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    finella1Good evening,

    Here, I just did a pregnancy test is positive, then I am in Nova T IUD (intrauterine device) since October 2005. I just made a PDS confirmation and dating to see my gynecologist tomorrow.

    I do not think the test is bad, given that barely begun to urinate on it, the line is displayed immediately and that since 3 / 4 days I have sore breasts.
    I am 2 months without rules, but if I had not had sore breasts I should not panic, in the sense that I have very very long cycles, I have my period every two months.

    I wanted to know if it already happened to one of you and if so, how does it happen?

    I've heard that often removing the IUD (intrauterine device), it causes a miscarriage?

    Here, I'm a little lost, especially under the impact of the pregnancy totally unexpected, I do not want to start making plans on the comet if it is to have a miscarriage after ...

    Thank you in advance for your answers.
    jayne95The first thing to do is check if you are pregnant or not.
    Only then will notify you.
    Diu What do you wear? How long? When was the last visit of follow-up?
    beatieIf you reread my post well, I meet almost all your questions

    So I repeat, I am in Nova T copper since October 2005 and the last date he consults yaa just one year, I went to see my gygy next month for an audit.

    And even if the PDS is negative (something which is unlikely in my opinion), I still want to know the consequences.
    alea9Oops much for me.

    So for the rest, you know by timely. But copper IUD (intrauterine device) in pregnancy can be completed without removing the IUD (intrauterine device). Sometimes it is best to remove it, it depends on the configurations.
    glory6Thank you for your answer

    I would see with gygy tomorrow, but I thought I read that if it had to be removed, there was a high risk of miscarriage ... A check.
    nancyThere is especially a risk of CF due to the fact that very few pregnancies in IUD (intrauterine device) are more often ectopic pregnancy than others.
    jessicaThank you for your answers toujoursmoi.

    Ben's it, confirmation, I am pregnant (I do not know yet how excatement) and the IUD (intrauterine device) removed gygy me without problems, he was well down in the neck.
    celia0Fortunately, you seem to take it well. I know who would be the cata.
    richardaI am still in shock, the tests were bb2 expected that next year, but relativizes (even if it disturbs a lot of our projects) we say that when it will, it will be very happy.

    Then I have a lot of friends around me who can not have children so I do not see myself as an abortion situtation we are able to have a second.

    But I can understand that for some it may be the cata ...
    quellahello you just answer my question on pregnancy in America T Norva any symptoms and I 'm scared to do my blood test good luck for your pregnancy
    abagael0on other forum learned, I've seen pregnant women with an IUD (intrauterine device) .. for one, which is a 6 months of pregnancy, the IUD (intrauterine device) is put together, so no way to remove the IUD (intrauterine device) .. it gene not (yet)
    richardineHello, I got pregnant with Novat t 200 in 1993 and I'm really dumbfounded that this IUD (intrauterine device) is still required despite its lack of reliability, the IUD (intrauterine device) is still prescribed in France when he is no longer permitted in all other countries (see the site of Martin Winckler on IUD (intrauterine device)) my daughter is now 12 years old and I am happy to have (this was my 3rd pregnancy) I was IUD (intrauterine device) removal under ultrasound for the pregnancy will continue normally, that is my testimony
    hadassah2uh no it is not necessarily a priori, there is no greater risk than natural
    cheriehours there women you frighten me I just exchange my sertalia (no longer on sale for that matter) for a nova T I hope is no problem
    kiarra89it's a 200 or 380 (new model)?
    edythaA Nova T200

    After the pregnancy, or do I ask another IUD (intrauterine device) or the Nova T 380.
    gina1I had the same catalytic in 2002 I fell pregnant with my fourth at 43, I do not care because I have very very irguliers cycles and I panicked towards the 10 th semainse without rules. result of a baby 4 years now but would not at all good ... a little present for husband Education and siblings born in 81, 85 and 86. Today condoms to each report (if a bit late with anxiety) I expect menopause as an issue.
    I forgot the IUD (intrauterine device) (brand forgotten) was removed from the recognition of pregnancy
    tameka710when one becomes pregnant with an IUD (intrauterine device) is not obliged to keep the pregnancy if you do not really want me, I decided to keep my 3rd daughter and is a joy to have it today ' Today, otherwise I might never be the 3rd child, I am 43 and I have no regrets, she is 12 and it is a love
    mirmerveille, why do not you take the pill lowest dose (or Minesse melodia) you would be quieter, has 10 weeks of amhenoree you could not abort?
    and then you will see this kid on your happiness in the years to come, keeps young children ca
    brierI found the ordo of gygy that I prescribed the nova T

    I just can not be reached at this, so I called my pharmacy for which he gave when asked about the ordo he was just writing nova T

    She argued that there was a kind and told me never knew if it was the nova T 380 or not.
    amie45I'm really not sure that the Nova T 380 is marketed under that name in France, and if yes, it has been for some time!
    So for pharmacists, Nova T implies very probably nova T 200, that sold for a long time (and eventually became Nova T, the same as a TT is 380 TT, 375 Gynell => Gynell etc etc etc)
    in fact the Nova T as it is no longer commercialis.Il was withdrawn from sale. So my doctor prescribed me a Mona Lisa NT 380 ... For NT 200, I do not know.
    rhondaWhat I meant is that having had an NT 380 and the pharmacist had told me that the NT "simply" no longer exists, I do not know if the NT is still 200.
    karleneSam, you're right, there is no Nova T 380 (at least not in France, as you say). The copper IUD (intrauterine device) bearing the "380", it is the UT 380 and TT380!
    bonnie65From what I read: the Nova T 380 is not the same as NT 380! *

    NT 380 is marketed by 7 MED Industry.
    The Nova T 380 is marketed by Schering AG

    * Just to clarify, so that either all agree that these two IUDs are absolutely identical in shape and composition (with core money and everything ...).
    What I was trying to say is that you can not say that the NT is the shortcut for the Nova T lab are different. As such, the NT 200 never existed. The Nova T 200 yes, the Nova T 380 yes, 380 yes NT.

    And anyway it will be crazy, it's all the same and it's much better +
    vedaOulah, I had never even heard of NT380 ...

    So, it makes us how to Cu 380 IUD (intrauterine device), then?
    avalineThere are three apparently the NT380, the UT380 (the French name of the Nova T 380) and TT380, the first two existing version of "short".
    caramiaBesides that, I also read that the 380 comes from the NT lab CSD
    Amelie? you have your box, under the eyes? there has not
    kittyoh la la I understand anything ...........

    at least on my box c of it was written simply NOVA T ..........

    then this is it??
    I had the copper IUD (intrauterine device) for 3 years
    it was moved
    I have seen nothing
    that the absence of rules

    The gynecologist me removed
    I had to do abortions

    maggieWhat was that like IUD (intrauterine device) nanny?
    rosieI remember the number 380
    this must be UT 380
    He moved
    but we had not see a gynecologist once a year as he told me
    but this time I will see a 4 or 6 times a month to check if the IUD (intrauterine device) moves or not

    ailey78the CJTF it
    m the gynecologist has raised Gynell 375
    adananny you have courage to retry the IUD (intrauterine device), me since I had an infection with an IUD (intrauterine device) and a first pregnancy with a 2nd, I take the pill for 13 years because I have more confidence
    bab3[# F0000e]

    boujour girls

    he knows someone an IUD (intrauterine device) (Multiload cu 375)??
    jaqualine[# 00ff00]

    jai had my period for the last time March 22, 2007
    IUD (intrauterine device) put March 24, 2007

    for several days sore breasts, kidneys, very tired, swollen belly

    do you think that pregnancy is possible?

    j 22 years have two children already, my husband 37 years!
    galedo not forget uuuuuupppppppp m
    thank you
    I asked Gynell 375

    Are you sure that the IUD (intrauterine device) is called like that?



    P. S. This is what jai found: / Therapiegy eption.htm [...]

    Intrauterine device in flexible side arms, made of a mixture of high density polyethylene, ethylene copolymer of vinyl acetate and barium sulphate in a weight ratio of 44/36/20. A copper wire is wound around the stem, producing a total area of ​​375 mm copper. A nylon single filament is attached to the stem. The length of the rod device Multiload Cu 375 standard is 35 mm rod Multiload Cu 375 SL is 30 mm.
    Multiload Cu 375 standard: for the uterus of a probe length of 6 to 9 cm.
    Multiload Cu 375 SL model: for the uterus of a probe length of 5 to 8 cm.

    + / html / tabdiu.htm
    amandabut no, you're not pregnant
    franciscaIf it is my best friend

    My NT has at CSD

    Laet, the Multiload IUD (intrauterine device) is a very good with 375 mm2 copper.

    Here he is pictured (well you have to click):

    All IUDs or almost

    www.anticonceptie huidig.jpg-onlin [...]

    Multiload 375: um/A10.jpg [...]
    cindra79thank you girls

    but I did forget to mention that I've been very sick from March 4 to 7 as anti-inflammatory !!!!!

    the GP that he has told me my IUD (intrauterine device) no problem with the anti-inflammatory

    yes I'm on behalf of Multiload Cu 375

    amelie171 Moreover, the set of good photo
    betony40you are here ????????????????
    Just to share my sad experience. Last year, I placed the Nova T IUD (intrauterine device) Schering, I do not know what number. In early January, I realize I'm pregnant, the gynecologist takes away the IUD (intrauterine device) was dese = cendu in the neck, early pregnancy is normal, the first echo impeccable and last Sunday I made a 16 SA miscarriage. INRENA of urgances told me that in any case, pregnancy IUD (intrauterine device) was started in a high risk pregnancy, up to you.
    I'm 29, I am in great shape, my Premire pregnancy occurred without any worries, so I have no a priori "field" particular.
    Good luck to all.
    emeline69but what do you know? if you are pregnant? = NO.
    on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so cool
    malalaeti, only a pregnancy test can tell if you are pregnant, if the date of your rules they do not do it, no one is seeing
    I am in nova t since January 2007. Before the IUD (intrauterine device) when I took no contraception had cycles of 30 to 35 d. I had the January cycle of 31 days and another 36 today but I am a 47 days. I'm afraid it's the first time I cycle too long. I think make a test 50 days. I'll keep you informed to tell you if I am pregnant or not and if the nova t is reliable
    There's another good ba post makes me tagged!
    pk're in diu fell pregnant ????? I feel reassured not
    There's another good ba post makes me tagged!
    pk're in diu fell pregnant ????? I feel reassured not
    macy71Malimu, you are well placed, since you are a regular at the site, to know that on a forum like this, there are all imaginable inconvenience of all contraceptive methods (pills that are not suitable and in which some fall pregnant anyway, the presos creaking, the Mirena causing all sorts of unpleasantness etc.). and very, very few women, yet very very very large majority, which eventually find the contraception that suits them and live without concern their sexuality.

    Breathe! and as you said earlier on your post, start by trying a different brand of preso, then consider yourself to be a new IUD (intrauterine device)!
    belitaj I put an IUD (intrauterine device) March 24
    since a poorly semiane in! pain in lower abdomen ... I precise that I did was under anti-inflammatory for 3 days from April 4 to 7!!
    Dew loss before yesterday, yesterday very slight loss of blood not need a towel, just a slip was enough protected.
    nothing that night, I go to the bathroom and there is not

    with everything I read I'm a little panic!
    my doctor told me awaits the end we'll see ........

    but if bb3 way Dad wants it. and then do a test jue ?????????? j is waiting for your answers quickly

    thank you
    jordon684What you put IUD (intrauterine device): copper or hormonal?

    my gynecologist m 'has the copper IUD (intrauterine device) denrier the day of my rules
    I bled just a day
    I expect my period towards the end of the month

    I suggest you seek advice from a gynco



    you were on the pill before?
    in passing the anti-inflammatory drugs do not reduce the effectiveness of the IUD (intrauterine device).
    symptoms may be significant for other things. or psychological.
    to reassure you really consider a test.
    odatomd you're right but ... yeah tried eyeGO Dotres preso
    nellGo, courage, you will eventually find it, contraception that suits you well!
    cheretteI despair

    I'm fishing for info.
    I have a copper IUD (intrauterine device) since August 2005, last visit in January ok.
    Rules last March 28, 2007, two days ago I had lost as blood yesterday and today come creamy loss of water. What does this can be. In that time period stress, work, tired ... I have dizziness and sore breasts pain + rules. Maix even if it was an unfortunate big it would be too early to sign right? The coil can be moved? Rules have two sm in advance? ... that's a lot of questions!
    Thank you and good day
    lauryncan be just small inconveniences caused by the IUD (intrauterine device) .. bps person bcp loss with copper IUDs ... then I do not think either of the rules but ...
    eunaother opinions?
    cristensandyblu yes the IUD (intrauterine device) may well move! normally you should be able to feel with your fingers the son! you may very well have two weeks in advance if your cycles are not regular! did you do a pregnancy test? I myself am on a Monday because I'm really too scared! I was day 50 of my cycle and that's a lot.
    cherie0Following my previous post I did not wait to do my test Monday! I am this morning and I'm pregnant just three months after installation of my IUD (intrauterine device) nova t200! it's a crazy thing
    gennie92sorry to hear that ...

    likely to have moved (partial removal), which does not help the case if we add to this mix the already low for normal use ...
    you tell us what it is, after consultation with the gynecologist.

    Good luck to you
    elouiseI'm 25 and I'm in I pilule.Mais voulias change moyende contraception and after reading all your posts I'm scared!
    I still have more doubts and fears before.
    I believe my oreilles.Que the strillet be as little fiable.C I will stay on the pill, it remains for me the most about, c clear!
    lissato say that, you probably did not have read the staggering number of posts saying so and so got pregnant even though she took her pill.
    Note that the IUD (intrauterine device) is as reliable as the pill, and here they are likely to have an IUD (intrauterine device) without end up pregnant.
    terri0I also fear jai ............... I tell myself that is always a risk, and after an expulsion I tell myself that it can again ......... girls ........ JEnter koi do not
    phyllisI had my princess Melyn in January 2005 as planned caesarean section

    its 8mois and a half, I got pregnant on IUD (intrauterine device) re Gynell 375

    we take away the IUD (intrauterine device) because of very poor position, and the DR says it is certainly that, I lost the twin at Lovan: cry: because it was a twin pregnancy
    michaylamalimu malimu haaaaa .... but if you want 100% success, stop fucking, this is the only solution!
    The risk is all this with a pill with a coil. + Unless it's been afraid to girls, because it is the fault not in IUD (intrauterine device)-d'chance ... The pill, we can not wish it to yourself in an accident (and again, often human nature being what it is, it's nice to tjs + blame her " doctor had not said that, "" I did not know "," I thought, "and blah blah blah)

    In the end, it's not for lack of repeat, the failure rate is the same that is on the pill and IUD (intrauterine device) as copper. Of course, we must flee the Nova T 200.
    After that, you do what you want, but it is on you to read, does not pass copper IUD (intrauterine device), if for every pinball fart through
    But after, do not complain about what the pill
    eda952lol ... Yes, it looks like something else ... we must make a choice!
    you're right, but after that I can be like if y'arrive a blem ... the pill but I can more! I support it. it's on with the IUD (intrauterine device) I still a bit scared ... but it is not the same as before, Vant I thought "well I tried and if that fair (pregnant) I tried ba ..." now I see more things like that, now it's "if bp, ba and I have no chance of listening to others j'aurau hum hum"
    I will make an echo of the uterus to an IUD (intrauterine device), but I'm afraid I do kon thinking "young t" "and the pill" blabla ... after you understand kon can sentiur responsible? Sat and you are you with your tjrs diu??
    after the solution is not possible pa kiss lol
    o yeah NovaT jsui Couran
    pk you say ke risk are on the pill? if we take good non ... (Ke what I do) May good !!!!!!!! go jy fe vai tro cho dan this room!
    louella1yeah, it's like everything in life

    - Or is it the plunge (and we take the small risk that exists on the coil)
    - Or you do not move but it was not really the right to complain, the coup ...
    benedictaand yes!
    mignonette515ben with the pill you have the risk of forgetting (always present, whatever one may say!), excessive delay and drug interactions, mainly (and alleviates diarrhea and vomiting in 4H after taking).
    How we see on learned who become pregnant despite taking the pill (with error or not, this is not the point ...). Laaaaargement I am more frightened by reading the number of testimonies of women who become pregnant on the pill than in the moderate amount of evidence of failure of IUD (intrauterine device)!

    In any case, you must be sure of your choice. Because, as you say, if he always cared, you do not forgive!
    I take my 200% my choice! The many benefits in it for me make me forget the few drawbacks ... (FYI: advantages: no oversight or interaction possible, no side effects, contraception is forgotten completely, no effect on the body, natural cycles, maximum protection / / disadvantages can not control its cycles, loss of end of rules a little + long, sometimes some loss of blood, excluding rules)

    For me, it's MY solution, of course, to read the testimony of an accident in diu, we can only say oneself "as long as it does not happen." It is known that the risk is low, but it is there. But I assume anyway, I never think except when I come here to me is the good life

    Weighs the pros and cons. It is you alone are responsible for deciding tell you that everything that makes you hate the pill will disappear in IUD (intrauterine device). In return you to find a body and a natural cycle, with its good and bad sides ... But it's natural! For some disadvantages that you can find in diu, how are you going to give up, if you compare to the pill!
    What is certain is that we must be in accordance with its contraceptive

    (Do not forget that the forum is a concentrate of galleys of contraception! For a negative testimony, how many women are living without any problems all their lives under diu !!!!!!)
    alica49Sat thank you you made because tt
    but let ke jai had any glitches, so why c jsuis less confident now you understand! but clear c ke jai ki hate this plastic denlever new separates with my darling!

    C true that I have not read the testimony of those who became pregnant on the pill, but I c one thing, it makes me more than 10 years I have been on the pill, and it serves me 7 years of contraceptives . So if I had to get pregnant it will be done, right?
    So I stay on my position.
    onndriano, not necessarily. pregnancy since the pill can have pultiples causes, if you pay attention, "risks" are limited.
    'Short end ... each thought as she wants, just as long as the birth control you choose suits you.
    nelly451But you're gynecologist or koi?
    meadowanswer to all of you!
    beth251if c if it reassures me
    wrenYou're on a forum ... doctors have other things to do than come here.
    This is not a reason to take lightly accustomed reliable responses here, you can easily identify by a ride on the forum.
    rhondaI did not want to hurt your feelings crowns me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And pourkoi it !!!!!!!!! I see no problem !!!!!!!!
    On the contrary I think it would be good at least we'll have more reliable answers.
    sadie6... but I'm not offended at all!
    Why what?
    Consult a physician, receives patients, examined. That's his job, but not to play with the keyboard.
    bridgettegyncos of retirement, it exists!!
    didi121I did not say otherwise. I explain that forms the main body of the people who respond, that's all.
    teal0Oh I thought crowns had trouble, but to answer questions they may do it necessarily examine you.
    hattyYes ben there are certainly many reasons and why / how, but it's like that, voilou. Let me explain just, that's all.
    dalec bah shame, but good . For now jth poses too many questions about my method of birth control because I do not want any children yet but eventually I no c, by that I have one, they will probably still alior CHSE, I hope !!!!!!
    alysaSo for you and most of the IUD (intrauterine device), if m is always a risk biensur, where c?
    brenna772The effectiveness of copper IUDs is dependent on the copper surface which composes, and gynecology: good investment, and good follow-up.
    melveen9you do not have msn, it will be easier to discuss
    acacia12Tampa. And therefore you that you have?
    happyNo matter that I am in IUD (intrauterine device) or not, in this one or another, it makes no difference ...
    jettano c not like it, but to know all that well you should have tried one, when m?
    For this there are more than the IUD (intrauterine device)?
    arethaIUD (intrauterine device) = intrauterine device = IUD (intrauterine device).
    There are several models of copper IUDs, and a model of hormonal IUD (intrauterine device), called Mirena.
    I think you should take the time to inform you using the forum and the search function ...
    noele0c koi and the difference between the two?
    What is the pus effective?
    richardine68Everything is written on the forum. Good research.
    stephanyEverything is written on the forum. Good research.
    tianaHow diplomaie !!!!!!!
    astarothnot better!

    This is a forum, not msn ... there is a search function that allows for complete information on what you want search ... No one here is at your disposal
    loreneit breaks, it breaks on this forum! brittle than girls!
    christabellamust look elsewhere ptite my lady
    uriella66hello Sat
    I was just thinking, how nice to meet people who come on a forum and say they have exclusivity, and therefore there is no need to document yourself ...
    parris8Cuckoo May

    ben is simple:
    Information, yes.
    Exchange, yes.
    Inform, yes.
    Chewing the job, no ...

    We recall in passing that the forums doctissimo are by no means made up of doctors and other health professionals. They are men and women of all backgrounds, all social classes and all professions who come here to discuss their experiences, seek information and / or discuss with the community on their own time, as leisure and pleasure HELP those who need it, when we are able to do so (on either personal experience or very often thanks to the documentation that we peeled ourselves before you share them) ...

    The charter of the forum, here at the bottom of page: /

    Thank you
    trista5I fear Always waiting hihihihihi-ba-koi? c it's not the topic? Sat nan but, you know I bobo koi in my right ovary eh, it vera while the lady of the echo if a jai PB ? even if I have the pr uttus ?........
    ailee27Voui Malimu, do not worry
    virgie54If my brave young ladies, do not you know it's changing the resourcefulness to the assistantship??
    That today's youth to believe in a consumer society at all so right away without having to lift a finger?

    Well, good day
    ghislaine72c koi c oula about? it means nothing and should stigmatize young
    margot8there's no young people who believe to have everything right away .... it is sometimes attacked by the ladies who come to a problem (like oblivion etc.) which has never happened, and when we say that everything is in the instructions I'll see you answer that, finally, their age, they probably know them better we contraception small young (I 25)
    ok There's a pair of young people who are like that, I admit, (I also p'tite old woman on the bench talking with friends of both, saying, "but there's more youth, they are not polished, they want everything, no matter how they are dressed etc) but fortunately not all, because the evidence for most of the girls (and the guy ...) who are on the forum, it is rather young I think!

    malimu to your ovaries, better still ask the person who will make you go see the echo to your ovaries, just in case, or it may go next if it is not intended ...
    alexandrea26she will see any way to the echo, it just never did see that part! Tell her that you have pain often + right (if the case cest) Anyway, one must say that she is a max of elements and to answer all your questions!

    I know I have the right ovary + bigger than the other but also apparently, ca Worry person, then come what may and I did several echo, and there is one that has found that the uterus was slightly retroverted, others have never said anything so good in the end it is the echo is the best way to know "from within"
    You're ovulating (I know if you take the pill or not?) Or rules?
    It's been you got hurt?
    cari11Well, I paisantais girls
    But it's still shocking to be sent ball when it is advisable to search for yourself for a late response
    I know it's not just young people who are like that.

    M'enfin as was well said Sam, we are here volunteering our own free will, with pleasure and information posts were created in order to learn how so veiled
    Finally you understand

    The worst is that the mentality of "all at once" I meet every day, several times a day

    Finally, thankfully it is not yet the majority of people.
    But if you do "mouth" not a shot from time to time, the forum (and life in general) will become a supermarket

    charleen0but Voui
    rosie121c cair if you come here, c not be sent Bouler, c sutout be our advice that women with more experience counseling young lesplus that are lost, good May I see that here we can not c get help, is not it !!!!!!!!! Sat not ask him anything above !!!!!
    leahleon, everyone here is willing to help, and I can tell you that the main user you incriminated. Now, it is also the person who has asked to put a little of his own.

    You see, we do not usually arrives on a website by chance, it is most often the result of a research subject. here is the same. we must do the same, do not ask the question and wait quietly that all answers come from themselves.

    as others have said, the many posts that information has any gallery to create not only there to fill the first page.
    jazmin67and here's my fault. Sat Vilaine
    vickie19ben Voui is true, whatever .... You've said before, Sam,

    I'm in Nova T200 since August 2006. My cycles are normal since last November, every 28 days. Last week I got my period, so far everything is normal, except that since I have two days of spotting dark brown and I like contractions since the beginning of the week (heart pounding, I feel tightness in the chest and throat, white-light before the eyes, as when I had contractions).

    Do you know this and do you know what it could be?

    Thank you very much
    carley2 weeks as jai bobo
    and yes I'm ovulating! So say it's been awhile! (Because of the pill, I'm not on the pill), I make dailleurs erotik dreams all the time and I am excited to a point I will jump on quelqun short lol
    I am also worried
    I will summarize where I am:
    Zoe-BB1, born June 2, 2006
    Nova-T IUD (intrauterine device) poses September 06
    -Regular 45/50 day cycle
    -Previous cycle: big pain rule in the middle of the cycle, without any loss of blood
    end of the cycle, the tps swollen belly tt pdt 15 days
    New-cycle (current cycle), which began March 3
    during the cycle, jai had 15 + days of losses brown mucus, then pdt 1 week bleeding without pain

    It therefore soon be fai 2 months I nai pa my period and I ask myself for a possible pregnancy
    CPDT, in fact, no real symptoms: loss only yellowish, slightly inflated chest, palpitations cardiques (c odd javais never known ca)

    I'll take my Temp in the coming days and will be p a pregnancy test next week, but jai pa too keen because:
    If pa-pregnant, relieved but a little disappointed mm qd although I'm not being tested BB2
    -If pregnant, but simply a result of fear of pregnancy, heart rate, or premature dacouchement

    Finally, I remember that my two pregnancies (FC and zoe), tt jai on poitrien had the painful and ready to explode, and if pa c

    the symptoms they are the tjs mm 1 other dune pregnancy?
    the hormone IUD (intrauterine device) it may affect the hormone of pregnancy?

    short, I'm a little confused ...

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