for more info
    edit: Here are the specifications of the NT380 (where it appears the comparison with the UT380) [...] 20380% 22% t
    marjory6discuss it was closed before I had time to answer about the inflammatory mechanism of action of IUDs Copper

    "For Winckler, NO: / inflammation articles [...]
    for FHI, not (say that the term "inflammation" is not mentioned ...) [...] Dsperm.htm
    But here's what the report said the ANAES (page 86 if you're interested ...) "The common principle of all IUDs, contraceptive use in the most common,
    is to act primarily in the endometrium causing a sterile inflammatory response
    into the uterine cavity. This "reaction to a foreign body," which makes a device bioactive
    is toxic to the gametes, especially sperm and prevents them
    to reach the fallopian tubes. The IUD (intrauterine device) is a contraceptive "

    So now, we put it all in a bag, shake and it makes ....... what you want!

    If even the "pro" them do not agree, how do you think we in the midst of all this, one can say who is right, who's wrong ...
    sela95thank you for the clarification on the NT, Jeanne

    in terms of inflammation, one of the best arguments seems to be that of Winckler: if so, it would hurt ...
    I luckily never had inflammation of the uterus, but considering how it socket when there is an inflammatory process even as dumb a mosquito bite (yes I make inflammatory plaques around my mosquito bites) or the old fungus families I think we would struggle to get laid if the IUD (intrauterine device) was walking inflammation ...
    cherise9yep, that sounds seems to me a good explanation. Afterwards, when we read that "pain and / or unexplained bleeding are the main reason for copper IUD (intrauterine device)" ... is enough to raise questions

    Finally, in any case, it is a passionate debate as always
    isolde02yep, that sounds seems to me a good explanation. Afterwards, when we read that "pain and / or unexplained bleeding are the main reason for copper IUD (intrauterine device)" ... is enough to raise questions

    Finally, in any case, it is a passionate debate as always
    marlena47bin may be just what these cases are "pathological" where there is actually an inflammation ...

    Note well my mother told me, she had been during all the years she had worn an IUD (intrauterine device) of almost continuous spotting and its gynecological (which was a department head of Gynecologic obs with whom she worked and was "a priori "good) it was because she had a neck slightly open (I do not see the report says that with sauerkraut) but hey, as it not support the combined and progestin that were much less developed in the time ...
    said that this has not prevented later to have a small fourth
    tiphaniehello everyone
    I have four children and an IUD (intrauterine device) for 2 months, I see so catastrophic that the rules have a chance to disappear, so I'll try to wait a bit, although it's really boring (I have to get up even more When the night ... hello atmosphere!)
    or no prob for the installation, not feel anything at all, and no pain either
    the pill I have taken qq years, it makes me swell and it's true that there is a risk of forgetting tjs
    Hopefully, the IUD (intrauterine device) is effective because a 5 is really not the prog!
    alys0Yes, the rules super long and super rich are bunched together in about 6 months

    What you as a model?
    mine (Multiload, one in the photo) is deemed to bleed more than others, but I think it goes even
    doretta64(You know, smart, Winckler has one on his site ... if you can tjs make a mega-montage with her IUD (intrauterine device) and your rules)
    agnesben what, it is my photo

    Sorry ...

    Multiload: CHHOLZ.jpg [...]

    Normally, I'm going to ask next month an IUD (intrauterine device) (Nova T)

    it hurts the installation? because when gygy smear me, I have some bad
    sandrammh, if you can, try to have something other than the Nova T 200 is the least reliable model of IUD (intrauterine device) on the market and the French persist in asking gyncos

    if not well it depends on people is not fun anyway but survives

    mainly takes Spasfon or viscralgine strong before and do not hesitate to post back, know that you can be a bit prataque for a few hours if you make a vagal and you can have pain type rules for the two or three days

    say good like that, it seems not cool, but after you're quiet for five years (note that three years with the Nova T after it becomes really more reliable enough!)
    lorri5Hello I am a ca may fear because I have 5 years to keep my IUD (intrauterine device) I just go change it always the same nova t 200 t setra it as good as the first I voi many who wrote that after 3 years is enough c
    shayneHello doucenath

    Here is the article that summarizes all information on the Nova T and decrease in efficiency over 3 years.

    course, this is a precaution, but there is so far effective, it is just a little less "while the percentage of pregnancies copper IUD (intrauterine device) is usually less than 1% (1 pregnancy per 100 users per year of use), this percentage increases to 6% after 3 to 5 years with a Nova-T 200 "

    Read the article: / articles [...] article = 79
    laureenRecoucou everyone!
    I have not said last month when gygy me the exchange standard Mirena / IUD (intrauterine device) copper.

    She wanted to ask me a NOVA T 200 and I told him that I preferred a more copper and luckily she had a NT380 ... I'm not boring
    erin89And then, since the installation, how do you feel?
    marlaWho's me??
    Well, I expect my period.
    I have the spotting, but to say that it was my rules ...

    I think it will be turned upside down since I had general anesthesia early July ...
    kristy(Yes you)

    Well bein happy for you ... You do not have too much pain?
    christianne12NO no pain Bizarre

    Well, I'm going.
    Good day!
    mignonben 6% I think it's super limited anyway since it is no more effective than persona
    so as not to leave on this one

    especially since, again according to Winckler, even before 3 years is less effective (but here it is based on its experience in abortion center / Planning)
    jaydenhello, a very big thank you yet the Article

    Okay so I know if one can speak of the first or second cycle in IUD (intrauterine device) home -> let's say the first because it is the first time that the land since the installation.

    So quite abundant, but not bad at all (my cheri said: "I know you, you will be in 2J folded in two" thank you my angel!) Not needed to take ...
    Of I sub I order the moon
    rosalineStill comforting the men!
    sherryand all your side effects of Mirena, it starts to level off?
    shannon4Bad little chip is still early ... the acne disappears, but I think the holidays in the sun are rather those responsible for this beneficial effect because since we got back pushes ca
    If not weight loss
    I have a little bit ... Stowed m'enfin have to wait a while before we see a real change ...
    My skin and hair less greasy -> That's something!
    cailynGirls, I need you to know that I know is HUGE!
    Well, Mirena IUD (intrauterine device) placed May 30, bleeding from every day and sometimes NUITS.Avec rules, I've had in the past three raises.
    The I decided to ask for advice in my gyneco, it offered me an appointment on Monday. Given my work schedule, that is impossible!
    I ask to see the Wednesday, I expect the reponse.Or the bleeding air from stop s
    What do I do?
    j 'cancels and I go to a break up, or I' m going and I spend a pathological liar
    HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    eloise53I will go, at worst you will ask for an ordo tite determination of iron in the blood because you have to start curling anemia

    ressaigne that said if it tries to cure ibuprofen ...

    Note well it seems that with the mirena it can take up to 6 months to regulate
    ida9my gynae told me that too.

    yes for the cure of ibuprofen but there are also spotof (I do not know)

    anyway, minas, you must urge your gynae to make it a little less than every day!!

    and if it stops when you see, when you see it even if it's off again!
    dellmacorrect, it seems that the spotof it works, I read some testimonies on that, that said, I know ...
    kasandra07What is the spotof, I'm interested?
    marni924is a drug that stops the spotting (as the name implies)
    dreda98thank you girls! Have that J pls wait for his reply by appointment!
    linette3ha yes, I'm tired ... So it does not affect the rules ... or it can operate for the purposes of rules?
    amanda1I do not think it has any impact on the rules but just the bleeding.
    shona95J admits that for some time, I'm tired, drained.
    I have no more than ressort.Je put it on the account of the heat.
    altair71ah well, a small iron cure ... why not!
    also take vitamin C, it helps even more to the absorption of iron

    and the best iron is not that of red meat, but vegetables such lens and other ...

    I say this because it's almost winter time we have!
    andreanarhaaaa was well worth it to remind us that, with the rotten summer we had ....
    avaWell, me gygy I had prescribed for the first rules in IUD (intrauterine device) to calm down the game, yet
    ulrica2and it had worked?

    can we have without a prescription?
    cayleyWell, actually I did not use because I wanted to see what it gave free for the first cycle and the second was not very abundant.

    It seems to me that only by prescription against.
    bobbieso, uh, I misspoke m'ais

    for the first period in copper IUD (intrauterine device), yes, it probably decreases the intensity seen.

    but to reduce the rules of "cruises" I'm not so sure ...
    must ensure that blood is not it?

    Finally, having said that, I know: lol so I'd better keep my mouth shut ...
    a little history of my situation: a reminder after IUD (intrauterine device) insertion, pain qques months later, growing up ...
    vaginal swab: RAS
    echo: ovarian cyst
    MRI: endometriosis.

    ---> Two possible solutions:
    1 / change the copper IUD (intrauterine device) Mirena for and hope that it will affect the endo
    2 / + operation poses mirena later ....
    kortney19*** ch is ca ca
    and what do you do?
    jody4I gave him my advice, but it's true that I had not thought about what she thinks our Ptite May ...
    coronaWhat is your advice amelie? (Well if I may) do not know much, I say nothing, me (for once)

    edit: May I just read on the HS that you would go for the opera ...
    keziah76Me + my advice mirena WAS operation (thus the second proposal) because, as May was a little afraid of the pose, ca would have done under general anesthesia.

    But she thinks has another solution (well I say), then it's operation pill continuously.

    That voilou.
    qianaand the pill alone, continuously, can not sleep all this mess?
    if not, yes, opera + pill continuously, appears to be the best ...

    bp of the Mirena is that if it goes wrong, it's more compelling to change
    makenzieContinuous pill is best to avoid me because the endo is gone (), but it is not the case for everyone ...
    If I had proposed the operation, I would probably say yes ... I'm afraid it back ... we'll see.
    terraWell yes it is what I would say ... with your copper IUD (intrauterine device) may be ca galley "naturalness"

    operation and I guess it is not definitive (relapse possible), otherwise it would be too good, is it?

    grrrrrr what that stuff is shit, no, but I swear
    sydI do not know ...
    Ben Jeannette, with copper ... I give it a go ...
    We'll see ...
    When I got mirena poses, the other gygy said there was no trace of this crap.
    It ptetre why I have no pain
    dianneI confirm, Brownie, an incredible mess. I understand, the Mirena can maybe who knows why not allow a regression of endo, but nothing is less certain. would render the operational concerns and is taking the pill is raised just after mirena avoid it relocates ...
    The doctor told me that the pill will stop the continuous bazarre now, but would not remove what is already "installed" ... So ...
    andriyes it seems logical ... is better to start from scratch, so ...

    ben said so ...

    And they have managed to define whether it was an important endo or not?
    the more I think, the more the opera seems reasonable (catch up on the HS, I perceive that Gaby will opt for this solution ...)
    charmaineyes it seems logical ... is better to start from scratch, so ...

    ben said so ...

    And they have managed to define whether it was an important endo or not?
    the more I think, the more the opera seems reasonable (catch up on the HS, I perceive that Gaby will opt for this solution ...)
    jessika50be, obviously, it's not so huge as that, does I see as the months that the pain increases and lasts + / + long ...
    say that it is located just to the left ... the specialist who examined me made me jump to the ceiling ... Tate has it right, OK ras, and then it goes to the left, supported at once .... OUUUUUUUAIIIIIE! brief ....
    andriyes, so you'd better do it right from the start!

    and how does it work? you have any additional exams? You can see this specialist, you set a date (op)?
    gerry80uh ... for now, I think about my choice ... I think I'll take appointment with the specialist (80 a consult anyway ....) to see details of the opera, possible dates, etc ... basically she told me two days to hosto and 15 days of sick leave ... my head is going to be happy ... (I missed this little smiley ....)
    but it fills me ... frankly, I have had too much opera, I'm sick of hospitals! grrrrrrr
    annieas I understand ... (Yeah, it's true that farts, Cuil)

    but for a good cause ... and then when it was not much choice ...
    And then it is done by laparoscopic I guess, so it is more comfortable ...
    for the sick, huh ..; is not a luxury, so if she is not happy, the other bin piles up again in 8 days but not more ...
    must take care of yourself, first of all ...
    trudiby coeli, actually ... for the sick, I will try to pass it in November .... September, I think it's dead for the time and the availability of the specialist, in October, if I do that, goodbye my raise and my boss will kill me .... So in November, it seems a good compromise .... arf .... it makes me angst ....
    yannicIn any case, good luck puor May all that awaits you!
    carlaIBD, how nice.
    lenore9good luck may -!
    kath2But no, Choup!
    We would like your advice on!
    edina2Good evening all

    I have a tite question, which has little to do with the ongoing debate last ^ ^

    I saw on another subject, a girl had stopped the pill and had waited five months to get her period IUD (intrauterine device). Is it not possible to do with the rules ask the break caused by pills and go straight both contraception?

    If this is not the case, it's a great myth that collapses for me

    If the answer is in this very subject and I did not go read it ... Excuse me, I had not the courage to do 16 pages even if the subject interests me a lot ...

    Thank you in advance,
    dalinda3If it is entirely possible, I made my own place so that it was my period at the end of pill
    elvalala oh yes! it is better not expect anything from natural ... or even to continue the pill to be sure of having her period, if possible to continue the pill-

    minas thank you!
    janie595I agree! Moreover, the gynecologist who leaves a wife for five months without contraception just to wait for her period is damn irresponsible ... Especially if the rules simplify things, they are not essential for an IUD (intrauterine device)!
    arline360I plussoie
    tempest87Me too -> I got to put my 2 rules out IUDs.
    mildred4yes, but if you want to take advantage of the opening of the cervix .... Better!

    "Enter, it's open!" lol
    adele323Ben and the poor emi-pimpon will be happy to see that his post was closed, while it is in the process of installing sockets, if it is
    zibiaExact. Why closed, anyway? Why was this necessary? Someone requested I presume?
    anoraThere was a sintering with a user ... the discussion is part of a little spin aparemment.
    It must be the user in question has no application because frankly "good" reasons to close the post
    philis777yeah, weird ....

    emi redo a post nine! and "clean"

    I seek ?????!!!
    linzi58yes I saw that the post had been fenced .. pr reasons of darkness out of the IUD (intrauterine device) and tjs .. yet .. the misnamed ...
    hattie535pff ..; Bouah, when s'envoit shit like old socks ok, but there

    has not enjoyed the po 'humor, of Moisel

    and at least it was not a blank, is closed and that's it
    but poor emi ...
    breeAhhh I am reassured, thank you
    stevania047Okay so little recap of my 1ST rules in IUD (intrauterine device) (this will excite the crowd I feel):
    Duration: 7J
    Abundance: 3J + + + Other: normal
    Pain: no.

    That voilou!
    natille6Happy for you for pain! but know that for me, no aches the first three rules and after Ouch! (Well, I did not want tinquiter)
    deeI also said it was a stroke of luck so we'll see
    I still have hormones in me ...
    belynda91yes, I like it. The first rules have been strangely quiet, then it is mounted crechendo (once, more than six months after it was really unbearable to me writhing in pain and obviously, no Medoc at hand ...) and now I do not feel anything, I even almost + "evil" the day before they arrived for only ...
    meadben me, it is pain that comes ...
    but as I have my secret weapon (bi-Profenid) it's going ....
    berta85the next time I go to the doctor, I ask that!
    pamellaextended release is: you take one in the morning and you're trnauqille 12!

    attenttion, we can take a 12 and not by other anti-infalmmatoires same time but it does not paracetamol nor Spasfon ....

    gynecological I was surprised that I asked that it should prescribe something else tempra normal but, hey, it works and it all day!
    krysten23hello experts diu

    I confess I have not read good all the pages, but I started and nowhere have I seen a case like mine:

    I will deliver in a few days, weeks? (DPA October 6) my second and following years of diane35, other pills, Implanon (removed in an emergency), and pill "special nursing" after my first baby (me faisiat bleeding 3 weeks 4 and that my libido left to -100 below sea level) ...

    I want to try the hormone-free IUD (intrauterine device) immediately after delivery.

    I have several questions, then:

    - Since it is necessary to open the pass for the asking, can we put it shortly after childbirth?
    - Or should he wait for the return of menses?
    - There til incompatibility with breastfeeding (which can cause contractions, at least initially)
    - If the pain is severe, ibuprofen may be taken while he was going?
    - The antadys, ditto? I never heard that name before ...
    - This type of IUD (intrauterine device) is it repaid, costs, otherwise you it expensive?

    Here, for now, my questions! thank you!
    phyllis72soon after delivery: yes
    await the return of layers: no
    incompatible with breastfeeding: not
    Ibuprofen ok
    Same antadys
    paid very well in France, within twenty euros
    randy49I 13euros
    brooke734or even less .. (thank you mutual)
    gretchen52 0.37 for me
    phyllida962this is called: a good quality / price ratio .. it's clear ..

    but out of respect, just a minute of silence for our friends that they should put Swiss bloody hand-to-po-pocket to get fit ..
    pollyanname, it cost me nothing at all. not even one cent!!
    toriaoue and also to the expatriates in Germany, please!
    melveen17May, do not stir the knife wound .. ds of sun-time passes by ...(>> 200 euros ..)

    (200 euros ..)
    lilacyes and cosmic Marmotton, you are right to remind
    between the reimbursement of consultation and the IUD (intrauterine device) itself, in France, it's benef
    florindabah, with all the shit that I now qque hand I know if I enter my expenses, I ....
    kalieyes it's true .. I saw that it would not glop jeannette com ..
    joI confirm. the pill was the hardest to get was the 205 of the IRM, not repaid in full ... and 80 consultation specialist every time, but now I think it will be repaid in full ...
    dolores59hello everyone! after returning from vacation, I just give a little about me ..... sorry jai but never have the courage to read all pages that scrolled in my absence ....

    then in terms of my rules was "suspicious" too light in abundance and with 15 days late, a well ctait mega bloody ovulation (yum) since 15 days after any stack, jai had my real rules, no doubt!

    jai then skipped a whole cycle since it arrived just as javais accounted for the 3rd cycle ('which is actually the 2nd ...) and pleasant surprise, everything was as the first cycle, a hand while it lasted 6 days is hard, that no pain and that javais ctait abundant enough for one day and then ctait Mooncup for 6 hours in a row without problem.

    it is not life grand?
    georgeneGybyzz awesome!
    macy382Hi everyone.

    Here, I have a tite question.
    I have 21 years on the pill for just three months, the problem is that I have a small head and if my husband can not remember to take my pill, I forget very easily. Less than 12 fortunately, but even when I forget ....

    My gyneco told me about rings that could replace the pill.

    Someone have already put you it and which one is best among pill or IUD (intrauterine device) rings??

    Mici !!!!!
    ariellayou post a huge troll qque hand on the NuvaRing.
    Then, it's every preference. the ring functioned as a pill and the IUD (intrauterine device) copper being "natural "....
    tamiayou post a huge troll qque hand on the NuvaRing.
    Then, it's every preference. the ring functioned as a pill and the IUD (intrauterine device) copper being "natural "....
    noni1Me, I even won in
    Ah anyway ...
    krissyHello I just explain my concerns to your experience.

    I had my first coil end of 2004 due to ban on hormones, all went well until the wire breaks the coil moves and that we should change it, it was based on a in March I think (and still attached to copper in the uterine wall), all was well I recovered cycles nickels and then bam there was last month, I got my period long enough and plentiful, and j ' I stopped bleeding when everything was ok ok after 4 days I started to bleed, this for a week, I consulted, control everything is ok, I think my gygy endometrium was badly destroyed the previous rules and that's why I bleed, it gives me 8 days of treatment to stimulate the second part of the cycle can cause mega rules, I took all good treatment but instead of rules niagaresques, I bled two days and then normally stop, now I saignott a little late in the day, I stress, I compend not what is going on everything was fine though. Already we have some concerns of sexual desire with my husband if I bleed all the time it will not help us, what do you think??
    audreaZero euros for me
    Like the mirena (which is against reviendu 125 euros for a mutual and secu).
    darian09Mistonnette glop ... not all that, but I do not know what to tell you ...
    totty00I think now it's your gynecologist to resolve any ca ... we have no medical expertise and can not tell you more ...

    I am sorry that his idea of ​​"chemical curettage" did not work as he thought ... (Well, for now, we know immediately that you have not had any big rules, but nothing says that this has not resolved your problem!)

    I advise you to see it with him if your next cycle shambles as always

    If you're worried, why not a pregnancy test it might reassure you on that side
    edit: I just read last night the topic you have posted ... I advise you a blood pregnancy test to make absolutely sure that it is negative.
    if it is indeed negative waits a bit to see what happens during your cycle, and if it derails again returns to see, or see another one could advise you ...
    mariel22Tienda, I found it on the site of MW on my IUD (intrauterine device) ->

    - New IUD (intrauterine device) NT 380

    I am writing because I am one of the patients whose gynecologist prescribed a Nova T 200 IUD (intrauterine device). I refused IUD (intrauterine device). Instead, my gynecologist prescribed me a NT380 LAL CSD. IUD (intrauterine device) that I have not found among those you advise.
    Can you tell me more about that?

    Yes, it has just been released (I must put my site up to date). This is the copy of the Nova T 380, the IUD (intrauterine device), which replaced the Nova T 200 worldwide. You can use it without fear. IUD (intrauterine device) is as reliable as the UT 380.

    Link: [...] rticle = 814

    As against the report says nothing about the money ...
    shanelleyes, it's not exactly a copy of the nova T 380

    the copy is in the shape, size, certainly ... this core is extra money that does not have the nova T (which does not seem to be a monstrous surefficacit)

    in terms of specifications, I will not give them back again huh ... but the heart is
    cressidaI have not read every post here but maybe my answer is.

    Here, on 20 September, I get an IUD (intrauterine device). I soon 38 years old and I take the pill since the age of 16 years outside of my two pregnancies, of course, so I thought this year to change their method of contraception especially since it happened to me more more often to forget a pill or tablet to take two instead of one.

    I went to my gynecologist in June who advised me to wait until the summer to ask the IUD (intrauterine device) due to bleeding in the beginning. I approach this goal and I confess that I start a little angst by reading information about the installation and the first time. Nobody told me about discomfort during or immediately after installation. I also just abdominal pain and discomfort of the wire. And the rules they are heavier and more painful? Already every month is headache, breast pain and super tiredness when my period.

    Take me to doubt, I've done well to change their method of contraception?

    PS For those who knew the pill for several decades before the IUD (intrauterine device), have you noticed a small weight loss?

    I await your reply with impatience. Thank you.
    miraTo make reading easier, I created a topic.

    Thank you
    mariel54If I remember correctly, I think even that money is for ... anything ...
    diann77Personal is not the "pain" of the pose (nothing unbearable either) or the rules longer and more abundant the first few months I was discouraged to pass IUD (intrauterine device) ..

    compared to all that is better since I zapped the pill, I am perfectly satisfied:

    -Bye to the stress of forgetting
    -To review the retention of water a gogo (gt become bloated in the last sub Yasmin)
    Migraine-a-bye tt headland (now I qd is less frequent and I know why>> I do not drink enough water ..)
    -To review the unbearable pain ds breasts (since g qqes even cysts that are gone)
    -Not to mention the cost of the pill (approx 15 euros per month .. I never had the chance to have a pill is repaid ..)

    short, in my case, y-not-a-photo ...
    spring0Thank you, I see that you took Yasmine and you talk about symptoms that I know well. Well already it will be a bonus!

    Winckler was entirely correct

    the nova T 380 also contains a kernel of money! So it is indeed the same as NT 380 (all the better, given the similarity of names one would mix less brushes)

    "The NT device 380 differs from the UT device 380 by the presence of money in the nucleus
    NT 380. All other features are identical.
    The device NOVA T 380 also contains a kernel of money. "

    About the kernel of money: "The core of money does not improve compared to intrauterine devices coreless money and having an area of ​​380mm2 copper.
    There is no scientific proof of the value of a core of money for having an IUD (intrauterine device)
    copper surface of 380mm2.
    In total, the Commission expressed a lack of improvement of service expected from other IUDs with copper, on the list of
    products and services. "

    all found here [...] 20380% 22% T
    (Hopefully this link is more easily found on google, now)
    clarissaIf it's the same characteristics as the UT 380 but that is a core of silver and more, is heavier, right?
    marva It is strange darling, I took three kilos, I understand not put
    gwenyth5- "Files me your money and your jewels old!"
    - "Just a second, I'll pick you ca .."
    jaydon at the gates of the airports of the United States

    _ No no, madame, as you blow you will not ... what do you want to hide?

    in all in-gliche alawalagaine
    louiza7Not bad.

    Here is the response of MW:

    My email:> Hello Doctor,
    > I am a new user of NT 380 out recently and did not find
    > The answer to my question on your site, I would write to you.
    > I was wondering what was the role of money in this IUD (intrauterine device) ... A t an effect
    > Contraception?
    > Thank you.

    Her response:
    In fact, the NT 380 is a carbon copy (the credits) of the Nova T 380, which
    replaced the Nova T 200, much less effective.
    This is the copper surface (+ 360 mm ), which provides contraception. Money has
    no contraceptive action ...
    It is perhaps just ... to increase the price of the IUD (intrauterine device). (But I'm
    Perhaps bad language).
    In any case, you have an IUD (intrauterine device) effective, and that is essential.
    Martin W.
    beryl8I'm sorry but when you are in and at the forefront of fashion, one must take the IUD (intrauterine device) is not an issue ..... money!
    kara3I come back here over a demanire antinet more serious than you ladies .. (Although your sriosit me put a smile ..)
    if I got it, both the C 380 and the other contains short money?? sorry if I sound stupid there, but I'm not sure I understood the language, so I prefer details ... and certainty ...

    I will also take the opportunity to give you an account of my last appointment with the gynecologist specialist endo.
    the operation is scheduled on November 15, laparoscopy ... with "ablation" (I love the term) of the IUD (intrauterine device).
    basically useless for me to hope one day to resume the copper IUD (intrauterine device) as a contraceptive ...
    delila2In fact:

    Nova t 380: a money
    NT 380: a money

    UT 380: no money.

    Good luck for laparoscopy. People around me have lived in and it goes well ....
    kelsie335Kokapi OK, you reassure me. thank you.
    bah, the laparoscopic does not happen right away, in fact I have the time of anxiety, it is mostly the worst ...
    @ +
    keeley27tite May.
    marieI confirm, laparoscopy can work without problems, at least this is what emerges from the experience of relatives.
    Courage, May.
    alanisI am the laparoscopic passed in July (the anniversary of May).
    sibylhonestly, everyone is not a vagal malaise, I had made myself a little for the first (in fact one morning to be completely "stone") and not at all in the second (or I anyway had much much less painful, thanks to cytotec), do not forget one more thing is that most stories you read here are from girls who had no children, so that a collar of uterus much more rigid than you, I think frankly you do not need to worry

    stomach pain (in my case) once past the first month are more akin to "pinching" in the lower abdomen and occurs only when I'm exhausted, stressed out or when I am "discomfort" (j ' have a little hyper vagal activity, I do not think it is connected not to everyone)
    the wire, frankly, we feel it, mine is very long (2 inches good so it sticks well to the wall and my man is yet aware of its existence does not feel it)

    need for rules attrendre 6 months to learn, but the rules "niagaresques" are the result of a minority of unlucky and are much less common than the "urban legend that sterilizes the IUD (intrauterine device), you bled and even kill you "is willing to say
    evonne170It is true that the IUD (intrauterine device) kills fewer people say often.
    pansyThose who have died, come testify ...

    hu hu
    claramay20I got killed by mirena
    sybillaThat's it. Amelie club member KILL MY MIRENA.
    shelomithThere's one thing that keeps running and I wanted to talk with other "permanent" is that you also have the impression that the IUD (intrauterine device) in pregnancy are particularly high for women who already have children? basically I feel that for nulliparous there is no problem, or is pregnant the first month because IUD (intrauterine device) ill-posed, while multiparous sometimes it's several months / years after installation

    in fact I was wondering if the fact that their uterus is bigger does not diminish the effectiveness of the method

    is what you aware of any study on this subject? because I have not found anything ...
    savannah498No, I did not notice what you say ...
    liddy0Me, I actually noticed that the evidence of pregnancy in IUD (intrauterine device) came from women who have had at least one child but I do not know if it has to do with the size of the uterus, the explanation does not seem very scientific .
    donalda8If there was a link, it is rather due to differences in the cervix, not the uterus, right?
    kimberlyn6actually ... can be seen .. in light of the evidence "published" ... now I do not know if we can make an imitation of generality ....
    eowynWell, I was thinking about the size of the uterus because normally (although there are exceptions), there is greater after pregnancy and as the copper diffuses into the uterine cavity may be larger than uterus = concentration of copper ions less effective spermicide = lowest

    after there may be just a beast of numbers: it raises more IUDs to multiparous, so we see more failures on multiparous ...
    faitheI'm pretty smart for an explanation of the bias due to the fact that we are to ask any more for women who already had children.
    joiI do not know at all, but your thinking is interesting. It is true that as the IUD (intrauterine device) is not really a contraceptive generalized to all population groups, it is difficult to study it seriously.
    nina3OK with you that the installation of more frequent premiums or multiparous distorts the ...
    elfa81if quekqu'une found the answer to these questions interesting ... it would be cool!

    I agree with the proposed smart little bias.

    damn then I'd be a target ratage??
    tikvah63Perhaps it may come as a result of female fertility? Some are very fertile, it may play on the effectiveness of the IUD (intrauterine device) ...
    M'enfin (as Gaston would say) I make a guess.

    Ben in this case it can not happen still young multiparous
    For 25 years starting from the fertility declines ...
    I go to the news after my appointment at the gygy this morning. I'm not pregnant, it made me sigh andouille pinball! Everything looks good, he said that now we must let nature take its course and see what happens but he is confident that any fresh start, I'm glad we fingers crossed he's right. kisses to all
    adinaI am happy for you too. Hopefully it was just a little rebellion in the body.

    Good luck, Mistonnette!
    gabiThank you, I also hope it was just a test of mutiny ......... good to me all these hormonal changes disrupted flora and suddenly it stings, but I have enough raplaplacer all that, the self I wish I wish I could just forget the intimate worries and focus on our concerns libido .....
    thank you you chouquinettes.
    geenaThank you, I also hope it was just a test of mutiny ......... good to me all these hormonal changes disrupted flora and suddenly it stings, but I have enough raplaplacer all that, the self I wish I wish I could just forget the intimate worries and focus on our concerns libido .....
    thank you you chouquinettes.
    sharalyn3I did not know
    taniait's a word we use in my neck of the woods, I'm Switzerland in the canton of Neuchtel :-)
    sammy15Anyone there?
    I can not find the info, and that irritates me (yes I know I easily irritates me).
    From how long after childbirth can you insert an IUD (intrauterine device)? I remember that it is possible for the first 48 hours, but after this period, there is an interval or it is not recommended. What is it?
    chynaHere is a response element Winckler

    "We can get an IUD (intrauterine device) inserted between 6 and 8 weeks after childbirth, even after a caesarean section. In my opinion, it is not mandatory to wait for the return of menses (why?) Given that it signals a first ovulation ... so a return to fertility. The recommended approach to a nursing woman is breastfeeding + progestogen-only pill (Cerazette Microval or Millygynon or) until 6-8 weeks and then insertion. ( The decision of the progestogen-only pill is the day of installation). There is no risk of bleeding from the time when delivery took place normally and without any particular sequence. The postpartum haemorrhage have on or the days immediately following childbirth. After the uterus is empty and heals very well. Scholars of contraception in developing countries have even shown that the insertion of an IUD (intrauterine device) within 4 days delivery is perfectly safe and practicable. It is not an attitude practiced in France, but laying 6-8 weeks should logically be even less risky! "

    Here / articles [...] article = 92

    I also remember another link more clear about this ... I'll see if I have time to find it

    edit: haaa, sacro-healthy anaes report (p.34)
    In the absence of breastfeeding, prescription oestroprogestative method is not recommended during the first 3 weeks after delivery. The IUD (intrauterine device) insertion is possible within 48 hours after delivery (despite an increased risk of expulsion and although this does not correspond to the French practice) and then set up against-four weeks after delivery. The progestogen-only hormonal contraception can be safely used immediately after childbirth. Methods
    requiring vaginal manipulations (cap, diaphragm, sponge, etc..) are contraindicated
    During lactation. Recent reports, including one of Anaes on breastfeeding indicate that breastfeeding is, provided they are exclusively or almost exclusively, a reliable and effective up to 6 months after delivery.
    If breastfeeding, exclusive or not, it is strongly recommended not to prescribe methods of COCs to 6 months.
    Although limited, data on microprogestatifs do not presage a major effect on lactation or effects on growth and neurological development of children breastfed (at 1 year follow-up). The prescription of progestogen-only methods is useless in the first weeks after
    delivery and in case of breastfeeding exclusively or almost exclusively. It might prove useful when breastfeeding becomes mixed or when it is stopped (from the 4th week minimum).
    The IUD (intrauterine device) insertion is possible under the same conditions in the absence of breastfeeding.
    If contraception is desired and it can not be started immediately, it is recommended that, pending implementation, adopt from 3 weeks after
    delivery an additional contraceptive method (eg. condoms).
    The law allows the prescription hormone by the midwives during the puerperium and postnatal examination. The Working Group therefore recommends that information on the different methods used in post-partum, including the IUD (intrauterine device), or carried out during
    pregnancy and birth as possible following the delivery to be discussed. "
    deltaThank you very much ...
    there is a subject or a young mother is in trouble, his gyneco wants to wait until after the rules of returned, I told him that this was not normal but after I was stuck to quote my sources.
    To note, it is a 2 months after delivery and still no DRC, I returned on the pregnancy forum, but I'm going to a relaxing message.
    jacquelynI'm drunk Neuchtel adoption, I have heard of gulon of raisinets, "making lime-of-funds" and "from Solothurn on", but never raplaplacer. I add to my collection
    robinayes ... 2 months is good now ... gy is to convince the

    or change, but that's not necessarily obvious if one / one who has followed in her pregnancy
    priscilla9Ben now continues the galleys, I hoped that my raplaplacer itches, well bam is untenable, the blow I took the oral antimycotic I had in reserve and that's despite, I asked a good ointment to soothe locally until the drug takes effect, hopefully that will happen soon and that this is a side effect of the avalanche of homon he made me swallow ..... I really want to get everything in order .....

    Sun, the more I am married to a Jurassic I say not in the Micmac dialect!
    because so useful
    poppy917you got the monazol in egg and cream that I find no evil is without ordo, is to find the pharmacy on duty

    if itches is external, you can try to flush you the vulva with water + baking soda (especially not in-house)
    janellayou do the "up" very special
    rosymaiheu, poh I saw that there was something to answer before upper
    rikame either
    abihailCertainly this is the galley, I ended up going to the hospital this afternoon because despite the oral antimycotic for three days it's always full of hell, racing results, there is always fungus, so it is resistant to medications gygy me, so I go back to zero over with egg cream and now I totally freaked I am afraid it is resistant to everything, that you have ever right??
    sherrie8resistant fungal infections, it happened to me ... It's boring but I realized one thing that we must try not to over use of anti fungal because it assaults your vagina ...
    I think you could take a ride on the forum "fungus", there is plenty to learn that gyncos does not tell you (well me anyway).
    adena216then you got all the "tricks to con" very useful
    - Do not wear tight clothes
    - Wear cotton underwear
    - Ironing her panties and towels to destroy the spores that may have survived the wash
    - Do not wipe with a towel (at least to change it every day) but with tissues and trash direct
    - Make a cure for yogurt retype the digestive flora (which often have little influence vaginal flora)

    version of "warrior" I have not had a chance to test but I found on the net and seems to me rather smart: make a poultice with vulvar quality organic yogurt (yes flora dordelein it lactobacilli as in yogurt) because often a resistant fungus is an indication that the vaginal flora is dead

    and re-finally, to make a vaginal swab to check that there is not below the fungus a beautiful silent bacterial infection that is the bed of the fungus

    vala just what I think "first line"
    babette7What a great summary, I would not have done better, except maybe also include brewer's yeast as a cure, and grapefruit seed extract (I did but it never used)

    About what I put in bold, I feel like it actually but I have not taken the plunge, I do not know already how yoghurt buy it because I never eat yogurt (yes I know ...) and I also can not imagine how in practice: you speak of vulvar poultice but I have already been advised to put the stuff in it altogether ....
    helen40ben me, what I would do is to spread the organic yogurt (using a certified organic yogurt in the supermarket or health food store) and to make good on a sandwich or protect panties slip washable cotton zou, properly applied "where I think"
    it must have relief just because it's cool ... I tend to leave for the evening, possibly water rinse

    by "injection" I do not know, I think it is quite possible to re-colonize from the vulva

    The grapefruit seed I have not noticed because I saw things rather contradictory, while the yogurt seems to me that biologically based ...

    yeast so, like everything that helps restore intestinal flora

    PS / HS: How can you live without eating yogurt?
    lorriebeuark ... I hate milk

    like what ...

    good in any case, the trick is to avoid the poultice Danette vanilla
    morganeJust passing ... something in the milk.

    In fact, from puberty, man digests the milk at all. For example, drink milk, thinking fight against osteoporosis is a big mistake ... because the calcium is not absorbed. it works for growth, but in adulthood, all the good things of milk, well we do not turn over, actually.
    carmel84no, actually it's not exactly that, what happens is that puberty is lost the enzyme that allowed us to metabolize lactose (milk sugar) so that the milk tends to cause illness in adults but
    1) there is a factor "ethnic" and Europeans are those who maintain the highest lactase activity
    2) there is a genetic factor, some continue to digest lactose well

    as the milk does not make you sick, no reason to deprive yourself

    in products such as cheese or yoghurt, bacteria have already done the job and lactose is not present ...

    it did not have much to do with the calcium binding

    edit spelling
    adrianne1yes-yes, that's right, lactase, etc..

    The thing that I can not know is how to determine whether it actually digests the milk, that I do not know ...

    Long live yoghurt!
    dolley164And then there's still the story that no wild animal does not drink milk as adults, and no species other than man consumes the milk of another species.

    Cow's milk is often implicated in relation to all kinds of inflammations, it leaves a little puzzled.

    In short, it's more the story of the second glass of milk as a risk factor for ovarian cancer (Sources = Milk and Lactose Intake and ovarian cancer risk in the Swedish Mammography Cohort Larsson SC, Bergkvist L, Wolk A,) .. .

    I stick to the yogurt, and I recommend soy milk to friends. (In any case, given the crap they did to the cows, I do not trust.)
    essieuh ... ben in fact, people who normally digest the more it makes them sick (alleviates diarrhea) that said, if you eat yoghurt and cheese, drinking milk is not a requirement (especially if I remember correctly, milk cooked, as in the cake, is not a problem)

    especially since you were right about one thing: the bone is mostly in their teens that constitutes it, even if it does not hurt to continue to absorb calcium
    Moreover, this observation reveals how anorexia nervosa has consequences throughout life since the privations + absorptions in large amounts of light coconut (often found in anos) that contains phosphoric acid, the that disrupts the metabolism of calcium and phospho the binding of calcium, usually portend a beautiful osteoporosis later ...
    roseann53That said, we are also one of the only species with omnivorous pigs and bears and animals domesticated by man is often drunk the milk of another species (puppies fed a cat, kitten who drinks milk cow etc ...) while I agree that it is not the majority

    regarding milk and inflammatory diseases, I am very very doubtful (already because I heard the doctors develop such theories were not reliable ... according to my criteria for me ... too bad the friend who was supposedly his chronic sinusitis milk, wheat, meat and I know what else ... which leaves very little to eat ... turned out to be quite simply allergic to smoke cigarette) and then because of what I see me in my job (immuno) I think there are many other factors that come before the milk in the onset of inflammatory diseases, hygiene already too large in which that we grow because our immune system turns against our antigens to us, for want of bacteria to their teeth, then the elimination of parasites with whom we had become accustomed to living (co-evolution of past millennia disposal for less than a century), which found an inverse proportion between parasitic infections and autoimmune diseases, then re-, metabolic disorders, obesity is an inflammatory disease by itself, given that adipose tissue produces inflammatory mediators ... and plenty of other stuff, but hey, if I have not already lost everyone, it will soon ...

    brief are a lot of parameters that seem more critical than milk (and shit in our food plays in my opinion more than the "real milk" Even though the change in milk quality as you pointed out is probably not insignificant )
    That said, eating too much soy derivatives is not without consequences, given the amount of hormone that naturally contains similar ...

    it's OK not
    antonette"I think there are many other factors that come before the milk in the onset of inflammatory diseases,

    Here, there's no photo, I necessarily agree.

    "However, consuming too much soy derivatives is not without consequences, given the amount of hormone that naturally contains similar ..."

    Possible ... I know. In fact I recommend soy milk to friends ... but I hate that! lol

    Look, I'm not proselytizing about it, but I have several cases of coughing around me who did not pass, dermatitis problems, things like that, which no treatment was to end, and resolved by day asked the doctor to try to turn to see "everything that comes from the cow," as the saying goes.
    feliciait's just my opinion
    adenaVi-vi, do not worry.
    clairin fact, that is when m'aace some medics out of widgets you like that "to punch" just because it's "fashionable" (much like the "it's in my head little lady ") without checking the most likely causes, as in the case of my friend and his allergy to cigarette ...

    later when actually there is really nothing, it costs nothing to get in things less likely ...
    kirsten460Bah ha that ...

    It still seems weird ...

    If not for milk, I digests very well yet ... I do wood never alone because otherwise I do not too.

    As for the quality of milk, you hear what by that?
    macey91kokapi, if you do not worry, you not take the head

    Quality, well let's say between raw milk from a small farm, you do yourself lovingly boiled milk and brick from an intensive livestock which are fed to cows fermented cake (which glue cirrhosis Yes, madam) in the stuffing of antibiotics ... ben is like poh ...
    ettieMaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarre of Gynecologic fouttu to bite me-and l'noeud crap IUD (intrauterine device) for women with more than 3 children
    kara1jeannette sake? kepassa?
    virginiaWhat Happened purpose ??????????
    ednah4nan nan, just a recurrent yeast infection that forced me to make an appointment with one of these Rapidos c #%!@ of gy ...

    what sucks ... "Bah, no, me there is no question that I ask ... seen the infections that you may with your IUD (intrauterine device) is the unconsciousness of you have asked!" followed by "the risk of salpingitis, when you have three kids, it will be crazy"

    and I: yet it is not what recent studies seem to say ...

    "It would appear that CA has become a fashion among some of my colleagues ... but when they have a little more experience they will understand" (me), then: ha good? As you ca women who have problems with their method?? "him ... but not in case of problems, they would be serious"

    and then the palm is when he asks me about the length and abundance of my period (5d abundance perfectly normal): I am a big smile and say "go us ... n'enjolivez ... not the picture ... "

    yeah that's grandpa, cream and your file is not shit

    <= Laughing yellow, all the same
    aleneah ... yeah, actually. nice the doctor. my poor .... I understand the feeling of it Efectis how I would feel faced with such a "specimen" ...
    thomasina0Thyme is frankly it's not heavy enough to have the IUD (intrauterine device) but then follow, bonjour!

    refarcir is all of these Zouaves pitch every time, before finding the right one, it's frustrating (I'm gonna get to go around to all the gy St Etienne, not mine!) mine, the well , wait for ages for an appointment pti
    christi8Then there is a digest of crap ... Notice that we be convinced of the benefit the Gynecologic IUD (intrauterine device), or the old fogies who does as he pleases, but not a view shared.
    jackalineJeannette, I have the coordinates of a super gynecology at Chambon, if you're interested ...
    jezebeltjs is better than nothing! I get to pv ...
    blythe6so I put the question to Martin Winckler, whether multiparas are more pregnancies with IUD (intrauterine device) that nulliparous
    According to him, absolutely no difference, the only thing that may influence the effectiveness of IUD (intrauterine device) is the model is thus a weight of numbers that is seen mostly on our strillettes multiparous pregnant biau forum
    it was finally the answer!
    lucilleGotta get lucky ... My GP just told me, smiling, "In France, you would certainly not ask ...", I have not answered that the report of this anaes this ... The gynecologist I've seen in an emergency Carabineer infection did not say anything at all, and the gynecologist later, bam, at random: one is for the IUD (intrauterine device) in nulliparous
    biddy5well I wonder if in addition there is no effect of region: when a teacher of medicine is very very stupid, it forms all students have heard the same mistakes ...

    I know that right after the doctors sutout the sepcial move a lot of area, but it must play
    alannisthe doctor's age too, it should play, if you ask me. all older than I was, properly installed in their offices and not move to the buttocks, were against me and lectured systematically (nurse, general practitioner, occupational physician, old skin of Gynecologic ...) and all the young, which in addition are working where the action (including hospitals) they kept me another speech ....
    nina3ben I say, in terms of the region Etienne, "very, very con" is an understatement

    <== Edit: market not why I added him, because it is not funny
    amethystuh, may, I want to destroy your illusions, but in 2002, when I had my first, there's a little bitch who had not even finished his internship that during a discussion at a party had jumped to groove me arguing that it was illegal to ask about IUDs nulliparous it was not possible etc ... I like not the best position to know that it was possible by having an in utero ...
    bessie101uh, may, I want to destroy your illusions, but in 2002, when I had my first, there's a little bitch who had not even finished his internship that during a discussion at a party had jumped to groove me arguing that it was illegal to ask about IUDs nulliparous it was not possible etc ... I like not the best position to know that it was possible by having an in utero ...
    hunterlol, I see, she summoned a police officer who will put you a ticket for "illegal possession of IUD (intrauterine device)"
    kenda3About Port of IUD (intrauterine device), I have a question about MRI. Do you think it's possible to pass an MRI with an IUD (intrauterine device), or is it annoying? People who have pieces of metal in the body, feel, and for some, they can not be used to this kind of analysis I think. IUD (intrauterine device) is that is too small to be a problem? Or does it have a card "bearing IUD (intrauterine device)" just in case?
    posie99Marmotton, I had my MRI this summer with my copper IUD (intrauterine device) -> no problem.
    alexisThank you May! Better to know ...
    angeyes ... I also asked, and the first thing I said to the Secretary for appointment to the doctor ^ and once there it was: "I have an IUD (intrauterine device), it could be a problem?" answer: "no no, little lady, do not worry, it in no way hinder the examination."
    flickagood questions after noon ... I have seen in Germany (where I live), you can have the device ask GyneFix (you know, a "string" of copper).
    In your opinion, is what it can cause less bleeding, as there is no "arms"? As said Chip Little, the effect remake of Queen Margot is a time ca ...
    abbigale99ben precisely, after a time he spends alone the effect "I killed my dog ​​in my bathtub" ...
    shayla347I have it on this system
    zybaroide, if you ask me. how it is? they sew??
    aimeya little hard, image ...
    eunice4And really funny.
    abbey9I found an article Belgian, they explain all good. / Articles% 20_F_.pdf [...]

    I do not understand everything. Finally though, but I can not design the thing. It's like, they'll harpoon the uterine wall, but I do not see how it is after. Mostly it just then pulling it off. Well, I see the next time I need it, but my gyneco did not propose, it must not know the place.
    adamina5sorry ...

    That said, I do not like dogs and I have a shower pan, but it sounded better with bath with shower

    Nevertheless, not my shower drains so well with the Mooncup I can assure you it's enough to turn an amateur horror movie some day ...
    joycein fact I think it is all alone you know, because ours, do not believe that the arms they hang slab, it's just placed in the uterus
    jodyBah ... is not suspended, though, is built a little to the lining, right?
    berylthere was a post about this a few months ago: there were links to images (watch the eyes) to better understand.
    A little research is needed ...
    alexa0ouch, how horrible, I just go read: there is one "hook" for me ever such a thing
    leoneVoui is anchored in the mucosa.
    Otherwise it will bar 5 minutes after, the diameter is 3mm!
    Apparently (after the article link) has a ca expulsion rate lower than that of other T-
    rio5It's a little scary huh? It's weird, the Mooncup and the IUD (intrauterine device) can be, but that I block a few too.
    bobbiefor traditional IUDs they "float" in the cavity (well, they float that much but they are not hooked, even Multiload which is said to cling, in reality it is free in the uterus .. .)

    for traditional IUDs they "float" in the cavity (well, they float that much but they are not hooked, even Multiload which is said to cling, in reality it is free in the uterus .. .)

    oh, go?? Ben had not understood it at all, I ...
    beckah8good at the same time, I say this, but if I really not stand conventional IUDs (which fortunately is not the case) I'll try anyway because I prefer to have a good shot poorly for a few minutes or even days and contraception have a real and fulfilling sex life that goes with

    but that first line, it hurts just to look at the pictures ...
    cinderella92you understand what?
    mikayla789a harpoon! oh my god ...
    and how it can take as the lining goes with RELG?
    I think I would not ...
    mistibecause it is in the myometrium (the muscular layer), while the endometrium is that at the time bar rules (that's why it sinks 1cm ... Madou, how awful )
    laurissa2Stop the fire, I am lost, I get it.
    thomasineIn any case, read the link of May, it's been like!

    no bleeding between periods, less painful and heavy rules (related to the absence of the most imposing structure in plastoc)

    me what I like most is page 4, the radio where we see the thingy that s'trimbale
    brendashoo, I recomminche (as said by Shi mi)

    IUD (intrauterine device) "normal": a device plastoc more or less in T that arises in the uterine cavity, it is pressed by the uterus but is free in the cavity

    IUD (intrauterine device) "copper wire" wire with copper washers that rope above the uterus by inserting a small hook in the muscular wall of the fundus of the uterus (which according to aryicle Belgian I read almost the entire works, by cons they do not say a word of pain as possible to the installation, I know it's intended for installers, but still it lacks, if it is pretty much say, if it hurts like ... well ...)
    posieI do not see page 4!
    bettye6Sat actually still be there whether it hurts or not to ask, I already seen how the pass can hurt, a "bite" in the back wall I do not like the idea ...
    ginger43rhaa ... yeah, I guess it's not mega top

    a big bite into the can ...

    Forum in distress seeks carrier for GyneFix Testimonials
    oonaghooh la la ... definitely, I want to ...
    emiline5at the same time, it is not marketed in France I believe, 'ask not Know ...
    orlaI do not know about you, but the picture on page 2 of the link I quoted .... sounds a bit barbaric torture devices, 'think?
    blandaJ'vois not even on page 2!
    leiaarf ... you got acrobat reader, TM? because here ....
    jael9Well, if I, or I would understand precisely.
    claramayis super interesting! we see history shapes the IUD (intrauterine device)!

    really your link, May

    diu my favorite one that is a bar, wrapped up! ouch ouch ouch! ca should kill Mr. and Mrs. PDT hugs!

    Second postion: the big S (hello the opening of the cervix, pass the spoon!)

    the mushroom at the top left is not bad either

    ps: Is it me or are those who have no copper?

    really your link, May

    Sadistic sadistic sadistic!
    philipaI pity ....
    damiana76mierda ... I had to negotiate: the first name of TM against photo! TM will, your initials and I'll put the photo of the radio on this link ....
    gwendolen3Thank you May, you will lose your love.
    But she is pretty as all the collections of pendants!
    mckayla0uh ... by the way, the huge zibouiboui spiral that ends with a verrrrry long stick ... pouviat how it be supported?
    coralie6yes, it was on the same tilt

    ben mystery tablespoon ... Hello comfort (for everyone)

    Enormous zibouiboui spiral that ends with a verrrrry long stick ...
    It's very pretty, I'm sure it's his nom de guerre of mother-tongue ...
    luxthe sort of huge ball of potatoid massage is not bad either ...
    kezia2I saw this kind of exhibition "collection" at the Museum of Man it seems, well, it's really weird.

    It is well aware of the size and especially the methods, fortunately it has evolved!

    the sort of huge ball of potatoid massage is not bad either ...
    There's a side of Paris mushrooms, a little, right?
    candiceMe, I want the ring pti (if it is flexible)

    hop, you folded, you push in the neck and ping it unfolds and hop, not bad!

    janiethere's another really makes instrument of torture: the center to the left of the two recent prox type C .... I had not liked to ask me, it ... given the width ....
    katelyn40a multipara with a large uterus, you will not remember the model of our books during SVT (well one of mine, who am ancestor ...)

    are still without copper models currently in India for example, they pose the kind of coil, which is never supposed to expire but the Pearl Index is less good than those with copper (and then there not ask me how it works probably by blocking the implantation ...) at the same time, given the size ...
    queena57a multipara with a large uterus, you will not remember the model of our books during SVT (well one of mine, who am ancestor ...)

    are still without copper models currently in India for example, they pose the kind of coil, which is never supposed to expire but the Pearl Index is less good than those with copper (and then there not ask me how it works probably by blocking the implantation ...) at the same time, given the size ...
    kestrel32the coil, not bad either ... What is the guys invented tortures like, impossible!! z'imaginez installation??
    marje6Nan but I missed the Celtic model, with the effigy tristel!
    lydiaexact! crazy, I tell you!
    adelphieor absence of copper?
    silvia9I love the round model spiral, like a weapon of ninja ...

    That said, it seems that IUDs is as old as time (stones in the beginning, golden ball at the time of Casanova ...)
    babetteand the thingy that looks like a trilobite (the kind of guitar tab giant barb to the center) as the class to pass in the neck!

    you may say that mine looks like an ice pick, well, I prefer it!
    phyllisha well it is relative, for sure!
    jesca31I confirm. Finally, the installation of our contraptions Pitis was not so painful that ... (Relatively speaking ...)
    karynThere is another factor, too. It is the evolution of the sensitivity, including Pain (incredible historical studies on diseases of certain kings who felt nothing in classical times when you would be folded in half).
    jeanetteYeah ... then, without wanting to offend uh, I believe it means. It's easy to embellish stories to the credit of the sovereign, and so on. they were probably stronger than us because poorer living conditions, but I think that the sensitivity should be the same ... just being there gives more importance ....
    donelleYes, even more emphasis, it is the sensitivity, among others. As to honor the sovereign, not ...
    lucileOf course, we are done because sissy
    1) there is a choice
    2) were grown in cotton (well, most)

    I had an absolutely fascinating course in preparation aggregated on the pain, the teacher we had already explained that it took several years to a panel of scientists for a variety to agree on the definition of pain (so if I remember, because it's still 8 years ... the basic physics, basic neural and psychological basis, I hope I forget nothing)

    he told us that it actually varies according to our education, but also in terms of our relation to certain parts of our body (not like you like your nose, if you fart you'll have the least evil or stuff this type)

    after there is the context parameter that plays, I do not know about you but I've already hurt by being in an emergency and I'm realized after ...

    the same way, at the time when I did tan skin regularly to fencing, I was less sensitive (I'm still not many, most of the time, I know how I arrived at my bleux legs for example ...)
    deanaSmall chip, you've been recognized!
    jayna9Class ...
    sheilaAnd this is what I do, my divine right of kings:
    darina[...] 22% pain

    it is confirmed, the pose hurts ...
    judy401It's funny, I quote the same article that May, but more complete version ... With more pictures. And tables on the rate of expulsion, pregnancy, withdrawal.
    In any case I did not generate as many comments!
    lydia70I just read the stuff posted by May (the other was too long, I just looked at the pretty pictures)
    and I confess that I feel like it much later of course ...
    A market in France is considered?

    And the pain is described as a sharp bite, it must go faster, right?
    normaI have read yours Marmotton

    that of May, I saw the link poh ...
    abagael5It was marketed in France and then removed from the market because no doctor will not prescribe ... Soon he'll be back?
    tilly8Pfff the French doctors, they start to get on my system!!
    keninaI look at the link Marmotton. Figure 9-11 record scared: installation of GyneFix, I feel they make our womb for a fish ...
    bithiah336, same link: we do not suspect the strength of our body, ladies. 'll call it "the weaker sex "!!!!!
    sheree4My mother always said it was just pa the weaker sex, because in an ordinary life, it gives birth. While our men, if they lead an ordinary life these days, they have nothing to compare ...
    kristy371I pity those who have no access to these wonderful pictures ....

    Legend: deformation of the arm of a T-shaped pattern due to incompatibility with the uterine cavity. (It's a corner in the mouth ...)

    or how to get harpooned by her gynecologist ....
    isadora2it's nice all the little pictures in the morning
    polly39Bha ha, it's good tell me!
    larkis not it?
    laurena49hs: How do you do to put pictures like that?
    gayeben ... (I'll reveal my secret?) ... I make a screenshot of the pdf, I reworked on imaging software, then insert into the editor via learned response (attach a picture ...)
    nellaFortich, May! I am no computer too.

    I went through a quick article on GyneFix ... bah anyway I prefer the IUD (intrauterine device) (I'm asking in a month!)

    Maybe later, when I matured
    ailee07ha, it is by "attach photo" I tried it once ... not work ...
    joannemay be related to the size of the image you wanted to. is limited.
    hadassa1Otherwise you can also set address-url-of-your-image
    augustaI create another TFW's topics, but I thought you had to have the answers to my questions (I confess I have not had the courage to read only the first 3 and last 3 pages of topics there , then the answer is probably hiding somewhere in between)
    then here, hormonal contraception does not work on me, and I prefer to wait for a baby, and then for the same reasons that make that company pill and does not work with me, baby surprise not a good idea at all at all (risk to her health)
    I would therefore like to insert an IUD (intrauterine device), but I have always been regular as a clock, cycles with very abundant and very painful, a retroverted uterus, and cervical mucus also abundant (I understand why it does not work for my bank account, all this abundance), and suddenly said, it will not m'augmenter core in the pain and the abundance of my period?
    delila6Tough question ...
    It is possible that it increases the pain, the length and abundance. At least at first. But it is also possible that it does not make a difference to know you have to try.
    Sorry not more specific answer ... pouoir
    antoniaI plussoie:
    it is possible that it does not worsen your case ... (Usually revert cycles as they were before)

    qq in case it is over-abundant ...

    for retroversion and mucus, it has nothing to do ...
    amyTo retroverted No, this is not a cons-indication.

    By cons, we can not say that the mucus had "nothing to do" ... Ever since I have an IUD (intrauterine device) I lose a heck of a lot of mucus ...

    In fact, this month, as it starts to get tired of these mucus, I decided to count ... Since my period started on August 30, I at least every day lost "something" ... It seems to me that this is the first time that it lasts as long
    Yet it's been 16 months that I have my IUD (intrauterine device), so do not tell me it calms down over time, I rather feel that it gets worse
    azura5you lose blood or mucus?

    I noticed that my blood it's calmed down over time

    phlegm for me I not notice any difference before / after IUD (intrauterine device) but it was a long time that I was more in hormone when I had my first IUD (intrauterine device) so I vraimeent compare with "au naturel" ...

    but otherwise Tifenn indeed one way to find out: try

    knowing that they must wait several months to find its "cruising speed" with the IUD (intrauterine device)
    felicia68For phlegm, I note a big difference, and since I have never been on the pill, I compare with the natural as well. The filaments are fine (yum) for ten days. While no IUD (intrauterine device), nothing.
    However my rules back to normal (after 5 months) and that's class!

    I have mucus-Bon Apptit - but no more ...
    I was so dry that a pill is not difficult to be more "wet"!
    aniseYou were dried in pill Choup? Me is the monsoon season (good frighten course!)
    I hope it will not be worse with the IUD (intrauterine device). I see her, for I am determined to have one! Thank you girls!
    joceline7Hello world!
    I was looking for another method of birth control pills to me that my line of bad nausea when I thought the IUD (intrauterine device) .. bizare me it does not even occurred to me before. All your testimony encouraged me to take the plunge and tomorrow I talk to my gynecologist because I really can not stand any more pills.

    I do not know if it was mentioned somewhere but I like to know the average cost of an intrauterine device (if it is repaid or anything .. may be a silly question but I really have no idea)

    and if having ovarian cysts can be a cons-indication.

    ^ ^ That this is despite the fright at the sight of mini harpoon .. gloups .. I think it's really something to try .. With all the piercings that I'm done, I hope it's not what I will succeed in turning the eye lol
    doloresSweet Yume: a copper IUD (intrauterine device) costs thirty euros is refunded 100% if you have a mutual respect to "spear", it is found only on one type of IUD (intrauterine device) that is not marketed in France ... So you will have the right "to" a T that floats in the womb
    For ovarian cysts do not know

    Pucepetite: it is not blood but a lot of mucus that I lose ... And I also compares with the natural since I stopped taking the pill for eight months at the IUD (intrauterine device) (and I had taken the pill seven months, I had never seen one before mucus).
    The rules have certainly shortened since the installation of the gadget, I have less spotting, for against the mucus I suspect that it degrades ... It does not bother me unduly, but I wish it stabilizes a bit ...
    rita17while according to some stuff I read is the thread that affects the neck that causes the mucus ...

    yume to cysts the problem is not the IUD (intrauterine device) (which will not change that) but that no pill they develop further, one solution, try

    chip petiteyume for cysts the problem is not the IUD (intrauterine device) (which will not change that) but that no pill they develop further, one solution, try

    I plussoie: I occasionally functional cysts .. they are always left all alone (no pills) and you can not know ...

    when the ovaries are working, they work sometimes too!
    serinathank you!
    So I talk to my gynecologist, I must see him in mid-January (but hey, by then I move, I hope to find a good one)
    What worries me is that my current gynecologist looked very happy with the mucus, to him it was fine after they are supposed to be like "egg whites" and abundant in ovulating like meinnes always come at the same time that I was spare, he told me it was very good, as Apparently, it was a sign that all was well, and combined with my regular .... ect ect, in short all those little things for which I speak is added to each other will at first seen, I will have no trouble getting pregnant, and he was happy, yet I came to a contraception, and after it bein m'assurre that yes, my pill must operate at 50% and still not enciron during the period of ovulation nor the rules, so in fact, I stopped the pill (why eat the chemical every day even if it works it) and I hope the next time down a gynecologist who is willing to put me an IUD (intrauterine device), and above all, do not tell me that I can get pregnant all the time with what he give me all pleased with himself
    damiathank you!
    So I talk to my gynecologist, I must see him in mid-January (but hey, by then I move, I hope to find a good one)
    What worries me is that my current gynecologist looked very happy with the mucus, to him it was fine after they are supposed to be like "egg whites" and abundant in ovulating like meinnes always come at the same time that I was spare, he told me it was very good, as Apparently, it was a sign that all was well, and combined with my regular .... ect ect, in short all those little things for which I speak is added to each other will at first seen, I will have no trouble getting pregnant, and he was happy, yet I came to a contraception, and after it bein m'assurre that yes, my pill must operate at 50% and still not enciron during the period of ovulation nor the rules, so in fact, I stopped the pill (why eat the chemical every day even if it works it) and I hope the next time down a gynecologist who is willing to put me an IUD (intrauterine device), and above all, do not tell me that I can get pregnant all the time with what he give me all pleased with himself
    sheryllcest like me, jai was so dry in my phlegm pill jadore now
    I know that at one point in the cycle (after ovulation I think) jen did not hurt, but I do not look too much into the timing and everything then jai not afford to say exactly when cest!
    if not for my abundance of rules, cest sure it runs OK but cest not the river, even after only 4 months of IUD (intrauterine device) and 2 cycles since.
    no pain and no hard rules that 10 days, my ca dailleurs Surprised because my 2nd cycle ca lasted 6 days, so yay
    ohndriaben is a shame because it is from the first day of "mucus" that you calculate the date of your period (14 days in general)
    dandrenorbein is precisely the question that has already arisen several times to know what day of ovulation mucus accounted for!

    It is therefore the first that takes place ovulation?
    becci92For the calculation, it is for each woman to find his thing.

    I know that from the first day of losses start to become egg white, hop! I count 15 days and bing! banco

    ready with a few exceptions, it works good, after the natural You know what is ... not an exact science (this month, my periods were plotted after 8 days)
    laurenciaI usually EST from the 3rd day of mucus that came 15 days after EST .... finally at the same time that jai had 2 cycles ... and right now jai of any small mucus, then jen know .. . I know where to head!
    in fact I calculate 21 days after my period when Larret are supposed to drop the next, and if it falls on bin jme say the jai ovulate 15 days before and voila
    deliciaWaiii! Ah ba great while, it's really the only thing that scared me! lol
    renie57Ok so there's no real rule ...

    I have not really found a way to know exactly but every time it looks like it's my instinct that worked because of a sudden I thought, 'look, but it would not be an ovulation "and c' True, two weeks after it fell ...

    The mucus actually spread over a few days so it's not obvious, and I also have little pain in the ovary, but that it also can occur several days. So there is a time when my brain told me it today! (If it's not magic ...!)
    cheryl2me it is a single ovary that I explain that the knife he had just received is not necessarily so funny ...

    I am terrified by against by your gynecologist Tifenn, it tells you that "oh yeah, your pill must walk only 50%" and you actually have symptoms of ovulation and it offers you nothing else! but what is the glan unfit!
    catharineI also hallucinated ....

    I also have coat pil hours of ovulation: it is those in which I look at any male from 20 to 50 years old, drooling and filled with lustful thoughts ....

    actually, once identified, the rules come like a 'days (even if j'ovule tot)
    mandi03Uh ... I drool on my boyfriend, and the limit of 20 males and 30 years, but not beyond, there are limits anyway!
    livvy085rho I'm not agree ... none has as much class and is as sexy as Sean Connery!
    staceeit's nice to reassure me, so my gynecologist is not always futfut, not me as a hopeless case. but to defend it, it is still very nice and very very soft, and then ..... he still save the lives of my sister when she give birth, if he had not eter there and who to fuck off normally dealt with my sister, she would be there (the pass was not dilatte at all, but 4 pounds baby completemetn start, she lost all his blood, he had to use forceps to rerentrer the baby inside and do a caesarean) so it is not all zero while anyway, but it does not matter, since I'm going to change, and if possible find a pro in nulliparous IUD (intrauterine device), a read is a rare species.
    lillyrare, but we hope in the process of developing
    lashawn6Yeah, okay it may be hard for babies, but to prevent them from making babies is not an arrow, if you find yourself having to do an abortion because of him, I reckon you're going much less love!

    Moreover, by the way, if you are made only to condoms, it is advisable to have with you a box of NorLevo "in case", it avoids run after the pharmacy open on a Sunday morning after cracking ...
    rosaleenyou're right little smart for two things, first I will try to find a gynecologist obstetrician who is not at the same time, or at least one woman (she will understand better now TFW) and norvelo is counter? and it cost roughly how much? because it is true that it's not stupid at all is better now and not have to be to use than the reverse.
    lysannec-counter yes, but I have no idea the price ... there is in every pharmacy!
    jess62NorLevo is the counter and costs about 7-8
    I'm not sure a woman is better (me is a girl who left me without telling me and contraception to 23 years it was time I think of making momes that said she was also " fertilologue "so I think they were more interested than trying to make babies than those who were trying not to ...)
    in terms of finding the right gyneco tjrs is not obvious ... but my personal experience (and parents' doctors) told me that if the contact does not do not hesitate to change it! AC and attention to hygiene, of course ...
    unity773Okay so instead of writing "up", I tell you my second cycle

    First cycle 28J knowing that before any contraception they were 30/31 ...

    Second cycle, rules a little painful but not need to take medoc for now
    By cons ... much more abundant than C1.

    That voilou!!
    For now still very happy to have changed contraceptive method by making me ask the second IUD (intrauterine device)
    harriettaBe myself I do my little way with my IUD (intrauterine device), we will soon celebrate our one year .. I do not know what I reserve for the occasion.

    I always feel when I come to run it gives me a lot but it made its presence felt as if I did not like hounds.

    Apart from that the same thing in the rules? after a surge in abundance, I feel that it has calmed down when my last period .... I hope it will continue this trend.
    bluebellkokapi, your IUD (intrauterine device) may be haunted

    ok ok, I'll men .... wait my next rules should tumble tomorrow .... saw the headache that jme tape!
    olivia086in terms of feel, I do not know at the end of e combiend time I stopped feeling the first, second, I feel it still regularly (but hey it's only 3 months)

    after if it's not bad, I think you just take your part ... it's still not as bad as the secondary hormones EFET
    kell17up to lucileh

    (And you as close to a cuckoo hen ptites)
    stormy876and voila, quest javais what say? my rules that have tumbled this morning around 8 am, and as javais too lazy to get up, jai waited until 10:30 to get up and what do I see? a large flow of blood on my underwear protected! Then I'm off to the bathroom to put a pad normal to go take my little bf before taking a shower and put all the appropriate steps for the first day (Mooncup ...) and jai just had time to stick my towel slip to the bottom of a wave invades the blood, and I promise you that I've seen my blood flowing like a huge bleeding! the towel was full to bursting in less than a minute, and jai's run to get another one for "transferring"

    and it stopped ... I think it jai accumulate a lot of blood while I did not get up .... and this is what happens! In any case, eyeGO to take me a lil bit dibuprofene, ca jcrois that will not hurt me: /
    otherwise the first day with no real pain, it takes a little longer but

    beginning of the third cycle with a bang
    and the day n'st not finished .....
    sableyes it tjs a bit surprising to see you you "dump" of your blood line, a large droplets and without Thee all this took a burst of machine gun ...(.. uh .. not bad)
    tierraYes bein the moral of the story is that you need not be slacker and trainer in bed
    flossie18Huhu effect niagara falls fat mat post it happened to me many times ... and even before the IUD (intrauterine device), before I "discovered" that could be gorging ibuprofen. And I find this glamorous with the IUD (intrauterine device), I'm too happy.
    bridgetI stuff myself not ibuprofen, my gygy prescribed me a medoc (exacyl) to decrease the flow and I must say it works pretty well
    rethaYou have all the great doctors prescribe you stuff well.

    By the way, you return every six months at the gynecologist to monitor the IUD (intrauterine device) or annually, or less?

    You think the smear is required every six months?
    celandine97I see her in May / June, I am asking the IUD (intrauterine device) in late July, I saw her start in September for the monitoring visits and when I see her she will probably smear, most recently in February.
    harrietta4ben eprso I returned six weeks after installation (ie in July 2005) and since I'm back .. he told me to come back if I had a concern hopefully ms com ..

    smears every 6 months? nan, the smear is at best a year and "worst" one every 2 / 3 years ..
    finella85ha yes, I had heard from a certain gynecological smear it every six months ....
    kestrel39they are crazy .. and then it is for patients in whom the lesiosn were dectectes ..

    What is the female population affected by the smear?

    Every woman from sex until about 65-70 years, and if the doctor recommends, is imperative to have a Pap smear once a year because it can detect a possible cancer of the cervix in a early stage (precancerous lesions), where effective treatment can be implemented with a 100% cure.
    In the absence of abnormality on two consecutive smears, and in case of negative HPV test (see HPV), a rate review every two or three years may be considered sufficient. / faq_gal_f.html # Q18
    tilda95Thank you very much ... to believe that I got really into cases ... I always learn best about them .......
    krysten99cest crazy as the flow increased for the 3rd cycle! cest really nimporte first time under which the IUD (intrauterine device) .... as the first 2 ctait not death, but it's true Niagara Falls!
    jai not even an hour's respite with my Mooncup! then to go to college this aprem ctait folk! During an hour of quiet, then as the coup javais PROVIDED javais put a towel "normal +" and jai ben well done! When I went home ctait still packed!

    jai a compet 'tonight jme wonder how I'll do .... Ive already taken ibuprofen to 2 hours laprem, eyeGO back in before leaving for the evening .. I know if it is a much home since javais never taken before ca for the rules, so we'll see!

    jai and fortunately not a stomach ache as much as I bleed!
    josepha14This is because it is the same as mine gynecologist, she was prescribed the same
    chonsie2smears every 6 months, no absolutely not

    check every 6 months or every year ... yes

    me it's every 6 months
    diamandaRe-hello the meuffetes!

    I say re-because I have already made a brief appearance on the topic Mooncup, where there are quite the same here! (This is a club?)

    So, again I typed while reading the topic, thinking big in IUD (intrauterine device)! I am a woman with hormones right now, and certainly it is very nice to forget the rules, anyway, I suspect this s ****, although "low-dose" for making me gain more weight than average, and help destock the past year I eat diet and play sports, no effect!

    In addition, I'm a little soule to swallow it all every day, I who converted to organic! (It's well worth it)

    If I add the legs from the 2003 heatwave, it's perfect table!

    However, I fear very painful periods (I took the pill later, at 23, so I know my cycles, and it was not joy) but now, 5 years of pill, I think it starts to do a lot!

    This is now my questions ...

    In short, I will keep you informed of my installation (or not) of copper!

    Otherwise, HS, for milk, I tried not to drink last summer, for me it was conclusive: under "Knackered" during the day, I was subject to it ... I believe that without bear bad, I found it still hard to digest, which "noise" a bit of my energy ...
    Those who question can always try ... finally we live very well without, now I'm going!
    (But not the cheese is fermented, it's different and it's cultural, miaaam!)
    ronaldaI am asking the IUD (intrauterine device) mirena early July and I ask myself a question?

    Can you get pregnant with?

    I no longer have my period since early August, so far so good ... But for several mornings, I am nauseated

    Knowing that my gynae did not controlled the installation?
    linnwhether or not you have a doubt, the best is to do a pregnancy test. Then, nothing prevents you to make an appointment with your gynae for inspection

    what you feel is the son in the neck? If so, it is up Normalmente
    tamelaSmall chip, do not you think it would be possible to change the title of the post in "All About the IUD (intrauterine device) (IUD (intrauterine device) =)"?
    Many women who come here do not know that an IUD (intrauterine device) IUD (intrauterine device), and may be it improves the results of the search function also ...
    Here, if possible, and you have time, it would be nice!
    anneit's true that in my little ignorant I am, at the beginning I believed that IUD (intrauterine device) IUD (intrauterine device) He was a new generation that ctait those who could ask nulipare ca sappel and IUDs, and yavais distinguish between IUD (intrauterine device) and IUD (intrauterine device) but right after moultes research jai ctait understand that the same thing

    if not for my 3rd cycle, falling 21 days after my battery last period, so jsuis For now rather well regulated (except that jai has skipped a cycle in summer ...) but against jai had a lil bit more tummy and back Nothing catastrophic, but Labondie the first day was haemorrhagic! the 2nd day too, but jai noted a small decrease in the flow, then it has been, jen am on the 4th day, it's going to almost nothing, normally the end should be tomorrow if AC follows the same course as the last cycle.

    something to be happy as IUDs or IUD (intrauterine device)
    Long live the natural
    adison91C is for making up this topic.
    J have the Mirena since May 30 Since j I bled a little in July, many in August and early septembre.Pause up to Sunday or bleeding resumed!
    And that my gyneco m promised that I would have no more rules for 3 years! 'll Kill him!
    aisling417Minas, be patient ... it takes 6 months for ca ... fits is a long but sometimes it's worth
    eileenMinas, be patient ... it takes 6 months for ca ... fits is a long but sometimes it's worth
    aerynnI made an appointment with the gynecologist (the medical secretary "nulliquoi? - Forget it, I will ask the doctor ...")
    In short, I touch him in two words!

    Otherwise, it's official:



    Hello Doctor!

    First of all thank you and congratulations for your book and this site!

    I plan, nulliparous, to make me ask a copper IUD (intrauterine device).
    My question may be stupid, but I just started yoga, and postures have a total abdominal flexion: there is there is no risk of the move? It bothers me? Or that I do wrong?

    Your answer n'urge not, but thank you to do so, even briefly, it would reassure me!

    Good day!

    Not, a priori, there is no problem. The IUD (intrauterine device) is flexible plastic, you see. If your uterus is bent (which I think is difficult, because it is very small, the uterus), it would bend too, inside ...
    So you can ask to do without fear.
    Martin W.

    [Mode groupie] Dr. rponduuuuuuu me it! [/ End]
    PS: wake-up call for those who do not know yet Winckler blog! (Ah that click!)
    avalon82our little discussion of it would be prescient because in 2d I ruined two mattress covers and two strings! and even the best detachment from the world did not come to the end ... PS do ****!!

    fucking ragnagna

    jsuis me at the end of rules, ca sdevrait be the last day, except that the jsens ptites contractions, pain ptites rules, but jtrouve ca ca suspicious that appears at the end of rules!

    my son will go and check tomorrow .... I would not jlexpulse now! jpense not cest not the first time it marrive, but still!
    joleen97Hello girls, I have not read everything and can you ever been asked ... can you remove a coil outside the rules. If I ask this is that I have never been resolved normally and then I want a second child. I just had my gynecologist's secretary who said she remember because it must check with her.
    I wear mirena and am no longer set the withdrawal how this happens? and what he is faster than the installation? is it painful?
    thank you for your answers
    ormondayes of course you can remove it rules out
    it is advisable to remove it during your period if you want to stand in another, and if the son is no longer apparent, if your son is toujorus there is a breeze, it takes the son with a tweezers and pull it zou, released
    caltha55Thank you smart little tomorrow but I remember because she had to remind myself this evening and it does not.
    Another question I have not had any problems for my daughter I wonder if after the IUD (intrauterine device) it can be quick because I will like to be born before the holidays and especially not in the classroom for the start of my daughter .
    dalilahthat's totally unpredictable ...
    gennieI always thank you vera is then
    skyeAnd yes, I bleed just that since it raises the IUD (intrauterine device)! In August, ca been a disaster! J I had bleeding like my General was obliged to give me iron.
    J have managed to get a RDV.Sauf as mid September, bleeding arts.Je do have a job which is really tiring, I can not stop me permetre m.
    D or my anxiety since returned, loss, dizziness and stomach word! Thank you for m listen!
    afrikahoauis, after 4 me ...

    asessay cure you of ibuprofen?

    you bleed "floating" or it's spoting?

    may be you should move to copper!
    allieJ am towels + + +, I change at least once a night and 2 times the day.
    In bleeding, there was pieces of flesh.
    Sorry for its details.
    belyndain my opinion, you do remove and you do ask a copper ... I think that after four months you can assume that you do not support well
    pearlieOh la la Minas
    Poor. I concur with the small chip shot, I thought you'd rather the spotting, but the.
    Good luck, keep us posted.
    harmonyminas: I understand you to be at the end!

    you have contacted your gynae to see?
    since then, four months like that, it serious drunk!
    geniaAnd yes as you say!
    J have an appointment for 18 octobre.J hopes that it will stop it.
    Thank you girls! You are great!
    melisa25minas, you can already go see your GP and ask him to prescribe you spotof or equivalent, which very effectively reduces blood loss. I got it as a cure at the time when I had bleeding rules. if you can, ask him the bulbs rather than the tablets, the tablets aprce ... eurk ... give really want to vomit.
    gyneth28D agreement thank you.
    sissieI have nothing special to say today, only that I find you all very cool, girls! You are listening to others and it's really nice!

    Otherwise, more than 16 days before the break of my first IUD (intrauterine device). I can not wait!

    adrieYes this forum is great!
    jeanette5Hello girls

    Appointment Tuesday night to pray for the removal of mirena and those without the rules ... you think I have vai bad?
    aleennot necessarily, but as a precaution you can take a good old tjs spafon before you go (approx.3 / 4 hours before)

    For removal you cough a good shot and when you stop ... there is more than IUD (intrauterine device) and you do not feel it move
    ettieWe think of you on Tuesday night, Mag!

    Otherwise, for information, the magazine of the health of France 5, 1:40 p.m. today will present a topic on the coil (for those so inclined). I'll watch, of course.
    And they talk about the G-spot heading into gender.
    Notice to amateurs (and amateurs).
    colene772Mici Sakaki!
    You should open a discussion over just because of this post are generally not (unfortunately) that IUDs can be so indecisive that would be interested

    Thank you anyway -> I will look
    pearlieI hope they will talk a bit more than the last time (1 min stopwatch in hand ..)>> not really enough to get an opinion ..
    jaymaI hope so too!!

    I will look for you of course do a small report (for those who are working)!
    marylou94Sakaki, I created the discussion
    maeva87Again thank you very much Amelie 171!
    I had not thought of, and I'm a little quiche computer and more.

    I knew we could count on you!
    ciera63alllez zouuu, we go back to the heights ...

    minas, what's on your side?
    silverNot too high tops please!
    For me, nothing new. The bleeding air to calm down. (M already did it in August). But are still there, with debris.
    M my GP has said that from the moment I see the gyneco 18, better wait until l.j have the right to tardyferon (if I may quote). For the moment.
    Begins to be punctured me.
    ivah866It is clear that with the loss of blood, for just a few that you have iron deficiency, it is better safe than sorry ...
    thank you for all that information. the concern is that I got my period two days after removal, and after symptoms such as: nausea, breast tension and pain a lot of fatigue. I did a blood test was negative. I got my period 40 days after the last. I have had since 20/09 and 1 week jai denouveau my breasts tight, nausea + + + with hot flashes and very sleepy. the night I wake up 2 to 3 times.
    thank you to tell me whether it was part of the side effects after removing an IUD (intrauterine device). any time if you can.
    celestine97It is a hormonal IUD (intrauterine device) that you had?
    If so, this is normal.
    kadence155Hello to all

    I have a question and think the right place to ask:

    I got the IUD (intrauterine device) put Nova in August, I had my period two days later and spotting for 15d, but since then nothing.

    Let me explain, I have a son 10 months that I was easily 4 months after stopping the pill, the 1st 2 cycles were about thirty days. I am somewhat surprised not to ever have anything, I occasionally small pain in the uterus but otherwise no specific symptoms compared to my pregnancy.

    I do not know what to think, do you have examples of persons to whom it happened?

    Thank you for your help
    merlaJust before moving to Nova contrapcetion you had a hormone?

    If so, after stopping and switching to copper IUD (intrauterine device), it is normal to have a little irregulliers cycles (the tps as your body regains its stride without synthetic hormones)

    That said, if you are irregular in normal tps (without hormones) will probably ca tjs copper IUD (intrauterine device) in the case ..

    if you have big doubts, the best thing to do a pregnancy test to spare you any unnecessary flip
    starr997Hello girls,

    Petitepuce and Marmotton, I would like to post here because you have the answers last week and this post is centered on the IUD (intrauterine device) and it seemed unnecessary to create another ...

    I came to ask for advice mid setptembre following the laying of copper IUD (intrauterine device) I suffered a lot because I like ... Well since I posted to say that it was much better I was quite pleased, and I ended by not thinking about my IUD (intrauterine device).

    2 times, including last for 4 or 5 hours, I was taking pain I target to the left ovary, it looks like a pinch or a ultra tough that I feel something wrong in there ... ca is 30 sec / 1 min and the pain goes down to the thigh and back almost to the coast ... and it starts 5 / 10 min after ... I do not be cozy, but I confess that I have had very very bad and I wonder if that too is because of my IUD (intrauterine device) (placed on 9/12/06) and if this pain will persist because frankly I'm happy to pass ...

    PS: I assume you ovulate the past week (pain reds Sunday 1 / 10 and the loss galore 3 days)

    Can you enlighten me?

    maryBefore the IUD (intrauterine device) I was on the pill, but normally I have very regular cycles, that's what's weird.

    I'll wait a bit and if still nothing, I will do a test.

    Thank you for your answer
    alphonsinejuliebou, your pain is every day or just once?
    because it resembles an ovulation pain that you describe ...
    cilla89Good evening juliebou,
    I've had very sharp pains like this within 2 months after installation, at the beginning I went to the gyneco many times, then I drop, I relaxed, and it Password ...
    If true it persists, go see your gyneco to check if it is in place, and also that you have no infection.
    The explanation given was that she had the entire abdominal area after installation is tense, sensitive, and that the coup normal events are amplified and therefore visible (eg, stress-induced contractions are normally not little or felt, but with an IUD (intrauterine device), we note the very least ... me).
    Good luck
    tahneeJust one word.
    I have to make a very big plus regime, because of my intestins.En are excluded, except for meat all that give me the iron, vegetables, dry vegetables etc..
    What surprises me in all this, c is that even with the pill j had bleeding during cycle.Mais never like this.
    Girls you rock! Your help is greatly appreciated!
    lilacI think the case is heard: you bear quite simply not the hormones ...
    jillie309Hello girls,

    Come only to see your messages (over the internet right now at home, so it's connection to the office ...)

    That pain came on several occasions but not all jours.C is true that I asked the question on ovulation but I think I ovulated last week to the 1 or October 2, j ' I had pain like reds coming, pinching to gche and right but were widely supported, and the mucus that come with many charming ... while the pain I'm talking about so it was Sunday, October 8 1 week after my ovulation and it was only the next level and gche instensit was more powerful 10 ...

    No but I think as you say it's either that ovulation has been slow to start or in the words Marmotton is still a sensitive area and therefore we feel the more things ...

    I'm sorry with my questions ... but it was going so well for 15 days ... and then boom! It's been super bad ... And frankly, if it is indeed the ovulation, I know if I'll stand it every month ...

    Thank you girls
    delphineWe support it because it does not stay like that, exactly.
    I am among those who have suffered a pose and the following weeks, was in late April, and all side effects to calm down since. I am not yet returned to normal (for me), but it takes the path.
    My first month in IUD (intrauterine device) has been very painful, and I'll be kidnapped if the following months have been just as painful.
    asceline27Yes I guess I'll wait already my visit, if RAS I still receive a word gygy, and if still nothing serious, I give myself another 2 or 3 cycles to see ...

    thank you
    dindraneYou're welcome.
    Feel free to let us know of changes, nothing to talk about it feels good (you have noted yourself)!
    primrose4hello to all!
    That's it, I have my IUD (intrauterine device)! And I'm so happy that I have to talk to someone. and as I dare not shout it over the roofs and here I am entourree girls with the same kinds of stories, well ... Here is what
    So it went very well. I swallowed and buscopan Novalgin before you go, the gy has any disinfectant and is a local anesthetic on the cervix, it was just because the time it acts (and a little de-stress for me too ...). then "cough two times" and it was done! echo control fast, before installation to make sure everything goes well, after to verify that everything is in its place. it is verified that I do not vagal, I want on my legs, then back home! retain buscopan on hand in case of cramps, and control within 2 months.
    well, it's clear that it is not pleasant, but we feel that the moment he puts the collar IUD (intrauterine device), after it! and taking a deep breath slow and deep, well the cramp goes alone. by cons, I was still glad not to work after the appointment! nothing that 10 minutes of walking to go home, even way back when I had cramps, I could not stand all day ... Pain is still a very tolerable, dull deep etr, style premenstrual.
    for the rest, well I just wanted to thank you for all your advice: first, it helps to read testimonials before the jump, then I had done well to take towels with me! It's been 2 months I had more losses at all (thank you BELARA), and, two hours after installation, I started to bleed.
    Here is what finally. for now all is well, and I'm thrilled!

    happy for you!

    I do not vagal, I want on my legs, then back home!

    Me too happy that everything is just fine.
    perlieand more equipped with its satellite dish, a ..
    annamariaand more equipped with its satellite dish, a ..
    millyAs Cosmic!
    One +!
    Say, you have the cable you

    OK I go ...
    lori8I capture evil ds qd I spend the tunnels .. ok I'm off to eat ..

    and more equipped with its satellite dish, a ..
    If only it could also serve as a pick me something other than the TF1 tele ... Note, if no TV, there is something else to look ...!
    juliannaben Speaking of that, it's been weeks since qqes my libido is at about the level of daisies ... it's a sad (I mean at the same tps, qd we often take the tere with her man , ca help bcp not get better pr ..)
    abegailsatellite dish!
    topsie(C'mon let off steam like you:)
    unice28Kazajo too well!
    I get mine put on 20, there! I will tell you, it'll be a witness again. In any case I hope that everything will go as well for me and for you. But I can not wait!

    Kazajo? What is your IUD (intrauterine device) as "brand"? (Just to know)

    Yes, I know, I say a little too far
    charis3To sum up:
    Cosmic is a Nova T 200 I think
    Jeanne a UT 380 short
    May I do not know
    Me 380 NT

    and others I know
    rosa48And before I had a mirena
    mariah62UT 380 short as Jeanne.
    jobeth3and a small chip to Gynell (see avatar!)
    genette0Voui but ze remember the name
    pennyAnd me ... FEMEN
    The first is that what it's for real (french equivalent) won ... Ben anything. It's part of the enrichment of the general culture.
    lily2UT380short me. but as I went to my gy in Belgium do arise, I feared nothing for the T200!
    I had gone to Lille in planning, I came away quite disappointed ... gy on the bottom tells me that my 3 months of the amenhoree concern (BELARA me in, no one can be forgotten except on the last plate), and I need to do urine test within a week (except that my last report a risk of dating one week) ... short, I prefer to do 2 hours drive and return to Belgium!
    Other than that if all goes well. no pain, I do not feel anything, c perfect! I have my period for 3 days, and as curious as it may seem, well, I really do not recover the normal flow, I missed the pill actually! normal amount I guess, or at least not alarming. It's been so long I just forget what it was like before the pill ... Now I expect to finish ca, and especially to see when the next fall, the real!
    mara5375 cu .... Multiload?

    180 ..................
    aliseHaaa, M'oiselle Jeanne did a search ... I correct, I have deceived me, IT WAS 160.
    But the price has more to do with the decision of the German government debile to refund any contraception beyond 18 years. Sometimes we would do more babies, the coup. It works not their thing. I would like information on the abortion rate here.
    lacie636ou I won what??

    in fact, on the net, I made the connection with the rate of copper (the only 375 Multiload is too easy) and also seen the price that went with it (thank you google) ... same here, outstanding, what the gross price is 27 is better to buy in France ... (And do ask also, for that matter)
    jayde24and if we launch ds IUDs contraband, like the fags ...??
    pamCosmicblue, I agree to smuggle ... But for me it's too late.
    M'oiselle and Jeanne, winner of the contest or you are the only participant, you win ... My eternal gratitude? To bed less stupid tonight??
    Oh, and for the purchase and installation in France, not easy ... I'm not often! And if in addition I must seek a gyneco agree to do ...
    caelieMarmotton worry, it also provides the installation with Jeannette ...
    sloane792Yeah, me chui specialist neck opening
    imogen82HAAA * runs away *
    Nah, I do not want. Worse would you make the trip to my home, I'm gonna calm.
    Hem, and if you boss? No?
    helainejust ben! and worse still would be a good week to make sure you're recovering well

    Hmmmm ... you're right ...

    go, j'm'y is:
    chris64Good idea smuggling! To ask how you would take mine? And it paid off by the safety?

    For against (not angry with me, Jeannette) I was nervous about your skills for "open" collar ... Scary! lol

    I think ultimately I prefer to wait until 20
    monna8Hey, you!

    What is this avatar ????????
    Come on, hop:
    valorieIt's true that I prefer one that also has sun
    dido0yes and no ... ben sf is so not me

    good, chui not blonde either and I do not 2m high but the Tolkien universe, it's more me, even when

    Mode rebel
    licia7This is a joke

    You think I look like I was a mouse

    Crossing at night??

    alicaesse, passing by at night, it happens (I'm not at home)
    jorja0Are you a night of Lyon I suppose
    Ze know it happens to you but like me, not often
    portiaYour avatar is pretty M'oiselle Jeanne.
    But I confess that I put a little time before dipping it was you (I say this to you not change it, huh?)

    Rho, what it is long in the thinking-Sakaki!
    monika7Nova T 200

    I get good long after the battle, but I work my
    lesleighit is true that the change of avatar made me too bizarre ... ca me curiously and less disturbed when amelie fell from the ring with the mouse! bp can be a pseudo ... Moisel jeanne is too gaston!
    well I leave you, I finished work, I go back to we cheri!

    I actually toured the avatars mzelle jeanne "findable" on the net

    Because expects the new Titus, not what you know ... that before, not only had not the avatars here (except que'affiche sun above, which was learned on my first) ..... but in addition, I had not even pseudo!
    Long live the change! low routine!
    seona5If you entrust your real avatar I not balance your old nickname!

    No but it's true, I noticed yesterday by doing a search that are found almost no pictures on the net m'oiselle Jeanne ... And all my albums have stayed with my parents so I can not scan do not care, I will redeem all

    blythe37Well, that's my case: nulliparous, I got a TT380 asked 18 months ago. All was well until last week when, lorsd'un appointment control, my gynecologist told me that he is no longer in the womb but slipped in the neck. Big, big disappointment because we had to remove it. I retry my luck with another model which I have never heard of: MLCu 375 and has a weird shape with teeth on the sides, according to my gynecologist, he should take better into the uterus. For cons, I saw on the site of Winkler, it results in larger rules. So I this morning: the installation was less worse than the last time, just pain and cramping in passing: it must be said that given my state of stress when my gynecologist told me that she would take away the old one and get over it, I blanched tellem she prescribed me the cytotec exomil and to open up the pass.
    For now RAS, very few pain bearable.
    My fingers are crossed hoping that I would keep it well otherwise, is prohibited from any form of pills following a pulmonary embolism, I would not have birth control out external possible.
    Some of you have this model they MLCu 375, and if so, what do you think?
    Good day to all.
    rahab01I have one myself, but since "only" 6 months. The length of my rules decreases at each cycle, but I'm not back to my rules before (15 days at the beginning, now 8-9 days, 5 days without IUD (intrauterine device)). I have more losses at the end of rules (3 / 4 days) than without. By side against pain, no difference. It's been just as bad, with or without IUD (intrauterine device)!
    tsipporah22Thank you for your answer Marmotton.
    Why did you put you one this type of IUD (intrauterine device): did you get you as an expulsion of a igh model?
    Regarding the pain of the rules, I expected the worst with the TT380 for already the first 2 cycles were horrible: I had to go home (luckily I live in my workplace) because j 'I thought I was going to expel the contractions were so inssuportables. Then at the end of 4/5m months, this has calmed down a bit.
    oceanBen saw me hurt always hurt (from the first cycle) it will always be evil, with or without IUD (intrauterine device), the pill is that it was not bad, but frankly I'd rather have dull pains a few hours either side of the basin that stuff myself with hormones
    worse and more fun is it lets me know that I have an ovarian feitgnasse that hump once in three ...
    the only thing is too strange this summer, I took u NorLevo when I was between my IUD (intrauterine device), so no actual ocular (that I also feel relieved that I had not ovulated. ..) and me the next bin, vlan, double ovultaion, one on each side should not they tell jokes to my ovaries to me! luckily I had my friend the IUD (intrauterine device) if I was good for twins (and my brother and my sister are twins so it's in the family)

    So good it's unpleasant, but it's convenient and you get used
    lucyToo much of the stroke lazy ovaries, I also noticed that the left carbide quasimment every month, while the right has given signs of life once or twice since the pose!
    merlettaChanie is that I myself (he's my avatar) from my doctor Autsai it would better, that said I think it's really a matter of relative IUD (intrauterine device) / person and has done well change shape

    for bleeding, honestly I bleed like a stuck pig the first few months (like everyone else but after about 6 months it returns to normal) so you too much bile, try and hopefully, well t ' will find "your modke"

    how did you it known that he was descended in the neck, you were wrong? she made an echo or piece of plastic exceeded?
    lorina9I have a Nova T and should I change it tomorrow. I flip a lot because during my last visit to the gynecologist told me that my IUD (intrauterine device) was put together and the son were no longer apparent. should use a hook. ouch ouch. because during installation I was wrong.
    janieYou're welcome ...
    I was not given the choice of the model, I asked for an IUD (intrauterine device), and apparently in this office they do not pose as the. Nulliparous or not, expulsion or not!
    And I learned afterwards that he had this form, it has another name in Germany and I have not seen before installation.
    montana92Hi all,

    It's been four months that I have my short UT380. No worries, so far as happiness. However, this is at least 1 month or more I losses dark brown, sometimes a little sanguinolent. Sorry for the gory details just ... I even feel that it's been six weeks at least. During this period, I have also had my period which lasted five days. But these losses bore me because they force me to use the Mooncup continuously to avoid staining my underwear.

    Does one of you has the same concerns as me? Is this normal?
    garnetbin at the beginning (like the first 6 months) with the first (where it does not may be due to Nurofen) I saignottais three or four days before and 3 or 4 days after the rules but still not really (it said my mother told me that when she had her IUD (intrauterine device) spotting constantly and that his doctor had said it arrive inches) try a course of ibuprofen or make you prescribe spotof

    for questions about the shape of the IUD (intrauterine device) in me I got mulitload (aka Gynell) because my doctor does not pose that, she says it's the least removed (as it is not problematic as the nova T 200, I have not bored, I said amen)
    lynsey44bin at the beginning (like the first 6 months) with the first (where it does not may be due to Nurofen) I saignottais three or four days before and 3 or 4 days after the rules but still not really (it said my mother told me that when she had her IUD (intrauterine device) spotting constantly and that his doctor had said it arrive inches) try a course of ibuprofen or make you prescribe spotof

    for questions about the shape of the IUD (intrauterine device) in me I got mulitload (aka Gynell) because my doctor does not pose that, she says it's the least removed (as it is not problematic as the nova T 200, I have not bored, I said amen)
    debbie89Thank you smart small, but your answer does nothing to reassure me
    I hope not spotting as your mother continues. Indeed, I do not see myself constantly spotting for the next 5 years.

    You think that a cure or ibuprofen spotof enough to permanently stop this type of loss?

    If there are other people in the same situation as me, do not hesitate to let me know.

    In advance thank you.
    allythe spotof is very effective but it stops the spotting for a given time but will not prevent further episodes of spotting the qd your body decides ...
    cicelyyes and no unicorn. If the spotting is caused by a hormonal imbalance, a course of intense spotof can help put things in order ....
    karenben listening, I took, ca stopped the spotting, it is clear, super effective! by ca cons do not stop me to do it again later 15J!
    harriettit may be because you took a short period. cure in long, it solves many worries.
    kandi5I do not know if it's done or not, but I advise you pti a routine check at the gynecologist if AC continues ...
    mine detected a B streptococcal infection like this ... nothing serious, 6 days of antibiotics, eggs and ouste! flew the symptoms (even if the are resistant streptococci, no matter, what are the symptoms that one cares ...)
    dalyaI also often spotting ... But for me it's the end of the rules that drags on, usually ten days last month, more than two weeks of spotting ...
    Sam, you worry! But then I see my gynecologist the next two months, I will ask him ...
    gytha3I pray and touch all the wood possible, jai never had spotting, and my periods last 5-6 days in IUD (intrauterine device) and s'aretent hair cell of a sudden, on Thursday a new losses jai white-yellow, and cest left for three weeks of transuilit!

    But it's been 4 months that I lai! eyeGO men not complain!
    catedo not worry

    me it started with a simple extension of spotting at the end of rules, then spoting strong outside the rules and a disruption of my cycles (set as clockwork, usually) and especially a kind of stitch.

    it is not even on (and we will never know) if it was actually B streptococci who have created these inconveniences (the point of side persists, but would rather tract, and the B streptococci are still too many bcp important, and restistant any antibiotic) anyway, since the antibiotic, everything is back to normal!
    So, after, who did what, where how, why j'm'en sheet (the antibiotics we certainly worked for anything else, if it is) everything is back to normal, thanks to my visit to the gy and it is the main

    (That's why I would not recommend it enough to make first contact with his gy, when there is any glitch ...)
    rosannah86lisa1983 for!
    maymejeanne said, I was wondering ... you have no sign of infection but you know that bacteria are always ... It does not stress you? not tempted to replace your IUD (intrauterine device) time for having eliminated all? not afraid of tubal infertility?
    rosemary2tubal infertility? with B streptococcus?

    believe me, when I see such as gynecologists are ULTRA MEGA HYPER TOO cautious about a girl without children with a copper IUD (intrauterine device), if I was running a risk because of streptoB I will know by now (and that the number of gy I've seen in a year ...)
    tayler2no no, they brought out the most stupid things to each other, but the presence of streptoB never alerted anyone ... In any event, this bacterium is normally present in our body

    an excess of streptoB is not dangerous in itself ... even if CA would be, there is NO solution! (Even transfer the IUD (intrauterine device) and the pill board would serve no purpose, we have never seen a pill to kill bacteria)

    Moreover, no one is able to say where does the infection (nay, the "multiplication") of streptoB *
    It goes and it comes back, if it wants, or AC is short, it is they who are

    That can cause problems during delivery that must be in anti-bio not to forward it to the child ... but I am not there, far from it! and I will advise in due course, if I have too many streptococcal tjs

    * And is valid regardless of the Streptomyces family of (not necessarily B) ulaire.htm [...]
    buffy42dedant're open! was the desired effect

    It seems that I have the same symptoms as M'oiselle Jeanne ...

    I like a stitch from time to time that is felt at the bottom on the left side. And the other night, I have had this stitch in my bed like that and it hurts me, while being very tolerable, a few minutes. And I never felt this type of stitch there before.

    I think it is time for me to contact my gynecologist ...
    mckayla96Well thank you, I go to bed less stupid!
    Me personally I am wary of symptoms: I feel the IUD (intrauterine device) when I'm on the forum talking about it!
    orlaWhat you should also tell you is that with a copper IUD (intrauterine device), you find yourself not only as the natural sensations of your body ... all schmilblik dedant is not asleep, as the pill ... Sometimes it's dedant! it is absolutely normal to feel a tension throughout the cycle (especially around ovulation maispas only! ca dedant evolves there!)

    a point beside intermitent left bcp + is frequently linked to a transit problem (since it is the run-up to ... the bottom of the bowl) so do not panic

    Visit if you have lost out rules, constant pain, cycles that havoc, fever ... but takes a step back from our experiences. However, if you're worried, you feel that something is wrong, then consult, there are only ca that is really good ...
    us here, we are not in the body of the people, and it is even more doctors so we share our experiences but we do not dispense medical advice ... it is a matter of common sense after. For you to see.
    randa4Girls, I am disgusted ...

    I return home the gynecologist, who I said I wanted to ask a pill and IUD (intrauterine device) wanted ...
    She said she would not recommend it to girls, it's super hard to put on a neck closed and it's super bad ...
    I told him that there were short in size, "Short, short, but it must go! , "She said, then he should not diabloliser the pill as usual she asked the girls that do not support the pill, and for my health I'd better stop smoking rather than stopping the pill! (Of course, but I was not come to that!)
    Then review, she said "you have already afraid of the speculum, then an IUD (intrauterine device) ..."
    And in conclusion "before the baby is pill after the baby is IUD (intrauterine device)! "

    In short, I left with a prescription pill ...

    The worst is that it makes me doubt, telling me There's a risk, albeit small risk but still, to plug the tubes, I think that whether she is right, there it knows anyway!
    What do I do? I take a second opinion? It bothers me also because it is seen infertility specialist, I keep it below the elbow for the day when I want children!

    In short, I am lost ... I was serious to the idea ... and I'm going to still eat the damn pill that I take out the eyes!
    opal66Cassandra, in my opinion, changes gynecology. I had an equally silly and stupid, I changed my doctor, and that's fine then.
    you are on what region?
    kristy88we all went through the same parcoursn cassandre ...

    After an experience like this, we doubted, doubted and sought by other means a gynecologist worthy of the name (forums, planning, hospital ...) and we finally found ALL!

    I do not know if you did, but you have read the report of the anaes (we give the link several times). We must be aware of what this contraception.
    But if your choice is made with full knowledge, and that it is indeed what you want, then you will find ...

    alycia97I read my report! It is the site of Winckler!
    I'm on Toulouse, and the forum that the contact (in topic addresses) has still not responded to my MP ...
    What would you do for me? Go to the Planning?
    laciePersonally, when I was looking for a doctor "open", I took the yellow pages and called every gynecologist in the area, always asking the question. I also wrote to Martin Winckler who gave me the names and addresses of doctors, of which only the latter agreed with the idea.
    otherwise, yes, you can also go to the schedule, or call them at least they may know of doctors update their knowledge ...
    jessalyn... and gynecology department of hospitals! (That's where I found mine, 4 of 5 schedules of my department took me to a crazy, the last has been suggested to the hospital and bingo!)
    ripley48Thank you ...

    Meanwhile, I just saw an address in my messages waiting for me (I'm not good ...)

    So try it and then the Planning for the worst!

    Thank you girls for your quick responses, it's not funny question like that ...
    abegayleYes, Cassandra, do not worry do!

    But your gynecologist says that the pill should not be demonized, of course! But a woman of 28 has anyway made a Ambola lung because of the pill when she was no family history (see medical show in France 5). I've got traffic problems since I'm ...

    But all will be over in 4 days!

    Go! courage, my dear!
    topsy717Pfff ... I also like the legs ... I can not hang the Climaxol regularly if it hurts ... at my age!
    rowanI'm getting endotlon. I hate stuff of Medoc? But hey, it calms the restlessness in the legs at bedtime. It is really the horror if!
    krissyNeither do I. I do not like the Medoc, but there is that plant so it goes ... except that my mother began to take to menopause!
    sherryDo not be discouraged: I am nulliparous and I found a gynecologist who asked me an IUD (intrauterine device), she told me that the risks of the IUD (intrauterine device) seemed smaller than the effects of the pill. I said that I took Diane 5 years and I did a pulmonary embolism while he never had a history of circulation in my family.
    quillaThe pill may not have a negative effect in some, but the problem is that when it has (I take my case with my embolism, which fell on me without harbinger: I was returning from a trip by plane and I did not even have sore legs), these effects can be dramatic. Personally, I was lucky because I was immediately transported to cardiac resuscitation (d emoins journey of 20 minutes) when this happened to me the APRS aterrisage at Roissy. I can not imagine what would have gone if I had to go this embolism (I landed in Siem Rep in Cambodia).
    ascelinawow! actually, you had a hell of a chance! and excellent reasons to stop the pill!
    Cassandra, you know better than anyone ... if you feel that hormones do not pass you, then you must not hesitate to change and find something else! c a little obstacle course but it's worth it!
    I'll start the polemic, but it always seemed odd that the number of women struggling to be a child in our generation as high compared to our mothers, and that our generation is just the first or the pill is as common ...

    why the howl of joy? ben just that aye, my rules start to get back to normal! (4th post installation of the second cycle IUD (intrauterine device)) I do not vacuum more like a pig being slaughtered!

    joy and happiness!

    and leaks with the cup, it was too full of problems (so it flees before the cup is full, even before the level reaches the small holes)
    In fact yesterday was the first big day so like the last time I calculated that I was getting leakage after 3:30, I thought, "I take it that blow no risk, I'll do an oil change every three hours or all 2:30 "
    and actually I found the cup half full (roughly how before the change of IUD (intrauterine device) in one morning), but no leaks to be deplored and while last month I bled "full price" for three days + 2 or 3 days moderate bleeding, now that would be hard on the second day (so I continued drain close), there is "almost nothing" in my cup!

    aaah, what I'm happy and less bleeding and I feel good with the cup!

    This leakage was bored with the impression of not understanding
    marjeta1It's nice that, small chip.
    Yes, it may have come from there. But men also have more fertility problems. Researchers believe that pollution is a factor. They demonstrated, among others in Greenland, the Inuit. But for women, maybe the pill does not help ...
    louella16Yeah, I'm not convinced at all when you listen to the stories of grandmothers or when you read the old books it is also full of stories of women who were grieved to have children ... it is especially now as we are using contraception, it is assumed that there would be fertile without contraception which is not necessarily true

    the same way that our relationship with miscarriage has really changed, the miscarriage of the first quarter is pretty "banal" is often the elimination of malformed fetuses, our "grandmothers" (sometimes it over the rear grandmother for that matter) who had no birth control and were therefore often pregnant knew it was trite and sometimes were very relieved that it ends in a miscarriage rather than a small eighth
    but now when you stop the pill / the IUD (intrauterine device) etc ... it hopes to be pregnant right away and of course we want this pregnancy to live where the miscarriage as a drama before Ben then we knew it was coming ...

    I do not know if I'm clear on this ...
    abaigaelYes, yes, you're clear

    I agree with you. Maybe we talk about today as well. However, the pollution studies prove out this evil influence. But the pill no idea!

    But hey, this distance from the subject
    keilaentirely clear.

    In a more general, our relationship to medicine / science has changed and everything that relates to biology and the body and does not function as a well-oiled machine is considered a failure, while the nature n ' is not "perfect".
    sukie102bin in the meantime, our grandmothers they were in 8 can be 20 years of sex life, it's been almost 1 every 2 years! I and not count miscarriages, or the fact that soon falls pregnant 20 + years since 40 ... casually, without having to pma they can reproduce as well as we!
    that said, c clear that pollution and our modern lifestyle also plays ...
    andi470Not all ... (Well, our grandmothers, so by definition, otherwise we would not be here to talk about)
    you'd be surprised by some studies on the nineteenth century show that a high number of women were infertile because of untreated venereal diseases such as

    I really think you have a fairly caricature of the situation (although I do not deny that the amount of junk in our environment is really not good for us)

    and no scientific study has ever shown any sterilizing effect of the pill, even in the era of "horse pills" of our mothers ...
    peony8there is a product that was years ago in the pads, it was banned in the towel as it turned out that it causes infertility, but it is still legal and used mainly for disposable diapers, otherwise said in constant contact with the reproductive appareeil for at least 2 years (there's no much own child day and night before that age) and often more, while the body is at that time growing and very "permeable" to all nuisance chemicals. I want that articles There's a year or two, I can more you quote the source, not remember, sorry, but it was a mag seriously, it would explain it TFW over the increase (it is proven) the rate of both male and female infertility. it is however seeking to defend the pill, which is not meprennne huh.
    angieI do not know ... That sounds still not ideal to put to rest (with the pill) the ovaries of a woman if they have a tendency to be lazy. the pill is a great invention, I have not already 2 in each arm is on. but I still say that if a chick who has ovarian function may take months after stopping pill to recover normal cycles, well a girl who already had a weakness departing must have even more evil!
    I never know this Ditmas, c is the kind of tips we'll never lesquelq studies ... and anyway the pill is too good!
    dellaa girl who was nine months pregnant on her ovaries were 12 at rest 9 months as of 12 ...
    Winckler an article that puts a little flat all this / articles [...] rticle = 642

    so if you know, there are retrospective studies of pill users versus those who do not

    Tifenn ... do you doubt that with all the info I have trouble assume that what you say is not an urban legend ....

    Having said that girls are a bit astray here
    mae542on the life of my mother, head tata rachel's true.
    not serious, it's true I have not the courage to do research, if I become less fainaante I will tell you, but I remember that article made me take out the eyes of the head, try e seek to support my statement, yes it seems so big you might think I'm saying anything
    natille45they say it is especially so full of crap on topics that I am a very great distrust
    colettethat's all I find at the moment, but I confess myself not defeated; greenpeace becaufe it's not always serious (as people)

    "Recently, Greenpeace accused the industry of poisoning in children. The environmental group has found tributyrin tin or TBT in diapers major brands. TBT is extremely toxic product, used as an antifungal boat hulls. dissolves into the sea, then it is found in a large quantity of products. Prod'hygia At Ontex, Pierre Minodier explains that the risk has been identified, "Today we take all measures in our specifications charges to force suppliers to use other types of raw materials to manufacture their products. "According to the Federal Office of Public Health, the presence of TBT in diapers was in any case very small"

    the fact the federal board, it is not part of what was said that the Chernobyl cloud stopped at our borders?

    good, I promise, I polllue over this post by talking about other things that IUDs and its derivatives
    mead432Ben good I am glad that my ovaries are "at work" for 10 months with Mirena because even the redeeming feature they lazy!

    But I know I have a hard time pti end (well not say it, but that risk) as a piece of ovary and a fallopian tube in less fligue

    All that to make the link to return to the IUD (intrauterine device)
    septimathis move it, although in the subject, a retroverted uterus that no problem with the installation?
    julianna62course and what is the relationship between the TBT and fertility? Then, what is happening in transcutaneous etc ... that they are "real" questions ... I say this not to assault you, just that sometimes must push a little questioning
    alphanot, normally, one can ask two IUDs on uterine positions
    tricia44not, normally, one can ask two IUDs on uterine positions
    tera30TBT is a pesticide (I think) which would adversely affect fertility especially boys!
    kerena7And presto! Small chip lands on his feet!

    (TBT causes a decrease in male fertility. Do not ask me how, I do not remember. Source: documentary on the Inuit in Greenland marine animals that consume victims of TBT pollution on France 5)
    keithiaFriday night: great day!
    I'm going to ask my first IUD (intrauterine device)!
    dervlaI'm interested is immediately more (naaan because I too can say that I saw little green men in my apple tree ... how are you ... I have no apple mamaaaaan, why it has sleeved shirt pretty big gentlemen like all white and really all we read on the net n'eimporte what I prefer to have the minimum element that will allow me to browse to right to left)

    good luck laying sakaki and wellcome in the very private cloubbe of the IUD (intrauterine device) girlzzzz
    ryana3It awaits you, do not forget the champagne (not Champomy nomo!)
    libbie37In fact it seems to me that a retroverted uterus is what almost all women, right? And it is the anteverted which is a bit unusual?
    Tell me if I'm wrong, I do not know.
    altairI never know ...
    kalysta8is not that a cosmic retro?
    phoebe2well if she has a car, so, I think.
    Ok I go ...
    edna8I put it but I removed my post
    karla94retro is paid 30% of women and the other so it is more common.
    terriI have a retroverted uterus, the only thing that I have a problem is that some positions hurt me, that's all
    kathieChip, I will read your link + later, g the courage, and I will soon put me to the experts ... ca but am interested! if you have any references on this type of articles I'm bucket!

    g if a silly question: What does that mean ante or retroversion?
    as a sakaki, g hate to read you on Friday to see how it goes ... personal, it makes 8j. rules over, a little spotting but just 2 or 3 gougouttes. First report is as a letter in the mail (well, when I saw it was going! Pasque I was not completely quiet anyway) ...
    Kisses and good night! verse.html [...]

    that's retroverted / articles [...] rticle = 827
    Latest article contraception among Winckler, who talks about IUDs and retroversion.
    kailaSo, I went to the gyneco this after noon.
    Before the bleeding, not hesit.Il removed the IUD (intrauterine device)
    He gave the SPOTOF m, tablet
    By cons, it was put under Minesse m;
    Anyway, I am prevented, if the bleeding does not stop s at 6 mois.C is the operation!
    trinityTell the girls, a uterus that bleeds, do not cancerous, then why the removal?
    C scares me, this operation!
    korrine19Bouhouhouuuu! Why not moiiiiii?
    (Kidding huh, good pose!)
    (Anyway I have not said my last word ...)
    (PTIN it's going better than yesterday morale me ... phew!)
    titty13Welcome to the very private club of Minesse Girlz!
    (I know, they console themselves as little ...)
    janene34minas, you spotof of how much and for how long?
    lillywow awesome picture of uterus! bah mine is up ... So if I anteverted boen included!

    cassandre g gy is a very good, but in Belgium ... AC may be a bit far for you ... But do not despair, you'll eventually find!

    courrage minas ... I hope for you that it will stop all this very quickly! in terms of uterine bleeding I do not know, but I can tell (c my job) and in animals, uterus bleeds = high risk of bacterial growth (the blood is a great medium, + and if your uterine lining is well developed it's been a lot of very cozy little nests for bacteria). and animals always, uterine infection = toxins that enter the blood = ca exhausted kidneys.
    Check if after all this can be transposed in women! but in our animals, I can tell you that prefer the operative risk has it all! especially since these days even when the anesthesia are well monitored ...
    genistaOk for champagne, but it will not be easy to pass through the web
    Thank you all for your sympathy and attention, it touches me deeply!

    Good luck to Minas for further events. It's really not funny, poor

    Cassandra: hopeful! As you said Kazajo, you'll find well end this modern gygy
    luella6For ninie-b
    priscillaHello here

    I have a tite question with the IUD (intrauterine device) ...
    Type of fungus infections and cystitis are they dangerous for bearing IUD (intrauterine device)? (When not present during installation and when cared for and are relatively well mastered ... I speak of course not the fungus that has dragged on for months and never saw a doctor ^ ^) .

    I was told that there are risks of infertility or at least large pb gyncos related "infections" in women in IUD (intrauterine device) ... But when they are not present during installation, is it so dangerous? And that infection is as common as yeast infections / cystitis, especially frequent, can be dangerous too?

    I am a lil bit dubious with respect to these arguments (specialist) as the banality of these concerns there and the relative ease with which it addresses ... If qqun could confirm or deny, and especially tell me how come ...

    Thank you in advance
    damiana19Fungal infections and even less cystitis cause problems when you wear an IUD (intrauterine device).

    When we talk about infections, there is not one we're talking about but mst instance.

    I go out of cystitis, with IUDs, it was very smooth as it goes into the bladder
    mindyThank you!

    Cystitis as it seemed out of place ... qd but it is a gynecologist who told you that ... I first believed
    Fungal infections are not a concern (although classified as STDs)? I know that strictly speaking it is not really, since we can Catch other than a report ... But it makes me less doubt that the cystitis ^ ^
    thomasinaFungal infections are not mst itself but can be spread through sexual indeed.

    I read (but I can not remember where) that it was no problem with the IUD (intrauterine device) because it can not back up into the uterus.

    As against the son of the IUD (intrauterine device) can cause a yeast infection!
    kit+ the big risks are a break because you do enter a foreign body in the vagina to the uterus, and that the foreign body can carry the bacteria with it.
    then, if you have a life "healthy" and not too complicated there is no problem! what we fear the IUD (intrauterine device) are the bacterial or viral infection that can reach the cervix and uterus, as the son is a wonderful bridge between the vagina and uterus. and even if you mugs vaginitis or STDs, if we treat you tot ca no problem, we must not allow time for microbes to reach the uterus and settle, that's it!
    daphne0J have the spotof 500, 3/day, over a period of 6 months, for large bleeding
    sue645Did you know that there is a plant that reduces heavy periods? I read it in a specific herbal medicine. This is the thistle. It is a natural hemostatic used in cases of frequent nosebleeds and heavy periods.
    Ask your pharmacist, but I think it can be a good substitute to medicines unless serious trouble I think.

    If my rules are too important as IUD (intrauterine device), I will try maybe ...
    philipawait, wait, it calms down right away What was this story!

    you bleed though since you have the Mirena, right?

    how old are you?

    Hysterectomy is not talk to a girl with a bleeding young hormonal IUD (intrauterine device) gynecologist what is this?

    have you take your treatment and wait to see!

    if it continues to bleed, you'll get a second opinion
    havenIf you bleed even after a month of Minesse chelou is already ...
    ambrosiaben frankly, although I do not like the solution "condoms only" as contraception, I tend to say that I have to stop a good shot hormones to see what happens in natural
    because I've bled for over a month on the pill when my uterus is fine, thank you ...
    linnette45Hello girls,

    IUD (intrauterine device) is still the novice ...

    Still no good reds for today ... Laying the IUD (intrauterine device) 12/09/06...Reds arrive on 19/09/06 ok.

    1er/10 the 2 / 10 and 3 / 10 pain shooting reds + loss + pics + buttons = ovaries ovulation (probably) from there I counted 14 jrs thus between 15 and 18/10 for me I have the have my reds ...
    It is currently 20/10/06 RAS from Titus widespread pain in the chest and small nausea?? WHAT I HAVE YET?

    What can explain this? It stresses me out because I had prepared earlier in the week to see them land so comfortable pants, towel max + antadys ... and nothing! ...

    In your testimony and opinion ...

    I'm sick for 2 years is the galley with cycles of 15 + jrs pill rules of bleeding, with whom I now IUD (intrauterine device)'s mega douille 10/15 1st day and this time no reds at all !

    Thank you

    lindsie32then I think reasonably that your bleeding will soon stop. in regular use and this quantity, the opposite would be really amazing.
    affrika795Julie: If you were under hormonal contraception before your IUD (intrauterine device) is a bit normal that you can not find immediately a regular cycle. must be the time it snaps into place.
    Now, if you have a mirena is also normal, often the coil block the rules.
    ulaThank you for the answers ^ ^
    marlynThat's it, is the big day!
    In just over two hours, it will be done, I'll join the club! I can not wait! But hey, I know, I know I tummy before you go

    And Julie, if you're not as Mirena, do not worry! the English are going well end up landing May said it well: you have the time it is (re) set up.
    bettie7I just read twice by two different people this

    As against the son of the IUD (intrauterine device) can cause a yeast infection!


    because the son is a wonderful bridge between the vagina and uterus.

    After all my reading on the IUD (intrauterine device), I have not found evidence of studies showing that small virus and / or fungi have fun along the back son ...

    Hence my question, where did you get this info??
    kelly9Note relevant Kokapi

    I return home the gynecologist ... he has not asked me today

    As it's been two years since I had not had a Pap smear, he preferred to let me know as well as an ultrasound (this is funny) and he prescribed me a Nova T.
    So I see him a few weeks break at the end of my period.

    Sorry, Amelie 171, will have to wait for champagne
    posie08Well a little patience, and then it is that your gynecologist would be prudent.

    The echo. it's funny, because for me this picture is really associated with the woman who is expecting her baby so when I saw myself in that place, it made me feel funny!
    alexinaHere: / gyneco nales.html [...]

    And here:

    I came across a more explicit link but I can not put their hands on it, if I find I pass on.
    Apparently it is when the son is long, not cut short.
    orlagh05actually what is known is that the yeast responsible for yeast infections (in gnarl candidates) can sometimes settle on the son, which causes recurrent yeast infections, in this case, it is sometimes necessary to change the IUD (intrauterine device), but very rare

    and in any case, no risk that the fungus back in the womb is not an ecosystem that he likes

    So the worst of the worst is boring (change of IUD (intrauterine device)) but not serious
    saffronshit, the candida like candida albicans

    in fact I think some candidate (s) for president ... I stick a fungus
    dalialol you do not twist!
    shawndaI resume my message.J were so annoyed that I've loupe stuff!
    D j have around 49 am ans.Je followed since 2003 for bleeding off rules, rules and hemorrhagic.
    J Lutenyl have tried, and have redoubled pilule.Les bleeding especially with gyneco lutenyl.Mon found a fibroid, the enleve.Depuis he regularly finds a piece that he enleve.L he hoped that the IUD (intrauterine device) would block the rules. Result negatif.Pour him, leaving only the operation.Il I say, No you will not continue to bleed like that, "
    hettieCrowns I've made a mistake j, c is 3 / J when he said hemoragiques.Qu rules.
    J have already started treatment. Tablets
    edinain any case I hope it will get better ...
    ralphina86Me too, it made me funny to see a belly "empty" on the screen, but it's nice
    My gynecologist is very soft and very nice (first visit to the hospital).

    Minas, when your doctor talks of operation, it means the total? We remove it? Good luck, really!
    sharyn9aaah, okay, there actually it changes stuff (sorry already reflex moron "on a forum contraception is that little girls")
    you're actually in a completely different case ...
    you should go for a ride if it is not already in "rule and gynecological problems" you should have more informed opinions here

    Good luck minas
    kerrie1So it confirms that the son is not responsible for possible infertility or other serious problem: the viruses and fungi do rmeontent along son to go in the womb!
    hyacinth6So it confirms that the son is not responsible for possible infertility or other serious problem: the viruses and fungi do rmeontent along son to go in the womb!
    leeann15Thank you!
    J had come on this post for information on abortion sterilets.J hope so found the solution!

    Sakaki, he wants to remove the uterus if the bleeding does not stop.
    is it true that when an IUD (intrauterine device) is taking anti-inflammatory is strongly discouraged or even banned?
    If so what are the risks if taken occasionally
    darleen29no, that's a legend, Acante was thought that the copper IUD (intrauterine device) works by creating an inflammation of the lining that would prevent implantation, now we know it is quen copper spermicide that is, nothing to do. ..
    one can easily take anti-inflammatory
    damia80hello, I m Apelles did corinne j j 32 years and have two children (9et6ans). 5 years ago on my tubes tied: causes: 2grossesses difficult, complicated delivery 2nd and lasted two days and then the little one is born with gynecological problems and almost perdue.le has been to agree to another veiled ligatur.mais problmeepuis ligation j have excruciating pain in my gynecological periodes.le want to put an IUD (intrauterine device) in addition to not having read my periodes.En Forums I notice that even when we just have her periods, that there of weight gain, especially migraines.Il is almost 3 years it made me a lumbar puncture, she toune wrong and since I suffer every day from migraines and then they will begin treatment with cortisone for sclerose.Que should I do? is what AC does not ridden? is what AC does not get worse? I do not know or am in j, because Doctors do not help m.
    nerine4uh, it would make more sense to give you the pill continuously as you paste an IUD (intrauterine device), I think ...
    In any case, really less invasive, and I think you already your dose of invasive practices!

    I guess you tried different classes of painkillers for your period? (You're in Quebec? It's just that time is not usual in the writings of French) in a French drug that works well enough (well I had found it revolutionary when I was a teenager so ponstyl

    surpprimer your period but the best is a pill in a continuous stream
    bethello, no I'm not I just quebecoise belgique.Question painkillers I was already on my migraines.Et in drugs I do not just take no matter what because of the maladie.Et I'm tired of d in all medicaments.J tranquilleEt love to be a continuous stream on the pill I do not know and do gyne m not speak, thank you for helping m for now I'm in a vacuum I do not know what faire.corinne
    clarissafrankly, already tried that, because the Mirena is not at all that make you completely removes the rules then you put an IUD (intrauterine device) for you to remove it later if it does not work, I find that idiot (even if the pose it's not terrible, it's still not nice)

    demand rather take a pill and by removing the break of 7 days, normally it should Squiz you get your period (even take a break every 3 or 4 months to avoid spotting that sometimes occurs in the long run)

    good luck
    kaseyActually the pill seems more appropriate for your case because even if it is possible that the IUD (intrauterine device) Mirena (with hormones, so you do not speak copper) removes your period, it can also be accompanied by other symptoms disturbing, this that does nothing to solve your case.

    In the pills, there are a lot of different composition, so it is easier for you to find the pill that you can take continuous (ie that prevent you from having your period) and that will cause you no side-effects.

    However, if your migraine is mainly caused by lumbar puncture that you had, the fact that the pill will not solve anything. You should go to a control center migraine, but I do not know if there are in Belgium;

    Good luck to you
    stormieat worst is a service that specializes in the management of pain at the University Hospital of Lille
    aiyanaSmart kid, I'm just a word if you remercier.Meme for me, the Mirena was a failure, your post really helped me!

    Thank you to you all, c is great to feel supported!
    suzyNothing, Minas, it is here for.
    gladyswell if you can help is the goal

    mala190good evening,

    to know it removes the IUD (intrauterine device) Mirena rules just take the pill MICROVAL I am about this pill that is given to women who are breastfeeding and if the cycles are irregular in the frequency ex every 15 days may be the same case with the Mirena IUD (intrauterine device)
    lorna2yes it can be an indication but as the mode of administration is not the same it does not work every time
    hanna45hello girls,

    Thanks for your answers, I just read.

    23/10 still nothing today ... yesterday I had pain in reds (kidney + lower abdomen) so I say: That's it! RAS and non bin for now ...

    Note, what I complained of this to change to have its reds, I who had all 10 or 15 days ... !

    Watch this space!
    maureen6Hello Girls!
    quick question to cuivrettes ... I have an IUD (intrauterine device) for 1 month or so and I was wondering what it is you have ever to have spotting after intercourse? FYI I went to the gynecologist last week and everything is in place ...
    berryyes, it happened to me for a 1 / 2 months after installation, nothing wrong with that
    caren93M'oiselle Jeanne thank you for your answer ... have to wait while
    alicaI return to the pharmacy ... NOVA 200 is a T ag And I thought that I have a 380

    Do you think they would exchange me at the pharmacy? For my gynecologist did not seem to be aware for the lower efficiency of NOVA T 200.

    Otherwise, appointment to the break on November 10!
    conradineyes you can try to get the exchange to the pharmacy, if not remember your gynecologist and insists
    especially now that he is the model above, there is no excuse that's exactly the same, same pose
    daliaany way you risk nothing to ask!
    and then tries to insist!
    andyCount on me, Kazajo! I'll see tomorrow.
    Anyway, I know I have no confidence in the 200 then I'd better change.

    I'll let you know (but I'm away a few days, so patience)

    Big hugs to all!
    judi02ha ben arrive after the battle but if you are in France, you will not find a Nova T 380 (it is not marketed under that name)
    Request a UT 380 or NT 380 ...

    but hey, the pharmacist will advise you (and the answer is YES it is perfectly possible to exchange, but all pharmacists accept not necessarily)
    mignonI happened to buy two IUDs: my gynecologist suggested I keep the second for him, and gave me another prescription for reimbursement ...
    dollee478ui, yes, the NT 380's name in France

    thank you for the accuracy, jeanette
    shea3for me it screwed me on the IUD (intrauterine device) Novat 200 October 9 grrrrrrrr
    I venai not on this forum and I have not had the reflex to inform me
    for me it is a coil, and point
    So if I read it is not as well as other efficase its copper content
    I'll ask him when I visited the first month gygy
    Kisses to all
    vivyan8the nova T down especially effective after 3 years you have to think the change at that time and not after 5 years
    babettehello thank you little smart you think that the doctor accepts a change to hopefully after 3 years if the galley
    maud6yes, it will be necessary
    leaves a bit to emphasize
    mara4Beh I am very regular with my super NT380 I 28J stack cycles ...

    voilou sailing!
    siennaIf not always painless and not too abundant too ....
    Finally, I will still avoid the beige pants to take the TGV
    andeesometimes I fuck slaps!

    I do not know if you know, but I am much distressed with hypochondriac tendency and there I really feel like messing with tubes full

    if I rcappte, new IUD (intrauterine device) put to the June 28-29, something like that, this time I started there because I felt psychotic son's super long, I wondered if it was not just down
    control carried out in late July after the first period and all is well

    I have not seen my guy since early September so that anxiety there was a little put to sleep but now I just find it and this morning I felt like a kind of pinching in the stomach which are likely to be psychological

    because if I summarizes:
    - You feel nothing in the neck with either the finger or uh ... not my man
    - I have no contractions
    - I have quite a bit during intercourse or outside
    - I lose no blood outside the rules
    - The son is still long but that's not really new info

    but I still wonder if it might be down in the neck, just because the last time when he was upside down, I had not felt either ...

    it's stupid but I think I'll have trouble again with Zen ...
    even as I continue to believe that it is a good method
    maevayeah, that's what I tell myself ...

    but the last time it was upside down in the neck and if my man had not bitten it, I'll never be realized, however my doctor told me with eyes like saucers, "but you were not bad "

    So good I'm going psychotic a while I think ... in fact the next time I see my doctor for a check I think I actually ask him to prescribe an echo check the location!

    sometimes I get angry myself

    and then more good I think that as long as it come out, given the length of a nulliparous uterus and given the length of the copper rod is no reason for lower efficiency
    and so even if at worst it is a little low it's probably not very serious
    heleneCome on, chip, breathing ... this is normal ... you psychotic
    kennedy57* Looks at the tips of his shoes *

    chuis sorry to be boring
    misticoncern with the IUD (intrauterine device) is not seen. as said Pascalou (hello if you come to the passage we read from time to time) is a passive contraception, on which there is no catch. Therefore, we panic at the slightest thing that could be triggered by ... it is not easy, I admit (and I saw as much as you ...)... Zen is ... stress never would solve things.
    roxanaso eh ...

    I know for a fact increasingly they are not longer than the control visit and if it was going at the time, it has not moved, but then as I am focused on my uterus to death (to slap I tell you) I do not feel that he ...

    even though I usually when I am fiddling with the collar, it ends in vagal malaise, cramps not possible and all ... someone has an emoticon that smashes his head against a wall? I am interested
    jenaI have it if you want ..
    gailaBetter, I think ...
    samedit: nickel chrome is that one ...
    les3ah bah, never happy! I any better at offer you, sorry ...
    beeYou go too fast for the other one, it seems ...
    carlotait seems, actually ...
    ivy4Well after I ride TGV can be a bit exaggerated, it has become abundant

    So I'll take something that calms the bleeding
    mildred19and a dose of ibuprofen, one !!!!!
    liliasit's not that I take the ibu is the expression that is made exacyl

    IBU not try to take over the already because it's been not always affect the headache ...
    shanaben good I fell like I still have to pinch species in the basin, I called my doctor who saw the pataques the last time I took tonight after his appointment Consults

    Following the next number in the adventures of smart little psychotic mass
    cheriewise decision

    are expected Niouzes
    pamila89wise decision

    are expected Niouzes
    hadley* sniff * so eh
    because I always seem to yield to my neurosis when I go to consult "to reassure me" ...
    neve898small chip ...
    you come back reassured and is the main
    I leave with the doctor, hopefully, the son is the right length and has no worries

    in fact she thinks that if I have a "pinch" in the belly because I have very bad back right now
    melicentphew! good news!
    osteopathe management so ...
    maudSmart little happy for you!
    roxane678I, too, Little Chip!

    Sure, it's "special" to say we have a tit after copper in the stomach that can not control. But there is no shame in worry, it's normal, and there is no harm to consult for reassurance
    glennaBen veiled
    Glad to see you reassured
    say, I ask you a question? 'm not worried, just curious ...
    voila, since I 2j losses and very sticky mucus, ranging from white to light brown. no pain, odor, or anything special. it is quite abundant, ca pierce not slip but you can not miss when you remove the panties ... I await your lights!
    mckayla13From here it looks like a good ovulation, my ptite kazajo (15 days before menstruation) ...

    ca lasts 3-4 days with heavy losses (normal they are brown / red / pink, the 1st cycles) ...
    kirsty39Whoa, already! I was still there on the pill 3 weeks! well if that's, that's good news ... I'll tell you what in 15j! thank you!
    colene7ben ha that's so ... ! Welcome to the land of natural cycles
    gwendaI confirm that jeanne said, kazajo. except that home is not right 15 days after the rules, it can vary ... but hey, the stress, it helps not ...
    abeliaJeannette and I plussoie May!

    Me is not after cell 15J ...

    By cons right now I 28J cycles ... weird weird
    carlyn69well I start the countdown then ... I pertouille 28 since Saturday evening ...! said that this will probably not 15d, natural cycles 5semaines I ...
    darlene45bin and you're right in dedant 3 weeks since the pill stop / rules / ovulation / 2 weeks and shoo! to you the niagara!

    so, anyway, that we know how long are our own cycles, do not be modeled on the experience of others in this area ...

    V'la thee that I'm bleeding me now!

    the big fat spoting for two days, luckily I went to see my doctor Friday, otherwise I would be worried ...

    it's going to sound stupid, but I feel that my IUD (intrauterine device) "is set up" as if he had not had the opportunity to put the first 4 months I have seen with ibuprofen had almost no contractions during menstruation ...

    good that said, I would appreciate it ceases to be shit for once I have the opportunity to "see" my man
    vifor Juliette07.
    katherynThat's it, I test the Mooncup
    We will see!
    eveSorry, it s my question please debile
    As I've said, the gygy my mirena IUD (intrauterine device) removed and put on the pill.
    But hey, bleeding ok, (whew!), but why the reports are they painful?
    judie9How painful?
    The cervix may be a bit "sensitive" and therefore should not be too "hit the bottom" (if I'm making myself clear). But if it's not that kind of pain I do not know
    ronFirst of thank you not to be choque.Et much "everything" goes well, and then when ..............., ca mal.J do have the impression that c is bone dry, and it hurts.
    dottieThe pill sometimes causes of the drought ... but normally three months of testing, as may be just what is the change of contraceptive that causes it.
    You need the lubricant.
    karleehello to you all cuivrettes!

    I just tell you that I'm getting a little scared ... It can be ridiculous but the girls I have not had my ugly tjrs from 18/9/06 (date of late pill rule) and IUD (intrauterine device) asked a week before that is the ... 12/09/06

    I gygy appointment at the 11/14/06 (yes, not before) for my visits.

    A note: not much, I bcp less pain than the 1st 15 days but hey, I occasionally pinching sharp enough (+ right and left), auniveau losses have the air "normal" translucent early October, a little white and pasty + mid October, and last week more transparent and the white enough, so I think I do not crap ...

    So good I tot + funk don not something that I really do not see it ...

    Does c normal not to have much time for reds with a copper IUD (intrauterine device)?


    china4yes, it's normal if you have irregular cycles of nature

    ca can be as if you were under hormonal contraception, it is necessary for some women more time for the body to be "back on the road"

    In any case, the appointment of 14 is required ...

    if it is a possibility of pregnancy worry, you can do a test ...
    cara33the same, you get out of the pill must restart your crops

    minas, you can go you know, we're also there to this type of question and I think that you risk being stoned at once soft figs
    breana39thank you for responding.

    I do not believe in pregnancy because if I have this IUD (intrauterine device) is anyway to avoid this (as with abortion pill taken =!) And then I just put it so it works! ?

    + but it is a concern medical, but I think it is necessary that I keep reading posts that talk about migration of IUD (intrauterine device) perforations, infections ... I can be psychotte
    But you must be right, it's probably due to this pill.

    I have a (stupid) there is an expiration date for the IUD (intrauterine device), and it is said (I do not know if it's true) + as time passes the less efficient, but from the time or it is installed or from the date of manufacture?
    Let me explain, my IUD (intrauterine device) is a Gynell 375, purchased in February 2005, laid in September 2006 and September 2007 expiration date, the "wear" it does start in February 2005 or September 2006 when we had asked?
    ondriaI think in September 2007 is the deadline or it can be placed ...
    Am I wrong??
    corlissI agree with you, Amelie.
    juliebou, late period, I would explain it like the others due to stopping the pill ...
    as to whether an IUD (intrauterine device) is less effective over time, that is perhaps in reference to the T300 and I can not remember his name, whose efficiency decreases beyond the three years of installation ...
    loretteno worries, you're quiet for at least 5 years, the expiry date is a deadline after which arises the sterility of the widget instance can not be certified
    what you feel is the son of your gadget, if so, at least you're sure he's not gone for a walk in your abdomen ...

    and your period, you de-stress a little test and they will come in the wake

    patience, it takes a little time to trust the IUD (intrauterine device) because we have no control over, but soon you will not think about
    mistyMay NovaT 200
    queenie91I was not far away ...
    shaylynok, thank you girls, it reassures me anyway because I did not want to buy another Ascending because I want to remove it in 2007 for spt BB2 .... but once I said that these can be stories of date had an impact on my worries ...

    As for the son I never tried to touch (ca told me much about you kidding ...!!) petitepuce my abdomen ?!!.... I guess I would have felt no ? do not laugh !!... and even imagining that he has made the trunk, I have not my reds?

    For the test, in fact I made one to the 20/10/06 on the advice of my mom (ex cuivrette with two pregnancies in IUD (intrauterine device) ... no luck) because I thought I recognized my ovulation to 2 or 3 / 10 and of course it was negative, so I do not think of a pregnancy, or even a psychological kind pb I think pregnant and I block everything and not ben for since the test neg still no reds ...

    We will have to be patient until they arrive or at least until the appointment gygy 14/11 ...

    You too was like that at the beginning?
    cyan8no you would not necessarily be felt and if it is in the abdomen it is more efficient then the absence of reds may have a different origin

    the best is yet to go far to wash your hands and touch the cervix to see if you feel the son, at least it will be a disposal problem
    adelphie14I too fai my first visit to the gygy the 16/11 and I ask myself lots of questions
    as said the girls corq takes time to implement this so I wait
    skylarMe either because I had a Mirena IUD (intrauterine device) certainly hormonal, but I continued to ovulate therefore has to have a "cycle" without rules ... Since I moved to the copper cycles 28J.

    But since you came out of a contraceptive pill, it's normal
    You have to be patient
    brooke20Okay so I have the courage tonight I try to explore or I can ask my darling to do? Anyway j'esepre my IUD (intrauterine device) did not go for a walk or I do not know ....!!! Should they stick a GPS chip in our IUD (intrauterine device) !!...

    if it is well, so it's stop the pill, but I do not understand because I have taken only three months after abortion, and like all the ones I had before it did not suit me I ' had the pills and reds next to another round reds so every 10 or 15 days, so I am surprised that once stopped, I have not tumbled reds will not be just once for the past 43 days. .. Or are these pills really the m. ...

    I'll keep you informed of my exploration of the "Temple of Doom" ...
    cyan5Thank you, c is awfully nice! !
    I wondered if I was normal.
    matty150If you can not find the son do not worry about that: after nine months of IUD (intrauterine device), I never managed to find yet the IUD (intrauterine device) is a place
    cherice5Same for me Amelie, IUD (intrauterine device) in place for a year and a half but I never felt the son!
    me that uncontrolled cycle
    er I go
    jess 25 years of a tit bb two and half years
    IUD (intrauterine device) Friday 27/10

    February 1 jrs tit contraction but bearable
    I have lost brown (kind of mucus pr dsl details)

    I took the pill for 10 years
    weight gain, headache, stomach ache

    Hoping that the IUD (intrauterine device) mettera my cycle a little tit on track

    if I have a copper IUD (intrauterine device) which was called hours it starts with M
    lizzieMultiload 375?

    if you expect a big month crampouilles, pertouilles etc ...
    kerena933Yes, it must be Multiload because otherwise I do not see that Mirena is hormonal ...
    delightmona lisa?? (It has a plug in the committee reports of HAS but I even know if it is marketed in France

    owl as the name of IUD (intrauterine device) is not it? [...] 020477.pdf
    teresa4vi c ca Multiblablabla

    I have lots of questions but Kubiack'm eating pr
    addy9also married
    tillBen must be a little patient ... you just stop the hormones and make you put your IUD (intrauterine device), your normal are not yet! ca 10 years after pill may take some time to come back ... but in your case, the 1st pertouilles and tightness can be a good sign, it means that everything will restart ...
    you will see it!
    erynnGood evening girls

    I bring my testimony just about removing the Mirena sttrilet as promised.
    I made my IUD (intrauterine device) removed to conceive bb2 seen after a year and a half almost two and is very fast. So off-cycle withdrawal and no pain during removal, now we are testing.
    I have a super gygy of Paris 17.
    epiphany1Good evening girls

    I bring my testimony just about removing the Mirena sttrilet as promised.
    I made my IUD (intrauterine device) removed to conceive bb2 seen after a year and a half almost two and is very fast. So off-cycle withdrawal and no pain during removal, now we are testing.
    I have a super gygy of Paris 17.
    cillaRho but by the way, congratulations on your beautiful avatar
    shirleyThank you for your testimony!

    Do you know if your gynecologist also raises the nulliparous? In which case I ask you if it does not bother you that I add your name on the list of people to contact if you want a pro-gygy of nulliparous IUD (intrauterine device)?

    Good luck for testing!
    makeda39your welcome thank you pr

    So I have a lot of questions concerning me and a friend

    for my friend:

    young student of 19 years, no longer the pill because Elela gained weight + + + + migraine and a gogo
    its gygy unwilling to put an IUD (intrauterine device) because she is nulliparous
    when I see that some young women have (re)
    so what advice for my friend?
    thank you people

    for me:

    I put my IUD (intrauterine device) last Friday
    Always I had no relationship with my husband sexouelle
    I lost more blood and I am afraid it hurts
    or he feels kkchose

    For my part I have not bad, except for occasional twinge but really Quechua slab

    other question?,
    can we have sex all the time? except of course rule
    kind during ovulation or at the end of the rules??

    ds which are irregular cycle and have taken the pill for young assets, the fact of putting a copper IUD (intrauterine device) and resume a normal cycle without a pill, you still have white with irregular?

    thank you pr your answers to me valuable
    jewel388So for your girlfriend: her gynecologist is a terrible retrograde incompetent who does not know his job. She put the report under the nose of the anaes ( Id_article = 434) for the IUD (intrauterine device) in nulliparous women, or that it takes one who takes a little understanding the "news" about his job. That alone to choose their contraceptive.

    As for you: sex, you take back when you want, when you feel it. Bleed for a while, it's normal. It is possible that it'll do a little bad for the relationship "in depth", in any case it happened to me because my neck is still a bit sensitive ... It is also possible that your friend feels something: the son of the control coil. Mine feel them from time to time ... P'ttre a report on one hundred! If he feels, or you change positions, and you bet that, like me, it will get better on its own or, if it's embarrassing, you try to go there yourself with the fingers and "bend" the son (so they wrap around the neck), or you return to the gynecologist for him to do it or shortcuts (it does not hurt, one shot chisel and hop)

    You can of course have sex all the time, during ovulation, during menstruation, when you want. The copper IUD (intrauterine device) has a Pearl Index of 99.7, only slightly less than the pill (99.9).

    Your cycles will become so natural, they were irregular before the pill, they may well be again.
    rhondagood evening
    I want to know what pill is hormones that are in the Mirena IUD (intrauterine device)
    I have recomence a headache like my old millule (Harmonet) I think it was a mini pill

    your answers
    tami1It seems to me that Cerazette but check
    bibi2No, this is not Cerazette (Cerazette = implant), but I think it is no pill.

    If so would be ca Cerazette, or MICROVAL milligynon ...
    twilaThe Levonorgestrel is in these pills:

    Microval (progestogen-only)
    Minidril (monophasic)
    Adepal (biphasic)
    Trinordiol (three phase)

    That Miss!
    janette274It was on page 2
    claudine1Not worry Jess, but we try to always leave the post in first page so that interested people can find it easily
    kimberleeHaaaaaaa! I had not understood why you were my tristou Pitit mice
    jen7Good weekend to you!
    essaTo you too!
    gabbieHello girls.
    I m'incruste in the post ... I read up to page 23, there, but it's long!
    I've been asked a UT 380 standart October 3. Poses a highly significant pain despite medication cytotec, Tranxene, nureflex). We tried to ask me a "short" in July (for those who remember), and he remained in the neck (luckily I demanded an ultrasound!). There, I changed gygy, she will ask me for the shorts, it echoes ... and rebelotte! In the neck! I go back on the table, and me a place she had on hand, but it is a standart, then I am nulliparous. She still dropped 1 "but how are you doing?! I've never seen it !"...
    So I suffered martyrdom 3 times in 3 months for this thing! And it is not perfect either: it seems that my neck is a little + longer than expected. So the IUD (intrauterine device) is not in the neck this time, but in the womb, almost unfolded (but not perfectly) and too low! ... At the echo, it is placed 2.5 cm from the fundus of the uterus (usually it takes only 2 cm), and there are marked "IUD (intrauterine device) in the down position." A doctor (or "ultrasound" on two told me that he is ineffective, as if I had nothing!
    Q'en do you think? For there, I crack! Still suffer like this, with the stress and Medoc that go with it, I can not! ... I can not write to Winckler.
    Please tell me if you've heard of this problem of IUD (intrauterine device) too low, especially if I can count on it or not ...
    Thank you girls.
    chryssaI had an IUD (intrauterine device) after my first child. And lack of bowl I was one of those rare cases that do not respond well and make a hydrosalpynx ....
    Hence the importance of having a child already, because now I can not have my tubes are damned.
    (I have yet an iron, one partner etc etc, nothing that predisposed me to react badly)
    That is why some gynecologists do not put it to women who never had children. My case is rare, indeed, but it exists. I find it rather professional from these gynecos.
    if I had not had children before ... I really would bite your fingers and I would really wormy against my gynecologist (who told me about that side of sound, and no risk of infertility, it probably did not consider "at risk" and that true that nothing could have let him think)
    rika99Ho, I'm so sorry for you, Krimouce, but I can not get information.
    2 If a doctor tells you it is useless to where it is sure that you have to be careful.

    I would change would take a man and gynecologist rather than a woman (usually milder because they will never know what it feels really). They do not judge because as women, in fact, they have no "personal references" on the part of the body so secret.
    I understand that you do not want more suffering here and I wish you good luck!
    stellanot at all agree with your analysis of male / female sakaki ... this is absolutely not about sex, let alone "know what it is" only a matter of person ...
    there are men frankly clumsy too ... and women highly skilled and gentle ...
    and vice versa ...
    louanna27For Paulina, okay, this is a precaution on the part of some gyncos of not wanting to be at risk even very low fertility to women who do not yet have children.
    But I do not agree with it for several reasons:
    1 - This risk is not increased for nulliparous (contrary to what many doctors say).
    2 - To become sterile, when we wanted more children, it is hardly less terrible when one has a child that when you do not. I want five children. If I become sterile when I have two, it will be a drama, much as if I become now.
    3 - The risk of infertility is very low. Almost as important as the risk of having serious problems with hormonal contraception. So long as the woman knows and states assume these risks, why not let her choose her contraception?

    Your gynecologist lacked professionalism in not only warn you of risks. Me, I was well aware, my gynecologist told me again and again that j'encourrais, and I said "I want an IUD (intrauterine device)" (and if I had not had an IUD (intrauterine device), I probably had an unwanted pregnancy, abortion ...). Taking precautions is good. But take the decisions for women is unfair.
    fortune96Same, I wanted an IUD (intrauterine device) in perfect knowledge of the facts ... this is not a whim, let alone a fashion ... but a purely reflective. We have enough information to enable (DUTY!) We learn on our own through the internet, for example (ratio of anaes I got to know by heart, and testimonials on various positive and negative forums).

    If a woman here who has an IUD (intrauterine device) began to doubt and no longer be sure of herself and her method of contraception just by reading testimonials unfortunate is that it was not really ready and / or not informed.

    Zero risk does not exist: risk of pregnancy, risk of ectopic pregnancy, risk of infections (especially important if you have no stable relationship or if any, relationship protected)

    However, it is also good to have stories like yours is a truly unfortunate

    The problem is that when gyncos a patient has no children, the IUD (intrauterine device) is the devil. From the moment it is at least one contraceptive method is THE miracle ... What's wrong ...
    justiceComplete agreement with Sun and Jeanne ...
    And I also had several gyncos men and women ... And of men is TER-MI-NE!
    Uh ... say, girls, you do not forget my question, eh? ... It is important anyway!
    jadyn5Big problem: we had to ask me my IUD (intrauterine device) November 20, but my dear candida came back! Knowing that it is virtually incurable, in your opinion what is the gyneco going to tell me? Is it only 4-5 days gynopevaryl it may be sufficient until the 20th?
    mignon33Actual problem, because if you tend to make repeated mycoses, ie every month or every two months, which is a disease called thrush recurrent or something like that, it might to compromise your IUD (intrauterine device).

    Your gynecologist aware that you have this problem?

    Because it's still an indication-cons ...

    why an IUD (intrauterine device) causes painful periods t it?
    why only the first month?

    Me since I was asked the IUD (intrauterine device) (8 days) it hurts my ovaries every day it's going to happen?
    thank you
    almah2I agree with you, Jeanne, that's why I put "in general". It's like everywhere.

    I'll not take me with you head, it would be stupid
    cecilia99And I ... And I ... PLEASE !!!!!!
    sabella20I did not understand everything: the laying of the last-the only fault he speak for the answer you-gynecologist told you that the IUD (intrauterine device) was not centered in the uterus, but a little low and poorly folded .
    So. The only question to ask was: its reliability is ensured?
    I do not know what to tell you more ...
    april06After reading your post, I still find it strange happens to you three times is a problem with an IUD (intrauterine device). You might be a problem in conformation of the uterus, or else you're just too stressed out during installation, and it acts physically (especially since you had all the Medoc thing and you have was still wrong)

    The only thing I can advise you is to talk to your gynecologist, and solve the problem together .... especially since there is a risk that the IUD (intrauterine device) placed as such may not be effective? Why not have asked the gynecologist?
    erykahOh yes, and when you say "one doctor told me that two ineffective" .. You've consulted doctors how? These were general practitioners, gyncos, or just people who put the echo?
    kerry83This is the stress, I think ...
    I asked my gynecologist, she told me "no problem". 1 GP told me the same. BUT to the echo, I was told "your IUD (intrauterine device) is useless" ... Not very sure of myself, I called the hospital, I had a house, who said basically "it is not certain, it depends, must see ...".
    If I appeal to you is that before these contradictory answers (as usual, by the way ...), I know what to think!
    In +, lots of girls do not even echo ... I really need not be the only in this case, but others may not know they have an IUD (intrauterine device) too low, or even in the neck! Because when you feel the same son, that's not the problem! ...
    I think there is a girl here who has a too low too, but I know that ...
    susana4If all the girls are usually an echo for the visit, just to see if the IUD (intrauterine device) is placed.

    Unfortunately, we are not doctors.
    I know these conflicting opinions to be agonizing. You'd have to contact several gyncos by phone and ask. It would also be interesting to write to Martin Winckler ..
    Good luck
    alvaPainful periods, it is not the case for everyone. For most of us, the first months were difficult, and after returning to normal.
    If you have been laying the coil 8 days ago, it's quite normal that it is still painful (I had the contractions and Light spotting for 1 month), we need your uterus adapts to foreign body . However, if these are unusual pains, strong losses bizarre, returns to see your gynecologist.
    I advise you to read this post for all our experiences, you will learn a lot. It's "a little" long, but well worth it.
    tierra4Yes, like girls, it is best to ask your gygy what she thinks about the reliability of your IUD (intrauterine device), and I hope that you will come to send an email to MW.

    Clearly indicates the problem in the subject line

    Courage ...
    devon9So my case my little one

    before, I had painful periods, 8J 12J of rules which have to be a lying, sick ... well I pass the details all because of endometriosis.

    My doctor had refile the pill to treat my endometriosis but when I needed a contraceptive, it makes me a little gygy "dmerder you!" (I have epilepsy pill so not possible).

    So I checked, and for 2 years and I have bananas together with spermicides (super sex life !!!).

    Then I learned discovered, the possibility of nulliparous IUD (intrauterine device), I was informed and aware of the "risks" I got Mirena IUD (intrauterine device) is a (I had been there for a copper, but apparently are good at selling gynecos the Mirena) so hormonal ...
    Then, finally ... I have my NT 380

    All this to get back on the rules -> my endometriosis is gone (or not ... definitely not yet known: the future we will say) my rules are more painful and last longer "than" 7J.

    So for me, everything has improved with an IUD (intrauterine device)
    arinHo, what a great story (lol, sorry, I weighed tonight).

    No, seriously, that's great that your health is getting better since. Fingers crossed that your problem does not come back.

    Otherwise, my Pitit mouse, why it upside down your man?
    tamelano no, I've never had a single echo on almost 5 years of wearing the IUD (intrauterine device) when my IUD (intrauterine device) had moved after hormonal treatment unsuitable, if not my check ups are done "by hand"
    sherisseCyst after my operation in July so I hope that everything will calm down

    If not for the guy upside down ... because I love it

    Jeannette thank you for letting me discover
    dorthy554Ok ok! Jeannette is a shot!
    darylkrimouce: I know not too personal, but when in doubt I would remove it, I could not trust! Maybe the installation of the first was so painful for you are following very stressed, and then you'll incur, which explains the difficulties to break ... ca, or a not very competent gy ...

    Sunsun: I have my IUD (intrauterine device) soon since one month. pain the first week, very smoothly with Buscopan for me to stand all day, no losses particularly from the pertouilles which could well be my first stop ovulation from the pill! paas yet been any rules so I'll tell you what I think one time it will pass ... but for now it really is impeccable! and pain of the beginning were quickly attenuated, and then quickly moved. the 1st month can be chaotic, until your body gets used, but I remain convinced that it's worth it!

    and to respond to Pauline: I know exactly what I might, but I also know that the pill he was no longer question. my man also knows what I may, we made this choice together, knowingly. I think that in any case, I meet TElement of friends who can not get pregnant, I know so many adopted children, I tell myself that my desire for motherhood will always be filled even if I am sterile (if indeed I am not already, independently of the IUD (intrauterine device)). I would wear no children in this case, but it was so much + to give a child for me it would be a tragedy not to be by a biological mother. I give here my point of view, I'm really sorry this happened to you, but for me the IUD (intrauterine device) is a contraceptive was excellent from the moment we know the advantages and disadvantages, as well as other means contraception existing elsewhere ...

    And apart from that all was!
    angieI plussoie kaza on free and informed choices!
    pauleen62Thank you for your replies, girls ...
    I have yet qques days, then I will create perhaps a discussion "IUD (intrauterine device) too low" to reach the doctinaute find that in this case ... I wonder what he was told, on his side.
    Otherwise, I had no relationship at risk since, and I have my period this weekend (my second rules in IUD (intrauterine device)). After that, I do it again an echo in one other center, I'll see if he moved, up or down, and I'll see what I'm told for efficiency. It will make me a further notice ...
    That's my plan of attack! And I forgot: I will try again to write to Winckler.
    In the meantime, I do not change my IUD (intrauterine device) too taxing, it is beyond my strength. Whether to remove it, I think I spend Persona. Yet I have asked plenty of places a local anesthetic; impossible! They care less for our state, our difficulties ... The pain is really not taken into account in France. Our pity, though! Besides that, I propose a general anesthetic (!) To remove my wisdom teeth, when I want it! I ask naively just a good Medoc against stress! But hey, I suppose that is asking too much!
    See you soon ...
    easteruh ... they put me a local anesthetic to insert the IUD (intrauterine device) ... it's xylocaine spray. Having said that, as of leaping gy do not like it in the uterus either, I still felt something move. in any case I hope it will go krimouce ...
    bessy737completely agree. there is a problem at that level.
    It is on that I had no luck, and I confess that I listened to my gynecologist, I was convinced to be super informed, and I knew one would not even posed no women sns children because of the risk. I thought it was a reason "anatomical" :-) yeah, I was mega naive on this one.
    It is true that the proportion of risk is the same one I had or not a child. And I find it very very light that frightens us if you have not had children, and that speaks of a miracle when you've already had one.
    Now I managed to get used to the idea that I would have no other child (it was long, for two years I can not even talk about it). I find it to be zero only child, so I think it's a shame. Qd I think I even took the risk of having an IUD (intrauterine device) (because low), but I would have expected after the second.
    Finally, that's life.
    In any case, bcp of my friends have asked the first, and are delighted, and they are nothing at all happened.

    Glad to see that all is well with your IUD (intrauterine device).
    What is one already?

    I ask me mine Friday. I received the results of smear and I understood nothing! Just the phrase that said it is normal. And I loved the term "peeling off in small closets"
    jescaHello girls,

    I just give you my news, I came to talk last week of my missed period (copper IUD (intrauterine device) put in the 12/09) for forty days ... Well well, I want can be on the right track, but I'm not sure ...

    I arrived at J50! yesterday and yes! so I decided to do an email to Martin Winckler, because I'm looking for answers and experiences on this type of bp, I found nothing!

    Martin answered me that night! nice because of its site after it is subook + tot, so that dear sir is rather worried over my case ... (great!) already told me that then you have to have a pregnancy test because IUD (intrauterine device) = no rule under suspicion of pregnancy, and then he told me (whatever the outcome) to consult very quickly to check for my IUD (intrauterine device) because I told him that I have suffered during the three weeks after installation and that in his opinion it really is not normal, and the IUD (intrauterine device) can be expelled or moved ...

    Well now, I did a test = neg, good course, but I do not know when I ovulated or not .... blah ... but then reliability that's something,

    And then yesterday late afternoon I have spotting dark brown / black (dsole. ..) so it's probably my reds! ? But a doubt came over me, it says that the rules as IUDs are + important? Or maybe it starts slowly to finish in Niagara Falls ...? Especially when this is the first cycle?

    A comment ...

    Thank you

    magdalene9the first time had my period in jai diu, jai had two days of losses style dark maroon spotting, and then a day of heavy periods "normal" and then 2 days in Niagara Falls! Then it calmed down .......

    other cycles, jai had direct niagara falls without warning ..... and then calmed down and then ca ....

    So it depends ....
    adaMe, I almost always 1d 1 / 2 average loss and it is increasing in the following days.

    Courage in any case.
    delia48sorry to ask a question too silly.
    My gyneco my Mirena IUD (intrauterine device) removed because of saignements.Mais he handed me the pill (Minesse)

    I do not understand is still and always hormones??

    I stopped bleeding, so c is (can be) no hormones, so why I was bleeding much, and I had so bad ??????????
    ernestine0sorry to ask a question too silly.
    My gyneco my Mirena IUD (intrauterine device) removed because of saignements.Mais he handed me the pill (Minesse)

    I do not understand is still and always hormones??

    I stopped bleeding, so c is (can be) no hormones, so why I was bleeding much, and I had so bad ??????????
    andreaben you can not stand the IUD (intrauterine device) itself

    According to the hormones of the pill and IUD (intrauterine device) are not quite the same when that would shape of absorption, I am pleased to know that you bleed more than it says
    salome12Call your gynecologist, juliebou!

    we can not tell you anything else ... we give advice but not that you should dispense medical advice!

    In any event, after the first period, if your rules are, it is strongly recommended that a check to make sure the IUD (intrauterine device) is still there, the right place. So you call your gynecologist to inform him of the problem, if your rules do not really and also to make an appointment quickly (urges the Secretary and say you have an IUD (intrauterine device), no children, and The gynecologist told you to take an urgent appointment in case of problems)
    persephoneAs Flea Minas.
    Mirena IUD (intrauterine device) is a big plus compared to other ...
    And as stream ... it can be the streaming that you do not support ...
    kristiarha I'm gonna still be fussy ... but the Mirena is not bigger than the other

    it's just the vertical stem of T + is thick, but otherwise it's the same dimensions:
    Maybe it's the biggest inserter that by cons, I can not find info on it here ..
    catherineyes, but as the vertical bar is bigger: the inserter is bigger too!
    lexine89bein agreement

    inserter + big, yes, but not the IUD (intrauterine device) (yes, I know, I cut hair 4)
    alea88Ralalalalalalalalalalala that's what I meant, but I made short

    Nevertheless, AC was able to play, not
    hollie6Well, the vertical bar of Mirena is larger than the copper IUD (intrauterine device) because it was she who made the reservoir.
    adalinebof ... I am not sure that it has a thicker rod is something to do with that ... dedant
    the type of hormones and direct broadcast, rather (or mickey ...)
    kacey7Hormones more so because with Minesse you estrogens that Mirena is not.
    Normally with that, your bleeding will stop.
    dorothywelcome to the club ... after 2 years of Cerazette (progestogen-only so as Mirena), I more and more frequent spotting ... gygy concluded estrogen deficiency due to this decision continues to progestins and me back on Minesse, dc finally just the same route as you ... I'll take Cerazette against by ds a few months ...
    kacey6I have tendency to agree minas, you can have a support type of hormones and no other! anyway I'm glad it gets better ...

    sakaki Cuckoo! So it is, soon the big day! I look forward to reading your comments after! I have a UT380 Short ... and I still have my 1ST rules, which should delay a priori ...

    Courage juliebou ... I hope it's nothing too serious ...
    heidiFollowing the history of candida ... that does not prevent the IUD (intrauterine device), yay! More than 8 pills, and good sal ... ie hormones. And my treatment does not burn, for once, this is super gyneco!
    miracleIs better for you, Melusine!
    See you then 20 to tell us how it went
    tiaWell, it is how much of IUD (intrauterine device) in nulliparous all ... remember ...

    1 / I
    2 / Always Me
    3 / Sat Jeannette
    6 / May (but not for long)
    7 / Sakaki
    9 / Kountraya (nulliparous or not ... but I know sorry)
    10/min former mirenette

    Huh ...
    Unicorn future IUD (intrauterine device)

    Report identifies you ... I
    kendra1811 / 20 / 11 Melusine the
    cierraGood evening I discovered that post.Demain I will read attention.J 'Mirena are what I post this for me? Thanks for your reply (I'm a friend of gaby who had spoken to you for information on the IUD (intrauterine device))
    brittOf course
    I wear a 6 months and an IUD (intrauterine device) is an intrauterine device and a majority of things we can help each other

    Otherwise if you want a specialized post + on mirena there one in the first 2 pages of the forum

    and good night
    aeronAnd me for a while more, it's been a year fur pile today!! Happy birthdaaaaaaaaaay to you, DIUUUUUUUUU!
    marigoldthe 20th wins a great surprise gift! Bought an IUD (intrauterine device), a check-up for free *!

    * Offer valid until 31/12/06, see conditions in store

    13 Kokapi
    14 toujoursmoi
    shawnda4removes me from your list
    I have a little ball of 4 years
    delilahAmelie thank you for reporting to the authorities census!
    elly44In reading you I just realize that it makes me too 1 year now, as time flies!

    It's funny because I do not think you had it since late 2005, I was asked if I would have said 6 months max, I think I mix all, there are so many on this forum IUDs

    To meet Amelie, yes I am nulliparous.
    liddy13 / Kokapi

    Kountraya as you say, there are too many IUDs on this forum that we forget
    piperHappy birthday and IUD (intrauterine device) Kokapi Kountraya
    lys53Unicorn future IUD (intrauterine device)? Not right away but now I think! Not know if I'll still be nulliparous qd I am determined!
    nubiadamn I'm not the number 20! but I'm on the list anyway ...
    kristina41Yes, and I'll do that tomorrow, I'm already on the list! Toc and, er (lol).

    Happy Birthday and Kokapi Kountraya!
    dolores313 Sakaki so accustomed to?

    rho chui disappointed I expected a small score will go already, let the campaign pro-diu
    good will, unicorn files you ask it for yourself and faster than a ca ... sig, you discuss it, diu! ... dust? go, it'll be gonffler figures ... who else? enjoy it on Brad!
    emileeben nan, sig ... it is more nulliparous
    And then it is worth recounting correctly at the end, I lost the personal!
    caciaha yes, chui con
    gayleSig in nulliparous women.
    Sam, stop the acid.
    lilithor carpet ....
    lavonne8Well then, Sam, this war of smileys on hs, it's coming, yes?
    colleenthe poor ... we will stop our delusions, we pollute all
    ladyHuh, where we are there, first?
    sindyha? You ca also tell you that?
    paulina412what war?
    flickapfff not me it looks!

    She challenges me in smiley-total-war

    and I'm stuck, my version of FF merdouille, I do not see all the pictures, and not all smileys imported ... so I not all my weapons ..
    hebe46NAN ... Absolutely not!
    Uh, Sat venerated great, I've challenged person, I humbly requested a small public demonstration, a kind of show case for us poor public ...
    eavan5rhalala I sought for Miss Julie, I have not found!
    maddison5rhalala I sought for Miss Julie, I have not found!
    bliss83Youhouuuuuuu my cycle getting longer again
    annona[Well, it is how much of IUD (intrauterine device) in nulliparous all ... remember ...

    1 / I
    2 / Always Me
    3 / Sat Jeannette
    6 / May (but not for long)
    7 / Sakaki
    9 / Kountraya (nulliparous or not ... but I know sorry)
    10/min former mirenette

    Ben ... I, too, at once! ...
    hallie591hello girls!

    Okay so I have good news, finally I think ...

    So it was my period, which landed on 7/11/06 after a cycle of 50 days and more !!... And on my Birthday ', gift yay so cool ...

    The key is that they come so I'm rather relieved ... It'll be one week tomorrow and I think it is coming to an end, the first review cycle in copper IUD (intrauterine device):

    rather positive pain level: I was wrong, but frankly less than I expected, I had to take 2 times 2 diantal ... Then I ANTAD of ... at hand but for me it was not painful so no need for the moment

    flux level (I have a Gynell) was quite big but not alarming either, it's like before the pill, so we know, the good old layers to change every 2 hours for 2 days max flow the + significant.
    Tiredness these 2 days, and voila ...

    Really delighted with my IUD (intrauterine device) for now.

    I would definitely reassured tomorrow night because gygy appointment for echo control, so we'll see. I'll keep you informed.

    Girls thank you for reading and responding autourde me because no one has an IUD (intrauterine device) and I felt very lonely ...

    Biz 'to you
    leia9That's right

    You're not alone

    You know now the large family learned of IUDs
    ange8grunt ... I had pertouilles 2 weeks ago, at first I should not be away from my ...
    4d and it makes me cramp as if they were to arrive, these last 2 days I had 2 times a doubt going to the bathroom because it was very light on brownish paper, but nothing +!
    when they want it! even if it's the butcher, once they are finished I will have more cramping!
    fawn3[Hello me I have an IUD (intrauterine device) Mirena 3 weeks ago and since non-stop heavy periods I'm on the ball you had a board
    pheobemany users have had this mirena pb at the beginning ... must qq months for the body adjusts to the hormones in Mirena! I doubt it must be exhausted ... trying to call your gy, it can advise you on drugs to reduce bleeding how long it is regularized with mirena?
    kishaCall your gygy for it gives you something to reduce the abundance (such exacyl).

    With an IUD (intrauterine device) must be 6 months for everything to set up.
    arlie768and meanwhile, you can do a course of ibuprofen, it reduces bleeding
    alicia4Sorry for the long absence ...

    And well, that's it, I cuivrette for a week! Everything goes great as if nothing had happened.
    I tell how quickly it happened for me (nothing original):
    I was very badly when the gynecological pinched neck and I brushed the vagal. Have to make me an intravenous reboustant that I get. But it passed very quickly with good tires the next day.
    A few small cramps nothing that night and nothing the next day.
    I just bled for two days and I had some losses a little yellow ... Hum, hum ... a little worried, but no odor or pain. I think it's the body that reacts ...

    In short, everything is great! My libido back and I have not had a problem of drought in the first report (made with a ton of precautions, lol).

    I do not regret at all about myself is an IUD (intrauterine device) inserted (even if the Nova T, I will keep only 3 years old, too bad) and pain during the installation is very quickly forgotten! It's worth it!

    Well, I hope you have not got drunk with my personal experience.

    cherette88no one loves it

    good luck! (And good rules 1ST)
    carine81welcome to the club sakaki! you've been waiting, now's benefit ...
    am speaking of the first rules ... well I'm right into it! any stack begins five weeks after the break! which speaks of Swiss cuckoo clock? pertouilles unpleasant during 2 days, we attack the serious stuff yesterday ... cramping light + no rules as usual, not + the day after installation, but against the quantities! ca me change the last 3 months on the pill or anything y'avait! I will still take me one or two bulbs haemostatic for the weekend, I will see my sister and I have no plans to bring a spare pair of trousers ... Following the next episode!
    tarina64Yes, well under these conditions, you may be considering the spare pair of trousers, the drawsheet reinforcement, and everything, right?
    chasitydrawsheet reinforcement is already planned! but I'm not home, I own more than fute on hand, and my sister made 2 good size less than me. so I'll make sure not to do spot (no pun intended). Monday I will tell you how I got out ... In any case, really happy, no need to buscopan!
    myrtieFingers crossed, super buffer, a Mooncup xxl and two panty liners tsunami and everything will be fine ...
    cornelia38At this rate, if I post Monday to vaginal dryness and irritation not be surprised!
    lavena87Namely: for removal of the IUD (intrauterine device), when he has no son long enough to be removed normally, the doctor may suggest a transition to the clinic with local operation ... yuck! my gynecologist had suggested it, so I turned to the gynecologist of the hospital from home, which was done with a clamp, alone. Whew! it avoids a painful passage in the clinic, anyway! In general, if we can keep the son long enough for a normal removal of the IUD (intrauterine device) is better because I had tearing (the clamp) that made me ill for 10 days. This may be because I'm 22 and no children, or else the brand of my IUD (intrauterine device), little loved my gynecologist: Sertalia. Otherwise, Sertalia remains generally satisfactory.
    dandrenor824indeed, a sertalia taken off the market because the son had a tendency to break too easily. or need to go through the clamp to remove ...
    lorriWelcome to the club Sakaki!
    jaki42to reassure the "younger" IUDs:
    After a year and a half of IUD (intrauterine device), I made my last period in all: 8 pads and panty liners 4! taking care that the 4 hours of time ....
    that could be better?
    richardine... a Mooncup changed once a day or two, but no more!
    regenawhen you get to retire
    leighSure ... For my part I never had too much bp, but you really put your fingers ...
    shawnda232Well, I am one of the few with a gallery grave to remove it from far back without me pushing it ...
    damage because it was a principle that suited me at ecology.
    etheldredaben has not already I get to keep pad in place, it appears by itself ... I confess that when the cup I'm afraid!
    I read the testimonials of debutantes but I'm really not all that schmilblick! for now anyway ...
    In any case, my towel "normal +" has not even held one after noon! so I think I am not yet ripe for the buffer either, I'm going to put all ...
    scheherazade3Me too it tends to go far ...

    But I found me a position that does well for the withdrawal ... So basically, it's bent legs, lower back against the wall of the shower or faucet, and immediately I feel better!

    Test different positions you will end up finding one that suits you!
    guinevere723Good evening everyone,

    I have an IUD (intrauterine device) for 1 month now and one week since I have my first rules with IUD (intrauterine device) and it will be one week tomorrow, I lose gallons! I tend to have a hemorrhagic rules but here for once, it is really impressive (as against any pain (and I'm not complaining)) and have not seem to want to s' stop ... my blood has chute well and I begin to have trouble standing

    I like to know if it could be because of the IUD (intrauterine device) and especially if I have or not m'inquite

    thank you ^
    edyta8the IUD (intrauterine device) increases the rules ... but if you start having bad, ca uine may show anemia or iron deficiency! So in your case I would go see ... your doc can prescribe you products that reduce bleeding!
    laryn41no no, nothing to do, I galley.
    dredathe first rules we often seem gargantuan, but it calms many subsequent cycles, wait!

    by cons, bleeding rules, real real quamifies hmorarrigues of, uh, I think it is a cons-indication.

    we must see that we necessarily lose more blood with only pill IUD (intrauterine device), which surprised the first temsp.

    and the amount of blood always seems more important because blood has a high wetting power.
    we seem to be empty but it is far from the case in general.

    one last thing: a lack of iron can not occur in less than a month except large hemorrhage (I speak not of heavy periods ...)
    The iron is slow to change (up or down).
    ansticeYes yes it's normal, I read somewhere that women on IUDs tend to have more anemia than other of the large amount of iron lost. You can go to buy pharma comprimets iron supplement for you. And reassures you the next period will be lighter.
    should not take iron to light because the surplus is not simply eliminated (like when you take too much vitamin C), this can cause problems!

    it is best to seek the advice of a doctor.
    jelissa46I plussoie, no complementation lightly! and then if she is anemic iron alone will serve is nothing ...
    it says thank you shoup ​​to reassure us on the rules that are bunched together in time ... the pasque wow!
    claretteand so careful with the iron!
    alfredaGloups I did not know ... I do not yet arrived last year to take vitamin pills-iron without medical advice, it was just a mark on the box and tablet daily as c'etat counter I thought it was not serious when you follow the instructions. What is risk?
    ailithI do not know but it also depends if it's compressed like "11 vitamins and 8 minerals," the iron levels should not be huge.

    but if it is rather like "tardyfron" attention!

    I can not remember the name of the disease, but yes, it's annoying to have an excess of iron.

    be anemic, it's not just be tired or have rules that are "big" ...

    see here:
    jordihemochromatosis, but it is a very specific problem
    dominique0ben ... I

    You should remember it still is I who spun the coordinates of my gynecologist.
    stacyLike too much ....
    dot28Choupi'm sorry ....

    Ben with you and miss a post which is ca 17 IUDs
    colena17? Not bad!
    kae6I read the first posts but I have not the courage to read all the pages, sorry!

    I'm 20 and I'm on the pill (diane 35 and Mercilon) for almost 5 years. I'm with someone I love for two and a half years. Only libido level is not that at all! (Tt side of my case ...) Right now I am seriously thinking to stop the pill because I realize that in fact I never had no sex life, and I tell myself that my ca Regulations may be "concern" (euphemism) of libido. And then again I have a natural cycle. Note that I have never had children.
    All that to say that I am very interested in the IUD (intrauterine device)!
    I want to know why a doctor may refuse to IUD (intrauterine device)? At what rate is it reliable? And other small practical details: How much is there on average and is it paid? Thank you in advance
    viola70is repaid, it cost about 25 euros plus installation (which varies according to the gunco, under agreement, not under agreement etc ...) but the whole is taken by safety + enc harge mutual

    there is almost no good reason to not place an IUD (intrauterine device) in its own
    1) a morphological abnormality of the uterus as a biphide uterus (very rare)
    2) a bacterial infection in progress (and even just to treat, and wait at that time we may ask a)

    That said, you might have trouble finding a gynecologist who agreed to ask thee (most still refuse to put on women without children even if it's a superstition more than a medical reason, look, it has been a subject or each of us has his city, if you find a forum that brought his nickname with your city, send him a PM, it will give you the coordinates of its gynecological
    otherwise known as planing your city or service of gynecology of the hospital (usually in the service or they do IVGs, they are more used to ask IUDs to prevent precisely that girls have accidents contraception)

    for reliability is at least as reliable as the pill since it will not be forgotten, for copper IUDs (the ones that interest you so) I think it's around 99% efficiency ( I have more exact figure on top)
    Hormonal IUDs are somewhat more effective yet, but I think it's not worth it when we go just to remove the IUD (intrauterine device) hormones
    adisson2Okay, thank you for your answer!
    I have another question, or rather a concern ...
    I talked to my mother, which is rather against: it is apparently part of those who think that IUD (intrauterine device) does not arise on a woman who had no children. In addition she said she had colleagues who had an IUD (intrauterine device) had been removed but because their rules were very abundant and very painful, and it could last 10 days ... So it did not really reassured! I know this is what happens during the first months after installation, but how long does it last? Do these rules are long and painful actually permanent?
    It is said that after six months, your body has had time to get used to the IUD (intrauterine device).

    Of all the girls you see here, most have rules quite normal as IUD (intrauterine device), do not worry.

    The ideas remain well anchored, unfortunately ...
    mollHello, I have the Mirena and have bleeding mid-cycle, I was here also with the pill so they put me mirena thinking it was going to stop is less than before, I made lots of tests and not everything is normal, What can we do to stop this is difficult since it takes two to ans.Sinon rules that decreases initially brown and then red and then brown again, I think it is nornal.
    Are there people who have mirena and are spotting in the middle of cycle.A soon.
    florindaMirena, or any hormonal contraception, it is the same: your bleeding disturbances are called the spotting. If it ure for two years, it is unlikely that it stops on its own. You can go see your doctor and ask the spottof, which should stop the bleeding, and then make you totally remove the Mirena.
    oriana2Good evening sun, therefore it must stop the spottof, how it is taken, one tablet every day or just a few days before spotting.
    sparrow2Good evening sun, therefore it must stop the spottof, how it is taken, one tablet every day or just a few days before spotting.
    suzie47Yes, it is possible that the spotof takes effect is that my gynecologist prescribed me when she asked me my IUD (intrauterine device) (copper)
    teriChoupinou goodnight, I have the IUD (intrauterine device) mirena it should work, how you take in tablet or ampoule and for how long, spread over the month, is what you take me on several mois.Merci rpondre.J hope that it may wish to prescribe to me, it will be so nice if with that, that from what happiness).
    kolleenI think the dosage is written on the box ... I have taken pills because I heard here that the bulbs are filthy ...

    ca has an effect on me anyway ... 5J in nothing, but that did not stop the emergence of other ds spotting the next few weeks! Basically it does not solve the pb, it does not fix the
    symphonyGood evening unicorn, I have small monthly bleeding that lasts a day or two very light and always with the same period 10 days after the end of my period was about meaning at the time of ovulation after I ' and then have nothing come my rgles.Spotof markets may be on me to try it costs.
    kris0if that's all the months, I do not think you worry prescribe and then, it does not look so annoying if it takes ca 1 or 2J, 5J has the spotof pr pr to me Indeed!

    The spotof is a spot treatment in my opinion qd big style spotting 3 weeks becomes unbearable, pr 1 or 2J, I think you can wait, right?
    harrietYeah, I quite agree with Unicorn, one or two days of spotting, it's still not dead ... After that, if for you, it's so horrible it, ask your gynecologist, but not sure it worth the shot ...
    jerihello girls,

    Say hello to give you some news ...

    So after my first great cycle of 50 days with an IUD (intrauterine device), I was seeing my gygy, who after making a head "phew" I make a quick echo to see how things were going in there ... because 50jrs ...!!

    Egg and all goes well, the IUD (intrauterine device) is still and always very well placed ... Everything is perfect and beautiful (according to the gygy ...)
    For cons I said to the length of the cycle: it does not understand why .... and also for pain, I told him that made me ca poorly during the day + "beefy" (not death) and the dent ... just calmed me and ben what he prescribed me: dent of the spasf + ... YOUPI!
    I figure it may be hard of hearing, no no no, he told me that ANTAD, spons ... to avoid absolutely because anti = inflammatory and not recommended with the IUD (intrauterine device) ... Then I opened enormous eyes and said I thought about this kind of outdated, it was at the time of the first IUD (intrauterine device) and now we knew that it did not ... Well no inicidence The inflammatory action of the IUD (intrauterine device) in the uterus will be "corrected" by the effect of anti-inflammatory, and therefore negates the effect but how ca he does not know ...

    What does your gygy to you??

    Sailing Sailing

    A + girls

    kit48I think in a year 1 / 2 of antadys or ibuprofen (for treatment, 4-6 times a day for several days) for the rules and I'm still here, and not pregnant ...

    the ca Spasfon is absolutely worthless, there is the ibu antadys even in a crisis happens to calm me down ... you can go alone ... I think the question would arise if you had to really take in high doses in a really long ... there, ok, well i want to leave some doubt, by dint of hearing hair pulling as soon as they speak so ...
    but the point taken, will be francky is good!
    ashlyn45mandarin, it is clear that from a pill or you have very little bleeding, return to natural ca can think of Niagara Falls! Personal I'm on the late & eres rules under IUDs. I had buscopan but it was not painful and I do not need. what is good for the amount of AC was something my lingerie and took a hit, but it has been like that and after two days that it went very quickly calm pqrlent of those rules of 10 days often want to say pretouilles qq qq days before and days after, but most bleeding is not as long as that. and even if it is, after months qq ca be quiet!
    by cons before you decide I suggest very strongly to go watch the first pqge this post: It answers most questions prqtiques, and there are links to various sites explaining the relationship between IUDs and infection and infertility and if you really lazy you happy at least that!
    kaety79IUD (intrauterine device) vs. NSAIDs:

    there: / articles [...] rticle = 590
    there: / articles [...] rticle = 657
    or here: / gyneco _ains.html [...]

    I also recall info that NSAIDs are not mentioned anywhere in the report by the ANAES-indicated as possibly against the wearing of a copper IUD (intrauterine device).
    susannahattention, the site of the National Health Authority has a makeover! the link given on the site of Winckler is outdated, on the report of the anaes strategies of choice of contraceptive methods in women (doc on which we rely on a regular basis) is now on the following link :

    [...] d = c_272385
    darina879What is NSAIDS?
    robina4The anti-inflammatory Sun
    arin2Thank you I missed a page, certainly
    carissa0I would even say, "non-steroidal anti-inflammatory"
    shantaeFirst day of rules with copper IUD (intrauterine device): a panty liner!
    that could be better?
    tawnyIt matters not. This is the beginning of pertouilles. Or you have a Mooncup at the same time. No?
    kaylee4Wait until tomorrow
    laurenciano no, it was the first real day of my period ...
    christen226bsoir, I consider myself to be a copper IUD (intrauterine device) (T
    380) but the problem is that I have for some time that a fungal infection becomes chronic indication is there REAL cons?
    Also what makes me hesitate are skin problems (acne persistent) not yet healed in diane35 ALRS j am afraid of a resurgence if I stop diane. (After 4 months of use)
    cybillhello, I have a mirena since September and a big question: since I have two months long and rules include spotting if I can say it lasts almost three weeks. Then questions:
    is what you've got the spotting + rules as long?
    In your opinion, do I hope to find something normal after 6 months more?
    laurenaca will stabilize ds 6 months normally

    vourage good!
    Before you head heads pr thing thank you so precious information I could get through to you.
    I'm 22, it's been 1 year and a half that I pr ss treated essential hypertension (you do not find the origin), and necessarily everything COCs I am not allowed. After months of misery in qques Microval (continuous bleeding, fatigue ...) Cerazette now is that I have to stop because it makes me suffer from vaginal dryness casi-total ac total loss of libido (22 years at the top ... as tt age for that matter!). I also have many micro trauma to the vagina, partly due to drought and dc to irritation pdt reports. I am dc ds a situation that I had not thought possible a few months ago, ie not take a pill. I ss for a year and a half ac ac my darling that I think make my life dc we plan to do I pause a IUD (intrauterine device). I am followed by a gyneco of trust that would be Ok pr me pause ... but even so I have a fear about the risk of infertility due to a possible infection! I have no children but a project that will be implemented in 3 or 4 years (normally), and it is true that I can not imagine life without a child jr. So that's my fear, not to mention the pain at the time of the break (but it's good, it's worth I think the bear!). So I just need to be reassured by people like me who still have not had children and have an IUD (intrauterine device) for contraception.
    Thank you in advance your answers pr.
    kiara57The risk of infertility exists but it is small. It occurs mainly at the time of installation and weeks suvent. If an infection occurs, treatment with antibiotics can prevent it degenerating.
    Finally, this risk is not greater in women than in children without a mother
    ailithCuckoo lexylia

    Voui, if your gynecologist is competent, it will ensure that you have no current infection qd he ask thee, and take all precautions so that you n'attrappes nothing at the time of installation.
    Otherwise the risk of infection is essentially linked to partners nb ... saw that you consider making your life with your man, no worries on that side
    allissa8Good evening girls, I wonder if there are that the new IUD (intrauterine device) that interrupts the rules?
    No hormonal changes, mood swings, swelling of the end of the cycle, etc. etc. The cure!
    As I'm changing mine soon,
    thank you
    fedelma999the Mirena? again? there for years!
    addison8Sorry, but at birth the panacea does not exist! Your doctor may have made thee the mirena as "new" but it has been around for years. Moreover, it is a hormonal contraceptive, and what they say, all hormonal contraceptives may cause side effects. Moreover, the rules do not automatically disappear, some have monthly, others every once in a while, and both have the spotting regularly ...
    Think carefully because Mirena is not only "the panacea that removes the rules" is a hormonal contraceptive with all that this involves taking hormones (compared with a copper IUD (intrauterine device)).
    alixThank you pr remarks that comfort me much.
    If by chance you (or you know who qqun) had vaginal cuts, mm if it is not the subject here, I wonder how long it takes pr no longer have pain when reports! ! I had eggs healing, creams, 15jrs abstinence (sometimes more!) and I have nothing to do tjrs wrong! BIZ you and heads
    andri45see the forum "rules and gynecological problems." There are several post about cracks / cuts vaginal ...
    for example here: / san [...] 6191-1.htm

    I do not know if it's the same thing you're talking about, but the answers will be rather on the forum next
    salenaThank you I'll go check it out!
    astarothGirls, I have need of your knowledge.
    The gyneco m has the Mirena removed, that it m 'had asked to stop bleeding.
    It was not march.Il n m 'a saying that "It was hormones, and refuses to put me on HRT, when I'm menopose.
    But m 'has put on the pill (Minesse). All is well, no saignements.Alors?
    I understand more.
    cristenmirena and Minesse is the progesterone every 2 ... Maybe mirena was not enough dose? Minesse with you n; have more cycles at all, so ausune reason to have rules or bleeding? for the menopause by cons I do not know at all!
    philippa1but nan
    Minesse is a combined pill
    linnieKaza, Minesse is a Combined
    robin2time for me ...
    but anyway, if more cycles, no bleeding?
    magdalene88If, during the placebos that match the break
    tsipporahunless it is the continuous ... in his case it seems logical +, if its rules are haemorrhagic will be left to square one?
    xylina1Voui is on if it zaps the placebo pills it will have no rules
    kizzy666say? the uterus is not right in the middle?

    not because I had a radio where you can see my IUD (intrauterine device) that floats, but it is not at all in the central axis (with respect to uh .. the main entrance and especially relative to the spine).

    Am I normal? it's not you, Chip, who had spent a radio or you saw your UFO float? same remark?

    you learn something every day (and what do we laugh, hu hu)
    queen9yeah, it is in the middle, but it is not secured and strap has its place, it moves all this! and fortunately so, because if your uterus is allourdi a bb and it moves not a little, well ca laisa not much like a place your bladder and your gut ...
    lexiHey, I feel like it's good to see the widget floating on a radio, me! Well, ok, if the radio is for something serious is not funny. But, hey, huhu.
    I think it's normal that it is not in line, we would know if everyone was perfectly symmetrical, and no Misfits (sorry, I go out) ..
    darryl86Well I was going to echo that I have not been in July to find my damn IUD (intrauterine device) top
    abilene203I just reregarder and actually be seen, but not well
    kariI have that answer a "HELP!" More cycle, placebo pills?
    However, I have had my period, I had not finished the plaquette.Elles continued for a week
    after the resumption of new plaquette.Elles have been abundant for several days, I have lost pieces of flesh. (Sorry for the detail).
    idelle7then the placebo pills in your pill normally are white.
    There are no active ingredient in it. It is a break in the other pill 21 pills

    Otherwise I do not know how long you're on the pill
    If that does not settle, it will go back gygy
    Try the treatment of ibuprofen, but if it does not settle ... it will re-consult

    Good luck and tell us about.

    (More cycle since you are on the pill)
    stormyby definition, bleeding during wafer are NOT the rules.
    posie422Um quick question again, do you think the break against an IUD (intrauterine device) is indicated because of vaginal fissures?? I know that fissures IUD (intrauterine device) = uterus and vagina = ds, but do crack + = risk of vaginal infections and dc Who shall ascend into the uterus?
    C DSLE not well explained but I hope you understand my question and you can enlighten me a little .... THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!

    do you think the break against an IUD (intrauterine device) is indicated because of vaginal fissures??

    jaiden73C was my first wafer after removal of mirena.

    Go back to the gygy?
    If jy going, going to tell me, "operation", I warned.
    nicolette642But if I'm the white pills, 25, 26, 27, 28 are placebos.Donc menstruate during his tablets, c is normal? Can be good to lose like that, so long.
    thrudC was my first wafer after removal of mirena.

    Go back to the gygy?
    If jy going, going to tell me, "operation", I warned.
    traceeBut if I'm the white pills, 25, 26, 27, 28 are placebos.Donc menstruate during his tablets, c is normal? Can be good to lose like that, so long.
    jillie2the white tablets are placebos in effect, this means that they contain nothing: you might as well throw them out and make your break for 4 days.
    your rules coming out during this pause.
    current pad, if you have bleeding, it is not your period, it's spotting

    if it really can be an abundant ultrasound would be welcome to avoid any suspicion of cysts, fibroids ...
    lillie60Dixit my gynecologist: It is never in the middle (it seems that mine is particularly eccentric to the left, it had even made laugh so much it deviated).
    kelia2You learn something every day, I tell you!

    It's true that is not symmetrical, but me too I placed the womb in the middle.

    But what do the teachers of bio in school?
    alexis32Huh I am not asking a fact

    Otherwise fourth cycle in IUD (intrauterine device) strong pain in the back this morning ... but it happens.

    Mooncup in testing ... we will see
    terra2good test then! me that's it, am excluded from the club-cuivrettes learned ...
    avilaNope, you still do in part by your past experience
    tildaand then it can not be a permanent exclusion? care of you, and after delivery we will see what you will do ...
    alis5Well yes, May, you're still part of the family!
    salliHi all.

    I am still menstruating and so I took the opportunity to see if I could touch the son. I could easily feel my cervix, it was a big bump in the vagina, but I did not feel the thread that came out. Well the thing is, I could touch one side of the neck because the other was just too far away so if it is, the son were bent on the side that I could feel it.
    Oh yes, and it is normal while the cervix is ​​hard and a bit painful when touched?

    Oh yes, and it is normal while the cervix is ​​hard and a bit painful when touched?

    Yes, it's a bit hard. Painful, it's more random, but some say, yes.
    ashlynn76I was totally hard ... Anyway, I guess everyone is different.
    opheliaTotally, totally ... What you mean by that?
    mattyBein that is to say that when I touched a little bit and that I supported, afaisait not like something soft to sink a little, it was pretty hard, like a big button that has somewhere and when pressed it's still hard bein.
    makenzie52Yes, I see what you mean ... it seems perfectly normal.
    olyvia7Very well, thank you!
    adreanaMe, I never managed to touch ..... (And the son, is not mentioned ... except once at the beginning, since more news)
    angieBein me was that for a while I try to time during menstruation ...
    kendall82all hope is not lost .... Perhaps I'll try again then. (At the same time, I do not think it is vital ....)
    mahalah44Hello girls, ben good tomorrow afternoon, with RV gygy to change the IUD (intrauterine device),
    It's great as when the system tolerates, with just five days off, I have a friend who was annoyed with 15 days a month!
    Gygy against the one who removes the car: you do not know where we stand in its cycle, so I Gynell the box 375, copper, the same since 1995 (changed 1X) with eggs antibiotics for 12 days.
    Good evening to all.
    arleneEggs antibiotics?? Well there is not the dead hand, your gynecologist. And I think that the argument against the Mirena gave you totally stupid, if followed to the letter, it does not prescribe the pill, which has the same effect. As in hormones there is no cycle anyway ...
    Having said that apparently it suits you, so ... Glad you're happy with the IUD (intrauterine device) and you say it, here we see instead are people who complain!
    monicaAnother one who chose contraception instead of his patients .....
    jojo5Thank you today ended peacefully, abdominal pain and bleeding.
    d in'm tired!
    Fortunately you are there girls!
    rosannahPersonally em for it was not the case since j'ovulais, and I knew I was
    sharon0I have a small question, I have a copper IUD (intrauterine device) that gynecological asked me on September 1 (I gave birth on June 11 and I have not had my floor). I feel by the time of uterine spasms and I have a lot of losses very slimy (sorry it's a bit disgusting). It worries me a bit and I wanted to know if it was normal ...
    annamariaduring the first few months you feel spasms in effect and then it is mostly (or only) ovulating ..

    but the extent is ds ds episodic month, there is nothing to worry about .. after, if it every day, so if it is painful, it is best to consult

    personal in the beginning, when I was stressed, I felt paff qqes contractions around the IUD (intrauterine device) .. Now it is a distant memory
    neileThank you for your answer, it's actually not all day. Good day
    felinaI am now 1.5 months since copper. all goes well, but I'm in the same situation as you, namely + loss, cramps from time to time. mid December with the appointment gy for inspection after installation. I think if your losses do not smell, as CQ grqtte PQS, and leave your pain as they have come there's no worries ...

    and to answer kokapi, I know that in other animal species appearance and hardness of the neck vary depending on the time of the cycle, so I guess with us too? a good mind to tell us at what point it is open and limp, and when it closes?
    evonne43Hello to all!
    I have a small question, I do not recall reading something about it so I'm starting: is quon can use condoms with a copper IUD (intrauterine device)?
    You will tell me as odd idea
    Let me explain: as I said a few months ago, I stopped the pill and I am very satisfied and will not resume. So I would put a copper IUD (intrauterine device).
    The problem is that I am now separated so when I have sex I must protect myself from diseases. But we are never immune to cracking hence my desire to have a contraceptive, condoms and more.
    The two are compatible? The son not likely to pierce the condom?
    pansyThis is of course compatible, and the son are a priori not annoying
    peronel43It is compatible of course, if only for protection against STIs.
    rhiannathank you girls! Ben good just have to make an appointment then ...
    paisecompatible, but to watch closely! I do not want Weser person, but + we + partners increases the risk of infection because we do not know what germs can carry around a certain person ...
    hood so necessary, of the preliminary and watch you again + if there is another cracker: IUD (intrauterine device) = emergency + infection, so when in doubt you should consult!
    nelda219well tell me, it makes reading!

    great, this post! bravo!

    go, at work, it will not read any single
    malvinaYes, good luck to read everything!
    ailie68For girls interested
    jaymeThere's good pages and pages that are delusions It dilutes the useful posts, but it can make reading pluis faster than expected
    leontyne908Small problem for me:

    rules: it will in abundance, I have two three days + + + but then later, for rules drag on .... It's going to be ten days my period started and I still have some blood loss ...
    Yet it's been a year since I IUDs

    So I wonder if it is not related to the fact that I have long cycles. Well it can be con but as I cycle about 35-40 days, maybe the uterus thickens more than 28 days and if so it needs to eliminate longer ?
    keturah2Maybe ... it's not funny anyway. I hope for you that will soon end.

    As for me, I attack my fourth week with my IUD (intrauterine device) and all roll! I do not feel absolutely not. I am waiting (impatiently?) The arrival of my bears (my side what). Let's see!

    I find that the positive coil for now. Except one ... : I should have put earlier!
    valary33speaking of undesirable ...
    they came back yesterday morning! in quantity it going, but the latest date only 15 days! ca has screwed up my plan bustier sexy, and with Sir we are as frustrated as the other one ... I who was super regular five weeks before the pill, I hope it will get sorted soon!
    ethelindaRoh, I recognize you with your new avatar! (Which is very nice for that matter)

    He may need your body get used to the lack of hormones? It was not that long since you stopped. I wish that everything falls into place quickly, because it's not funny!

    (Mr. courage!)
    kirstinthank you miss ...
    Well, it will in general ca stop us too, except when it's really niagara ... but for once, we had planned something else completely!
    bah heads of ways I see the qq gy by week, I take appointment to control once I finish losing. I will advise ...
    good luck to you, if it's going well there is no reason to change that!
    tammie068Landing shy this morning eagerly awaited rules. No stomach ache, but it is only the beginning. Maybe it will go no further there ... But it makes hair cell 28 days! Must say that I was settled before the pill.

    Waiting for Niagara Falls (but for all that is differnet, I wonder what's going to fall on the corner of the face)
    vondaamuse yourself well ...
    flora256I feel the irony there ...
    robina2Girls, I have need of you.
    The rules are set down as I take pills Minesse.
    J am the tablet No. 22.C is the rules or not?
    Virtually all that has been enameled plaque (ca s written like that) bleeding.
    Thank you girls, sorry for my stupid questions.
    georgia771kokapi, you take the ibuprofen?
    because to stop the end of the rules does it work okay, with an IUD (intrauterine device) I had the worry of almost a week after spoting rules for the first 6 months and there with ibuprofen, I have to nickel 5 days while breaking the rule (although three or four months there were two days very abundant)
    terra54kokapi, you take the ibuprofen?
    because to stop the end of the rules does it work okay, with an IUD (intrauterine device) I had the worry of almost a week after spoting rules for the first 6 months and there with ibuprofen, I have to nickel 5 days while breaking the rule (although three or four months there were two days very abundant)
    trudyNo, it is always strictly spotting, even if it is more important. Only the tablet No. 25 to No. 28 are placebos. So that your bleeding is still "under pad."
    jackalyn12Ah, you interest me la! I have the same problem spotting a result of the rules, and ca take me ****! How do you do with ibuprofen? I take just when it hurts, but I read that wrong or not wrong, we must take every x hours, for days there ... Since the age of 42 is Captain, can you give me the numbers x and y?
    Thank you very much ...
    dymphnaactually I take can be two to four tablets the first two days but only for the pain, and besides it's not much.
    I would have to take continuously? Or just at the end? How often?
    I also asked my doctor about something stronger and she prescribed me Voltaren tablets, you think it can take effect?
    madisonI posted without reading the post Marmotton: So sorry for the "Bis" (besides mine was so funny)
    aarenETM ...................
    Sorry girls.
    Thank you anyway
    sherisseVoltaren for I know not at all, ibuprofen is effective because it is anti-inflammatory in addition to being pain (that's why the Efferalgan example does not have the same effect)
    me for the moment I take 2 tablets by two and I do 4 times a day (or 3 when I go to bed really early) Wholesale: 2 morning, 2 at noon, 2 to 5 / 6 hours and 2 at night
    and it is impressive, if I miss a decision (such is the second day, I have more bad at all, and as I was doing something else taking six hours has increased to around 19h I have ben find myself jog to the bathroom because the Mooncup was filled twice as fast in the morning ...
    I take 4 or 5 days I would say ...

    but I think we should try to find or even "the dose and schedule-making" to be
    nanaIt is still a lot of ibuprofen in a week that I do not know if I am to ... I'm going to see the next.
    annabelinda14yes yes it flirts with the max dose but less than that, it makes me not effect

    I think a priori not go on like this screw, when the volume of my rules will settle a bit (it has already begun to fall) I reduce the dose
    yvetteI will try to do at the end, when losses drag on and see what happens.
    monicaOk, when you you say the two because they are a 200mg, right? Otherwise it's a lot. In Germany you can buy a 400 mg without a prescription, you redefine the dose for me not to expect me to do anything stupid?
    For Kokapi, yes it's been many, it seems to me that Winckler recommends this treatment as well.
    merlynyes I am taking 200mg in France I have never seen a 400

    I actually followed the doses recommended by Winckler
    hayleyI just had my check-up laying my striet Gynell (I deport the former was a TT380): all is well and is well placed.
    Note that I am nulliparous, that I have felt one or two days after installation and my period was neither long nor painful.
    In short, as the best by rapprt the TT380.
    All this is to find his model.
    I hope it will last ...
    ireneI hope for you when all goes well tolerance level after that is happiness!
    gabrielaHi all, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in April 2006 and got laid a hormonal IUD (intrauterine device) and then I wanted to know if contraception really effective because I hear that the we can get pregnant as IUD (intrauterine device).
    Please answer me because I soupsonne a second pregnancy !!!!!!
    bethOf course you can get pregnant on IUD (intrauterine device), the pill, in all, since no contraceptive is 100%. That said, with a Mirena you have not even about a thousand chance of getting pregnant in one year. Have you checked the manual? For the Pearl Index is often indicated.

    What makes you "suspect pregnancy"? If you have a missed period or symptoms like nausea, swollen breasts, and the whole nine yards ... There is much, much more likely that this is due to your pregnancy than IUDs.
    I come here to get information because yesterday I had a funny surprise my dear gyneco
    I had an appointment for a check of my Mirena IUD (intrauterine device) Possee there as 1 year and 1 month since last month I had a day with the rules enormous pain in the stomach knowing that I had lost my rules for a years because I worried for my two children I had the same symptoms the month I get pregnant
    and surprise the IUD (intrauterine device) has disappeared
    my gyneco my tamper pendand 10 min and did not find
    it seems that 5% of women it happens to lose
    cost of sending it to a prisse my blood to rule out a possible pregnancy and I must make an eco Thursday to see if it does not stay ELSEWHERE
    I am disgusted because I already have two children of a two-year sulfur allergy to heat and is very much alive (he still does not sleep all night) and I n'envissage not davoir another baby now
    I wanted to know if this has already happened to someone and if so how it happened
    thank you for your help
    kiera17My suspicion is based on the fact that I seem to feel "move" in my stomach dc when really it would be an advanced stage of pregnancy.
    And I can not rely on the so-called common symptoms of pregnancy for my daughter because I do not have any planks except the abscence of rules
    suzieI can only advise you to test, given the stage where you think you are, a urine test is more than enough. But you really have very little chance of being pregnant ... Tell us about
    sondra875test performed and no pregnancy for ca should be in my head! But still strange sensation!
    huldaWith Mirena, it is often that one gets the impression of being pregnant my husband had also made for a pregnancy test because he was afraid
    qianaHere's a funny IUD (intrauterine device).
    cady68Ba is like the pill actually ... Continuously taking the pill: it has no rules or bleeding, so nothing for reassurance. The hormones are meant to believe that our body is pregnant, so when it does not suit us or more, which has side effects, it looks like symptoms of pregnancy ... So of course we believe in
    susie82between hormones and stress, easy to get a psychotter the lesser evil to belly! The first time I changed pills is precisely because my rules are gone and that is stressing me too ...
    dominique3Yes, you can easily psychotic ... But you know even with my IUD (intrauterine device) not hormonal, I also psychotic (irregular cycles can make believe in a strong desire to delay + + child financially impossible to have a baby + swollen breasts quite a while before menstruation = fear mixed with hope to each sign = psychotage ...)
    But actually I'm too fond of my period, psychologically, and even if they are a little painful to live without. I could not help but to psychotic and pregnancy tests regularly.

    By the way, do you feel that too with your guys? Mine gives me the impression of being "proud" I have an IUD (intrauterine device) (smarter alternative to him that the pill) when the other girls are content with the pill, and never fails to report when he has the opportunity ...
    I prefer it that way takes the addition of
    marje63No, unfortunately. Probably because he did not have a "suffering" of the pill, since I've never taken (I'm proud of myself, for cons). And he was raised in the spirit "of women's stuff." On or questions funny sometimes, "but how it works in fact the rules? Is bleeding how?, And it does what?"
    In short, I think if I had died for a stress oversights, because I am very distracted, he would have better perceived the difference.
    beckaOkay, mine has not suffered either saw the first effects of the pill on me were:
    - An increase in the chest (lasting for six months when I took it)
    - An increase in libido.

    But I gave him so much about simplicity and absolute intelligence of the IUD (intrauterine device) from the pilu he understood ... And it's the side "my girl is something that usually is reserved for women without children but it is Fortich, she inquired to realize that it was bullshit, and now she has a IUD (intrauterine device), while yours forget her pill every five minutes and as it is not like condoms, abstinence, nananre "
    kerenI like the "long as yours forget her pill every five minutes and as it is not like condoms, abstinence, nananre"

    mine has had to undergo some stress due to oversights, libido lowered, mood swings ... so for now it is the IUD (intrauterine device) rather happy! against departing from it was hard to get him to admit because unlike me he has a real desire for a child ... to the point that last year we almost split following a forgotten when he said "if you are pregnant, you keep it or not, it's your decision and I can not go against, but if you abortion I can see you as before and I could go. " Now we begin a turning point in our life, and therefore in our married life, he understands better than I can not have children now, and as we do not take a slug it out again for problems of risk of pregnancy, the IUD (intrauterine device) is the best solution for all 2. by against, he will not tell her friends that I am in nulliparous IUD (intrauterine device), do not exaggerate!
    fredaMe it does not even know what that mean ....
    And then when I tell my friends they look at me with eyes like that and say "but why do you not take the pill like everyone else ?????" and from them that is a cause of epilepsy and blablabla ...... to finish by saying that "I'm not like everybody else"
    jorie63he knows me and he speaks quite easily, but I had an IUD (intrauterine device) when I knew him

    by cons I often said he had never done before I know how it can sometimes be the shit for reliable contraception
    hatty7Like my friends had never thought that the pill does not not fit everyone

    Reminds me of a barbecue this summer or I made a mini-conference as one of the girls had forgotten a pill and waiting to see if delayed rules to a test when I explained to them and even describes the existing methods of contraception and I was amazed that the girls of 24 brushes not know a few things

    M'enfin I was happy because now they know what to do
    audrey784ditto for me, amelia, on "what to do if you forget," the "chaining" ... Sev and Aure, if I read

    I have invited to come learn about learned
    reeneWell done girls for your information to your friends
    Mine do not understand too that we can have something in the body while the pill is so convenient! (Yeah, I had the same problems so I Kazajo not see why it's so great ... but there's that supports this very well said).

    On the side of my darling, he is pleased that I changed to an IUD (intrauterine device). But it's not the foot. I have always a little afraid that it moves with his penis during intercourse. It's stupid, I know, I think I need a little time.
    And then my first period in IUD (intrauterine device) end, but I still pertouilles small (it's been one week today that they have really started).

    But we are both delighted. To the extent that we do not want children right away, it's really a nice solution!
    janenethe same. I had around me the same reaction. when at the end of the opera I said it had been removed, a friend told me that in any case, I was crazy to do and unconscious to the base ...
    natilleIt happened to me lately.
    After 2 years 1 / 2 of Mirena, and regular periods, I go to the gynae for the annual and can not find the son.
    Result: negative ultrasound scanner then and there, the radiologist told me: "He was found, it is in the abdomen." I say no shock.
    I got operated on 4.12 for removal. The chir. had trouble finding it, stuck close to the intestine. But he came out ... and I received it as a souvenir. When you see the machine, you do not understand how it can break something.
    The chir told me it was the fifth time he saw it in his career. Sometimes it goes to the installation (the gynecological pushed too far), sometimes it does not explain it.
    I can tell you that I do not rely!
    emelyWell said!

    It's true I wonder how the strrilet can be found in the abdomen
    It does not care all that the balls

    And suddenly, Elixir, you're made thee ask another?
    miranda7Well, no, tubal ligation (Incidentally, it was already open.
    andiHa, ok. We had to take advantage
    maeganBut I do not understand how the trick is found in the abdomen?? It all need to break a wall? Do not you are not realized?
    After you have left a hole ...
    I must be too flat in anatomy but enlighten me please!
    caitlynwow !!!!!!!!!!
    but it's super dangerous ca!! I was not warned of the risk you must be deg elixir
    I ca I do not I shave my eco tomorrow and hopefully not having to go through the block
    prisse my negative blood and it's a good point but we must wait to see where is the damn IUD (intrauterine device) that turns me from I do not want more
    I tell you what tomorrow
    again thank you for answered elixir
    isabel771yeah my friends so they know me, almost every girl I know (but instead 30 years) are under even more estrogen progestin pill at all due to: headaches, vaginal dryness, depression, weight gain record eradication of libido etc ...

    with your Barbec, you make me laugh, I recognize myself in almost all the "big night" and I found myself for a good year, I made "contraceptive consultation!"
    kimberley79it is explained very well how it is reflected in the abdomen: the gynecologist who punctured during installation by pressing too hard!

    you can go to Winckler, it explains it very well ...

    worry, the only risk would end up pregnant, if it did not happen, you will have no sequel, uterus heals very well, one can even stand another IUD (intrauterine device) (but I will go home another doctor, personal ...)
    leanora542I do not mind, but if the gynecologist who made the mistake to ask, how is it that one year after laying the IUD (intrauterine device) was in place, but not after 2 years?
    jayde2I'm sorry but I still do not understand it can happen without anyone noticing. If punctured, it qand the IUD (intrauterine device) is deployed, so it must still quite a bit to go ... It must feel?
    And after that is found in the middle of the abdomen? I really can not imagine the thing ...
    jaimeI've had a little sore when he put it but it passed very quickly. And the echo that he made just after the IUD (intrauterine device) was in place.
    It is found in the abdomen: for me it was trapped in the fat around the gut near the appendix. And I never had pain.
    genia77It's all very strange ... I would take quite a few courses in anatomy for me to realize ...
    missieI just quit my consulting gynecologist, like my TT 380 was down, she asked me one 375 Gynell .. I hope it will this time .. in fact, my gynecologist told me I had the Pass too open (the IUD (intrauterine device) falls alone, but it goes down as easily)
    daisyIt's been one week that I put my IUD (intrauterine device) and I would like to know how long after you can have sex??
    dixie812An hour after installation if you want it ... You are immediately protected with an IUD (intrauterine device), so it whenever you want, when you feel

    Kazajo for the "yours forgets his pills every five minutes and as it is not like condoms, abstinence, nananre", it is based on a couple of friends of ours ... Except that the guy is a little inflated to say "I never had a girlfriend that as often forgets her pill" because Miss forgets to 18 hours but is still before two o'clock in the morning (she noon of time but is fixed 8 hours "to make sure "...), not one true oblivion over two years ... So abstinence if you forget it is purely theoretical (that said saw his way of looking at sex is often anyway, but abstinence is the distance from the subject)

    In short: long live the IUD (intrauterine device) ^ ^
    breanaYou're quite right, Sun! Viva!

    Just a quick question, girls. It's a little sex ...
    In fact, I wanted to know if there are positions difficult when you have an IUD (intrauterine device). I say a little psychotic (I can not find that vavait already mentioned) and I blocked when I feel something. I'm afraid to go "in depth".
    I say this to reassure me, but in principle there is no risk that the man touches the IUD (intrauterine device)? I'm stupid to worry, especially since my darling has never felt the son.

    Thank you
    nicoletteThere is no risk that affects the IUD (intrauterine device) and even less as it moves. At worst, it affects the son. That said, in very deep positions, it happened it makes me a little sore, but that was the case before the IUD (intrauterine device), so ...
    carita77There is no risk that affects the IUD (intrauterine device) and even less as it moves. At worst, it affects the son. That said, in very deep positions, it happened it makes me a little sore, but that was the case before the IUD (intrauterine device), so ...
    alexandraThank you for your answer, sun, I feel reassured
    Now I can enjoy myself without fear!
    frances5ditto without IUD (intrauterine device) times
    sofia27Hello girls! I'm really sorry, I did not get to read 30 pages of this post, I stopped at the 5th, so hopefully I will not repeat a question already asked ...

    I put my first IUD (intrauterine device) there is a little over a year ... I sent off after two months ... I re-tried it in July, so I now my IUD (intrauterine device) for 6 months. After the visit, everything was smooth, my IUD (intrauterine device) is very well placed. Level rules, the pain is normal (as before the pill), but I have a problem at length ... So basically, I have some pain before my period, then I set a ten / fifteen days, greater abundance in the middle ... Then my period decreases, and again I like pains before menstruation, and I again pinkish-brown losses, again abundant enough for a fortnight ... That does not leave me much respite between my periods, though still regular ...

    What do you think? I thought the famous wait 6 months to see if my period would regulate itself, but it's starting to worry
    blossom139Yes I think it looks a bit much at blood loss and may be you should go see a gynecologist.

    But in fact this cycle it I sometimes just the same thing: the normal rules, last long enough as usual. with many days of pertouilles the end.
    Then I think I have ovulated there are three / four days and then my losses are quite abundant mucous and they are also rather brown, as if there was a little blood (it's still small) but I thought if you are ovulating and that a little blood, it was a day no more ... What do you think?
    marvaI'm in the same case! rules a good week, quite abundant. and then pulling with abundant brown mucus for 2 or 3 days the ovulation. lack of bowl, 1.5 months since I'm soous copper losses ovulation occur 3 or 4 days after the end of the rules, so I settled all 2 weeks ...

    Courage maya, it's going to settle with time! and if like me you go out just a pill, c'eset normal ca shambles the time all this gets back up ...
    caileighI hope your appointment went well. I expect from you
    rosasharnI have the same concern as well. This is my first period in IUD (intrauterine device) and I still have brown spotting, even if they seem to fade.
    I expect to see next month.
    sommer07Hello here

    Aye, I am a future cuivrette
    Posed in early January. I can not wait to say goodbye to the hormones ...

    For there was a squawk against the pharmacy:
    The pharmacist told me that the Multiload Cu 375 (Gynell) is apparently not in short version
    There would be the standart version and version SL (what is "SL"? ... I know just from gygy it's not "short").
    She calls the manufacturer, "a little confused" the manufacturer, but from his version "short" of the IUD (intrauterine device) is more effective.
    So I phone my turn to gygy, who said he never heard of the disappearance of the short version ... He telephoned the manufacturer itself still asking what it is exactly.

    Any info on this?
    nessie3You do not necessarily need shorts. What your doctor told you? it depends on the size of your uterus, in fact.
    Otherwise ut 380 are in shorts.
    shawnaYes I know it is sometimes also standarts to nulliparous. But he prefers the Short frankly for me (otherwise he would not prescribe it, I guess).

    Especially since I have (that) 18 years ... I guess my uterus is quite small and the pay less standart
    And then from the "measurements" of my uterus on my last echo (I know the echoes are not always super accurate, but it gives an idea) and what I found on the net on the sizes of IUDs, a IUD (intrauterine device) standard size that may be right.

    Voui, is the short UT380 if ever.
    The gygy said he had rather a habit to ask Gynell nulliparous, but hey I think he can manage it as if to ask this one. You just repeat prescription.
    my appointment is good Paser the IUD (intrauterine device) is in place are the files that are returned to the uterus nothing alarming but I will as soon as removed even the trot with fear
    Veras is that I would use a method that moment
    lashayI'm super happy for you tamalou
    Fortunately, these are "only" the son who disappeared. I hope this will not be too painful to recover the vehicle
    For the rest, I do not know what to advise you. Serious discussion with your gynecologist.
    coralieI have a normal Gynell I am nulliparous, and I never heard of a short

    my doctor does not pose that this model is whether to nulliparous or women with children (if you want an idea of ​​the size, look at my "avatar"

    So say you got a bowl of famous have found a gynecological poses an IUD (intrauterine device) in a 18 year old daughter!
    donalda05Yes, keep it well below the elbow one, Maelle, especially if it is good and nice!
    petunia2I have a short ML CU I was asked 2 months ago.
    So it still exists.
    nikki53Ah ... thank you Chanie Voui apparently is no more reason to find it.
    Lol the "bowl" I owe it to me shoup ​​facing the specialist. He was not enthusiastic at first for me to offer it ("as a last resort"), it took me to convince the pill I wanted more and I could not take forever (omissions + cost + lottery ...), and side effects after he no longer winced for the IUD (intrauterine device).
    fayeAlthough he is challenged. It is a quality not found in all practitioners
    fredericaHello Girls!

    It's been a long time I was over come post here, because so far all was well ..... with my copper IUD (intrauterine device).

    It's been 6 months I lai jai had my more or less regular cycles ..... and I start a minquieter because .... cest ptetre beast, but jai afraid of being pregnant can be
    I do not test yet because it seems to me .... but I can not explain my case, so what if I fall in a few details ..... voila.

    javais a boyfriend (I nai more mnt) I saw infrequently, because of distance.
    it was given on November 1, javais my rules, do not worry .... we had sex, but having my IUD (intrauterine device) + rules, I do not think I could have been fertilized at that time the ....

    Then, jai had my period with 2 weeks late, but I'm not worried, because my cycles were not regular since the beginning, so on December 7 jai have my rules, but rules that are too scarce .. .. jai ctait had a day or more abundant than at other times, but really not bcp compared to other cycles that have javais the rules .... and lasted 6 days, has an abundance ..... really low.

    knowing that I've seen my boyfriend three days before the davoir its rules, so much normally after the ovulation.

    my problem is that this EST five days that I have my period, and since yesterday, jai minis losses very light brown, and I do not know where it comes from that!
    I'm not supposed to be in the ovulation period (anyway my cycles are not as they please but hey .... 5 days after the end of the Sounds bizare rules) so I do not know what can be ptites loss of his ....

    for after all that writing jai, cest almost impossible jsois pregnant, my son of IUD (intrauterine device) never moved, and in addition javais my rules almost every time I saw my boyfriend, so ....

    not fully understand me

    we did all the tests, so be it jpense not a disease, and fungus can not either, it makes me itch, it smells anything fishy ..... finally .... what ..... Here

    thank you for your answers .... if you do not want tile again in the gyneco for nothing, it will take me for a paranoid a force ...
    evangelineCurrently I am still on the pill, I always thought that nulliparous women were not entitled to an IUD (intrauterine device) ... In short, that belief, and many gyncos narrow-minded ... What about for the perforations of the uterus?
    marlie26Hi, Herbie!

    If you want to know everything about the IUD (intrauterine device), I advise you the first page of this issue, or else the site of Martin Winckler (easy to find on Google).
    Here, it is full of nulliparous copper (do not you think it's been a bit of a name pretty tropical fish, right?)

    Do not hesitate if you have any questions
    alicia77My poor Gybyzz, I do not know what you have. Maybe your period calmed down simply because I do not see how you could be pregnant.
    But I'm not an expert. The best thing you to do a test anyway, just to be fixed.

    Current year we want!
    charlie9yeah that would jfasse test ..... but not like a slab of pharmacy, and no time: s
    Anyway you mdir, cest still important so ... jtrouve'll have the time!

    minquiete which is not really the rules scarce, but really all losses brown clear ....

    jverrai well ..... not glop it all!
    eunice3ben is a good jai urine test ..... negative ..... at the same time saw the likelihood of becoming pregnant javais Meton ca ..... not! but hey at least jsuis fixed ....

    remains to be seen if the losses will diminish slightly brown .... if eyeGO well end up going to the gyneco ....
    shit jai dargent not me lol
    mala3First, congratulations and welcome to the club maelle!

    gybyzz if the test is - and that your IUD (intrauterine device) has no moves, no reason for you to be pregnant! light brown losses can it not be related to ovulation? I had personal ca, and each time two weeks after I start to bleed ... Wait and see, if it lasts you can always call the gy ...
    totty32like, I have a question someone has a trick medoc, plant, or other works to reduce the bleeding? the ca been a while since I saignotte constantly. not much but just enough to do bad spots are below and in the lace I miss ... I stroke the appointment on 26 gy, but I too want to pertouiller until the ...
    thank you!
    rachaelbah yeah, me too jai ovulation of a little bloody, but a java ovulation 5 days after the end of my rules .... That sounds fishy!

    but hey .... we'll see! jattend to see if it continues ...
    pamif your cycles are possible ... strange personal ca ca me since 1 month!
    arista70Gybyzz, if your period lasts ten days, and if your cycles last about 4 weeks ... it corresponds quite well to the expected date of ovulation.
    missyjai ben good not done so

    the last cycle javais had losses for 3 days and then one week after jai still had six days of losses, and then my rules .... so good .... just what nimporte
    elvina702I know not how my cycle .... It's been six months as a jai diu copper, and jai have cycles 28d, and the cycle of 6 weeks, once even skipped a cycle jai ..... eight weeks therefore no rules ....

    I note all this on a calendar, so I know pretty much what it feels like, but cest completely random ....

    jai sacred of tensions in the back .... I know if a cest of a possible ovulation, but hey ....

    a view ....
    patti625Arf .. then the only way to know whether or not ovulation is one, is to wait your next period (or at least approaching it bleeding) and calculate if it comes about two weeks after the bleeding you describe . As said if your cycles are random, it is possible.

    This is often anything in the first months after stopping the pill (I guess you were on the pill before), this added to the rules which are often increased in the first months IUD (intrauterine device) ... and after that settled down. Your changes are quite normal TFW.
    alethayes I know cest anarchy after stopping the pill, so why cest jminquiete too
    maree884one has a good anti pan bleeding for me
    chrystal594Vi! Me! me!

    I do not know if it works, Kazajo, I never tried. I found this in a specific herbal medicine.
    You have the cypress or evening primrose oil.
    Then I do not know what is best of both. Application advice to your pharmacist. What is nice is that it's 100% vegetable.
    Perhaps there are other remedies ...

    farah371For my part, I do not know if the IUD (intrauterine device) is recommended as I am often prone to chronic cystitis ... So I'm afraid that with an IUD (intrauterine device), the germs could develop a little more and in the end I restart with chronic cystitis (now it's six months than I have done more)

    anstaceHello, hello, I had an abortion by suction 3 weeks ago and asked my lon hormonal IUD (intrauterine device) same tps. This morning, gynecological control, and there the IUD (intrauterine device) was down below, so we'll have to rely a nvo, this is what you have already arrived?
    londonsakaki thank you! a pharmacy specializing in plant is installed at the bottom of my home, I will try it! and I'll tell you what ... pertouiller fed up! and just when you think it's over, you spot a new pants! grrr ... but we will get out!

    loulloute there are many testimonials on this kind of stories ... you should try another form of IUD (intrauterine device) (copper) ... or re-uine attempt with mirena! your old was raised in special circumstances, it leaves the benefit of doubt ... in any case I wish you full of courage!
    Herbie, a priori if it is well posed, an IUD (intrauterine device) is not returned from bacteria, a priori no worries. but when in doubt, go take a look at the site of Martin Winckler ...
    kristyHerbie, you're already a vaginal swab or urine culture to see what was your due cystitis?
    For some digestive bacteria (the same as for fungal infections) it should not be a problem for IUD (intrauterine device) insertion: the climate inside the womb they are not favorable, they prefer not to develop it . So we should know where you were so often infected and if it can be more dangerous if you wear an IUD (intrauterine device).

    Otherwise, the other concern that would arise would be if the causative agent of chronic cystitis living full time in the vagina (where it would cause few symptoms), and tps to time to contaminate the urethra (by triggering cystitis). I know where I read that sometimes this kind of bug s'aggrippe the son of the IUD (intrauterine device) and is resistant to some treatments. In this case should take samples and treat vaginal infection also locally (if there) tjr before asking the IUD (intrauterine device). Can also treat your partner.
    You may have already taken this step ...
    If the infection retrigger pdt you have an IUD (intrauterine device), a priori (not bad germ) that is not a problem, you just treat it quickly and well (history give him no chance even if he is clinging to son) and possibly later shorten or bend the son to give them more resistant to side.
    But in any case it will not be the IUD (intrauterine device) itself makes you sound again an infection. The IUD (intrauterine device) is sterile qd it is placed, and as said, when installed correctly it does not bring any bacteria anywhere.

    M'enfin if you have been sick for over 6 months, you should not have problems I think ...

    I personally made recurrent cystitis, more or less every 6 weeks (most of the time, she went qques hours with a lot of mineral water and more ...), Spasfon fungal now (which never leave own, but) the gygy told me it was no problem.
    bethanieI'm getting exacyl, but it has taken only during menstruation so I do not think it brings you much ...
    loretta963My cystitis apparently are due to several factors: the past, I always backache, until I do an ultrasound reinale, that's where you told me I had a kidney more or less deformed, but technically, it's no problem.

    Then came cystitis often-because I did not drink enough, I do about every 6 months smears and never any problems so the seeds are not inside the vagina but outside, the channel level of the urethra (right??) or what I fear is that these villains arrive microbent to migrate into the vagina, causing me fungi etc ...

    That's for me!
    noellaOki, Voui if we do not find anything with the samples is that the seeds are really localized at the urethra.
    If your cystitis are not transformed mycosis usually ... there is no reason that it comes with an IUD (intrauterine device).

    And then there qques simple precautions to be taken to not happen anyway, as to urinate after intercourse, wiping the back of the bottom-up (to the IDOS) and in front of such low up (mas towards the belly), and worse drink ... many, many ...
    Maybe it would be nice you to do a urine culture if another expresses cystitis (which I do hope you do), just to know if we can treat it a little more efficiently.
    karenaWhat is a urine culture exactly?
    katharynOops, a urine test, period.
    marilou00while waiting to see the 26 gy, I test the "homeo! the pharmacist down at my m" said the phyto c "was so so on this kind of stuff ... I'm in china D6 and phosphorus ! I will tell you what happens ...
    wildaben possible, I have a regular cycle usually ultra j'ovule to J14, provided that the rules milking length on the end (sometimes as early IUD (intrauterine device) I knew very well ovulated 5 days after the end of pertouilles)

    Having said that worries me when I was more that it would start bleeding before menstruation, after not too

    after if you're tired it can be as your hormonal system that makes any nawak, how you were before taking the pill?
    tawneeben is cystitis bladder, vagina and fungi is the IUD (intrauterine device) in the uterus is not much to see from all this

    a priori a fungus never goes back into the uterus to fungal infections often is not an indication against the IUD (intrauterine device)
    and the only link between cystitis and antibiotic therapy is myscose of cystitis can fuck the shit at the vaginal flora and promote fungus

    or you can try a "trick" as basic treatment for cystitis: a glass of cranberry juice in the morning got up every day, seems that it works very well
    lyraHi everyone, I'm new on this forum, yesterday I got to ask the IUD (intrauterine device), I have not had children ... I want to share with you my experience because I'm pretty proud of myself! :-P
    I tried all the pills on the market are kil, after 1 year = 10kg + in my normal weight, a little depressed, extremely doulureuses rules, a dog's mood, breasts remained (something ki don ' was not really helpful ...) I do not brief the pill suports not! My doctor said there was now an IUD (intrauterine device) kil esssssspr for me! I made two gyncos before I do ask ....
    short I did yesterday, laying the shoot was horrible, I screamed the kan gygy dropped me in the IUD (intrauterine device) (ok, j'hurlais before it begins to ask ... chui cro sissy ...:-D).
    For my first test day chui contnente enough because I did not hurt at all, I hardly saignette.
    Well my question .... it has often been asked but hey I guess you will understand that I had the flem to read 34 pages prcentes!
    So yes, given ke it's only 24 hours I have this little thing in me, I have not had intercourse with my chew, and I frankly afraid to be wrong ... I fear that the IUD (intrauterine device) falls or moves it or something like that ... worry me, girls!
    in fact, I thanked you for putting this forum on?? if it does so: THANKS!
    ambrosiaDo not worry Chip star

    The IUD (intrauterine device) is snug in your uterus is no risk that there is a meeting between the gear of your rights and the IUD (intrauterine device)
    Personal I got my IUD (intrauterine device) poses at the end of the afternoon on a Friday and I had a report the next morning and no pain ....

    And your IUD (intrauterine device) if he should fall, believe me, you feel

    Welcome to the club IUDs nulliparous
    It should be 20 now
    devonI ben good jai the daemon blood test results, negative, not pregnant .... my losses are probably due to early ovulation time ....

    jvois not have java or nab an infection, probably smelled bad already, and then jai no fever or anything .... so jminquiete not, and my next jattend rules, I'll see if it fits with my loss of time ...
    willowpti a cuckoo to IUD (intrauterine device), as qu'je'm here!

    I have a max of late ... 9 anything here? yet apparently converted to new
    No surprises for others?
    allycia6pti a cuckoo to IUD (intrauterine device), as qu'je'm here!

    I have a max of late ... 9 anything here? yet apparently converted to new
    No surprises for others?
    azurehello sam!
    lenahello sam! bah will catch your late ... between two boxes! but a priori no, not bad news ... and new converts! pucelastar Congratulations!
    flurryHello Sam!

    Yes, we have new followers, it's cool!
    All rolls Nova T side (and yes, it takes) even though I still very small chip concerns the star. But the answer to Amelie reassured me a little

    At the revoyure!
    sheelaghHello all,

    Honestly I have not read everything, so sorry if I rest a question, here I wanted to know if some of you have the IUD (intrauterine device) Multiload 375, I wonder if like me you have had short cycles (between 22 and 25 days) and again called normal cycles (28 days) knowing that with the copper IUD (intrauterine device) everything returns as before, just before I had 28/29 day cycles. Are you on the whole satisfied with the IUD (intrauterine device)? Thank you
    libertyyes I have this one
    yes I'm happy
    not my cycles are very regular, as without IUD (intrauterine device)

    you took the pill before your IUD (intrauterine device)?
    maralynI have very little on the pill (and Mliane melodia) because I could not stand the side effects include nausea and headaches.
    So when I had my third boy, I opted for the IUD (intrauterine device) copper without asking a lot of questions, I have frankly never had unbearable pain or the installation or during or after the last brief as happiness.
    For the past two months I have cycles of 28 days knowing that I wear it for 9 months.
    But I came across stories of women who became pregnant with the IUD (intrauterine device), and things I learned (I know I'm a little dork but hey ....) I assume that he could move (but how and I mean what occasion by sudden movements ???).
    In short wondered about the effectiveness of the IUD (intrauterine device) in particular I wanted to have testimonies of women who wear it for a long time without ever having had any problems. Thank you it's a little long sorry
    stefanieI am no position to testify, no one asks me that there are two months! by cons I saw the gy this week, he told me some things ... First, the IUD (intrauterine device) may move because of contractions of the uterus, if you can not bear this foreign body, in case of abdominal pain, while ca. So evictions take place mainly during the first months of use, as long as the body adjusts to the presence of the IUD (intrauterine device). he made me an echo to check he was still in place, and no worries on that side! if you are not alone, you can always ask what your gy takes a little eye by echo during your next visit, you can also go to "see" from time to time if you still feel your son and if everything is as usual.
    Note also that in general, an IUD (intrauterine device) being expelled it hurts, since it is accompanied by uterine contractions ... Custom installation has advised me on my gy buscopan during abdominal cramps, contractions to limit the famous and the risk of expulsion ...
    liana454up! interest in some ca
    jaqueline73 years of happiness in my case, without the slightest glitch (a lot of extreme sports and RAS)
    madisona priori an IUD (intrauterine device) expulsion it feels
    either because of contractions during the expulsion, or because it exceeds, then a quick check the rules: the son still there and no piece of plastic protruding from the cervix and no anxieties to be

    gaby97Thank you for this information, I confess after 10 months it should be good!

    camilla8Same for you!
    barbaryWell I just added my stone to the edifice!

    Well I admit I have not read everything but ...

    I'm 25 years old, I am nulliparous and I'm going to insert an IUD (intrauterine device). Next week I quit my pill as normal this weekend.

    Me to my gynecologist was quite nice, he did not refuse the IUD (intrauterine device) (well it made me realize that he was not 100% but hey!) By cons, and this reassures me that he was super careful. STD test for me and my friend, treating a fungal infection that drag along the way, smear to see if everything go well.

    Hopefully result! So he prescribed me an IUD (intrauterine device) (I asked the UT 380 Short).
    So I would come give you my first impressions as soon as it is done!

    avelineHello here

    Following my ptite history. I was supposed to make me an IUD (intrauterine device) inserted (finally it's a short UT380, the gynecologist was unable to better that the pharmacist whether there Multiload tjr short version) this week.
    Finally today, even.

    "Surprise": no rules.
    I had a stomach ache the whole month, 3 days of spotting the end of the plate, even some small contractions Sunday and Monday Tuesday and today (day "normal" early), nothing. Not a drop of blood, not a contraction.

    Something tells me it will not come at all this month. I am not pregnant (despite nausea for 15 days, the "sore breasts" and hot flashes - side effects?): No oblivion for 4 months and test negative.
    And even if the rules came in a rush, I find it difficult to get around to gygy, I'm not on site from Thursday to Tuesday.

    So good, I left for a month of lutnyl, hoping that next month they will point.

    My questions are:
    - What guarantees me that next month I will have? Nothing?
    - And if they show up, and they are, as usual with lutnyl minimal, minimal home (last month I totally ignored the protections, there was qques spots, but the history of ct 2 or 3 drops of blood only ...), it's still the same for IUD (intrauterine device) insertion? The neck will be less open than in rules "normal"?
    - If they are not point ... either this month or even next month, what solutions I have to get them back? Board for a month to a combined pill, it might suffice?
    The gygy offered me a treatment to reverse the rules (of duphaston, I guess) but then I should take it without contraception, and find myself a month with condoms, it said much about it: /
    - Seems it's possible to insert an IUD (intrauterine device) without rules. The gygy not look too enthusiastic to do that ...
    I did not mention drugs to "open the cervix" (I think of cytotec) is what it would be a solution? It has the disadvantage of promoting contractions, right? Stories?

    And finally ...
    - It is likely that I'm moving in two months, at the other end of France, so if no rules this month or next month, I'll probably leave for qques months of hormones ... Qqun has an idea of ​​the time gynecological appointment in the 14?

    Thank you already for reading to the end
    dena996hello and good year!
    I can only make you share my experience ...
    nulliparous, my gy told me that my cervix was too strong for them to get an IUD (intrauterine device), and he could do so only during menstruation. No luck, my pill when I cut the rules, I did not have any bleeding with it! I keep my appointment, saying that if no IUD (intrauterine device), I would change can be a pill ... He asked the IUD (intrauterine device) even when he put a small camera to show me and tell me, during menstruation the cervix has opened due to hormonal changes, although these changes are insufficient to cause bleeding. So even when you can go to the gy even if you do not bleed, you never know?
    anyway good luck, you'll get there!
    kolleenMercii for your answer. Happy New Year too

    In fact I can not go on too gygy even if I do not bleed, I have no appointment!
    As I can not since I'm lutnyl whether or not I'm bleeding and if so what day, it was agreed that I will call the day of the rules and I take a last minute appointment for as soon as possible from that time.
    I was hoping to have them today and make the appointment for Wednesday morning ...

    But if I understand you well, just a break between packs with drop in hormone levels that dilates the cervix, even if there is no bleeding? Erf, but he could tell me ...
    So even if I bleed not there, since I am in full pause, it should be ok? : S The pb is that since now I have too many signs "indirect" rules, including cramps ... I almost ask if they are not already finished, mpf
    I have no idea of ​​the usual state of my cervix closed, not closed ... I do not think I looked at the gynecologist, the only time he examined me, it was thought not really the IUD (intrauterine device).

    A little lost here ... m'enfin, so I'll make ^ ^ Too bad if it's not this month ... hoping that it drags too after ...
    amandaif not for the cycle will be for the next ca ...
    In any case, my home, a break between two plates was enough! and he showed me my collar in the middle of plate and during the break, it's true that it is open ... +
    the other reason they ask you prefer an IUD (intrauterine device) during menstruation is that like that they are sure that you are not pregnant when you're laying on, as it could be a problem. but if you are under contraceptifet that you do not take RISQ ca should go on this side of!
    primula21Hello to all! I am interested in your post and I come to ask advice!
    ''I'm a little woman in black shoe''in terms of contraception! Let me explain: I started 18 years by the pill I took (more or less .. for that matter) until I became pregnant with my son at 24. I tried again but without success, it is impossible to think with me to take something every day, that's how!
    I ended up having my daughter at age 28! and since, not wanting any more children I can link: implant retained 3 months, 3 months non stop bleeding! the patch, libido goodbye, hello heavy loss! (I still keep 2 years) and there I am in the ring Nuvaring (more practical every 3 weeks, then I think it will!) But still a lot of loss and not the top for the libido! !
    I have always refused IUD (intrauterine device) but I have to wonder if I should not try!
    What scares me is:
    - To find heavy periods and painful as when I was a teenager and I was''natural''!
    -My darling prides itself in our hugs!
    -I expelled (although I never got to remove my children, lol, CS 2! With the chance that I, that I could remove him!)
    - It does not solve my problems and loss of libido
    - Or my problems of fungal repetitive but it I will spare you the story!
    Well, it Would there a kind soul who could help me!?
    Thank you to all
    thomasineKazajo, yes it's also what I'm trying to tell me, if not this month, it will be the next ... but it is not at all sure I've jumped with lutnyl once the rules, or without bleeding or any "symptom" I doubt that it is half again once or several times.

    Finally there is hope TFW. I have a little bit of brown discharge ... I'll watch a bit tonight to see if it's not a false alarm. / Me crosses fingers ...

    Tepaloma, normally with an IUD (intrauterine device) at all comes natural ... If your concern libido, loss and fungal infections is not related to hormonal contraceptives, you get rid thee not necessarily with the IUD (intrauterine device). By cons, if you are sure it is synthetic hormones .. you should be fine bcp better
    For menstrual cramps and heavy, the taking of anti-inflammatory drugs are often very effective ... It may be worth a try.

    About the fact that baby feels the IUD (intrauterine device), if properly installed it does not smell.
    All he could feel, it is the son. And in this case we can always cut them shorter and / or curl.
    denisa41Hello and thank you all for your valuable information
    I am mom for 6 months and I breastfeed my daughter, do you know if the IUD (intrauterine device) is compatible with breastfeeding?

    I had my gyneco prescribes Microlut, telling me that time I fesait the exclusive allaittement would suffice, and EUFOR's birth, I did not think to ask (or so I forgot what 'She told me, my little caramel holding me all my attention), what happens during partial breastfeeding (I'm starting to present

    I am especially aware of the hormonal changes in the return of my rules, do you know if I should put an emergency IUD (intrauterine device) or take another form of birth control (I want no cabbage 2nd after me right now)
    lysI plussoie what was said Maelle, and son are very soft, so no risk of injury to your baby Tepaloma.

    stormyCome on, that I go back again ...

    (Wish I still tried to touch my son yesterday (the effect of "holiday", probably) to no avail ...)
    kaeleaHello there

    At first laying my IUD (intrauterine device) it should be for tomorrow morning ... if I can get an appointment ds qd I will call tomorrow morning 9am. Otherwise it will be next month, mpf: /
    The gynecologist was not working today ... Finally this afternoon, but usually no one answered the phone: S

    Rules aside, I actually lost a lil bit of blood every Tuesday night with heavy cramps and dizziness, and since then, almost nothing more than a stomach ache, as if ct already finished.
    M'enfin I try to understand ... more
    karlyGood evening,
    Therefore no tomorrow?
    Good luck in any case for the installation ;-)
    kiarra864Thank you

    Because I'm leaving Thursday afternoon to see my mother, ds another region, and I come back on Tuesday. My periods are very likely completed at the time: /

    I hoped that they begin Monday or Tuesday, the sudden I had a little room to make an appointment, but they arrived on Tuesday night (I almost believe that they would not arrive at all ) and today there was nobody in the office. I just have to wait until tomorrow morning, fingers crossed
    marigold6Fingers crossed for you, Maelle! neighboring department
    jordon8maelle gonna do, if you ca qq symptoms may suffice! gy and if not you'll find something to cause the rules ...

    tepaloma, well posed an IUD (intrauterine device) does not feel, except qq cramps at the beginning ... So mr does not pride himself on the IUD (intrauterine device) unless it is a being expelled, and an IUD (intrauterine device) being expelled it really hurts in general! there are cases where the IUD (intrauterine device) is the trunk without anyone noticing but ca not grow on trees ...
    to the rules, they are clearly + abundant, with losses pink or brown during the cycle, but it seems it is quiet time ... anyway if you get out of hormonal contraceptive, which in general reduces the regulation, the more you bleed! it is a habit again ...
    for menstrual pain, you go back to natural! So you're going to feel ... It's been said that you did not had any natural cycle, if it is it's going to settle? it says the 1st cycles as IUDs are a little painful + then it's better in general ...
    for libido and fungi, these are often the pb described as side effects of hormones ... your house difficult to know if it's going to improve, if it was not gonna go to the hormones ...

    Miss has a nursing, the IUD (intrauterine device) is natural, a priori no problem with breastfeeding! Talk to your gy!

    I hope to be the right place to ask my question.
    This is my IUD (intrauterine device) NovaT since November 27, my last period date from November 22. No problem with the installation or in the weeks that followed if it is of fairly regular small losses.
    Today I still have not had my period.

    That's basically I do not know if I have normal cycles bizaroides when I'm not on the pill or can be treated so it is normal.

    Thank you for your answers
    I am told that the gygy UT380 has a tendency to "bleed over to" the NOVA T.
    is that "users" confirm that?
    thank you for your answers
    kalystaMaelle and thank you for your answers KAzajo comfort me even more that I am absolutely sure that my problems with libido, fungal infection and loss are due to contraceptive hormones! I know because that week I raise the ring, I have the libido that shot up like when I removed the patch and I stop the pill!
    Now the 2nd question about IUDs: copper or hormonal? The copper IUD (intrauterine device) nature and my period will be more painful but more losses (well I hope!) And hormonal IUDs, less painful, but the rules hormones may make me the same thing for the libido and loss. So I think it would be better for me copper, what do you think, I just see?
    cherilyn3Yes, Tepaloma, you just see. The hormonal IUD (intrauterine device) is not natural and it may be that you can not bear, while the copper has no side effects on the body or sex drive (although a bit psychotic at first, wondering how will without the first reports). But all roll!

    Hello, Lilin
    I also have the Nova T () since November 10. I had no loss during the cycles and have had my period twice (despite stopping the pill, everything seems well adjusted!).
    You say you have not had your period, but you took the pill before? For the fact of the arrest may upset some hormonal functioning and cause a delay or a lack of rules for a while. Test to calculate compared to your ovulation (mucus thicker) or otherwise, is a test to reassure you, there's nothing wrong with it then if your cycles are weird ... good luck!
    mattieNo, this is wrong, they form a simlaire

    by cons, can be the inserter (the kind of hollow tube that is inserted into the neck to slide the IUD (intrauterine device)) of UT380 is said to be bigger. So maybe this causes more bleeding during installation.

    Anyway, I have one and I UT380 rules 5 days, but what is more normal! (It takes 3 to 6 months to find the rules of natural abundance, it often bleeds a little + at the beginning)
    lydiathank you for your answer.
    So I took the pill upon my return layer and therefore last pill before my last period in late November.
    I'll wait a while anyway I gynecologist appointment at the February 1, so at worst I will ask him if by then nothing.
    lorina08lilin if you go out hormones, ca can screw up a bit for a while. and if you have the natural cycles of odd, they will revert with a copper IUD (intrauterine device)! Personal I stopped taking the pill for 2 months and raouettes, nickel first cycle, then pertouilles bizarre and indeterminate, and still no second real rules ... So I'm waiting! and if it takes too reassure me with a test.

    paloma is difficult to compare because you do not wear an IUD (intrauterine device)! I have a personal UT380, I was laying bleeding (normal, I was menstruating) but not a catamaran. and I pertouille from time to time, but not the other cuivrettes + nulliparous. and my periods were heavy, but as I did that once had waiting to see before you generalize! Belgium is no longer poses NovaT, so I can not compare the two ...

    tepaloma, sakaki thee all said ...
    arline1Happy New Year, Sam!

    I've got a Nova T. I can not find my rules were abundant frankly the first month. Of course, it depends on women.
    For the 380, Sam said I think all good
    tikva46Hello there

    Finally I was asked the UT380 aprem Thursday, the last appointment free, phew!

    The installation has been almost painful, a little pain when he grabs my collar with his clip (it is taken it several times, said neck apparently was not too willing to let himself grabs), but otherwise for the passage of the uterine sound and the IUD (intrauterine device) I felt nothing at all.
    I was very muddy the first quarter of an hour, but it soon passed and I had a lil bit bad for 4-5 hours (though full of Spasfon and Nurofen) but it is also past .
    Today no pain or contractions, I bleed a little in recent times on the pill but it's far from huge ... as long as it continues like this

    To be continued
    queenie20It's great!

    In principle, if the IUD (intrauterine device) is placed, there is no concern that moves or you feel it.
    A Coupin of "I did not hurt during the installation of my IUD (intrauterine device)"

    Good, enjoy-s-keeping
    cindra229Hi all, I read much of the topic but not entirely because very long sigh.
    I 29ans and no children. One thing bothers me: the pain. This I took to my gynecologist RV last week and after consultation tells me she can ask me the IUD (intrauterine device). By the way, it was not very pleasant (at least as I would have liked). In short, I asked if the installation is evil and answers: yes short. I insist to know how long the installation and then she thought for a moment to answer me with a 1min contraction. I explained my fear for the pain and hands me two tablets of cytotec to take 2 hours before and that will open my collar or my vagina (I know)
    So RV January 15 for installation. I'll get the IUD (intrauterine device) in pharmacies but it is not in stock. I said that it is the short NT380. Reimbursed 100% with each other so I plan to get it back next week.
    But now I flip over and I begin to seriously they do not want me to ask. I read vagal, sharp pain ...
    Also to clarify that for me the only way he would see that I tried and hormonal contraceptive bp bp related to that.
    With the help! how to overcome this fear of pain. Do you feel the same feeling and how this happened to you? I would like some testimonials.
    Sorry that this behavior may seem no one but I had expressed.
    sherri5Op j'me embeds the tape to answer your question ...

    My gygy gave me an appointment within 3 days for the installation of my IUD (intrauterine device), but otherwise it has two months of time ... And that's about the same for all gygy of Calvados ... But she said she had the IUD (intrauterine device) between two appointments, so maybe they all do that ...

    If you want to send me their contact an MP
    ruthie598Hi, Nadeia!

    You are not stupid to worry for pain during installation (ta gygy is not fun by cons).
    It depends on women. Some will not feel anything, others will hurt a little or a lot. We can not predict anything!
    For me it's when he pinched the neck it hurt (I had just 2 spasphons in the body) and nothing else. But I had very bad for ... go to 3 seconds, no more! Ok, I made a vagal after (I'm not part completely with a bite reboost) but that's it!
    I assure you, the pain you can possibly feel worth it! I just regret not having done it sooner

    Good luck and do not t'angoisse in advance! Tell yourself it's just a (possible) bad time to go and you're quiet for at least 3 years after.

    Tell us about and does not hesitate to express your fears here, we are here for
    nicholaYour so sweet thank you message and Sakaki. It is true that pain differs from person to person. The unknown scares me! About me, so I like j'angoisse creates pain in advance. I think it that pain is part psychological. You see the Spasfon it not recommended to me but I think if I buy it let me ask. Today I think it will not but I know that the day before the big day will be full of anxiety.
    nigeliaThe days passed and as and when I convince them not to cross the stage. I know myself, am not brave ... Yet for me it's the only way or else we will practice the withdrawal to each report and there is not great for him. In addition he hopes the outcome of the IUD (intrauterine device), knows my fear of pain but ignores my anxiety big deal about it. A question: does it help Spasfon psychologically to face my fear and if not are there any other Medoc?
    robinaCuckoo Nadeia,

    The Spasfon prevents contractions and reduces the pain, so has no effect on anxiety. But I think there already that to take medication against pain will surely help you be better mentally and do not you create a pain that you have not.

    The Spasfon, takes two, and not hesitate to begin the morning of your period, not to suffer at all, or your period, or possibly laying.
    You can pair it with another painkiller, ibuprofen, for example. This is what I did on the day of laying Thursday, I took two alternating Spasfon and 2 Nurofen, suddenly I had no contraction of the day and no pain to the installation (if n is the part 'catching and holding the neck' with the crowbar, then it tingled a bit, but it really is not huge, it does not cut the breath or anything, it feels just a lil bit, and it goes from the gynecologist finished the installation).
    After installation, I had a little bad, but ct the equivalent of a little pain of rules, not much. I continue Spasfon Nurofen and by reducing the dose a little, and so far so good, no contraction, almost no pain.

    The cytotec that your gynecologist prescribed thee is to open your collar and make sure you have a lot to the passage of IUDs. I think normally it does not hurt, but if you're the type to stress easily, your cervix will close and it might hurt. The cytotec is there so that your neck does not close, despite your stress. So you have no a priori reason to worry with respect to the passage of the IUD (intrauterine device).

    Strictly speaking, there are also drugs just to manage the anxiety, but you worry a prescription if you want to try that.
    dixie82By doing like this, it pregnancy ensured
    The girls gave you the "tricks" to reduce stress and avoid the pain ...
    One tip: the more you think about it, the more likely it hurts are important ...

    Go, it will be fine
    nataleeIt is clear that the removal is not 100%. I would like the girls and told me I would like fingers in the nose and also ask for more
    Maeva thank you for your encouragement bp.

    Maelle and I have spent a little message in MP. With many thanks
    erynnhello girls,
    I want the tips, here I had an IUD (intrauterine device) (Mirena) for 2 years. During this time, I knew where I was in my cycle but not ill. I removed mid December and I confess I am lost. More repairs, I have sore breasts and I did a test that was negative. Mother of a little boy, I had these feelings only when I had my period.
    Can you help me. Thank you
    shelenanadeia association Spasfon + ibuprofen prevents contractions, and thus the gene after installation. 2 of each swallow was 1 hour 30 minutes before your appointment, they will be active at the time of installation ... cytotec keep the collar open, to facilitate the transition of the IUD (intrauterine device) in the uterus, and reduce pain at the time of installation, you are so well covered ... if you really afraid of being wrong, know that some gy sweats are a local anesthetic to the cervix before the clamp, like that you do not feel it, it can be a good to ask your gy at the time! but actually, the + key is to go relaxed, otherwise it will be difficult ... + pain if there is really not hard ca! by cons, after installation, you will be completely calm with respect to your relationship, for several years! think of after that it will give you the ocurage!

    kikinette, I can not help you because I am bcp copper ... Mirena does not block cycles, but it's the hormones! you ovulate normally, but some users have reported such side effects after their break (sore breasts, bleeding a little anarchic ...), which are quiet time ... Maybe in your case the body has to unlearn hormones, and all this only happen over time? However, if you have withdrawal from most of contraception pregnancy is still possible, even if your test does not detect it ...
    lorrie05Hello girls, I despair and I just look for precious testimony and advice from you!
    My quick story that gives this:
    My body does not tolerate taking hormone as a I have high blood pressure (= taking estrogen prohibited), and I do not support at all progestogen-only pills (libido 15 feet underground, repeated infections , fissures, vaginal dryness etc. ...). It's been about 2 months I am no longer in progestin-only pills, and two months since I see (and the gygy) I do not support either the latex (systematic yeast infection after a report, even with lubricant). In short, at this time of the withdrawal method is used with spermicide, but the risks of pregnancy are too high, and I do not see this as a solution in the long run!! Result I can not see that the IUD (intrauterine device) as contraception possible! I personally have no problem, but my gygy refuses to ask me one just because I have no children! I then said that I will find a gygy me that one would, and he swung the fiery young gynecos today are not aware of the risks associated with this method of contraception in girls without children. He released me from the horrors for 15 min repeating everything is in my case it was impossible that the IUD (intrauterine device) goes well, I would faint, and to be an infection and sterile, or that This method is unreliable for young people and I would do an ectopic pregnancy and tubal = removal of sterility ... In short I am about to others ... I left his office in tears, and this time my hopes are dead ... and I'm too scared to go see another gygy who agrees to ask me (I know one of nantes), I have heard too many horror, and my boyfriend also too afraid (he was with me the appointment) and do not encourage me at all for the IUD (intrauterine device).
    In short, what I despair ...
    gwendaHello girls, I despair and I just look for precious testimony and advice from you!
    My quick story that gives this:
    My body does not tolerate taking hormone as a I have high blood pressure (= taking estrogen prohibited), and I do not support at all progestogen-only pills (libido 15 feet underground, repeated infections , fissures, vaginal dryness etc. ...). It's been about 2 months I am no longer in progestin-only pills, and two months since I see (and the gygy) I do not support either the latex (systematic yeast infection after a report, even with lubricant). In short, at this time of the withdrawal method is used with spermicide, but the risks of pregnancy are too high, and I do not see this as a solution in the long run!! Result I can not see that the IUD (intrauterine device) as contraception possible! I personally have no problem, but my gygy refuses to ask me one just because I have no children! I then said that I will find a gygy me that one would, and he swung the fiery young gynecos today are not aware of the risks associated with this method of contraception in girls without children. He released me from the horrors for 15 min repeating everything is in my case it was impossible that the IUD (intrauterine device) goes well, I would faint, and to be an infection and sterile, or that This method is unreliable for young people and I would do an ectopic pregnancy and tubal = removal of sterility ... In short I am about to others ... I left his office in tears, and this time my hopes are dead ... and I'm too scared to go see another gygy who agrees to ask me (I know one of nantes), I have heard too many horror, and my boyfriend also too afraid (he was with me the appointment) and do not encourage me at all for the IUD (intrauterine device).
    In short, what I despair ...
    meriel7I did care that 6 months, but everything is back to normal for the withdrawal ...
    Redo a pregnancy test in a few days to check.
    With respect to your cycle as Mirena, should you have your period soon?
    matilda4Lexylia, really, your gyneco thee out everything that can happen, but happens very very rarely anyway!
    I do not know why he left thee all this really ...
    To make you afraid of it, discourage you too ...
    Finally, if you want thought about, trying to polyrethurane Condoms (I'm sure I planted in the name) until ...
    It is on the need to know the risks before getting an IUD (intrauterine device) inserted, but did he say also applies to women who already had children ...

    Go read the report of ANAES you'll find on the site by looking at keyword "IUD (intrauterine device)"

    Courage in any case.
    If you know a gyneco "for", you can always visit him to ask him to explain objectively (that has not been your gyneco) risks.

    Et .. ** put this old fart of the closet!

    In addition, young people are not necessarily gynecos + pro-IUDs than the old, in contrast

    Courage ... Think.

    If your mind does not agree with you, you will live poorly wearing IUDs (Oulalalalalallala me today I am a philosopher ...)
    mae03pfff, it is dangerous your gy! I am nulliparous, I have 26 years, the installation was great past, and the gy that was posed to me well over 45 years!
    and if you get pregnant, she will undergo an abortion? or who will have to accept a child not yet tried?
    it is totally retrograde, the risks are not significant + women without children, from the time you have a follow-up on the side of the infections you are quiet!
    jerryThank you for your response!
    I've been on this site, I read many of your testimonials and I was sure at 300% of the IUD (intrauterine device) want!! Actually I went to see him for a routine visit thinking he was going to make the order for the IUD (intrauterine device) and then he would ask me! Ah well I quickly became disenchanted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He said that he was forced to ask twenty IUD (intrauterine device) to women without children and of these 20 girls that went well for two of them! He assured me of a very firm and confident voice that went wrong for 80% of girls who have no children!
    I'll actually make an appointment with the other gyneco, I always want a IUD (intrauterine device) (contraceptive is the only solution left to me, and my mother had no pbl while still nulliparous) but I fear a blue belly, and while I would not be reassured to 100% (and ditto for my boyfriend), I would not be ready to take the plunge!
    Thank you for your testimony reassures me, I need so much !!!!!
    maybelle3Cuckoo lexylia

    I see you have been dealing with a terrorist gynecology, very misinformed and unconscious ... Unconscious because with this method spermicide withdrawal + withdrawal, although you will end one day by getting pregnant ... It was you suggest another method of contraception (there is also the diaphragm which is hormone-free ... apparently it does not mention thee), and even if not for the IUD (intrauterine device), and that you wish one, it has an obligation to redigirer you to a specialist that would be more sucseptible to help you along this path it.
    In any case it had to terrorize you like this ... taking more absurd arguments ... but absurd ... I had exactly the topo mm qd I asked about the IUD (intrauterine device) to my first gynecologist

    I recommend to you and your boyfriend download the WHO report on contraception in 2004, and read everything that relates to the IUD (intrauterine device), especially for nulliparous.
    You will learn that there is no particular risk to put an IUD (intrauterine device) in a nulliparous, that poses itself is not impossible (we put a lot of IUDs to women who had children by Caesarean section is strictly their neck .... like a woman who has not given birth), the risk of infectious disease of the uterus and fallopian tubes is essentially related to STDs, and therefore the # of partners ... .
    When you have traveled, print it and send it to your gynecologist ...

    Visit also the site of Martin Winckler, there is much talk of the IUD (intrauterine device) and all the nonsense some gyncos invoked for not asking for nulliparous.

    About this nonsense:
    - It's not just young people who ask gyncos fiery IUDs to women without children ... mine I was raised by a gynecologist (-midwife) who must have the age of my father and I do not find him in spirited (lol).
    - There is no more risk with this method of contraception in women without children than a woman who has had (by nature): the risk of tubal disease is primarily related to STDs. If you have a steady partner, if you do not have a current infection, and if the gynecologist is a minimum qd he asks you own the IUD (intrauterine device), you do not run particular risks at this level. No more than anyone, with or without IUD (intrauterine device).
    Also, if you jms Catch an infection, you'll see thee quickly, and I think ... and if you act quickly going to make you care, it has no reason to cause a serious infection and up to the removal of a trunk.
    - Method unreliable in young people?
    It is true that tested in the lab, under optimal conditions, the IUD (intrauterine device) is a tad less (sth is the order of O, 2% I think) effective than the pill ... But the pill is very rarely taken, and jms is safe from an accident like vomiting or interactions, while the IUD (intrauterine device), once it is made, it is effective 24/24, 365d, and this pdt several years ...
    And it is certainly a method bcp bcp bcp more reliable than you have now.
    - More likely to be an ectopic pregnancy?
    Again you risk more to ectopic pregnancy with the pill (as you have in actual use as likely to become pregnant at all) with an IUD (intrauterine device), even greater risk with dose pills do not block ovulation ...
    Of sterile copper diffuses much everywhere in the uterus and the fallopian tubes ... it kills all spermatos before they reach the egg. If the IUD (intrauterine device) was not effective as in the fallopian tubes and left more likely to make USG, WHO would not recommend for emergency contraception (when placed within 5 days of relative risk).
    - Installation painful to the point of fainting? actually it can happen, but it's far from the case of everyone. And even if it happens ... reliance is not it
    You know there are also women who have had children and who have very poorly during the IUD (intrauterine device) insertion, either because it takes as a gynecologist foot, either because they cause stress to death and their Pass is closed ... Level of pain, it does not necessarily change much already had children or not.
    If you are relaxed on the day of installation, you take medication to prevent contractions, there is no reason that you have difficulty in this. Personal I was asked the IUD (intrauterine device) last Thursday, it was not more painful than a Pap smear: an unpleasant feeling, a twinge for 30 s, qques bleeding and a lil bit a stomach ache for 4-5hrs ...

    It is normal for you and your boyfriend have scared the horrors you've been told, but ask you and browse the testimony of this post, your fear should not find much to hold on ...
    finola825A gynecologist is Oupssss, sorry, I planted the whole message pdt

    It is anything like what his statistics it goes wrong for 80% of women without children, look here ... It is a medical forum, most people who come qd is sth wrong ... and yet for the IUD (intrauterine device), the majority of people (and those nulliparous) seem satisfied. I do not read everything, but I have not met a single witness to an infection of the fallopian tubes in IUD (intrauterine device) in a woman without children ... and how many I've read about women without children who have an IUD (intrauterine device) and have no worries ...
    rosalynne21I will actually print and send this newsletter to my gygy.
    Thank you thank you thank you thank you very much for your help.
    I even want to add one thing: I prefer to have pain and discomfort during IUD (intrauterine device) + accept the risk of infertility in cases of serious pbl not detected or treated in time, rather than taking this as time as strong a risk of pregnancy. Psychologically because I live very poorly abortion + there is a risk of sterility after abortion abortion + = worst pain !!!!!! I said that to be gygy and did not want to know ...

    I'll go see all the doc that you advise me and make an appointment tomorrow with the other gygy.

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you .........
    ashlyn8gy is a rustic tone ... it's not a choice when you do your first child! take at least a second opinion ... the one, dating from the Stone Age!
    on the other hand, if he can not place IUDs it is better that he does not! Of course, if he can not do and that perforates a cahque time, his concerns for patients after! but the training does exist, it is even a legal obligation ...
    divinaup for those seeking
    queenie68Yes in this case it is normal that it goes well for two patients
    margo4Hello here

    Following my ptite history and qques questions:

    IUD (intrauterine device) placed Thursday from Monday bleeding (not already super abundant) begin to fade, sometimes I stop for hours qques bleeding. Cool, I thought it would put more time ...

    My question: I take Nurofen to decrease a little bleeding, apparently it works well: qd the last dose is over 10, I deliver to bleed or bleeds a little more. The concern is that the manual says that the treatment should not exceed five days, so I should stop taking today .. but I would like to continue to see if it can help to end the rules more easily (they are not too heavy or very painful ... it's just the beginning to irritate me towels and I not too seriously want to redo an thrush :/)...
    Is it risky (vi I know if the record says that's not for show) continue qques more days? I guess that here there are some who qques rules that take longer than 5 days ... no?

    Then, about the son, I took a break to go see them bleeding, and apparently everything is in place, they seem just a little long, but that's normal.
    Concern: My darling was slightly scratched in the first report. He has felt at any moment the son but at some point he made "ouch" and indeed, part of the foreskin was a little red.
    Ct probably also due in part to a lack of lubrication. It has not bothered at the time, but I hope it will not be scared now ... : /
    The question: Since I appointment in two months to shorten the son, in the meantime, cross your fingers apart and do the best to be in the best lubricated or try to have appointment soon .. there is nothing to do right?
    I'm pretty sure, but hey, in desperation, I ask ...
    zowieCoucouc Maelle!

    For ibuprofen, I know it is not advisable to exceed the dose. For my part, I make no cure for my period so I can not tell you

    Otherwise, for the son, bah vi, there is more than!
    Good luck for the future!
    aliceFor the ibu, whether for May at a time (for his pains bide) and I for my migraines, there are some abuses, but after my doctor has no ca-lowering effect of effectiveness of the IUD (intrauterine device).
    The only thing is maintenemt ibuprofen does not affect me anymore

    Otherwise yesterday I was able to touch a wire

    Do not laugh, but this is the first time I arrived in a year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    agasWell this cycle, I tried ibuprofen over a longer term and the end of my period and I was bleeding a little shorter duration, so it's a good thing. In fact, at first, I took a couple of ibuprofen a day, and towards the end, I have had one in the morning and that was enough.

    Negative point: I have no Nurofen.

    After more than an IUD (intrauterine device), I find that the pain is still very present during menstruation, Nurofen and sometimes not enough to calm them.
    My periods have not plsu frankly decreased in volume or length.

    Otherwise than that, it's going.
    dindraneHello Girls!
    a different problem:
    4 months from now, I'm an IUD (intrauterine device) tt380 for me great. the problem is for my security blanket. I explain to each report, the son was hurt, I tell them my gygy illico cut, always the same problem, I will get back to my gygy me to be is not possible, I said the only solution is to return to the pill, except that I want to forget as often. I said I will ask one another the MIRENA. Does any of you had the same problem as me? What have you done? is this a good way to ask another?
    thank you in advance for your answers.
    erykahYour gygy is stupid!
    If she wants to rest an IUD (intrauterine device). it is the same to you!
    Not a mirena unless it's your choice.
    aubreyHello girls, I would like to resume my story with a message that I left a few weeks ago and to which you responded. You had also very reassured!
    I have an appointment on January 29 with a gyneco IUD (intrauterine device) who had spoken of the first appointment I had with him once in an emergency. He looks more call and at the age of prehistoric ... So I hope he will be confident and kindly IUD (intrauterine device) ??:!!! I can not stand me because spermicides and withdrawal method! here I have my period, but I may well find myself with a BB in the stomach and that is out of question for now !!!!!!!!!
    So here, I'll keep you posted, though I admit I was nervous qd mm !!!!!!!!!

    do the installation of your IUD (intrauterine device) went well? no discomfort or pain special??
    And why do we not cut the son being away?? Can we ask the gyneco enough to cut directly over or not? Because I am almost certain it will happen exactly the same thing to my dear he came to yours ...
    Meci in advance for your answer!
    liberty58Yes, okay, no more pain it takes from 2 Spasfon before if you want. I do not know, but best to see sic'est really necessary to cut them.
    no other testimonies of people living the same thing as me.
    cammieCourage for the raises Lexylia

    If you do not tell him that there son, if he feels that they are too long or too curved.
    As already said, it was noted in the testimony of different IUDs that qd man is aware of the existence of the son, the effect of "psy" acts and feels the son!!
    But be careful, I did not say it was always the paranoia
    brittney5Off topic:

    In principle, Nadeia the IUD (intrauterine device) has been asked yesterday. New? I hope everything went well because it looked very anxious.

    For men and son, I agree with Amelia. But it can be really physical and not just psychological. To see ...
    deirdre542More than a few even abused, about me .... it made me sick at the end, to take as much ....
    memories that epic ....
    jennibecause without wanting to go into the details my darling was very blessed by nature and already as normal must be careful not to go too far in my otherwise j'hurle pain! (But my man is a cream). So if in addition y 'son I crainds beyond the worst.
    delmaIn fact it is he who will accompany me when I would ask the IUD (intrauterine device), so since I'm going to ask what he cuts quite over son I'm sure he will tilter the top ... and then I would rather he is aware that he prides himself rather too much in a spirit of goodwill
    elyzabethAH yeah ... Thanks for your answers girls! you are always valuable advice. And I'll let you know as soon as I date IUD (intrauterine device)!
    marjorie47Ok gear for your man

    If not for the son, if he must feel them, he feels. I said I had nothing and was pecked.
    ellaFinally, I will already crossed our fingers that I support to start the IUD (intrauterine device). After ... we'll see PBLS techniques on time! what is surely going to answer me the gyneco

    Thank you for the clarification
    jordanaGood evening here, and thank you for the answers

    Lexylia, vi the installation went well, no discomfort or anything.
    I jumped the gun by putting myself in Spasfon and Nurofen in the morning.
    I had just a little pinch when the gygy a Catch my neck with his claw, but ct widely supported. Regarding the transition from uterine sound and the IUD (intrauterine device), I felt nothing at all. He would not have said what he did in mm tps he did, I would have noticed anything
    Some pain after the break, pdt 4-5h, but no major cramps or contractions. I continued the anti pain a week more to prevent and limit bleeding and for pain, almost non-existent. The bleeding was scarce, not more than two mini towels daily.

    Why not cut short the son on ... I do not know
    As for me my man (spoiled by Mother Nature, too) did not re-injured (and even the first time it was not much compared to all fungi that I've passed on the ct gnognotte and then it was all the fault of the son as a lack of lubrication). Since the son went to stick against the neck, he no longer felt anything at all and myself I can not find them ^ ^

    In terms of Nurofen, I finally stopped bleeding on the 8th day after laying ... So I stopped ... and then again three days after that, so I again I have already cystitis due protection, I hope it will not reactivate another infection ...
    I inquired at the pharmacy to see what I might to take anti-inflammatories and hold, I was told that there was that my stomach could be a little bitch, in which case I m '... probably notice it in

    Good luck anyway lexylia for installation.
    eppieThank you for your testimony, I give my news anyway!
    philipaYes, me too: abuse ibuprofen ... dint they make me no effect elsewhere

    If not actually, stomach feels ... up of acid which causes bad breath.
    hollyback! it may interest people
    sloan61Good evening here

    I spoke too fast the other day, honey was transplanted: Heink
    Actually the son were rere-displaced mpf.
    I hope it will not last and they will be good enough to recover nicely in a corner ...

    Otherwise, good news, I think I ovulated yesterday or yesterday avnat (pertouilles pdt 2 days of blood, mucus loss, little tummy). Already! j15 is my first pill-free cycle.
    I expected it, the gygy warned me that I might gallery for a few months before a cycle "normal" and able to recognize.
    Hope this is not a false alarm and that the rules will follow ...

    Otherwise I have a tite question: The control visit after al pose is when normally?
    The gygy I was scheduled two months later, but it is possible to do that TFW earlier Is there an imperative to respect or sth, like "after the 1st rules," or is it just a question time?
    lydia78It is better to actually wait at least one cycle, because during the first period, you can have violent contractions that can move the IUD (intrauterine device). After your body adjusts.
    louGood evening girls

    here I have a copper IUD (intrauterine device) for about 10 months, I've never been late, several short cycles and cycles for a few months of 28 days (4 months) and while I was waiting for them on 21/01 have pointed that I have today without the warning signs, I was surprised. You may say I'm 26 days but the fact that I have not seen it happen that intrigues me.
    I have not had a stomach ache, I did not have breasts strained ...
    patience53Good evening Kali

    I see nothing serious ... Maybe you just get used to the natural cycles that force your rules decreases syndrome associated with ... So you see not always happen.
    Before taking a contraceptive, you "see happen" as your period?


    Kokapi thank you for your answer, so I will wait to take the 1st appointment rules ^ ^
    mahalah[Hi Kali

    I see nothing serious ... Maybe you just get used to the natural cycles that force your rules decreases syndrome associated with ... So you see not always happen.
    Before taking a contraceptive, you "see happen" as your period?

    Yes, a girl I had PMS and my periods were very painful ....
    With the pill I felt happen even if they were artificial rules ...
    Last month, a week before my period I had some pain in the kidneys and abdominal swelling without exaggerating it looked like I was 4 months pregnant!
    I'm not worried but it's a surprise to see it without really as I expected .... that's it.
    marlyBug since I was in copper, my rules are not painful, but against, the strong SPM: the 5J gonna do that I put a clothes, such as pajamas, is best not to move because if it touches ca my breasts done ouiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeee
    Me at least I know that are going to land!
    sherley22Well said! Me, it is not long enough that I have to rate a business (only 2 months with no significant pain during).
    But certainly it depends on each. And then, we know that nothing (stress, frustration ...) can disrupt the body. So I do not think we should worry.
    kae60Hello girls,
    I just ask me shorts yesterday, and since I have super tummy ache and ibuprofen does not relieve me. I went back to the doc. asking me to wait until Monday and I never take it off if it continues. for him it means I do not support it (I am nulliparous and installation was very sensitive ... wouahhh!, with little discomfort vagual). Have you had pain the first few days?
    thank you
    blessingHello girls,
    I just ask me shorts yesterday, and since I have super tummy ache and ibuprofen does not relieve me. I went back to the doc. asking me to wait until Monday and I never take it off if it continues. for him it means I do not support it (I am nulliparous and installation was very sensitive ... wouahhh!, with little discomfort vagual). Have you had pain the first few days?
    thank you
    alfreda53Yes, pain the first few days, but very bearable. I wish for it to pass by Monday
    alisonTry to rest well this weekend, try the hot water bottle on your stomach, relax you ...
    This would be unfortunate if it does not work ...
    corynnHello all.

    Normally, the son can not walk alone too, is that your gyneco did not curved enough.

    To the question, why not cut short son from the start, it's simple, moving them they can become inaccessible and this greatly complicates things when removing.
    (Well that's what we said in the first gyneco-up visit)

    In any case, it is very unpleasant to "sting" on it, I was even a little scary is that it is sensible that place.

    I must admit I do not envy you, really, it's not easy being a woman.

    Good day.
    reanna7or it is not done to reassure me that! I must also give me an IUD (intrauterine device) to my next menstrual period, and I am childless. Tell us if your pain if you are party and supports the IUD (intrauterine device)!
    brittany55Hello here

    Zesmoc, I believe they too are moved by themselves, the son, I think it's a little "fault" to my man, because from what I see as I have no reports They stay put, but with somersaults, they roam ^ ^
    So now Mr. pricks, now all is well.

    In fact, the gynecologist nor has cut short or curved, or anything (!). It has to do with the first check ...

    Leeloodel I had a lil bit ill the day after installation, but nothing worse than rules "natural" (at least ct much less worse than my period on certain pills), and ibuprofen and I Spasfon much relieved. But hey, it's probably normal to have some persistent pain the first few days, it must be time for the uterus to get used to having something in him ... qque If it does not last, it will not be paid for the expensive qques years of tranquility that can offer you the IUD (intrauterine device)
    I hope it will get better for you, good luck
    sydne85thank you for your replies girls, then 5 days a few new installation. It started to get better Sunday, and now back pain, contractions in the uterus without bleeding ... certainly bearable but quite annoying ... I hesitate to go back to the doc as a fact I ' did not really want me to remove it, I want so much that it works. Some of you have had a difficult start it?
    kandiPersonal I had cramps during a good week after the break. nothing catastrophic, I was able to walk home after installation and work standing up all day the next day, but we will say that I "felt my uterus." I swallowed two buscopan every time I started having cramps, it goes faster each time.
    Courage leeloodel, it will not last like this!
    haley0yeah, I'll do everything so that it works.
    you were nulliparous as well?
    buscopan this looks to me better than my Spasfon?!
    lysetteyeah, I'll do everything so that it works.
    you were nulliparous as well?
    buscopan this looks to me better than my Spasfon?!
    lally17yes, nulliparous. Spasfon I do not know, I have not tried. gy advises me my swallow 2 buscopan ... but a priori it is the same kind of product, ca decreases cramps!
    I think the fact also helps to be relaxed ... for me to finally have the IUD (intrauterine device) was a real relief!
    abbeyIf not me my gyneco prescribed me the antadys (a my request) but the pain of rules so it should work also: we must ask if it would suit you.

    The gyneco who had raised the mirena had dialgirex prescribed for pain post-installation.
    cristen1I know we all look different in our reactions, but is it normal to have this pain five days after the pose.en Anyway, I'm so sick and tired of the pill and IUD (intrauterine device) so desire it 's is not psychological rejection!
    and then I honestly believe that the doc and bin it was not delicate, like "it's been 30 years since I said it poses, and I've never been hurt," or "ah these nurses, they are too cozy! ...
    well, I'll let you know, and those who had the same kind of problems, for pity tell me it's normal and that it has passed you after a few days, it helps to not give up!
    thank you girls
    dolinaCourage, I too have had a difficult start, laying the first day of menstruation in April 2006, the month and then pain, three visits to the gynecologist, light bleeding ... From the following rules, it was better, and I always. The last echo showed that it was in place, all is well.
    abigilMarmotton thank you, you reassure me one bit! I will try to take my troubles patiently and continue to swallow my Spasfon and hope it stays in place the wag (I try not psychotic and told me that I will not expel !)...
    gabiSo if that can reassure you during the installation of my first IUD (intrauterine device), I did not feel the same month .... And I woke up one day with the IUD (intrauterine device) removed (in the vagina) ...

    I retried the experiment, I was wrong + when installing ... Pain followed, and persisted for a month, as soon as I walked, I was really too bad, I felt I was going to die because it was so hard ...

    Today it's been over 7 months that I have, no more pain for the first month, and I'm glad it is still in place

    Courage, I know it can be unpleasant, but it's worth so much the blow
    makennaI will not answer for the rest saw that girls have everything there was to say (that your gynecologist is a moron) just a little thing for the son, cut short is not necessarily the best if they are left long enough, they stick against the neck and are not troublesome, while very short, they can make an impact "stubble" and insert Mr.

    mine are very long (because my first IUD (intrauterine device) had made aerobatics) and my man did not feel at all
    When I edited, I can not follow them, they go back in the pouch of Douglas and it's going just fine

    last thing for the lady whose baby was angry at a report: check when you touch your son that you do not feel a piece of plastic in the neck, if so, it can be a difficult IUD (intrauterine device) installed or being expelled in which case its contraceptive efficacy is not guaranteed (that can not be wrong despite the descent of the IUD (intrauterine device), my first IUD (intrauterine device) was put upside down and I m 'm realized that when my man was bitten on it, I had absolutely not bad ... it do not worry, my doctor told me it was the first time she saw it in 25 years of installation, however I am again asked another as soon as possible)
    Day 6 and still a few contractions, but I'm holding! (Spasfon, Spasfon Spasfon and ...) ... the scoburen no longer available.
    in fact, in the echo of control (the 3rd day I went back to the doc because I was wrong), the arms of the IUD (intrauterine device) were not extended (damn, what does it speak? I am not either in the making of a ... ut 380 !!)... for a shared experience of you?
    kirsty0Why do not you take ibuprofen? I find it much more effective than Spasfon, less for me.
    Arms not dislike? But he should have seen a pose that! That surprises me a lot, and now the arms are in a good position?
    zowie80"We distinguish two kinds with the installation, the so grows, the branches bend to be introduced into the womb and those who are bent to fit in the shaft of the inserter and unfolded in the cavity."
    [...] Found this on e_ster.htm

    That's why I'm surprised that the arms do not be unfolded, normally there should be a kind of spring effect when the doctor pushes the IUD (intrauterine device) out of the inserter, the arms are released.
    monna54As for me, my darling son smells sometimes, but my gynecologist could never see, even at the end of rule. She even made a apsser echo to make sure the IUD (intrauterine device) is in place! (And it is in place).
    sarannathe personal gy never cut my son, He replies against the neck, and it's going just fine!
    just at certain times of the cycle are avoided deep penetrations, if not bathed ...
    otherwise it seems to me to me too that the arms should be folded to make it effective?
    melany56Well, I think it's effective anyway, but the problem is that suddenly, if it's just a stick, it must be able to move in and out more easily, right?
    annetta34well I know ...
    IUD (intrauterine device) works by chemical action of the copper, but some still think that there is also a mechanical effect? when in doubt I'd play it safe ... gy and ask!
    haileyResponse gynecology: This is normal, may take a few days to unfold ...
    pfff, it's a bit annoying to have lots of questions and have the feel stupid when you ask the ...
    persephoneIf it can put qq days to unfold, he plans to check again to see you again? when?
    aristaFor the mechanical action, I do not believe it, because the GyneFix, who has no arms, has the same efficiency as our IUD (intrauterine device). I will also try to ask me next time. Hope that by then there will be trained gynecos!
    alisyaHello small chip

    I checked several times the status of son (just having a little afraid of deportation if Mr. prided himself), and I just did not feel sth resembling a piece of plastic. I just find the son, with everything for about a consistency of nylon, I think that we can confuse: S

    I'm beginning to understand where does the pb also, apparently there is only one position, deep to avoid. It's always like that that gentleman complains of feeling some work. I guess it moves the son at the time, because after he feels more easily ... and after a time qques son are recovering in their place and stay up as long as one is in this position and then move it to.
    Finally I guess ...
    In short I will ask the gynecologist to reposition son so they can not move.
    camilleAs you feel no plastoc, everything is bine

    so, rather than cutting them to ask the gynecological retreat to the back of the neck and it should swim

    for non-arms unfolded, it seems odd to me, finally, you will see quite the next inspection
    haylee6[Spoiler] [quote] if it can put qq days to unfold, he plans to check again to see you again? when?

    That in a month ... it does not seem to worry him.

    Otherwise the association Spasfon Nurofen + works well on my douleurs.Par experience, those who like me were wrong + +, you have pain they last long? (Mine after a week are really more bearable than the first day, but still frequent contractions).
    peace9Oh yes, we can associate Nurofen and Spasfon?
    One tablet of each with each shot? It is not dangerous?
    joye24no, it's not dangerous (I'm a nurse) because it is two different actions Medoc: 2spasfons and Nurofen ... and I should have done before ... the only thing is that I want not take ad vitam eternam!
    annemarie2it should settle in, at worst, a cycle (and it should give more excruciating pain from the first day)

    Having said that if the arms are trying to unfold and to place "good" it may be why you are particularly hampered
    paulettathat's what I tell myself, so let the unfolding ... and the benefits that I expect I will certainly remember this difficult start! I continue to inform you of the progress of things
    In any case thank you for your messages, it's quite nice to talk about these things with people who share our experience ...
    maree8Hi all,

    It has been nearly three years since I'm on the pill and then I started seriously thinking about me insert an IUD (intrauterine device) (with copper as I tried MICROVAL 6 months and it was the cata). But then before you ask my gynecologist if she would ask me one (I have no children and she is an older game), I'd be sure of my decision. Now I read on the risk of infection and the failure rate is lower with mirena. In addition, I understand, the copper IUD (intrauterine device) causes inflammation of the endometrium which prevents implantation but the inflammation is not it dangerous? Can it not become infected? I admit I am a little afraid this mode of action ... and the pain it causes.
    I know that the effects are different from one woman to another so I especially want to know where I could learn about the subject. Thank you very much
    pay attention, the latest WHO reports call into question all of these effects which you speak ... 'll take a look at the first page of this post, you will find complete information "basic" to know about the IUD (intrauterine device). This should already meet some of your questions ... after if you need further clarification we are here for!
    orlendaThank you very much for the info ... I just read! And I like that a lot of arguments to convince my gynecologist.
    dixieif you do a search there are also a great post dedicated a mirena, if you want to know more about the IUD (intrauterine device) in particular ...
    jonelle735Small news at 10 j of the set, it gets better, and I have almost no pain ... and an echo control next week to check that everything is OK locally. So I'm happy
    starrGood news for you, as long as it lasts!
    harper4hello girls, so here I had my appointment with my gyneco me today to consider the IUD (intrauterine device) insertion.
    It is 300% OK to ask me, he told me to choose between copper IUDs and hormonal IUD (intrauterine device), and I chose the hormonal IUD (intrauterine device).
    So it was left for me a levy in the uterus and to see a little model that is most suited to my "size" and there ... impossible to enter the uterus !!!!!!!! Already I can not tell you the pain when he pinched my neck (like at the time of IUD (intrauterine device) break anything), and then when he tried to enter the uterus without success! Result OUIN He therefore made a smear (the last date of 2 years, so ...) a urine sample and have a pelvic ultrasound to be done next week. Have you ever heard of uterus, which will not open ?????????
    Result he said he did not know what caused it, but think it's not much. After the ultrasound and the results of different tests, he wants to ask me the IUD (intrauterine device) by general anesthesia. I have an appointment on March 1 with both him and the anesthetist. All for a tit IUD (intrauterine device) !!!!!!!!!!!!
    So here, I wanted your opinion on what happens with my uterus! And have you ever heard of an IUD (intrauterine device) in AG? Finally there ... I feel that it will still take proportions not possible, I hope I have nothing to the uterus! I flip when a few mm.
    Thank you for your testimonials!
    linnieIt's me again ...

    I just read that the Mirena IUD (intrauterine device) is not ideal for girls who have no children ... which is my case. do you think that with pelvic ultrasound (if qqun know how it goes there ... I have no idea!) my gyneco will tell me if I can put this one, or rather opted for another model (and never mind if it's not a copper). Knowing he wanted to measure my uterus to confirm the installation of the mirena before. By the way I already know I have a narrow vagina, and I wonder it it means automatic = uterus too small.

    Sorry to all these questions, but I'm pretty clueless really. I was sure to want mirena just now and I realize that many girls do not support it bothers me!
    delGood evening all, I would m'inscruster ...
    I have not had the courage to read all 37 previous pages so if my questions have been addressed, I apologize in advance ...
    I am a mother of two children (ages 4 and almost 2 years).
    Gygy asked me for about 18 months an IUD (intrauterine device) nova T. RAS until last summer. Since then, over periods of 2 or 3 consecutive months, each time of ovulation, I feel great pain (from the navel to the pubis) that come to me two fold. Then for 2 or 3 cycles, nothing, then go again ....
    No worries, I talk to my gygy last week (annual appointment of control). She goes and sees an echo effusion around the coil.

    As I was in my second part of the cycle, she wants to see me again after my next for a new pelvic echo. She did not mention the possible causes of the effusion.
    Added to this the friendly announcement of a cyst in the left (thus echoing mammary expected ...).
    I have not requested further information in the consultations (we chatted to our respective children, it was still more funny !!!), and I began to cogitate on this day that the story of effusion.
    So if you know more, I will your lights!!
    Thank you in advance
    donaldinaHello, Zor @!

    Hou is not all that funny ... But say, what is an effusion? For I have no idea! I did some research and it is very unclear.

    Good luck anyway
    hadley608Caution I think you're wrong by writing

    Mirena: hormonal IUD (intrauterine device) (the only model hormone for that matter)

    All the rest are copper.

    Where did you get that the Mirena is not recommended for nulliparous women? You speak in relation to its size?

    If not for women who have a small uterus proposed IUD (intrauterine device) UT308 SHORT but it is copper, not the same mode of action that the Mirena

    Narrow vagina and small uterus does not mean: it is independent.
    jobeth0Me too, I understand what your gynecologist has called effusion

    You would not call her to set the record straight?
    janeneYes actually I made a mistake by writing. So much for me!
    is the site of Mr. Wrinckler I read this, and yes it is in relation to its size it is more difficult to bear by the nulliparous. But I guess if after pelvic ultrasound my gyneco told me that he can ask me Mirena is that my uterus to a size suitable non? I guess with the ultrasound he can see the size of the uterus? My mum will tell me what W-End echo what a pelvic because I know nothing at all in fact!
    About Mirena I ask myself another question ... Being under Cerazette I've had with the progestin PBLS including a libido to ZERO if not worse, and I fear it again with mirena! I also read that Mirena resulted in weight gain! I do not need it !!!!!!!!!! In fact if gyneco wants to ask me Mirena is mainly because the risk of infection is reduced with mirena and that efficiency is greater than with a copper. So basically I do not know which to choose, because in addition to that with Mirena I may well not having my period, and it bothers me too !!!!! my next appointment is March 1 (ac gyneco appointment first and then the anesthetist immediately after). So I still have time to think about it, but I need your opinion ...
    I can not help @ zor, I do not know what to say ... sorry ... call your gy?

    lexy a uterus that remains firm that happens. or when the cervix does not open enough to let an IUD (intrauterine device). I read that in these cases the gy could try to give you a medoc before laying him open to the pass, but if your cervix is ​​closed because you feel stressed, put it in as AG, at least you will be quiet ... I think the echo and exams are just a precaution, if there is a pb it is better to realize this before applying! but do not worry too much with ca ...
    in terms of choice, actually if your uterus is small you can not make you ask mirena, it will see what thinks your echo after the gy ... Mirena's hormones, then you have the risk of side effects, but you can not compare it with a pill, the way is totally different actoin! Mirena acts locally, it does not ovulating but it makes it impossible to meet the sperm with the egg and implantation ... Having said that copper may have "side effects" also ... RULES + heavy and painful, an ovulation that is felt, heavy losses +. by cons you come back naturally. This means that if you had irregular periods and painful before, they will revert with a copper ... after you had to your choice, you can also ask your opinion has gy, which advise you and why! courage ...
    gailThank you for your advice, you've really reassured.
    In fact choosing the IUD (intrauterine device), he told me that if my uterus is quite "large" he might ask me mirena, UT38O or short depending on what I prefer. Of course if uterus is too small it will be short with no other alternative.
    He also told me like you, have two kinds of IUD (intrauterine device) side effects, most of which fade over time (he told me about six months, I often found in this post messages ). The only thing he told me is that if my uterus is appropriate to ask the Mirena is preferred because less risk of infection and greater efficiency. But he also told me that if I do prefer a copper IUD (intrauterine device), so he sees no inconveniences.
    The more I think it's already waiting for the echo, to learn more about the size of my uterus! No matter how small the choice will be quick.
    On the other hand I do not really understand why the AG and what you told me reassures me too. Efferctivement seen in this light I think it's best under GA, especially since I am super cozy, while the galley to relax me! I still hurt from yesterday while I was "only" pinched neck of the uterus in order to make me a prlevement.Alors ...

    Anyway thank you thank you thank you for your msg me sincerely reassured.
    edyta695Thank you girls for your replies.
    The definition of the effusion, I still asked my gygy. It is a flow or abnormal presence of fluid (blood, water, others ... not to say about the echo ...). This is the origin of the effusion obscured the question that I (not want to hear that there was probably a slows down the rendering).
    In any case, she would revisit the beginning of my next cycle to check and see if the liquid + is always present.
    The only articles I read talk about learned:
    1 - Kista (but it would probably have seen the echo)
    2 - of EP (but the pain is isolated only at the time of ovulation and for over 6 months so I doubt)
    In short, I will see !!!!!
    I said that it should not have much to do with the IUD (intrauterine device) and I hope I am delighted because this method of contraception!!
    gillianha, so it Kazajo AG advises that anything goes?!

    I repeat what I said on another post. Before coming to the AG () there are a multitude of muscle relaxants, painkillers, anti-spasmodic and other cytotec to open the cervix. And local anesthesia!

    not hesitate to take an mp3 player and you put music as your doctor asks you your diu ... If that can allow you to relax and you focus on something else

    the AG, must stop
    candimoo no I not recommend the AG! I think it is better that rather than not correctly insert the IUD (intrauterine device), and risk perforation or ineffectiveness of the device ...
    and then it is not obliged to sleep in too long and too deeply either ... If the anesthetist knows his job, why not? it is clear that personal I would try again without sleeping, but hey, AG BEING a rather forced to return to the pill ...
    huldahNixy to believe, nothing beats a good break while we fell in apples

    It's been AG, but without the side effects outside
    susanna74I am not sure that Nixy APPROVES ...
    betaTested and approuved by Nixy

    good, joking aside, going back to the AG, I think we should try other methods before + soft (cytotec + antispasmodic + relaxing / muscle relaxant + music in the ears / zen mode + local anesthetic) (pfiou with all this already ...) and if its not working there, I understand for the AG
    After all, if it is closed in closed ... we will not torture either, poor choupinette
    in any case she soon saw the gy for echo control, they will talk about at this moment!
    carrieHello all,
    I got mirena put 3 weeks ago, three months after having given birth, everything went fairly well spent, too much pain, some losses but nothing too heavy, short, nickel.
    However in recent days, I think I have my period, it is only the trickle of blood, not so bad, you tell me ... but what bothers me most is the smell.
    Despite proper hygiene, shower every day and regular change, an odor of "feet" or "fermented cheese" persists and emerges through my clothes. I've never had this kind of smell during my period and wonder if there would not be a pb of infection or other.
    I work in an office building, imagine the discomfort when a friend just to talk to me ...
    Thank you for your response.
    trishaIt could well be an infection, in fact ... should be consulted early, the infection is always more when pb is an IUD (intrauterine device)!
    caprinaI confirm appointment at the gynecologist is insisting to have one soon.

    Tell us about.
    ghislaineI confirm appointment at the gynecologist is insisting to have one soon.

    Tell us about.
    chonsie5IUDs goodnight!

    So here I have a question running through my head since I saw the show two days ago the mother whose discussion was the prolapse. It turns out that with the explanations I feel like I have a slight prolapse (by appointment with the gygy not before 15.03!), So my question is, what is the prolapse can the IUD (intrauterine device) move? Thank you
    ellen31Uh ... I welcome your question if I knew what a prolapse!
    misty9Well prolapse is what is commonly called a prolapse due to relaxation of the perineum, it's like a feeling of pressure on the cervix and vagina. It is mostly women whose delivery was hard (and long forcepts pisio or tear).
    calthaNulliparous IUD (intrauterine device) and returning with news!
    I was asked a sertalia in April 2005, everything has always gone well, I really felt like reliving with IUDs.
    In short, I had a routine visit to the gyne on Monday and he told me he would change the coil within a few months, with nulliparous women he preferred not to leave them too long, etc. etc. . It was a bit surprised but hey, he looked confident and according to him is mostly a precaution.
    It will also change as a model. For cons I've read that was not too sertalia asked because it could be difficult to remove ... So of course I freaked a little to the withdrawal Someone has already removed a sertalia in the corner? Finally at least I would have a shiny new, a UT or NT 380 (I can not decipher the order).
    That's my little experiment.

    And uh I either do not know what a prolapse ... EDIT: now I know, I had not seen the previous message!
    patti30His reasoning seems to me bizarre.

    Especially it is in the interest of the woman to change her IUD (intrauterine device) as little as possible (within 5 years of course) because it is the time of installation has the highest risk (level bacteria, perforation ...)
    kenda61Hi, I'm following your explanation for the removal of an IUD (intrauterine device). If the son is too high or have disappeared, the gynecologist conducts a fishing expedition ... it's not very pleasant, because often it will pinch the endometrium. Hopefully, the IUD (intrauterine device) is removed, so after 5 mins, it can not find it, it gives you an appointment for an act outpatient under general anesthesia. I test this Monday 5 / 02 .... I will say more later .... see you soon.
    pollieGood evening

    The sertalia is actually measured less copper than most other copper IUDs on the market (300mm instead of 380mm ), so actually it's a good reason: it is certainly not very wise to leave it for 5 years .
    As against the change after 2 years only I find it a bit unfair (since the NovaT 200, it is advisable to leave three years ago ... no reason that it is allowed Sertalia shorter).

    The site recommends to leave between 3 and 4 years (this is accurate) .. but hey they also say 5 years for 200 NovaT reliability of these questions then I doubt info: /

    In short anyway youpette you'd better, in fact, what affects your uterus as little as possible ... so if you can request an extension of at least one year, is trying ...

    News of my little one: 1st copper IUD (intrauterine device) in natural rules => Whaouu it against the bleeding But I am amazed, I have almost no pain ... And acne that flies, hairs that are becoming scarce, libido and lubrication returning ... Great

    I made an IUD (intrauterine device) (copper, NT 380) next week (I'm afraid but hey, we'll see), I think it can only be better than the pill (at cons) and I wonder if there are some who lost weight after that. Knowing that at the beginning I took the pill (about 7 years ago), I took 3lbs, do you think I'm going to lose again? (Knowing that there will be more hormones) Thanks in advance for your answers
    talullahYou do lose that with effort food and exercise, we have never lost weight without doing anything.
    deja40kountraya right!

    for sertalia, he wants to change it may be time for ca + less difficult? if the son of the IUD (intrauterine device) have a tendency to break, I guess they age + + they are fragile ... Finally, I know.

    if not personal, I am pleased with my copper. not have to take the lead, more libido, less stress (or rather better manage my stress), legs lighter and more hemorrhoidal crisis ... heavy periods and doulouruses as before the pill, but I still hope it's going to calm down with time!
    otherwise I look forward to a new balanced, because since stopping the pill I have tension in the Tetons and anarchy rules, which normally should calm down over time ... pfff, frankly it's not the pill glop!
    mead43I agree with the other has about a premature removal of your IUD (intrauterine device) Youpette. I really do not see the interest from that of taking unnecessary risks of infection, and earn money (for him) or to lose (a social security does not need AC) . Request an explanation and refuses change, eventually!
    brettThank you for your answers.
    The gyneco told me it was no big deal to let a few more months. He asked three times if I wanted to do for children in the coming year (I said no three times), in which case he could have let a little more. I found it a little con reasoning: that is to say that it would not matter that the IUD (intrauterine device) is less effective however it is not ideal, pregnancy in IUD (intrauterine device)
    Maybe that's because the son, but he said no. Finally I make him still confident for the removal and installation so it bother me a lot of change. And if I keep the new 3-year battery hair that falls to put a baby on the way
    marni03Maybe he meant that if there is a worry right now to turn in the six months, as this one leave
    chasity0Well done
    phylliseh ... finally our Sat looks to stay qque little addicted to our little forum ....
    glad to read you my dear.
    jen103It enjoys a apremidi alone in the office (LA thing to do, with me) and shoo! return to old habits ...

    j'viens catch up with intrauterine
    kelsi72Thank you for your answer (about foul-smelling discharge after the Mirena IUD (intrauterine device) insertion).
    I checked this morning and it looks like I made vaginosis is not an infection itself but a change in vaginal flora (a history of acidity, I think). My gygy put me on treatment (with pills to put me in the vagina for 6 days every month and this pdt 6 months after each rule) and normally it should not come back. Otherwise, I'll have to change IUD (intrauterine device).
    My gygy told me I was the 3rd who happen to his patients, including one in which the phenomenon has not been arranged and that it took him to remove the Mirena.
    leeann90at least you're fixed ... and it will not last! Although it is either not infectious!

    Sat I'm not sure that you have the delay ... not in knowledge in any case!
    karleeSame as Kazajo, Sam! Your lights are welcome

    Otherwise, here are my rules in 3rd IUD (intrauterine device) beginners. You want to be disgusted? Pile hair 28 days after the previous, very little pain and bleeding normal. I am lucky on that side, my 3 years of pill did not upset my body (yes we all react differently).
    Courage for the others! The IUD (intrauterine device) is really the foot!
    winnie87I would not want you breaking your joy Sakaki.
    But after a year of pill, the IUD (intrauterine device), the first 3 months was set as the pill (24 days as the body which "saves") with normal rules.
    Now it's back to normal, 30 to 35 days with normal rules + 1 day I excuse the expression "piss blood".

    Hopefully for you it does not change after months qq
    jonie26Thank you, nice (there's no harm)

    I cross my fingers too, but I was settled before the pill, so I do not see why that would change. Knock on wood!
    maggieben me since I was 3 months to copper is a mess! First normal cycle and bleeding all the time, then cycle for 6 weeks + or + 10j of my usual cycles! by cons, in terms of quantities I can not complain ...
    like this, everyone reacts differently to the stop the pill!
    marilyn8for info, (even though I have this super IUD (intrauterine device)) IUD (intrauterine device) as I had very regular cycles (more than even a teenager) and the rules less than the pill ...
    keevaThe same.
    Rules less painful than the pill.
    And less painful too (last one month I have a lot 2).
    annetta49ca for by cons, I feel ... get the **** s
    but hey, I already felt to arrive before the pill, so I'm not surprised! and then I still have in my closet ... toprec
    lorri47two times less painful?
    sibylIn fact one month I feel I must take the antadys.
    The following month, fortunately I know I 28J cycles, otherwise I would have

    By cons before I was obliged to be lying 5 to 7 days because of them has a vomit my guts Now & Co. .. no ...
    clara1wow, at this point! I feel the happy ...
    suseKaza, must say that I had endometriosis also at the time that has been eradicated by the pill
    tiphanieWell, I know this is not the right place to ask this question, but I trust you.
    I went yesterday for my gyneco smear screening, and she offers (orders would be more appropriate) to a screening HPV, since I'm 25 and that a vaccine would be refunded. Note that I'm in Germany.
    Two questions, I read a lot of conflicting advice: Here it is a smear every year, I read that it was useless to Winckler, it recommends three years ... Who is right and why?
    Then my gyneco told me that if it turned out I had HPV (which quite likely, given that its prevalence is high), we do not vaccinate me, normal, but I should do a smear every 6 months! I think it's great, what you read on this subject?
    nan583Marmotton, sorry, I know not at all ....
    merleOkay ...
    keeleighthen ... I do my smear every year, it allows me to check that all is well, and I was never talking about screening for HPV ... I guess if you have a sex life + "row" ca is not a great thing to smear too often because you are less exposed to infection?
    and I suppose also that Germany was launching a campaign for public health erradiquer HPV, or for vaccines, and smears frequent carriers for early detection of any problem?
    but hey, what assumptions ... request a general tone?
    magdalenI do not know either, Marmotton. You looked on the net if there is clear information on it?
    ossia71There are some things clear, one of which is that my gyneco drank yesterday, because the vaccine is only reimburse up to 18 years. So HPV positive or not, I'd not vaccinated. Point. I've seen over that age.
    Then, in terms of screening, HPV, but not the other, most of the documents I've read recommend a test every two years, not annually. And do not talk at all, in case there is infection with HPV known, a possible increase in the frequency of screening. And every 6 months I find it very excessive, given that cervical cancer of the uterus often develops very slowly (15 years!), And again, even if I am a carrier of HPV, it is possible my body would rid itself.
    Not to mention that even if I am negative for HPV Now it can be does not stay like this all my life. And since I do not intend to repeat the screening HPV pretty useless (and expensive), I'll stick to smear a year.
    But I continue my research, I found huge variation between the different recommendations.
    daphne05Good evening,

    I have a Mirena IUD (intrauterine device) for 2 months but I have a very big headache I was given 400 mg of advil but I heard that it reduces the effect of the IUD (intrauterine device) is that true?
    Is it possible that I became pregnant with the IUD (intrauterine device)?

    Thank you for your answers please let me know your experiences even in mp.

    Good evening.
    sammieHi Elektra, no it is not true.
    Some scientists have believed for some time that the action of IUDs was to inflame the uterine wall, which made it unsuitable to host a fertilized egg.

    It has now been proven that the IUD (intrauterine device) is spermicidal action, so take anti-inflammatory effect does not diminish its effectiveness.

    I have a question girls:

    I am currently in my menstrual period, and in that time, I can touch my neck aismment because it is really not far from the entrance of the vagina.
    So I felt the son, and they are a little longer than usual: normally, I feel small pimples, they transcend genre by about 5mm, and I thought it was an inch ...
    Is it possible that the IUD (intrauterine device) is more or less down depending on the period of the cycle? Or does it announced a move or a bad thing?

    By the way my neck was so close and moved to the right that I could not put the Mooncup ... I had to use a tampon.
    no I do not think it is something bad, the uterus contracts during menstruation, so consequently, the IUD (intrauterine device) can move. Retries to touch the son after the bulk of the rules is going on, or are finished, if at that time they still exceed the same, will consult. But uh, 5mm 1cm, how do you do to feel the difference?
    rebeckahBein ... uh ... I may have been imprecise in my estimates, I just watched one of the rules and I would say that I usually feel pretty 2mm and there would be 7-8mm, it makes a difference anyway!

    Thank you for your answer, just wait other opinions, it's always reassuring.
    gytha74I love your precision!
    No seriously, the cervix moves during your cycle, so the son too! As you do not feel a hard piece of plastic between your cervix and your vagina, no worries, the IUD (intrauterine device) is still very much has its place ... Zen!
    nubia753Hum hum, Elektra has a mirena, not a copper

    But according to record: no interaction.

    On the other hand, being myself migraine, whether in the copper IUD (intrauterine device) or Mirena I have always packed with anti-inflammatory and the only effect that is happening is that NSAIDs do not make me .... + no effect
    rebeckahHo sorry I missed it.

    Thank you for your replies girls I feel reassured because I ca savi that canceled the effects of the pill but not good if the IUD (intrauterine device) ca risk nothing so good I keep taking my ibuprofen 400 mg.

    See you soon.

    Good day to all.

    roseanne?? Anti-inflammatories do not cancel the effects of the pill, where did you see / read that?

    So of course I freaked a little to the withdrawal Someone has already removed a sertalia in the corner?


    you asked if someone has already removed a Sertalia: I will therefore answer that yes, it's been two months now. I had been a year and a half. This is not the gynecologist who advised me to change it but I who made the decision to want baby.

    He just had time to tell me "you have to go gently with this one because it tedance to have the son that break." And then it was done! Not bad and not even a broken wire.

    That's my experience. See you soon.
    edithe075Ben Listen my hairdresser was on the pill because she tore densts love has been put on anti-inflammatory and once she gives birth in late April.

    My doctor told me also that so believe you or them?
    livvyuh? believe your notice? If you have to look for drug interactions of this type are described ... Personal I never heard of that either!
    thomasin5Frankly, if NSAIDs provoked interractions with the pill, it is not, and many more women fall pregnant on the pill.
    stefanie9Frankly, if NSAIDs provoked interractions with the pill, it is not, and many more women fall pregnant on the pill.
    cameo8Yes, since we took over in the rules for the pain ... Your hairdresser must have forgotten or ill take it?
    alisI do not know if AC was stated before, but I strongly advise you learned on the back of the IUD (intrauterine device)! It's perfect! it dismantles all ideas that have seen here all day long (spread by our dear doctors ...). All this based on the recommendations of the ANAES (but does not know by heart the recommendations ...?)

    [# Ff0000] A summary of everything you need to know about copper IUD (intrauterine device): to put all hands [/ # ff0000] erilet.htm [...]
    alexusWell done, Sam, thank you

    It is true that this is a very well when we ask questions. A reading by those who doubt (and others too, it makes no harm to review)

    Valentine's Day and good to all lovers and all the friends around the world!
    marielHello girls!

    Great post on your srilet, I tell you my experience, almost 2 years ago, I made a pre phlebitis following a change of pill.
    So review, change of gynecology, and prescription of my dear Nuvaring, Nuvaring since, in July 2005, super migraines, taking 10 kg and above decreased libido and a few months, very very bad after reports horrific burns, I talk to my gynecologist who prescribed me Micro-read! not want to take mini pill, then a new appointment yesterday at gygy advised by two people: then I said stack, I do not understand how pre phlebitis with Mom + breast cancer how you have been prescribed NuvaRing, he told me he was going to be a copper IUD (intrauterine device) ... I immediately thought of "ja long time but so glad I dared not nulliparous So tell him, height of chance, I was set ..
    I placed it, G morfler ... then he checked if it was the echo was well dressed, everything is in order ..
    I do not know where he put me ... he had with him, and he told me about cramps or anything ..
    So here he told me that there was only a risk of infection if fever foul-smelling discharge + + very strong cramps.
    He did not mention visit, in your opinion is it mandatory?
    And yesterday, the small G tirraillements in the lower abdomen ... I'll go to the pharmacy, I'm afraid to remove him, especially since one of the only solutions C for me!
    Thank you girls!

    should you pass him a call anyway to know what he gave you ... That sounds important ...

    Then, no, the monitoring visit is absolutely no obligation! It is made usually to reassure the patient. But there is no requirement, however if you have any doubts, hop! we must not hesitate to see it!

    For tightness, we must simply take ibuprofen. It's going to fall asleep all this
    The best would be the Spasfon is an antispasmodic which therefore prevents contractions (natural, after insertion of an IUD (intrauterine device), it can last throughout the first month), but personal, ca take me not away at all the pain: /
    So ibuprofen and roll youth
    zoey2Hello IUDs,

    So here I type Multiload 375 IUD (intrauterine device) for almost 11 months in the early cycles and normal cycles 28 days 22/23 days and 28 days rebelotte cycles and cycles of 24/25 days, last month I have had to be 17.1 and 26 days .... ben nothing but a waste of my brown towel (I had prepared), nothing in wiping my (excuse ..), I absolutely no symptoms telling me the arrival of my period, also last month, either while I used a week before the spm. In short, should I be worried knowing that I know that at first it can be a bit slow to start .. But hey, this work light brown (not accompanied by mucus) remind me of my first two pregnancies without contraception, I mean I waited until my period, I had these tasks without phlegm what, wow I do not know if I'm clear enough ...... Thank you for your answers
    bethanyHello KALI

    Yes, it is I who made the permanence Today

    in fact, since the cycles are natural, the change in cycle time does not surprise me. Everyone is not necessarily regular hyper. And it may have been regular, and no longer be (or not to be the same) at other times of our lives.

    Do a test if you think of pregnancy. Otherwise, you just wait quietly for your period. But the change in your cycles is nothing abnormal. Nothing to encourage the involvement of a gynecological treatment. But you can touch him, however, a word
    philisThank you for your response Sam-Mode-gland, I do not know he did not tell me the brand, just a C copper IUD (intrauterine device), I saw, so I can confirm ... I'll ask him next time!
    Ok, thank you for all your advice ... I cross my fingers that I have a good experience with the IUD (intrauterine device), I really want it to work!
    alyxHello sam,

    Wow you're too fast
    Me too that's what I think today, but it's just that it's been almost a year since I wear it and I understand the need to wait at least 6 months.
    Of all the ways I expect to see, I let myself until Monday and if I still do well, I'd make a test.
    Anyway Thank you very much
    orchidin fact, what is important is not whether it is a Nova T 200 he asked you because it is dosed less copper than the others, then be replaced before. But hey, it's just a precaution, you better know precisely whom you have, ca tjs can serve.
    I wish indeed to have a good experience with the IUD (intrauterine device) is a really great form of contraception!
    julithe length of my cycles also varies. In fact, I base everything on ovulation. The time before ovulation can be really different for me (although less than 14 days and sometimes +) so as ovulation, then I'm sure that the rules will come about 14 days later. And except for a time she arrived after 7 days (!) And many tjs is about right (sometimes 15-16 days, but hey it is often 14-15 days).

    What is, in fact, I realize I do not even know how many days my cycles are, on average
    I study will have AC, making curves, graphs, percentages
    Haa rules ... it occupies ... !
    susannaSo at first I felt my ovulation I even pertouilles pink in the middle of my cycle and effectively after 14 days I had my period, Sat tell when your rules appear, they start at a slower pace and more or less abundant thereafter ? for me is what is happening just as I have a task to C30 to C28 Brown appeared so I still find it bizarre and you have the spm? I read that you were nulliparous, is that the IUD (intrauterine device) works in combination in the same way with multiparous (I do not know if that word exists) finally I mean those who already have children, I have my three .

    is that the IUD (intrauterine device) works in combination in the same way with multiparous

    Yes, it's ditto.
    Otherwise, nulliparous, primiparous and multiparous, they say. Yes.
    kelsieAs toujoursmoi say, yes, we have children or not, the operation is the same. By cons, patterns and rules subject to change after having children (I have a friend who had rules ultra painful, and after his first daughter, she never hurt!)

    My cycles begin in effect for all brown spotting the first day, then a little more abundant on day 2 and finally pertouilles red end of the day or the next day. One day I had to take treatment, my gynecologist told me that he had also considered the first day of menstruation the day of losses red, well marked.
    And then the abundance increases, reaches the maximum on day 3, the fourth normal, moderate, low and then the fifth pertouilles (which vary in length ... so that I have lost for 5 days until 10 days between losses may start and end rules ...)

    For spm, I have breasts that swell (great, it suits me) after ovulation. A week before menstruation, I have a day or "evil" as the stomach during menstruation and breasts that harden. Symptoms not quite bad, but what these
    eglantineFor losses, as Sam, for short.
    mabel41small band is lucky! I j'me stuck with losses between the rules and pertouilles before and after rules
    ireneOh no, the losses between periods, not question.
    And chtites pertouilles shortly before shortly after, niet.
    Not in my backyard, but not.
    lysandraBen good I have the same profile as you except for the months since the last two days there.
    I'm getting the same slimy brown losses and so on .... but after 2 days nothing ...
    In fact if I had nothing I say I had the delay, it is nothing but the task brown Well it's weird??
    jillythey will come ... You will see! battery when it's not the right time, Ceiling! ca arrives if it is not funny

    In fact if I had nothing I say I had the delay, it is nothing but the task brown Well it's weird??

    Have you tried to make a Rorschach test? what happens?
    beatie40Ok I go out.
    randy26what does that mean? / wiki / Test_de_Rorschach

    It was a joke.
    orabel057ah agreed tasks ..... well .... I understood the joke (lol)
    ellery75You know, this is the test where you are asked to say what you see in the picture as colored spots (butterfly, eye, tree leaf ...)
    roseThe Nenets Cuckoo!

    Well I must admit that although I was tempted IUD (intrauterine device) at first, I am nulliparous, I'm 19 and I thought the idea of ​​contraception was quite interesting because we will not forget as the pill, and especially the most important cycles are natural ...

    But sometimes I fall on topics in which you explain some of their pain at the time of the problem as misplaced IUD (intrauterine device) that slides and Jules is likely to shoot up against short I became disenchanted

    Especially since I am prone to chronic cystitis (well here I touch wood it's still 7 months I think I see more than I had done more), and then in addition, it might perhaps be a problem major.

    As for concerns related to the IUD (intrauterine device), I have heard of perforations of the uterus, and bizarerie gender.

    And I do not know in what I have to go to gynecologist to ask me since I am a nulliparous and a lot of medics refuse the installation of women who never had children.

    If anyone has a good address on Nancy, she will be welcomed by MP Of course

    Thank you for your testimony
    nora5Hi all,

    I live in Canada right now and the only copper IUD (intrauterine device) for sale here is the Nova-T. I have read that it was less effective than the others, in the sense that it must be changed before (after 3 years, against five years for other). But is it less effective "daily"? or is it the same and it's just over time it plays?
    I have another question. I am nulliparous, and I wondered if the Nova-T was adapted in this case, and if there is in "short".
    Thank you in advance for your answers! And if one of you knows of a Montreal gynecologist who agrees to ask a bucket I am nulliparous coordinates (for now everyone I refuse to call)

    Good day
    But sometimes I fall on topics in which you explain some of their pain when they
    - Say that if you had painful periods before, it will remain so, even make a little worse
    - You can always take ibuprofen
    - If your periods were not painful before, they do not become after IUD (intrauterine device) insertion

    also the problem of misplaced intrauterine device that slides
    - Sometimes it's the fault of gynecology
    - In most cases there is no prob

    Jules and that could be pitted against
    - The gynecologist's son may overlap if so
    - At the beginning is "psychological" (sisi)

    As for concerns related to the IUD (intrauterine device), I have heard of perforations of the uterus, and bizarerie gender.
    - Because it was misplaced by the Gynecologic
    - It is better to do ask a gynecologist who is used

    The nova T months is not effective in everyday life. It's just that after 3 years there is 6% failure
    The nova T is suitable for nulliparous women, nulliparous and I have a NovaT, failed to convince my gynecologist to ask me a short UT380, grrrrr.
    jen45Then Kali, I have personal SPM 2 and 1 month of such painful periods
    Amlie makes anything like all the world

    ParsMontral, you know, you are not obliged to make you put a shot: it depends on your uterus is.
    The two IUDs I wore and still bears are normal 5JE rqssure you, I do not wear one at a time, but my sentence is ambiguous)
    emI then I ujn little trouble right now I'm set as a Swiss cuckoo clock (and I have not been for millennia as hormones) and then that makes two cycles j'ovule or not (well not as free of pain of mega-hab with egg white mucus (Yumie, good app)

    balance the races reds show up with just about a week late

    then it makes me not at all pinball since good, I could see that the cycle was not normal because there was no ovulation (and good, Winckler said that it could happen) but I application still has what is due, I cerve, I guess it can play, but it's not the first time I'm tired ...
    for the pms, jeanne me as / Sat: breasts and a little water retention, if all goes well
    by against what annoys me is that I continue to be regulated like a pig being gaorge I soyvenias that it had taken so long to stabilize the first

    (By the way I have a great theory, our bodies being a bazard puissemement adaptable and regulated, I think it started me lengthen my cycle for me to be adjusted less often and have a small chance to redo my iron stores)

    good is not it all the Louloutte, but I'm retaaaardddddd (like the white rabbit would say) I'm off
    anima796Ben good I thought the girls see land yesterday I saw a few red drops, I say it's good then ben nothing .......... now what should normally be the day but there is always more abundant droplets of anything in my briefcase .... I'm still in C32 if we consider a normal cycle of 28 days (I remember that my cycles tend to be short like 22/23 days, Last month 26 days), I would worry a little CHWI right?

    J I started to read the post but I have not had the courage to read you all, my problem is c contraception, I took "pill trinordiol" many years ago and now I would like to take it again but I blocked because J side effects and fear that the pill would be saying'm cancerous makes me to take it back!

    I am in the idea of ​​getting an IUD (intrauterine device) put inconveniant but the c is that I already have children and that I have 37 years and that by reading about the IUD (intrauterine device) says that he learned of the coil would not be effective for a woman had eyant children!

    J Pelvic crises have often and it makes me a little scared because I've the lower abdomen while an IUD (intrauterine device) is sensitive t really the right choice for me!

    My cycle is 28 days or 26jours!

    Thank you for your help!

    PS: if somebody was on the pill "trinordiol" for a while if possible j love that she can give me any information on this pill as al thanking you in advance!
    lettice982Where did you read that the IUD (intrauterine device) was not suitable for women with children?? In general it is rather the opposite is said.
    I do not know about your pelvic crises, it depends from which the problem. The meiux would be to talk with your gynecologist.
    nannieWell I learned is read the link I send q a forum to read it and said that a woman had children eyant c was not the top! J esseyerait to see how you do read it!

    To my seizures have already j pelvic exams which proves nothing normal horizon al lol j have nothing everything is ok!

    I'm followed by my family doctor but I think was going to see a gynecologist, I think it would be better!
    jerusha1J have found the page! uterin.htm [...]
    samantaYes I know the page, I see not where it says that it is not recommended for women who had children. You can make me a copy / paste the phrase STP.
    regan277Look below just after the drawing! If you find it does I will send a copy and paste!
    godivaHello girls,

    I hope everyone is well!
    As a new IUD (intrauterine device) (since Thursday) I asked a question that may sound stupid, do we know right away if the gygy in perforated uterus? For I am nulliparous, I did not know what gygy and the first consultation, he offered the IUD (intrauterine device) ... or you want baby next year, so I would not have to tinker!
    I still stress but ... he said he put in BCQ and the patients were satisfied ...

    He made me an echo after placing the coil and said he was firmly in place ...

    Thank you
    tiffaniIf it's this sentence that you allude Quote:

    Contrary to the practice, the IUD (intrauterine device) is not just for women who already had children, I'm sorry to tell you, but you do not understand French!
    This means that in France, at present, are often denied to women without children to insert an IUD (intrauterine device), because there is allegedly a risk of infertility. So why there is a belief that it is for women who already had children. But here, the article received belies this idea by saying that NO, the IUD (intrauterine device) is not just for women with children. (Not to be reserved for someone does not mean it not be advisable ...)
    ivory74He made an echo and an IUD (intrauterine device) is in place, there is no reason why it perforates the uterus! And if he used to ask (given what he says), there is no need to worry
    delightThank you very much for your answer, it reassures me it's true that at the beginning ... this is quite scary, but hey, I guess you get used to it, I am really happy not to take hormones whoopee ... long live freedom and I hope the libido will return to the top soon, for that matter ....;-)
    aryanaYes c is the sentence I fesait hint and said the sentence well that his means even if I did not can be understood the allusion, but everyone can probably not be perfect like you!

    But thank you m having to explain!
    amaryllisHello girls,

    Just a quick rant to say that there is a forum to exchange ideas and learn some things that I know is a shame that some people respond in a somewhat aggressive or are passing people for ignorant.

    we are here to share or not to try to show superior.

    Here is everything I had to say.

    Good day.

    silverSo I have since last Friday ... I was asked gygy me (after echo) in the middle of a cycle ... I even keep my pill until the end ... and then I have lost qq
    anora255It is normal to have bleeding in early (first month in fact) of the IUD (intrauterine device) insertion. It is better that you finish your plate to avoid messing up the cycle (not to avoid loss). Do not worry it's normal to have pain and loss during the first month.
    PS: I agree with you ... Elektra
    brittania[Hello girls,

    Just a quick rant to say that there is a forum to exchange ideas and learn some things that I know is a shame that some people respond in a somewhat aggressive or are passing people for ignorant.

    we are here to share or not to try to show superior.

    Here is everything I had to say.

    Good day.


    I think just like you, I am not perfect and I know I'm far from knowing everything, but it is unfortunate that some of the other person back down because I'm ignorant ... If c is thought to have "aggressive" I ask that passes their way!

    Elektra thank you!
    candyceNo one was aggressive with you ... You had misunderstood a sentence and you have been informed of its meaning? What is your mother tongue? For me if I spoke some language as well as you and understand you speak French, I'd be happy ...
    love6Thank you so much for this super interesting discussion!

    I am amazed to learn now that NSAIDs do not influence the effectiveness of the IUD (intrauterine device).

    I'm 25 in a month, I wear shorts copper IUD (intrauterine device) for 6 months (I am nulliparous) and I'm converted!

    Plus you forget pill, regular periods (a bit more abundant than the pill), no horrible pain at the break (a Spasfon and it passed!).

    Only "concern": a few pimples coming back on the cheeks and the back (which I intend to pay by dermatology).

    I was very careful with NSAIDs (as to deprive me of when I took over when I had really wanted! Grrrr) and no link is yet to fear! It's crazy .... Even my own gynecologist in whom I am extremely confident was wrong!

    Anyway, long live the IUD (intrauterine device), birth control is easy and safe!
    kayThank you so much for this super interesting discussion!

    I am amazed to learn now that NSAIDs do not influence the effectiveness of the IUD (intrauterine device).

    I'm 25 in a month, I wear shorts copper IUD (intrauterine device) for 6 months (I am nulliparous) and I'm converted!

    Plus you forget pill, regular periods (a bit heavier than the pill), no horrible pain at the break (a Spasfon and it passed!).

    Only "concern": a few pimples coming back on the cheeks and the back (which I intend to pay by dermatology).

    I was very careful with NSAIDs (as to deprive me of when I took over when I had really wanted! Grrrr) and no link is yet to fear! It's crazy .... Even my own gynecologist in whom I am extremely confident was wrong!

    Anyway, long live the IUD (intrauterine device), birth control is easy and safe!
    portiaMy language is French but I have felt like she put me down but can be re-reading that I've made a mistake of his sentence was "I comprent not French," which meant to me that I did not understand!

    PS: In all this al you look good write French better than me!
    jayneGood evening everyone, I come back and what I see! Oh my god, we were offended by my answer!

    To be honest, I expected, but sorry: It is true that you have not understood the sentence. Only add, except that I told the truth. I do not be aggressive in my post, on the contrary, I have explained in detail what it meant, and why and how the French belief about the IUD (intrauterine device). So I think I've done a service more than anything else.

    Second, it is not because we are in a forum you can afford not to do a minimum of French (spelling, grammar ...) So, in answering you, I've actually explained it means "reserved" since it was precisely the meaning of your question

    Then, those who come to interfere and say "you're on a forum then blablabla" I begin to seriously inflated, since we were never called.

    Third: I do not put you down, I'm not perfect it myself, but if in this world you can not tell someone that he made a mistake or did not understand something (which addition of a forum) I do not know where you are going.

    A word ...
    winHo, I think that we should not upset you. Kokapi may have been a little abrupt, but if there was any discipline would be unbearable! Nobody intended to Blaisse person, then all is well
    lysandraI n is nothing to say about your explanations and I thank you for it even if I did not quite understand your done ... I was referring fesait your first sentence that could have been avoided like for you that day was not a fool have understood is that not make me a bad person! Good c is not serious, I already feel insignificant in life then your sentence, I t is running a little high but if c was not that for you I'm sorry to have felt the well!
    bette38That's what I say, do not feel demeaning because someone tell you that obviously you did not understand anything .. Brief

    Otherwise if you do not understand something about my explanation from the IUD (intrauterine device), pose your questions, we are here for.
    yannickNo I do not feel that demean a person because m explains a problem that I have not understood the contrary, it has nothing to do with is that I felt I just had your first sentence is c, but instead I'm glad that m to help people without a second thought not think I'm null ...

    Yes it's true j have not quite understood your done because I want to make sure that if I decide to put me a sterylet if nevertheless if I have children if I can really put a m n because I dare to tell my age , maybe I'm older than you! I also said as for hygiene during menstruation ... And then the fear of being pregnant because there did that say who found themselves pregnant with a strylet koi so I know how ...

    Thank you for your help!

    (Sorry for my French)
    justy415As for your fear of being pregnant, do not worry: yes, there are some who became pregnant with an IUD (intrauterine device). Statistically, a coil carrier 300, in one year. Mean efficiency of 99.7% over one year of use, in other words, your chances of getting pregnant with an IUD (intrauterine device) are very low ... (Slightly higher than the pill: 99.9%, but the pill, it's so easy to forget the vomit ...)
    shannaThank you sunshine, I have another question, you can t have sex with a condom eyant an IUD (intrauterine device)?

    The IUD (intrauterine device) think jy j but also have the lower abdomen of a significant pelvic pain that doctors no one ever found, probably from stress ... but I'm afraid of having a really bad then of the IUD (intrauterine device)! !
    viThe IUD (intrauterine device) is in the uterus, and penis of your partner does that movements in the vagina, so there is no problem about condoms: it is the same in any case required to use condoms As the test STI / HIV have not been made, regardless of contraception you use daily.

    Then for hygiene I did not understand your question if you have one?
    carleneYes, with a coil you can have sex with a condom (and continue to wear pads). It is not a problem.

    As for your pelvic pain, it's true that it is more problematic, because sometimes the IUD (intrauterine device) increased pain during menstruation. So good, can not you know how you endure the IUD (intrauterine device), or if your pain increases or not, but why yes, there is a risk.
    After that, it's your choice if you want to risk having more pain, even to treat them (I do not know if you do now), and have a good contraceptive, which you should also or keep the status quo for your pain and your contraception, even if it does not suit you or more (I do not know what you have now as contraception).
    marylu86Kokapi Thanks for the information ... To which of hygiene I asked from the rules if the IUD (intrauterine device) I will not catch an infection of the rules for how to be sure that s the blood drains well and does not grip s to strylet! (I do not know if I have to understand that I mean)

    The sun me if I got my period and for the first time J had the stomach pain bad enough ... For my pain that I treat myself with painkillers that since it is my exams and everything is normal .. .. I took trinordiol and I know if my pill for me since the last time I stop because I was bleeding between my pads when I stop all day and then for a few years I took nothing .... Now I would like to take it again but I'm stuck .... My doctor prescribed me lately but I was not the beginning ...

    Thank you both for your help!
    in any case the rules are not hygienic or anything ... The rules are not in themselves sources of bacteria or infection ... it's just blood.

    The question you ask yourself, you could also ask thee with the pill, or nothing ... No? There is always blood in the uterus during menstruation is the principle.
    The IUD (intrauterine device) can not "hang" or "retenri" rules, it is mechanically impossible.

    Have you seen ultrasounds or shcmas representing an IUD (intrauterine device) in the uterus? If not, you should find it on the net, to make you a concrete idea of ​​things.

    Here I just want to say that the rules are not dirty.

    On this night, because of your lying down, blood can stay a while in the womb is not to say that you catch something ... you follow me?
    adelicia4Good evening kokapi

    Yes of course I am you and thank you for your help but I ask the question .... The question was "when the rules will strylet t own it" I wanted to know if I risk no infection at strylet of the regulatory


    The question you ask yourself, you could also ask thee with the pill, or nothing ...

    As against the j dare tell you that I have not understood is that you mean because the pill is not an object that strylet YES!


    Have you seen ultrasounds or shcmas representing an IUD (intrauterine device) in the uterus? If not, you should find it on the net, to make you a concrete idea of ​​things.

    No no I is not seen for ultrasound and I'm not endow the net ...

    Thank you to you for all his information!
    aprilYes, the coil is "clean" even while the rules and you do not risk having an infection due to the rules, because the IUD (intrauterine device) ^ ^
    maryluyou have converted ... I'm going to ask one despite the horrors that my left ...

    thank you girls!
    (I tried everything from my birth: 7 pounds spermicides Implanon = = = Minidril it burns and another 3 kilos more)

    So I remove all these salopeires hormones and I spend the copper IUD (intrauterine device) and I start a diet hoping to lose everything ....
    sissy71Ironically, my girlfriend just called to tell me the date of his appointment with the gynecologist for copper IUD (intrauterine device) insertion, decision after several attempts pill inconvenience for all! And an IUD (intrauterine device) more!

    PS: it's stupid, I post all the time as a guest ... I subscribe!
    linnie8Hello to all!

    I just had my gynecologist on the phone to outline that I wish to insert an IUD (intrauterine device) copper.
    His response was: "As you have not been pregnant, it is not recommended"
    She explained that the problem is related to the installation, which is often painful because the cervix is ​​very small, and then then the rules are much more heavy and painful, and often the IUD (intrauterine device) should be removed three months later because of stomach pain ... (And all that it does not say in the testimony that I read)
    But she saw that I persist an RV so I March 6 to talk with her, choose the model and discuss how ...
    What do you think? From your posts I think she is exaggerating a little, right? (At least I hope ...)
    jasmynYes yes, she exaggerates ... (at least it does not do you categorically refused). There are stories where the gynecology out all possible horreus that can occur with an IUD (intrauterine device) patient to deter ...
    This link will help you "counter" the reluctance of your Gynecology, you can also give him a photocopy of the report of the anaes: / articles [...] rticle = 773
    traciBicho you see, I am against a total-example of what your OB told you.
    I took 2 1 / 2 years before the pill and I had horrible rules, to vomit and be in bed for 8J ...

    In the early (6 months), I was asked a mirena so I do not suffer from painful periods (more rules then OK) but too many side effects so since I made the "bet" to make me ask a copper and since I did not suffer from painful periods
    selma878Dsl here to burst, but no one responds to my post and I'm really worried:

    Is it necessarily the son feels the IUD (intrauterine device) or not necessarily?

    I just tried but I feel absolutely nothing ...

    Plus I think I have a vaginal infection early ...

    Since qques days, I want to vomit and have a swollen belly, I'm afraid of being pregnant, I want to go buy a test but I'm too afraid of the result ...

    This is just one year I did ask the IUD (intrauterine device) and mtnt up, everything was fine, no specific pain, just pain reports qques pdt time, and my friend felt sth that "stung".

    But here, the fact of not feeling the son, I go crazy ...
    blossomThank you for your answers
    Moody, why not your gynecologist calls you, this may be an emergency, and that you reassure rather than to imagine all sorts of things ...
    nicolaMoody, I have to answer
    abagaleThank you!

    It's just for you to say hello in passing

    Glad we could convert some new fans
    kiarraYes and it exaggerates one and two is yours alone to decide if you want to experience the installation, the risk of having heavier periods ...
    For sore stomachs, she tells anything.

    A gynecologist had done the same time
    -First she told me about an incomprehensible medical jargon to make me believe that I could catch diseases unpronounceable name, then, seeing that it did not
    - She told me that I would necessarily rules very long, painful as it was awful, blah ..
    marieand if she sees that the sauce does not tjs with all this, it adds a layer of "haa! and then the pose, it makes suuuuuper wrong! It is also necessary to reach the place ..."

    What we love the gynecologist
    vegaYes, and finally you will become sterile anyway. Or you busted an ectopic pregnancy ^ ^
    suzanneha yes it's true!

    ha I tell my girls ... it is completely maso
    ulaHi girls!

    How's that beautiful day?
    Yesterday my first report since IUD (intrauterine device) insertion, and my loulou said he felt something that piqued 2X and I thought to son but when I want to see, I do not feel the ... more my gynae did not mentioned the son of a consultation or post installation, what do you think? Is it normal if I do not feel?
    I think I'll make an appointment ... to reassure me by saying that I had misunderstood and that I thought I had to return one month after lol
    trina12Still, I had actually rules longer and more painful, that's loud and clear ...

    Yesterday my first report since IUD (intrauterine device) insertion, and my loulou said he felt something that piqued 2X and I thought to son but when I want to see, I do not feel the ... more my gynae did not mentioned the son of a consultation or post installation, what do you think? Is it normal if I do not feel?

    it is possible that your man prides himself on the son ... nothing irreparable. about what you, you do not feel it as posible without disturbing either ...


    Still, I had actually rules longer and more painful, that's loud and clear
    Personal I was quite the opposite ....
    monicaThank you May!
    lillieAH yes, my son I have felt for the first time a few weeks ago, yet I have my IUD (intrauterine device) for 21 months ...
    Well, I never tried very forcefully, but still. And yet my man has ever felt as well.

    For me the rules are longer (well let's say it ends in spotting and spotting between rules and I reach the end easily eight or ten days, fifteen exceptional. And some losses to ovulation.), But not more painful. They were painful enough before the IUD (intrauterine device), it remained the same, then the worst is over and a Aspgic
    claramae78Thank you sunshine ... it reassures me lol anyway we ask questions in early 1001 ... I am really happy anyway, to be passed to the IUD (intrauterine device), and I had cramps that 3rs days. .. and now it's going.
    Vera is good but the rules as I have more hormones I'm happy!

    Always curious because I thought that ASPEGIC thins the blood and therefore it is important not to take during menstruation because it makes them last forever!?!
    gwen6aspirin is anti coagulant, So I would like lexy, I would avoid menstruating ... Now, if the period is over and you do saignottes only because you have some inflammation of the uterus, ca looks after walking for what it says sun!
    vivian78up a little.

    New coil, I wanted to say thank you for this forum well documented and easy to read.
    Nevertheless, I have questions ...
    So since you seem very nice and experienced, I start:

    That's my quick little story:
    I'm 38, two children, and asked me gygy an IUD (intrauterine device) after an abortion (unplanned pregnancy occurred accidentally NuvaRing contraceptive-lost)
    Since abortion (late December) I psychotic the idea of ​​being pregnant (my two children always arrived very quickly from the moment they were wanted, I concluded that I am as it were more fertile .. .).

    You may be saying it's silly to worry like that given the success rate of the IUD (intrauterine device), but 1) the gygy asked me a Nova T and AFTER I read everywhere that it was not that they advised the most
    2) once the son I feel once I no longer feel them.
    question: when you say you can lose an IUD (intrauterine device), is what you notice it?
    is what to check regularly that it is in place?

    other hand, when it comes to spotting, speaking from small pertouilles outside the rules?
    when I had no IUD (intrauterine device), I did not. is that it's the coil?
    is it just the first few times and after it's over?

    good thank you for reading and thank you in advance for your answers.
    NovaT is no less effective than the others ... but as it contains less copper is active less time! it is better to change it after 3 years, do not wait 5 ...
    the son you can not feel them all the time. depending on the time of the cycle your cervix moves a little, so the son too! some never feel their son! the stuff that has monitored the onset of contractions is if your man feels something hard and a picnic in a report. it can be a sign that you expelled IUD (intrauterine device) or has your moves, and in this case it is less effective. you can check yourself from time to time as you do not feel something hard in the middle of the neck! if you really stresses you can go back to your gy 1 to 3 months after installation ... It will make you an echo, and will tell you if your IUD (intrauterine device) is moving or not.
    in terms of pertouilles, again it depends on the girls ... Personal I am getting after the IUD (intrauterine device), while it will not happen before, but never very abundant. These flows have some before and after the arrival of rules, making the red period long enough! That said, reassuring you, often it is quiet time: rules less abundant and less bleeding. When I ask my a gy compares these losses have uncontrolled bleeding from the nose when it's cold: inflamed and irritated mucous membrane bleeding a little. if it is too abundant you can ask you a prescription for a product like exacyl ...
    sammyoh thank you you're fast! ...
    there is a small month I went for the visit, and gyneco told me that the IUD (intrauterine device) was in place.
    but it made no echo, just a normal examination.
    must be an echo to be sure?
    sorry not to be zen, I would love, but this test marked me for a while and I think I must learn to trust my IUD (intrauterine device)! ...
    shebaat worst, by the time you get used to the IUD (intrauterine device), you can double it with condoms? it is not obvious at first, because the IUD (intrauterine device) protects no one has any control over its birth, it is just, it's totally passive! normally if the coil moves, can be seen engaging in the neck. but my personal gy gave me a control 2 months after installation, and he enjoys that I was quick to ask the ultrasound and check that everything was in place ...
    jasmynit is a possibility too.
    it's crazy as it is only now that I realize the importance of this issue: contraception! ...
    Fortunately these forums exist! ..
    otherwise the gygy force to hear me call in with questions may advise me to go see a shrink ...
    thank you again.
    jami83not enough!
    shantelleyou know me I have a "neck loop" and I'm still in my second IUD (intrauterine device)
    The first asked "nothing" (except for a pain reliever) and it is true that my doctor has me asking for shit (bush and I have to ask, but hey, I was wrong and 5 minutes I was still four years should see what you want too)
    the second as she had planned the coup, she gave me a cytotec taken before (which opens the cervix) and installation was a letter in the mail I was wrong 10 seconds (like a large contraction rules) when it passed the collar and nickel (as I dreaded really saw how I had hurt the first time)
    and since all is well
    tillit nromal of anxiety, especially after an abortion (I also had my first IUD (intrauterine device) after an abortion and it's true that I felt uneasy the first few months) in addition it is a method in which you have no ISP (the pill you can do really careful to take it, the hood of the well to the IUD (intrauterine device), well you can do anything) but you'll see, you relax, and more is when even one of the most reliable (it is even more reliable than tubal ligation in which there are still some failures)

    for controls my doctor never made me echo, the only time she sent me to an echo, because my son had seen I was given back to the Androcur and he had caused contractions, so the echo is far from mandatory
    the risk of losing your sterile: it is a priori defined (contractions) your man is likely to bite on it (it feels too) and if not well if he falls, you see (there are some girls on the forum that the lost without evil and just by finding the vagina
    So do not worry too much, it's still rare


    Always curious because I thought that ASPEGIC thins the blood and therefore it is important not to take during menstruation because it makes them last forever!?!

    Indeed, Aspgic thins the blood, making clots that there is less, so fewer contractions, in short less pain (I had asked my doctor). And that's not to say that it will hemorrhagic rules.
    And I do not care that my period may last a little longer, as it relieves me ^ ^
    Thank you for participating on this subject: / san [...] 5418-1.htm

    Thank you very much in advance!


    callidora63Hello girls,

    I got the copper IUD (intrauterine device) February 15, little pain for 2 days and then bleeding, and large white discharge, and again it bleeds, I dare not but bring towels, because sometimes they are small and sometimes loss of blood, type rules ... is this normal or should I consult?
    Head of how I'll make an appointment because he did set a post installation appointment and my son's spitz sense then, it will be the opportunity to go there!
    abbygail4The first month is not very surprising that it is of great anything, even if for some everything went without surprises. I too had the same problem as you, I went back three times to see the gyneco, but everything was normal ... If you have no pain or heavy odor, the best treatment is to relax and wait, ca arranged after menarche. Good luck.
    breannThe first month is not very surprising that it is of great anything, even if for some everything went without surprises. I too had the same problem as you, I went back three times to see the gyneco, but everything was normal ... If you have no pain or heavy odor, the best treatment is to relax and wait, ca arranged after menarche. Good luck.
    avisbleeding can last the entire month First Prev without it being disturbing, it's just boring

    in the words Marmotton if everything else is normal, you just wait
    onndria96Thank you so much girls, that's right at the beginning is a bit worrying especially as gygy had said nothing ... we vera!
    madalynHi all,
    I gynecologist appointment at the 6 / 03 for me to remove the IUD (intrauterine device) ... I plan to become pregnant soon!
    But how to calculate the cycle? as without contraception? or as I have a UT 380 (I think that's that!) there is diffusion of hormones, I do not really know how it works!
    cady719If you have an IUD (intrauterine device) copper (UT380, Novation, Multiload), it has no hormones, you always have cycles, but rather "the other side" that contraception works: copper makes sperm unable to fertilize an egg. So the withdrawal, you have no waiting time for recover your cycles.
    If instead you have a hormonal IUD (intrauterine device) (Mirena) in some women, it removes the ovulation, and as after stopping the pill, your cycles can be chaotic after the withdrawal.
    But that's not why you do not ovulate.
    So you can very well get pregnant quickly. That said, the best way is to have regular and enjoy it without worrying about what his cycles (which are in any case very difficult to calculate exactly).
    ena93do you bleed a lot that is your period due to very heavy copper IUD (intrauterine device)?

    if using a condom at the same time rules remain abundant?

    sorry if this question you parrait very stupid ...

    sammyThe copper IUD (intrauterine device) can indeed make the rules a little more abundant (or very abundant in some cases). This is not systematic.
    Condom use can not change anything.
    cynthiaTHANK YOU
    I ask because I AM became anemic

    ronalda4off-topic for me but good evening to you all and thank you for your answers!
    lilac8it depends how long it is placed, the rules fall within a few months to return to normal (as before pill)
    but it is true that at first it may bleed a lot (with my change of IUD (intrauterine device) I went from a drain monncup every 4 hours to drain every hour and a half days the most abundant)

    but hey I will renounce the IUD (intrauterine device) for anything, it really is "my ideal birth to me"
    shyla7I also wonder if the rules are very abundant with the IUD (intrauterine device) ...
    Pill-free, at home, they last a week! It has said that the IUD (intrauterine device) was rather discouraged for women who have very heavy rules ...
    stephanieI had heavy periods (I always), but it has not worsened with the IUD (intrauterine device), there is just one day which is very abundant. As long as you do not have rules where bleeding, in fact it can be a problem, there is no indication-cons.
    Thank you for the info!
    The message, in your name, what does that mean? And that is what language?
    calanthiaIt's Elvish and it means "I will follow up to Death and Beyond" (Lord of the Rings power)
    jetta3Ah ... Okay ... It's not my thing, this kind of film ...
    darianHi Goldilocks
    keithiaAnother question ...
    Is there someone who knows a gygy of Poitiers and Angoulme who would agree to insert an IUD (intrauterine device) in a nulliparous?
    eugenia97You can try to call Planned Parenthood and ask them a list. Otherwise there is a post I do not know where that includes a list of gynecology, but I do not know if there Poitiers and Angoulme ...
    sequoia68well I have not yet read this post already, but the beginning is very interresting and full of info already so thank you for ca
    here is my problem:
    I have a test 10zaine pill, the first gave me the cholesterol (and migraine, and stomach ache etc. ....), then hop every time! A new one with a new strength! At the time I was measured for 63 1m68 65kg bulk!
    one day I was given "Cerazette" and the horror in one month! 4 pounds in one month and 7 kgs ca was worst was over! my gynecologist told me she did not understand that it was a pill for people with diabetes normally! I had a blood test and she saw that I had not made follies, everything was normal! yet in one and a half years I got a weight of 75 to 78 kg!
    I swear I know how to get out! I've had enough so that I that I must be careful when I eat properly, and I'm not a style pizza eating McDonalds every day, on the contrary!
    I decided to give me an IUD (intrauterine device) but it's so hard to find a good gynecologist who would like to!
    could you give me the name of gynecology in paris or 77 please, you would be great!
    I'm getting married in a year and I found my normal weight!

    thank you very much was the one I MEET
    merlaHello, there is a post entitled "contact gyncos nulliparous" or a title that looks like where you will find your happiness certainnement.

    I can not tell you up because the search function of the forum is in my HS ...

    If you have courage, you can go up each page of the forum, if not patience, the search function will probably walk again.
    ashling00I can prent a later conversation I just had my my fourth child with a sterile copper !!!!! and my doc told me "ba, should not take anti-inflammatory!" my voilat too late!
    meggie56c me my pregnancy that has gone well and he very promptly delivery give sterile memories!
    caryl24it is not a priori due to anti-inflammatory, just no method is 100% effective
    dido23thank you for your response I'm going in search of the famous post
    nevethat he must watch for:
    haylie57normally there is a check after installation, then a visit every 6 months / 1 year to verify that all is well. ok
    on your side, you may from time to time (for example, at the end of period) check that your son is still there, they feel by touching the cervix (if you have fingers long enough ... ) above, if you feel something hard in place of son, go to the doctor, your IUD (intrauterine device) is being expelled, and is more efficient, same thing if your buddy is Picnic on something hard (not on the son ...)
    if your boyfriend feels the son, it is always possible to bend towards the wall or cut shorter

    Well I'm getting bin can be just a movie but voila I had said in another discussion to the last cycle I never felt the son of the IUD (intrauterine device), but I did not need to put my finger I sense and I do not touch that wire, it said in our relationship my husband does not feel anything. Must always be wrong when it is misplaced or IUD (intrauterine device) is being expelled, I said that I wear an IUD (intrauterine device) for a year now. Thank you for your answers
    abaigaelHello, girls ...
    I remember looking on this forum a lot of response there is 1 1 / 2 months after the installation of my ut380 ...
    remember, it made me a terrible (I'm nulliparous), so much so that I did not stand ...
    well now everything is fine, in fact I have not listened to the gynecologist (who said no need for painkillers, it will pass), I am bombarded Spasfon Nurofen +, and my first cycle ended up living quietly . When the first period, and although It was not terrible, I bleed more than the pill of course, but nothing catastrophic.
    All this to thank those who responded very quickly when at night I was overwhelmed with questions (find the answers on waking, it feels good), and to encourage p'tites nulliparous facing lots of questions and n ' dare not pass the act ... go for it! I am very happy not to have to swallow the damn pill!
    marshathank you for your testimony ca reassuring! of which I find a gynecologist who wants to ask me a mdrrrr I rush!
    leonoreleeloodel, I will read your post to my girlfriend if her IUD (intrauterine device) in the early going on in a somewhat chaotic: it's good, news like this!
    kaciehello everyone!

    Tomorrow I will see my gyneco to choose the IUD (intrauterine device) it will definitely ask me, and fix the day of installation as well. I'll see him tomorrow if he will put me under GA (it was mentioned on my last appointment but nothing definitive as I was asked to do an ultrasound to see what "blocked" my uterus) or local anesthesia with a drug that "opens" the uterus (I think with the results of the ultrasound he can make an informed decision and the best pr me). Anyway I'll keep you posted!
    friendly, lexy.
    sam43Good luck in any case, everything will be alright, you'll see! See you soon.
    stephanyOops! Excuse small manip false '. I wanted to give you the link to the post that gives the addresses of which pose gyncos strilets on nulliparous. I hope you find your happiness. / san [...] 8642-1.htm
    it's super nice of you! appears in paris there have only men I will have to content myself I think lol
    ashlynnhappy for you miss! take Spasfon never wrong, it is even advisable to take the first 3 months after installation to reduce the pain
    elfleda49normally the IUD (intrauterine device) must be forgotten in the days / weeks after insertion, the Spasfon is only useful during menstruation, it does not hurt three months, otherwise it is ill-posed
    kristalso imagine you had to go back to the pill every day

    after a while you come to wonder how we could have done much to make the head with stories of pill

    IUD (intrauterine device) rules
    taraYes ... when I think it makes me feel funny ...
    The other day I went to a friend and his yavait pack of pills on her sink, I thought "ha ... in c'temps then I was ignorant ...."
    abiah82It's clear!
    The girlfriend who flip when you leave late at night because she forgot her pill and before coming up with only 3 hours to take it mat not to exceed the authorized period of delay, which shortens the evening that ... To flip the idea of ​​forgetting his plate before going on holiday ... Whose cell phone rings every night at the same time reminding him to not forget ...

    I say, that contraception is not to take as much space as that, it does not get noticed at this point ...

    I IUDs
    lettie4lol the old ba me all my friends take the pill and do not know the other methods, they think that only the pill ... Anyway ....
    deanaWhen I think for not having taken a year and stress at least the first 3 months of IUD (intrauterine device) insertion to tell me "I took the pill." I think it's still a constant stress the pill, at least for me, it was not psychotic and yet I.
    gertie973I was afraid that even if I was taking a well-I could never know if I was pregnant or not (eg if I have diarrhee etc. ..) Anyway. with the preso there is also a bit stressful because must quickly remove it, not let it runs etc. .... Anyway .... it's true that it's boring to always think its a pill: the time, whether it is in your bag ... me when I take that has annoyed me
    samI was afraid of the time difference, the headlock ... Quiet now yay!
    As against yesterday I had to go to laquagym but I do not know what to think at bleeding, sometimes nothing, sometimes hard, I failed ... but finally, C minor!
    elaineoh yeah like the offset, ba I've ever pri pill during a lag I think ... Finally a good one hour is not very serious
    jillAh, yes, one hour, all right, but imagine taking a head flight attendant on long-haul, which juggles time difference of seven, eight hours! It must keep a watch on the schedule in French and it is another time that it makes the country where it is! And make it ring at his watch at the right time ... especially if it takes a microdose (because there Sept. 8 hours, it's unforgiving ...)

    It's a complicated!
    marleenhihi it's true that I had not seen the extent that it can be a big shift! this is not possible I think lol
    tameka7Hello girls!

    Z'AI some (many) balls for tomorrow! My gyneco I have a UT 380 tomorrow after short 17H, I hope I will not feel too badly during installation. I'll get Spasfon 15 minutes before you go, I hope it will act a little.
    Quick question (which just sounds silly but hey ...). I have my period yesterday (it was expected, it seems that it "facilitates" the installation because the uterus is a little more open pdt rules), but I wonder how to manage these rules! Do I put a pad and I retired just before the installation? (But I'm afraid there are still residues of buffers in the vagina and it starts on the IUD (intrauterine device) at the time of the installation and once it enters the uterus and infection!) Or else do I do I bring nothing and put a clean cloth to me a little anyway, even if the blow There's cleanliness level better!). It's stupid but it bothers me!! if you could help me please ... THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    belphoebe635Ben is best to go with a towel (periodic).
    angeline26yes it is true that it is better because it is generally not practical to remove a tampon at the gynecologist!
    ruthyes I also advise the towel
    Anyway your gynecologist will make you a little housekeeping before installation
    remember that you will bleed even after, I decided to use personal towels mostly because I too want to go tinkering "in there" just after laying becaufe a little sore still
    jamieidem, towel. I changed arriving at the GY, so it was about "clean" and anyway he brushed me betadine prior to installation so there was no problem. against chip by right, after installation, I would not dare to personal direct buffer!
    tries to remain calm and give us the new faster ...
    hayleeHello to all!
    Courage Lexylia, it'll be fine I'm sure!

    I also have RV this afternoon to decide the model it and then ask me to make an RV installation. 9a will probably be this week because I have my period, so I began to mark a little, especially given the picture she paints me on the phone (excruciating pain and later posed for nulliparous uterus too small! !)
    But hey, not now I'm going back, I just hope that I will not give him reason
    I will keep you coming back, kisses to all!
    erykahHello to all!
    Courage Lexylia, it'll be fine I'm sure!

    I also have RV this afternoon to decide the model it and then ask me to make an RV installation. 9a will probably be this week because I have my period, so I began to mark a little, especially given the picture she paints me on the phone (excruciating pain and later posed for nulliparous uterus too small! !)
    But hey, not now I'm going back, I just hope that I will not give him reason
    I will keep you coming back, kisses to all!
    celesteIn fact I fear especially after the reports, I am afraid it hurts and my husband feels the IUD (intrauterine device), including by Andromache (my favorite position) and doggy style ...
    How does it work for you?
    rosannaBen will check it out ... we went it easy at the beginning, the time it takes confidence, but he never felt the son!
    by against certain times and in certain positions deep, I feel the IUD (intrauterine device) and it hurts. in these cases the position is changed, and that the + retry later ...
    but if you are stressed + ca be difficult!
    erykah1Lol ... bicho the nulliparous uterus are far from being too small to IUDs "short" (a short diu = 3 cm, a nulliparous uterus = 5-9 cm), apart from whether or not there is a defect or something or other

    What hurts generally, it is qd fiddle neck, it goes as soon as the gygy stops to keep him with his pliers.
    Some girls have very very bad (but then again it has the advantage of not go and spend a longtps when finished), others just a little pinch.
    According to IUD (intrauterine device) insertion pain and post installation is quite variable, but it is certain that if you hyper tension / stress due to what the OB said to you (it is malignant also say that ... and then we made the pain in nulliparous a must ... it is sure that if we start by talking to them as "excruciating pain" short!) it will be difficult to pass. So you relax well, you swallow two Spasfon before installation (with or without additional paracetamol or ibuprofen according to whether or not you think you need it), you continue to take these painkillers well after installation, and it should happen well

    I did ask a model short two months ago, I felt nothing pdt installation, except for the clamp, and after installation, it was good pain rules, but with painkillers was widely supported ^ ^

    For lexylia, like everyone, I recommend the towel (nothing forbids you if you bleed really bcp to go to the bathroom or you wipe your cloth just before the appointment, I think generally gygy have in their offices or if not in the medical center).
    I was wearing nothing personal, I was bleeding enough to need protection (thank you progestins), I put a towel around one hour after installation, once returned.
    And then not hesitate to take two, Spasfon, if the tablets, and if that can reassure you, begins in the morning, it will just your uterus to rest and I must admit that added peace of mind not to bcp already have pain before ^ ^
    janisBon ben voila, RV tomorrow I start to ask me today my UT 380 short

    In fact, the gynecologist told me that if she sees that the neck does not let the IUD (intrauterine device) and the need to force it dropped because it was not a soul of hangman ...
    I have two Cytotec tablets in the morning and 2 to Spasfon to take half an hour before the appointment.

    She saw that I was well informed and determined, so it has not dramatized either, it's just that she means no harm to his patients. I hope that my cervix is ​​very docile and it will open easily to let Mr IUD (intrauterine device)

    Anyway thank you for your answers
    ondreea11I also had the cytotec and it was very effective, do not worry

    It's gonna be alright you'll see
    kirsteenHello to all.
    here I wonder got an IUD (intrauterine device) put TT380 semeine and there is a 1 / 2 during my regles.j 't have too signed after installation and 2-3 days after I had lost brown scarce . but they never arrete.depuis we began to make love with my husband I have lost more abundant brown with losses of sang.est this normal? I also have pain on the side gauche.j 'I wanted to call my gygy but is on holiday until 13. pfff
    the trick is that since I have my IUD (intrauterine device) I do not feel as secure with pilule.j have always afraid that it is moved, it is poorly put finally that In what does not work. I have 2 girls already and I do not want to have other children.
    I removed the environment but I said that after a week and a half ca pas.que the fact I advised you?
    thank you for your response.
    doryWait a few have seen your gynecologist
    Losses, especially at the beginning is normal the first month. Normally, it will settle over time. Finally, your fear of pregnancy, I think it's you who chose to make you an IUD (intrauterine device), right? The IUD (intrauterine device) is 99.7% efficiency, which is almost as much as the pill (99.9%). Except that the pill can oversights, vomiting, diarrhea, drug interactions ... The IUD (intrauterine device) once posed no reason to move!
    It would be a shame to have it removed so quickly especially since there is no real problem if your psychological insecurity. Wait to see your gynecologist, I hope it will reassure you
    peace75Hello girls!
    That's it I'm a nulliparous IUD (intrauterine device), which class
    Seriously I do the clever but there's just 2 hours I was much less my pride ... I finally asked my gyneco IUD (intrauterine device) this much talked about with my man for many months now, and I am too happy because the gyneco managed to put it without anesthesia as he supposed would do it! My neck was very firm when he wanted to measure it, and suddenly impassable. Today he still tried because I was the second day of my period, the uterus suddenly opened many properly. And there he was pleasantly surprised because the IUD (intrauterine device) is passed without any problems. Against by not painless I do not ask do one every day In fact when he pinched my neck it would still (it's rude and painful). By cons when he passed, ouch ouch ouch, but hey it only takes a few seconds so it's widely supported. After I got up and saw it full of stars spun me and extended me an egg to swallow to avoid I fall in apples (I was not very far). Before leaving he told me also give 3 tablets bi-Profenid that stops uterine contractions. He said that the Spasfon not ease pain effectively in that it does not calm the contractions but relieves pain due to contraction and that a time too short compared to the amount they take on some a day. Upon leaving he also told me the fact I have put a buffer because the rules are often more abundant after installation (I had not calculated !!!!!!!! he laughed when he saw my googly eyes wide to look quizzically). So the question of the buffer after the installation I did not have to ask me
    So much for my tite history, a time not very pleasant to spend much but still bearable. When you know how long it is quiet with an IUD (intrauterine device), it's worth it! Finally for now I hope that I will not expel him, I'd be disgusted too if it had to happen! If in three days I always stomach ache, then it is a control, otherwise I have an appointment in two months. For now I bobo but medoc starts to work, phew.
    Good evening to all, and good luck to those who will do arise in the coming days !!!!!!!
    I'll keep you informed of my progress!!
    guendolen9Well that's a beautiful tale of new IUD (intrauterine device)!

    It's really weird that your gynecologist t'ait put a stamp ... Me it bother me that tells me this .... It reminds me of someone who dresses her doll .. Finally I should be working normally!

    Bein good .. welcome to the club!
    marleenCongratulations and welcome to the club!
    tonight and tomorrow is elongated and not force, it will go more quickly but the rest is immediate that you need ... I went into personal buscopan as anti spasmodic, I needed just 24 hours after it has been, except qq cramps passengers from time to time ... Zen is gonna do it!
    adrianne142It's true that it made me curious when he told me I had a buffer, but hey, he used to work as it no doubt!

    I'll go to bed, I was slammed, probably the stress prior to installation (and a little while I admit qd mm). Anyway I am so happy to have an IUD (intrauterine device) that I stay zen. And as you say for the most and gyneco told me too, the pain is normal after installation. So as it is fresh in my body for almost three hours ago now, I'm ZEN.

    Good night to you, happy to be here!
    uriella75Lexylia thank you for your testimony!
    Since it'll be my turn tomorrow, I wondered, I planned to take the road to 17h (I put it at 14.15), a journey of three quarters of an hour. You think it will go or it is better that I cancel?
    This is to see my man, I'd ch ... having to cancel. What do you think?
    londonuh, you see how you feel at that moment, it is you who must lead?
    because there is always the possibility you to do a little vagal Installers and then you risk not being super brave to take the car

    the risk that your man feels it, it is best to not say that there son so he will risk it not psychotic and not to cut too short at first, the need to cut to the gynecological visit, because it cut short, it can rebiquer and peck

    otherwise it does not feel the plastic regardless of position (if that is your IUD (intrauterine device) is being expelled, worry it's still not the majority)

    for pain arises, it depends with cytotec and it should pass as a letter in the mail
    I had quite a bush in the laying of the first, with cytotec for the second I almost had no evil (a big contraction) while I dreaded really only the first

    good luck
    jaydaThank you for your fast little chip!
    Yes I was the driver ms anyway I also drive to get home after installation when I see at this time.
    My man and I'll see if I am to drive but in my opinion Would there not hug the same day! And you're right, I will not say anything about the son
    dotrequired after installation, ask yourself some coffee in a story breathe a bit before driving
    may012Personal I never cross the son, gy has bent during installation and there was never a worry! sir do not feel, and I can reassure me and find out if I want to check ...
    and in my case, too, have not suffered as + ca a break, I could go home on foot (10mn walk) immediately after, but against medoc when taken 30 minutes before the break has started has no longer effect bin it began to be uncomfortable +! You have to see how you feel at the moment ...
    darrylyou know, we necessarily have all the same reaction. Just because the IUD (intrauterine device) is a contraceptive passive ... And knowing the consequences that failure could have, it is not easy to admit that we can not do anything about it, it's a lottery
    But all these questions, fears fade naturally over time
    The 1st rule is a very important step. they are both feared (pain, expulsion) but expected (indicating that natural cycles have recovered well over, and that all is well, if not before deportation / pdt rules)

    If you are still not reassured tjs after the first cycle, I advise you to return to your doctor to check that the IUD (intrauterine device) is in place. Me that this step is that I finally appeased and reassured. And since then, that happiness

    Congratulations Madam lexylia IUD (intrauterine device) welcome to the club
    leolaHello to all.

    Congratulations for your lexylia IUD (intrauterine device), I hope it happens soon!

    3.14 for the appointment I (hopefully) make me prescribe an IUD (intrauterine device).
    I hope this is not a gynecologist reluctant because I will end up losing hope. (I am nulliparous)

    I go to the gym four times a week, and I'm including two times a week during the abs.

    What are the precautions to be taken after installation?

    Should I stop momentarily sport or can I continue the sports that do not seek the abs?

    I would like not only because of the sport I cast my precious IUD (intrauterine device), my jewel of the uterus as I read somewhere
    maachah8courage, you'll find! and if not, there are qq from this forum post containing the coordinates of gy accepting IUDs to nulliparous ask ...
    for sport do not worry! a yoga enthusiast forum had raised the issue Winckler, he replied that given the size of the uterus there was no pb with the abs! by cons if you had scheduled a meeting a little tough on the day of installation and the next day you might have to shorten it a bit ... not the risk of expulsion but because of abdominal cramps!
    darrylHello to you

    first night with my IUD (intrauterine device) and all tit bathe, as long as it lasts! I asked if he was still there this morning tjrs as no pain at night or when I woke up ... but I am "reassured" I feel small pangs in the lower abdomen for 10 minutes, so yesterday I did not dream I have an IUD (intrauterine device) well done! What is curious is that since the IUD (intrauterine device) was made I practically have my period. I expected this to be the deluge that night but only 2 micro drops of blood ... I'm surprised, but still good. Usually my period lasts four days, not abundant, but with IUD (intrauterine device) I thought it was going to lengthen and expand but for now the opposite is happening, I am the third day. I will not complain either, and then it was time to go the other way but I wanted to know if it did the same thing to one of you?
    Oh yes and some days I'll have to check if I feel the son, but I admit that the idea does not get carried away ... bcp a I am afraid it hurts to touch it, and two I'm afraid of carrying around a bug in there. Is what I am "forced" to check the son before my first cuddle or not? You check after how long?
    On this I wishes you a good day to all.
    friendly, lexy
    abbyPersonal I have been there after midday break during my pill, but without rules for pill inappropriate. the next morning it was recta, I had my 1ST true rules for 3 months! ca has not been the deluge either but ...

    for the son I quickly verified in fact, just to reassure me. By doing this with clean hands, and returning it as a wild, you risk nothing! Note however, that if I always managed to feel my son, for some it is far from the case!
    ripleyOk dc no panic if I do not feel the son of the first shot is what I discovered by reading some reports.
    thank you for your answers!
    lainey4I try on my appointment, and if it does not work, I have the address given by a forum. A little far from home but it's worth it to get around!

    For sport, I'll go molo (it will be hard for me to do six hours of sport per week by stopping against some abs glutes, I am not against, I do not like it too. I do when even as I prepare for the summer)

    The abdominal contractions due to the sport and in particular the series of repetitions of abs will not move the coil? (Like when you push delivery. However, I have never given birth so I do not know how it feels).
    elfa56No problem for the sport, do not worry!
    That non-nulliparous tell me if I'm wrong, but the muscles you use for delivery are not the same as those you trained with sessions of abs (I say can be a huge mistake, but it seems to me)
    val3Little question in passing how things are they held for you, from the time you decided to opt for the IUD (intrauterine device) and the day you have been asked? Several appointments with him / gynecological, examinations?
    haileyIt's still fresh in my head so I can answer you precisely!
    End of December, at RDV gyneco, we talk about the IUD (intrauterine device), and he told me so let me think a bit. January 19th I go back, I said ok pr the IUD (intrauterine device), so he asked me to echo pelvic urine test, I smear (mine was from 2 years that's why) and a vaginal swab. An appointment is taken to March 2 (with all my results and ultrasound), we decided the model of the IUD (intrauterine device), and there (it went very quickly for me!) I asked the March 6 (or yesterday ) since I was in second day of my period (it could not be more timely). Everything worked well for me. If I had not had my period this week, I would have asked Thursday, March 8 under local anesthesia because the uterus was too closed and too painful passage (as is often the case among nulliparous).
    So much for my story!
    nessie7We want news eh !!!!!!!!!!!
    jacquelynbcp hesitation, General is totally against the IUD (intrauterine device) in nulliparous women and I have changed several times gy before finding one who deigns to hear me and answer me especially! and then we also talk to my bcp half ...
    Once the decision is taken, I went in planning to say that I did not want hormones and have an IUD (intrauterine device). the type I politely explained that even if I'm on the pill my absence from the rules at that time was very disturbing and I was probably pregnant, the effects of which I complained were just known as psy women excited about their pills and took her for 10 years, and I should try the patch ... I'm never returned briefly, and I made an advisor gy not too far from home! He asked me why I wanted an IUD (intrauterine device), if I had a stable partner if we were ok on the side of ist ... then smear, small echo to see if my uterus was not too small to place an IUD (intrauterine device). Once the results of the smear income I took an appointment for my rules (if not too stiff neck). it was a pose that moment, and I saw him two months after control for echo and re smears.
    aimie769ben in theory, when you do sit-ups properly, there are only working the abs so effectively, the uterus is not affected. Except that in practice, the abs are poorly made in 95% of cases (on the bust back or legs) this only work a fraction of abs and deuzio, it is up to facilitate the descent of organ, due to pushing the viscera ... short, the fact j'vous short, read the excellent "abs, stop the massacre" of Dr. Gasquet

    But anyway, even making them ill, it does not work the contractions of the uterus, so no worries! (By the way the uterus is not an organ "contractor" of our own will)

    To reply to TomD, here is how I happened pose diu: I called various places to see if they were asking of nulliparous IUD (intrauterine device), after much denial, I finally speak to a gynecologist gynecology service of 'hospital which he said yes no problem. He mailed a prescription for an IUD (intrauterine device) and I arranged to meet one day when I was supposed to have my period (easy to predict, I was still in hormones)

    Verdict, the guy asked me an IUD (intrauterine device) without first measured my uterus but hey, the point is that everything goes well, and then voilou!
    tottieThank you, Lexy and Kazaa. I asked the question because my girlfriend has an appointment with a gynecologist on 19 as his general advised him to get an IUD (intrauterine device) inserted, and I was just wondering (thinking it not, to be honest, since it the first time she's seen, and must do some tests though!) if it was going to ask this first appointment ...

    A bit silly, my question is, when I think about it.
    maureen61Ah, not so stupid, finally, to read your testimony, Sam. But she has not sent an order!
    salliI remember girls who have had their IUD (intrauterine device) placed the same day of the first appointment because they had their rules at the time, and the gynecologist with a copper IUD (intrauterine device) in stock (in the case of amelie elsewhere who were treated at the very beautiful new NT380 after mirena)
    maurene3personal if I had been set when the first appointment and if my previous smears had been recent + he would probably pose the first appointment! he did not order, it was he who provided the diu ...
    primrose67Ah, bah then chances are she asks him directly, since it took the appointment as scheduled to the very end of her next period. We'll see.
    leannaI have my appointment on the 14th, my last smear date one month, my period would arrive the following week the appointment (I stopped the pill I hope they will point the tip of their nose on time . The two times I stopped taking the pill, they are coming as if I always took such music paper)

    I hope he can ask me the following week ...
    ange83If it's any comfort, I went during my break pills, but pill rules as inadequate. ben the pass was open anyway, and he was able to put it!

    I have an implant for contraception. I intended to make me an IUD (intrauterine device) because too many problems with the implant (irregular periods for three years, decreased libido). But I am frightened by the pain that everyone is talking about at the time of installation! Some posts are really discouraging!

    Is the pain is really the case for everyone? If so, is it really so terrible?
    vivyan1personal for me YES I was wrong, but it only takes a few seconds! It's not that bad even if it is frankly a fun time! Now you must not dramatize and swayed anyway because your body will react in its own way, no one can predict, and as each in its own resistance to pain! A little pinch to simply be an unpleasant and the other to do great harm, while the intensity of the pinch is the same! So ... do not stress, these are just a few seconds too nice for a long moment of tranquility!
    harmonie8A TomD:

    I am first struck the refusal of the first gynecologists and helping change area, I found one that was willing to listen and did not tell me NOT on.
    The first appointment he told me to wait a little (I had changed my pill for 2 and a half months, we had a vague hope that the side effects previously encountered can still fade, but it has not been the case) and where he qques exams, not specially for laying potential of an IUD (intrauterine device) (blood tests to see if I was taking birth control does not actually suit me or if I had a hormonal imbalance + ultrasound control for my ovaries, polycystic former and painful to the review).
    Then re-appointment after three weeks: it reaches an agreement for the copper IUD (intrauterine device) is not specifically further examinations because I had a vaginal smear samples + 3 months ago, which were ok.
    Then ask again 3 weeks later, during the break-pill, with virtually no rules.

    A Farfalette:
    No, it is not systematic.
    Some of them feel almost nothing, or nothing, for others it is reasonable to sth (from "not so terrible" what), for others it is quite big qd mm. Overall I think it's simply "a bad time to go," not very expensive paid for qques years of peace following ...
    With appropriate painkillers and no irrational fears by this or that terrorist speech (such as 'Z' nulliparous, so z'allez necessarily suffer martyrdom "), there is no reason that pain if it is there is unbearable.

    It's like going to the dentist ... it is very unpleasant but we know that we must spend and it does not last. (I reassure you, if you experience pain during the IUD (intrauterine device) insertion ca beaaaaaaaaaaaucoup lasts as long. The matter of 5 seconds MAXIMUM GRAND watch in hand!)

    and once again, the more you tense and nervous and it hurts ... The secret is once again in his own ability to relax, blow to face not very funny moments
    pain, it is easy to forget
    suellen5That's it girls, I am part of the club nulliparous IUD (intrauterine device)!

    Well, well, everything went very well, she repeated that she would see if it went smoothly, and if ever it did not let it fall.
    Then she introduced me to a uterine (I think it's called like that) and said "Oh yeah, it's OK!" So it was all good. After she introduced the uterine sound was the IUD (intrauterine device) (UT380 short) because it seemed little more thick, and re-no problem, and I have just felt a small gene, a pinch, you know.
    Then she told me there is good ben
    And here I was just over one second but really bad and she said "this is it it is placed"
    That's it!
    So frankly, girls do not be afraid to ask, is nothing, me she did not even need to use pliers or anything like that, just put the 2 cytotec 6 h before and then the Spasfon and it was all good.
    Since I feel small contractions, a little pain but nothing alarming, I'll take a Spasfon and it will go.
    I was advised against it by not taking ibuprofen because it's bleeding. But paracetamol OK.
    I must make an appointment for two months in, and she recommended me not to buffer until then should the son be too long and I pulled the IUD (intrauterine device). She's cross-check if necessary in two months (it's not cut too short because the IUD (intrauterine device) should go a little bit, before taking its final position).
    Kisses to all and thank you for your help!
    peace25It's great that it went well for you too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I did not know that the IUD (intrauterine device) went back a little before taking her place dinitive. My once you learn every day ..!
    jonie37Congratulations bicho! and welcome!

    by cons, history buffers, were you, I would take the head and not when I would put even if you only use ca ... I have a son very long and I do not see how the son could be hung from the buffer, to the point of dislodging
    ivorygenial, all went well then! if you suffer no + in + than that, you'll even be able to take the road! while being careful though ...
    airlea58Rha is not to say hey ... me when I should change the IUD (intrauterine device), I will demand of Cytotec is loud and clear! the difference seems to be real even when ..

    why take the lead in forcing on the neck, if Medoc makes you have to go even better?!

    Note for later
    oliviaIt is excellent news, bicho. And I know one who will be happy to read that ...
    lenorehello to all
    I made a small question.voila ca 15 days that I am part of the IUD (intrauterine device) and since I took the belly but only in the lower abdomen. ca is what has happened to you? this is the pose of a rescente?
    by against the stuff that my husband likes it that since I have my breast increased slightly and my libido is back.
    good day
    maeva27you have a non-hormonal IUD (intrauterine device)? Hormones that can increase breast size ... and the rest of the body as against the other alas if you have a copper bin JEnter what to say.
    christabella1if it is a copper, I would say that I take very personal 1kg to every rule (I reperds immediately, otherwise I imagine the cata ...). so why not imagine that you can inflate a little later a pose, because of inflammation caused by the IUD (intrauterine device)?
    jaydonyes it is a my stomach since I was the IUD (intrauterine device) so I think that this is already the rule that make me ca.
    and I do not specialment private n'on more weight (I pri 1kg but that's because I ate too much and dated it to ca before installation and I myself I predu always that little Vilin bidou)
    thank you for your response and if there quelqun that has happened it makes me sign
    calantheyes it is a my stomach since I was the IUD (intrauterine device) so I think that this is already the rule that make me ca.
    and I do not specialment private n'on more weight (I pri 1kg but that's because I ate too much and dated it to ca before installation and I myself I predu always that little Vilin bidou)
    thank you for your response and if there quelqun that has happened it makes me sign
    garnetThank you for your reassuring replies!

    I have an appointment on March 21 with my gynecologist to remove my implant. We'll see what she will say to the coil ...

    In any case, strongly male contraception, only one more to take these constraints!
    genette2ibuprofen does not bleed, it's bullshit is even recommended for the rules to reduce the intensity of bleedings (tested and approved!) is that aspirin is not recommended during menstruation becaufe it thins the blood
    glad to know that it went well

    it is clear that it does not hurt at all (and cytotec is a gift of the gods) and even when it hurts (my case for the first landed without cytotec) after years of peace are worth of drooling in seconds
    dollieKnowing that I got my IUD (intrauterine device) placed yesterday, do you think Friday or Saturday I can cuddle with my dear?
    I am really happy to have the IUD (intrauterine device) mm tps but I'm afraid it hurts the next hug ...
    chrissyIf you feel you can make even a hug tonight!
    but do not hurry, if you do not go ca stressed, it is better to wait to have really wanted!
    If it's any comfort, personal we never felt the son neither one nor the other, and it was never really genes ...
    jeannie39Well, I'll have to wait the complete end of my period (tomorrow or after tomorrow I think), check my son (if I feel!) Bin and then when it will feel like I do not ask too many questions of history does not psychotic and block me !!!!!!!!!!! it would be too stupid.
    Thank you !!!!!!!!!
    sandydo you think you can get pregnant soon after removal of Mirena, or does it remain long impregnated with hormones. ... stories?
    annona93Mirena and the pill is the same, you can very well get pregnant immediately after the kidnapping, or else take several months to return to normal cycles.
    praiseHi girls!

    So I'll let you know, yesterday after noon I had a little stomach ache, especially on the left, so I took the Spasfon, but it was widely supported.
    And now no more pain, I did not even take the Medoc, so I think my uterus and my IUD (intrauterine device) agree rather well
    My rules are not more abundant, however.
    So for now it's nickel, it remains for me to wait until the rules for testing the hug

    Sam and Chip and small, yes I confirm, it's really the top cytotec, however when I spoke to my gynecologist she said "ah that anyway the cytotec you be right!" because it knows that otherwise, the installation can be very painful and difficult ...
    dalilah3hello everyone!
    said in one that comes from having an IUD (intrauterine device) there is really no who took belly since she is?
    There's only me? I really started to asked me, very much that my gyneco return from his vacation so I asked him three two qestions.
    in the meantime if anyone has the same thing that made me know my story I am reassured
    farleyUh, it's a hormonal IUD (intrauterine device) you?
    Because the copper IUD (intrauterine device) CAN NOT have any effect on your weight ... At worst it is the decision of the previous hormonal contraception has consequences ...
    rimon4Copper is a primary but I did not weight I just took the done as before I have my period the belly gonfl.mais I have my IUD (intrauterine device) for 15-day sentence So it may not be the pill I regles.avant
    eglantineWith Mirena ovulation is not blocked, the coup is kept natural cycles as we continue to ovulate.

    Withdrawal you can get pregnant immediately.

    Mirena hormone only affects the mucus which prevents sperm then make and thins the endometrium, which is nothing else, so when there is more hormone, sperm can to again through the pass and fertilize the egg.

    Little question that bothers me ... There's 30 minutes in the shower I try to touch the son of the IUD (intrauterine device) because too curious ... I have felt (not without trying a little), but I doubt a tit qqchose qd mm. You say "if you feel something hard" is that your IUD (intrauterine device) may be in the making the trunk ... Now I felt my neck very hard and "inflated" (as if something stuck in y'avait). this is absolutely not painful, but qd mm I ask myself over this thing hard! So I said that one of my rules and I that I had never tampered in the last time a pdt my period, dc may be the cervix is ​​"hard" at this time ... and two, whereas this morning it was fine, at noon I had a huge evil in the lower abdomen and is the Bi-Profidis or a name like that to me relieved after 1:30 . For now I have worse, I'm happy, but I hope that my uterus is not going to release the IUD (intrauterine device) !!!!!!! I would be too green. Oh and also I feel that tingle in the vagina, up !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bizarre as printing, especially as I'm sure not psychotic and that There's one thing that bites me or burn me, I can not not tell you exactly ... a bit like after hugs too long .. . overheating in there !!!!! what So here, this is nothing but pttre bothers me when I mm ...
    genevaIt makes me sometimes is the son who position themselves so that they bite the inside

    I knew someone else who it was that too.

    I've always managed to get by to make it recovers better but it seems that if it interferes too much, the doctor cuts right and not bizaut.
    payton5I think the hard thing you feel is just your neck, not an IUD (intrauterine device) being expelled.

    My neck is also very hard in the moment ...

    Do not worry too much, and tries to forget about it!
    elayneif you is not a small piece of plastic (about the diameter of a matchstick that is worrying
    the neck is normal it is hard (Winckler described by saying a little about the texture of the nose)

    and it is normal to psychotic and start to have pain from time to time at the beginning ...
    you relax

    more than we were several noted that even long after the installation when you are angry or very stressed sometimes it takes a little bit in the uterus, nothing serious either

    more than we were several noted that even long after the installation when you are angry or very stressed sometimes it takes a little

    I plussoie on this point.
    tamzen99Me is when I run quickly (and yes, do not miss the train) and well when finished running, I feel ...
    scarlett15Hello girls,

    1000 thanks, you reassure me too. And yes I think I really think too much. I'm super happy because I have a stomach ache at all since my "crisis" of yesterday, so everything seems fine. I put so much on this method of contraception that I watch any thing that might be abnormal! Not stand or pill or condom or spermicides and hormones, it's my last chance to have a "normal" life with my dear! So I focus too much on it. My dear told me not too psychotic and allow time to get used to. Both he and you are good advice, and I will stop making a fixette. As against this I tjrs tingling sensation (nothing unbearable but good in the long run this risk of being inflated). so if it's Monday pisque Always go with my gyneco take a look for it and that settles it! And yes for the hard stuff I talked with my mum this morning and it just like you told me that the cervix is ​​not something very soft in the beginning, not what s'inquiter.
    So thank you for everything, and I'll think of something else
    Correct me today and see you soon!
    charmian9thank you for your rponses.J have my cuddly dc we'll see next month
    algomaMe too ... I do not cut it: frustration, stress, I know I'm going wrong. I try to reduce sources of stress as a result, but it's not always easy.
    junegood, then it must be qq'1 to say it does not happen: me.

    never felt anything on my side! (Or so I get angry TFW ever and I speed not, too)
    Joking aside, pdt sport (cycling mostly) never felt that drew

    by cons, I plussoie what was said not chpluki chplu where () pdt reports, sometimes I have pain, something that never happen to me before (col sensitive)
    m'enfin good, although I relax, I blow a good shot, and it go again
    kateeWell I have not had that pain yesterday (after installation), finalerment the evening I had a little sore, and again this me today after a walk of about 1 hour ...
    But hey I guess that's normal, and it's more like a pain of rules, which is maddening since I still ...
    I just hope I will not have those little effort or discomfort in each report
    leonanot moo! genes you got at the beginning when you force too much, but it's going after! Or in my case, at the beginning I felt my IUD (intrauterine device) every time I came here to talk about ...
    rebekahis clear, the conflict in times of stress it's still not often and I do a lot of sports and I was never embarrassed or during sex!

    I Menton story you just do not worry if ever it happens to you
    nicolaKazajo: lol
    It reassures me thank you girls
    indigoben is especially me in the time of my first IUD (intrauterine device) was not on the forums and there was stuff I knew and that made me flipper (like my first period that were super painful and from the second cycle, more trouble) so I tend to think that was more info and better
    deanaAH yes, I too have had pain when I walked a long time, and when I stood a long time, until a little over a week after installation. But now I can do what I want, I do not feel anything! (Just the usual pain of what rules)
    indigo990hello my Mirena IUD (intrauterine device) g 3an g the past never had problems with I just tolerates a normal ke kestion are what I enjoyed my period depui born ke I ask?
    jonelleYes it is normal

    Well I have the copper IUD (intrauterine device) since last month and yesterday, after two reports, well I was wrong; of pulling to the side and when I sit down and these genes are still present this morning

    I bothers me a bit because I'm afraid it has moved

    Is it normal that I have these genes (peak on the right side) so that eje've had one month? Note that I only had three reports since its inception (including 2 yesterday) because I had my period and they did not leave

    debbie88Kekina if you still have these genes may be tomorrow you should call your gynecologist?

    Well today I made my horse, and I freaking a bit, but apparently all is well, I checked if I felt the son after and so, so it looks all good. Not especially pain either so it's cool
    For yet tested against the hugs, I'm late! Strongly in the late ragnagnas!
    elfleda3well it could be your ovulation
    That said, if it actually go see your pesiste gunco is a good idea like that you will be quiet
    anettaHello to all

    I come to you because I have a Mirena for 2 years now and I have breast pain and lower abdomen for several weeks!

    Is this normal?

    In addition to the times I have pain so strong that I can do anything!

    Thank you for your answer
    zowieHola !!!!!!!
    coletteSo the first one I went Friday and he asked me to come on Monday for the installation.
    The first consultation he just taken the steps of my uterus.

    Voui when I got my mirena removed, she had a NT on hand so we did it the same day hos Spasfon without rules or anything.

    It depends on people, I made myself put two in a year and I had no pain 2 sets the time, the rules laid out 2 times

    For the first we had waited a week for the second, we did it the next morning

    I do not want to scare you, but me it made me that without that I ask myself too many questions until a Sunday in July I found myself in the emergency room to have surgery for a cyst that had exploded.
    So it costs nothing to make you order a small pelvic echo to see what it is ...
    ladonnaand thank you for your testimony, Amelie!
    tisha293Well, it's better for me since yesterday

    I even made qq hugs ... Moreover, c odd, but as the pill, I had rather a strong tendency to never want as much since I stopped and put my copper IUD (intrauterine device), I skip all the time on my man to his greatest fun course
    dollienormal, it happens that the pill messed libido is with a copper IUD (intrauterine device), back to natural
    skylerKikoo, I just give the news ...

    My all time bathes for me! I just lost qques pink ... yuck ... it's a bit dgueux but no pain, so I'm super happy.

    Just a delicate thing, however tite and I wanted to know if it does so or not certain, but when I cuddle with my darling, when the "most intense" I feel all the contractions in my vagina in detail and I feel more feel the IUD (intrauterine device) at the bottom of my stomach at each contraction !!!!!!!!!! too weird .... I find it curious, and I confess I do not know who to ask that, it's super difficult as a matter !!!!!!!!! So if you could enlighten me, it would be nice!

    apart from that too since I IUDs (well since I have no evil), I tt the tps want to jump on my man! it's not so bad like that but hey, it's funny
    raven2so I think if you feel any contractions your vagina is probably because you are focused on "what's going down" in recent days

    for the fact that to feel your IUD (intrauterine device), well it probably is a sense, the time that your body gets it's still not super long as you have
    missyYes I also think it's time that my body gets used to it, because I do not think this is just an impression! I never had a bizarre sensation before.
    Thank you for your response!
    mildredGood evening,

    Since my post was closed THE ORIGINAL (it seems that I'm advertising on the forum ... in short, we get rid of me that easily, especially since I am innocent in the story)

    In short. This morning I had my 2nd appointment gyneco. He was advised by my GP to whom I explained my problems with blood circulation in the legs.

    I took the pill for 3 years. I changed 3 times a pill because I had terrible leg pain and veins that were beginning to burst creating bruises and veins that become apparent! (Hard drive to appear in jersey after!)

    So I decided to stop the pill for a year. I no longer had any pain in the legs even during scorching!
    I took four months ago, and rebelotte, sore legs, terrible even in winter! I sit 8 hours / day at the office and there I so badly that I could not sit will not be for one hour in a row.
    So, I stopped the pill 3 weeks ago, hoping to make me an IUD (intrauterine device).

    First gynecologist: horns that could become clogged, infection, not for nulliparous ... She prescribed a progestogen-only pill. She asks me to test it and come back if it was not appropriate, she will ask an IUD (intrauterine device) as a last resort.

    2nd Gynecology: he did not talk of infection, but pregnancy ("a woman of 20 is not as fertile a woman 40 years" -> For your info: I 25 ). According to him, a lot of copper IUD (intrauterine device) in pregnancy ... He prescribed Yasmin, who is supposed to relieve my legs (I do not have legs or edema, it hurts my legs, veins.)
    It also makes me another prescription for a short UT, telling me to try Yasmin 2 months and if it does not suit me, asking to return the IUD (intrauterine device).

    But he too did not want to ask me directly IUDs.

    My conclusion: I am demotivated. I stopped the pill it's been 3 weeks and last week I saw! My day at work is painless, it is the dream! I can wear jeans (as tight clothing legs ached, circulation more difficult)

    I do not want to take pills and hormones that hurt me all day ... I do not know what to do.

    My husband is very understanding and acceptance of continuing the condom even our first child! if it's the only way that I did not hurt.
    But personally, the condom is not great but good if need be ...

    I read everywhere that the copper IUD (intrauterine device) was 99% accurate almost as a pill not forgotten. Is this true? Because it makes me doubt that now gynecologists tell me that the pregnancy not count on the fingers of one hand ...

    Do you think I should at least try Yasmin? (Although I'm not holding water ...)

    I like the copper IUD (intrauterine device) but I would hate to take any chances (I'm acting and my boyfriend has not finished his studies, it would be really no time for a baby!)

    I'm confused by all these gynecologists and what I read on the forum. They are all reactionary or blocked?

    Thank you to enlighten me.
    rachaelon the first pages of this post you will find links to reports of anaes. gy of the "old fashioned" do not ask IUDs to nulliparous women because they do not stand in the know!
    an IUD (intrauterine device) does not increase the risk of infertility or infection. IUD (intrauterine device) is a reliable contraception was 99%, only slightly less than the pill. and in my case, the IUD (intrauterine device) is + reliable: I was so fed hormones that I was full of omissions!
    after it is up to you, but you say yourself, you feel better without pills!
    will see the post with the addresses of gynecos, it will allow you to find a gy + "open minded" in your area ...
    callidoraThat is: you know what contraception you want is for you to choose not to gyncos who do not know their job. Somewhere in this topic you should find the link to another topic, where you give the addresses of our gyncos "open minded" ...
    The copper IUD (intrauterine device) is reliable 99.7% (DAPR record of mine), or almost as much as the pill (99.9%, when you do not forget, we do not vomit ...) and no, you have any more risk with a woman who already has children.
    Good luck.
    victoriaGood evening girls
    Can you get pregnant right site after removal of the IUD (intrauterine device) ..
    Is it the same with all my IUDs, nova t ...
    I remove my IUD (intrauterine device) tomorrow en route to bb2
    Kisses to all
    elfa18yes! sterlilet you with eggs and you have your cycles normally ... remove it will not disrupt your hormones! so yes ...
    but hey, it works not every time eh ...
    vicki18Except with the hormonal IUD (intrauterine device), no, kazajo? It disrupts the cycles that one ... Anyway, anyway you can get pregnant right after, as you can put six months to regain normal cycles ...
    rozenn209(The Mirena does not block ovulation so most women continue to ovulate)
    ronalda(The Mirena does not block ovulation so most women continue to ovulate)
    bessyYeah but it was still full of hormones in the body right?
    abbiDid you put a comma in place of an apostrophe, it's normal?

    Otherwise, very nice!
    delilaThere's Po smiley apostrophe
    sindy19Hello to all!
    That's it, I finally tested the coil with cuddly, well, no worries! Just a little sensitivity to the positions deep but widely supported ...

    For cons I still have some spotting color while it's been a week 1 / 2 I have asked, and 5 days that my period should be totally finished, so hopefully it will not be the same after each rules ...
    dodi01Hi Bicho
    For the sensitivity is normal, I had that too ... Now it is very rare (the same as when I say no IUD (intrauterine device)).
    For any loss, do not worry, I've had a lot the first two cycles, then less and less! And that's what most girls describe here: it settles in a few months
    cathleen90I have a question, if someone could answer me, it would help me bcp. Well, now I'm pregnant BB3 is a surprise conclusion, I think to take another method of contraception in addition to the condom. The problem is that between BB1 and BB2 I asked an IUD (intrauterine device) (I do not know at all what I was made) and I made a mega infection.

    Is it possible to retry the experience or I will still be an infection? thank you for your testimony!
    fancy469It seems to me that this is not an indication against it not because you have an infection once it must necessarily rarriver you ...
    Wait for other opinions and that of your doctor, but I think it's good.
    is one of my concerns as well. I finally decided to opt for the copper IUD (intrauterine device) but I have cystitis frequently, I want to be sure that this method of contraception does not promote urinary tract infections. Someone knows more?
    Thank you.
    annemae00in my opinion it is necessary to talk to the gy ... normally do not worry:
    it is not because the first IUD (intrauterine device) has been inserted so not very clean as ca be the same for the second.
    cystitis bladder ca key and not the uterus. if you have one corny in the uterus before it arrives at your bladder it's still the way, and vice versa! and then if you have symptoms, making you immediately treat a priori risk you do not have much ...
    phillipathe pill (hormones) can promote urinary tract infections. The IUD (intrauterine device), no. it is a piece of plastic and copper inert placed in the uterus. Any possible action on the body. It remains to disinfect well during installation (but hey, that, one can only trust their doctor)
    mamiewhat infection?

    in principle, no reason to re-infection (yet to know what it is infection) infection is often linked to poor sanitation by the doctor during the installation (this is especially true if the infection occurs qq weeks after installation .... if not, indeed must look elsewhere)
    candida3Thank you!
    sparrowHi! A question, I should have had my period on 14/03, I have an IUD (intrauterine device) TT380, I did a test and it's negative, I must m'anquieter or it just happen?
    Thank you for your answers
    Nati [quote]
    sharronKikoo girls
    I spend a whirlwind pr give qques news. Dc my time my body was well used to the IUD (intrauterine device), I have no pain or loss suspect. Only thing is that a little annoying from time to time and without warning I have blood loss in the form of clot ... it's a bit Cracra, especially qd I ride an ac pentalon clear. End up with it at the bottom of the pants is not great! So good I hope it will not make it all the time because it is not the top. But otherwise everything is going. The nikel hugs it, my dear son does not feel them, there's just certain positions that I sometimes give the impression that I have the uterus back to me in the stomach, dc qd mm have to be careful not to tp not go hard but that's nothing compared to the year of hassle that I just got hit because of the pill! How fortunate to have an intimate life with her man! That in fact I'm really happy and I wanted to tell you
    That voilou! good evening to all!
    rozanne35Good evening!
    A priori, I would say not to worry, a little delayed menstruation, it happens! You are super regular habit or it has happened to thee? In principle the test is reliable from the first day of missed period, so I think it's good.
    If you have your period yet in a few days, redo a test at random and possibly consult.
    But frankly, with a coil and a negative test, there is little risk that you may be pregnant
    linnie873Lexylia, I'm happy for you!
    Your spotting should not last
    melissaGood evening,
    I return home my GP and she presrit a copper IUD (intrauterine device) Nova T. I did not dare ask, but if I heard you read, it is not reliable +, right?
    Is there more risk of getting pregnant with him than other copper IUD (intrauterine device)?
    destinyIt depends what you nova T. If it is a nova T 380 is one of the best models on the market
    If it is a nova T 200 (or 220, I know), the problem is that it does not contain enough copper. It is just as reliable as other first 3 years, by cons over 3 years the failure rate rises to 6%. So at worst, if you have a Nova T 200 model, you can keep it but it will have it replaced earlier than expected.
    raven3OK, it's a Nova T 380. Thank you.
    jayma55Lexylia happy for you! I like it I'm super happy for the moment, and even small losses have disappeared, for now anyway ... Tuesday 20: I take back what I wrote about the loss! but I think they coincide with the ovulationDcidment when I think of all the money I spent on another pill and NuvaRing, with the added bonus vaginal dryness and pain in every report! All this for 8 or 9 years! If I had seen this forum earlier ... Learned thank you, thank you girls!!
    josette2or if gyncos were more open ...... We must fight for an IUD (intrauterine device), even when you are nulliparous!
    It's a pity ...
    kimberlynIt's clear!
    I was twenty I needed contraception for the first time, I just filled the net, and I liked the idea of ​​the coil ... So by going to the gynecologist, I had prepared my sentence, "Why you come see me miss?" "When choosing a contraception" Ideally I would have liked her to explain the different ways and it reassures me that the IUD (intrauterine device) was interested, but she slipped the pill without thinking. And I was too shy to dare to say anything, I regretted it later also
    So dare
    katherynYes even if it dare to take a lot of prejudices in the face.

    Frankly it's not shocking that lack of information to the patient from the gynecologist, it's their job to inform and be informed!

    I went to 2 and 2 gyncos me re-prescribed the pill when I can not stand most (maybe I just can not stand that estrogens, according to my research doctissimo! Fortunately this forum there!)
    Indeed although I allowed the pill until a year ago. I started having pain in the legs, varicose veins, the veins creating haematomas fart. Worst of all is pain, even at night. The day I'm sitting all the time, the 8 hours of work are more than outstanding! When I look now to see if it's time to go, it's not because I'm tired of the job is that my blood is more in my legs! I have only myself to hate going jogging at home or go sport stretch my legs. I can not even wear jeans or pants to have risk-adjusted cut off circulation and pain.
    In short I stopped the pill 2 times and miraculously, three weeks after stopping, more sore legs! I can put jeans without fear. What a joy!

    So I asked an IUD (intrauterine device), but no way to have it! Both prescribed me a pill and told me to board if it did not suit me. My leg problems are trivial for them because I do not have varicose veins ... At least not yet! And phlebitis they think?

    One said it might make me sterile, the other spoke of pregnancies with a shovel is saying that with my 25 years I'm much more fertile a woman of 40 ... (This is true but a woman of 40 egg so it also takes just as much risk right?)

    In short, I had a choice of Yasmin in my legs (although I do not water retention) and Cerazette (it's a gynecologist at least understood that I was perhaps an intolerance to oestrogens) .. .

    But I decided not to take neither the one nor the other. Psychologically I can not and do not want to take the pill. I fear I have hurt again, why force yourself if it is to forget it? Condoms is boring but it does make me pretty!

    Either I found another gynecologist conciliatory, or I simulates and I pretend to have taken their pill and go back say it did not suit me. The last gynecologist (who prescribed me Yasmin), also made me a prescription for a UT 380 Short. I will definitely go back to it.
    Again, he prescribed me to the office because I am short UT380 nulliparous. He did not care to measure my uterus. May be that I could benefit from TT380, a drop more efficient ...
    In short, I'm a little disgusted by their reasoning and the fact that to absolve themselves of responsibility, they'll prescribe the IUD (intrauterine device) in second appeal. Too bad, it leaves me time for my body to resume natural cycles.

    Sorry for the long post, but had to come out!

    Thank you

    Since yesterday, I did not abate the gynecologist's attitude to my girlfriend, she had been sent by our general practitioner for IUD (intrauterine device) insertion. But as for you, the gynecologist did finally considering that as a "last resort" (with the same arguments as those you have seen: infertility, poor reliability of his age: everything they say they are more stood a little about) and was prescribed Cerazette (the estrogen, really, it was no longer possible).

    Like what you're not the only one to complain of the lack of listening gyncos ...
    chitaI also went to see the second gynecologist on the advice of my GP (open about the IUD (intrauterine device)) with a small letter from my GP who explained to him my problems.

    But it is apparently related the IUD (intrauterine device) as a last resort ...

    I think they want to offload something before prescribing the pill. Bad conscience? or discharge the obligation of the physician? (In case they sue if complications with IUD (intrauterine device))
    valarieTomD bowl of rice and you should both, if not already done so, take a look at the topic, which describes the gyncos ok at the IUD (intrauterine device) in nulliparous women in cities across ...
    kristel69Thank you for your response, I am regular, normally that's why m'anquiette a little! But if tomorrow, which I do not 7 days to my rules I will consult my gygy, because the test gives me no confidence it has happened with my daughter, normally for 5 days Absensi of rules I did a test negative and nine months after she was born!! bb is not that m'anquiet is the IUD (intrauterine device) and pregnancy. I'm not French that's why I wrote so bad!!
    In terms of pregnancies in IUD (intrauterine device) yes it can be complicated (but sometimes it goes well too). You're right, go see your gynecologist if your rules are not there tomorrow, it's better to do
    emerald6Thank you Sun! and good luck for your wedding!!
    eleanorThank you

    Is that the general can also put an IUD (intrauterine device) or a gynecologist?
    thank you
    joss2Some GPs are entitled to an IUD (intrauterine device), I think (they must be trained on this, or something like that). But all can not do so.
    mahlah5My GP made gynecological basics (smear etc.). But does not pose the IUD (intrauterine device).

    It made you a prescription but you do not say what to do?
    m is my gynecologist who has done the ordo

    but there was a girl about her general practitioner who was the ordo for the IUD (intrauterine device)

    pourqupi is my question .......:

    Posted on 19-03-2007 at 9:05:10 p.m.
    Good evening,
    I return home my GP and she presrit a copper IUD (intrauterine device) Nova T. I did not dare ask, but if I heard you read, it is not reliable +, right?
    Is there more risk of getting pregnant with him than other copper IUD (intrauterine device)?
    stephenieso true it's not you
    lili80hello everyone!
    right now I think there are a lot of testimonials on IUDs that have lost their moves and contraceptive efficacy ... or of my reflection and my question:
    logically, an IUD (intrauterine device) move because of uterine contractions, + frequent in the first month after installation because of the effect of "foreign body". is what I say something stupid when I say that the periods of stress and tensions can also promote the expulsion or displacement? and is what it can serve a sth when we are in a difficult and stressful, anti spasmodic swallow when you feel tense and contractured in the abdomen?

    is what I say something stupid when I say that the periods of stress and tensions can also promote the expulsion or displacement?

    I have no evidence, blah-blah, but, I believe in me through, though. As much as I would say that a big car accident, this kind of physical shock, perhaps, yes, all the stress that bends the uterus in four and moves the coil, I'm using as a branch interpretation ...
    trina3I ha ben decidedly not read the same posts. Noticed that there was not as ca testimony on pregnancies in IUD (intrauterine device) (except 25 times the same testimony)
    Otherwise, the theory, I say: If it's any comfort to take antispasmodics or ibuprofen in these moments, do not hesitate. (Do not abuse it either, poor bowel ...)

    Noticed that there was not as ca testimony on pregnancies in IUD (intrauterine device) (except 25 times the same testimony)

    Totally agree!

    jacobinabah not, if it is useless as well not do it! it was just informal ... Personal I'm sure that my IUD (intrauterine device) is doing very well, but if it may reassure some who are reluctant to retry the IUD (intrauterine device) experience after an accident ...

    but if it may reassure some who are reluctant to retry the IUD (intrauterine device) experience after an accident ...

    Oh okay, I did not see where you wanted to get ...
    That said, in a clear enough to reassure Spasfon after an abortion with IUD (intrauterine device), but hey, there are as many cases as girls, so why not.
    lynetteduring installation, my gy had prescribed anti spasmodic to relieve cramps in the days that followed, and I found it very useful during the 1st week ... it's a little why I think the re-use the Medoc in other circumstances. although it is clear that if the Spasfon prevent pregnancy in IUD (intrauterine device), we would know!
    dominica03yes, it can actually be a good way to reassure "psychologically" after a first failure
    Anyway, still need to know if there are periods prone to eviction (even partial) and if so, is it on a muscle relaxant or antispasmodic is sufficient
    eliza86It's been a lot of "if" ...
    is far-fetched, but I think that if some have a tendency somatize under stress, having a stomach spasms and ski stomach for example, is it conceivable that they have the same time uterine contractions at these times? after all it innervates in the same way all this ...
    the should be a doc! but if I ask him questions like I will (right) for qq'un of not very clear ...
    adalineIt's been a lot of "if" ...
    is far-fetched, but I think that if some have a tendency somatize under stress, having a stomach spasms and ski stomach for example, is it conceivable that they have the same time uterine contractions at these times? after all it innervates in the same way all this ...
    the should be a doc! but if I ask him questions like I will (right) for qq'un of not very clear ...
    edwena60Before the IUD (intrauterine device), I was stressed when I had the stomach very contracted, which passed only after tension had slept -> relaxed myself what!
    Since I, stress (very annoying everyday events, RAM fear, etc ...) has caused my contractions still feel the same, except that now I feel like the pain of rules. And so actually, I sometimes solves the problem with ibuprofen.
    But I do not think it ale strong enough to move the IUD (intrauterine device), despite the fact that I am easily stressable, controls successive still shows an IUD (intrauterine device) in place!
    beckah5Hello to all!

    I had my appointment with my gygy. She agreed to ask me an IUD (intrauterine device) She says it's not useful to measure the uterus me although I am nulliparous. From what I read on the topic UT380 would be more appropriate, right??
    lessie06Hi, I also have an order for the UT 380 short without the gynecologist have measured my uterus Since I am nulliparous it automatically assigned me the short version.

    Because there is a standard version and a short (less for small or nulliparous uterus).
    daraany way, you should say that IUD (intrauterine device) is never too small (according to my gynecologist). It may be against a little too big resulting in bleeding between periods, sometimes (AC flays a little) but good, in fact, it is perfectly possible to ask you both!

    If you have an IUD (intrauterine device) normal size and you have bleeding, ca may be worth trying a short version. But there are many girls here with nulliparous IUD (intrauterine device) normal and have absolutely no problem! So good, we must "see to use"
    charley3I confirm ...
    My gynecologist had prescribed an IUD (intrauterine device) "normal" without having taken any measures. I'm not complaining ... Measuring it's still a little sore, so I prefer that everything has been done at once! And if the limit when the doc hysterometry realizes that the uterus is too small for the IUD (intrauterine device), it will not grow as a patient
    And I'm doing very well with my normal intrauterine
    caileigh90Kikoo! speaking of spasms and contractions, I do not know what happens from there in my Bedoon me today but it is not very cool ... I had to 16h huge contractions (I had bad knees to the kidneys!) At once when there was no indication that. I took a Spasfon (I Always on me, phew) after qques tps is past, but occasionally it is contracted at once painful and it's great! (It cut my breath it takes me qd). Even just after the break was less painful! . So I do not know if it has to do but I have my period next Wednesday ... ds battery is one week. Do you think this sit tied?? Thank you for your answers
    laurissaEither the rules ahead or ovulation? In any case it happens I feel my period coming a little week in advance.
    Fortunately, your pains are over. Last year I had a very painful episode like this, rather short, I went to the gynecologist for fear of traveling, he made an ultrasound report: IUD (intrauterine device) in place perfectly, episode of "uterine colic "due to the presence of the IUD (intrauterine device) in the uterus. Nothing to report since!
    jackie530Ok you reassure me. Qd I'll even checked if I still feel the lines. I hope this kind of incident will not happen again tp often. If the pain ad rules ... so I fear too !!!!!!! I can go to the pharmacy before the weekend medoc request in case I really too bad when "they" will land really, because I feel that the Spasfon not going to help myself extreme. Thank you for your answer anyway
    jasmynI had the same problem as the sun two or three times: crises of cramps so severe that I ended up doing a vagal (is not every day either eh ...)
    I sent an email to Winckler for advice and he reassured me by explaining that the contractions were normal but with the presence of the IUD (intrauterine device) that could sometimes push the collar "from within" and cause a vagal

    if it passes and you feel nothing to level the neck, there's no worries
    lavone274Personally, I always felt one day when I also like pains during menstruation about 5d before the official date: /
    Not really need to worry, I think, is rather a harbinger that they are just working to get ready ...
    Do not hesitate with ibuprofen during the 1st day
    rosalinI expose you, in my turn, my problem

    IUD (intrauterine device) insertion copper February 23
    Spotting from 26 and rules until March 6.
    Then ... nothing, no pain or loss ...
    Since yesterday, March 21, my period again ...

    Is this normal?

    My gynecologist did not yet done echo control and I intended to make an appointment after my period!

    2 weeks of rules on a cycle c bcp
    stella6in the 1st month of use can screw up a little ca ... between your cycles should return to the natural presence of the IUD (intrauterine device) irritates the uterus a little, it bleeds!
    It made me such a personal, my gy medoc prescribed me to no longer bleeding, now I no longer need ...
    acacia0Cuckoo Kekina

    Do not worry this is the beginning, your uterus is still trying to get used to it (hence the pertouilles), it will get better after qques months. Personal first month I had 8 days of rules, three days of nothing, 7 days light spotting, 5 days of nothing, and new rules rebelotte 8 days ... I thought like you: Pfiouuu And there's a lot of the month after the rules were a bit shorter and I had only one day of spotting throughout the month

    Is what you took hormonal contraception before you do insert the IUD (intrauterine device)? If so, surely it plays a little too, after stopping the hormones the body is a little messed and rules can be chaotic (closer or conversely the delay).
    noellaI took the pill for 20 years and I stopped for the copper IUD (intrauterine device)! I regret it a bit but ...
    I never had a problem with the pill, c it bothers me a little

    This is the second month that I have, but we'll see if after six months, I still chi ... I take it off I say so
    jules226Lolll I advise you not to attack you there yourself
    If you really have so many problems after 6 months, the doctor will remove the worry no pb

    In the meantime if it happens again on one or two months, and if these are really just rules pertouilles or longer due to the IUD (intrauterine device) (no real rules that recur too often because it is more the order of hormonal imbalance, and it's just stopped the pill) you can totally ask your doctor to prescribe you sth to strengthen and limit endometrial bleeding.
    I am under personal Intercyton to try to reduce some rules (limit pertouilles before and after), I have yet to see what happens for next period but I am hopeful
    roselynexacyl me it was, it worked well as
    jemimayou will probably think that I will pursue ... but no.
    I answered you on another post.
    kaleigh4I was with the pill I had the impression that all the time my period! For as I have the natural cycles of 35 days and more easily, having my period every 28 days, it made me too
    celosia06Good evening,
    I have my copper IUD (intrauterine device) at home and I have my period in order to do ask, but what irritates me is that j'angoisse to the idea of ​​having a foreign object inside me.

    The problem is that I no longer supports hormonal contraception, I became allergic to spermicides and condoms that, it's good time. In addition, to read, it looks good, the IUD (intrauterine device), not having to think about it, good reliability ...

    Some of you did they were also the apprehension of the IUD (intrauterine device)? How have you passed? I said that this is not the fear of harm to the installation, but fears of what may happen in "internal" without my knowing (infact, ectopic pregnancy ...).

    Thank you for your testimony.
    shantaeOf course, too early it revolts me bluntly, the idea of ​​having a foreign body remains in the womb!
    And then finally, by dint of my information, read stories, I realized that it was still really better to have two inches of plastic and copper in the uterus, permanently, and to be free of any remaining concerns of contraception ...
    At the level of ectopic pregnancy, you're still much, much less likely to have an ectopic pregnancy by wearing an IUD (intrauterine device), when you try to make a baby ... Since with the IUD (intrauterine device), in principle, you do not pregnant at all ^ ^
    I do not understand what you mean by "infact".
    But nothing happens at all "in-house without you noticing" the IUD (intrauterine device) is inert. It neutralizes spermatos and possibly prevent a fertilized egg to establish itself, by its mere presence. This is a very reliable contraception.

    And in terms of the foreign body, I know, you have pierced ears? For there you have been a hole in the lobes! The IUD (intrauterine device), it is simply placed without aggression in a natural cavity ...

    In short, I hope you'll get used to the idea is a simple inanimate object that solves many problems!
    caelie9hello girls I m added to your discussion because it interests me a lot because I get pregnant in Novat I knew 10 days ago they were out m the IUD (intrauterine device) and the momentary flush the baby is still
    lea8Me too I fear a little, I fear for my GEU man and I are a stable couple but nowhere near a baby! (Himself a student and I Interim ....)
    I thought the coil coupled to the condom the first few days of ovulation ... it is still necessary that I detect. But I'm pretty much set so I'll do it by inference.

    The gy has prescribed a short UT380. It is precisely how many centimeters? (No time to look for the info I'm at work ...)
    2cm finally it is small ... I imagined it was 4-5 cm (see the photo on the header of the site of Martin Winckler, I suppose it is zoomed)
    gayeIUD (intrauterine device) is a small frankly. I had not hesitated to open the box before going to the doctor, I really wanted to see what was going to ask me.
    you have at home? Gently open the box, being careful not to damage it. and then, in addition there is a leaflet for the user, the doctors often forget to give their patients .... It costs nothing to read it before.
    mahalath06Bowl of rice:
    as I said just above, you are much, much less likely to be an ectopic pregnancy with an IUD (intrauterine device) that when you really try to make a baby ...
    And about a "chance" of 300 get pregnant in one year, which is ridiculous.

    As for your idea to locate the day of ovulation and make condoms these days, excuse me, but it's useless. First, because the IUD (intrauterine device) protect you very well at any time of the month, as also because sperm can live in a uterus eight days (when they did not knock out an IUD (intrauterine device), but as you have an IUD (intrauterine device), they have been knock out), if you start to put condoms on the day you locate your ovulation, the reports of previous days remain potentially fertilizing (if there was possibility of fertilization, but there is no possibility of fertilization since spermatos are neutralized by the IUD (intrauterine device)).

    In short, the method of "putting condoms during periods of ovulation", it's not the ultimate in efficiency, but also do it when we already have a very reliable contraception, it's completely redundant useless. Just a constraint, useless, and more.

    If you do not have confidence in the effectiveness of intrauterine contraception, you need another contraceptive.
    juleshello to all ... eje actually think you have convinced me to can be an IUD (intrauterine device), but I would just like to know the price that it cost and if it is repaid. Thank you for this post "It changes your life"
    cacia22The copper IUD (intrauterine device) is less than thirty euros and will be refunded.
    Installation is also paid, it costs a bit more expensive than a consultation with a gynecologist (surgery or something like that ...). He must already have a gynecological conventionn
    cherilynHello Yannoursette

    About 30 euros for the copper IUD (intrauterine device) or hormonal IUD (intrauterine device) for 120, but reimbursed by mutual + safety.
    The installation is more or less expensive depending on gyncos (personal I advanced 70 euros), but it is also refunded.
    phyliss8oh yeah it is cheap but of good if it is paid ..... I think I make an appointment, thank you .. girls, missed pill become too frequent ca becomes dangerous
    piper2It is not given? Do the math: 30 + 70 euros and peace for five years, or a pill to buy every three months, blood tests, the appointment at the gynecologist every six months for a new order ...
    deirdre98Especially it is repaid.

    Most pills for Money Back, you can get scratch ... and it goes easily into 120 euros per year, sometimes more: /
    If you add further condoms and pregnancy tests if you're the type to often forget ... Pfiouuu
    arden605I knew what I would say would not please everyone

    What you say is true ... and then imagine the worst, the IUD (intrauterine device) moves, even with the preso at the most risk I may still the worst. So it is useless to the preso with an IUD (intrauterine device) ....

    In short, the IUD (intrauterine device) is my last resort. I can not stand any more pills (progestin may I never tried but I'm sick of these hormones). In fact by reading I was really fascinated, but I quickly dchante when I introduced myself to two gynecologists and when I asked the advice of a doctor working against radical.

    I know ANAES has published reports brittle all the prejudices that had the IUD (intrauterine device). I read it. And I really think that there was a lack of information.
    It remains still a hint of concern.

    I stopped the pill a month ago. I allow myself time to recover normal cycles.
    I'll go buy my IUD (intrauterine device), to see how it looks. Despite my little fears I'm still determined to make me ask
    nenaWatch out ... When you say you let yourself time to regain normal cycles ... Not to find yourself pregnant during that time
    This is normal when you see what the doctors say who are convinced of the validity of their prejudices, to be afraid. But in fact, it is not justified

    Watch out ... When you say you let yourself time to regain normal cycles ... Not to find yourself pregnant during that time
    No problem, we take every precaution, once again we are not ready for a Boutchou!

    The pill, I stopped. I do not want to try (after 5 different pills prescribed but not the same as before I could see a GP because no particular problem), the sudden I'll wait a few months before returning to see the last gyneco who had prescribed the UT shorts (I'm sure psychologically and ethically, he would not prescribe me directly IUD (intrauterine device), booking 2nd appeal, without taking into account my vein problems.)

    A month ago before stopping my pill, my legs hurt all day at the office I Gigotte in my chair so my legs hurt, finding no position to relieve myself, like when has to pee but we can not ...). Now I have almost no evil, 8am to taf, I must have hurt anything ... 30 minutes to 1 hour!
    I still remember another gynecologist who said: "per se, pain in legs is not what is called serious side effects" ... While I have not (yet) of varicose veins on the legs but I had already veins ordnance, unexplained bruising, pain, tingling ....... she is not suffering! and all because of the pill ...


    This is normal when you see what the doctors say who are convinced of the validity of their prejudices, to be afraid. But in fact, it is not justified

    Actually they're the doctors, the patients we, when we hear the horror they dare we say it is fear!
    I am sure and certain that the girls who wanted an IUD (intrauterine device) but who do not know this forum do not insistes in their approach ... seen all the nonsense they are trying to make us swallow!

    Fortunately there is this forum and this topic!

    Thank you to all!
    mikaylaYou're welcome! We are evangelizing the IUD (intrauterine device)
    elaineI am Brazilian and I live in France with my boyfriend who is French. No gyneco French advised me the IUD (intrauterine device).
    But in Brazil the IUD (intrauterine device) is very common, even among women who had no children. After 15 pill, and during my vacation in Brazil (during which I went to my gyneco), I decided to insert the IUD (intrauterine device) (March 1, 2007).
    I did not have my period and it was VERY VERY wrong. Okay, I'm pretty strong for pain. For several days I had a sort of embarrassment constant.
    But what worries me most is that I can not stop bleeding (with an intensity greater or lesser degree) since installation. I called my gyneco several times in despair and told me not to worry. But still ...

    5 days ago I finished taking the last pill and I expect my rules ... But I do not know at all what they will look like, or if I have already ?????
    Normally, when I took the pill, my period came four days after. And now I'm lost ...
    It may be, as said Marmotton, a "great anything "?????
    thank you for your advice and congratulations for this discussion
    My friends BRAZILIAN
    marvaI'm outside the discussion of the IUD (intrauterine device), I have not, I "go there" from time to time ...
    you say 5 days ago you took your last pill.
    you combined pill and IUD (intrauterine device) since March 1?
    if your coil is a hormonal IUD (intrauterine device), it's just a lot of hormones can be ...
    but I leave the priestesses IUD (intrauterine device) respond knowingly!
    affrikah0It is a hormonal IUD (intrauterine device) or copper with you?
    In both cases, bleeding is more common anyway.
    But if it does not calm the next cycle, consult a gynecologist to check whether you have nothing, if the IUD (intrauterine device) is in place ...
    cary5Hello all First of all I wanted to say I learned a lot by cool c (more than my gygy) I have been asked a mirena 2 years ago and I did remove the 19/02 (32 days) for a new pregnancy worries the tjs c I have not had my period since!! C is what already happened to one of you I did a pregnancy test this morning which is negative (we never know) My gygy told me I would have my rules in the month? PLEASE answer please thank you in advance
    claudetteBen your gygy she walks because nobody knows when you have your period.
    You have just removed a hormonal IUD (intrauterine device) (well, a month ago), so it's a hormonal upheaval. Faced with this, every woman reacts differently, you can regain a normal cycle very quickly and you might as well wait a long time your rules! It's normal body may take several months to recover, so do not worry, it's normal
    cristen31IUDs hello ...
    I "almost" because I read all my big box Gynell Thursday and I'll let me ask.
    I was on the pill since I was 16 (13 years hence "poison"). Mom for 1 year I take the time to finally take care of myself because the pill does not suit me at all since my pregnancy and I do not even talk about my libido (20 000 leagues under the sea you know??) . For three months I take nothing and as we do not want BB2 away I found my solution .....
    j'angoisse still a little for the installation and the first months
    My husband laughs because I gave birth without perished when he told me that it's going to be a joke this little piece of rod 2 cm ... they are nice our men
    So I allow myself to come post here to tell the life of my new friend
    jannetteMy IUD (intrauterine device) is not hormonal. When installing, I was right in my cycle environments. So my gyneco told me to take it to the end so as not to disturb the cycle.
    So not too many hormones ... I avoid them!
    pearlieAnd again, two inches is the length, width is 2 mm instead ... The installation is rather pain of rules strong enough (as people) but it only lasts a few minutes!
    Tell us when you ask will be done
    dahliaHello to all!

    Hey, there are the changes since the time I did not come! At least, it moves

    Welcome to the new IUDs

    For those who still hesitate, pain in the laying worth. I had very bad but I have no regrets! What happiness! I have my check-up in April (November 10 poses, it is time, but all is well then ...)

    Well, then, and soon big kiss to all those that I "know" for a while
    kimberleighJ'mrite a kiss?
    eldredaI just want to get out of the gyneco or she just asked me to ask Gynell 375.2h hours before I took a pill of cytotec (anti inflammatory): a little apprehensive but then no pain during and after 3 now that I am, I have a little tummy ache but quite'm hyper contenteet we will see suite.j have had for 15 years on the pill cilest interspersed with two pregnancies and four months since cerazeete because of problems of migraine: a calamity, abloc of acne all over her face, chest and back, greasy hair, more rules (ca did not suit me) a foul temper with my family, libido was exhausted and I asked a copper IUD (intrauterine device) since this hormone can not suit me because of problems precedents.voila my experience ca not be that going better at least I hope so.

    I have little problems that I think related to Nova T. ..

    Before the pill cycles regular architecture, no longer stand the pill bb2 was initiated and before the DRC: installation of Nova T.
    Rules at the beginning or heavier or more painful or longer than without contraception.
    But there ... it becomes the portnawa ...
    So it's 1 1 / 2 year that I wear and my cycles range from 21 to 23 - 26 - 28 short and the rules of hemorrhagic ultra light and ultra-long and short ....

    Does anyone ever get that??

    Voilou So, I just give qques news. Qques days ago I had to tell you that I had big super painful cramps ... in fact the reason was simple!: Friday night my ragnagnas landed ... except on Saturday and now nothing drops qques Blood and "re" cramps (but less painful). In fact it is simple, every time I have a cramp, 20 minutes after I lost blood, then nothing like a bit boring stuff ... my periods are normally scheduled for Wednesday (24jrs), then it bothers me pffff because the last time (ac break IUD (intrauterine device)) they lasted a whole week though scarce. Anyway I know from having read many times that the cycles are messed up in the beginning, but still z'ai not want to be settled here and there and still in it and all on a good week
    jayne51Thank you for your testimony Soleil. It reassures me to know that a fervent IUD (intrauterine device) has been anxious also the idea of ​​wearing a foreign body. Thank you also for making the parallel with pierced ears, it puts things in place.
    When I spoke "Infact," I meant "infections" such sepsis. It happened to someone I know, due to its coil changed a year ago. Anyway, anyway, there is no zero risk in any contraception.
    Thank you again.
    stevaniaYou're welcome
    In fact, in terms of infections, this is rarely the IUD (intrauterine device) causes an infection. When this happens, it's usually just after installation, when the disinfection was poorly done.
    Otherwise, if you have symptoms of infection, we must go at once to the gynecologist for treatment and that you will not have consequences! But it's clear that we should not let a trainer infection when an IUD (intrauterine device) is
    alphonsinehi to all!

    am a new IUD (intrauterine device) for 3 weeks. Everything went well on the set, a little sore after but frankly nothing insurmountable. By cons who return I bleeding for 3 days and then nothing for 1 week and then rebelotte. It worries me a bit, is this normal? Is kil be consulted? I have no pain.
    alis0hi to all!

    am a new IUD (intrauterine device) for 3 weeks. Everything went well on the set, a little sore after but frankly nothing insurmountable. By cons who return I bleeding for 3 days and then nothing for 1 week and then rebelotte. It worries me a bit, is this normal? Is kil be consulted? I have no pain.
    calantheAfter three weeks is normal, your uterus gets used to this foreign body
    It is also normal for ovulation if you have some small losses or light bleeding. In principle, it will decrease or almost disappear over months
    If you have no pain or signs of infection and it does not drag, do not bother to consult
    chellethank you for your answer, I feel reassured. good in the course of the day it has turned into more rules ... with a good lead but the cycles are not a little disturbed?
    roxyAt first no ...
    It is a copper IUD (intrauterine device) with you? You stopped hormonal contraception to ask for?
    ellyThank you for your welcome girls ....
    At 2 days of my installation I start a little angst especially for the "possible" vagal because I am only to get home and after I take the car (and I have to get my daughter to the nanny too!) ... How long after installation can happen?
    Not a moment later but for
    And if you do not feel well you can stay a while in the waiting room, me I had been offered.
    That said, when I put my IUD (intrauterine device), the gynecologist told me you want to stay a little elongated, or stay in the waiting room? I was very perky, it has surprised no problems

    Should not you anxiety, the discomfort is not systematic and then leaves it. You do not have an urgency to seek your daughter immediately after? Otherwise you should provide a backup solution, you will be calmer.
    sheba529not hesitate to take a small bottle of water I got mine put in the time of noon, the gynecologist must have been so hungry that he did not even give me a glass of water to perk me!
    adeliagood, more serious, personal, I was not proud when leaving the room (I'm not sure to have walked straight into the corridors of the hospital) but I took 5 minutes in the car to much blow by closing eyes, with music, open windows .. Youth and roll!
    I went back to work then, I'm pulling a little belly, but hey, I took ibuprofen and it was nickel (I was just afraid it bites me when I went by sitting slowly sometimes, imagination, do not look)
    In the evening, I was a little woozy, I continued to take ibuprofen and the next morning, it was left as 40
    tamson05yes and no copper IUD (intrauterine device) not stop hormone therapy, not had cycles since birth. Just back from a week before coil coating
    dervila7Hello again

    I had already posted to you following the installation of my IUD (intrauterine device)

    I so since late November (copper IUD (intrauterine device) NovaT), junior middle of February, do not worry, second cycle a few days ago and the horror of terrible stomach pains like contractions in fact, really bleeding very very very heavy and sudden severe fatigue.

    I wanted to ask if you also have such cycles, if having an IUD (intrauterine device) or if it is only the first few times that will be difficult?

    Thank you
    belyndaWell ... So if it is returned, I do not know if cycles are regular right away, the thing I have ever experienced
    The copper IUD (intrauterine device) does not interfere with cycles, but it can create some bleeding or spotting in the early days.
    I just read your excellent info on the subject but I have some questions:

    the copper IUD (intrauterine device) and hormonal are paid every two?

    On what basis do we know which things? First it was I who chose gygy or so?

    Let me explain my case: I acouchi 6 weeks ago, I did not know when will the need to resume the pill after giving birth (and I do not know if anyone knows .. . for the moment because of the episiotomy I tjs a little sore, and I can not stand condoms so no hugs) and as I have no pills to me and my visit is in post-natal 3 weeks, I made the appointment planning fam. for info on methods of contraception and have an ordinance or change of method, and smoothing you admit that even the fear of some constraints at the beginning it interests me the IUD (intrauterine device) because my pills are not reimbursed, and then I'm afraid to forget to take them. First I do not know whether to wait for the post-natal visit to request a method of contraception! this is my first bb so I do not know quite how it happens.
    After delivery I had some anemia so I had discomfort for 2-3 days, and I do not know if I would bcp discomfort if I'm asked for an IUD (intrauterine device) frequent bleeding according to what I read in this forum? vagal and then, at what level?
    Is it the gygy to whom I am rather asking the IUD (intrauterine device) or planning?
    thank you bcp
    So in terms of resumption of contraception after childbirth, I do not know at all, I am not yet passed

    The copper IUD (intrauterine device) is repaid, the Mirena (hormonal), I do not know, but wait a bit and someone will come and say
    On what basis do you choose? The question is if you want hormonal contraception or not. In both cases, the IUD (intrauterine device) is placed for several years (3 for the mirena, 3-5 for copper) and no longer has to think about it!
    For hormones, the benefits are often lower rules (they often disappear in users of Mirena) and their pain; disadvantages are those of all hormonal contraceptives: you can not know in advance if you will bear the dosage, side effects you might ...
    For copper, the disadvantages are the risk of increasing the volume of rules and pains, and sometimes losses during the cycle (mucus or spotting) but it is quiet time (the spotting normally disappears very quickly, losses diminish as the months ...). The benefits of contraception are those "mechanical": your body works "au naturel", there is no hormonal changes so no side effects.

    Both types of IUDs are equally effective as the other.

    So, your doctor may offer you one or the other, give advice based on your background, but this is to you and you alone to decide how you want contraception: hormonal, or not.

    In terms of your discomfort: after delivery, was the first time that you were of anemia? You had lost much blood? For as the copper IUD (intrauterine device) may slightly increase the volume of rules, it could be an indication against if you were often prone to anemia (and again, can be treated).

    The history of malaise vagual is that at the time of installation, sometimes, the doctor touches the vagus nerve and it can cause discomfort. This is far from systematic, and it goes a little while then it's over!

    You can ask the IUD (intrauterine device) as well as in planning your gynecologist, since, it is planning a gynecologist you'll see at least I advise you to talk to family planning, because often there gets much more information that a private doctor!

    Well, I hope I answered your questions, if thou hast other not hesitate!
    kristine40hello, I'm not French, Mexican, I arrived in France in 2003 and went to seek a method of contraception in planning fam. me and you do not talk about the IUD (intrauterine device), I guess because I did not have any children. They are planning to midwives and gynecologists not undertaking it! but on leaving the clinic, during childbirth, he did not mention any method of contraception! As for the annemie, was the first time, I believe, and I still do not know if I always !!!!!
    linn3Family planning, for an interview are often midwives, but you also have the opportunity to see a gynecologist!
    I find it appalling that no one talked about contraception t'ait after your birth You're right, it is best to go to family planning and talking to request all the information you could need!
    For anemia if you have no discomfort I think it's good ... Speaking also at the planning
    celandine1ets in terms of postpartum contraception in fact it depends on gynecology, personal I was told to wait my return from layer to resume pill.
    As for the IUD (intrauterine device) I think you can do it put at least 4 weeks after delivery.
    Normally, starting from the mater to the gynecologist just output your visit ask what you want as a means of contraception, weird that it is no worry about.
    lindsayanyone know of a gygy that might arise in the 62?
    cearrano but I have a daughter if you want to (I know it's different, but if you really think so, it can help you out)
    If you want the name of my doctor put me a private message
    caelieSun: ok, thank you ... I appointment at 15:15 and I have to get my daughter not until 5:15 p.m. so you should be fine by then. IUD (intrauterine device) What does that mean exactly?

    Sat: not stupid the scope of water I will "try" to think.

    Moon: So personal, as I did not cuddle I had not taken contraceptives and I had hurt my long scar pisio (and I still have a lot of aillleur!) So I must say that it's not the side hugs and more top rated libido with the pill is the cata .... short, sharply Thursday
    If you are breastfeeding you have to wait your return layer (ie the cessation of breastfeeding) to use the pill and then take a special (Cerazette in most cases) but beware the fact of not having your back layer does not mean that you are protected so if you want to coat the pill (because sometimes block breastfeeding).

    It's not normal that no one told you about contraception after your delivery.

    In addition, you have really bad for the hugs because of your scar? There's a post just above the woman has as many (and to say the least) because their gygy has sewn too tight .. like me for example ... 1 year battery haired and always badly during the hugs and even when gygy m'osculte hurts (I also hope that the installation goes quickly because otherwise I will scream)
    malindaOrdinary course of "control" before your discharge from hospital maternity staff should tell you about contraception ....
    For the pill if you are breastfeeding it is different ... all pills are not compatible with breastfeeding. Otherwise, I took the pill after bb1 after 21d with bb2 I do not know too .... something like 7d it depends on your pill .., It is better to seek advice from a SF or a gynecologist.

    If we do not plannig to not talk about your IUD (intrauterine device) is quite normal if you say you were nulliparous at the time. We do not offer or rarely to never had children.
    deniseDevice D = I = U = intra uterine
    magdalenMy IUD (intrauterine device) date of September 2005 and my cycles ressembelent want to ... ... The last time I talked to my gynecologist, she told me not to worry but this is starting to swell me!
    vivian20bjr, I come to you because I love to inquire. the spotting after such a long hard rules or not? I made myself put the sterillet there is a bit of rain and this lends me stress my thank you to inform me!!
    adelaideJust a few details from what my sun pti on mirena

    He is 5 years (not 3)
    It costs 125 but fully refunded (nothing to advance)

    Dydyc76, losses can drag a little. In addition it's a very short time that you're asking the so since it takes six months to get everything in order, as it is only spotting, do not worry to make you

    Liliny, for me, a cycle of 2 is quite painful to the point to several times per day of NSAIDs while for others, no need to take anything.

    Moon, for anemia, my gynecologist prescribed me a drug that greatly reduces bleeding (exacyl is) so s-talking-in to yours.
    dottie94Hello girls!
    In fact I also found it odd that out there tell me anything about contraception! In any case, I did well to call to schedule. I have my post-natal April 16, ruzorette but in fact we tried the hug but a whisper or I am or I do not know but I have a little more difficult with the condom! and suddenly the cata libido side ... so I want the pills (but hey they are not terrible either side libido) but also because I read somewhere that the "first time" (after delivery) that fai a little sore but it was nomal, so I would like to know if it continues to get to my post-natal with my questions.
    As for anemia, sun, I'll talk to midwives as difficult to schedule appointment with gygy have (too many people waiting), I took before cezarette bb. I had no rules while taking these pills, so I am a little bleeding + anemia.
    madepouse1 in fact I breastfed three weeks and I stopped because I was leaving for a few days and difficult to breastfeed bb.
    But how to choose between mirena and copper? they are paid every two? right in the face?
    malvinasun, which you chose you? and why? with which one is less likely to formalize or contractions because frankly I can not stand the idea of ​​having too badly somewhere ... yes I'm afraid!
    renieThe choice of the IUD (intrauterine device) is a personal choice and this according to your body, your cycles, your expectations of the IUD (intrauterine device).
    You have complete information necessary to make you an idea of ​​the copper IUD (intrauterine device), its benefits, its (qques) cons on this post through the testimony. I'll put here the link on the post of Mirena IUD (intrauterine device) / for [...] w = 0 & nojs = 0 then you can see it for yourself on this one.
    Only you just choose the IUD (intrauterine device), which is best for you and your gyneco which follows you will also advise you as know your antecedents.
    And then you still have to say that if you try this or that IUD (intrauterine device), and it does not suit you, you do withdraw and you will try another! Of course we must avoid repeating the IUD (intrauterine device) too often break because of the risk of infection, and then it's true that it's not very nice not as yet, but all that to say that certainly it is better s orient the proper IUD (intrauterine device) immediately, but if it does not fit, it's not a drama ...

    Good luck in your choice! listen to your body
    kishaNotice to future uterine devices (which seem to have a little fear)

    Seriously, do not flip for the installation, it is nothing at all, you have to go casual and relaxed, that's what I did and frankly it's past as a letter in the mail!
    Do not be afraid to be uncomfortable or unbearable contractions, etc. etc.. At most it is as a rule only pain more acute than others, that's all.
    I speak from my experience, yes. We are all different to the pain, although certes.Mais explain your gygy that you fear a little, and ask him not to force if he / she sees that the transition is difficult (which I had placed my gynecologist, who wanted to drop this time if she saw that it could be painful).
    With the help of two Cytotec tablets 6 hours before installation, and Spasfon 2 1 / 2 hours before, everything will be fine.
    Me more apprehensive the first report that the IUD (intrauterine device) poses, well actually no problem, or one side or the other.
    So do not worry, you will see, if your gygy is sweet and that you trust (which must be the case if you choose), you will be amazed at the speed of installation and will be pleasantly surprised as to the pain.
    kelsey5I "plussoie" Thus says Bicho

    For it is true that we are against all different to the pain. For my part I really hurt, but only for a few seconds. Time to realize this and it's already past (fortunately at the same time!)
    So no panic and leave trust your body and your gyneco. The discomfort is not at all systematic and pain varies with each.
    darianMoon: in terms of the IUD (intrauterine device), I have not had personal bad at all. Also a little apprehensive and told me that my gygy 3.3kg so had passed the coil would also be carefree But hey girls you have said every woman is different and reacts differently.

    Amelie: What is NSAIDS? I took ibuprofen for 2 days, it was quite effective but good once the effect past the pain was still very present. Well it remains for me to take my troubles patiently then!
    phyliss44Ibuprofen is a good choi because it also reduces the contractions, so the bleeding

    moon, if you fear the bleeding and that you bear hormones, Mirena may be a good choice, although it should be noted that during the first months after the break there may be uncontrolled bleeding that rentrerontdans order with time
    colenaNSAIDs, it is anti inflammatory drugs, which includes ibuprofen. It seems that aspirin is also included, but should be avoided because it thins the blood (and therefore may increase bleeding ... not good!).
    alease2at other times, no problems with aspirin (I said, if, as we see here who believe that the coup is completely against-indicated)
    gayeYes, of course, Sam! Ca me so obvious that I did not write at all and that my message became misleading!

    NSAIDs, it is anti inflammatory drugs, which includes ibuprofen. It seems that aspirin is also included,

    Exact.Les anti-inflammatory drugs, often abbreviated to NSAIDs, are drugs with analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory. They reduce pain, fever and inflammation. The term "nonsteroidal" is used to distinguish them from glucocorticoids, which (among a wide range of effects) have a similar anti-inflammatory activity (eicosanoid depression). The two best known are aspirin and ibuprofen.
    merryThere's an answer that it is complete
    Thank you
    in fact I knew (my job share) that aspirin is an NSAID and his name that way for them to be differentiated from the cortisone (anti-inflammatory but also
    other subject).
    For cons for well-turned phrase that comes from a copy and paste.
    cassidy7hello girls!

    Well, I have to schedule appointment Wednesday I will ask for more informations about this from my background to determine what is the coil that suits me. Thank you for all the words that encourage future IUD (intrauterine device).
    zoiepffffffffffffffff c't'arnaque hey! me too chfaire
    katharynBe listening to the news I knew (it is for me the main one) and I am not a literary so I found this lovely phrase that sums up 3 lines clearly what I wanted to make as accurate.
    kileyI was joking your explanations are welcome
    merle4I do not like being made fun of me
    no I channels.
    Good evening Sat
    payton2Something promised, something due:
    While the cake is really ... felt nothing except a small electric shock when my gygy said "you'll feel like a pic" which lasted 2 seconds and then ... that's it ... no discomfort, no cold sweat ...
    Bleeding from the end of rule and voila.
    He gave me no appointment in six months is too long?
    Well, well, voilou ....
    A if, for cons, I asked the record but he said "the record is me" with a big smile .... eh

    My new life begins IUD (intrauterine device) ... I already feel that my libido back (psycho??)

    It is finished:
    1et2/Penser to take the damn pill toxic chemical
    3/Aller be auscultation (love) just for an order
    4/Se say, oops, no hugs this week because I forgot my pill 2 days (I can not stand the hood)
    5 / "Sorry, my love, my libido is absent subscribers ..."
    6/Dpenser 120 / year (10 the plate for one cycle), while the IUD (intrauterine device) is free

    For cons:
    1/Saignement uncontrolled (not able to calculate the small weekend getaway or vacation to the beach without ragnagna ..)
    2/Douleurs of rule

    Ben I see nothing else then against 6 2 is the right choice !!!!! is not it??

    I'll be back in a few weeks to tell you where I am .....

    LONG LIVE THE IUD (intrauterine device)
    thelma036Hello and thank you for any information
    but how long does it take to have sex after the IUD (intrauterine device) (Mirena) thank you
    gildaWhen you want.
    wendy56Hello here

    I finished my 3rd real rules apparently as IUD (intrauterine device), I qques ptites questions:

    The first two periods lasted 8-10 days (3-4 days pertouilles low in the lot).
    This time 5 days in total (the first with low pertouilles), the day is already half as abundant abundant than the previous two months.
    Not that I complain, but I wonder if it's common that it calms down so quickly?
    I am also under intercyton past fortnight, I expected an effect certainly, but not so! Finally it's great!

    By cons, pain, all the same! I found it difficult to do without ibuprofen during the last 4 days.
    And innovation: several peaks of pain in the neck, the second day.
    A bit like when installing (when the cervix gygy retains its grip) but shorter and more intense.
    Limit if I do not believe in the expulsion After checking, I see that the son got out of a good cm, but otherwise I do not notice anything unusual.
    It's normal that kind of pain called? And that the IUD (intrauterine device) is apparently much down (it was already down to 2cm I would say, but gradually), it is not annoying? Do not bother to go and check if the IUD (intrauterine device) is still in place? It bothers me ...

    I also noticed that this time the collar was much (but then a lot) more sensitive during intercourse, was certainly not my friend touch
    It also would be normal?
    julietMaelle cuckoo, I do not know, what are you talking about in terms of pain and the fact that your IUD (intrauterine device) has come down, I'm not sure that it is normal ...
    Indeed, my gynecologist told me that the IUD (intrauterine device) back gradually over a few days after installation, because his arms open. In fact it is the fact qd ask, it has the "hands up", and then gradually open these arms to be found horizontally, so that the IUD (intrauterine device) back ...
    You may need to spend a quick phone call to your gygy? If in addition, before you were less sensitive neck, there may be a small problem. Anyway I hope not but better safe than sorry.
    delphia30As Bicho ...

    If not for the rules, it depends on me for months ... (Am bizarre) some is abundant, some not ...

    Otherwise after 7 months, I went back to my old cycles of 30/31 days it took time

    (By the way, Sakaki)
    jennieKikou Well I had just tell you it is I got my period yesterday So it will have 39 days to put back to normal! Am so happy because bb4 test but never more then mirena Too many bad things with this trick is ti BIZ
    doriane220Kikou Well I had just tell you it is I got my period yesterday So it will have 39 days to put back to normal! Am so happy because bb4 test but never more then mirena Too many bad things with this trick is ti BIZ
    adelineUh ok, thank you bicho and Amelie!

    It bothers me a bit to go to the gygy now (last Monday ^ ^), I move Tuesday: /
    However, I would ask him the question as to, and if doubt, uh ... I know we'll see ...

    In fact the gygy warned me that the IUD (intrauterine device) could "go" and move (he told me that some patients could see an "amplitude" of 3 cm during a cycle the first time), but Association descent + pain in the neck (it was only Monday) that makes me a little mark.

    Regarding the reports, I have always been sensitive to the neck, a little more with the IUD (intrauterine device), much pdt rules always IUD (intrauterine device), but then it seemed even more sensitive ...
    At the same time this kind of pain also depends a lot (well for me, I know if it's a generality) the frequency of reports, and there ragnagnas between a fungus (on the first coil, cool!) my man and we made a kind of sciatica, but the groin (practice :/)... ben they are not common common

    For the duration of the rules, I hope it's really calmed down and I'm not like you Amelie, once abundant, once cushy! 5 days all inclusive rules, it would suit me very well ...
    Regular side, for now it is impeccable 26j - 31j - 26j (the natural 20-26j) with ovulation easy to spot, as long as it lasts ...

    Thank you again for the advice ^ ^
    joleen624Just a quick hello to all waiting to post further.

    Sun, Amelie, Sam, Kazajo (and all those I forgot)
    Sun is preparing good marriage (it's been a while since I did not go there)
    cameoTrue, you have been to a lot when you have prepared your engagement!
    For me it is preparing quietly bah, it's in just over three months
    annemae43maelle I also advise you to go see your gynecologist like this, you will be quiet
    better go for nothing and stop stressing that go there if necessary or continue to stress for nothing
    karen22I'll see my gygy in two weeks!
    You do not care huh
    maura864Excuse me if I suios boring but I would like if there are big risks with grosseesse serilet copper o / wiki / E [...] births

    You will see that in typical use (one that takes into account, for example, the pill, omissions and other incidents taken) is one of the means of contraception are most effective.
    katythank you
    That qques news ... It is with great joy that I announce that I finally ... Finally my first period in IUD (intrauterine device) !!!!!!!!! Pfffiou I really thought they would never stop! In fact on Friday night (23/03) to Tuesday evening (03/27) had losses of more or less abundant at different times ... I thought they were nice coooool my period ... and surprise from Wednesday 28 to Friday, 3.30 = real rules ... and (SNIF) until yesterday (either Tuesday 03/04) I still had ptites pertouilles chiantes well. And victory is my first day without a single loss! (Finally) the day is not completely finished ... My periods have thus spread over 12 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful my first time! The fact is that apart from that I twisted into 2 two days before the start of pertouilles, I have not had a stomach ache, flow and level as it was so good I'm not going complain. But it is qd even when it stops for good !!!!!!!!!!!
    And that if I support the coil well, everything is fine and I am delighted.
    So much for the news!
    See you soon, good night!
    johnnieOwl that everything goes well Lexylia Sure, it's not funny long long ragnagna but it will surely calm down afterwards.

    Speaking of that, mine have not arrived. They are a week late. I think it's that intense stress me shaken end of February (well a job but forced to live away from my darling) In short, a great upheaval which meant that I had my period twice in one week close! So, I think they should arrive soon. We will see. Anyway, I go to my gynecologist for my 13 the first check (it will be 5 months that I have my IUD (intrauterine device)). Everything else runs!

    Come on, kiss!
    africait is important not post falls into oblivion girls .... one thing to change tellment an IUD (intrauterine device) .. Finally, for the one doctor they want to ask ...
    roseWell well I also have to keep you informed. Menarche in IUD (intrauterine device) also, and like you I had Lexylia small pain 2 or 3 days before, and spotting the first 2 days. Then the real rules, a little more abundant than free IUD (intrauterine device), but it's going. For much against my stomach hurts (no IUD (intrauterine device), no pain), so I take Spasfon and / or paracetamol. That's the most boring, and I fear also the length of the rules. They should stop next Monday or Tuesday, so we'll see if they drag on or not ...
    But for now positive, and one month check-up
    temperanceBicho hello!

    For pain, I advise you to ibuprofen. It is effective and is a good complement to Spasfon.
    kailynthank you girls for what I was asked a topirc Nova T juggles Friday and I still pretty but I impressionq ue c normal ....
    nena347You spend what help, Flora?
    pietymusic competition ....
    gwenythI still vahcement juggled today from 10am to 16h was crying in my bed and I've not felt to be one where it feels tight douilette ... but it gets better ....
    hayden975why it feels tight on one side??
    the left??
    I'll try to calm me down .....
    it happens svt eviction ...???
    I veuxxxxxxxxx passssssss
    tammara599It's not natural for you as bad for three days. You took painkillers or something? Not hesitate to remind your doctor tomorrow morning to tell him that your pain does not go!
    gayI go to announce my first period ... pain in IUD (intrauterine device) strong enough Wednesday and Thursday and then spotting "dry" until Sunday when it became real rule. Mercrdi and Thursday I had a stomach ache but I do not think it was ca ... I balon and I redid the aerophagia (since I was 17 years ca had not happened since .. I'm on the pill actually) short, they arrived 2-3 days after the pain.
    There, I not at all bad and is abundant through ...
    I expect a more plentiful because when I was young they were quite strong but short ... we'll see.
    Otherwise, libido side, I finally saw my man and also
    21 days per cycle and cons as I had slight losses since my installation I feel a little tired ... but hey, it's for a good cause

    Florab: I do not think this is also normal that you suffer as much ... to your phone gygy for safety ...

    Cuckoo, Boucledor
    honeyOh you think??
    Today quedal no pain!
    not too much bleeding a little ... what kind of rules ... end
    if not yesterday morning we had a report that may be related ?????
    meliaSmall pain pares a report but I think normal c??
    Should I see the gynecologist in a month??
    mariabellanormally yes, like that, we are sure he is well placed and rouleeeez youth!

    otherwise, you can always go and check that you feel no "piece of plastic" than your neck, if nothing to report on that side is that it is in place and that the pain was "normal" time it moves (it is not all cut the same model, some feel nothing after installation, in others it just feels tight etc ...)
    bekki4News: rules abundant since yesterday ... but the third day I think it's normal. I hope this will calm down anyway .....
    lilliethank you girls!
    yet more pain I expect the rules of the first round but not forward!
    lilian6hello everyone,

    Yesterday, I went to my doctor for me to place the IUD (intrauterine device). But it was not.
    It has not been able to enter the graduated rod for measuring my uterus. Despite that it was my uterus with forceps, which was very painful. blocking ca.
    She told me that probably my uterus is not going right but on the side.
    So now I'm going to the gyneco will try.
    but I must say that after the pain, I do not really want.
    Has anyone had the same problem, is that it could be anything other than the shape of my uterus that bolque passage.

    thank you very much for your answer
    kadence38should we prescribe you the cytotec, it opens the cervix
    genie6Good evening to all.
    I am a little new but I'll make the introductions.
    So, I started the pill in 2003 and stopped in 2005 because of weight gain and a rise in cholesterol. Since 2005, I actually asked one implant Implanon.
    The concern is the very substantial weight gain (about 20kg !!!!!!!!!!!).
    Tomorrow I have an appointment with the gynecologist to ask her to withdraw my implant. Reading your post, I think I'll ask him advice on the IUD (intrauterine device).
    I wish to inform you that I am nulliparous.
    I wanted to know if the issue IUD (intrauterine device) hormones virtues to "tweak"?
    Help me, I can not stand the weight gain despite my diet low in sugar (nutella, and other sweets chocobons appreciated as previously proscribed snifff) and sport.
    What do you recommend? Thank you in advance for your answers.
    jordan3IUD (intrauterine device) Cuv not issue any hormone, it would be a good solution for you
    for more info, start reading the first pages of this issue
    know it is not always easy to find a gynecologist who asks about IUDs nulliparous, you can search the subject gives the names of forums by city (after you contact those in your area by PM for the contact their doctor)
    or you can go see the schedule or in the hospital
    good luck
    spiritthank you very much for your smart little response.

    By reading the pages, I realized that many have adopted is nulliparous means of contraception and obviously have no problem or at least no weight gain consernant.
    The only problem is the abundance of rules.

    I go to my appointment and I'll let you know.
    and thank you again soon.
    tabatha93In fact if my gygy apparently does not ask me IUD (intrauterine device) I can always ask my attending physician .... What do you think?
    shari2If you fall on a generalist who has the habit of asking, that's OK. But they are, in my opinion, even more rare than gyncos willing to put in nulliparous women.

    It would be better if you find a gynecologist who is willing to ask them - there is also a post about it that lists those doctinautes know that in a number of French cities!
    elfrida682ok but I already look and I find no el post so if someone finds it .. can you make me a sign .... thank you .. went in search of post
    sam3That's it, yannoursette I made up the post of addresses gy that pose the IUD (intrauterine device) to nulliparous! I hope you will find your happiness!
    anniceI will remrcie I'll see what I will do as the closest to my home is at least 70km so I have to think about but if I contact gygy one who is willing to ask me an I'll come agarndir this list ... Thank you girls
    tiphanieHi there always / you / s!
    Finally, my first period come to an end as IUD (intrauterine device), almost two weeks after starting!
    I am still having a little spotting and here that my ovulation is coming! It does not leave me much respite
    In all, 1 week real rules, but several days of spotting before and after, reassure me, it will slow down?
    Kisses to all and thank you again for your help!

    'll Know, I thought it was several months that you had your IUD (intrauterine device) Rhalalalalala

    Do not worry, it will slow down, be patient.
    By the 1st three months after installation it should be OK

    Yannoursette are expected from you

    Mimine, has given the appointment?

    Florab, where do you stand with your pain?

    Chip Cuckoo!! It's been awhile
    kayleenAmelie thank you!
    No actually it's been several months since I thought of me to ask one, but it's just over a month since I have!

    Good Sunday to all
    marigold8Thank you for asking ...
    beuacoup better more pain ... it was the FOOT!
    I think there was a lot of psychological ...
    in fact I did not want to put a specially ct IUD (intrauterine device) ... but the best thing so veiled ...
    Now he seems firmly in place ...
    by cons in reporting ... not c it ... I just flip my darling tell me that all his normal ets was I who must defuse me ...
    I'll let you know!
    vonda96It seems to me ... my first period in IUD (intrauterine device)! I should soon arrive 2nd saw my sore belly (already!! I feel like I have all the time my period since I IUDs ...), and I hope they will last not 12 days this time !!!!!!!!! (Excluding mini spotting again before and after 12 days ...). It's the surprise ... In any case, I made provisions pads and towels not to be short this time!

    I'm a little disgusted, I have a urinary tract infection since Wednesday, I'm under antibiotics and every time I slap a fungus when I'm on antibiotics ... I have not really want to have one with the IUD (intrauterine device)! I'm afraid it is not good. So I pre-order (I pestered my doctor and I won), like that at the first sign>>> a the attack !!!!!!!! With any luck I will escape! but I hope IUD (intrauterine device) + fungus = not infection in the uterus if I have a fungus ???!!!

    Good evening to all
    annabella749Mimine, has given the appointment?
    Good evening amlie

    Well after waiting three quarters of an hour PCQ dr talked to his colleagues, he was finally invited to rntrer in his office.

    First, I told him I had a contraceptive implant. He was angry! I quote "it's bullshit, it's a contraceptive for the underdeveloped country ....".
    I asked him an IUD (intrauterine device) but it poses no because he runs a center for infertility.

    The next day ie yesterday (Saturday 14), I suispass the block to remove my implant.

    Result I have no method of contraception for 2 months. Because of my strong weight gain with this damned implant.

    On the one hand, I'm happy. I'm going to lose all my weight taken but on the other, we will have to be careful. I do not want children, at least now.

    See you soon.
    indigob if you have a contraception: condoms.
    "Be careful" is not a contraceptive.

    I have not had the courage to read the 47 pages .. So my questions:

    when you can remove an IUD (intrauterine device)? during menstruation? or anytime?

    Is what I can do another back right away or I have to wait a little?

    thank you.
    aggiPhew, that's great!!
    Effectively to reports, it is psychological
    You have to trust your birth and you must manage to forget that it is done
    Your baby is right, relaxes you and you freedom

    Good and well Fingers crossed!
    it'll be fine

    Shit! You tried to look in the list of gyncos posing with nulliparous IUD (intrauterine device) if there was one near you??

    Even advice Julie: presos or presos + spermicides.
    topsey03Phew, that's great!!
    Effectively to reports, it is psychological
    You have to trust your birth and you must manage to forget that it is done
    Your baby is right, relaxes you and you freedom

    Good and well Fingers crossed!
    it'll be fine

    Shit! You tried to look in the list of gyncos posing with nulliparous IUD (intrauterine device) if there was one near you??

    Even advice Julie: presos or presos + spermicides.
    alannahTake probiotics when you are on antibiotics (counter in pharma) ... ca avoids you all the inconvenience associated with taking antibiotics (which dtuit good and bad bacteria). Probiotics allow you to repeat yourself a good flora (intestinal and vaginal). So no more fungal infections, cystitis and bide in bulk!

    And it avoids imposing many Medoc chemicals to your body, which would go well in those moments ...
    aliseHello girls

    I came long ago for information on the copper IUD (intrauterine device)

    I done been in October or November Jene know
    First rule ... I'm not a super hemorrhage
    nikel rules which lasts from 5 / 6 jrs and not too bad

    but now I'm right into it and here I socket

    Saturday by going to the race I felt pressure, I do not know how to say, but as if there was a breath of fresh air and bam ... it runs a second time rebelotte
    j'atis white as death and I almost fell in apples
    I did not know if it was a leak "urine" I really did not think that the English to disembark!
    therefore can not look in my pants
    in the car I raised my skirt and full of blood !!!!!!

    I come home I wash, full of blood clot
    I'm tired all the rest but tjrs
    yesterday in the shower it runs itself, and even blood clots

    my breasts are doubled in size and make me super mega evil

    I do not know what happens but in any case it worries me enormously

    if you have any testimonials me rassurerer ca ...

    thank you

    you're not around your menstrual period?

    anyway, I advise you to consult! Passes a call to your gynecologist as soon as possible to talk with him / her (or his secretary, who will then notify the emergency or non-appointment)

    Tell us about
    nellieso if I'm on time!
    is the period

    I bothers him all the time my gygy
    I will not take his head the poor '

    we talk about my miscarriage, but if the reports are from the "st cows come home" not in the short months this can happen?
    shereeI had not understood haaaaaa

    good personal ben, I advise you to pass this time, how are your next period. If this is the same topo => doc!

    by then, do not hesitate with ibuprofen! ca ca relieves pain and reduces bleeding in high doses. (1 cp to 200 ibu every 4 to 6 hours)
    ps: when it comes to health, I think it should not be afraid to "bother" a doctor. It's his job.

    edit: er ... for miscarriage, but against forgetting, though monitors your next period. Of large clots can be a sign of bp gynecology (eg fibroids) then to watch, but until then, zen
    shelaghlittle question that you are the expert because I can find nowhere in answer to my problem ...

    I have a Nova T IUD (intrauterine device) for over a year ...
    last few months, I regularly stained with blood loss, I consulted a gynecologist who told me it was weird, because the IUD (intrauterine device) was in place, it was probably my collar that had been damaged by my pregnancy short, he gave me pills, kinds of eggs to put ... and for a week, rebelotte, loss ... I can not imagine that it is my period (because it would, however, the period) because it does not meet a protected slip (sorry the details) ...

    is that you have these symptoms? losses bloodstained outside the rules? is that it can be the rules? you it has to do what?

    thank you in advance!!
    luanneit happens when your not ovulating??
    I have pertouilles me like that when j'ovule
    alexiasorry, I do not know how to cite your message, I am new ...
    I do not know the time of my ovulation cycles I anarchic, it varies from 28d to 40 ... So I never know ... if it was that, that would reassure me! at least I'll be set!
    it would not long 7d loss for ovulation? it lasts so long to you?
    thank you for answered!
    charlieI read and reread all of this is quil Write on the Nova T 200 and it is scary though ...
    is reliable or not ?????
    reniethank you for this valuable information, I did not know it existed !!!!!!!!! It declares that if it can avoid some of the effects of antibiosis 2ndaires, (especially fungal !!!!!) I left.

    Again, thank you!
    jenelleGood evening to all.

    Brilliant, 2 months without using contraception .!!!!! On the one hand, it's cool, I can get my original weight but on the other., 2 months ........;

    That is to say, I dare not even make love with my boyfriend tellemnt I'm afraid to have a bb.
    And for me, the hood is not too much I love ...

    Thank you for everything. See you soon.
    cicelyMimine: I have not followed all of your story, but why must you wait two months?
    You can not contact the family planning, gynecological see if you could insert an IUD (intrauterine device) earlier?
    Do not let your fear of being pregnant cut your sexuality, if you do not like condoms, you can try female condoms or spermicides, for example ...
    steffie04Spermicides alone-sun? I've always heard that one should use them in combination, for example with presos just ...

    As for Mimine, I do not understand what the strength to wait two months ...
    jaquelyn6It's true I'm not sure of the reliability of spermicides alone

    And it is also true mimine that rather than letting your sex life to deteriorate, it would be better to try to find a gynecologist two months before you are in which region?

    I lose all tjrs
    I am extremely tired
    I was advised to go to the emergency room but I did not want to go because I have my son with me

    over my chest has doubled in size and make me really bad
    lanaYet Jess is what would seem the most reasonable. If it bothers you to take your son, you could not give it to someone for a few hours (parents, neighbors)?

    Good luck anyway, but I would really believe that you visit soon!
    dorothybah you see I do not know anyone in my city unfortunately
    my husband works
    and I am alone in my house
    and no means of locomotion
    carlotaActually it's a bit complicated ... Would have your man take you there when he returns from work!
    aggie60I lose a little less but tit Always tired

    but c koi IUD (intrauterine device) that makes me like this!?
    amienothing I'm full "campaign" on the forum fungus. I do not understand that it is not applied more ...
    Yet logic: no such thing as probiotics to rebalance the microflora after antibiotic use!
    I also like that the loss quite frequently. I have not had my appointment "post IUD (intrauterine device)" with my gynecologist, so I do not know if this is normal or not.

    Florab: I hope it's reliable because it is that I too
    calla6ditto for me ........... by cons gygy not told me about meeting you post IUD (intrauterine device), I must see him in a year.
    I have the same IUD (intrauterine device) as you lilin
    natisha52ben me it will be 6 months after IUD (intrauterine device) insertion. On paper she gave me (in fact the record was in the box) it is marked that there must be a control appointment 3 to 6 months after installation.
    dezireeI agree with you girls because I just do also ask nova - t. Everything I read scares me.

    I tell you just how it happened because I had problems with my gygy so I changed my gygy appointment in 20 days.

    He prescribed the nova-t but it does not even offer me anything and as I am not too knowledgeable I trusted him. I got my period on March 13 and 20 I have been asked already an IUD (intrauterine device) he asked without gloves when I ask how long I can keep it he said "as long as you want "I told him that I looked and it is the worst 3 years 5 years and he said 6 or 7 years that you like

    Fortunately I had read the notice of the nova-t and so he calls to wait three days for a bath and reports, he said, you start when you want even tonight if you want

    In short I get out of the total cabin angry and perplexed.

    It's my first problem

    Now that's before installation had an annoying pain in the lower abdomen a few days right before going to see, during installation I had a severe pain was the same place
    But as I have transit problems I am not too worried.

    After installation I had a lot of white discharge or even hugely. I have more Aujoud'hui oufff.
    A few days ago I had very bad stomach spasms as for 4 days I thought it was my colon transit and yes is a bit lazy at home but somehow I was still not right, I go to the doctor and he is concerned he thinks has an ectopic pregnancy or infection he said that the heavy white discharge is not too normal I file a prescription for an abdominal and pelvic echo I have to do Saturday

    What worries me is that I still have my period I have of the 10 / 13 not? or 20 or one month after installation?? is one week late

    In recent days I have nausea and I'm tired.
    What scares me is that I am pregnant early for my two children I stopped the pill 15 days after I was pregnant.

    Thank you for advice and to reassure me because I'm confused!
    jadyn1my first cycle after IUD (intrauterine device) insertion came after 2 1 / 2 months.

    for white discharge I also here and also very abundant. Moreover, at times I wondered if it was not a weak bladder, but it did not look.

    by cons for pain may be it was because you'll soon have your period?
    rahel7my new rules came three weeks after the IUD (intrauterine device) is a cycle of 27 days.
    No heavy losses as you describe, but enormously during ovulation by cons, more than before.

    I still have pelvic pain, minor, but since the installation continues .............
    devnetI had the same thing as you in 2 cycles ... so much so that I wondered if it was not a miscarriage but given the number of reports was not possible ... And the following cycle: architectural rules and short cycle ultra short ... It's weird but it looks normal.
    vicup for all the ladies who have questions
    abagaelso it is good I have my stuff that makes me weird because I have a short cycle hyper .... 26 days
    good but after what I understood it at the beginning arnachique ....
    socket so I kind but very reasonable .... no more than hab ...
    kisses girls
    Long live the IUD (intrauterine device)!
    chrysanta1second day I socket socket .... but I
    jane7you make yourself sockets?
    kari7yes that's it .... I'm sockets ...
    devenso what socket it good?
    hesterbah it will unfortunately not what does it runs brothel!
    I have never been hallucinating rules as abundant!
    aileen853Hello I just ask for a little advice I have Mirena IUD (intrauterine device) in November after the first month and a bit painful spotting the first 3 months its been three months since I have no regulations. In your opinion are there any risk that I am pregnant or it's normal that I have no rule of all thank you for your reply I need information fast (if pregnant for three months)
    hattie18Do not worry, it's probably a side effect of Mirena.
    This IUD (intrauterine device) "cutting" often rules. We do not warn thee?
    honoris a copper?

    worry it will settle over time, in six months for it to resume a normal rhythm (maybe more)
    kassia1That's all there is to normal with mirena
    That's what makes it attractive
    Do a test to reassure you, but that's normal.
    Your gynecologist should warn you about that
    margo91hello so I intend to take appointments at my attending physician on the one hand ... for this month fright delay of 4 days from the agreement if it is I intend to ask him to please help me to convince my gygy .. So much for the news I'll let you know for more .. In the meantime try to make it last post
    aubrieThen it's over ... I hallucinating ever had rules like that ..... but it will mons WAS sucks as I had imagined ...
    I told you that the IUD (intrauterine device) is freedom!
    kerenzaHello to all!
    I did ask the IUD (intrauterine device) earlier. Cytotec for my gygy had proposed to put in the vagina or swallowed with a glass of water. I decided to take it with a glass of water but my trip on the forum I realize that most girls have put into the vagina. Is it going to the same effect?

    (In case you have not noticed, I am scared of this intervention, I try to relax but it is not easy, I have a lump in his throat, in addition, I make my Implanon removed the same day)
    alicethank you for your quick response it reassures me a little but I think I'm going to share precausion a pregnancy test
    liza3I think what c''ets scare me also .. But I also wanted quans if you feel the IUD (intrauterine device) move?
    haze569no no, I had my tablet and it worked very well
    calliegood evening,
    I had the nova t for years, and the only downside was the long and heavy periods (one week at least).
    last month for my visit, I talk to my doctor for my heavy periods, and become more or less regular (over time), my skin problems (I told him that I think has premenopause) but he tells me I'm too young.
    I prescribed the Mirena. I asked why, since the nova t going well, he said he no longer takes place and that mirena is better.
    so I was barely a month since I suffered at the break and felt dizzy during the day, bleeding for about 2 days and then it was fine. but now 10 days since I have light bleeding all the time, nausea and weight gain. I read that it's the Mirena.
    it scares me because I do not intend to continue to "inflate". I await the end of the rules to go to my visit, but when it will end? in addition, if later I have no rule, it is not very healthy right?
    it's like menopause, and this may be why there are weight gain?
    just to know that it's hormonal, I'm afraid. I preferred to remain as before at least I knew what to think ...
    katherynebut what a con!

    He could have at least tell you that you passed under hormonal IUD (intrauterine device)
    Although the nova T no longer exists in its 200 and that's good because it was the least reliable of copper IUDs but there are many other copper IUDs
    if the hormonal IUD (intrauterine device) does not suit you and that you stand well the increase of rules with copper, make the change

    It's your body, you have your say!
    I have the morale to the lowest aujourdh'ui.
    I still swollen, even my children have noticed!
    I have the impression that this is my body, I no longer recognize.
    I m'arrondi of day to day and yet I have not changed my habits ...
    I can more ... They also accused me of being nervous!
    and still bleeding ...
    I think I'm starting to get depressed ...
    katharineHello all, finally details of IUDs, bravo for this post is really helpful!

    However there is one thing that bothers me, I got an IUD (intrauterine device) NovaT 1 year ago and since then, except for a true weight gain is the point of view anarchy rules and brown spotting in which each almost never did finish but really are the most unpleasant sore legs that last about one week every month, I see the post as sore legs are part of Uncommon side effects ... are they to be considered, should I be removing the IUD (intrauterine device)?
    These questions remain unanswered as my gnyco and my GP told me that the losses are normal with respect to pain in their legs is totally impossible
    I do not know what to think and am pretty worried if I have to remove the IUD (intrauterine device) I do not see too many other solutions progesterone does not suit me at all, giving more than pill or Mirena for ... totally lost your help will be invaluable, thank you tell me if you know these evils and thank you for your answers

    Good luck to all those who need it
    gussieHello all, finally details of IUDs, bravo for this post is really helpful!

    However there is one thing that bothers me, I got an IUD (intrauterine device) NovaT 1 year ago and since then, except for a true weight gain is the point of view anarchy rules and brown spotting in which each almost never did finish but really are the most unpleasant sore legs that last about one week every month, I see the post as sore legs are part of Uncommon side effects ... are they to be considered, should I be removing the IUD (intrauterine device)?
    These questions remain unanswered as my gnyco and my GP told me that the losses are normal with respect to pain in their legs is totally impossible
    I do not know what to think and am pretty worried if I have to remove the IUD (intrauterine device) I do not see too many other solutions progesterone does not suit me at all, giving more than pill or Mirena for ... totally lost your help will be invaluable, thank you tell me if you know these evils and thank you for your answers

    Good luck to all those who need it
    jenifera Nova T IUD (intrauterine device) is a copper, he can not make you fat or make you legs hurt (nor alter your cycle, even if it can actually cause minor bleeding)
    if your cycle is irregular with a nova T is that your natural cycle is irregular
    same for the words of leg problems or weight gain, it has a cause other than the IUD (intrauterine device)

    eskaly: for bleeding, it can settle over time you can take ibuprofen to try to reduce
    if it does not get better: do remove the Mirena and do you rest a copper IUD (intrauterine device)
    abihailOk thank you for your answer but look what I found on the site when I search on the Nova T

    Adverse side effects commonly encountered are: uterine cramps and / or abdominal pain after laying, bleeding and / or spotting the first menstrual cycle. In some women, these effects may reappear for several subsequent cycles. A prolonged menstruation and an increase in menstrual blood loss can occur, especially during the first two or three cycles.

    Much more rarely, the following side effects have been reported: pain in the back, leg pain, urinary infections, abnormal vaginal discharge, perforation of the uterus or cervix, increased risk of spontaneous abortion, ectopic pregnancy and allergic skin reactions.

    so I no longer understand ... because doctors say like you and I read other things besides, I do not know what to think, anyway it's on my sore legs came right after installation and every month around ovulation or rules

    Finally, thank you anyway, if someone is in my case I would like to have his testimony

    Good luck to all
    kimberlynHello, I have a copper IUD (intrauterine device) nt380 6 months since, I took the ibuprofen pdt 3 days til there is a risk of pregnancy? thank you to you
    kerensanot at all, copper IUDs inactive sperm, no problem with ibuprofen

    boulou I do not know what to say, I do not see how the copper IUD (intrauterine device) may give legs hurt, if you in learning more, tell us the
    is it possible that your sore legs are rather due to your weight gain? It is an aggravating factor in traffic problems, may be that ultimately the IUD (intrauterine device) has nothing to do with it.
    As small chip, I do not understand how a piece of copper and plastic in the uterus may occasion such pain, and I would tend to coincidence. Maybe you could go to a phlebologist?
    cleopatra26I agree with you girls I do not why but you saw what I copied above?!

    it is part of the side effects exceptional, I have no particular traffic problems but it is true that I was doing a lot of jogging or at the time I got the IUD (intrauterine device) and ask as I had a lot of stomach (at least about 5 months) I almost stopped running and I gained weight very quickly maybe this ...

    m'agasse which is that I found an article on this site stating that the legs are sore and the docs tell me that not

    it is tired of never having the same story when you're the kind that not reassure worried, I think many will agree with me right?

    In any case thank you for your answers it's good to talk, if I know that's a promise I give a word p'tit

    biz all
    quenbyum during our lovemaking
    cheri complains about something that rubs (according to)
    What is it?? qu'etsce I do?
    neve1you will feel the neck to ensure there are no protruding plastic, if you just feel kind of son fishing line everything is normal
    two options: you return to your gynecologist and ask him to retreat to the wall or cut shorter

    I personally recommend the fold: less risk that it becomes boring to withdraw due to loss of wire and no risk of "rebiquage spicy" kind stubble

    if you feel the plastic: IUD (intrauterine device) as an emergency doctor being ejected
    afrikahwell I see it tonight ....
    briersmall mail back to the post, and also to a question (even if I have more diu, I by no means of contraception, so it may stick):
    Some here have mentioned that sometimes could produce some bleeding at the time of ovulation. bleeding, that is to say? pertouilles pink, or loss rules, but frankly such shorter or less abundant?

    if qqun had an initial response, it suits me ....
    good weekend!
    jasmynFor my part, pertouilles blood mixed with heavy white discharge. Not at all comparable to the rules.
    But hey, let's not forget a stop after pill ... short, you know music

    ouikne good!
    tamiaMay I for one, I had both property loss as an early red rules but still minimal and eventually turn brown or pink pertouille more vaginal discharge than blood.

    For the duration that varies between half a day and 3-4d.
    golda0To me, blood very dark, sometimes almost like rules very scarce ...
    delta8thank you for your answers. good end of weekend!
    luellaHello to all!

    What post interresting jai traveled, I could not read everything at once! Thank you anyway for taking the time to inform all future IUDs!
    You have almost convinced, however I would like to hear your opinion. Jai 23 years, I'm on the pill since I was 18 years old and since then I jai took 6kg narrive not to lose, despite all the diets (balanced as unbalanced) and jai have tried, and I practice the sport ..
    jai and tried several pills, due to loss of libido, dryness, nervousness, varicose veins, max rate of salt as I always dirty mm not my dishes (I prefer the spices) and last explosion of testosterone .. I think it's more hormones too my delirium I have patience but the c too!

    Do you think that with a copper IUD (intrauterine device) and a diet I will lose my quiilbre pounds (at least half I ask not found my weight young teen!)

    technical side pain I am not too scared by jai against stress tends to be chronic and jai always the diaphragm oppression, anxiety (dailleurs I wonder if c not always pills, menfin nexagerons nothing), and constant fear of jai stomach pains and contractions davoir or vagal?

    and last question, before taking the pill javais irregular and abundant (and then suddenly 35jrs 8jrs of rules and no rules 2 months after cycle 21jrs etc.) compared to melodia javais 2jrs or pseudo rules equivalent to the losses (the foot right .. mm) and should I expect to find this true anarchy (I tell myself that I was young my rules is not too were fixed before taking the pill) the body can be changed?

    And practicality, I have not support foreign body ie I bear no tampons, jai never been able to, do I expect a blockage with the IUD (intrauterine device)? Max and towels they had sufficient intensity of the flow, reminds me that before I got up at night pr often change my towel and I tried my bed and my pajamas not cool!

    My god jai wrote a novel, I'm sorry, JesperE qq1 that bind me lol! Take your time to answer me pr eh I'm in no hurry
    So to your problem of kilos, if you have good reason to believe that they are due to the pill, the chances are for with a copper IUD (intrauterine device) and a balanced diet, you lose some.

    For your fear of contractions or discomfort ... This is only a pose. It may be more or less painful, but if you relax well (if necessary with a sedative pill), there is no indication that you will need a vagal ... And contractions disappear in a few days

    Finally, yes, if your periods were irregular in nature, they will again become irregular with the copper IUD (intrauterine device) ... Perhaps before the time they regulate, but that we can not know ... Yes, the body may change but it is unpredictable!

    Finally the real problem is the abundance of your period ... The copper IUD (intrauterine device) is more recommended for women with heavy periods, since it can further increase the volume of rules ... It is better to talk to a gynecologist (open. .. not one who initially refused an IUD (intrauterine device) because you are nulliparous, but one that reflects the abundance of your rules and will tell you if it's feasible or not ask you an IUD (intrauterine device)!).

    Finally, if you can not bear the stamps, perhaps that would better Mooncup? It's more "big" but more practical, and with greater capacity ... What to see

    If you have further questions do not hesitate
    jaymaA thousand thank you for this clarification Sun is super nice

    I think I'll give it a shot when java finished my pack of pills (I will not throw in the trash 30th) not until July! but here I will ask my advice gygy that will surely be surprised by my choice! JesperE it will be ok especially, as in any way nothing is irreversible, so my rules are really unbearable I will change contraception .. to the point where I am it will never be worse!

    About the Mooncup I think I will be even less able to put the pads (not that I'm c comforter or chochote but I am sensitive to this sort of thing) so not much choice I remain on good old towels!

    I fail to keep up to date, and to return vs bother with my questions!
    Thank you thank you, great teams do you girls
    brookeYou're welcome
    Talk about it as soon as possible to your gynecologist and tell us!
    (And do not be dismantled if you said stupid things like "the IUD (intrauterine device) will make you sterile" is quite common in France, gyncos are not yet all aware that for many years there is evidence that IUDs is no more harmful to a nulliparous as a mom ...)
    beatrixThe IUD (intrauterine device) is in the womb, while the buffers are in the vagina (I know this is obvious but ...)

    a priori, a well-posed IUD (intrauterine device) does not feel there is no reason you gene as buffers

    for the abundance of rules and their irregularity, not really way to know without trying (if at 18 you were still irregular, it is unlikely that it has changed, it does not happen often that regulates the early years after if you have started to be set to 15 years, it may have changed since your 18, but I think we should not dream too much)

    for the volume of rules, no way of knowing too much trying years (it is important to note that the volume of rules increases especially the first month and then it returns to normal)
    Again, it depends on "tolerance" of each

    Good luck and tell us about
    rebeccanneHello all,

    I go give you qques news. I now have my IUD (intrauterine device) since March 6 and qques days ago I had my check-up. Verdict: just roll! I am very happy, even if I had realized that her own "FLOW"
    My gyneco to qd mm good laugh for my questions ... I found it curious after all I've read and even after what he said about the IUD (intrauterine device) copper, after such a short time I have regular periods, no bleeding between the rules (except for ovulation or mini c rules for 2 days), casi no pain during menstruation. I told him all that and then asked him: "This is normal and there is a problem?" He looked at me with a big smile and told me that I was lucky that my body has become used to the way the IUD (intrauterine device) and that his patients usually complain about the opposite of what is happening to me. . Necessarily so ...
    Finally here, as what really governs each body differently, and for me it's only happiness.

    This pr news!
    jacklynSame for me! same for ovulation. Side and libido, is madness, my man can not keep ... Long live the IUD (intrauterine device)!
    kris4Hello girls,

    I'm really anxious, I am in copper IUD (intrauterine device) since mid-February, I had two cycles + / - on time, and the last, my rules lasted 15d, normally I would therefore be settled on 14 last Monday, and tjs has nothing but cramps in the lower back and some tirallement ovaries!
    I stress because I do not want a baby right now I have just come into service in the public service, I'm afraid to test, do you think I should still do it? I am very afraid of the result, I add, that I was pretty stressed out this month with new job, new schedules ... and a fairly restrictive diet!
    Thank you for helping me
    Good evening
    jonquilHello girls!

    Here I am again after 6 months of IUD (intrauterine device) ... happy! always mycoses repeatedly, but it ... is another matter! By cons, in the rules, except that they arrive at any time, it is neither more abundant nor more painful than before. Thank you for your valuable advice anyway!
    Just before your IUD (intrauterine device), did you have a hormonal contraceptive?
    Otherwise, I would say there's nothing to worry.
    There are far more likely that your delay and your symptoms are due to the presence of the IUD (intrauterine device) (which can make it last longer ...), the rules to your stress, your diet (what you mean by "restrictive"?), rather than pregnancy.
    Relax and let you come, and if your period really can not, do a test, but for conscience
    gayleup to leeloona
    delora72A short note to keep you informed
    Third cycle in the copper IUD (intrauterine device), rule longer (10 days) but with "only" three days and abundant dark spots and dry the rest of the time. Apart from that my cycles are quiet (no particular pain, except a peak in electricity ovulation but really no real pain).

    The great good thing my libido ...... I saw my 20 year girls!!
    Long live the IUD (intrauterine device) (hormone-free of course!)
    and thank you for this post made me take the plunge .....
    gina815Hi all, just to give you the news after two and a half years of IUD (intrauterine device).

    Cycle level, it FINALLY stabilizes more or less, with a little shortening cycles
    Abundance side, I always one day + + + + and then I'm doing quite well except that it trane on the day pertouilles.
    I no longer have a stomach ache like mini contractions that were horrible but now I have a headache, 24/24 and it does not go with ibu. Well it is not death but it no longer tired.
    I think even on the pill also had occasional headaches.

    And you are on your side, you come there to have a headache?

    Otherwise, good Mother's Day to all!
    Me for headaches is usually one or two days before menstruation ... It does that with prontalgine (paracetamol + caffeine + codeine).

    Otherwise, it's my third period as the IUD (intrauterine device), and today I especially morfler pain level! Contractions endless, frankly I've never had as bad, and even taking a Efferalgan Spasfon and 2 (I had no ibuprofen), it did not pass.
    So keep you well, I was so bad that I had the need to masturbate to feel a bit of fun in this area where I only had pain for a few hours when I had my little orgsme , I was tremendously relaxed and pain have subsided, I dozed a little, and then I took a stamp prontalgine and there I'm all good
    Vive anesthesia natural fun
    aileen18Well at least it's as radical solution!
    You have done very well
    harriettPtites the cuckoo hens,

    I have a question for you: Do you know where I can find official information or at least serious, or it is question of the withdrawal of the Nova T200 Trade?
    In fact I have appointment tomorrow with Mr gygy and I would like to talk a bit because next year I'm supposed to remove mine (because it happens every 3 years .. yes .. already ..)

    Thank you to the little one
    amity4aye .. I found strong trooop [...] 020503.pdf
    daniI also sent an email to the lab that sold it, they tell me, I'll put it here .. Tschss!

    Here: [...] d = c_451207

    By the way, from site to site rummaging I came here: / iudtoolk dsfr.shtml [...]
    I read that the duration of the Nova T 200 is not 3 years but 2 1 / 2 years (30 months)
    Additional precaution unnecessary or real need for vigilance?

    EDIT: erf, I left the post in a plan after tps, you've overtaken nice gore fee
    jelissaWhat is SUN Mooncup ????????????????
    abegailhello malimu,

    Mooncup is a kind of small cuts in Silicon flexible as you insert like a tampon (well it's a bit more technical than the installation of a buffer even qd) and the cup
    collects blood flow that you have no need to "drain" 25 times a day because it has a large storage capacity.
    it costs approx. 30 euros and keeps about 10 years (= large economy), just clean it with water each a "drain" and spend a boiling water after each period until its next use

    there was not a big post on it here?
    annis03Hello chicken! Uh ... yes, there was one who fell into the abyss ... let's see if he is still breathing ...
    harriettanan but I do not know anything about this angin there! I guess he must put it ....? + buffer and it feels? it's cool for big rules ... I believe in I will let go diu blocks of blood!
    adrianeno no, not just that you insert buffer ... Read the first page, I made up the post.

    For my part, I think it's fabulous, but rather for times of low normal rules. A few days limit for large flows. But it does me (and cons, it is out of question that I pass to the beginning and end of the rules!)
    ripley3Samy .. "Reanimator posts of dying"
    isleen3economy as a buffer when
    coleenEconomy and Ecology (the two breasts of our future ...)
    derryl029ba Hey jen learns every day !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    jessyeMe I use nothing else, I bought over a pad or a panty liner since last July.
    Okay, I admit, the first few times, when the technical implementation was not yet ready, I was tempted, but ultimately not, Mooncup and nothing else, it goes for me and I save the world and more
    avilayes but your not a tampon in your bag if there is a concern? ...
    jerry5yes but your not a tampon in your bag if there is a concern? ...
    sibyl0not for a year now as the sun: that Mooncup

    I confess I double with good protectors washable liners

    therefore ecological and frankly my only regret is not having discovered it sooner!
    bonny394Well, no, y 'no worries, the Mooncup I put it in the morning, I changed the evening at home, there's no need to change during the day ... Except sometimes on the day of maximum flow, and then I do at noon, at home, and even if it is outside, now I manage perfectly set up, it goes smoothly
    Last week I changed in the toilets of macedonia
    tracyAll the same, as the IUD (intrauterine device) there ... Because it's still not really the class, the friend who comes to eat at home and says damn, we can not stay asleep, I forgot my pill, I must return to the front two in the morning ... or flip to death before leaving camp for fear of forgetting his plate ...
    And I, as I often sleep away from home, sometimes unexpectedly, I prefer to have just my Mooncup instead of having to take stock pads or panty liners ...
    louise6yes but you always know the day of your period?! me they come when they want that's why
    adenah1I do not like me what it is girls who do everything so that we know they prenent the pill, like "my touble not to think" "Oh the ringing of my pills" "quick ... and then it's like they are too stressed out by what they do not take it at the same hour pil hair when they were 12 ... well good all who take the pill that I know ... I was always jai discrete, discreet alarm, pill in a little pouch ... well .. not making head not what ... but it's true it sucks to have to calculate all the time, to look at his agenda ..
    tiphanieMy periods come when they want too (cycles 25 to 45 days), but a few days before they register by the delicacy of stomach ache And even though I felt not come, the Mooncup is not it a ton place in a purse either, any more than a towel, not much more than a few pads ...
    And yes it annoyed me with the pill to have to think, calculate ... When I had missed twice and my man started to remind me every night, I totally wrong way!

    In short: I IUDs
    Mooncup and also
    leia2me when he reminded me that I liked because it showed he was involved ... I never forgot my pill ...
    I regret having tried the first contraceptive IUD (intrauterine device) expulsion but I regret that I incurred a lot of event later ...
    dayPtites the cuckoo hens,

    I grew Aye had my consult with Mr gygy and my surprise (positive..) Brieff he was well on the Nova T200 is no longer marketed, dc henceforth it raises the T380 and the icing on the cake: "Oh we you put the T200 in 2005 so next year it is removed, do not miss the boat eh "dc .. it also believes that beyond 3 years must be fired! Which I had prepared myself to leave him a while to get the argument, I am relieved
    oprah34it's cool!
    alyce27Good news Cosmic
    valentineFirst let me say that it's great to have created a discussion on the IUD (intrauterine device), many of us to ask many questions about this method of contraception
    I got a copper IUD (intrauterine device) placed 3 weeks ago and since few days I have breast pain even at the nipple, whereas before I was not as bad (I was luthnyl) then I have the impression of having swollen lips, I called my gynecologist who told me it did not look serious and it was certainly not the only strilet.J 'Will wanted to know if you have I heard parl.Je also puts jojoba oil (I use as a lubricant) is what I can do an allergy (I doubt it but hey).
    Those are my questions are not obvious but hey I'll see if it inspires a few
    myra6the chest pain is probably related to the back of your natural cycle
    women with a climate very oestognique (usually regular periods and heavy) is often the problem. I know that I have: in the second part of the cycle from ovulation, my chest swells and becomes painful enough, it happens when the rules

    for the rest, I do not know
    ainslie8For jojoba oil, I would say it is always possible, in general, to an allergy to any product.

    Now, the lips swollen with no pain or redness, it's weird.

    In any case I do the same as you: jojoba lubricant! It's great ...
    jackie8Did you know you can play music with an IUD (intrauterine device)
    juliette220Thank you for your answers, I'll see if it's still my other problem and I will advise. A +
    tatumlike the lips ... not know ... me it is especially breasts that are swollen and sore!
    cathrynSay rather it is the vulva which looks to me as I enfl.Moi a Multiload, I've had three weeks, it looks to go as mieux.A +
    leiaHello ^ ^

    Indeed, this post is very comprehensive.
    So far, I used the ring and I had no particular problems except for the slightly lowered libido and my breasts that never ended to the volume.
    But three weeks ago I had a small fungus. My gynecologist (how gross!) Gave me some cream and eggs ... However, since then, impossible to do without a hug after I suffer martyrdom. I became hypersensitive. And I found during my week off, not only I had this irritation but I also had more libido. (Though not much more eh ...)
    And finally, the ring is 13 euros per month, and although I managed to do paid so far, not sure it can continue. And given the price of a copper IUD (intrauterine device) ... (I give up hormones ... in little more than poison me ...)
    So you have the address of a gynecologist who is neither a bully nor confined to Bordeaux?

    Thank you ^ ^
    tikvah57look at the list of addresses that should be called "IUD (intrauterine device) in nulliparous addresses gynecology" or something like that

    If you do not find any forums on bordeaux, you can always try the local family planning center or the hospital Planning

    good luck
    melindahehe me too but it's one day!
    azaleaa few years ago, I wanted to have an IUD (intrauterine device), but gygy failed to put me so badly I

    Today, I just had my 4th child, and my gygy, (another), I propose the IUD (intrauterine device) insertion, c true that the pill now, yen tired, but I have this terrible experience , so I do not know what to do!

    she said she never had a problem for an IUD (intrauterine device), and that I had come across a charlatan

    so what should I do? I would love to try again, but I'm afraid.
    YasminAfter four pregnancies, the cervix is ​​more open, so the installation should be easier! As a precaution, your gynecologist told that you were horribly wrong during the first trial and ask him cytotec, ca opens the cervix. But after four pregnancies vaginally, in principle, no need

    a few years ago, I wanted to have an IUD (intrauterine device), but gygy failed to put me so badly I
    eh?? javais too bad I cried tro tro JAI EVIL! but she forced it went .... but you were nulliapare?


    today, I just had my 4th child, and my gygy, (another), you've done well to change ....


    I do not know what to do!
    retries! you know me jai expel my first, I was nulliparous and jai tro tro wrong in my expulsion, however, the pill does not suit me then retried the jai diu even though I was afraid ...


    e told me she never had a problem with an IUD (intrauterine device), and that I had come across a charlatan
    ba not know it then I put an IUD (intrauterine device) is not even a gygy put it to me and it got there

    so what should I do? I would love to try again, but I'm afraid.
    javais also very very scared, it's (very) bad, but after 5 minutes it gets better .... well I finally understand you jai me to wait 1 year and a half before men ask a remake, I did not feel ready, I went through the pill, but without success
    voilou sailing!
    ondria43tain me jai no primary before you wonder who jai morfler
    kaitlin98me either at the time I did not know ... no one will take me more
    joking aside, I find it unfortunate that gynecologists do not propose to act on the nulliparous. Although for some it goes smoothly, I think it's a matter of comfort for the patient. It's not normal to suffer. It's like the dentist, you know. (I need to stop making parallel gynecologist / dentist becomes sickly .. ca)
    amitybut javais read a psot as koi was not "force" it was psychological "menfin ...
    anyway javais more Spasfon home, and not javais temsp to buy! I was in a rush
    jaqualina61I was Ben came across a nice gynecologist, she gave me of inflammatory office to take before and after, and the trick to open the pass ... I had to put 4 to 6 hours before, I had an appointment in the morning, I woke up alone and without waking at four in the morning to put my thing and went back to sleep

    Oh and I had a few days before disinfectant treatment too! All what?
    susan2I guess with your tt it not hurt!?
    evalynwhat chance .........
    ellenorava malimu better?
    mintyba jai listen hurt the first day! this is normal ??!!! jai finished my rules! they lasted 4 days ... and not even rich! I'll assume the secondary efffets IUD (intrauterine device) during the next period starts?! sinan I think I will not put preso here eyeGO attack from the start! jai hate too! and ba sinan jai koi could hurt!
    jemmaLol yes it is normal that you did worse, as it is even better

    The first (s) rule (s) may indeed be more abundant and can qques anarchic bleeding during the first month.
    But in any case, it is already very well until you have more pain ^ ^ Personally, I stayed for many ibuprofen 8 days sAfter laying ...
    rosannahibu the first day for me .... but that same fear when fear jai slab toilet to expel the risk ... (my phobia was the first expulsion ...) menfin ...
    roxieI too was scared at first ... I checked and sometimes twice a day which was in the bowl

    It happened after qques week ... shortly before the reflex "Oh damn I forgot my pill! ... ah hell I is not over,'m stupid" does turn
    pauletta96Well well I start, is what one of you has a mirena IUD (intrauterine device) because me since I have this mess, if all my problems come from the IUD (intrauterine device), I prefer to put an older model which gave me vertigo just after my period a few very abundant.
    In fact since I have, I lost hair, my legs hurt, my legs are heavy for my period and when j'ovule, I have brown blood loss, I a loss of libido to the dismay of my husband's greedy, spots on the face, and a thickening of the skin in certain areas of my body, but in the end all for that, I wonder if it's worth it to keep but especially if he is guilty I (IUD (intrauterine device)) or if it's just a very strange coincidence
    garnet852Uh premenopause starts at what age
    jelissa1oops again I forgot to say hello, good evening, hello ciao
    maxene2jespers it will pass anyway, I remember Defos going to toilet
    loisMe too that I did that at the beginning! I wondered if it was like when you are pregnant
    pheobe0 splash

    ha shit ... dear! I reckon what a problem!

    Rho scene
    edananan but serious jme say that if my colon ba opens it may open the cervix so .... already it's all sticky ...... baaaaaaaaa
    mellony26Miss worry and then seen as your gy has the force to arrive to open the pass to pass the diu ...

    For the sticky side, that would be your ovulation as I doubt not
    camelliaalready ovulation?! uh it's super tot Kay even ... m'enfin deg ... way too! it makes you sticky paternal leave ... well ... sorry
    echoBouah ... I had it all the first month, ovulation or no ovulation ... pti sanguinolent and a little while ... each rmant! : /
    jaymeYeah .... bizard matter is, it makes me laugh my DEFOIS you know that .. finally hangs breeef
    triaSat and good if you? what's new?? it was before you had an avatar with a girl with glasses, red and a cat??
    gabrielle2rhoo .. m'enfin! M'oiselle Jeanne GastonLagaffe! lol

    yes, it was me

    It's going pretty good, well, with the IUD (intrauterine device) pti! Pertouilles rules out some small, but nothing too disturbing. When it becomes too large, my gynecologist put me in one month Lutnyl and presto! to get more than 6 months of tranquility

    Panard ha, this IUD (intrauterine device), I tell myself that it
    virgee46Hi girls!
    I have a question any tite c * n but hey, I'm not a pro IUD (intrauterine device) ...

    Gyncos why many refuse to put it on nulliparous women?
    alanisHi girls!
    I have a question any tite c * n but hey, I'm not a pro IUD (intrauterine device) ...

    Gyncos why many refuse to put it on nulliparous women?
    harriettabecause there are a few years ago, we soupsonnait the IUD (intrauterine device) be the cause of many serious infections may cause infertility.
    So we avoided to ask about women who have never had children, suddenly ...

    since studies have shown that the risk of pelvic infection is not higher than no contraception at all, but it takes time for this idea makes its merry way ..

    in the meantime: we must try to remove the misconceptions extremely negative (and simplistic) that carry a lot of women and, unfortunately, practitioners.
    madysonOuch, it's crazy what France has one hand backward at times!
    tempestjavais not followed your story I was not spit on the forum ...


    Sometimes small pertouilles rglespertouillette out, it's better than ba piluleuh


    When it becomes too large, my gynecologist put me in one month Lutnyl and presto! to get more than 6 months of tranquility
    koi is lutnyl ?????????
    karenza77a progestin-only pills
    unatakes the pill so you even with your IUD (intrauterine device) ???????????? but your Fole
    jacklynBOuuuuuuuuuhouuuuuuuu I decided to shorten cycles .... Chui Po happy.

    Other than that, good music festival at all.
    astraI do not see what the problem is, Miss ...

    I think it would make you decide that the greatest good to know a little better contraception you wear ... (And contraception in general, for that matter ...)
    ps: no, I'm not crazy, thank you worry for my mental health
    clementineOne reason that any model of IUD (intrauterine device) shit 70s (which was banned) and called the Dalkon Shield was originally a huge problem

    I also created a post about it after discovering the story (although I will have you put the link, but the search function kidding me this morning if you want more precision is trying to look for your house, I was the author of the message and there were the words Dalkon Shield in the text of messages)

    and then after that a bunch of French gynecologists have remained on the idea that an IUD (intrauterine device) was dangerous
    good and then there is the idea that nulliparous it has multiple partners and it's going to do any nawak
    cassienot worry the cervix not open like that

    if not for ovulation is true that "nice" side "I have an egg white glue around me in the vagina"

    I hope you were not eating your croissants in fact it's the crumbs in the keyboard croissants
    berlintataaaaaaaaaam / san 4302_1.htm [...]
    yvonneLulu is in the news of my rules, remember that since the installation of my new IUD (intrauterine device) that was "Omaha Beach in June 44" for a long time (a drain all Mooncup 1:30)
    ben good already
    1) I am not anemic, I checked
    2) it's been a few months it decreases slowly
    3) my last cycle was ... 4 days
    a first average day, two forts and a fourth tranquillou
    I will not deny that I am not unhappy to find a cruising speed of 1:30 because it goes super fast (and you got the impression that the toilet all day) and too practical meeting "'Scuse me, I back, Scuse me I come back "(I suspect in the head of my colleagues" but it has what? cystitis, gastroenteritis ... ")
    eunaI collapsed with laughter ... Little Chip (Poor fellow, you turned their imagination ^ ^)
    It reassures me just to know that is not necessarily so much trouble with it an IUD (intrauterine device).
    Attention appointment with my psychiatrist I aprem this, I hope it will not remake me a spiel!

    Heink: I do not see what the problem is, Miss ...
    nan but is not just that bp = diu finished hormones and contains ten


    I think it would make you decide that the greatest good to know a little better contraception you wear ... (And contraception in general, for that matter ...)
    pourqoi you say that?


    ps: no, I'm not crazy, thank you worry for my mental health
    Sat humor humor ...

    1) I am not anemic, I checked
    how to check you? c koi?

    bcp you lose blood?

    Attention appointment with my psychiatrist I aprem this, I hope it will not remake me a spiel]
    pk a spiel?
    ashtonThe last time she had recommended the IUD (intrauterine device): "It has no effect spermicide, so there is fertilization, implantation times, usually DEU, so hysterical over-cellar-why-we-hard -all. "

    Basically, this is what she told me the last time. But this time it was more talked about the abuse I suffered as my teenage contraception. In short, I look forward to my appointment Tuesday ^ ^.
    johna30Yeah ... well good even when your choice cest koi
    penelopewe do not always choose
    jess22Yeah cool Poas
    concordia95Hello girls!

    That's it, I finally dared to plunge me too, I'm on the pill for 5 years and tomorrow I'm asking my UT 380 short!

    I wanted to know if I should take something before installation (such Spasfon) or even ibuprofen history not to have pain afterwards. My gynecologist told me nothing, he just told me that after installing it take Spasfon advised to avoid pain.

    How did you do you?
    missie8I take this opportunity to put the link of the report ANAES should read before getting an IUD (intrauterine device), just to make that choice in good conscience, not because "it is the mode of Forum contraception Doctissimo "

    It starts on page 86 and I urge you to read or re-read this document here ...
    allannahSpasfon 1H 2 before installing ...

    but later, when I had my first period, that's when I preview the Spasfon had no real effect on the pain (in my case). So finally, I doubt it has been used to much to take 2 before installing cachetons

    However, it can not hurt
    tibby60Finally my gynecologist told me that it really was not worth the trouble to take pills before (I am nulliparous).

    I went to the pharmacy and asked what preparation I need to take pills like ibuprofen based. She replied: "Oh no, certainly not the IUD (intrauterine device) inflammatory action in the uterus and then cancels the effects of ibuprofen."

    Still growing at this legend ...
    krissyI reassure you, I went looking on many sites and I personally talked to my gynecologist IUD (intrauterine device) that I wanted to ask.

    He explained that the risk of perforations were mainly present in the past because IUDs were not really top notch.

    For the UT 380, for example, there is provided with an inserter and the branches bend which facilitates installation.

    We'll see tomorrow
    tarah88As my period at the time were super painful, I alternate ibuprofen and Spasfon already for several days. At the time of installation (the middle of the afternoon) so I had to have already cachetons 4 each in the belly (the coup?) Poses no pain, not much later (a little woozy in transit, but I bp have done without the last few km that separated me from my walk)

    For you to see Herbie, if you do not take anything before, still plan to have sth on you if the post (spafon and / or ibuprofen and / or paracetamol).
    stephaniegood, since I am in my reading of the report 453,454,534th ANAES for tanks, this is what is written about ibuprofen:

    "In addition to CI absolute or relative, the Working Group highlights the prudence to adopt and follow-up to adapt in case of:
    anti-inflammatory long-term (not supported by the literature, the risk of reduced efficacy of the IUD (intrauterine device) is not shown, but there are potential risks of infection and bleeding);
    shelomithIn fact, I mostly fear of vagal later. I hope it will not be the case because-as it is I who must ride in fact.
    katherynI speak in general for people who read this forum with too little down (I have yet to have proof on the forum fungus, I laugh again)

    Some people would quickly suggest that the IUD (intrauterine device) is the perfect method. It is not ...
    So regularly, I go to my little flat overall, as I did above ..
    missy65as I recounted in my last post, since the installation of the new, it was a little "butcher shop in my womb"
    more so as I give blood regularly in my lab, and I was tired, I decided to check

    as I work in a hospital, I got a tube of blood collected by a colleague and I sent it in for service next to a blood
    madeline84vagal malaise is not systematic

    necessary, if you feel unwell, ask yourself a moment on a bench in a cafe or even in your tuture before taking the wheel, that said, I was always months right after my work so it poses not insurmountable
    queenaWell then suddenly, it can take ibuprofen or not with an IUD (intrauterine device)??

    The report just issued ANAES doubts about the widespread use of ibuprofen, there is absolutely no evidence that it reduces the effectiveness of the IUD (intrauterine device)!

    For a typical use of NSAIDs (headache, menstrual pain etc.), there is NO problem!
    happyYes so do not take ibuprofen cures anything, either
    buntyand especially the passage you quote clearly states not supported by the literature
    which in scientific language means "not proven"
    jera2What you have small chip coil as you?
    marnieas my avatar shows, the Multiload / Gynell 375 (the second)
    jacobina99so. As noted on the site of Martin Winckler, something that I was also indicated by a gynecologist when I was bleeding during the cycle, you can totally make cures ibuprofen at a rate of 200mg every 4 to 6 hours, the first 3-4 days of the rules: it reduces the abundance of rules

    tested and approved!

    Report ANAES made mention of a good "anti-inflammatory long-term" .. is something other than 4-5 days in a row
    caileigh0Hello to all!
    I have a copper IUD (intrauterine device) since March.
    everything is going well except that ....
    -My first cycle after IUD (intrauterine device) insertion was 45 days
    -My second was 58 days!!
    then each time they are questions and concerns!
    which brings me to your lanterns: is it common? anyone know the same kind of scenario ?!!!!
    beatriceYes that was about my case, very long cycle in the beginning, which even tended to lengthen ... Now it is shortens ...
    jordyn7ba is to listen to all not stay too long after (what does jai) and Detre with ...
    jessa582Hello girls!

    So here, I went this morning to ask me my IUD (intrauterine device) I tell you:

    I therefore at the gynecologist, I place the spreader and then I opened the cervix with forceps (a small pinch but not painful at all), I inserted the inserter and hop, 3 times in 2 movements was made. I felt nothing at all except when he opened my collar because I am nulliparous.

    I get up, I'll rhabiller and there I felt quite strange. Stomach ache, sore uterus (the same pain when her period without the pill), I begin to have blackheads, I sweat like a patient to a point where the drops fell from my nose, ringing in the ears, no doubt, was a vagal

    I have a bit of a chore to put my shoes and gynecology not seeing me arrive was concerned, and there he sees me in this state I laughed when he saw my head full of drops in the mirror and the doctor completely embarrassed "I'm really sorry to have put in this state"

    Fortunately, my boyfriend was waiting in his car and he drove.

    I had pain in the abdomen for 3 / 4 hours, but before installing I had to take care Spasfon 2. I lie still 3 / 4 hours, with a stamp of ibuprofen 200mg and there I felt good, I have no pain, nothing!

    Frankly, I thought it would be much worse than that, but everything went perfectly, the gynecologist was very sweet and I had no problems except this little discomfort when I'm dressed!

    So I joined the club of nulliparous copper today if you will of me!
    audraba cest cool if your not hurt! cte lucky me it made me too sore !!!!!!!!!!!
    but does not fall in the pom that's something! yes me! and it's a headache!
    bailee0No, fortunately I have not fallen. I felt that moment arrived and I began to breathe deeply, closed my eyes and put my head against the wall for 2 minutes. I had never done before, but what a head with the tranqpiration in the face and any makeup that flows
    vedaA small question: I see many women on this topic that make condoms after being asked an IUD (intrauterine device).

    It's been five years that I have with the same partner, do I also give condoms to wait for my cycles to stabilize or I can have intercourse without presos?
    alleneNo need for condoms if you have no risk of you pass on STDs, the IUD (intrauterine device) is reliable since installation.

    The presos is only if there is a risk of transmission of STDs or personal preference ...
    margeThank you Maelle
    aureoleha? gotta to have eyes in front of the hole then ... if there is one who did it, it must be the maximum
    amaliyaWell, not on this one, on another, I do not remember the name: S
    biddy013abandonment of the preso for me, not weeks or weeks
    venathank you very much! I have only to become more zen and trust in my IUD (intrauterine device)!! and then at least I'm saving pads and towels!!

    I take this opportunity to give you my opinion for the IUD (intrauterine device): for me, it was great (I said that I have a little girl giving birth without any problems). I did not feel anything during the installation, it was very fast and no pain during or after. pain of simple rules, this without taking any Medoc!

    So much for my personal experience!
    antoinette045thank you very much! I have only to become more zen and trust in my IUD (intrauterine device)!! and then at least I'm saving pads and towels!!

    I take this opportunity to give you my opinion for the IUD (intrauterine device): for me, it was great (I said that I have a little girl giving birth without any problems). I did not feel anything during the installation, it was very fast and no pain during or after. pain of simple rules, this without taking any Medoc!

    So much for my personal experience!
    valeriecool for you!
    madisonAnd for you malimu, how did it go ask?
    gayleuh tomD jai made a post on it ...
    nola9for recall, it was about 200 of Novat no longer for sale. They sent me a mail telling me they send me pr their response by mail ... wait .. if there is interesting stuff, I will share with you ..
    alline07Nice, beautiful fairy gore!
    jaymehello, I wanted to tell you that for me, which is the IUD (intrauterine device) shot for several months, my rules have baucoup reduced in quantity but have long time! I only have very light brown losses which forces me to wear a slip protection for at least 10 days! if no harm Vantre of a few buttons, nothing very special .... Here is a +

    I just recently, I just wanted to say that nothing is reliable with the IUD (intrauterine device) .......
    I did put mine, copper, March 26 ....... I am pregnant !!!!!!! my IUD (intrauterine device) had already moved.

    like what ..............
    doryOf course, there tjs concerns, regardless of contraception. My old gygy was at least right about one thing: wanting contraception is bound to oppose any nature ... and she tries to reassert itself. Logic.
    M'enfin good for me laying nikel happened, I cross my fingers ...
    abegailI'm sorry for you But that does not absolutely say that "nothing is reliable with the IUD (intrauterine device)." There are rare cases of pregnancy, as with any contraception. But statistically, three women with IUD (intrauterine device) become pregnant every thousand years ... Is minimal
    felinawow why jhesite c jai many cases around me falling pregnant women in IUD (intrauterine device)
    elenoraKokapi, I do not know if your cold is related to the low abundance of your period. But I would not worry too much abundance can vary, I think. By cons monitors anyway if your pain, and the arrival of your next period ...

    I have a question: When my last ragnagna (the fourth in IUD (intrauterine device)), I used tampons for the first time with the IUD (intrauterine device), and I had great pain, only the day I put a Buffer.
    This time, I had almost no stomach ache, but now I have a buffer, and acute pain returned. I took two pills but it does not really happening, so I removed the pad, and contractions for more than ...
    Has this happened to one of you to have more trouble with a tampon?
    You think it has a link?
    maris6My gynecologist asked me not to wear pads in the first round, and rarely do so later, at least until everything was not completely stabilized. Sometimes the son of the IUD (intrauterine device) get stuck in the buffer, the coup when it removes the shot, and bam, it's sore.
    So I'll reduce my use of tampons .... too bad, a blessing in disguise.
    normaBA said it was therefore miss quick!
    it's cool
    What did you like diu?
    abigail32good question. jai I never tried with a buffer
    alyceYeah except it's for the pool which bof
    I also wanted to do this on my first IUD (intrauterine device), except that it has not change even when expulsion
    I think so Defos ac buffer it can avoid quil descend
    ainsley070In fact the post was dated back to a few months ago already ... Thank you anyway!

    I do have rules + painful when I put a stamp because my vagina is small "at rest" (decidedly, everyone will eventually know) and then rub the pad on the neck at all times and so I poorly. So in addition to having "stomach ache" during menstruation because of contractions (it only lasts one or two days), when I put the pads, I have a more profound and continuous pain

    my solution? The Mooncup nothing to report for my part, and finished the unpleasant pain: the cervix is ​​now saved as the Mooncup is placed around it, without touching
    susanIt's magic!
    No, it's true that the Mooncup is nice after a few months of use in my list of pros and cons, the pros have won!
    lindsaySat want about his moocup, it's been awhile
    ba eyeGO then put me in my towel! jai no moo moo
    meade18Yes it is a pain too deep and goes on! Yet it has never done this before the IUD (intrauterine device) ...
    I'll be trying the Mooncup, the blow But I'm afraid of having to empty it too often, and when in the toilet where the sink is common is not top ...

    Kokapi: oops! Sorry I had not read the last pages I thought it was cooler than that!
    justice7Personal I always empty the toilet ^ ^ In times of intense flux, it apparently takes 3 hours or 1 hour at 1:30 more than the mini-buffer (the only ones I endured: /).
    No sink, rinsing with water bottle is a bit irritating, but it sounds level sanitation ample, while there is a flush "correct" within hours.
    pansymay be necessary that I avoid the buffer while the first few months I think?!
    maelle you not suports the buffers?
    clairMe personal, I will not tempt fate ... I'll leave it all to stabilize and then ... J'verrai if one wanted to Mooncup takes me in a while ^ ^.

    Otherwise, I must admit that tonight it takes quite a bit. I was happy with my day ... I think cleaning the cages of the mice was a little tired ...
    I have a little spotting, but I do not. The pain is mild, pass very well when I ask myself, and then the cessation of stress hormones + ambient + the IUD (intrauterine device), it should not help ...
    Zen remain as they say.
    jeanineOther than mini malimu yes. The perception of constant discomfort and tightness, but not like thrush fungus.
    The minis also made me the impression there, but unless you are very angry, it's going quickly after insertion. Of course I could not link them either, so I put a couple of times only pdt my period ...
    devenOh yeah? below say it! not cool! I feel anything with the pads ...
    for you is: live and live the IUD (intrauterine device) moocup!
    carreenOutright yes
    raeleneHey by the way, I went back to my therapist the other day and at the end of the consultation (yes, the end, because I know that if I balance the stuff a bit boring at the beginning of consult, we go over the session , and right now I prefer to work on other subject ... so I'm the Juice, lol) So late in the session I made it "ha, in fact, have made j'me IUD (intrauterine device), (up eyebrows) and j'me am informed, my gynecologist told me well that copper has a spermicidal and that it's official now, even the reports of ANAES I do not know what ... " (Smile) "agree" it makes me.
    That now she at least learned something ^ ^.

    In fact I have a small question for a few days I have lost weird color, I would say mixed with the mucous and some blood and yesterday I saw there was blood, the more that forward as the end of the period.

    I did ask a UT380 June 23, I wanted to know if this was due to this. Is this normal?

    Thank you for your answers.
    corynnThis may be your ovulation?
    jeannie9Hello, I plan to make me put an IUD (intrauterine device) (my gynecologist agrees and all). But I was wondering your opinion, what would be the striet better now for me. I am 16, I have a boyfriend, a baby would not be welcome and I support many hormones until now. I want an IUD (intrauterine device) because I forget the pill all the time, timbre and well .. it is not pretty, although P and the ring my boyfriend when the meaning of the reports (and this is not the psycotage)
    So your advice
    Mercii much
    pearlie0This is usually the gynecologist who chooses this quiconvient your best shape after a first examination.
    natilleI do not think that when egg-because the losses are not a red! Rather, they are white I think.
    joye4I sometimes have spotting during ovulation, and several girls on the forum also ... If it Persits too long, consult your gygy
    dixeeFillesixteen, it depends mostly on what you want you, and especially if you bear much your natural rules.

    The hormonal IUD (intrauterine device) has the advantage of reducing greatly the rules or make them disappear. But it does not work for everyone.
    When it works, it often requires an adjustment period of more or less 6 months during which he may be saignottements anarchic.
    It is not mandatory, but we expect you there

    The copper IUD (intrauterine device) has the advantage (and disadvantage for some) to deliver proper. The rules and particular inconvenience. If you stand your period well before the pill, it should not ask you to pb
    The copper IUD (intrauterine device) has a tendency, at least the first few months, a slight increase in the flow, and thus the length of the rules. Often taking anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen) for the rules is sufficient to reduce this phenomenon bcp (at the same time it relieves pain), it is embarrassing. Otherwise there are also stronger Medoc.

    For installation, the hormonal IUD (intrauterine device) inserter is slightly larger than the copper IUD (intrauterine device). Sometimes to the neck of a nulliparous it can cause problems if there is no special precautions before opening to the cervix. Sometimes it goes very well too ^ ^

    Of course, if you do ask such IUD (intrauterine device) and that after 6 months or more you see it not suit you, you can always have it removed and ask each other direct instead.

    Herbie, it can actually be of ovulation. It is not uncommon for pertouilles blood at that time, even without IUD (intrauterine device). My first cycle in IUD (intrauterine device) at the time of ovulation I had 7 days of saignottements (subsequent cycles it calmed down I reassure you). In any case the first month there may be inadvertent saignottements, it does not matter at all, it's just the uterus is still getting used to the device.
    jaimeMaelle-thank you very much, but is it true that the copper IUD (intrauterine device) is less reliable than the one with hormones?
    orianeI did not ovulate so fast in fact!

    Let's say it's been about a week I kind of loss but intermittently. Every other day, sometimes every third day. I said they are not fragrant.

    How do I know j'ovule?
    alenaFillesixteen, yes, but the order of 0.1 or 0.2% I think. Both IUDs are reliable over 99%.
    Do an internet search with the words "contraception" and "Pearl Index" get the exact figures

    Herbie, well me too I did not ovulate so fast at the beginning! I have long had polycystic ovaries and I think stopping the pill in the pb would be back pronto. Well no, everything is bathed
    To be absolutely sure of the day of ovulation, there is little that the ovulation tests and temperature curves. Otherwise the experience of each ovulation, if they are felt, month after month ...

    There is also the date of the rules, which intervienent between 9 and 16 days after ovulation. If you have the future you can calculate if you have pertouilles match.
    kacey30Here is an excerpt from the report of ANAES: "Although it may seem discordant with practice, the data show no significant difference between the contraceptive effectiveness of copper IUDs area> 250 mm2 and the LNG IUD (intrauterine device) (level of evidence 1). The LNG IUD (intrauterine device) provides a modest improvement on the other hand, in terms of contraceptive efficacy and tolerability, compared with copper IUD (intrauterine device) surface?> 250 mm2 (evidence level 1). Given the less well tolerated (amenorrhea) and the higher cost of LNG IUD (intrauterine device) relative to copper IUD (intrauterine device) surface> 250 mm2, it is recommended that favor the LNG IUD (intrauterine device) in case of further expected benefit, eg. in case of functional menorrhagia (after research and elimination of detectable organic causes). The LNG IUD (intrauterine device) is suitable for women with heavy bleeding with copper IUDs. "

    document to read is essential to know everything about each contraceptive method, the cons-indications, risks, etc.

    IUD (intrauterine device) page 10 and following [...] d-2006.pdf
    steffie3Thank you very much, Sam-
    ormondaSam, the doc HAS!
    ettahey hey

    it should be printed by all and left on the bedside table!
    shania783Yes, and bring to physicians, unfortunately, because they are far from having all read ...

    With all that work, I even forgot to celebrate the anniversary of my IUD (intrauterine device) pti loved!

    Happy birthday little UT ... 2 years ago

    aye, I finally ... I go out
    tania5Ouaiiiiiiiis ........ There's the odd here, lol.
    (OK, I confess, if all goes well I might hit me the same kind of delirium, it is m'enfin not say ^ ^)
    xaraIUDs goodnight!

    I see it kidding around here a lot too, I'll try to come more often!

    I have my Mirena since February ... and happiness!

    Here, I salute you and wish you a good evening girls
    christiegood evening
    jai a small question for pros of IUD (intrauterine device) ...
    Here jai my rules right now and I think (sorry to say things like that but I can not help it) that the blood has an odor not As usual, I wondered if ja Navais not a tampax stuck and forgotten would be back, so I started looking for a tampax to finally feel what the thread of my IUD (intrauterine device), I wonder sil did not move because of my tampering.
    quen do you think?
    thank you for your answers
    Jappelli gygy of my morning

    I doubt that your tampering could move the coil, you really pull hard on the son voluntarily to move, in my opinion.

    It's been a while since you have your IUD (intrauterine device)? You had never felt before that smell?

    With a coil at the beginning and the end of the rules, there is often blood brown. The brown blood is blood oxidized, it often smells a little different and a little higher than normal blood. Maybe this is why you felt?

    If the smell does not go by the rules or if you notice other symptoms (loss and / or unusual pain), it would be better to consult because they are signs of infection.
    shantelleHello, after 1 year of hormonal IUD (intrauterine device), I started having irregular bleeding, I do not know the rules because I qd I bleed a little time with tt breaks qq days to 2 weeks.
    Do qqun was that? Gyne made exams, she gave me two of Cilest plateux to regulate, if not it will not remove tt now. I've already mare (
    olivetteHello, after 1 year of hormonal IUD (intrauterine device), I started having irregular bleeding, I do not know the rules because I qd I bleed a little time with tt breaks qq days to 2 weeks.
    Do qqun was that? Gyne made exams, she gave me two of Cilest plateux to regulate, if not it will not remove tt now. I've already mare (
    16 years old I got an IUD (intrauterine device) inserted that sappel sertalia (smaller for women without children), except that I javais a uterus larger than average so I expel. (The IUD (intrauterine device) is no longer available because the son break too) if you want more information you can speak to me in mp. jai jai 18 years now Multiload IUD (intrauterine device).
    topsey0yeah I've read it's not bad!
    pattiIt is serious this Sat
    rozMaelle thank you for your response, I went to see my gygy I took it between two appointments in "emergency", she made an eco and seen that the IUD (intrauterine device) (copper javais that since 9 months) was down and netait more glued to the wall of the uterus!
    about the smell I think you're right, that must have but I ca ca Navais not felt previously!
    She prescribed me an IUD (intrauterine device) of larger size (there are no bigger after this one). Finally, for the moment I'm on the pill for MES control hormones.
    jhesite now in pill and IUD (intrauterine device), which I did not want the pills but jai limpression to redo my adolescent crisis (acne )!!!! I will wait some time to see, jai an appointment in October, I will At that moment!
    any way jai lintention to a little sister or little brother has my daughter dici lanne next ....
    In any case thank you for your answer
    brooke46For my part I did ask a copper IUD (intrauterine device) Tuesday. I'll make you my experience with you soon!
    I know that every time I ask you repondeze uen issue quickly and very well!
    So I go .. I have an IUD (intrauterine device) in April for a week .. and all the reports' jai had were just kind of ... zarb vagal zarb ... what ...
    Then in certain positions at the beginning of laying my darling son smelled ... now he feels more ...
    and finally I have irregular cycles even of almost 28 regular, 26 days is what this is me ... 22 days with heavy bleeding, while other rules were normal els ...
    I have not specially pain ... but I find it zarb is what would it be moved?? is that it raises concern that moves??
    thank you girls
    then irregular cycles, it's a bit normal. sub diu, so without hormones, your cycles revert to what they were before you take the pill. So unless thou be a real Swiss cuckoo clock is not always very regular ...
    IUD (intrauterine device) moving a problem, because if he moves it protects you more! it says it's not because your dear son no longer feels the IUD (intrauterine device) that your moves ... if the wire was down a little or your dear son got used to it and feel more. more depending on the time of your cycle the position of the cervix into the vagina changes and you can feel the n eplus son some do not even feel it depends!
    regarding reports zarb, if you are a fan of deep positions and that your man has come to touch your neck, if you're very sensitive you may find it painful or uncomfortable.
    that said if you are afraid that your IUD (intrauterine device) has moves you can always go check it by your gy ...
    hillary9not I already think it is moved, but it's true that right now I have svt discomfort during installation and as it was a terrible I was wondering if it could be related ...
    c emoment but I'm tired so it can be just that ...
    judieif we could avoid having to read this kind of stupidity that is that under the pretext that we have a copper IUD (intrauterine device) can not afford to want to avoid the rules by means of hormonal crises ca save me of nerves

    Are there really people .. sectarian an intolerance .. it's crazy
    abigallSat is that you speak?
    nanette9uh I did not understand ...
    glenicesometimes things happen ladle on the forums: it is censorship. apparently some people have about the misplaced Sat and thus meets someone whose post has been deleted. Finally it's my assumption ...
    kelsey3yeah but I do not see the connection here? no one has talked about the pill and IUD (intrauterine device) is not it? not understand ...
    lavena5it had to be planted by meeting topic

    and for sevebizbiz didi68
    lilacET ben super information, I asked a little earlier information on the IUD (intrauterine device) and the sudden I'm really well informed thank you very much, you're gyne or what!
    Finally, thanks again
    ena6I ben good is tomorrow at 14h the IUD (intrauterine device). I have not bought my pharmacy order it for the future! I hope I will be able to leave (most of all I am a motorcycle!)

    we will think well of you

    and relying on the minutes of installing! caution bike, right?! )
    gaye78No, it's just that I had exactly the same path as you, 2 years ago ... learned and thanks to a little curiosity (thank you internet) you learn tons of things!
    louannauh, can someone help me? ... jsuis has 39 days, jattends rrrrrr is my long ... or so I've really had my rrrrrrrr, jen'm sick jcomprend nothing!!
    valarie55Good evening ....
    I do a little research on IUDs. I may be selfish but I'm sick of the pill!!
    I must confess that I have not read all the pages of this post

    Qq can I direcombien costs + / - an IUD (intrauterine device)? I have no idea of ​​price

    tiffani84Good evening

    The copper intrauterine device: about 30 euros, depending on the model you keep 5 or 10 years max. It is paid entirely by mutual safety + if you have one. With a little luck you'm leaving the pharmacy without opening your wallet.

    The hormonal striet: in the 140 euros I think. You keep it 5 years max. It is repaid in the same way.

    For installation, it is usually a little more expensive than a normal appointment. I think it is around 35 euros if your gynecologist has an agreement. If it is not like that can be double. It is also fully paid by mutual + safety.
    april80uh ... c the same in Belgium?
    and yes, am a Belgian tite
    aidith5Ah! Good question

    I found that the hormonal IUD (intrauterine device): / ggr / index.c [...] t% C3% A9rin

    I can not find info and prices for copper IUD (intrauterine device) IUDs Belgian If go through there ...
    estaha ok, I had not seen that message, sorry ..

    I wait your answer
    lora8merciiiiii for your answers.
    I'm going to auj mutual information for the refund ..

    can be in soon, bizzzzzzzzz
    jules27hello I'm back home the gynecologist!

    So as you can see my installation went well IUD (intrauterine device) since I'm here to write .... no I'm not dead on the seat gynecology.

    so here's how it went:

    1) I am going to buy my shorts UT380 to the pharmacy (without a prescription, I had not seen my gynecologist before).
    2) I took 2 Spasfon before going to my appointment
    3) I arrive at my gynecologist (she very up to date, she gave me a problem on the fact that I am nulliparous, in fact they ask me anything!).
    4) So I sit on the seat, very relaxed at the start
    5) She asks me the speculum (c tjs as cold this stuff but at least it's not bad)
    6) after her Trifouille I know what she said and then ask what is the clip to open the cervix and thus makes me cough: is it me on the spot not good but because it was going to After 5 seconds I felt almost more.
    7) it inserts the rod with the IUD (intrauterine device): and there it made me a very sharp and sudden pain, the sudden I jumped a little
    8) Then it places the coil as it should (there I feel anything) and she told me to breathe normally to relax a little
    9) it removes the stem and it's Remal and suddenly I made a small jump back and she said "here I could have really hurt!" "Sorry, it's a reflex to pain" (that's haircut when she Crame with the hair dryer I withdraw my head very quickly lol).
    10) It removes the clamp, then it's been a little but not too bad compared to just before.
    11) she asks me if it's going and told me to stay on the seat a few minutes, during which time we discuss a few (I ask him if I must put pads to the end of my period, it I said yes otherwise it could shoot the son).
    12) it checks whether it is in place by feeling to see if it hurts (so good).
    13) I fall and I get dressed, I feel nothing, cool

    After I asked him a prescription for spifen and antadys (I would see which works best).

    I paid my short UT380, 27 euros, 50 euros and consultation (although sure all this Money Back).

    I left on a motorcycle normally (a bit scared too move the pool anyway).

    Here is my belly heavy as during my first days of rules but nothing unbearable.

    conclusion: bin fortunately it's all four years because actually the pain is unbearable! I personally am not cozy, but a sharp pain and acute as it is difficult to stand without moving

    In fact there are 2x3 seconds of intense pain and it is the pass.

    hours and the withdrawal is the same pain?
    leanoraCool, was great if that's fine. The installation is not very pleasant, I admit, there is evidence m'enfin that can survive eh ^ ^.
    For removal I do not know, I'm not yet passed ^ ^.
    The first day, avoid excessive force or pushed too .. hugs it's just a p'tit conceil ^ ^.

    carlisaAnyway right now I'm single so good ....
    if it is I will come back six months later to shorten son lol (6 months Single oh no it's not possible suicide .... :-( I)
    ronit4I found for the withdrawal, we felt nothing at all. But hey, Maitenes, I can not generalize either.
    heleneit's weird. at the same time is not the clip can be withdrawn is that?
    but tans better if it's less bad for withdrawal c already it less.

    if this hurts me more strongly than earlier, as a day of painful periods.
    augustaThen he'll be back the Spasfon (in dosages of course ...)
    And as I told you, watch out not to force. Let your body slowly ingest the shot, without the rush. I do like that, being careful that I said to my body, and suddenly I had pain (bearable) just one week after laying around. Now I absolutely worse and lost quite normal too.
    bryonyI have already taken a antadys, I can take Spasfon behind?
    angelle3(Not on the antadys reluctant to have no pain: it avoids the uterus to react too strongly and move the gear ...)
    shavonneyep! on the record it is stated that NSAIDs should be avoided but for the RAS Spasfon
    linsyOh yes, I forgot the antadys ... Because I will not because I did not qualify, sorry. ^ ^
    I do not know ... the antadys I believe is an anti-inflammatory? and an anti-spasmodic Spasfon ...

    I am currently testing the plants, since I am not entitled to Medoc too strong. I will tell you what I find as herbal teas to take for pain of rules. (Last night I took my little recipe and I slept like a baby ... so I agree and I persevere ... j'vous keeps)

    blanch6Fast Sam!
    Well well, I just thought so, you can combine the terms ^ ^

    kristel74oki ben good so I will not hesitate ...
    cherilynCaution Sam, does not succumb to the charm of Hairy! (That's how my darling calls them.)

    edit: and if you ever fall for the trick to 4 feet, to think of this forum: / A [...] ats-f3.htm
    Thank you ^ ^
    lavoneWhat is that holds you, the litter? the smell?

    ben is you apply the technique described in my blog, or you opt for the litter box closed with the silicate changed regularly: this is what I am doing now because I stopped learning in my toilet cats and a litter in a traditional 29m , it is not sustainable: - /.

    is also necessary that I'll take care of my blog here ...
    uniceCome on, let's go

    (What is it wise, this Tom)

    eh? what? a HS? What HS!?

    The first day, avoid excessive force or pushed too .. hugs it's just a p'tit conceil ^ ^.
    but not but not me .... jai is jane tarzan in the forest and with no worries
    eppieI gave my my gygy than Libu in 400mg, antadys it is?!
    cherie2it is a different molecule to ibuprofen. It is also an NSAID. It's supposed to be more specific for this type of pain and a little more efficient.
    In my case, I think that calms me Antadys + rapidly to severe pain of rules. And I also find that the effect-cool kiss lasts longer

    But we must say that for the ibu, I rather take the ibu 100 (for two) ... So with ibu 400, you can go alone, it is ze mega dose and I think the effect should be equivalent

    the advantage of ibuprofen (400 but not good) is that in an emergency, do you find in any pharmacy without the need for order

    "The first day, avoid excessive force or hugs pushed too .. it's just a p'tit conceil ^ ^."
    "But not but not me .... jai is jane tarzan in the forest and with no worries"

    Malimu I say that because I lived it. If it can keep him to reraise his pains for nothing better. If it resists like you even better. But I prefer to avoid.
    brennaI laughed uh roooooo
    cacia66I laughed uh roooooo
    caryben good on my side it's going well, I have more bad at all, I have not picked up since yesterday aprem Medoc.

    by towels against the galley is really, I do not know how they are women who do it. tjs me I'm afraid it is leaking all over :-(
    raymondaHello to all!
    I have a question, I ask a copper IUD (intrauterine device) June 28, then I had five days of bleeding and a quiet week puiq bleeding again (I thought it was my return from layer j ' have given birth and breastfeeding February 28 so ...) and then a SEAIN traquille bleeding again! Does it happen? should I be concerned and see alller gygy? thank you for your answers
    kiarraclo, home is the opposite ... the buffer if I forget to change it after 2 hours I found myself flooded! So I prefer to risk the overflow in the pants on each side of the towel, it's less likely ...

    I dadalalatiti not care too much, in a first-time IUD (intrauterine device) has a tendency to bleed for no reason (with me anyway), and the floor must be your hormones a little too chaotic ... by cons if it lasts too ca may be worth the ocnsulter, just to check that all is well and you do not t'anemies. Finally, in my opinion ... Congratulations for bb!

    Then I use my usual rambling one that's why I feel that the towels are filled super fast!

    tjs if no pain and I bleed for almost more (strange because even on the pill my period lasted until Friday).
    faith755Me too my ragnagnas installation were very short and scanty ... According to some, the fireworks would be for next time ...
    And it's been one month to the day I stopped the hormones! ^ ^
    dervla0normal, in your case, the first rules when laying still rules related to the deprivation of ela stop pill

    is indeed well the first rules that are a little natural tough sometimes!
    hellen6Yes I know that my last ragnagnas were rules of deprivation. But they were much less abundant than usual rules of deprivation. ^ ^
    I await my new ragnagnas a "nana" in each hand! ^ ^
    admiranda0matter how I do now to expect when I do my next "real" rules? from which day he must count? and how many days should I begin to protect myself?

    it reminds me when I was 16 I had a special calendar to record pti my cycles :-)
    bertaClo, you remind me of memories, I also had this calendar
    you took the pill or other hormonal contraception before?

    If so, difficult to define when your cycle will actually get under way ... The default account from the first day of your period.
    The easiest would still find the day of your ovulation and take approximately 14 d from there. But you will not necessarily feel it happen.

    Ie protect you? IUDs protect you from the day of installation, so no worries on that side now if all goes well you're quiet for five years.
    alyse90I have not 16 years old, and I do this little calendar tjs
    (Well, I have cycles that dconnent so it's to be able to link all anomalies)
    glennaMaelle: I said protect me for the rules (= put my rambling).

    well I'm going to have to note that in Outlook now, lol.

    I remember my periods before the pill, I had a period of about 28 days (adjusted quite well I must say). Very few normal flu and pain the second day only. Do I get this?

    I understand that our rules are recovered before the bcp hormones so why say they have + in IUDs?

    you have a flu more important that your IUDs when you had no contraception?
    samantathe flow is identical to me.

    The only thing that changes is the loss of life end of rules ... ca also lengthen the rules of 5-6 days to 8 days in IUD (intrauterine device) (well except when my cycles redconnent then I count the number of days of losses before and after but hey, Lutenyl 20 days and I am again like clockwork for 6 months)
    sibylI have 35 years and I toujorus the small calendar where I note my rules

    becca4Ok clo! ben is every indication that he'll have you keep your Diva on you and that you can do is to instinct, or at the first spot
    That's about how I work. I manage to sterilize a good week after ovulation and after ovulation since the time-rules is not quite regular, I keep it close at bag.

    In any case the IUD (intrauterine device) in the first months it may be anarchic saignottements time that the uterus is done to lil again, those, if they can, you absolutely can not predict when ...

    Otherwise the flow of home rule was abundant trees in the first month, the second and third means, and the fourth is back to normal (= without contraception) and since it stayed like that, except pertouilles of rules after that last 2 to 5 days a month as more ...

    If not for the calendar, I have in my head actually (26-31-26-28-28-28-26-27), for the moment it's easy
    codyHello again!

    I asked the IUD (intrauterine device) Gynell 375 in early April on the last day of my period,
    Then I had the rules of the April 25th (5 days)

    Then, May 23 (4-5 days),

    Then on 23 June (5 days) and this month I have no rules and I panic already.

    I saw the gynecologist mid-June, he checked if the IUD (intrauterine device) has not moved: NO

    This bothers me: the lack of rules, I bought the pregnancy test and I will do tomorrow morning is still the delay of 3-4 days but may be there is another cause?

    paise6I also note ... and I have 16 years instead
    To remember my cycles is even simpler than Malle +: 28-day cycles of 19 months of IUD (intrauterine device)
    brittani69well anyway my gynecologist told me to just slip guards for the first month to have an accident.
    I go in on Saturday I hope that I could swim ...

    at least for the moment I have not lost since last night.
    brittney182I also do a calendar, just to find myself not flooded. Personal + is clearly abundant than before, but I found my pattern of roughly 6 weeks per cycle, with each cycle of 5 to 7 days. regarding pertouilles along the way ... ben in general they fall on me unexpectedly and I usually find my girl I always carry around 2 or 3 buffers in each bag!

    nanny in your place I stress for aps too. 1 month ago the IUD (intrauterine device) was still there, and you're not even really late! trying to see if you feel the son of your IUD (intrauterine device) and to relax ... if still no sign of the rules in one week doing the test in case! must learn to trust your new birth ...
    ashley23I'm a Cuckoo it's been I'm not viendue

    I see that there are new IUD (intrauterine device), it's cool

    I hope everyone is okay!

    Well, today is the anniversary of my installation of my second IUD (intrauterine device): 1 year !!!!!

    Stay well!
    mildredyou is good too
    I asked my copper IUD (intrauterine device) in early April, four months while

    good day

    keighley9(I even left the smiley dressed for the occasion)
    krystinaThank you Sat
    Did you even out the suit

    Otherwise I IUDs in cycles not painful (whereas before I suffered martyrdom) and no more abundant or long +

    For the Sun: Best wishes of happiness! I hope it went well!

    * Have stuff to do *
    benedicta71delighted to have you review, stealth even

    and .. happy holidays!
    maryann295ben good I've got a little sore today. I took 2 Spasfon.
    Do you think I can go dancing in the box tonight? it is not risky?
    miraBen ... If you feel capable, you can try. Personally, I 'will have it not, m'enfin what counts is your feeling about you.


    IUD (intrauterine device) (copper but I can not remember which model) since December 06

    Super friendly and practical this post, thank you all for the info
    evonneHello and thank you for the response and support, I checked the son, they are there, I did the test anyway yesterday: negative, I look
    may be due to the conduct review: the enormous stress: July 27 I had no rules?
    or because of fibro colonoscopy July 13 anestesie in general?
    I do not know exactly but with the help of this forum I stress less, thank you!

    Nanny / san 1621_1.htm [...]
    philipa01I'd never bad, just the rules are fairly abundant and gynecology m 'prescribed SPOTOF reducing the rules: it works: I was just a month denrier bulb: for 4 days.


    Nanny / san 1621_1.htm [...]
    debbiGood and well I unleash my canned last night and no problems IUD (intrauterine device) side. I'm glad this is happening as well, I expected to be sick for one week!

    By cons is it normal that I have lost sticky yellow (sometimes with a small drop of blood?
    racquelhello I got an IUD (intrauterine device) Mirena this morning and I forgot to ask if I was gygy protected installation?
    agathaYes, I had these losses for a week. Then it was packed. And now I look nikel ^ ^ my first ragnagnas bobo whether or not and whether or not niagara.

    Cool for you as it goes well ^ ^
    kayeHS: * Lead buggery mode ON *
    this is it I have my avatar, this is it I have my avatar, this is it I have my avatar !!!!!! I expected it 2 months!
    * Lead buggery mode OFF *

    Hum hum ...

    With regard to hormones, I do not know tro, especially that of progestin ... Worse it depends if you have chained with another hormonal contraception or not ...

    mckaylaI took my last pill pill Tuesday.
    caileigh03Hello girls!

    That's my worry: I got an IUD (intrauterine device) June 23 (first day of my last period), today we are July 28 and still no rules

    Is there a risk, even if minimal, I am pregnant? Do I need a pregnancy test?

    Thank you for your answers ...
    mariah0Did you just before hormonal contraception? (Rules after stopping the pill, withdrawal of the patch, ring or implant??)
    If so, it takes several months for your body to regain a normal cycle (so you can have cycles of 60 days for example) ... sometimes up to 6 months.

    After if you had no hormonal contraception, do a test to reassure you if:
    you have a copper IUD (intrauterine device)
    No need if you have a hormonal IUD (intrauterine device) (Mirena)

    Nothing prevents you to do one, but you have not, strictly speaking, real late
    Your cycles revert to what they were natural.
    you have responded so well to another person, can I ask you my question too?

    I put the IUD (intrauterine device) in early April 2007 the last day of my period, before the pill I Minesse, I had rules April 25,
    May 23, June 23 and July NOTHING
    I did the pregnancy test on July 27: NEGATIVE

    Is what I am not well regulated and have to wait 6 months?
    I saw the gynecologist June 14, he checked if the IUD (intrauterine device) is still there: Yes, all was well.
    Thank you

    unice74In time, I vaguely remember having cycles of 30 days and a few ... The fact of having nimporte from anywhere at what time I am a little afraid
    paigeThank you

    So it's possible that your body has not yet recovered fully on the road and therefore you are not yet on your stride so to speak.

    How were your cycles before the pill regularly or not?

    If they were irregular, they will revert ...

    If still no rules in the week you can test again to be perfectly reliable.

    I hope everything will soon return to normal soon

    It's true that at the beginning is not cool when you do not know when it will fall ... Predict always something on you "in case"

    I hope they have the courtesy to advertise
    And they would not land at night: /
    becka2I mean, when I stopped the pill I had 3 cycles and a super regular cycle of 40 days and then it's back to normal
    Since I set as a Swiss clock 28 days

    Patience may be tired or if you're stress, change of lifestyle (the mere fact of being Envac for some) can create a missed period.

    Come on, do not panic, your delay is not too important for now.

    Otherwise I IUDs in cycles not painful (whereas before I suffered martyrdom) and no more abundant or long +

    oooooooooooh true? even your first cycle?
    -That is spotof?
    - Why not me jai cycles of 28 days? I do not ever happened (or maybe once since jai rules) have always so loved java 26 28 27 etc ... me is a mess too, the rules in the crapper
    jedidah4About me:
    After a trouble-free installation and one month without pain or loss quiet weird, I expect my ragnagnas. I got my period (well .. withdrawal bleed) for about a month ago to the day, and there I have a terrible tension in the breasts, and the famous heaviness in the loins of abdomen ... I cross my fingers that it shows up soon, I hate to wait, lol.

    jacquelynyou got the "chance"
    JesperE that taura of rrrrrrrrrrrr
    georgeannaHere, a small bonus to boot. This is the record's most recent health issue in France 5. I love the presenters, and again, they are ahead of the others:

    "This is the contraceptive method most used in the world ... 180 million women are wearing an IUD (intrauterine device), in other words, an intrauterine device (IUD (intrauterine device)). The IUD (intrauterine device) is a small object measuring on average 2 to 3 centimeters.

    Known since antiquity, its principle is to first use of a foreign body in order to prevent implantation of the fertilized egg. In the desert, the Tuareg insert a pebble into the uterus of camels to prevent them from being fertilized during the great voyages of the caravans. The IUD (intrauterine device) is based on the same idea.

    The pill is the contraceptive method most common in France, 60% of women taking oral contraceptives but some can not take it because of side effects.

    This pill increases because the cardiovascular risk. Widespread in the United States, the IUD (intrauterine device), however, is underused in France compared to the pill. One million women use IUDs 5.5 million against the pill.

    In the Hexagon, the IUD (intrauterine device) is used primarily by women who have had children. Few gynecologists offer it to patients who have not yet been pregnant. Yet even in this case, the World Health Organization called for at the age of 20 years.

    An IUD (intrauterine device) costs between 20 and 30 euros and 65% is paid by Social Security. To use this method of contraception, do not hesitate to seek a gynecologist who will agree to prescribe it for you, even if you have not yet had children.

    The intrauterine devices are an alternative to the morning-after pill. They can also be used as emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy up to seven days after unprotected sex.

    Finally, there are also IUDs with hormones ... They involve more than one million French. Dissemination of hormones, so it is classified as such as a drug. "

    Source: France 5 website

    Them at least they try to say a bit more than "not for nulliparous women," that's something!


    Here, a small bonus to boot. This is the record's most recent health issue in France 5. I love the presenters, and again, they are ahead of the others:
    I also like them once yavait something on the pad, in ancient Egypt they were already of what to roll in the vagina, finally well worth koi


    In the desert, the Tuareg insert a pebble into the uterus of camels to prevent them from being fertilized during the great voyages of the caravans. The IUD (intrauterine device) is based on the same idea.
    the camel hump it hard


    Yet even in this case, the World Health Organization called for at the age of 20 years.
    oh shit ... I have been put at 16 and then 19 years! we're going to tole ?!!!!
    hosannah0Lool, yeah go, Malimu in the shade. Lol

    In Egypt, it was pieces of papyrus flexible rod coated with grease. And to think that us poor Europeans, it was not until 2500 years longer to qualify ... Not a dog ...
    ondreea2sailing papiruuuuuus
    nenaHello and thank you once again, still NO RULES, I want to telephone a gynecologist again this week and I buy a pregnancy test to always have one at home, on hand.
    Until the copper IUD (intrauterine device) had the pill 3 months, the rules were the 2-3 month (2-3-4 days might abound not at all)
    Before the pill I Minesse another copper IUD (intrauterine device), the rules were fair.

    good day

    Ben same, I expect the ugly. I have a lot that night socket elsewhere. Not always, but in addition to the "heaviness" permanent, I have no pain peaks Simp. As my first day of ragnagnas only worse, and with nothing that occurs ... J'aaaaaaaaaattennnnnnnnnnds ... ^ ^

    peninaIbuprofen! do not let the pain you rot

    moreover, it is important to calm the uterus to its rules 1ST: remind that the risk of expulsion is important + 1 month and up to 3 months after installation!

    So we must calm the maximum!

    .... and ward off the attack
    ronit7Ibuprofen! do not let the pain you rot

    moreover, it is important to calm the uterus to its rules 1ST: remind that the risk of expulsion is important + 1 month and up to 3 months after installation!

    So we must calm the maximum!

    .... and ward off the attack
    erynn537I have no right to ibuprofen, I have no right to anti-inflammatory, I get nothing .. Just a bit of Spasfon and paracetamol ... And yet not too high dose.

    ... It is how to deal with the attack when one is armed and cul-de-bowl? o.O lol
    hollisif you got the right to Spasfon, takes Spasfon!

    and then talk to your doctor if it does not suffice because there are certainly other medications?
    ellenneko see with your homeopath I say! jai took me some thing that calmed me!
    fauna9All other Medoc strong that I would calm holes are holes in the stomach ... And as Piiiiiluuule me rotten, I did more right ...
    The viscralgine was good for me suppo mode, but it is pluuuuuus!! It is now that oral, so for me it's nyet.
    Awesome is not it? Even after stopping the hormones, I suffered further blows against-...
    * Dog Humour mode ON *
    cathleenyeah, I'll try homeopathy these days ... and also herbal medicine and aromatherapy. I leave the heavy artilllerie, lol.
    justicebut yes! you will find
    affrikahSat morning! there really is the risk of expulsion (or can be moved? NO?)?

    may be because of that I did not get my period?
    I just call the gynecologist, the secretary said he is on leave until Monday (August 6) but I can vrifeir temperature, if the temperature is below 37.0, you must not worry if the temperature is more than 37.0 I have to redo the pregnancy test on Thursday! and I must come and see ....

    stefaniea urine pregnancy test is done AFTER the report 23jours risk and blood is 13 days after the report may

    girls, is what I did the pregnancy test too early?
    I had the rules June 23 ...

    thank you

    ruth0As you wrote above, it takes from the last unprotected ...
    lissa33I said next ... (Hence the problem to ask the same questions in several places ..........)
    tony35Sam, when you're married, when you have two children, when living with my husband, frankly I can not tell you any dates at risk ... frankly
    what to do in this case?
    brandiOkay, sorry a thousand times!
    chevonne517... a bobo ... but still no reds ... * Sticks her tongue out at ragnagnas *
    After how long we have worried about evil without rules?
    kathi68A week? No I do not know exactly ...

    This should be especially from the time it is accompanied by any signs of infection, pain makes you seem really exaggerated and / or fever and / or suspicious losses.
    noreneBon ben ... z'attend always ...
    No loss weird, no fever ... Just cramps at times ... They can come back every 5 minutes or every 5 hours, and it is the same as the day of installation.
    Not a dog, keep 'em the IUD (intrauterine device) is not a uterus that will make the law! Result j'me Spasfon floss and I am a dog's mood ...
    * Hopes its ragnagnas ...*
    kenya16Necho I understand you!
    rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr me I know not what they do there
    darryl41thank you very much for the support, response,
    it affects me a lot,
    This morning I checked the temperature: 36.9 (great!) + pee test: negative but I have no rules, I expect

    Good day
    merletta185At least you're reassured ... My temperature is not one in which I trust. I ride and I down for nothing ... What unreliable. ^ ^

    If not well ... still sore, sore back and bidou, Xena: Warrior mood, and no ragnagnas to ... Honey has bet on tomorrow night ...
    Are beefy cramps ... I'll buy the Spasfon.

    rebeckah25Well it manages not good huh. I have two Spasfon Dafalgan 500 + + 2 capsules of peppermint. (Natural anti-spasmodic.) Will maybe add an infusion of lemon balm ... it is also anti-spasmodic and anti-pain. by cons, as j'me shoot mint, impossible to combine homeopathy. grrr.
    Chuis to bed, the PC on his knees, and I loved going to heat a hot water bottle to put on the belly. It is a love that boy not true ^ ^
    I am so afraid to make a deportation ... Yet all went well this month ...
    * Neko dreamy ...* ouch!
    jewel'll Miss, I'm sure everything will be fine, although I am not under IUD (intrauterine device), I always hyper bad when my period is delayed ... Finally, I doubt that it is far from pleasant.
    Courage, it is with you! Biz
    antonia2stop thinking about going. at least you got signs preset what! I even know if I got any better then this
    tinquiete pullets not going to happen
    Ragnagnas powerrrrr!
    31 days exactly as before the hormones!
    Too happy to get a regular cycle of stopping the ring. This may be because it was not measured ...
    Still, I like crazy bush. I have the same pain as the day of installation.
    You think I can still use the viscralgine even if it has an expiration date past one month? Because it is the Spasfon and cellars Dafalgan c'qu'ils not care less but at least they are on strike.

    Malimu, if you ask me, have you ever had your ragnagnas, but amidst all your other bleeding and bizarrerries, thou hast not seen. I bet on 15 or 20 days still waiting for you before you see them coming back. ^ ^

    Kisu ^ ^
    maleahBon ben ... ragnagnas quite as usual, busy - - at the gate ...
    And always with peaks bobo ... i want the Spasfon intra-veineuuuuuuuuuuuuse !!!!!!!
    adele827Good evening I'm 17 and I took the pill for one and a half
    I want to change the method of contraception because I heard many times that a pill, tobacco and chlolesterol fesaient do not mix. (Flebite risk of cancers ect ..)
    I think I see the copper IUD (intrauterine device) method of contraception that suits me: peace SAFETY no risk of forgetting ...
    but I ask myself questions and concerns are:
    _the copper IUD (intrauterine device) does not contain hormones it makes me immune to a bad mix with tobacco? I do not intend to stop smoking immediately and I would nevertheless minimize the risk ...

    _j'ai afraid I denied an IUD (intrauterine device) for a gy because of my young age ... what do you think?

    _ I heard that multiple partners promoted certain risks when wearing an IUD (intrauterine device), I'm not a "layer you married the" On the contrary, but in four years can be a partner I would change ...

    _j'ai fear the sudden passage of the pill or IUD (intrauterine device) in painful or tiring

    _ I regulations rather quiet since I took the pill (be scarce and short) and after your posts after the IUD (intrauterine device) insertion are more painful and plentiful. So I've never had a white discharge in large quantities and the idea of ​​having to wear an underwear protects often bothers me a little

    _ This year I had several episodes of cystitis (2 or 3) and I fear it increases the risk of infections

    the eventual IUD (intrauterine device) insertion was done in accordance with my mother who has to make an appointment with a gynecologist in whom she trusts

    doctissimo is a place for mutual friendly and spontaneous
    I appreciate the opportunity to share without shame these little problems with women of all ages who are always lend themselves to share their experiences
    thank you in advance
    dakotaIt is by cons, you to read the post on which you are trying to post. You will learn many things that can help you in your choice! We need you to go see the gynecologist having an almost perfect knowledge of this method of contraception, risks, these disadvantages and, ca will show the doctor that you know what you want, you 're there already fully informed above (so it can be avoided to qualify for the healthy sacro-speech "the IUD (intrauterine device) is horrible, it is necessary to have children if it is certain death")
    bethelSat morning! ! ! ! !
    my period has started!
    yesterday a few drops

    this morning - much as it should.

    I am very relieved!
    Thank you for everything: support explictaions, answers, thank you,

    a very good continuation and an excellent day!
    alyse8the delay was still 8 days .........

    you never loved your rules as now, I guess!

    Come on, it's ancient history ... phew!
    Like what, the human body is not a machine .. sometimes it's a little disturbed

    Good day to you!
    saundraand yes, we must learn to be ZEN

    thank you


    Malimu, if you ask me, have you ever had your ragnagnas, but amidst all your other bleeding and bizarrerries, thou hast not seen. I bet on 15 or 20 days still waiting for you before you see them coming back. ^ ^

    Kisu ^ ^
    ba and you know what? jpense also right, because here it's 46 days
    Cure !!!!!!!!!!!
    schuyler08it's party everyone has her period!
    aveec neko 33
    jordie0try the neko buscopan. Personal it works great, and it is an anti spasmodic! I would add that it is so effective even the English stuff when they leave their horses in the colon ...
    Other than that, they are not home yet! with a little bowl gonna fall on me right in the holidays ...
    claramayThank you, I will look on this buscopan. ^ ^
    My ragnagnas are still there, slightly heavier, slightly painful m'enfin as I stay very long standing and I force not so good ^ ^. I do not regret my choice ^ ^


    I need advice! here I have an IUD (intrauterine device) for the past almost 2 years I believe and I support it very well, indeed I love it. The only thing is that today I have a child but I do not know exactly what I was told my gynecologist. Should we remove the IUD (intrauterine device) at the end of such rules for the installation? is it better to put an egg? Spasfon take? in short I am a little lost here.

    anona0I think the best thing to do, it would be to call your gynecologist who will tell you what to take. I know qe the cervix is ​​more open during menstruation, so maybe he will prefer to do at that time.

    audra88yes, it's really the party, thank you !!!!!!!!!!!
    myakazajo hello, can I ask the question to you? or Sat or sb who knows?
    Thank you in advance!
    qn can be known?

    I have read that there were several drugs to reduce the rules ttop abundant.
    I take the second month SPOTOF: 1 vial (1 g / day) (for 3 or 4 days)
    but yesterday and last night it was too heavy, if such had to go somewhere, it's pretty annoying (!!!!),

    you have to ask the board gynecologist? or continue SPOTOF: 1 ampoule per day (in the manual is written that can take 4 bulbs per day but can not be me??

    is because of the copper IUD (intrauterine device) but I have not a choice because my body does not hormones, not support ...

    thank you

    matildamy gynecologist m 'said at the time: "if you want a baby, remove the IUD (intrauterine device) and wait two months, you may be pregnant eensuite"
    But when I was in the lab for blood test there were two women who were pregnant with the copper IUD (intrauterine device) (the coil has moved!)
    Their gynecologist just removed the IUD (intrauterine device) and kept the pregnancy means it is possible also

    courage and good health
    If I am correct to put the IUD (intrauterine device) must be put in the rules but to remove: we can do this at any time

    good luck

    kimmy44It is best to call your gynecologist who will tell you what to take (normally Spasfon, or other anti-spasmodic) and if he prefers to work during menstruation or not.
    Once the IUD (intrauterine device) removed, ... is yours! ^ ^


    my gynecologist m 'said at the time: "if you want a baby, remove the IUD (intrauterine device) and wait two months, you may be pregnant eensuite"
    So here it is weird your gynecologist! A copper IUD (intrauterine device) loses its effectiveness when it is withdrawn as it is at the base, spermicide ... So why wait two months, mystery ...

    When my gynecologist asked me my IUD (intrauterine device) he had also explained that if I withdrew to test bb or he withdrew during menstruation and I still protected by other means pdt 1 month, or I just withdrew the after ovulation like that it was almost sure that I not become pregnant within a month.
    Why because he was also based on the inflammatory action of the IUD (intrauterine device) and more action spermicide. He said the inflammation would remain qques weeks after the withdrawal and may be responsible for a very early CF.
    keri5............ There was really weird stuff sometimes ...
    I'm back. I have a little question:

    Since the installation of my IUD (intrauterine device) (15 days ago), I feel that my vagina is "tight", again I do almost lubricates.

    Yesterday during sex that I burned (too tight and too wet).

    is it a transitory effect of the pose?

    someone he had the same side effect?

    Is it psychological (fear of the IUD (intrauterine device) move?)
    suzannaI must confess that for me conernce, psychology is a lot. J'me triggers stuff alone as a great.
    So I would say that certainly, having undergone the medical procedure that is still not annondin you "unsealed" a little.
    To help you, advise j'te a good little lubricant appetizing. Ours is vanilla, honey in raffolle. It helps, it smells good, it unblocks the situations in both literally and figuratively ^ ^.

    In addition if you are arrested there is little hormone, it is possible that your body needs to recover a bonus at work. Hence the hassle.

    Kisu ^ ^
    zelda6so I stopped the pill to ask the IUD (intrauterine device). but hey it worries me because I already kind of hard to lubricated but it is "closed" lol.
    bryana78Ben, j'te promises with a good lubricant, any "closed" becomes efinition "oooopeeeeeeeeen" !!!!!!

    I'm good to go make an appointment with the gynecologist, I asked his secretary whether he preferred a particular period, she said "oh to remove if you are not snug it can be done qd is to "... Be ca eh promises, already the home was raised not easy lol

    Well in any case the appointment is made, I'm happy in 12 days I could have this thing in me.

    Thank you to you for your advice and good late after noon

    sequoia3Hello girls ...

    j I create a post .. j would have your expert opinion ....

    Thanks bcp ...
    phoebe0nanny against the bleeding you also exacyl on prescription. to do with your doc ... odnc + if other IUDs aware that I will respond + precise way but it seems that cures ibyuprofene make Rules + comfortable and less time, I know if it reduces bleeding + ...
    in fact nothing to do, but mine arrived too! what suits me, departing on holiday I would be on the very end ...
    quiannaYes, apparently ibuprofen reduces the abundance of rules. ^ ^

    It's cool, we're all in the red! Note this is normal ... Females in groups give their rhythms, lol ^ ^

    For me, the straps are finished or nearly so, it is micro pertouilles. 4 days flat!
    But I do not know why, j'me said 'I still have enough hormones in the blood to regulate all that ... And one of these four it will not sing the same thing ...
    Because the rules for IUD (intrauterine device) known as abundant long and painful, I had a little pain and more ...

    shaquila6miss so much the better! I hope it will last! Personal is abundant and clear my funds panties (cotton at once) like using models despite the use of ultra night fins! But that's not bad. 1 or 2 days before the cramps, which lets me know it's going to fall on me! with of course, sometimes painful, +, + abundant, + long, other ... Natural what?
    cornelia84miss so much the better! I hope it will last! Personal is abundant and clear my funds panties (cotton at once) like using models despite the use of ultra night fins! But that's not bad. 1 or 2 days before the cramps, which lets me know it's going to fall on me! with of course, sometimes painful, +, + abundant, + long, other ... Natural what?
    janine2why so my gynecologist told tattendre 3 weeks then?!
    pff jte swear
    jfais do a blood test coming back to Italy so it will be after 20 .... What Finally, it is so piss test? c'st marked pregnancy test on the ordo
    anyway I'll do it on the way
    I was pulled out my IUD (intrauterine device) rules. it is super fast, you do not have to wait your period. it hurts less than the installation!
    by cons surment must do so 7 days after your last report
    avery2No need for an ordo for a urine test, malimu, you know very well. This is an ordo for blood. And that's 13-15 days after the last report assumed risk.
    lili86ibu reduce the abundance of wide rules, the evidence I do not think it could be it because of that. small cure ibu and presto! too bad not too bad, brief for me it's over
    maralyn69ba yeah but it confuses me the head
    let him speak fortunately risk eh! because nobody told me about it, not even the guy from the ultrasound .... jte swear
    gracie46mashed it makes me even when pinball:
    - Pdl after 3 days (very effective)
    - Diu not know when I expel

    stephanieUnfortunately, now, you have to wait for a test ...
    mickeyyeah and plus even if jai my rules by then ... it does not mean that I am not pregnant nan? finally said that my gynecologist
    janele8as you have taken the pdl, in fact you can not too much to build on the next period ... the test will give you the answer!
    try not to think about it, change the ideas you face to face, italy is great for ca ... all this can wait your return!
    courage to miss!
    ariellathe gygy said "oh it's not ultimately serve" because it seemed too far but I have made anyway. , she told me the scope of the rules but without pdl took.
    I leave you only figure in Italy
    ceara75bah hoo reason for not having to think about all those galleys, is not it?

    and if the purpose of the operation was to "catch" a pti Italian (or two) along the way, IUD (intrauterine device) or not, the preso was mandatory .. then in the end, it comes back to the same
    abbey40I am positive as I can huh
    claribel4thank you with SPOTOF That's better,
    happy holidays
    rowinathank you
    m but mine has prescribed SPOTOF, I do not know why but I feel better
    thank you
    ebonygood Sunday to you all and thank you for beuacoup MP, lies, TOMD, kazajo, Sam and the other girls


    beckah41yes of course ba against by where I'm going there not only Italian

    So, news of mine ...
    Last night, as the bloody were finished, I wanted to do as a great son and verified. Lack of pot, I felt nothing!
    So I called Honey who, as usual, was very friendly and very concerned.
    He also has rummaged but it was found that ... Finally it seems ... Unless it is are all grouped together.
    In short, the fact remains that we have a little shake of the machine, because last night I had slightly sore back, and this aprem ... a bloody raid. I just hope it will not happen again, I never had this kind of trouble so far.
    Fortunately, my visit is in four days, so I'll know soon if all goes well. ^ ^ (And interest if I'm gonna have to cause me Rambo copper ...)

    laudine026uh .. neko you know, I know what coil you have, but all IUDs do not necessarily have two son! (Eg NT 380. Has only 1 nylon thread)
    kailey3Haaaaaa phew ... So I have a thread, so it's all good bath. I have not stressed, I'm not the type. I trust Rambo. Anyway, wanted to know what ^ ^.

    Too bad my pertouiles, I think the hormones are really starting to get the hell a little more clearly. So it does not surprise me halfway.


    (And interest if I'm gonna have to cause me Rambo copper ...)

    jai nice to talk to them, they do not care my Rambos
    virginia02You know me I will do it for you:
    - Change of Gynecologic
    - Retest IUD (intrauterine device) calm.

    And if not, vaginal ring.

    But actually, I think we will easily creates "disease" of "waste" and all the rest. I know I have the ability to create cystitis me crazy, terrible nausea ... Briefly, stress gun me and my mind racing.
    Maybe leave Zen and quiet will allow you to better "integrate" the IUD (intrauterine device). ^ ^
    Personally, j'me drives like that every day, "Rambo does its job, it is good and I care."

    shena78(I Flood: Neko, you created cystitis alone? C'es original that I o_O I'll file gratos burns and true if you want to relax the mind, I filled in rab)
    earthaLoool ^ ^
    Yes I am verrrrry psychological. I have trouble just one place, I record the pain and if I force myself enough, I re-creates easy. So that even when I'm really bad, I'm so afraid it is my mind playing a trick on me that I prefer not to say anything ... and I finished the floor in the bathroom with a bump.

    But it's true that stress is killing me and causes me incredible things. Chuis hypersensitive, my morale is also ...


    You know me I will do it for you:
    - Change of Gynecologic
    - Retest IUD (intrauterine device) calm.


    And if not, vaginal ring.
    I am very somatic (that's how Quon said?)

    with an IUD (intrauterine device) can be so old it would yeah!

    kiss the girls I go!
    last question please!

    jai took pdl, but rules are expected to arrive around 8 ... if I have not, what to do?! what does that mean?
    sunnyNeko I see ... I am not totally foreign to this kind of thing either, but the scope of cystitis is an extreme for me. Respect

    Malimu, it will probably want to say that the LDP has pushed the rules.
    But if there is bleeding, it could also not be your period but the effect of hormone deprivation following the pdl: /
    The easiest way I think it would matter what make a pregnancy test with the usual time from the last report ^ ^
    julianna5ba in Italy anyway I can do anything ... so wait for my return ...
    tain jai if not my rules I will stress how too ...
    lynda0why not take a pee test with you? If you like this ca stress of waiting you do there? Finally you can also get acquainted with the Italian pharmacies and if you feel you speak ...
    louellaum is 13 days nan pee test? Wednesday is my last report ... oh I do not know and imagine I'm pregnant in Italy, ba bravo!
    alvena92You can always wait for your return to the test, you will be sure to be on time.

    Hours still counts 3 weeks after the good report for the pee test, we saw no idea qd you ovulated due to pdl ^ ^
    derbyMalimu, expects you to be 15 days late, because of the pdl. It's always been my case, Custom ...

    good idea to take a test with you in Italy ...
    salena5the pdl I took it once and it was 2 years ago ... so men remember ...
    dun side if I can avoid the rules in Italy is not so bad!
    nan no test in Italy, I will take my head too after the kiss ... gonzessses
    emelie57as a "up", j'vous copy-paste the link I gave earlier on another post:

    Here is a pdf doc in which there are beautiful pearls of the patients about their IUD (intrauterine device) "intrauterine words"

    => [...] ERILET.pdf

    For my part, I have pti our favorites, including:
    - "I preferred the Implanon , at least I could control it, while I do not know my neck! "
    - "Is what it can become infected when it is rusty? "
    - "Why ten years for my MIRENA , I 41, is to save social security? "
    twilaBehind all these words sometimes wacky, there is a true reflection of the work of doctors, and especially a lot of advice to other physicians regarding the procedures for IUD (intrauterine device) insertion (also post-installation) .. enough to properly prepare our own installation and FINALLY know if you have a good gynecologist or not!

    In short, funny but serious
    madalyn1Hi everyone!

    Ben says so, it was awfully down this little post ^ ^

    Tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock, I will see my dear gygy to visit post-installation monitoring. It's been more than me Rambo I, and for the moment, it goes pretty good + +. Sincerely, j'me not complaining. I just hope it will not m'anoncer it is the male and he will have to remove ... I, there is! Toc and. lol

    So here tomorrow aprem j'vous say what it is my case ... (Haiiiiis I set foot in the stirrups ... it m'fais think of a butcher's stall ...)

    With that, kisu!
    pleasant07Well, well, just to confirm: I love my IUD (intrauterine device).
    Perfect control, gynecological happy, go in a year! Lol ^ ^

    Kisuuuu and thank you a thousand times for having advised that contraception is the foot! (As long as it lasts ^ ^)


    Well I'm still on the pill but I'm starting to learn more about the IUD (intrauterine device) because: my current pill does not suit me, the base my rules do not make me my very short and are not afraid it grows, because I'm sick to take a stamp every night, and because I have been together for almost 4 years and I do not want on a whim and a wild impulse zaps my pill because Quej want a baby. .. and the day the baby will be well thought IUD (intrauterine device) ca!

    J told my Mamoun, which is the IUD (intrauterine device) for 20 years, and will learn from his side, but I was surprised when she told me why they have not made progress when it can be well!

    Anyway issues beasts: a Mooncup's a problem or not? Mr. and is a member is what it can be painful for me or for him the way?

    Thank you for your advice!

    Darling is also well stocked, and even if he happens to feel the wire, it is not annoying either. ^ ^

    morvenThank you!!
    hattiehello girls myself so I participate in this post at the very beginning and I'm back .. So after visiting my GP who told me no and that my gyneco told me not also for all the reasons unfounded SELNI fool me I just told my man that I was fed up to the So back to the pill and condom .... I can confirm without the pill is not picture ... Well you'll go later to other new
    adelphie8You're not lucky to come across "old-blocked-late-uncomprehending." There's a bunch, but you happen to find a gynecologist who will open, j'te promises it exists ^ ^.

    lorindaptites the cuckoo hens,

    well I know where I put ds ca this post but I sent a mail to the lab who made the Nova T (Schering) to learn more about his stop marketing (1 cause: the fall of efficiency beyond 3 years) .. FYI, the model I have ..

    I dc been answered recently by mail (contact person: a team doctor):

    - The Nova T was not removed from the market at the request of the High Authority for Health (HAS), but on their own because "the product was already 25 years old and + HAS has realized that there were other more effective IUDs and tt is suitable as an alternative to "

    - They are "supposedly" was the only mention of the Pearl Index (in this case being that of the Nova T of 1.26) while in other labs rarely mention of IUDs on the market. Is what he wanted in the hearing that others have not a clue sell more satisfied than the deceased Nova T. .. ^

    - The doctor also said that the Nova T will fully its role UNTIL 5 years max user but can not replace my physician who elects to him even after the evements (namely, me nelever next year, ie after 3 years of port)

    Voila ..!
    dorean706Dac Dac! thank you for the info, Miss!
    wrenso basically the downside is the rules more irregular, longer and more painful and white discharge? humm .. when one is accustomed to the regularity of the pill and the rules of three days, holding back a little ca ...
    harriett0The copper IUD (intrauterine device) does not make irregular!

    your period again become natural, so if they are regular in nature, they are also with the IUD (intrauterine device)

    they are not more painful than natural for me. They are just a little longer (late loss rules).
    And I have no more than natural vaginal discharge ... at the time of ovulation, ultimately, much

    In general, some are disappointed because the pill brought them positive ratings compared to life without pill regular periods to the day, often weak and + - painful.
    But be aware that if you stopped taking the pill, and you stayed contraception without these effects would be there too (as long as rules + pill + painful, not always very regular in some girls, PMS, etc.) that n ' is not established that the IUD (intrauterine device)!

    if you live badly its rules, the natural cycles, they also live poorly with copper IUDs.
    After that, I think we especially whether hormonal contraception is desired (and bear the various side effects) or if you want a reliable and natural contraception (and agree to regain normal cycles, with the good and the bad sides)
    edina6thank you for your reply Sat in fact I asked about my birth control because I have a lot of cholesterol and I think my lack of libido is the beginning of my pill, so I'd like to see the impact of a stop of hormonal contraception. Also, my mother and my sister never had problems with their IUD (intrauterine device) so they recommended me ... I'll wait to make new blood tests but until I learn. Basically my periods were regular pressure was 3 days is not too difficult to manage but it is true that the rules well mastered the pill have a reassuring!
    opalineHave you ever just changed the pill (or ring, patch, implant, etc.)? it may take a moment to struggle to find a hormonal contraceptive that suits us ..
    If you are not yet ready for the IUD (intrauterine device), it can be a first solution
    marcelyn89for now I never change because my doctor would never prescribe me a blood test when I took the pill for 3 years and I had already cholesterol before (dark circles by incompetent!) and because I had not made the connection problems with my desire to love with my boyfriend. So I went to the gyneco 3 months ago and I did some analysis, which shows me that maybe my pill was not appropriate ... but I take Meliane and is recommended for young people (I was 16 I started qd) because it has few side effects, so I tell myself with another, it will be worse! but try to see if the problem is with any hormonal contraception or the pill so I will see after my next blood tests ...
    kalysta60You know, you find your period on the pill reassuring ... I do not. The pill, they are no real rules. So personal, I prefer to have accurate ragnagnas 2 or 3 days to close and trust me, unlike those on the pill ...

    camrynyou know ... I have never so little libido with the NuvaRing, while BCP is dosed less a pill that I took before, Yasmin ...

    The dosage has nothing to do with a better tolerance

    When prescribing hormonal contraception, is followed regularly by patients blood and they change their pills when this one gives poor results on blood tests!
    There are progestin-only pills, which are rather advised in case of cholesterol found, for example ...
    Claim that a pill "has few side effects" is a total aber. no pill is better than another, has fewer side effects, etc. Each woman supports contraception each differently, and no one can claim that all women bear Meliane (c'qu'il should not hear)

    Finally, I advise you to change the first gynecological emergency (or general practitioner, if it makes you get out the stupidities)!
    How do you think she is interested in your problems if it is as little as jaded and aware of the "obvious things" for contraception!
    It is time that foutte nose in a book, study, seminar or anything

    ca will certainly be no question that it accepts an IUD (intrauterine device), since the mentality of the medieval lady
    willow5c my GP who refused blood tests and it made me angry because I knew that I was subject to the cholesterol! it took me to go to the gyneco for an order, and she hallucinates when I told him I had never done blood tests since the beginning! but I change my city ... So doctor and I will do blood tests in 2 months
    annetteY has medics I swear!!
    Mine is his thing c c me that is not worth the pill because it would be nice if I make a baby!
    the fool! Anyway! and my gygy c ets the same the first thing that he called my on my first visit (17 years and a half ...) and you get pregnant will stop to ride ....
    Uh yes of course .... but I have only 17 n my baby and I imagine for the 10 years ... but hey!

    My next mission is to take stock gygy clear the pill
    (FYI Yasminelle support many but not me: 3 kg, 0 libido, hair + +, painful menstruation and height: over as regular as before!) And go to the IUD (intrauterine device), I think that c is a nickel and worry-free protection Once installation and more ca ... force me to go to the gygy more regularly, which is not bad!
    lorriecuckoo chicks
    I have 21 years, nulliparous, and am on g ut380 since January, pa g surreali cycles (28jrs) and intermittent losses. I lost a lot the first 4 months and now much less, is this normal??
    shevon06Yes this is normal.
    It often bleeds a lot the first few months and then it comes back faster or slower than normal.
    capucine22Tell me, were you on the pill before your IUD (intrauterine device)? Perhaps there is a link ...
    kirstyI never had no contraception, I'm not allowed due to health pbs to methods based on hormones
    aristaHello girls,

    Here I have two questions ptites, I Mirena since February 2006, after my first appointment and I took delivery on 17/10 to make it up (and yes we did it again).
    I wanted to know premirementsi is painful and secondly it takes a few cycles after the exercise to begin testing?

    Thank you for your answers and good night
    brittaniPerson to answer
    kalyn31Good to j'me spear.

    I have my copper IUD (intrauterine device) since 2 months so I can not tell you about my own back, but apparently it happens more easily than the pose.

    Since Mirena is hormonal, I guess you will have the same disadvantages after stopping pill namely:
    - Rules that lawless land when it sings to them, or not at all for several months (so do not pounce on any test for a few days late, as everything is turned upside down)
    - Impossible to predict ovulation cycles are seen as ... a bag and in bulk.

    So personal, I do not know if it t'enchante start your tests as have no certainty about your cycle.

    verity07Neko thank you for your clarification, I hope it will be less painful than laying, fo m'enfin well spend.
    And for testing, we will attack on unprotected, when I stopped the pill for my first chip (it faisaiut 9 years since I took it), the first cycle was long, and then a little less as and and c as happened to the fourth cycle, so if it's cool like c, the longer it bothers me because I languished, but it will come good when it comes
    susi I came in the beginning I had put my Copper IUD (intrauterine device) (current November 06 October) and now I have enormous concerns questions

    I have my since mid July and I do not know how it is that ?????
    I am extremely tired from blood loss and especially worried because I remove the 5 September IUD (intrauterine device) to design bb2

    you could enlighten me some light please?

    my man told me to go to the emergency but we are not here but in the family ....

    is it really serious??

    thank you pr your answers girls!
    laurel1Up to a small post that dark ...
    suzy9thank you neko for up
    winRe up: and I'm a fan of my IUD (intrauterine device) because not only do not feel I ever loved either, my libido back and ... I do not think about my birth!
    I love my rambo copper ^ ^

    you know ... I have never so little libido with the NuvaRing, while BCP is dosed less a pill that I took before, Yasmin ...

    The dosage has nothing to do with a better tolerance


    I have my copper IUD (intrauterine device) since 2 months
    then echo control ??!!! it was you got more sore?


    but apparently it happens more easily than the pose.
    affirmative, although still pain
    delora796My GYG did not make me echo, it is more like "manu militari," lol. Everything is going, he's fine where it is, it does not hurt, does not bleed, I do not feel short, she was amazed by the conivence that exists in that little coil and I for moment we are friends as pigs. lol ^ ^
    adenathen everything is going ba!
    angelina6Hi all,

    I am 28 years old, I am nulliparous. I tried 2 times 3 months taking the pill before, but I grew a lot, so I opted for condoms only.
    But I'm starting to want to be more conservative, so I took the pill for 2 months pug 20. but since I'm super anxious and limit depressed, I can not motivate myself and rejoice for everything good that happens to me! I told the gynecologist who told me that if one is subject to anxieties and fears, hormones accentuate all that .. thanks for your discussions, I begin to think seriously about making me an IUD (intrauterine device), a good practitioner would you advise me in paris? I would not take anyone ...

    Thank you in advance.

    candyceyou can contact to deprive users of a gynecologist who know paris pro-diu: / for [...] w = 0 = 0 & nojs

    (Edit, you must be registered to contact PV)
    rahel8skyalana, I know very well, in the 13th ... she just asked my girlfriend to her IUD (intrauterine device)!

    But as Sam said, we need you to be registered for that I give you contact information.
    ripleyHa? I had not followed this episode! it went well?
    marinaYes, very well. Not a health walk, you worry doubts, but this gy is really good. When I went to the last appointment, she was prescribed the IUD (intrauterine device) and the Cytotec, I found it very good, calm, open, she told herself "the last few years we noticed that it was no problem to ask them to nulliparous women. " And besides, it is soft in handling, she told him at any time what she was doing or going to do, so as not to surprise her. And at the end (it has really touched my fiancee that) she wiped herself ...

    It hurt for a few days - it was made last Tuesday - and the weekend, already, we do more talking.

    So compared to some, yes, for sure, that's just fine!
    harriet710I thank you for responding so quickly ..

    that's it .. I enrolled so I can take the coordinates of gyncos parraissent you well in Paris.
    how it happens? we must see more than once or gynecologist before you do ask?
    sorry but frankly I did not know much about contraception every time I wanted to take a contraceptive method, the gyncos always forced me to take the pill!

    And besides, it is soft in handling, she told him at any time what she was doing or going to do, so as not to surprise her.
    ba me it was not my case huh! She is fiddling ale series nk to think


    And at the end (it has really touched my fiancee that) she wiped herself ...
    I thought that had you put "she touched my bride" the super gygy!


    So compared to some, yes, for sure, that's just fine!
    mmmmm you thought that was?
    kailee37Hello all, I have an IUD (intrauterine device) NT380 since May and I have 3 weeks late, my last period: 28 juin.mon gyneco see nothing has the echo and pregnancy tests are negative. what to do, is it possible to get pregnant with the IUD (intrauterine device)? emergency response please I am concerned
    thomasina52The first six months, the cycles may be irregular, sometimes strongly. If your tests are negative, you need not worry, it's just that your body is a small crisis, but it will get sorted.
    jakki91tinquietes po. if everything is negative it rolls pullet.
    you got to wait ....
    myra961I also think that we should not worry, at each change in method of contraception, there is a risk of hormonal imbalance! our organization is capricious! But do not take too long before the head or it will really happen!
    kizzieI also think that we should not worry, at each change in method of contraception, there is a risk of hormonal imbalance! our organization is capricious! But do not take too long before the head or it will really happen!

    Here, the machine is started, I told my boyfriend to the IUD (intrauterine device), it is not at all agree, he said that it is not reliable!
    I have appointment with the gynecologist on 25 that advised me TomD (thank you), I hope to convince him for the 2nd appointment for the IUD (intrauterine device), I do not want to go home alone after that I would it comes with me!
    is it better to be seen with the installation is painful?
    hillary52It depends, there are some for whom the installation is quite bearable, and they recover quickly.
    For others, it takes some time ...
    M'enfin in case, this would surely be better for you to have you back qqun.

    Shows this to your friend: / wiki / E [...] births
    = Typical use with risk of oversights, vomiting, displacement of an IUD (intrauterine device), errors on the part of the medical ...
    sabryna73Shows this to your friend: / wiki / E [...] births
    = Typical use with risk of oversights, vomiting, displacement of an IUD (intrauterine device), errors on the part of the medical ...

    [/ Quotemsg]

    Maelle thank you I'll show him, I hope it will convince him, whatever happens I would not take hormone anyway!
    I think if it does not come with me, I would ask someone else to accompany me, I prefer ..

    I am nulliparous IUD (intrauterine device) and is a short one for the past year. Before that, I had no contraception for 2 years: my gyneco refused me an IUD (intrauterine device) and did not want more hormones that killed my libido and made me very very irritable. I ended up "discovering" my gyneco told me of ... beep ... and that I could wear an IUD (intrauterine device) (she said "it is not possible", forgetting to specify "I think it is not possible, but other gynecos think so, you see") . So I been asked by a gyneco recommended by Planned Parenthood, and I'm not going to see my old gyneco! (Which for me "protect" the IUD (intrauterine device) made me run the risk of abortion ...). In short, there is still work in France to accept the IUD (intrauterine device)! Now tell all my friends.

    So since I was that famous IUD (intrauterine devic