It is birth control pill breast enlargement?

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    luxHello, I read around that some pill was bigger chest!

    20 years for a 75a I dsspr! & I do not have 5,000 for cosmetic surgery so help me!

    Does one of you has already taken a pill that made it bigger in the chest? Or do you know?
    kerenhappuchit does not react all the same. For someone like pill will make him the chest while another person that does not do anything ...
    decimaI thought as much!

    But I say why the other and not just me.
    You have to try?
    judithI just started taking the pill. For me they are slightly swollen, but ache too. I would like them to return as before pr no longer have pain. I also have a small chest but I could see.
    harriettAll hormonal birth control pills and have a possible side effect breast augmentation. A pill will not make you suitable fat.

    But do not dream, it's not innocent, breast enlargement, it hurts, it's heavy, sensitive, uncomfortable, tense, swollen. Not flexible.
    You sense the continuous, it's embarrassing, sometimes you have veins that stand out, even stretch marks.

    In some cases, you do not even bear to wear a bra and you serve teeth dress, as the slightest movement your whole gland is painful.

    Not to mention the risk of breast cysts and cancer in the future.

    You really want to play with your future health?

    Stair '
    megan003Pill it take you? Its been 5 years since I'm on the pill and I have magnification of nothing.
    While reading the right and left some pills can help! I say why not.

    I saw him no more good to have a small chest of a baby 20 years it still seems that I'm 14 I have a child's body!
    leslieSilly question, you had your first period when, at what age? You have pwals as any woman "normal"?
    oliveI may be saying his inconsiente! But yes I would be capable of anything to try to get a little chest, like a woman!

    I am 20 years it's been incredibly complex six months, I am with my boyfriend I dare not even remove my support so it bothers me. I know that y 'risk for later. But surgery is more risky than trying to take a pill that is a little bigger ... And even though it would be to grow a little elsewhere, because I have a body of children ...
    lawandaI got my period is 12 years old! And yes I am quite normal ...
    lanaIt does not answer my questions which are not innocent:
    - Dates of your first period
    - Hair or not?
    - Size / weight.
    liliasNo, but you have not included here, if the pill (any) did you breast enlargement, it will be very painful. I know what I mean I just stand there's no time and I have yet replacement pill for the pain to stop.
    Even without touching it made me ill last night I had trouble sleeping on your stomach because it compressed my breasts. When I palpated the balls I feel so very painful.
    Whatsoever on his chest will be painless, I warn you, and any gynecologist will tell you that it is not good and that we must change the pill.

    So you work like everyone else, you save 5000 even if it takes 10 years and you will make it much less foolish and risky.
    zavannaas said stairway-to-white is very unpleasant. Have a painful sense all day long is not much fun ...
    If this can help I will answer you I take Varnoline continues. But I tell you every woman reacts differently. It can for you to make you gain weight, for example, and not the chest or else do nothing.
    cathyI was 12 the exact date I do not know!

    Yes like all women I have normal hair .. and even more I am therefore very Italian guy!

    I measure 1m59 for 49kg ...
    lisha4So a priori, you are in the standard. Your mother had a chest at your age?
    jaimeMaybe it has taken so much hurt, to feel any hurt, but if it is for me to be good about myself I would be able to endure everything!
    Thank you for the name of the pill, it made your fat or nothing to you?
    rosie71It's stupid anyway you will see not much you stand the pain ten years or so it will end in cancer anyway.

    Your boyfriend or you can not even touch your breasts, too well what
    tabbyIn any case it is the pill and you should not change anything to your breasts
    kailee740My mother is not a good example because it is 18 years old married and had a child 20 years so she has had because of his shell!

    But she took the pill for 6 months trinordiol and has matched a little bigger over time ..

    If not before the 18 years she had no large breasts, but now yes ...
    perdita5you will not ba good about yourself since you will constantly ill and experience discomfort. Ba I did not take long enough to answer you. It's been 15 days so other effects can still appear. For the moment no I have not enlarged.
    harriette49Yes although it may be I will be nothing, but at least I try to think before a surgery!

    Anyway, I do not want my buddy keys so I am generous, so mtnt small or can be larger in some time and will not touch it either will not change anything, just maybe I would feel better now in my body ..
    ailsie2But your current pill you support it?
    vicki933It makes it really not realize that it hurts .... 24/24
    quandaIts been 5 years since I took mercillon and I do not grow, never had a problem!
    I know I should not have thoughts of wanting to change it because it suits me really well ...
    But ...
    rina61I know that I could bear and would not complain!
    For every day I cry when I look in a mirror, I put that same turtleneck in the summer !!!!! I'm a bit tired now 20 years old I want to be a woman pain or not ..
    olivia0That it takes you WildThing35 pill?

    Thee you it hurts and swell of the chest to say all his?
    cecilia3yen that are really serious threat to health for trivia, but where the world frankly
    destinee91No, I would say not the name of the pill is what you expect and I not fit into your game
    But I tell you is not stupid like that do you not realize that it is very dangerous for your health. You really want to have breast cancer? Not because there is the removal of both breasts as you have, and you cry even more in the mirror I think.

    So t'conomises, you'll get implants at the time and everyone will be happy because this operation hurt a week and not a lifetime. And not cause cancer
    chrystalTrivia for some not for others. I'd have to try to take another pill to see if it really works! Rather than get into direct operations of which to me seems more dangerous ..

    I rather not compromise my health, I just want to improve my physique makes me suffer.
    delia7Trivia for some not for others. I'd have to try to take another pill to see if it really works! Rather than get into direct operations of which to me seems more dangerous ..

    I rather not compromise my health, I just want to improve my physique makes me suffer.
    quella22So it lived the pain and all you explain?
    reba7If you put your health at stake when we told you had a breast enlargement pills term breast cancer is waiting down the road.
    I do not think you want to have this cancer at age 30 so you abstain.

    There you see anything that strong typing on the keyboard that gets me on the left breast and it hurts ..
    loriOf course it's not invent the experiences in my life I never had sore breasts, and then in January I changed pill for other reasons (painful periods) in the first month there to report.
    And then in February I started getting very sore breasts and nipples, the flick a little above it hurt a lot. March like, so my gynecologist told me it is still changing pill should not stay like that.
    Here it's 10 days I have changed my pill and still not so you know once it's installed it goes not like that shit.
    ashlee3And if you're not sure you type "mastose pill" in google it should be enough ...
    fedelma12But when you have to change the pill you had them grow anyway? even if you yourself did not change her pill at the base.

    Its should be even more horribly wrong for you because you do not want can be, but imagine a girl who is dying ?????? His will not hurt him I KNOW! His rise much higher than anything and I do not even feel the pain so I'd be thrilled!

    In any case everyone is against me, but I know it's possible to grow a bit with some pills, but why ?????
    Even though my dream is not a 120d but its a small 85a me is enough amply!

    Everyone but me can be contradicted because you will need
    kailyn9Bah so it made it grow one of the two so I can tell you it's not especially handsome .... already at the base on the left was a bit bigger than the right it shows Pooh 10x.

    If it will hurt you and you can do anything, raise his arms, shopping wearing all this stuff it will become unbearable
    elysia624How is it that has made her grow as a single?
    Because the pill was too measured and not meant for you? Or something else?

    Its probably going to hurt me, I doubt if it hurts his big like any pain can be overcome with a good mind.
    jaymeYou annoy me so I'll stop responding
    If you've wanted to have hurt too bad for you
    lavern10I took me a pill that made me horribly sick to her breasts .... no increase in gross chest .... (They have bigger yes, but not enough to change size, I filled it a little while and I took the pill for 10 years ... so if you you are 10 years of pain for a result not obvious .. ..)

    but you said yourself your mother had small breasts with pregnancy and then she took ....

    This will be the case for you too so be patient

    Side effects like making breasts are very unpleasant
    and then they are not alone
    I took my pain mammary + + + + nausea and complete loss of libido + + celllulite stretchmarks
    pippa94do not you dream ...
    If a pill make you grow breasts, it will never be very, very obvious. And the pain you'll have to bear for so small a result is not proportional.
    Also you want a 85a knowing you're doing a 75a. so this is the chest that will not change the cap, nn?
    laytonDo you really think that if they came to tell you that's just for fun and because we said "go, we go on a post and was told all black!" ? Well, no.

    What I wrote is exactly what I felt with all the pills. Ah yes, it's on, it was pretty much packed my 95C but when you just bought lingerie and you take a size and a cap, well you got the balls.

    And when 10d later, you can wear anything in your arms, you can not stand your clothes on you, the shower is a torment as it hurts, that your bag is very heavy during an ordeal ben there, you weep and you take an emergency appointment at your doc tells you that he has rarely seen breasts in this state.

    And pills, I tried 5.

    When stopped, I lost everything and I went back to my 90-95B, my breasts are no longer such grace to 4 annnes pill, I now have one breast bigger than the other and believe me, buy a bra now, it's not cool at all.
    Imagine a breast in the C and the other in B. .. It's worse than no breast at all. I have a choice or a swim in its envelope or the other is compressed and saved. Too cool.
    pat3it is true that cancer is not compromising his health

    there is no magic pill anyway, no one can help ...

    and no, I'm far from the cup size I want, and I am not a big deal, it might be that you reconsider your sense of priorities ...

    I finally stopped responding either, your stupidity annoys me ....
    oonaghwhether it has a real concern for you, who tempche to live .... as well go all the way .... this can be repaid .... provided that the safety considers that it is a reconstructive surgery .... and this "lack" of the chest has a real impact on your life and Santee (in general)

    but it is a VERY long process .... appointment with numerous psychological
    alesha3Never seen a breast augmentation paid by friendly against reduction so because it hurt his back and all that.
    But the person will reimburse the increased safety even if it looks good affect his mind.
    jaimeeThe only cases in which safety can support an operation are: breast cancer, a lack of mammary gland (and of course, the breasts that can not "push") and a malformation of the chest.
    The safety will not pay for a complex, as hard it is to live every day!
    gaynorif so ... it works in 2 directions

    I have a friend who had a right ... it has 4 years of psychiatric appointment avc to prove that this lack was a handicap and it made her suicide (she was already followed suite has 2 attempts)

    So it is very difficult

    Dental implants me my was not supported because I do not intend a business seem .... and that I had at my disposal subterfuge that allowed me to live better
    liana948She was suicidal because of her breasts? And it will bein away: /
    I hope she's better now she has the biggest ...
    In any case four years of psychiatric patient for it must be still
    evette85it has its bad to be involved .... there was not it
    and she had a "small" increase to make it natural

    it is always followed, but it participated in a marked improvement in his condition ....
    cyrilla3No its not repay I have seen a psychiatrist and even assured me that all efforts would not refund!

    So first of all I mean is that some girls had a cap and a chest and more.

    Yes I want to move from 75a to 85b gain weight as I WANT.

    And no I do absolutely not compromise my health through her. I just want to feel better now with natural breasts, and not think about the silicone.

    So if people know me on the name of the pills that I could possibly talk to my gynecological bah thank you!
    skylarYou are stubborn

    There is no pill that allows the chest to grow! When this happens, it's a side effect, a sign to show that the pill is not suitable and must be changed!
    It can cause significant health problems !!!!!!

    Your gynecologist will not choose the brand of the pill based on the size of your breasts!
    eloise001is a baby
    it is the best solution

    I also worry of weight, and my last pill made me 1.5 pounds in 4 years ....
    my gynecologist found that this side effect did not make me wrong and that anyway it would take with her first pregnancy hormonal upheaval to see if I gain weight ...
    it was harder to take than losing
    darianis a baby
    it is the best solution

    I also worry of weight, and my last pill made me 1.5 pounds in 4 years ....
    my gynecologist found that this side effect did not make me wrong and that anyway it would take with her first pregnancy hormonal upheaval to see if I gain weight ...
    it was harder to take than losing
    alicethe best solution but a baby yes I admit it was not yet ready for the moment,
    Women want to feel otherwise!

    And a little magnifying his chest would be enough ..
    jess92and no I'm not stubborn bounded or anything!
    I just know that it is possible, so why not me too.
    bonita62Yes it is possible with breast cancer in the key where you have both breasts t'ablater
    valorieNobody tells you that this is not possible I will point out, as you're told is that it is not normal and above it's dangerous, you know the difference?
    jonna84yes probably dangerous! But I do not have shells so take a pill that qql time and not a long term can not be so dangerous ...
    and not normal, I doubt it since it's bour hormone pills!
    sharlene80No, but wait, think just a second: do you doubt that if you take the pill in the chest, not natural at all, your breast will regain its size before the pill immediately stopped !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!
    maddisonWell yes if it will stop you deflate the pill, and you will never 10cm chest more anyway ...
    idelleWith a WT
    jocelineThis is new as a verb?
    oonagh7Yeah, but what you do not understand is that when you stop him, you end up with breasts that look like deflated or washcloths ...
    derryl9Oh I tried not Mess> blater.php [...]
    sandyyes me too it made me funny it sounds bizarre, as the insect makes cockroach
    collynWell, I will not judge you but I think it's a shame as the "project". And potentially dangerous and unnecessary, yes (like I find implants but this is another story). Every time your friend will love your breasts completely as they are, not because it is the fashion bimbos with shells that is formatted like this too.

    And if you throw it to you, you have lost nothing anyway. Every time your body follows perfectly with your chest, it's normal not to be all from the same mold, too. With or without breasts of a woman while you remain, as a woman who would not grow hair, a big voice, no match at all, or whatnot (no child).

    I'm a little in your case (well, maybe a little more "poitrine" still young but it's still like silhouette) and I want to say and to repeat it nor-mal (if not very practical daily). I am thin and narrow at the chest and ask me if only two small balloons would be artificial and ridiculous.

    Perhaps it would be best to work on your confidence in yourself, because no girls but then really no chest (yes, it still exists) that please, I know, and they do not need pills or need silicone to get better in their lives.

    Good luck anyway.
    topsey7do not click if you are sensitive


    and yet it is soft ..

    otherwise I'm not a basis in the same case, but the spilules tend to make me lose the chest (not much, eh, but I spend at E D C see.
    (And no pill, now back to E!)
    erynOMG!! Photo!

    Still, it's still the general anything that seek a pill that "makes the breasts grow" when we know for sure that it is bad for health since it causes cancer! And it's super painful!

    I had sore breasts when I was pregnant, and confirm that it is atrocious not stand anything on it!

    You are completely unaware and immature to want to do something like that! and you better make a therapy to accept you as you are (or save as you said WT for a subsequent operation, which is dangerous mojns a side effect of the pill!)
    If your boyfriend is with you he knows that you have small breasts!! That's not why they leave you!
    It's anything this post ....
    kourtney0um, and I have soft, like picture .. there were many much worse!
    otherwise I'm quite agree!
    meg2Ptdr this post!

    I believe that there is no way to convince the girl.
    It's like the guys that complex of their penis, the sacrosanct subject of healthy masculinity. Here is the tits ... like, done, but transposed.

    I advise you to therapy if you want to increase your breast as much. As someone who has had a complex about my chest being a little younger, I can understand but there's limits to stupidity!

    'll See qq'un and asks you why you are especially bad about yourself ... then you have a boyfriend and more! If he is with you, maybe the biggest breasts did not like! Besides, I'm proof that A + B by the worship of large breasts is a myth!
    Men do not fail me, and at least I know they are behind me for my boobs! (As I live in the land of big boobs, and it's not a pretty sight ... tjs!)

    Go courage, will have to accept Mother Nature ... or surgery.
    orabelj I had taken of the chest in the day ****** j ai stopped because it suited me more painful breast! Ben had all day is gone again my starting size! you want to eat the chest!
    you enlarged breasts takes you
    hettie82Well, I think it may be difficult for that person if he really has no chest in a world where we judge so much, anyway. It is more desperate bitch my opinion. Hair on the forum, we read stories of women (often, coincidentally, ahem ...) who have hyperpilosity fictitious or real, does that seen as we treat those who dare to show a simple down, we understand discomfort, finally, should I find ...

    If not from the friend, actually, it is with you is that she likes you as well, at least at this level because of larger breasts it's still rather short on the streets ...
    bekki97Hello to all those who are interested in this position first.
    So yes, not having big boobs do not want to specially say "do not feel good about yourself", but often brings his qql tips ... It is a complex certe YES! But it does not prevent me to participate in top model belgium, or of being elected Miss Namur!
    For those who are ptdr to this post or another! Feeling bad does not mean to hide or otherwise. His point is simply that I would be more ...

    EITHER your nonsense I do not respond.

    Lack of Nipple is not what is missing is my charm or my way to seduce, or be nice! I miss her a me first above all to myself! Yes I talk about my boyfriend in some of my answers. But it's minimmmmm! He loves me for who I am and not for my looks or my boobs! For y 'are those who do and do her like that for her. It's not my goal, not wanting to put me on a level Estal I'm cute and I do not need to please a Nipple omnibulente I repeat!

    Here today, I go to my doctor for a flu short, I talk about pill that could help me increase my little one .. Nipple
    He said we will try "elisa 35", I was prescribed for 6 months. She did repaying been only 3 but costs only 23.

    Here I had my pill. Now I have to wait 11 days before the end of my old pill Mercilon.

    Then forward it to try a little ...
    silver2You have big problems with acne or hirsutism??
    Diane 35 is a drug against acne!

    Otherwise if you got your gygy prescribed that, "to grow your breasts" just let me tell you it's an incompetent idiot !!!!!
    Elisa is a generic of Diane 35. It is mainly marketed in France for the treatment of acne or hirsutism ... Actually it has a contraceptive effect in its effects!

    Moreover it is a very controversial pill ... So do research on the net ...

    I am more scared to read a doc you change pill for that! and even more for this one (if you have no worries that I noted in my first question!)

    If your breasts do not really suit you, I can understand and that you explain it very well in your post just above! This is cosmetic surgery that you need!
    If you prefer to put your health at risk (or even your life!) So I close my gu *** e, because I can not stand to chat with people who have no brains!

    Some reading anyway: / articles [...] article = 35
    clarabelle4That's why I say no because if the doctor is also con and go meaning it is dangerous for his health and he deserve to be a doctor ....
    shawna73Oh and then there is the pompom and more! prescribe Diane-35-__
    alycia99If I c is that the prescribed he may be these reasons, no I have absolutely no acne ...
    adena3And bah expect you to support it very badly and you'll have sought ...
    Rather there is no reason except to make money on your consultation of 10 minutes
    suzette76It is on that you have to trust the doctors but we must be informed anyway. Unfortunately our time as Ca ...
    bonnie29Why bear very badly?
    blessingBecause it is the metered market made specifically to treat acne or hirsutism (excess hair), and is not well supported in general so good
    faith0This is not the Diane 35 is the 35 Elisa is that she may be more appropriate for her than for acne. That Diane more ... I do not know ... Finally, if I have no acne, it will serve for nothing I guess ...
    latanya13she wanted, she was ...
    if you take after the kg, you have chest pain, you will see much but you will not come to complain ..
    personal, about 17 years ago, I took diane 35>> I took 7 kg ... it's not the worst side effects, but when you do not take in more in any of your clothes, it's not top ...

    and your doctor is an asshole .... thank you go after if you have unbearable side effects ...
    annmarie3elisa diane 35 and 35>> same thing! can only be used for acne and hair growth ..
    marniethen me taking the same pill as you for a long time, I can tell you that I did not take but a fart in, beautiful stretch marks and cellulite on the thighs ...
    sherillLong live the big asses with Diane 35! LOL
    rhonanot have to take it for cellulite and stretch marks hit me that said
    suzanne3I took Diane because of my acne without any major side effects for 2 years.
    scarlet3Someone Has she made a 35 elisa? & Took the chest?
    abileneElisa Diane 35 = 35 for info
    mirabel96I have a friend take Diane 35 for 4 years. She never had breast ...
    cathy00You do not even realize that it is a 35 elisa generic diane 35 and so it's the same thing?
    daffodilNot need to take 35 Elisa cellulite and stretch marks ... 4 years since the mercillon. It even makes my tt to move my body!
    hephzibah569If I understood. I am researching the same tt before taking qql thing .. But I note Elisa 35 because it is EEC that I will start .. This is not the one you made avai you? For Lasquelle you had had complications?
    aletheaNo it's not like it and obviously you do not yet understand all the pills have similar side effects so can all potentially hurt the breasts.
    Frankly it is not to be mean but I hope it will make you very ill for you to understand it all that useless
    zavannaIt has screwed up a few months in the digestive system of Neko, if I remember correctly ...
    And if you did research you find that it was the treatment for severe acne before it is a pill ...
    You also find that the increases more than the other pills on the risk of phlebitis and pulmonary embollie pregnancy and that this can be dangerous for the eventual fetus.
    And always if you have done the research you find (as with any pill) she did gain weight, thighs, buttocks, hips and breasts actually some people, but also the opposite other!
    In short you're looking lures completely in this way is the situation to your problem!
    And all you risk is to screw up your health!
    On this I think I just said, I uncheck the subject!
    sunday2I would tell you what in 1 month
    dolley01 month or so it will not be enough'd have really bad luck
    amityAnd yes in the research saw all the risks while, but then if we say that some take the breasts of others do not. There are some who have complications of other not so then ... Must not see evil Partt can be I do not know I do not know the pill is 100% but my doctor is not stupid even when otherwise it would not have prescribed it to me I think. Have a good evening and thank you for your comments. Dan I started 10 days I'll let you know within 1 month. See you soon!
    hanna07I meant to tell you what I would come in 1 month if I have side effects, not for my breasts magnifying LOL
    nanette94Oh, if your doctor is stupid he started at the patient there let me know. A physician must set limits to patients and yours does not do so, for me it's not death I call it a good doctor, it means that he prefers to prescribe anything to its customers and their "pleasure" rather than set limits and say NO.
    Do you not realize he just pleased to be a spoiled child for his money I think, because as we told you or generic Diane 35 are to take in case of severe acne or hirsutism ...
    dot855I agree with Wild and your previous post confirmed!
    So if your doctor is feeble to have you follow ... A good doctor would have refused your request ...
    ashlieI understood her so lai .. : - / But I have not all the n! I hope that it will m anyway, even if I haven t of acne ..
    ondriaI understood her so lai .. : - / But I have not all the n! I hope that it will m anyway, even if I haven t of acne ..
    blythe719You should have informed you before going to require something, when one requires to be done properly with all the cards otherwise it is useless ....
    You're not obliged to take it because it was prescribed to you huh it not point a gun to your temple then you got a free will still
    maralynAnd my doctor for my tt same questions ... I told him I wanted a pill that could improve decision-peas and chest, he told me that the attempt. No but you will not Pamela Anderson Nipple eh, just a little more pe .. So if we still talk a little about her .. With my mom threw it nor whether it had not risk a change of pill on a whim and he said not to bad ...
    hortense7you have one chance in two that it upsets you and it'll give you .. good luck for the future!
    serrena5But at what age did you just go to the doctor with your mom?! I'll think my 30 year old adult
    katrina869except that if you're naturally thin in nature, it will not make you gain weight, or chest ...
    I take the pill for 10 years, I do not grow, I do not breast ..
    So even if he asked you questions even when he would still not follow you in your application ... a pill is not for this, but to protect you from pregnancy ...

    unless your old pill does not suit you, we do not change a pill for this kind of "requirement"
    maymeI think you should first think about this clouding on your chest ... I suspect that it has nothing to do with your charm or whatever so why try to integrate this standard there?

    If not for Diane ben trying for yourself and see it! But hey, it's clear that it is not made for that and having 2 cm of chest pain but in addition to not being able to sleep on your stomach or take a shower, well, blah blah, whatever.

    Anyway ...
    andyNo I have 19 years and I have said in the The beginning of my post! & As I said j went to the doctor for the flu at the base lol and I even use the consultation to ask ...
    jasmin5We will see what my ISP this horrible pill that everyone al air too love ...
    annabell2I have nothing against ME but for me it depends on the organisms. However it is clear that I have not taken for this reason there!
    jayneWe do not take the pill for breast enlargement, because the pill does not grow breasts.
    If that happens, the better it will be because you have grown short, and it will mean that your pill does not suit you. So if three or four kilos okay, but if you get to 12 or 13, you'll quickly disillusioned
    At worst will be very painful with lots of consequences that will in any case you will have to change pills.
    krystine8I lost the breast during pregnancy ...

    HHHHHAAAAAA !!!!!!! Fortunately you are not also to have a baby to the breast
    tealHas anyone said that as soon as you stop the pill, chest deflates?
    And if we are not careful it gives breast stretch marks / washcloths (...)
    clarity055It's crazy that?? Normally it takes more (for me I went from a B cup to E!!)
    This is normally after pregnancy and you lose all ca finished washcloth! LOL

    But this time my family stayed a little bigger at the time and still well kept!
    jacquelineWell me, I understand that talking to a girl.
    camille37Yeah, it was told by Stair 'in one of the first posts.

    Like any other, I think your doctor knows nothing and is just contraception can run drugs without knowing the serious side effects or possible.

    If it were not so bad, he would have dug further and this would have realized that you're just wrong in your body and it only requires consultation with a psychiatrist. I rarely bad, but you will not listen to what they tell you.

    You might get some nice breasts for 2, 6 or 12 months, 3 or 5 years, you will have perhaps seen no side effects but when you stopped taking the pill, nothing says you do not will pay holding the bag.

    In addition to its contraceptive effect, Diane and Elisa you like, has a hormonal effect and will change what worked not too bad so far.

    Advice, watch your weight, doing regular blood tests for triglycerides and cholesterol regularly as you are there, the factors of phlebitis ... to do what you do, you're going to win everything and you risk crying after ... when you have a health disaster, pain in the legs and months of treatments ...

    Good luck

    Locko '

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